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Name: Gilgamesh
Level: 7
Spent OM: 35450
Consumed OM: 3350
Proficiencies (4400): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Physical Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency(1000) Area Defense Proficiency (400), Buff Proficiency
Powers: (10500/12000); Insight (1600) Phasing(1200) Mimic(2800), Suppression(1000), Flight(1800), Master Acrobat(400), Basic Enhanced Senses(1400)
Moves (3000): Gates of Babylon-Golden Swords(600), Gates of Babylon-Reaper(300), Gates of Babylon(900), Chains of the Heavens(300) Ea(300), The King's Barrier (300), Charisma A+ (300)
Super Moves (3000): Tier 1 Offensive-Open the Gates (600) Tier 2 Offensive- Enuma Elish(800), T2 Defensive- Mirror Mirror on the Wall(800), T2 Utility- Elixir of Immortality (800)
Transformations(2500): Runes of Babylon (1000), Diablo's Influence (1500)
Items(350): Dataverse Mobile Device, Communicator(Synched with the NB Recall Station), Communicator(Given to Victor Wolfe), 5 DA Betting Tickets (250), Won 4 DA Bets (-400)
Bases(3000): Base in the Dunes, Forming the Capital of New Babylon, Vault (Paid for by Sasuke, Access to me and him alone), Medical Centre (1500), Recall Station(1000)
Unlocks(9000): 1st Stat Upgrade-ATK, 2nd Stat Upgrade-SPD, T1 Powers Cap, 3rd Stat Upgrade-DEF
Base stats:
ATK: 3 (5) (8)
DEF: 2 (2) (2)
SPD: 3 (5) (6)
TEC: 5 (6) (7)

I won't mind if you attack my character or base with little to no warning!

[Image: VKltuu7.jpg]

Name: Gilgamesh

Age: 24

Race: 2/3rd God, 1/3rd human

Hair Color: Golden

Eye Color: Red

Height: 6ft

Markings Gilgamesh only has the mark of Diablo on his left breast. Otherwise he has no special markings, unless in his power up forms.
Occupation Prior to Omniverse:
-King of Everything

Friend's Prior to Omniverse:

Faction in the Omniverse:
New Babylon


Gilgamesh is very egotistical. He believes he should be the center of all things in the universe and that the world should bow down before him. Being given everything since his birth, he is used to being treated like a King and is very dignified and spoiled and will often throw "tantrums" when he does not get his way. He believes he should rule only the finest people and all others should perish before his golden foot.

He often does charitable and generous things for those who serve him, but that is because he liked to take good care of the things that he owns. Anyone who tries to challenge this ideal world of his will be murdered without hesitation.

However, he will tolerate others he considers disgusting in order to get his way in the end and is not shy about using and manipulating people to get power. He often underestimates people, dismissing them and often losing due to his own mistakes in letting his guard down. His biggest flaw is his cocky nature which is always his downfall.

When Writing As Gilgamesh:
If you are writing to him as someone who is willing to see him in the light he desires, he will be friendly to you. He is going to be very charismatic and affable, and will frequently try to sway you to his side. He is not shy of offering wealth or power but if you do not do as he says he might get angry.

To those who are antagonizing him, he is not afraid of name calling. In fact he relishes in it. Go to insults would be "Bastard, Cur, Mongrel" or maybe something demeaning about your character itself. If he can choose to ignore you he will, if not he will act like you are shit that just got on his boot and the only way to wipe it off is to murder or humiliate you.

When fighting Gilgamesh, he often tries to keep his distance and do very little hand to hand combat. He'll often be 'relaxed' and shooting swords at you freely, while saying a quip or two. If you manage to irritate him enough he's going to use hand to hand combat in tandem with swordplay. At first he's going to try and show how fucking awesome he is and is definitley gonna get frustrated if he doesn't get his way. He'll then bust out the big toys and try and finish you off. He tends to be a bit haughty in fits while being defensive. If you manage to get up close and personal he isn't gonna stray from a good swordfight.

Gilgamesh is the first Original King of the world and ruled over Babylon for many years. He is the basis of all myths and has owned every single treasure in the world before he had died. He had undergone many trials with his best friend Enkidu, even as to retrieve the flower of immortality just to have it eaten by a snake. Gilgamesh is two-thirds God and one-third human bringing him to believe he is much better than everyone else.

