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[M] What does a girl have to do to get some drugs around here?

When Valerie emerged on the other side of the shimmering gate she was greeted by a sight that was surprisingly familiar; gleaming metallic buildings stretching into the skies, the cacophony of life in a crowded modern metropolis. She felt strangely at home, despite the fact that she was in a different world entirely. Of course, back home things would have been a fair bit…darker, for lack of a better word. Where Coruscant could be described as a utopia, England was an oppressive dystopian nightmare.

She took a few steps forwards, and noticed that she stood in a device not too dissimilar to the metal detectors in airports. It was pretty obvious that she was being scanned for something, as a stormtrooper checked a small screen attached to one side of the machine once she had passed through.

“Fuckin’ rude…” Val muttered under her breath before continuing to walk away from the gate. Before long she had disappeared into the crowd of citizens going about their day. Well, disappeared is a relative term. She stuck out like a sore thumb; it was sort of difficult to be subtle, given the fact that she was a humanoid fox with rather large wings. She got more than her fair share of glances, some of them curious; others seemed to be disgusted by her presence. One thing that bothered her even more than the disapproving looks was the noise. Not the physical noise that one would be exposed to in a busy city. No, the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of voices in her mind was deafening. The succubus held her head as she walked through the busy crowd, groaning due to having a particularly painful headache. She couldn’t turn it off, she couldn’t block out the thoughts. Before long, she couldn’t tell if all of the noise was in her head or was actually being said. It wasn’t just noise either; it was images, the fantasies and daydreams of the innumerable citizens of Coruscant.

“Shut up shut up SHUT UP!” She cried out in a vain attempt to make the noise stop. This, of course, didn’t help. If anything it made things worse, there was now a circle of confused and somewhat annoyed people gazing straight at her. She froze for a moment, like a deer caught in the proverbial headlights. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing sped up. She was entering a state of panic. So she ran, out of the crowd and into an alleyway which mercifully didn’t have that many people in it. The succubus slumped against the wall and shakily took a cigarette out of her pocket, lighting it up. The nicotine rush helped, it was bliss after what she had just experienced.

“F-fuck this place. Fuck it fuck it fuck it so much man.”

She spat, her voice a little shaky due to the fact that she was still calming down.

“Drugs. I need some drugs. How the hell to I even find a dealer here? Do they even have the same sorta shit here?” She muttered under her breath before taking a few more long drags. Suffice to say that cigarette didn’t last long, and immediately after she lit up another. Her dependence was starting to rear its ugly head again. There was a reason why she had spent as much time as she could high or drunk; it helped her deal with the noise.  She could have simply created some, but she was in too much of a state to think of a solution as simple and easy as that. No, she went back to how she had always gone about things in her own world.

The succubus stood up, cigarette held between her lips, and started to walk around again. It didn’t take long for her to find a dataverse access point, and started to look at it. The tech wasn’t too hard for her to get the hang of, it was actually pretty similar to what she was used to. It gave her some basic information about the tiers, along with far too many ads for god knows how many useless products and services.

“Right, so there are other tiers. Four, four looks like home. Right, so go to tier four, hope that the same kind of lowlifes live there that live back home, and fuckin’ sort this out.”

Val was also able to access a map of the local area, which gave her the location of nearby elevators that could be used to access the other tiers of Coruscant. The walk wasn’t too long, thankfully, only about ten minutes. She could hold out for ten minutes, or at least she hoped she could.

The walk wasn’t pleasant, far from it in fact. But to her credit, Val had managed to keep herself together during it, and she finally found herself before the elevators which were used to travel between tiers. She entered, packed in with god knows how many other people, like sardines in a can.

“Please, please be a quick trip…” she muttered under her breath as the doors closed, like the bars of a prison cell.

Any thread involving Val should be considered to be M rated. Take care, don't read them if you don't want to read that sort of stuff. 


Valerie leant against the walls of the elevator. She could feel the machine rumble, pulling them down into the lower tiers of Coruscant.  It was a welc         ome distraction, something that she could focus on other than the thoughts of those around her. The constant hum of electricity, combined with the rumbling sound of the machinery had a strangely soothing effect on the distressed succubus. It wasn’t chaotic, it wasn’t a mess of voices of thoughts, it was simply one tone; unchanging, constant.

She shook her head and chuckled weakly.

“Look at me; I’m like a kid with a white noise machine. So glad that no one I know can see me. My reputation would be fukken ruined” she commented with a weak smile, before looking around her. Thankfully the elevator wasn’t completely packed to the brim, for now. She had a small amount of room to breathe, and for that she was thankful. Anything was better than the maelstrom of thoughts that she had been lost in, the all-encompassing noise that she couldn’t block out. It wasn’t long before they had reached tier 2. Some people left, even more joined, and the same happened on tier 3. By the time they finally reached tier 4 there was scarcely room to breathe in the elevator, and Val was more than eager to get out of its cramped confines.

