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Gin Yatreg

[Image: fMs8AeM.png]

Name: Gin Yatreg

Spent OM: 11,100

Consumed OM: 300

Proficiencies (3800): Physical Strength (1,000), Ranged (1000) , Debuff (1000),  Area Shield (400), Buff (400)

Powers (1700): Burst Movement (800), Super Jump; Advanced (500), Master Acrobat (400)

Moves (2700): Shield Fist (300), Shield Kick(300),  Bubble Shield (300), Reversal Fist (300), Maneuver Platform (300), Poison Fist (600), Shield Slider (600)

Super Moves: Tier 1 Super Move: Shield Beam (600)

Transformations: Tier 1 Powered-Up Form: Mutation (1000)

Assists: None

Items: None

Bases: None

Unlocks: (1000): First Stat Upgrade (Atk +1)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 2
[Image: 6qbi4j.png]
"A waking dream of life and light."

[Image: eVq91aM.png]

Character Source: Original Character

Character history: While originally born on Earth, for most of Gin's life he has lived on the space colony KINGDOM-R53. A fun and adventure loving boy, Gin dreamt of leaving his station to explore the galaxy when he was old enough. However, on August 17th 2177, an incident aboard KINGDOM-R53's science wing stopped his dreams from becoming a reality. This incident caused the residents of the colony to mutate in various ways. Some retained their original forms (Nōmas) and gained powers such as flight and speed. While others became horrible bug-like monstrosities (Monsus), losing their minds in the process. War broke out between the Monsus and the Nōmas, with both factions occupying different sections of the ship. Unfortunately for Gin and the rest of the Nōmas, the Monsus had gained control of the hanger area trapping them on the colony.

2 Years later in 2179, the Nōmas have managed to seal off their parts of the colony from the hordes of Monsus. Unsure of how long their blockades will hold, the Nōmas begin sending six-man squads into the Monsus infested parts of the station to reclaim their home. Not being one to just sit on the sidelines, Gin joins the 20th Reclamation Squad. During his fifth mission, he gets separated from his squad and falls into a Monsus nest. Just as a Monsus Guard is about to kill him, he finds himself whisked away to another place. The Omniverse.

Don't believe his lies.

Physical Description: Gin is 5'10 in height and has a unique combination of red hair and yellow eyes. Gin is 17 years old, however due to his small height he has sometimes been mistaken to be younger than he actually is. He wears a worn out space colony uniform that's been changed into a jacket, a black t-shirt, khaki cargo pants, and black tennis shoes.

Character Personality: Despite the misfortune he's experienced in the past, Gin maintains a cheerful personality.  If he gets to chance to have an adventure, Gin will almost always take the opportunity. When it comes to food, Gin has a one track mind. And will usually put other things off until he gets something in his stomach.  Gin is good-natured, and will defend his friends till the end. Gin also has a bit of a sarcastic side, mostly using it to lighten the mood (or if a person is being dumb). 

In Harmony of Dissonance, we see that Gin has no problem helping out those that he barely knows. 

In HitC, we see that it's easy for Gin to make allies/friends with others. Especially if there's a common goal they all share. 

In ACNI, it's shown that despite his knack for creating new moves with his powers, he doesn't know their exact specifications right away. Leading to Gin being too reckless with new moves work before he's actually fully tested them out. 

Recent events (ACNI), despite the lack of consequences they had, have caused a change in Gin's persona. Should a situation turn out to be too much like the outbreak on his old home, he freezes up, and flees the scene. Could it be that he's doing it subconsciously to avoid turning into his Powered-Up Form? Or is there another reason for this change in Gin? Only time will tell...

As of Dante's Abyss; Gin has gotten over this and has gone back to normal, as well as grown up a bit.

Fighting Style: Melee


Shield Fist

Enshrouds fists in an Ellipsoidal green shield. Lessens the force against the users fists, allowing them to throw more powerful punches without harming themselves in the process (similar to a boxing glove, only much harder on the receiver). User expends energy while using this move, prolonged use will lead to the user over-exerting themselves. The move is activated at the behest of the user, meaning it can be turned on and off at will.

Shield Kick

This is Shield Fist, only with Gin's feet instead of his fists. Same power as Shield Fist.

Bubble Shield

Creates a green dome-shaped shield 4 feet in diameter around the user, protecting them from most physical and energy based attacks. However, magical attacks can still penetrate the shield.  The shield will only last for 1 attack, during which the user is immobile. After it dissipates, the user may not use it again until 1 turn has passed.