Fast-foward to modern day. There are Magi that spend their entire lives preparing for The Holy Grail War. Every Ten years an Item called the Holy Grail comes down from the Heavens and will grant one wish to the person who wields it. The grail chooses seven worthy Magi to become Masters, those who own servants. These Magi then undergo certain rituals to summon the Earth's Oldest heroes, who become servants. The Magi lend the Heroes their Mana in order to sustain their bodies, while the Heroes fight for the Master's in order to get the Holy Grail. The master receives Three Command Spells that FORCE the servant to comply to whatever the Master had ordered. There are seven types of servants that participate in the Holy War: Archer, Beserker, Saber, Lancer, Rider, Caster, and Assassin. These servants have special abilities called "Noble Phantasms" that are their signature move of ultimate power. The last pair standing gets their wish granted by the Holy Grail.

Gilgamesh is summoned during The Fourth Holy Grail war by a powerful mage known as Tokiomi. Gilgamesh is known as the "Archer" class due to his Gates Of Babylon. Gilgamesh knows the Grail was once in his large inventory of Treasures and will use the wish to punish all those who had dared to rob his grave. He serves Tokiomi, reluctantly, due to Tokiomi's daring and bossy nature that clashed hardly with Gilgamesh's. Gil resented Tokiomi and found the Master of Assassin, Kirei, to be much more fun.

Gil managed to convince Kirei to kill his mentor, Tokiomi, and then form a new pact with Gil allowing him to become Gil's new master. Kirei does this and takes "control" of Gilgamesh, allowing him to do what he pleased.

Toward's the end of the war only Saber, King Arthur, who is actually a female, and Gilgamesh are alive. The Holy Grail had descended from the Heavens waiting to be held by a servant. Gilgamesh and Saber are alone in the room and Gilgamesh does something absurd. Gilgamesh proposes to Arthur and promises to give her all the pleasures she could dream of in the world. Arthur does not accept and Gilgamesh does not take that too kindly. He fires a sword at Arthur impaling her in the leg. He says, "You may answer incorrectly to your heart's content. Before you can understand the joy of devotion to me."

Saber's master then comes in and uses two command spells to order Saber to user her Noble Phantasm, a giant beam that emanates from her sword, to DESTROY the Holy Grail. While she tries to refuse, her body moves against her, forcing her to destroy the Holy Grail. It works and out from the Holy Grail pours the Sins of Mankind, which serves as a black tar that would taint and make any normal being go insane. However, Gilgamesh is able to withstand this with ease. It is then when Omni took Gilgamesh from the black tar into his world.


The King Has Arrived
Gilgamesh arrives at the Nexus and he is not a happy camper. He drinks some wine and mulls over to a random gate where endless possibilities wait.

The King and His Men
Gilgamesh arrives in Carrefore and he takes note of the type of people there. While he proclaims his Kingship the people mock him and he must display his power so people fear and respect him. He is able to take down a thief, a Sand Mage, and some pesky Stormtroopers before he must hide. He realizes how dangerous this place really is and while he wants to take over Carrefore he is doubting his ability to convince people who is in Charge

Monster Meets King
Gilgamesh meets his first faithful subject, Eudocia and they quickly become accustomed to one another. Gilgamesh tries to recruit more people to no avail. They then murder people before they flee for the day. The next morning a woman tells Gilgamesh that she wishes to join his Kingdom before he gives her a gift before he leaves to find new land. They then find an old abandoned mining town and settle in it, building a grand palace before returning to Carrefore to recruit a small number of citizens.

The King's Stroll
Gilgamesh is FURIOUS about the heathen Guu and her treacherous ways. He searches all of Carrefore before he eventually finds a clue about her location

Guu'd Vs. Evil
Gilgamesh finally finds his enemy, however she begins to amuse him. He tells her that she must amuse him or perish and she chooses the alternative. The two fight and Gilgamesh soon realizes that he cannot beat her so easily and begins to try. The two attack and…that's for you to find out.

A Nation Reborn

Insight - Gilgamesh has the innate ability to recognize his opponents strengths and the contents of their moves. He is very prone to recognizing magecraft and choosing his battles when he knows he is outmatched in physical strength. He doesn't really try and use insight in the fullest sense, but he is very keen to recognizing what spells do, how strong your character is generally and what race he/she is. I do not RP insight as a way to predict your other abilities.

