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Mickey Mouse

Name: Mickey Mouse
Level: 7
Spent OM: 33,150
Proficiencies: (5200) Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Shield (400), Ranged Materialize (600), Homing (600), Debuff (1000)
Powers: (4400) Master Acrobat (400), Burst Movement (800), Flight (1800), Shapeshifting (1400)
Moves: (5700) Keyblade (300), Pearl (600), Holy (300), Carpet Shield (300), Fire (300), Blizzard (300), Thunder (300) / Simba: Roar (300), Claws (300), Teeth (300) / Bambi: Headbutt (300), Cuteness Shield (300), Bambi's Mom (300) / Genie: Showtime (300), Friend Like Me (300) / Iron Mickey: Pulse Bolts (300), Mini-Missiles (300), Repulsor Ray (300)
Super Moves: (3000) Tier 1 Offensive - Yellow Kingdom Hearts (600), Tier 2 Defensive - Blue Kingdom Hearts (800), Tier 2 Offensive - Steamboat Willie (800) / Genie: Tier 2 Utility - Three Wishes (800)
Transformations: (1000) Iron Mickey - Tier 1 Powered-Up Form - 7/6/4/1 (1000)
Assists: (3500) Simba - Tier 1 Assist (1000), Bambi - Tier 1 Assist (1000), Genie - Tier 2 Assist (1500)
Items: (300) Medal! (2) (Updated 8/8), Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Artefact - Potara Earrings, Artefact - Berserker Boots
Bases: (2000) The Clubhouse - Tangled Green (Recall Station - 2000)
Unlocks: (7500) First Stat Upgrade - +1 TEC (1000), Second Stat Upgrade - +1 ATK (2000), Third Stat Upgrade - +1 TEC (4000), Spiritual Attunement (500)
Consumed OM: (2250) 2000 (Base), 250 (Items)
Used: Banishment Circle (250)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 4
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

Mickey Mouse

[Image: RECOM_Mickey.png]

  • Mickey Mouse is 2 feet, 3 inches (69 centimeters) tall. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like a large humanoid mouse. He is covered in black fur everywhere but his face, which has a more off-white or peach tone. His ears are large and perfectly round, and he has a large black nose and black eyes. His favorite colors to wear are red, yellow, and white—in fact, it is rare that you will find Mickey Mouse without his signature white gloves and some sort of yellow shoes.

  • Master Acrobat
    Mickey is very small and, therefore, very agile. He can do all sorts of backflips and frontflips and cartwheels—you name it, and he can go it. He uses his penchant for acrobatics to get to places other people can’t get, and, obviously, it comes in handy during battle, as well.

    Burst Movement
    Due to his small size and great agility, Mickey can—in short bursts—appear to move at greater-than-human speeds. Oftentimes, he moves so fast that it seems to enemies as if he disappears completely before reappearing again seconds later, often for the purpose of trying to ambush an opponent.

    [Image: 28miow.png]
    One of Mickey's subjects from the Disney realm that has also made its way into the Omniverse in the Magic Carpet from Agrabah. In addition to being a distraction in fights, the Carpet also serves as a mode of quick transportation for Mickey and friends; it can fly.

    This is not a power that Mickey has, per se, but rather his subject, Genie. The Genie can utilize this power to make himself appear like a 'Genie-fied' form of almost any individual he comes into contact with. He often uses it for humorous purposes, but it can help Mickey and friends gain the upper hand in a fight, too.

  • Keyblade
    An ancient weapon only usable by certain skilled warriors, the keyblade is essentially a sword shaped like a skeleton key. It can be used for several derivative powers, but they must be unlocked first. Mickey is a Keyblade Master, knighted by Yen Sid, and is exceptionally skilled at fighting with this ancient weapon. There are many different types of Keyblades, each unique in their construction; Mickey utilizes a model called the Star Seeker Keyblade, pictured below.

    [Image: 29d9s28.png]

    A spell of Light, Mickey can fire small orbs of white energy from the tip of his Keyblade that can home in on opponents at relatively close range. Mickey can charge these orbs to make them more powerful. This is Mickey’s signature spell.

    One of the elemental spells learned during his time studying with Yen Sid, casting Fire allows Mickey to shoot fireballs from the tip of his keyblade. They are very slow-shooting (there's an approximate wait time of five seconds before he's able to shoot another) and are difficult to aim at long range. They do not home. If they travel too far, approximately five meters, without hitting someone, they will simple disappear.

