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Strazio Rockwell

Name: Strazio Rockwell

Spent OM: 33200

Proficiencies (4800): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)

Powers (7900): Burst Movement (800) Survival (2000) Hive Mind (400) Disassemble (800) Basic Fusion (1000) Symbiosis (1000), Telepathy (1500), Basic Telekinesis (400)

Moves (5700): Shatter (300), Breach (600), Shockwave (600), Sparks (300), Detonate (600), Surge (300), Cauterize (300), Overcharge (300), Lightbringer (300), Vaporize (300), Blackout (300), Widget Finner's Destructo Spinner (600), Meat Missile (300) God-mind: Visions of Rage (300), God-mind: Hostile Deconstruction (300)

Super Moves (1400): Overload (600), Dissolution (800)

Transformations (4000): Avatar of Anger (1000), Avatar of Rage (1500), God-mind (1500)

Assists: (1000) Cataclysm (1000)

Items: Crest of Darkshire, Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator, Elixer x 2, Medigel x 4, Soldier Pill


Unlock (7000): 1st Stat Increase (1000), 2nd Stat Increase (2000), 3rd Stat Increase (4000)


Consumed OM (1100): Dante's Abyss betting ticket (100), Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Elixer x 2 (200), Medigel x 4 (200), Soldier Pill (300)


ATK: 6 ( 9 ) ( 11 )
DEF: 1 ( 0 ) ( 0 )
SPD: 4 ( 7 ) ( 10 )
TEC: 2 ( 2 ) ( 2 )
[Image: StrazSig.png]

[Image: DarkshireBadge.png][Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: SecondarySaga.png][Image: HerosGraveyardBadge.png]

Character History

Born to a fisherman and a barmaid the young Strazio Rockwell seemed destined to live a simple life. They lived in Riverweldt, a small coastal city that was as mundane as they came. During the day Strazio would help his father on their fishing boat. Long days at sea taught him much about the ocean and her majesty, and though the work was backbreaking he rarely complained. At night he’d help his mother with odd jobs at the local inn. His life was filled with labour fit for the simple folk, and he was content.

One night, after the boy had reached his teenage years, a stranger rolled into town. Not that this was uncommon, Riverweldt often served as a pit stop between several major city, but as day after day passed he did not seem to be simply passing through. Night after night Strazio watched as he sat alone in the corner of the inn. The man never ate and never drank, he seemed to sustain himself with air alone. On the sixth night the man called Strazio to his table. He told the boy to sit across from him and the boy, too timid to say no, obliged him.

The stranger wore a visage that was world-worn and marred with rugged features. A mud-colored cloak hung on his thin frame, offering a reaper-like suggestion. For a long time the man said nothing and instead sat studying the youth before him. His eyes were that of a disinterested predator, unflinching and piercing yet indifferent to Strazio’s presence. The boy fidgeted. Sixth sense, a sort of instinctive set of alarm bells rang in Strazio’s brain. He had to leave. He had to run. His heart beat. His mouth dried. And despite the unbridled panic he did not move.

“Remember me,” the man spoke, his voice a dull knife, “my name is Damien Alabaster, do you hear me child?”

Strazio nodded, frightened that any move would be his last.

“Good, good, remember my face, remember my name, and most importantly remember what I am about to do.”

Calamity. Red lightning tore forth from Damien’s fingertips annihilating all that it touched. A catastrophe that lasted mere seconds, but would become a permanent fixture inside Strazio’s psyche. Those that survived took flight, but their escape would be short-lived. Strazio watched as Damien stood and pointed his hands towards the sky and called forth a pillar of red energy. The energy crashed through the roof and demolished support structures forcing the inn to collapse upon itself. Fortune, or perhaps misfortune, smiled on the boy and as the building crumbled he fell through a shattered set of floorboards into the basement below. Riverweldt was razed overnight, no survivors save the ruined child.