Supression - Gilgamesh has the ability in which it becomes more difficult to recognize his abilities. Usually, people can't get a read on him or his moves.

Phasing- Gilgamesh can slowly turn into Golden Dust in which he can avoid an attack.

Mimic- Gilgamesh owned everything at one point in time, so if your character owns something, usually a physical weapon, he would have had the origional at some point in his Gates of Babylon. For this reason I usually don't mimic powers with Gil and mostly just rip off people's tangible moves, feel free to have me rip off one of your moves but make sure it makes sense.


--WARNING--Moves may contain GIFS that may spoil any Fate series

Gates of Babylon-Treasures
Gilgamesh opens up a portal to his great treasure room of babylon when he was a king. The Golden Portal he summons allows him to take out the wealth he obtained from his lifetime, such as wine, gold, and other expensive details. The Golden Portal is one sided and is aesthetic only, it serves no purpose other than to bring out the items. The size of this portal is no larger than the size of a wine glass. This cannot be used to bring out any items that require OM to purchase.
[Image: PJv3S1S.gif]

Gates of BabylonGolden Swords
Gilgamesh opens a large golden portal behind him. The Portal is about twice his size length and width. However, instead of treasures, one longswords come out, with only it's hilt sticking out of the portal. If the sword is knocked away from Gilgamesh's hands he must draw more swords out from the portal, which takes approximately two seconds. When these swords are knocked out of his hand they dissipate into a golden dust returning back into the portal, he retrieves them because he doesn't want to taint his treasures.
[Image: E5mTAHD.gif]

The second function is that three swords come out, by themselves, into a triangular formation in order to block a blow. Once they have taken a hit, they dissipate instantaneously. This part takes more effort from Gilgamesh, the harder the blow means the more fatigued he is.
[Image: RRPn4GL.gif]

Gates of Babylon-Reaper
Gilgamesh opens up a golden portal behind him where he draws out a giant scythe. The Portal is about twice his size length and width. The Scythe is very fast and very strong, however Gilgamesh must take five seconds to recover from the strike. Using this weapon is more taxing on Gilgamesh, limiting the use of this weapon and tiring him out for later parts of the fight. The reaper is difficult to move with and limits Gilgamesh's movement.
[Image: oewTMJn.gif]

Gates of Babylon
Gilgamesh opens many golden portals behind him where many weapons, ranging from spears to axes to swords, appear ready for Gilgamesh to use as if they were arrows. The weapons propel themselves out of the portal to hit their target. The portal is above Gilgamesh and is the size of a tire. Gilgamesh can fire up to ten weapons with respective accuracy. When the weapons hit they ground they dissipate back into the portal in a golden dust. It takes 3 seconds for Gilgamesh to be able to reuse this move. Gilgamesh cannot move or use melee moves while using this move. Gilgamesh may also create portals next to his enemies and fire weapons at a closer range in order to increase accuracy. The enemies must but in Gilgamesh's direct line of sight or somewhere he can sense, and the cooldown for this ability is 5 seconds.

First Function
[Image: 5hqxkxh.gif]
Second Function
[Image: NUqKors.gif]

The Kings Barrier
Gilgamesh raises his hand and a purple barrier that covers the area between his head and his knees appears and blocks melee and ranged attacks, however the barrier only can last for about three seconds. Gilgamesh can easily prepare a barrage of Gates of Babylon during this time period, however he cannot USE any offensive abilities during this move. Using this ability more than once in rapid succession will tire Gilgamesh quickly.