    Another of Yen Sid's elemental spells, Mickey casts Blizzard and a cone of ice crystals is released from the tip of his Keyblade. These ice crystals can freeze an enemy in place if they have a lower DEF than Mickey's ATK. The time they're frozen is approximately five seconds, or when they are hit by another attack. The cone, however, only extends about two meters in front of Mickey. An opponent can also break out of their frozen state more quickly if their ATK is higher than Mickey's TEC.

    Also an elemental spell taught by Yen Sid, Thunder allows Mickey to call upon the power of lightning bolts to damage an enemy. These lightning bolts come from the sky, and can be summoned to any location within ten feet of Mickey Mouse. Once they have been summoned, they cannot be further aimed, and may be dodged by a quick-footed enemy. If they score a hit, it is possible to stun the opponent for two seconds, with them remaining disoriented for ten to fifteen seconds after, depending on their DEF in relation to Mickey's ATK.

    Mickey leaps into the air and points his keyblade at the sky, summoning a column of Light energy down on one opponent. Mickey can cast this spell repeatedly, though he is left defenseless in the air while doing so.

    Yellow Kingdom Hearts (Tier 1 Offensive Super Move)
    [Image: latest?cb=20110816113144]
    Long ago, the original Kingdom Hearts disappeared in the wake of the Keyblade War. Since its disappearance, many have tried to replicate the original. The yellow Kingdom Hearts was created by a dark group called Organization XIII from the hearts of men. Mickey has harnessed the power of this Kingdom Hearts and, when he is in desperate need, can call upon it to help him conjure a devastating beam of golden energy. Mickey must have about five seconds of charge-up time in order to make proper connection with Kingdom Hearts before firing. Pictured below is the Yellow Kingdom Hearts created by the Omniverse's incarnation of Organization XIII, which Mickey draws his energy from.

    Blue Kingdom Hearts (Tier 2 Defensive Super Move)
    [Image: 1564dn4.png]
    In addition to the Yellow Kingdom Hearts created by Organization XIII, Mickey and his master, Yen Sid, also attempted to create a replica of the original Kingdom Hearts, which the mouse has also learned to harness the energy of. In order to activate this move, Mickey draws a heart in the air with the tip of his Keyblade; any projectile that passes through the heart is absorbed by the Keyblade, and then, after being charged to its maximum potential -- a process which takes about three average-damage projectiles -- Mickey slams the Keyblade into the ground. The ground on either side of the Keyblade's tip begins to crack, and out of that crack a huge wall of blue energy erupts forth, defending Mickey and anyone else behind it. The wall is approximately ten meters long, five meters on either side of Mickey, and about five meters high. It is completely opaque, so Mickey and his allies cannot see what the enemy is doing on the other side; the barrier appears, blocks an attack of with equal or lower strength than the shield itself (so a Tier 2 Super Attack or lower) and then shatters.

    Steamboat Willie - Tier 2 Offensive Super Move
    Mickey concentrates his omnilium to form an actual-size, completely grayscale steamboat. This means that when completely summoned, the steamboat is approximately 17 meters in length by 5.5 meters in width, with a depth of 2.4 meters. It takes Mickey approximately five minutes of unbroken concentration (Spirit Bomb style) to summon the Steamboat Willie because of its size, and if at any point an opponent lands a hit on Mickey, he will have to start all over again on summoning it. Once summoned, Mickey must make his way to the wheel and pilot the boat toward the opponent he wishes to ram into; however, the mouse is a bit rusty on his ship-piloting skills, so it is much more likely for him to make a hit on an opponent directly in the path of the steamboat. Turning is not his strong suit. The ship travels at a speed of 5mph. If the ship collides with an opponent, it does some pretty gnarly physical damage and knocks them back, but cannot be summoned again for the duration of battle as it takes a lot out of Mickey. This does have the potential to hit multiple opponents if they all happen to be within the Steamboat Willie's path, but once it crashes into the ground, it cannot be used again and will disappear within seconds.

    [Image: Screenshot02.jpg]

  • Earthshine
    Mickey Mouse received the Earthshine gem, a small, orange-colored crystal, from Thrall upon his visit to Minas Tirith. Using the gem, Mickey Mouse has gained the ability to summon a secondary version of Simba, a lion king from one of the worlds he rules over in the Disney Realms, the Pride Lands. Simba serves as the muscle Mickey lacks, and can also be used as a mount to get from one place to the next, provided Mickey doesn't mind people looking at him strangely since he's riding a lion.

