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Trixie Zulenka

Name: Beatrix "Trixie" Zulenka
Character Source: Original Character

Faction: Empire
Rank: Major
Division: Military

Spent OM: 28,150

Proficiencies (3800): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Area Attack (600), Ranged Materialize (600), Remote Control (600)

Powers (8000/8000): Foresight (1500), Super Jumping - Adv. (500), Master Acrobat (400), Enhanced Senses - Basic (1400), Regeneration - Adv. (2200), Telekinesis - Basic (400), Insight (1600)

Moves (2400): The Darksaber (300), Czerka Arms Mk1 Energy Pistol (300), BlasTech Industries IR-1 Falcon (300), The Way of Lightning - Closed Fist (300), Consume Essence (300), Close Quarters Shielding (300), Ancient Lightsaber (300), Crush (300)

Super Moves (1600): Essence Purge (T2 Attack - 800), Dark Side Shielding (T2 Defense - 800)

Transformations (2500): Combat Exoskeleton "Tallgeese" (Tier 1 Transformation - 1000), Succumb to Abeloth (Tier 2 Powered Up Form - 1500 OM)

Assists (0):

Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device, 3 Elixir, 3 Banishment Circle, 1 Isolation Verse, 1 Starman, 1 Soldier Pill


Consumed OM (6850): 400 (Refunds) + Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100), 3 Banishment Circle (750) , Base (1000), 3 Elixir (300), 1 Isolation Verse (300), Base Relocation (500), 1 Starman (500), Soldier Pill (300), Medical Center (1500), Recall Station (1000)

Bases: Tier 1 - Coruscant - Venator Class Star Destroyer - Sulaco -- [Medical Center] - [Recall Station]

Unlocks (3000): Stat Upgrade II (3000)

Base Statistics:

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 5
[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
[First Prime to Escape the Underverse]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

[Image: XHLmpQc.png]

[Image: Imperial.png]

[Image: Major-Insignia.png]

Omniverse Information

Age: 38 (Physically 22)
Force Orientation: Dark Side
Bloodline: Dathomir Human Genome
Father & Mother: Unknown & Ephemera
Marital Status: Relationship with Nova
Temperament: Focused, Pointed, Aggressive, Dependable

Advanced Information:

Imperial Rank: Major
Military Role: ARC Trooper Leader - 13th Legion, 1st Battalion, Easy Company
Combat Classification: Imperial Conditioned Nightsister
Combat Style: Form VII - Juyo [Lightsaber] -- Marksman [Pistol and Rifle]
Combat Disadvantages: Underverse PTSD Leading to Rash Actions
Situational Strengths: Problem Solving; Analytical Thinking; Offensive Strategy; Highly Educated
Situational Disadvantages: Defense Strategy

Imperial Awards:

Imperial Cross awarded for heroism and bravery during Tier 2 Operation

[Image: phys.png]

[Image: ApMz6je.jpg]

Trixie is a complex individual; she is a natural born soldier and highly skilled swordswoman. There are two distinct parts to her personality. She behaves brazenly and without a care in the world of what people think about her. This indirectly helps to hide her deep well of intelligence and the inner workings of her mind. It's a poker face so to say. On the surface she's outgoing and outspoken, but if pushed she has a wicked temper and a darker face to show you. She has little remorse for combat and thrives in the chaos and destruction of an open war-zone, however, she has no idea why. Beatrix shares a portion of the ruthlessness and bloodthirsty tendencies of her alter ego while in combat, but unlike her previous incarnation, she isn't without a little compassion. Her analytical mind is capable of on the fly tactical calls and decisions which become invaluable in battle. In her downtime, Trixie is usually reading a book or browsing the data-verse for things to read. When not wearing her armor Beatrix is usually seen wearing whatever she finds comfortable. Her basic off-duty get-up is a skin tight leather jumpsuit with Imperial military markings on each arm and her rank by the collar. While she may not have the Darksaber and her Military Rifle with her all the time she does carry her pistol wherever she goes. Since escaping the Underverse, Trixie is more distrusting of the people around her. She has been permanently marked with a symbol from Diablo that is located under her left breast along her ribs. It is normally hidden from sight, but when it is needed to be seen the tattoo sears itself into sight which is an incredibly painful process. Due to recent events the tattoo has been upgraded to contain two sets of horns; marking Trixie as a Herald of Chaos and above the newly formed recruits.