For several days the boy was trapped below a pile of rubble. Trapped in darkness with nothing but silence and a small flicker of anger in his chest. A wandering spellcaster stumbled upon the decimated town and heard the boy’s cry for help. The mage, well-versed in magick, unburied the child and comforted him. He introduced himself as Valerie LaMolle and upon hearing Strazio’s story he offered the boy his tutelage. Strazio spent the next several years studying under Valerie with the hopes of exacting his revenge.

For over a decade Strazio searched for Damien, finally finding him in a tower hidden from the mortal world. He held the stranger’s life in his hands and just as he would have extinguished the man’s fire Omni tore him from his world and thrust him into the Omniverse.


While Strazio's appearance can change, and often does, based on recent events some characteristics are intrinsic. Due to the self-destructive nature of his magick his entire body is riddled with scars, burn marks, and various other blemishes. His hair is white, another side-effect from years of self-abuse. Attached to a metal chain around his neck hangs the crest of Darkshire. He often wears a loose fitting white cloak while traveling, but will discard it in a fight. Recently he’s also been carrying a VSS Vintorez rifle slung over his shoulder, a memento from a fallen friend.
Abrasive - Strazio is slow to make friends and quick to make enemies.
Short-tempered - Strazio has poor anger management and even small frustrations can set him off.
Loyal - Fiercely defensive of those he views as friends and will throw down in a heartbeat to protect them.
Vengeful - Few can hold a grudge like Strazio can. Those that cross him make a spiteful enemy for life.
Reckless - While he is reasonably intelligent Strazio’s rage makes him prone to brash decisions. If angered he’d rather trade blow for blow with an enemy than avoid damage.
Prideful - Strazio knows he is a force to be reckoned with and will often overestimate himself.
Strazio embodies the idea of glass cannon well. His fighting style focuses on an all-out offensive posture with marginal regard for his own well-being. Using rapid and devastating attacks Strazio seeks to overwhelm his opponent before they can mount a proper counterattack. Pain just fuels his anger and he often devolves into a boiling hate-furnace hellbent on destroying his enemy. His lack of self-preservation will often lead him to eating an attack or two on the chin for a chance to perform a devastating counterattack. In combat his access to telepathy and telekinesis is limited, but he can occasionally use them with varying degrees of effectiveness.

However while his God-mind transformation is active he becomes a different fighter. Although he still focuses heavily on offense it is a more precise and calculated sort of aggression. Rather than hitting an opponent as hard and as fast as he can he will apply pressure tactically with the goal of dismantling his opponent. His sense of self-preservation is at an all time high and trading blows would be a rare occurrence. In this mode Strazio is ruthless, precise, and relentless.
  • Although he is the Avatar of Rage Strazio does have a leisurely side and can enjoy peaceful moments as much as anyone.
  • If wound up enough he’ll often spout a string of expletives, usually a bunch of f-bombs.
  • In a fight feel free to smack him around as much as you want, he’s pretty squishy.
  • He can be stubborn and will rarely admit when he’s wrong and instead double down on his mistake.
  • His access to telepathy and telekinesis is a result of Tearen's tutelage, but he is often unable to utilize the two abilities proficiently.


ATK: 6
Intense physical conditioning and an active lifestyle has left Strazio stronger than the average person. However his strength lies in his control over an especially destructive flavor of magick,
that relies on brute strength over finesse.

DEF: 1
Although the mage is physically fit years of exposure to raw magick has left his body somewhat fragile. Scars cover his flesh and his reliance on a strong offense leaves his defense lacking.

SPD: 4
Despite being human Strazio can move at a pace that would put most Olympic runners to shame. He is able to route excess magick into his legs, supercharging them and forcing them to work overtime. This often leaves him injured after a fight, but he can sustain this pace for quite some time.

TEC: 2
Trained in basic hand-to-hand combat and gifted with an instinctual understanding of combat Strazio can hold his own against amateurs.


Burst Movement
For a brief moment the mage can overload his legs with magick, drastically increasing his speed. Repeated use of this ability leaves him drained and injured.