    [Image: 300px-Simba_KHII.png]

    Simba (Tier 1 Assist)
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 2
    SPD: 1
    TEC: 0


    Roar: Simba lets out a loud, vicious roar, which scares enemies of equal or lower level than Mickey and lowers their awareness of the battle for a moment, allowing Mickey or Simba to jump in with another attack. As an RP flavor bonus, for non-PC enemies that are particularly low-level, this may intimidate the enemy enough that they run for the hills.

    Claws: Given that he's a lion, Simba has claws on his front paws that he uses as his main means of attack. He is very clumsy and uncoordinated with his attacks, however they do pack quite a punch when he actually manages to get a hit in. A quick enemy can dodge these rather easily, however.

    Teeth: When Simba manages to get an enemy in close quarters, he attempts to bite them, as lions often do with his prey. These teeth are sharp and can be very painful if you happen to get stuck in the wrong spot when he closes up his jaw.

    In the depths of the Tangled Green, Mickey is presented with the Naturespark gem. This is a tiny green crystal that holds a secondary version of the baby deer, Bambi, which Mickey can summon. Bambi's cuteness allows him to serve as sort of a distraction for Mickey's enemies. Bambi cannot be used as a mount for Mickey; his small frame will not allow him to carry a load even as heavy as the anthropomorphic mouse.

    [Image: 223px-Bambi_KH.png]

    Bambi (Tier 1 Assist)
    ATK: 0
    DEF: 2
    SPD: 2
    TEC: 1


    Headbutt: Though Bambi lacks much offensive power at all, being a tiny baby fawn, he can headbutt Mickey's enemies. It doesn't do much damage, but it might be a little bit annoying, at least.

    Cuteness Shield: One of Bambi's primary features is his use as a defense mechanism for Mickey. When someone tries to attack Mickey, whether it be a physical attack or a ranged attack, Bambi simply steps in between the mouse and his adversary and for whatever reason their attack is blocked. It seems that the little fawn is just too adorable for anyone to actually hit. However, Bambi's frame is small, so this only works on direct attacks, and if the deer jumps in the middle too late, then it may be too late for the opponent's attack to be deflected, and not only will Bambi feel the attack, but it will most likely pass through him and hit Mickey, as well.

    Bambi's Mom: Occasionally, Bambi gets very sad when he thinks about what happened to his mother -- often, he will call upon this sadness to give him strength in battle, but it has an unexpected effect: whenever Bambi brings forth this memory, it causes everyone within a five meter radius of him to also feel incredibly sad for reasons they cannot explain, distracting them from the battle at hand. If they are especially weak-willed (have a lower TEC than Mickey) then they might even begin to cry.

    Magic Lamp
    While traveling in the Endless Dunes, Mickey Mouse stumbled upon a Magic Lamp originally belonging to one of his subjects, Aladdin. Inside the lamp, the King discovered another one of his subjects taking up residence: a magic Genie. The Genie is an optimistic, cheerful, jovial fellow, whose larger-than-life personality and exceptional magical abilities can be used to assist Mickey in battle if the need arises.

    [Image: t5j6vo.png]

    Genie (Tier 2 Assist)
    ATK: 3
    DEF: 0
    SPD: 2
    TEC: 5


    Showtime: Genie's most ferocious attack, the apparition yells "SHOWTIME!" and shocks any enemies within a five-foot radius of himself and uses the electrical surges to make them do a little dance. This damages them but has no lasting effects on them afterward, except to make them wonder if they should perhaps abandon villainy for a life at the ballet.

    Friend Like Me: Genie utilizes his skills as a shapeshifter to transform into a 'Genie-fied' version of Mickey or one of his allies and distract enemies by fighting them as him. If transforming into Mickey, the Genie can also mimic the mouse's moves. Generally, Genie focuses his efforts on one opponent at a time. The distraction, mechanically, can be treated as a debuff.

    Three Wishes (Tier 2 Utility Super Move): Using his magic powers, Genie can freeze three opponents of equal or lower TEC to him in place for approximately thirty seconds. They are still aware of everything happening around them, and the stop magic will be broken if they are attacked at any point. This is mostly utilized to let Mickey and his opponents escape an oncoming attack, try and flee, or in general have a breather to rest or charge their own attacks. This does no damage and cannot stop an attack in motion. If an opponent is in the midst of attacking, they will finish the attack and then freeze immediately after.

Power-Ups & Transformations
  • Iron Mickey - Tier One Powered-Up Form (1000 OM)

    In the first Dante’s Abyss, Mickey’s original weapon was an “Iron Man arm” which had been designed specifically to fit his wrist. In the aftermath, that Iron Man arm had secretly been discovered somewhere in the Omniverse by his wife, Minnie, and with the help of Stitch, Mickey’s subject Lilo created a makeshift suit of Iron Man armor for Mickey himself to wear. This first model is called the Iron Mickey Mark-I, and provides a heightened defense for the normally flimsy little mouse, as well as much more powerful offensive capabilities, while sacrificing some of Mickey’s style and flair in battle. It mostly exists to shoot things, take hits, and fly.