[Image: gBW80mV.gif]

Chains of the Heavens
Gilgamesh stops all of his attacks and opens portals to his treasuries around the target. After a second chains fly out of the portals and bind to the targets limbs, waist, and neck inhibiting movement and the use of weapons. These chains are extremely difficult to break and bind to their target for thirty seconds. Gil cannot use any of his abilities nor move until the chains land or he retracts it. The more the target struggles the more fatigued Gil gets and this can only be used once per battle.
[Image: 3BMyCKn.gif]

Ea (Currently Unavailable)
Gilgamesh opens a golden portal behind him to draw out his most prized possession, Ea. While it has a grip, hand guard, and is the same length as a longsword, the section that should contain a blade deviates from the normal form of an edged weapon. The black "blade" itself and the tip of the sword, spun in a spiral shape, are dull. It has the shape of a cylindrical, drill-shaped pillar made up of three independently rotating segments engraved with crimson cuneiform lettering that spin slowly in alternating direction , the middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counterclockwise. It can be used solely as a thrusting weapon such as a spear and the King only brings Ea out when he feels the opponent is worthy of its presence.
[Image: K1WniTw.gif]

Charisma A+

Gilgamesh being the natural born leader he is was able at one point was able to command entire armies with ease. Now in the Omniverse his words has an almost magical characteristic. One per fight, Gilgamesh stops attacking and starts to withdraw to the backline. Once there, Gilgamesh says something inspirational that gets his allies amped up to fight for him. Any ally in earshot feels as if they have the Survival Power and forget about previous fatigue for a minute. They will still experience damage as normal and will continue to accumulate fatigue, although they feel as if they just got a second wind. Afterwards, their injuries and fatigue hit them again like a wall of bricks. Gilgamesh must finish his entire speech, 5-10 seconds, to have an affect. If Gilgamesh is interrupted, the effect doesn't occur and cannot occur for the rest of the battle.

Super Moves:

Tier 1 Opening the Gates

Gilgamesh is very irritated at all of the mongrels who oppose them and decides that their deaths would please him. Gilgamesh in his fury opens his arsenal even wider, having close to fifty weapons peak out of his golden gates. With a sharp jolt, they will point at the target of his wrath before he fires them in a blind torrent. Not nearly all of the weapons will hit their mark, but Gilgamesh makes sure to send enough that the target is hurt. The swords fly out about as fast as arrows.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Tier 2- Enuma Elish
Gilgamesh draws out his greatest weapon Ea and begins to take the fight more seriously. The rotating parts of his blades begin to spin faster, emanating red wisps of energy that destroy nearby rubble. After a few moments Gilgamesh cries "Enuma Elish" and a bright red beam of pure energy, about three feet wide, pours out of his weapon in the direction his weapon was pointing. The beam stops after initial contact with something and can only be used on one target.

[Image: Hm1NUVT.gif]

Tier 2 Defensive-Mirror Mirror on the Wall.
Gilgamesh pulls out a mirror shield from his gates of Babylon to prepare to block a massive move. This ornate mirror shield is about as tall as Gilgamesh and he can easily fit behind it. Any T2 or below super move that targets Gilgamesh gets reflected harmlessly away from him(this cannot be used to hit an enemy and is for flavor). This cannot be used to block for more than one person.

Tier 2 Utility- Elixir of Immortaility
Gilgamesh takes out a small vial that contains an extract from the Plant of Immortaility he sought after in life from his Gates of Babylon for the small price of 2 SP . He then tosses the vial at a single opponent, covering them in the clear, crisp liquid. At first the recipient feels very happy and exuberant before they begin to feel its real effects. After a few seconds of being covered in the liquid, the target begins to age in reverse until they revert into a 10 year old body. Although this does not change stats, the targets will be much less efficient at using their moves because they are now a child and don't have the strength nor proficieny to use their weapons like they used to. This effect lasts for a minute (or one round) . This cannot be used on an opponent that is mechanical in nature or a fusion (since that would be difficult)

Runes of Babylon(Tier One Power Up):
ATK: +2
SPD: +2
TEC: +1

Gilgamesh takes off his armor to reveal red, glowing tattoos that cover his upper body. This often signals that he is actually trying during a battle and will not hold back during a fight. He will use all at his arsenal to destroy his enemy, however this is a once in a lifetime event for the people that he meets are too boring and do not deserve this pleasure.
[Image: more-gilgamesh1.jpg?w=385]

T2 Power Up-Diablo's Influence:

ATK: +5
SPD: +3
TEC: +2
Gilgamesh spent too much time in the Underverse and as a result, some of its power can be tapped into. Once activated, Gilgamesh turns into a black shadow with glowing red eyes. Additonally all of his weaponry seems t be coated in slimy black goo (flavor). When in this form Gilgamesh does not speak and becomes angered very quickly. He mainly communicates in grunts and will usually attack the nearest enemy.

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