Although his body is fragile Strazio's willpower is indomitable. This manifests itself in a simple unwillingness to go down. If he isn't dead he's still fighting.

Hive Mind
While Strazio does not have complete control over dismembered limbs he is able to manipulate the energy within them.

Dissasemble, Basic fusion, and Symbiosis
The mage can break apart his flesh and temporarily transform it into motes of pure energy. This is incredibly draining and he can only use it a few times before burning out. He can also fuse with another person, greatly increasing their potency for a limited time.

Telepathy and Telekinesis
Acquired through a brief tutelage with Tearen Wover, Strazio's grasp on his newfound mental powers is tenuous at best. This grasp becomes even more strained as he becomes frustrated or angry, which means in most situations he'll be unable to properly utilize the two powers. Occasionally he can channel the fragments of Tearen's mind buried in his psyche to utilize the two freely, but this is a rare occurrence.


Shatter (300) (Requires Physical Strength)

A very short range "shotgun" style blast of roiling hot white energy. The blast originates from Strazio's palms and extends about a foot outward, he is able to manifest this power very quickly and it is one of the few abilities of his that doesn't put a large amount of strain on his body. Repeated uses of this ability in a short time will burn his palms and hurt his forearms.
Breach (600) (Requires Ranged Proficiency)

Breach takes a few seconds to charge up, but Strazio can move during this time. White hot energy swirls and crackles around his forearm for a few seconds. After about three seconds he punches forward, releasing a wicked bolt of raw magick in a straight line forward. The bolt is very powerful and fast, but very skinny and can be difficult to aim. Due to its power it is often best to dodge the bolt rather than trying to absorb or deflect it. Strazio can also charge the bolt for three more seconds to release a much stronger beam. This excess energy burns and ravages his arm, dealing 1 point of damage to him should he choose to charge it beyond its normal use.

Shockwave (600) (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Physical Strength, Area Attack Proficiency)

Strazio draws in energy for two seconds and releases it in a very destructive shockwave around himself. This shockwave serves a dual purpose, knocking away projectiles and scorching anyone close enough to get caught in its area of effect. The blast travels about six feet outwards in all directions, incinerating and annihilating everything in its path. This wracks Strazio's body with pain and burns his flesh and bruises his organs, he takes 1 point of damage whenever he uses the shockwave portion of this ability. Strazio can choose to instead shoot the energy forward in a cone, using both arms. The distances increases to about eight feet and is slightly more concentrated than the shockwave. This hurts his arms, but doesn't damage him as much as the shockwave.

Sparks (300) (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency)

Strazio's abilities allow him to sacrifice portions of his flesh and blood in order to call upon devastating magicks. Strazio can only use sparks when he is bleeding. He touches some of his own blood and dumps a small amount of magick into it, starting a reaction. The magick acts as a catalyst within the blood and after one second the blood will explode violently. Strazio can use sparks on any of his blood that he can physically touch, once the reaction is started he throws the blood at his opponent and after one whole second the blood explodes.

Detonate (600) (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Hive Mind)

Strazio's entire body is a nexus for destructive magick. Every fiber of his being packs an incredible amount of explosive energy that he calls upon in order to cast his spells. Detonate is a last ditch surprise move for when Strazio is incredibly behind in a battle. Should one of his limbs be dismembered he can still manipulate the energy within the missing limb's flesh. After three seconds of charge up time Strazio can force the energy in the missing limb to explode. Detonate destroys the limb, but releases an incredibly strong explosion. The larger the limb used the larger the explosion, up to a maximum cap of three meters in diameter.

Secondary effect - The power of the Necronomicon allows Strazio to summon undead warriors to fight for him. Piggybacking off this power he can manipulate the energy within the flesh of these undead. He can start a catalyst in their flesh similiar to the one in his own. After five seconds of stationary contact with one of the undead he can turn the creature into a bomb. After the five seconds of charge up time the zombie will rush towards the opponent, attempting to get as close as possible. After three seconds the zombie will explode in a five foot radius. Strazio must be careful because he can be damaged by this explosion and can't stop the catalyst once it is charged.