    [Image: ironmousehodges.png]
    *not my image


    ATK: 7
    DEF: 5 (+1)
    SPD: 4
    TEC: 1
    (The plus one is denoting where I will put my extra stat point once I buy my third permanent stat increase)


    Pulse Bolts (300 OM) - Ranged Proficiency
    On the palm of each hand, the Iron Mickey Mark-I suit is equipped with blasters that shoot off orbs of pure electrical energy. These function essentially the same as a normal blaster, and travel at about the speed of a normal bullet. Mickey can fire these off pretty fast if he switches from hand to hand, but each hand requires about a second of recharge time before it can shoot again, and if he shoots ten in succession, the cannons must recharge for thirty seconds before they can be utilized again.

    Mini-Missiles (300 OM) - Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency
    The Iron Mickey Mark-I suit has the capability to shoot three tiny rockets from a small compartment stored in the shoulder pads of the armor. It takes approximately one second for the rockets to rise from Mickey’s shoulders, and then all three shoot simultaneously. They are homing rockets, so the likelihood of them hitting the target is high, but they are relatively small and flimsy devices; a well-placed attack might be able to destroy them. As far as damage goes, these rockets don’t really exist to do much material damage, but rather to distract and disorient, and if they make impact will simply knock an opponent back. As such, no actual explosion occurs; it's a simple small burst of shrapnel and smoke that knocks an opponent back. It's worth noting that all three rockets must home in on the same target, and the maximum knockback only occurs if all three hit; if one or more is destroyed, the effect is lessened. The rockets travel about half the speed of a bullet.

    Repulsor Ray (300 OM) (Ranged Proficiency)
    Another function of the Iron Mickey Mark-I suit’s arm cannons is that they can fire a long, steady beam of energy; this beam is not intended for offensive purposes and can cause no damage to organics, but can be used to deflect or destroy projectiles. Mickey can simply shoot it forward, or swipe it in front of him as a type of mini-shield; however, the Repulsor Ray overheats very quickly. It can be shot for five seconds before needing to take a ten second recharge, so Mickey must choose opportune moments to use it. The beam can expand up to five meters, or until the nearest solid surface; it cannot pass through anything tough-skinned like a wall, or a humanoid. It extends that five meters almost instantly (in approximately one second), but as noted before, can only exist for five seconds before dissipating.

Items & Artefacts
  • Communicator
    Allows you to communicate instantly with allies, wherever they might be. This is invaluable if you find yourself in a pinch, allowing you to get in touch and call friends if they're close enough to reach you in time. Bear in mind that you need to connect your communicators in-person or via the Astral Realm or Dataverse first. Not usable in the Underverse.

    Mobile Dataverse Device
    Allows you to connect to the Dataverse from anywhere in the Omniverse except the Underverse. This allows you to get the latest information on bounties, and use messageboards from anywhere, but you will not be notified of incoming emails or be able to speak in real-time unless you get a Communicator. This is only a remote connection, and does not allow you to physically enter the Dataverse – this requires an uplink station (see base upgrades).

    Spiritual Attunement
    With enough training, you may consciously enter the Astral Realm. Doing so requires you to enter a meditative state. Your body remains where you left it. Unlike while dreaming, entering the Astral Realm consciously poses dangers and all damage suffered to your spiritual body happens to your real body.

    Artefact: Potara Earrings
    [Image: potara_earring_by_thejesterart-d8akv6p.png]
    As his reward for placing third in Dante's Abyss, Karl Jak gave Mickey the choice of several coveted artefacts. Mickey chose these earrings, which take the form of two tiny, yellow-hued orbs. When Mickey puts one of the earrings on, he will fuse bodies with whomever is wearing the other one, provided they are a willing participant. Doing this combines Mickey and the other prime into one entity; they share powers, moves, and anything else unique about them. Fusions: Proto Mouse (Mickey/Proto Man); Beautiful Mouse (Mickey/Belle)

  • Proto Man
    One of Mickey's best friends in the whole Omniverse, the two have been through the ringer together after a chance encounter in the Tangled Green. They have even shared the same body - more than once - so it's hard to say whether Mickey is closer to anyone else. He loves Blues, would do anything for him, and would risk his life to help him. They do have some slight disagreements over how exactly to exact justice, but they work toward a common goal of bringing goodness to the Omniverse.