(The shield does NOT extend underground.)

Reversal Fist

In appearance, it looks like Gin's normal Shield Fist, with the only difference being that the shield turns orange instead of green. As the name implies, the opponent's movements are reversed for 1 turn. For example, if someone wants to swing a weapon to the right, they must swing to the left and vice versa. This move only does half the damage as Shield fist, and MUST make contact in order for it to take effect. This move can only be used with one hand (as opposed to Shield Fist, which takes up both hands), meaning the user does not have a second chance to hit.

Poison Fist

Can only be used once a battle. If this is used successfully, the user may not use any other debuffs for the remainder of the battle. Gin's Shield Fist turns a dark purple color, much like how Reversal Fist turns it orange. Unlike Reversal Fist, Gin has two chances to hit, but this attack does no damage upon contact. Instead, the one hit by this attack is now poisoned, will be dealt persistent damage. Just to clarify, THE POISON WILL ONLY ACTIVATE AT THE END OF THE OPPONENT'S NEXT TURN. So if Gin activates this on Round 1, the poison will take effect at the end of his opponent's turn in Round 2.

Maneuver Platform

[Credit goes to Luffy for the idea.]

Gin creates a small platform beneath his feet (or his hands to create a makeshift ledge) which he can use to maneuver in mid air. The platform is stationary, and can be manifested in any angle Gin sees fit. This platform can also only support Gin's weight (and any items he may have on him), meaning it cannot hold two or more people. There is also a limit as to how many Gin can have out at a time, which is three, and how far away he can manifest them, which is directly below his feet or in front of his hands. Creating these too often will also tire Gin out, which means he cannot use them to get around not being able to fly.

Shield Slider

Gin materializes a slippery energy shield underneath him, that allows him to slide across the ground like a skateboard. This takes about 1.5 seconds to fully appear, and requires Gin to remain partially concentrated on keeping it up. Unlike a skateboard however, it takes less time to build up speed. Provided he has the momentum, Gin can combine this with his punches or kicks for the extra power in his attack. Since the shield is summoned by Gin, he can make it stick to his body like a magnet, or have act like a normal "skate board". Should the situation need it, Gin can also extend the shield to allow one passenger. This is also affected by Gin's SPD stat, meaning it cannot go faster than he can, but it will reach top speed faster than him.


Tier 1 Powered-Up Form: Mutation

When things get desperate or Gin's emotions are pushed to a fever-pitch, it unleashes his inner-beast. Gin's skin hardens, becoming somewhat like an exoskeleton, with three claw-like spikes protruding from his forearms (they are positioned next to each other, with the one in the middle further ahead than the other two. The spikes are also facing upwards, towards the rest of his arm). Actual claws form on each of Gin's fingers, starting at the middle joint of each one and end about 3/4 of an inch past the finger tip. His eyes also change, becoming a solid yellow color. While in this form Gin behaves much more savagely against his enemies, and is a bit rude to those he cares about as well.

ATK: 5
DEF: 5
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

(Using Stat Upgrade 1)

Super Moves:

Tier 1 Super Move: Shield Beam 


By using either a punch or kick, Gin shoots a beam created by his shield powers straight at his foe. 


  • Three feet in diameter.
  • The beam is the same color as his shields, and has the shape of a shield at the end of the beam. 

  • Moves at 30 feet per second (20mph / 32kph).
  • In terms of strength, think of it as being hit by a semi that got thrown at you.
  • Cast Speed is FIVE seconds.
  • Range is 240ft (73 meters).
  • Gin is partially exhausted and is rendered unable to use his powers for 1 Turn.
[Image: 6qbi4j.png]
"A waking dream of life and light."

[Image: gHHiG4E.png]

- Arrival: Roaming Charges

- Arc 1: Harmony of Dissonance

- Arc 2: Highlanding in the Coliseum - Arc 3: Dante's Abyss 1 - Arc 4: The Misadventures of Gin, Lubbock, Alain, and Mami! - Mini-Arc 1: Gin & Tonic: Polpo Fiamma

- Mini-Arc 2: Prelude to Dante's Abyss 2 - Arc 5: Dante's Abyss 2 - Intermission - FILLER ARC: Gin's Episodic Adventures
[Image: 6qbi4j.png]
"A waking dream of life and light."

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