Surge (300) (Requires Burst Movement, Disassemble, Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency)

Through mastery of the energy present in his body Strazio can break his body down into a cloud of energy. After a one second charge up Strazio dashes forward, breaking his own body down into destructive energy particles. If the cloud of energy rushes over and past the opponent they will be slightly burned and damaged. Strazio then reforms several feet behind the opponent. He can cast surge three times in short succession before becoming tired and unable to cast surge for thirty seconds. He can however choose to push his body beyond its limits and cast surge one more time within that thirty second window, this will cause him a great deal of pain and fatigue, as well as reset the thirty second timer.

Cauterize (300)

Strazio control over energy allows him to sacrifice his own flesh for the explosive power within. He can do this on a much smaller scale and release a very small about of energy, enough to sear his own skin. When he is injured with a laceration or an open wound he can spend about two seconds concentrating, during which he can move but cannot attack. During these two seconds the cells around the open edge of the wound explode and cauterize the nearby cells, effectively sealing the blood vessels and staunching the flow of blood. This doesn't actually heal Strazio, and in fact might even impeded the later healing of certain wounds, all this does is staunch blood loss.

Overcharge (300) (Requires Physical Strength)

Strazio momentarily pumps energy into his muscles, supercharging them and pushing them past the normal human limits. For five seconds Strazio's physical strength becomes insane, allowing him to lift and throw things far beyond his normal ability. This ability has no charge-up time, but it is incredibly draining and damaging to Strazio's body. After the effect fades, Strazio's muscles are ravaged and he physically becomes much weaker and moves slower than normal. He can only activate Overcharge once per fight unless he opts to take 2 points of damage at which point he can activate it again. Every activation after the first magnifies the refractory period and doesn't strengthen him as much as the original activation.

Vaporize (300) (Requires Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency)

Strazio dips his hands into a body of water and begins to pump small amounts of energy into it. He must keep his hands submerged for three full seconds, but he is allowed to move about so long as his hands do not leave the water. After three seconds the energy hits a tipping point and the water erupts upwards in a geyser of searing hot steam. Should someone be unfortunate enough to be caught directly in the geyser the hot water sticks to their skin and moderately burns them. After the eruption the steam stays present in the air and while it is harmless it still blankets a roughly ten foot area and obscures vision.

Blackout (300) (Requires Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency)

Having a potent mastery over raw energy Strazio is able to siphon energy directly from someone’s flesh. He grabs a target and for up to three seconds begins to sap energy from them. The closer to his target’s heart that he grabs the more effective blackout becomes, whereas grabbing a limb produces little effects beyond numbness or dull aching. During this process and for two seconds afterwards Strazio is unable to use any other moves. If he is able to grab his target for the full three seconds he will leave the target feeling groggy and winded for ten seconds, while anything less will last for a fraction of the time.

Demetri's Rifle (300) (Requires Ranged Proficiency)

 [Image: vintorezzzz_by_abiator-d8eyj0l.png]
The VSS Vintorez, also known as a "thread cutter" serves as a silenced rifle used in delicate operations that require both stopping power and finesse. A weapon that was used to great effect by its former owner, an Russian ex-special operative known as Demetri. Unfortunately its current wielder comes from a universe that has yet to even discover gunpowder. Strazio is incapable of firing the weapon normally and instead opts to charge it using his own energy. He can spend up to ten second pouring energy into the weapon, during which time he is unable to attack and must remain touching the rifle. The weapon remains charged for roughly five minutes before the energy dissipates. For every second he spends charging the rifle he can fire a single shot. Each shot fires a single needlepoint lance of white energy up to 150 feet. The lance travels relatively fast out of the barrel, but its speed quickly diminishes over distance. Out of the barrel it travels around 80 mph, but drops to around 25 halfway and 15 near max range. Someone a few feet away would be hard-pressed to dodge it without precognition while someone at max range would be hard-pressed to not dodge it. Due to the destructive nature of Strazio's magick he can only fire ten shots per battle before the rifle becomes too damaged to be used and must be repaired outside of combat. While Strazio usually carries the rifle slung over his shoulder he can break it down into raw omnilium and store it inside his body, if it is stored he can summon it after a few seconds of concentration.