    Erza Scarlet
    After allying out of necessity in Dante's Abyss, Mickey and Erza Scarlet became fast friends. The mouse and the red-haired knight bonded more in those two days than Mickey had thought was possible in such a short amount of time. Mickey trusts Erza with his life, and would undoubtedly rely on her to help him out if he ever found himself in a dangerous situation.

    Samus Aran
    Mickey and the bounty hunter share a certain code of justice, and easily grew together as allies because of that. Though the mouse does not always approve of Samus' methods, he respects her greatly as a fighter and understands that they stem from her very unique background. He considers her a friend.

    Harry Dresden
    Harry Dresden is an intriguing person to Mickey; the man's prior knowledge of his life and history is a little bit creepy, but mostly just serves to fascinate the mouse. The two became close through these discussions, amongst discussions about magic, which is something they both have a vested interest in.

    Mickey's relationship with the merc-with-a-mouth is strained, at best. Forging a short-lived partnership in Dante's Abyss, Mickey blames Deadpool for inciting the first (and thus far only) instance of lethal violence he has ever committed, in the competition or otherwise. The mouse sees the mercenary as an awful influence, and at the moment would not help him if he asked.

    Though at times they bicker and have a slightly adversarial friendship, they are, at the end of the day, friends. Mickey enjoys the company of the redheaded girl and longs to help her acclimate better to the Omniverse, as he identifies with her struggles to fit in here.

    The pair first met doing battle as part of opposing groups in Dante’s Abyss, and then encountered each other again during the climactic Battle of Nippur. As one half of Proto Mouse, Mickey banished Gilgamesh to the Underverse, hoping to stop the King of Heroes’ evil-doing for good. To say they aren’t exactly on the best of terms would be an understatement.

    Monkey D. Luffy
    Luffy is one of the people Mickey gets along with best. Though they haven't had too many chances to interact, the two are a natural pair and have lots of fun when around each other, and Mickey counts Luffy as a good friend.


    Though the above are the only Primes with which Mickey has interacted incredibly closely, they are not the only Primes the mouse has met in his travels. The following is a list of "honorable mention" Primes that Mickey has encountered throughout his time in the Omniverse:

    Pepsiman (NPC), Guu, Kopaka, Dr. McNinja, Retane, Sasuke Uchiha, Doomguy

[Image: tumblr_mqzkpaSTre1r2atqoo1_500.gif]

Pre-Omniverse History
  • As a young mouse, Mickey worked as a deckhand on the Steamboat Willie, under the employment of the temperamental Captain Pete. He enjoyed a relatively simple life on the river for several years, until he gained knowledge of the other worlds.

    Mickey became excited by the prospect of traveling to other worlds, and began looking into how to do it. Along with his best friends, Donald and Goofy, he discovered a way to travel to the Country of the Musketeers, where he met and immediately fell in love with Minnie, the girl of his dreams. While adventuring in the Country of the Musketeers, Mickey became a skilled fighter, saving Minnie from many a threat. Eventually, the two were married. Mickey’s exploits in the Country of the Musketeers earned him the respect of its denizens, and he was crowned King of the Disney Realms.

    As the newly-crowned King and Queen, Mickey and Minnie built the Disney Castle, where they would rule from. But Mickey was not long for court—seeking to further his knowledge, he left to continue his studies.

    He found his way to the Mysterious Tower, introducing himself to the wizard who lived there, Yen Sid. Mickey convinced Yen Sid to accept him as a Sorcerer’s Apprentice, though his apprenticeship got off to a rough start when, at one point, he accidentally animated a bunch of household objects around the Tower and subsequently had to subdue the chaos. Despite his flaws, Yen Sid saw a spark in the mouse, and kept pushing him to be better. Eventually, Mickey began to learn control and responsibility, and Yen Sid presented him with his first Keyblade.

    Mickey continued studying and eventually decided to take the Keyblade Mastery test. He took it several times, but each time he failed. One day, the Mysterious Tower was attacked, and Mickey, the only current student, fought back the attackers. As a reward for his display of skill and bravery, Yen Sid bestowed upon him the title of Keyblade Master, and having finally learned everything Yen Sid could teach him, he returned to court.

    For a few years, he and Queen Minnie ruled happily, undisturbed by any threats. Mickey, when not spending precious time with his friends, threw himself into research about how to travel to other worlds. Eventually, he invented gummi ships—a sort of spaceship-type craft that can be used to travel from world to world—and using these was able to extend his reign from realm to realm; each realm graciously accepted their new King.

