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Through the Mirror

The giant white figure disappeared like a ghost vanishing through a wall. Madeline feared she would float in this endless abyss for the rest of her life, but luckily a window of hope appeared before her. Well, to be more clear, a window of white. She walked toward the bright light that was just a few yards from her and slowly her vision became muddled by the blinding contrast. Her arm sufficed enough to ensure her eyeballs didn’t melt out of her skull and she stepped into the Nexus.

Sooner or later, she was able to see through the blinding light and into the central hub of the Omniverse. Many of the world’s denizens traveled through the large blank landscape. The empty, seemingly endless hub, was rather unsettling. The mountain climber sank into her coat.

What happened to Celeste Mountain? The mirror that sucked in Theo sucked her in as well. What sort of magic enchanted that mirror? Theo seems to have disappeared entirely but there is hope that he is somewhere in this empty world. Perhaps someone in this world could tell her what is going on, but people seemed to avoid the central area where Madeline had found herself. It was only then that she realized the enormous mirror that she walked out of just moments ago.

A whisper of a ‘whoa’ escaped her breath as she gazed upon its size. She was unable to escape her own thoughts until a passerby finally walked by.

“Afternoon, Ma’am,” Said a woman dressed in black and red clothing. “Admiring the Fountain of Infinity on your stroll through the Nexus today?”

Madeline, eyes finally torn from the mirror, looked towards the stranger. The woman was alone with some luggage strolling behind her in a case with an extended handle and wheels. Her glasses reflected the amazing brightness of the Nexus towards the redhead.

“I’m sorry,” Madeline said. “I didn’t see anyone walking by. What is the Fountain of Infinity? I don’t see any kind of fountain.

“The thing you’ve been staring at so adoringly.” She pointed to the mirror.

“That’s not a fountain, it’s a mirror.” She said plainly.

“If you don’t have any idea what the Fountain is, that must mean you’re a fresh prime. Welcome to The Omniverse. Omni, the faceless white being you saw brought you into this world - his world - because he thought you were an interesting person.” The explanation went right through her like a sword to the gut. 

“You mean I was abducted through a mirror into a different universe?” The stranger nodded with a light smile. “What about climbing Celeste Mountain?” She asked, mostly to herself. The traveler had no idea what she was talking about obviously.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is, however, if you’re looking for desolate mountains, you can find them in the Frozen Fields. I believe the gate that leads there is in that direction. The swirling chromatic pools of light.” Her thin fingers pointed toward a direction that was hard to identify cardinally. “Now, I apologize for cutting this short and leaving you in the dark but I must go. I’m meeting family in Camelot and don’t want to waste too much time. It’s a really long walk.” She said before strolling past Madeline off in another direction. The Mountain Climber thought about yelling at her to stop and give her a better explanation, but somehow she believed that was all she was going to get from her.
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Madeline pondered her current options, which were very limited to be frank. She could attempt to search for Theo in the huge white world or she could investigate the ‘Frozen Fields’ that friendly stranger mentioned. Looking for Theo would really set Madeline’s unease at rest, that is if she could find him. Although, what if he had already found a way out of here? Mulling over her options, standing around doing nothing wasn’t going to help her get out of this predicament. She promptly turned towards the direction pointed out to her and started walking.

Madeline relaxed her hands in her pocket but she felt an intrusion in one of them. She pulled the small orb out of her jacket’s pocket. It was glowing ever so slightly with an iridescent light. It was mystifying, beyond any understanding that she could comprehend at the moment. She stuffed the orb of light back into her pocket and continued on her path.

The endless advance of white began to get dreary after nearly an hour walking alone with no one to speak to. The only sounds between the fountain and the portal to the Fields were the conversation of passersby and her own footsteps.

Beyond the extremely long walk, her journey through the void of the Nexus was rather unremarkable. Soon, she arrived at the gate of the Frozen Fields. It swirled before her in a shiny soup of colors and hues. She hesitated before reaching into the portal and feeling an instant chill run down her arm.

“This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.” She mumbled to herself before stepping through the portal.
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