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CHARACTER HISTORY: Jack's menial after-school job at the drive-thru at KO Burger getting him down, with rude customers who took food without paying. As he knocked off and reported in to his mom by phone, he spotted a sweet motorcycle in the parking lot. While he was admiring it and promising one day he'd have enough money to buy a motorcycle just like it, he was caught talking to it by Sierra and her friend causing him to trip over his words somewhat. He was saved from further embarrassment when the motorcycle—in reality Arcee—took off with him still on board as she was being chased by two Decepticon cars. After a short chase, she warned him not to tell anyone and let him go, only for one of the Decepticons to start following him, forcing her to pick him up again. The chase ended up in a drainage canal, where Jack encountered Raf for the first time, and the pair watched Arcee and Bumblebee duke it out, before hastily making an escape when one of the Decepticons started chasing them. After many adventures with the Autobots Jack would eventually visit the world of Cybertron. When on the world of Cybertron, Jack Darby downloaded the memories of Optimus Prime with the Key of Vector Sigma. Using the Key he was able to restore the memories of Optimus Prime but was entrusted with the key for safe keeping after that, on a permanent basis.

Shortly after that, he ended up experimented on by Mech and turned into a Cybertronian. Shortly after that a Green Lantern Power Ring found Jack, and chose him. However he did not survive the trip to Oa. As such he ended up in the Omniverse, and has now had to adjust to both being Cybertronian, though appearing to be human, and having to cope with wielding a mostly non functional Green Lantern Ring.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: [Image: JackDarby_stockimage.jpg]

DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Physical Proficiency
Ranged Proficiency



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Where did you find us? This is a swap from Cade to Jack.

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