    Soon, however, Mickey began to hear rumblings of a threat growing in a far off world. He noticed a subtle darkness creeping up on the land, surreptitiously invading the worlds in his domain. Much to the displeasure of Minnie, he left court once again to search for the origin of this disturbance—these “Heartless” creatures. However, while on the journey, his gummi ship was intercepted and he was pulled into the Omniverse.

Story So Far
  • - Dante's Abyss 2015 - 3rd Place - #14 Mickey Mouse

  • Minnie Mouse
    Level 6 Prime NPC

    [Image: 314px-Minnie_Mouse_KHBBS.png]
    ATK: 1
    DEF: 4
    SPD: 1
    TEC: 4

    Spent OM:

    Physical Strength (1000), Buff Proficiency (400)

    Healing (2500), Telepathy (1500), Insight (1600), Foresight (1500)

    Spiritual Attunement, Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device


    Queen's Scepter
    (requires Physical Strength)
    Minnie, being the regal, queenly being that she is, carries around a short, golden scepter with her, which she can use for combat purposes if she feels the need. The scepter is made of pure gold, and has a ruby-colored jewel at the end of it in the shape of her and her husband's head. It is approximately a foot and a half in length, making it about half the size of Minnie's body. She wields it with poise and grace, her movements very fluid, but this means that she is not always prepared to use it in sudden circumstances.

    Battle Meditation
    Minnie can see into the minds of her enemies and determine at least a hazy outline of their plan -- she has not perfected the skill yet. However, this skill allows her to not only be a master strategist behind the scenes (sort of Princess Leia-style) but also allows her to impart a higher sense of morale to her subjects. Sometimes, when Minnie's soldiers are marching into battle, she will use her prowess at getting to know the minds of her people and somehow (magically, perhaps) make her presence known to her soldiers, imparting her confidence to them in the form of warm feelings. However, Minnie must remain perfectly still and have her eyes closed while doing this on an even slightly large scale, and is left incredibly tired afterwards.

    True Love's Kiss (Tier 1 Utility Super Move)
    Minnie's popularity with her subjects and her husband alike is well known. She is perhaps one of the sweetest rulers ever in existence, and has developed a certain connection with her subjects where they will be inspired simply by the smallest show of affection from her. As such, the Queen can plant a magical kiss on the forehead of a near-death soldier and heal them up to but no more than half their health, and also give them a burst of energy that will allow them to finish the battle vigorously, whether they end up triumphantly winning or going out in a blaze of glory. If used on Mickey, she kisses him on the lips instead, but the effect remains the same.


    Minnie's life began very affluently. Born into royalty as the Princess of the Country of the Musketeers, she had always been groomed for rule. However, Minnie found herself the subject of a dastardly scheme when a would-be usurper, Pete, had her kidnapped to try and win her crown. After being rescued by Mickey Mouse, she quickly fell in love with them, and the two would later marry.

    Over time, Mickey and Minnie gradually came into their own as rulers of the Country of the Musketeers and, later, the majority of the Disney realms; thanks to Minnie's penchant for treating her systems with equality and Mickey's reputation for being a kind ruler, worlds were flocking to join Mickey and Minnie's kingdom.

    Soon, however, the Queen would have to deal with a long absence of her husband as he traveled to the tower of a mysterious man named Yen Sid, to train in magic and the art of wielding an ancient weapon he called a "keyblade." Minnie did not fully understand why her husband needed to go and leave her behind for a time, but she supported him doing it, as he felt it was his responsibility.

    However, in his absence, Minnie worked hard to train herself in combat, so if the day ever came when she would need to protect herself and Mickey wasn't there, she would know how.

    Minnie and Mickey were reunited for a time following his stint in the Mysterious Tower, but eventually, he once again left to investigate what he called "rumors of a dangerous threat" at the edge of their realm. Following Mickey's instructions, she sent Donald and Goofy -- his two closest friends -- to help a new keyblade wielder, Sora, fight the impending Heartless threat. When Mickey did not return, however, Minnie became very worried, and -- against the wishes of her adviser, Daisy -- left to go search for her husband. Along the way, she, just like Mickey, was pulled into the Omniverse.

    Once arriving, Minnie's trail followed Mickey's, but she was always a few steps behind him. She ended up in the pristine city of Minas Tirith, and used her skills as a Princess to work her way up the social ladder until she became a very trusted member of the upper class. While working her way to the top, she discovered the whereabouts of her husband when she accidentally stumbled upon the premiere episode of a new reality television sensation, Dante's Abyss.

