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Anneliese Lemieux

[Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...280&h=1280]


Anneliese Lemieux


Fallen London (OC)


Hailing from a upper-mid class family of France, Lemieux was originally raised to be like a compliant, submissive woman who was to be dependent on her future husband like most other ladies during her time and class were. But she found more interest in actively getting out of the house-whether it be helping urchins on the street, spending time talking to explorers, reading about legends in the library, adventurous stuff that tends to be left to males, particularly. One day, she somehow got contact with a prominent and experienced explorer/monster huntress/activist/adventurer from England known as Arabella, and with some talk with Lemieux's parents, Arabella somehow managed to be able to have a normal relationship with them and help hone Anneliese's tomboyish interests via adventures and excursions they went on together (and probably with others in groups), teaching her about the outside world, politics of supernatural creatures, behaviors, the Tomb Colony combat style, swordplay, marksmanship, and a whole lot of other truths and things that Anneliese's parents would consider unladylike (for example, knot tying, practical stuff).

Anneliese aspires to be a professional monster huntress/explorer like Arabella and wants to earn financial independence through helping others in that position rather than being locked at home as a submissive housewife like her parents prefer.

She came down to the Neath to find freedom from the restrictive standards of the Surface, and escaped prison from there, went through a lot of monster hunting adventures in the Neath alone, went to Zee, got weapons of heartmetal that had devil killing Correspondence sigils on their offensive points, and met people who were more respectful than the 19th century Surface people.

Of all the people she met down there, there was one that stood out like a precious rose in her heart in a garden of flowers: her one and only crush in her life, a scholar and xylophonist who treated her graciously and politely unlike the other men in the 19th century she encountered and had a lot of class and a good sense of humor and was a good duelist and had a kind heart. She often helped him with wounds and nightmares, sparred with him at times, and made a promise to train him in ranged combat before they were going to investigate the Forbidden Quarter together.

Little did she know, she was unable to fulfill said promise, because while she was trying to think of good ideas of how to acquire heartmetal ethically in order to slay devils with Correspondence sigils inscribed on the bullets, and brainstorming them (it's made by harvesting the heartmetal out of the dead body of a person drinking the Heart Ease Tonic, a tonic that causes the sorrows in a person to solidify) and said that she wanted to be alive but not in the Neath, Omni invisibly appeared and took her to the Omniverse through portals..where her new journey begins..and where sunlight will not kill her anymore because of the verse transition.


ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 4


* Physical Strength Proficiency
* Ranged Proficiency 
* Homing Proficiency 

* Basic Enhanced Senses 
* Master Acrobat

* Fleur Purifiante (Anneliese's Rifle-Sabre Hybrid)

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Where did you find us?: Google Search

Bonus: What Exactly Happened Concerning Lemieux's Arrival to the Omniverse


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