Meat Missile (300) (Requires Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency)

Strazio grabs a willing nearby ally and by using magick to overcharge his muscles throws them a distance of 55 ft. Heavier allies will be thrown a shorter distance, while exceptionally small and/or light allies will be thrown up to a distance of 75 ft. The sudden strain imparted on Strazio leaves him heavily winded for a few seconds after the throw. Thrown allies are potentially harmed by a botched or careless throw so the best projectiles are those that are naturally resilient with survival or a high DEF stat or those that are particularly dextrous with master acrobat, a high TEC stat, or some other means to lessen the impact. If Strazio is too tired or weakened he can't use this move.

Lightbringer (300) (Requires Physical Strength) CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR USE

Given to Strazio by the Black Order this innocence weapon takes the form of a small white gemstone embedded in his right palm. After channeling energy into the weapon for one second, plates of silver and blue metal form around his fist to create a gauntlet. The gauntlet crackles with a light blue aura and covers his fist up to the wrist. Due to the chaotic nature of the energy present in his own body Lightbringer can only exist for a few fleeting moments before shattering into metallic shards and reverting to its crystalline form. Strazio can usually only deliver a single devastating punch with this weapon before it breaks down. Due to the dissonance between his own magick and the innocence weapon it sears the flesh on his fist while it is active. This attack can only be used every 30 seconds and each time it is more difficult to control and manifest.

Widget Finner’s Destructo Spinner (600) - Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area of Attack Proficiency CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR USE

Given to Strazio as a gift from the prodigious inventor Widget Finner, the destructo spinner is a weapon of pure destruction. When deactivated it takes the form of a small hand toy, that consists of a small bearing in the center three-lobed metal structure designed to spin along its axis. To activate the weapon Strazio can hold it in his palm and pour magickal energy into it. Once activated the weapon will begin to spin rapidly and float a few inches above Strazio’s hand. After about three seconds of concentration during which Strazio can move but cannot attack, the spinner becomes a razor-sharp spinning disc of pure energy. The disc is about three feet in diameter and can be thrown about as fast as a Frisbee. Once thrown the spinner will attempt to return back to Strazio, unless it is deflected or otherwise unable to return.

Alternatively, Strazio can spend six seconds charging and expend 1 HP to supercharge the spinner. Instead of acting as a sawblade the spinner explodes on impact, engulfing an area of about 15 feet in diameter. If he uses this attack he must spend about ten minutes resummoning the spinner and is usually unable to do this during combat.

God-mind: Visions of Rage (300) - Requires Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency, Buff proficiency, Telepathy

Despite his shaky grasp on Tearen’s lessons Strazio is occasionally able to fully realize his telepathic potential. In combat Strazio can physically grab his opponent, usually by the throat, but any physical contact will do. Once he has grappled his enemy he begins to tap into the target’s mind. He must maintain physical contact for at least 5 seconds (more if the target has a higher TEC than Strazio). Strazio is unable to use any other moves except Overcharge while he is grappling. During this time the target becomes inundated with waves of anger and rage and after the full duration they are thrown into a fit of blind rage attacking anyone and anything nearby including allies. Any sense of self preservation is lost and they fight recklessly for up to one minute. Additionally they shrug off most wounds and fight as if they have Survival for the duration. After successfully casting Visions of Rage Strazio's own temperament fizzles out and his attacks become slightly weaker for the full one minute duration (basically a -1 to his ATK stat). Afterwards both Strazio and the target will have minor headaches and may feel a bit nauseated or foggy, but are otherwise back to their full capabilities. Alternatively Strazio can cast Visions of Rage on a willing ally with all the same effects and drawbacks.

