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CHARACTER NAME: Celaphine Pyromantique 

CHARACTER SOURCE: OC from Kisin’s Institution of the Newly Possessed


- Origin: -
Celaphine was born late 2001 Eastbourne UK, into a small nuclear family who owned a decent amount of land, that included a small part of a forest and beach access. She spent her childhood gazing out from their cottage up the hill from the beach, gazing out over the English Channel. Her parents ended up getting divorced when she was 7 years old, so she spent every moment since then being brought up by her stay at home mom, both of them living off of the money that her dad left them when he had gotten a divorce. This was a fair amount of money, but this just meant that they had to be careful with their spending and their lifestyle, making sure that they never ran out of money. She was homeschooled after she turned 4, and her mom taught her pretty much everything she knew. Her mom, incredibly smart and a graduate from Oxford, was fit to fill this position in her life. She got all of her smarts from her mom, and her artistic ability from her dad, which she repressed of course out of spite for her dad leaving her and her mom.

Fast forward through elementary school and making friends, at the age of 17, she enjoyed taking long walks around their property on the coast, and building small forts with her toolkit around the beach and in their small section of forest. She often spent afternoons in her treehouse she had spent a few months building, spending her time listening to podcasts on her phone, or reading books. One peculiar night where fog that came from London set over the coast, an owl came and landed in the window sill of Celaphine’s treehouse. 

She had fallen asleep but was suddenly woken by the large hooting from this strange owl. It was strange because it had a faint glow to it, and had odd color patterns that were unlike any owl she had ever seen before. She had gotten up and slowly walked over to it, and it didn’t move a muscle other than turning its head and looking at her, the glowing eyes of the owl making Celaphine inclined to go closer to the owl. Once she finally became within arms reach, she extended her arm to gently feel the owl’s feathers, and then to pet it. After that night, the owl kept coming back at the same time every night, occasionally eating food that she brought for the owl, or just sitting there and hooting while she pets it. They had become friends, and ever since then, she had felt that something about her was different or changed within her.

- At Kisin’s: -
She entered the institution as a curious yet confused teenager. Quickly making friends as she arrived, she got along with most people yet didn’t get close to many of them. She partook in a tournament amongst the students that turned her against her fellow classmates in the competition, which consisted of students battling each other with magical artifacts with unknown powers. This introduced Celaphine to her prized teleporting shield, which she lost to an opponent during the tournament.

Months passed until she took a trip outside the school to go shopping, which didn’t end positively. Her fiend appeared out of nowhere and granted her the curse of vampirism, which left her incapacitated and the most disoriented she had ever been. She woke to an immense hunger, driving her into the nearest forest to find a cabin of a peaceful family. Uncontrollably, she murdered the father of this family and escaped just as his family came to the sight of his ravaged and gruesome corpse pooled with blood. After a few days of surviving off of that regretful attack, she made her way back to the school to rejoin her friends. Her personality changed after those traumatic events, but she still persisted socially to retain friendships. 

Celaphine caught feelings for an older girl, who had a similar traumatizing experience of vampirism. After a falling out, the two fell apart while Celaphine took on a quest to reclaim the teleporting shield from the tournament months before. The Goatman made a deal with her that if she was to collect two eyes of particular value, he would bestow the shield upon her. Not having much else to do while simultaneously needing a distraction from her toxic relationship, she followed through with the quest. One student,  Luck Wilson, a 14-year-old boy, had one of his eyes gouged out in the science lab.

Shortly after this while she planned the rest of the quest, her a girl arrived at the institution: Catherine Plume. This girl, though a stranger to Celaphine at first, connected with her over the fact that they shared the same fiend. Celaphine hadn’t ever heard of two students sharing the same fiend, though, after a few deep conversations, she and Catherine practically became sisters. In the midst of a family reunion of sorts, Celaphine returned back to her main focus. 

To finish the quest, Celaphine became close to the renowned Jiko Owari. One day during a conversation about people they liked, it came to the topic of Celaphine’s girlfriend, Asagora. Jiko, with hesitation, broke the news to the young vampire that she was now single. In the moment, since she had gotten her newfound “friend” to let her guard down, her anger overcame her and gave her the strength to rip one of the young albino’s eyes directly out of the socket. The young vampire, still in a fit of rage, rushed with the eye to the Goatman. The Goatman was impressed with Celaphine’s determination and commitment to the quest, and Celaphine was finally reunited with the shield that won her first and only fights at the school. 

After the reclamation of the shield, she became distant from everyone except Catherine. They tended to keep a low profile around the school and specifically stayed out of the way of Jiko’s friends to avoid conflict, but none of this mattered once the angels arrived. An attack set the student population off, with casualties on both sides, Celaphine and Catherine joined together with other students to protect their home and resulted in success for the moment. Once repairs to the school were done and Celaphine had finished the majority of her education, she returned back to the Goatman for more work. This time, rather than sending her on some quest to harm her friends in pursuit of an artifact, he offered her a position as his assistant in all of his mischievous dealings. Years later after more attacks from angels and working for the Goatman, she went to sleep one night and mysteriously found herself in the Nexus, not having a clue in the world where she was. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Celaphine, the 22-year-old female vampire, stands at a height of 5’8, weighs 137 lbs, with a lean/ ectomorph body type. Her normal attire on a daily basis is simple black shoes or no shoes at all, any sort of black or gray leggings, and then her top varies from any sort of solid color t-shirt/ long sleeve shirt or a band shirt from a concert she went to as an underlayer with her younger sister’s hooded poncho made of what seemed like strung together owl feathers, fulfilling the uses of: poncho, cape, scarf, and coat; the ultimate item to wear over clothes to create an intriguing appearance. Her face shape is slim and oval-shaped, and her skin is a deathlike white with no acne whatsoever. Her natural hair color is a dark brown/ black color; she’s a brunette, but the top of her hair is usually dyed a bright pink-- though this changes regularly due to her powers. The style of her hair is a short cut with the sides and back shaved to where the hair just barely covers the scalp, and then there is a big floofy section of hair on the top that is dyed the portion (this floof goes down just barely over the top of the ears). The eyes fitted in the sockets of Celaphine’s face have a somber crimson color originally, similar to a ruby, though they change due to her color changeability on occasion to reflect her mood. Her ears are small and round, yet to add complexity, filled with varieties of silver piercings in the lobes, industrials, and helix sections of her ears. Her nose is small and flat, her jawline doesn’t have much prominence, and her lips are extremely soft-looking. Her overall apparel gives off generalizations such as: “she must work out, she has a nice style choice, and she must pay a lot to get her hair done like that”.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 4

Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Basic Enhanced Senses (1400 OM)


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