She stumbled out, jostled about by the small crowd which had exited on tier 4 along with Val.

“Bloody hell…” She mumbled mouth wide open like a shocked cartoon character. It was a sea of neon flashing signs, an absolute assault on the senses visually. Just like home. “Looks like fuckin’ Leicester…or is that Notts that I’m thinking of?” the succubus mused as she absent-mindedly pulled a cigarette out of the packet and lit it up. She took that first sweet drag of smoke before exhaling. It looked like something straight out of a cyberpunk movie.

She then started to walk; she didn’t have anywhere particular in mind. Well, she was looking for a bar, but it wasn’t like she had any idea where one would be in Coruscant. The noise followed her though. There was no escaping it, really, given the population density of Coruscant. At least this time she was in a more familiar environment, and she hoped that she could find something to take the edge off soon. After about half an hour of wandering, punctuated by small breaks in alleyways so that Val could maintain her sanity, she finally found a bar. It was an absolute dive, little dingy place hidden in a back alley, the sort of joint that she expected a ripper doc to operate out of.

“Perfect…” the succubus muttered before entering.

She was greeted by a few glances from disgruntled patrons. They were all what she had expected; rough, violent, and augmented to high hell, if her telepathy was correct. Val knew that showing weakness around people like that was suicide. They could practically smell an easy victim.

She was surrounded by their violent fantasies, and many of them had started to think about what they’d do to her, given a few minutes alone in a dark alley.

So, she strutted up to the bar, making a point of emphasising the natural movement of her hips as she walked.

“Y’alright?” She asked the barman; a lanky guy. Hair shaved on one side to show off the telltale marks of Cyberware. If Valerie had to guess, she would have bet on it being some sort of optic-ware, given the fact that one of the lines went straight to the man’s eye.

“As alright as someone can be in this shithole. What can I get ya?”

Val let out a soft chuckle, although internally she was grimacing at the man. He had the same sordid fantasies as the rest of them; disgusting.

At least they’d be easy to manipulate.

“Unless you can get me a fuckin’ dose of Neo I don’t know man. Strongest thing you’ve got.”

The barman raised an eyebrow at Val’s comment, before he started to search around the bar for something.

“Never heard of that one imma be honest. Take it you’re not from here.”

Val shook her head.

“Prime?” he asked as he triumphantly produced a bottle containing a strange luminescent liquid. “Also this shit is meant to be like, genuinely deadly.”

Val smiled. “I’ll definitely take it then. Also, the fuck’s a prime?”

“Y’know, the immortal guys that come out of the fountain.”

Val raised an eyebrow, and her tail flicked in surprise. So she was immortal too? Good to know.

“Ah. Yeah I’m one of them…hope that’s not a bad thing.”

The barman shrugged as he poured a shot of the supposedly deadly liquor and pushed it over to Val. “Depends on who you ask; personally no issue with ‘em, but between you an’ me, some people do not fuckin’ like your kind.”
“Tell me something I don’t know.” Val replied before slamming back the shot. Her face almost instantly scrunched up from the intense taste of the drink, and she had to hit the bar a few times just to keep the shot down.

“Jesus fucking Christ, what is that stuff?”

“They call it liquid aneurism. Guess you can tell why.”

All that Val could manage in response was a shaky nod of her head as the drink threatened to leave her stomach. It took her a couple of minutes to properly recover from the utter foulness of the drink, during which the barman and some of the other patrons made no attempt to hide their amusement. Val made a mental note of a few of them, and promised herself that she’d leave their bodies in a ditch or something similarly unpleasant. Once she had finished coughing her lungs up, the barman leaned over and spoke to Val in a hushed tone.

“You uh…mentioned something called Neo…”
A smirk crept across Val’s face as she rested her chin in her hand. “What about it?”

“I take it that’s a drug where you’re from. What does it do?”

“It’s fuckin’ good shit I’ll tell ya. Military stuff, some sort of combat drug; makes everything seem like it’s going in slow motion.”

The barman smiled, and tried his best to seem attractive. Val could read his thoughts, and found the entire charade sort of sad.

“Any chance I could get something like that?”

The succubus shook her head. “I don’t know how it’s made. But, seeing as you asked me that, I’ve got to know; where can I get some drugs around here?”

The barman then looks around, as if he was making sure that they weren’t being watched. Even in tier four there was no such thing as being too safe. He then leant in closer, and tilted his head to the right, Val’s left.

“See the guys over there? Bright neon clothes, raver look. Speak to them.”

Val smiled. “Thanks cutie” she replied before giving the barman a kiss on the cheek, and then leaving the bar. She headed straight towards the aforementioned pair.

It was time to put her charm to use.

Any thread involving Val should be considered to be M rated. Take care, don't read them if you don't want to read that sort of stuff. 


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