God-mind: Hostile Deconstruction (300) (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Telekinesis, Active God-mind transformation)

Reaching out with his telekinesis Strazio begins to thoroughly scan one of his opponent's limbs. While mildly uncomfortable this process is easily ignored or may even be entirely unnoticed by those preoccupied with fighting. After three seconds during which Strazio must maintain visual contact with the limb of his choice he will violently deconstruct the limb. Flesh, muscle, and bone will be stripped away in an excruciatingly painful fashion, completely disassembling the limb in a matter of seconds. This shredded biomatter will float around its origin point as if it were an exploded diagram in a biology textbook. During this time Strazio cannot attack, but is able to move freely. While his opponents can attack and move freely, this process is so incredibly painful that many would be hard pressed to take action. This move will last for a total of ten seconds unless Strazio's line of sight is broken at which point Hostile Deconstruction will immediately end. After the move is ended the targeted limb will rapidly reconstruct itself to the same state it was prior to deconstruction.

Super Moves

Overload (600) Tier One Offensive Super Move (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency)

Strazio extends his arms and puts his hands together, forming a triangle with his palms facing the target. Almost instantly a massive burst of white hot energy erupts outwards in a massive 90 degree cone. The attack travels twelve feet outwards and lasts for two seconds, during which Strazio cannot move and is pushed back very slightly. To call upon such great power instantly Strazio sacrifices small bits of skin on his arm and some blood in his veins to act as catalysts. Calling upon such great magick in such short order is incredibly strenuous on Strazio's body, leaving him battered and bruised.

Dissolution (800) Tier Two Defensive Super Move (Requires Hive Mind, Disassembly)

Should an attack be leveled against Strazio that he can’t dodge or reasonably survive he can choose to dissolve his body to avoid damage. In a fraction of a second Strazio’s body explodes in a burst of light, scattering sparking motes of white energy in a 50 meter sphere. These floating motes are purely cosmetic. After the attack ends these scraps of energy recombine and reform Strazio in the same spot he had originally been in. During this period of separation Strazio’s consciousness ceases to exist and he is unable to perceive the battlefield in anyway.


Avatar of Anger (1000) Tier One Powered-Up Form

Base Stats

Starting from Strazio's chest his flesh burns away, replaced by white-hot energy. His entire body becomes bright white glowing energy and his anger takes hold. In this form most of his abilities no longer harm him and his anger takes control of him and he becomes incredibly aggressive.

Avatar of Rage (1500) - Tier Two Powered-up Form

ATK - 11
DEF - 0
SPD - 10
TEC - 2

Strazio’s body breaks apart and vaporizes, leaving behind only his skull, spine, and ribcage. The bones left behind darken and become an onyx-like material. After a few moments the bones ignite with a bright white fire. The fire becomes a vaguely humanoid shape and two yellow-hued coals act as the avatar’s eyes. In this form Strazio loses the ability to speak and becomes incredibly hostile. He loses all sense of self-preservation and may even strike allies should they get in his way.

God-mind (1500) Tier 2 Powered-up form

ATK - 5
DEF - 3
SPD - 4
TEC - 11

Calling upon the fragments of Tearen buried in his psyche Strazio enters a hyper-focused state. During this state his eyes shine a bright emerald green and he is able to access his latent Telepathy and Telekinesis with ease. His normally rage-filled disposition becomes one of laser-like fixation. His temper evaporates and is replaced by a cool and calculating head, quite capable of sleuthing out the right course of action in most situations. An occasional crack might make itself known in this newfound temperament, but it is always an ephemeral moment wiped away by the clarity that tapping into this nascent power brings.