    Minnie was taken captive by the members of the evil, Empire-affiliated Organization XIII during Dante's Abyss, and remained their captive until rescued by Mickey Mouse and taken to the Tangled Green, where she will mostly remain as the caretaker of the Clubhouse, Mickey's base in the region.

    Relevant Threads: Little Mouse in the Big City; Honeymooning; Welcome to Ambrosia!
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Secondary NPC

    [Image: 204px-Jack_Sparrow_KHII.png]

    Cutlass: A pirate is not a true pirate if he can't fight to defend his treasure, so one of the first things Jack sought out was a nice sword to do battle with. When he stumbled upon the pirate town of Bilgewater, he quickly went a blacksmith's shop and stole a sword; however, in order to get away unscathed, he had to do battle with the blacksmith's assistant, and experienced a remarkable amount of deja vu in the process. He is extremely skilled with this sword, though it has grown a bit rusty in his many travels.

    Pistol: Another of Jack's relatively early acquisitions in the Omniverse. Once he had found a sword, he quickly found another, obviously less-skilled pirate to duel. Of course, he won the duel and stumbled upon this pistol on the dead man's body. He took it for his own, and now uses it when he wishes to kill someone. It's kind of slow to fire repeatedly, and has limited ammo, and since Jack isn't a prime, he can't summon ammo so he has to actually find it.

    Vita Compass, Communicator, Dataverse Device

    *Because Jack is a secondary and not a prime, he had to find these weapons on his own; he did not summon them with omnilium. Also, any items he has he either stolen or bought with actual money/omnilium he found himself.


    Captain Jack Sparrow appeared in the Vasty Deep on a relatively normal day. Summoned by someone he has yet to find -- and, frankly, doesn't care to -- he started immediately utilizing his new home to his advantage. After asking around, he heard about the pirate colony of Bilgewater, and decided that this would be the perfect place for him to find a ship and a bunch of men stupid enough to listen to him.

    He booked passage to Bilgewater and had little trouble finding a crew. Jack knew how to find the most desperate type of men in the world, and so he frequented the seediest taverns of the city-state and quickly made quite the nasty-looking roster. He and his crew... "borrowed" a large ship, which Jack named the Black Pearl, and started making their way to some various small islands throughout the Vasty Deep, plundering to their heart's content. For a while, the crew of the Black Pearl fell in love with Jack and his skills as their captain. Nothing could tear them away from him, and they became sort of famous amongst the less-popular islands of the Deep (though, admittedly, their reputation has not reached the bigger groups like the PLF or the Empire in Costa Del Sol).

    Eventually, however, Jack's new home began to take more and more of his focus. He started becoming intrigued by the laws of the Omniverse, even if he wasn't a prime. Sure, he might not have been summoned by Omni himself, but the pirate didn't let that faze him; he was just as integral to this world as anyone else, and that meant he could be just as intrigued by its mysteries. In secret, he began to become obsessed with the idea of finding Omni and learning the secrets of the Omniverse. Perhaps, he thought, the god would be able to grant him the type of immortality primes enjoyed -- that would make him truly the scariest pirate on the high seas.

    However, the voyages that he took his crew on in pursuit of this dream began to make them grow listless. As they found less riches and more mysteries, the members of the crew lowly began to distrust Jack, wondering if he was truly becoming insane, especially since he had not shared his end goal with a single person. One day, Jack's first mate -- a peg-legged pirate named One-Legged Bruce -- led a mutiny against him, finding a small deserted island in the middle of the Deep to leave him marooned on. Luckily, Captain Jack was not one to be trifled with, and quickly escaped, though he refuses to reveal how, telling tall tales like how he used sea turtles as water skis and made ropes of his own back hair to hold himself up.

    Once escaping from the island, however, Jack made his way to Bilgewater and took his revenge on One-Legged Bruce. Now, he is determined to find Omni, and this time realizes that in order to win the trust of his crew, he must be open and honest with them about his intentions... well, sort of, anyway...

    Relevant Threads: Drink Up, Me Hearties
  • Clayton (DECEASED)
    Secondary NPC

    [Image: 250px-Clayton_KH.png]

    Shotgun: Clayton’s signature weapon. Mostly used for the purpose of hunting gorillas in his old world, in the Omniverse, Clayton uses this for self-defense as well as to generally appear more threatening than he is. He snatched it off some of the seedier residents of the Tangled Green.

    Machete: A melee option to accompany Clayton’s normal weapon of choice, this machete is always kept sharp and can also be used for many different purposes as a general tool; though Clayton’s preferred use for it is to cause all sorts of unspeakable gore. He stole this from a group of hunters who took him in when he first appeared in the Tangled Green.