Cataclysm (1000) Tier One assist


After several moments of concentration several sinders (white-hot orbs of energy) spark and explode off Strazio. He creates 100 of these small orbs, only about three inches in diameter. These orbs attempt to stay within a twenty meter radius of Strazio. These sinders expire after getting hit by any attack, making area abilities very very effective against them. They can only cast Shatter, Shockwave, and Detonate and after attacking the sinder dissipates. These are mainly used as area control against fast melee enemies, creating a dangerous zone around Strazio.

Strazio's Journal Entries

Journal Entry #1

I've been thinking of Mara a lot lately, it has been several years since we parted ways and I still can't stop thinking of my failure to protect her. I've been told by other Primes that I'm capable of summoning others from my universe to act as partners, or secondaries as they call it. Even yet I've been hesitant to try it, I've already caused her enough trouble and ripping her from her world seems selfish and short-sighted. Besides I'm not even sure how she would react to seeing me again, we didn't exactly leave on the most amicable of terms. I wonder if I could summon Damien Alabaster? No, that's probably a bad idea if he arrives at similar strength to what he left with, well I don't think I could beat him. Even still... that's something to keep in mind.

I also have a theory about the Omniverse in general. The nexus must serve as some kind of hub, some kind of connection to every possible universe. The verses are permanently connected to the Nexus, or the connection must be very strong. My universe must only have a weak connection with the Omniverse, but it is connected somehow. I refuse to believe in one-way trips. At any rate I theorize that Omnilium is my ticket home, Omnilium is basically wish-fulfillment made manifest. With enough of it one can theoretically do anything, even strengthen the bonds between worlds. At least that's what I hope is the case, I'm not sure what to do.

Final thought. The people of Darkshire amaze me many would yield in the face of such overwhelming adversity and yet they stubbornly entrench themselves and fight. Even still I don't think they could have gotten far without their commander. Despite his appearance and his questionable decision to station me on guard duty he seems to be some sort of tactical savant. I get the feeling that with the right Primes and a bit of luck the people of Darkshire could concievably push back against the darkness and reclaim the moors. At the end of the day I'm just here to gain enough power to return home, but they seem to have endeared themselves to me. I'll help as much as I can, but if I have to choose between a way home and stopping Darkshire from burning... well I think the choice is obvious.

Journal Entry #2

Dante's Abyss, a sort of free for all death arena. Normally I wouldn't want anything to do with something like this, but in the Omniverse things are different. Death isn't permanent here, at least not for Primes. With death no longer being a permanent disability I have no qualms about participating in this bloody game of hunt or be hunted. Although I do fear running into one of the contestants, Crona, a young boy who I met just the other day. Despite seeming to be a nervous wreck he did seem to care genuinely about other people. I hope that if the time comes I'll be able to kill him. I know death is ephemeral, but I'll still feel terrible about attacking him.

I do wonder how Karl Jak was able to create this verse. It seems to have slightly different rules than the rest of the Omniverse. The amount of Omnilium required for creating this must have been immense. Why? What is Karl Jak's end game? Is this all just for the entertainment? I'm afraid that the answer is yes. I imagine that Mr. Jak could be an incredibly powerful player in the politics of the Omniverse if only he channeled his resources properly.

Perhaps he already is?

Journal Entry #3

I seem to keep moving farther and farther away from my goal. First I was sidetracked with that damn Gilgamesh and then that bloodsport Dante’s Abyss. And now. Now I’m joined with these “Lawmen” as they call themselves. I can’t overlook their sinister nature, but I need influence and I need power and they are all too willing to provide it to me. So for now I’ll play their little game of lords and kings, I’ll keep playing their game until it no longer benefits me. After all I’m now here to make friends, I’m here to find a way back home.

As a side note I must be wary of Ganondorf. His tongue is silver and his mind is sharp, I’m not sure if I could even beat him in a fight. If we ever come to blows I must remember to not hold back. As much as he wouldn’t want to admit it I think Eighteen is a blind spot of his, perhaps I could exploit such a weakness?

But for now I have a fight to look forward to. I’ve waited for too long to return to Gilgamesh. Hopefully the arrogant bastard keeps his word and he’ll grant me a fight. Hell, I won’t give him the choice. I had to put up with that bastard Enel, I’m not going to put up with another arrogant “god”. The next egotistical bastard I find I’m going to obliterate, and that I promise. But I digress, I can’t underestimate the Golden King. He must certainly be powerful to hold such an influence. Perhaps I can find some information on his through this Dataverse Device?

NPC List

Valerie LaMolle
[Image: kCQ5IgZ.jpg]

Effeminate and eccentric, Valerie LaMolle served as Strazio's mentor and taught him the ways of magick. In stark contrast to Strazio's irritable and aggressive nature Val's temperament is one of almost childlike friendliness and curiosity. At first glance Valerie appears to be human, however upon further inspection he seems to be somewhere between plant and human. His wounds ooze a rich sap, capable of sprouting life in the most inhospitable of environments, and food is nothing more than a luxury as a form of photosynthesis provides him with all the energy he needs. Able to control and create most plant life Valerie is not only resourceful but quite capable of brute forcing his way through adversity, though he would much rather avoid conflict when necessary. Despite his cheerful disposition he seems to have an odd affection towards death, seeing it as nothing more than the end to the beautiful cycle of life.

Tips for writing as Valerie LaMolle
  • Valerie's vocabulary is quite extensive and he prefers to use flowery or colorful words, even if they obscure his intent.
  • As he becomes more anxious and/or excited he tends to fidget, lacing his fingers together and performing a sort of nonsense sign language as he talks.
  • Interested in foreign and exotic flora Valerie will go out of his way to inspect and subsequently ingest any plants he is unfamiliar with, and in doing so usually become intimately familiar with their effects. Due to his physiology rarely will he become sick, even when consuming otherwise poisonous plants.
  • A friend to all, even those with abrasive personalities, Valerie will almost always attempt to befriend strangers, often offering them a flower of some sort as an olive branch.
Isaac Carter
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A veteran in his sixties, pulled to the Omniverse to serve as a special ops agent for the Empire. And due to his ability to turn his blood into a weapon he filled that role well. It was during his time as an Empire soldier he met his future wife Melanie, a flower child from the Vasty Deeps. The two quickly fell in love and Melanie urged Isaac to cut his ties with the Empire and live a life of peace in the Vasty Deeps with her. Becoming disillusioned with the Empire's tactics Isaac agreed and abandoned his job. For a good while the two lived an idyllic life, he became a simple fisherman and she worked odd jobs throughout the home. It was a simple life, but a happy one. However the Empire, as it often does, sent bounty hunters after Isaac's head. After a brutal encounter with a particularly tenacious hunter Isaac watched his wife die in his arms. He promised her that he would not turn to revenge and instead continue to live a life of peace and pacifism.

With the death of his wife still fresh on his mind and bounty hunters on his tail he turned to a life of alcoholism and disgruntled existence. It was in a bar that he met Christa, a soldier much like himself with the death of her sister haunting her. Accompanied by a plethora of other brave souls the two searched for a void gate, hoping to find Omni and ask him to resurrect their loved ones. In the end they found the titular creator of the Omniverse and he offered them primehood. Isaac refused to play into what he saw as the continuation of a broken and violent cycle. In the end he was sent back to the Vasty Deeps and despite the occasional bounty hunter he does his best to live out a peaceful life.

Tips for writing as Isaac Carter
  • Isaac is a diehard pacifist, preferring to settle disputes with words rather than violence. Should a situation boil over to violence he'll do his best to avoid any lethal blows.
  • While not a hardass by any means Isaac is a jaded and straightforward sort of man, not afraid to speak his mind.
  • He views most primes as unnatural and sees them as the violent harbingers of the Omniverse's absurdity.
  • His right arm is missing from the elbow down, he's been this way for a few decades and is quite used to it.
  • He has control of his blood and can use it as a weapon, often forming it into long tendrils which he uses to grapple and subdue opponents.

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