    Relevant Threads: The Secondary Saga, Prologue & Introductions; The Secondary Saga

[Image: clubhunt-01.jpg]
  • The Clubhouse
    Location: The Tangled Green

    Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s most-used home in the Omniverse, the Clubhouse sits in the idyllic community of Ambrosia in the Tangled Green. It looks, rather hilariously, like Mickey himself, with a red dome at the bottom serving as the main structure. Inside this dome is a living room, kitchen, and dining area (and, of course, a restroom). Taking an elevator up from this area leads to a spherical chamber shaped like Mickey’s head that holds the mouse couple’s bedroom, as well as a few guest chambers just in case.

Up first, here are some IC notes to help people figure Mickey out if you're roleplaying him for the first time.

Roleplaying Mickey!
  • Personality - Mickey's a pretty easy to please guy when it comes to getting his personality right. He's generally pretty chipper and, yes, I roleplay him as utilizing the many catchphrases and exclamations that the cartoon character uses despite him being the rugged King Mickey of Kingdom Hearts fame technically; that means an "oh boy!" or a "gosh!" is welcome. He generally doesn't use curse words or really anything nasty (I think one time I wrote something about how he hates the phrase "shut up," even) and will chastise other characters for their use of bad language, Captain America style; although, there's been one or two noted exceptions to this rule when he's in a really heightened emotional state. That being said, I generally like to make that judgment call myself or let a staff saga host do it, so unless otherwise noted, please save those exceptions for me. Mickey is wholly pacifistic in a general sense and will try his best to avoid combat (though he's not against it completely in the right circumstances) and when things begin to get violent and unruly he may spiral into sadness, depending on the company around him.
  • Fighting Style - As mentioned above, Mickey fancies himself a non-violent person and will do his best to avoid fighting when he can, though he will defend himself if necessary or engage in combat to subdue someone he judges is an evildoer. He will not kill on purpose, and has only accidentally killed once in his entire time in the Omniverse. He's not really a fan of Banishing, though he understands that it is a necessary evil to get some evildoing primes out of the way, and has done it once, to Gilgamesh, as a part of the Proto Mouse fusion. As far as how he actually fights, he relies very much on his size and speed to weave in and out of an opponent's attack window, and will often do literal flips around them in an attempt to overwhelm them. He is an excellent swordsman, and in most cases is most likely to engage in melee attacks, though he does know some magic spells that serve as ranged moves. Mickey also relies heavily on several assists to help him, detailed above. If I were to place him into a Final Fantasy class, I'd probably say he's a summoner.

Below are just some OOC notes to let people know my style and what I'm cool and comfortable with. Thought this would be a nifty idea to tack on to my roster, so I'm trying it out.

Roleplaying with Jacob!
  • When I'm in a thread with another player, I am completely comfortable with anyone roleplaying Mickey or one of my NPCs! Mickey's not that difficult a character to grasp for the most part, but if you're unsure, I've written a pretty detailed roster for him (above) and I am always open to reading through your post before you post it, if you just want me to check and see if your dialogue looks right, or whatever. Just PM it to me and I'll give it a look through as soon as possible.
  • On a similar note, I'm also totally comfortable roleplaying other people's characters and NPCs if you're like me to do so/are okay with that. However! I will always prefer you to look over my post, at least the first few times we write together. If we get to a point where we've written together extensively or I feel like I have at least a basic grasp on your character, I probably won't PM you whole posts but I will probably still ask you questions via the chatbox, Skype, or PM. So be on the lookout for me!
  • My availability varies. I'm a working professional actor, so while I'm generally pretty available on average, there might be points when I'm posting a bit slower or faster than normal. Really it varies, but I promise I'll get back to you eventually! Just don't expect a post every day and we should be fine.
  • On that note, I'm totally comfortable with you double posting in a thread we're in if I'm swamped with life and can't find time to sit down and write a good, solid post for you. Just let me know via PM or Skype that you've decided to work on something and I'll check it off my list till you're done. I know sometimes people just get itchin' to write something and I don't want to keep you from doing that! Just let me know and we'll be golden.
  • As far as my general post length goes, I usually write about 1000-2000 words. Sometimes if I feel like I have an especially big plot point to cover or if I just have a lot to say, it can go longer. Rarely does it go shorter than 800, but it definitely doesn't get shorter than 600. That said, I do not expect people to match my length. If you want to write short posts, feel free. If you want to write 2000 word posts or more or something, feel free. As long as I have something to respond to, I'm super cool.

Thanks for understanding, future writing partners. Bam!
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