[Image: gnw.png]

Trixie's Armor

[Image: vHw9jJ0.png]

Trixie's armor was custom made for her body and her measurements. Weighing about 70 pounds it was designed for reconnaissance and offensive combat operations. Because it isn't considered a heavy class of armor it has decent stopping power for incoming weapons fire and relatively good melee protection. The helmet contains optical sensors that sharpen her field of vision and provide heads up and tactical displays. A built-in terminal allows Trixie to connect her communicator to the armors sensory array and use the helmet for in-the-field communication. The set of armor comes standard issue with a utility belt and assault harness for storage of extra weapon ammunition, weapon holsters, and a special clip for her lightsaber. A mount on her right forearm allows her to position the Darksaber for use on her arm if she desires. Trixie also keeps an assault backpack that is tightly strapped to her back with a set of data-pads for hacking doors, a flare gun for emergencies, and an emergency first aid kit with rations and fresh water. Unlike her commanding officer Trixie is force sensitive so she dons a thick black cloak around herself when wearing her armor. Having altered the antennae on her helmet she can also raise the hood of her cloak giving her an imposing Sith Lord appearance.




A very old red bladed lightsaber, this one is an original of Darth Zulenka's during her re-deployment during the Hyperspace Wars as a Sith. The blade is about four feet long and a searing color of red that is nearly blinding. Assembled with ancient crystals found on Korriban the blade reacts violently when ignited and when making contact with things. Like a typical lightsaber it is capable of cutting through most things with ease, but runs into resistance when matched with vibro-blades, cortosis weave, or weapons of Prime creation. This saber is extremely strong in the Dark Side of the Force and contains hidden memories of Darth Zulenka that are only reachable by Marka Ragnos. Because of this, at certain times, Trixie can hear the whispers and echoes of the people her alter ego had killed calling to her from the Force.

The Darksaber: 

An ancient incarnation of the lightsaber, the Darksaber is a unique weapon that produces a flat, black-colored blade of plasma. Thin and curved to a point, a shape with more similarities to a metal sword than contemporary lightsabers, the Darksaber's black blade is a meter in length and appears to draw in the very light and color around it like a black hole. This effect left the Darksaber with a faint aura of white light around the edges of its blade and makes looking at it for an extended period uncomfortable. The hilt of the Darksaber is thin and rectangular, and long enough to be grasped with two hands. It features an angled cross-guard as well as a serrated blade emitter. When the Darksaber's blade is activated by pressing its activation stud, the hum and pitch of the blade are notably higher than contemporary lightsabers, and the blade gives off a sound like a whistle when it was swung through the air. When the Darksaber comes into contact with another object or an opposing lightsaber, the blade screeches, and the white outer aura that surrounds the black core of the blade crackles. 

Czerka Arms Mk1 Energy Pistol:

The first in a long line of self-sustained energy pistols created by Czerka. This particular model served as a test dummy which led to the mass produced version. The Mk2. Czerka Arms, seeing an opportunity to make money, offered these pistols on the black market to any buyer after they had obtained all relevant data from them. The Mk1 was the first snub-nosed concealable pistol that was powered by a self-sustaining fusion battery core. Maintenance and core replacement were as easy as removing a few screws and sliding the battery out and putting a new battery in. What stopped Czerka Arms from putting this weapon to mass production was that even though it was highly accurate, it only held four shots before the weapon needed to rebuild its energy charge. One shot could be fired every three seconds with the weapon needing a full twelve seconds to fully charge itself. Four yellow status lights on the grip notified the user of how many shots it had. Making up for the lack of capable shots was the weapons power. It packed a considerable harder punch than pistols in the same class and had better stopping power and penetration. Features that were eventually adjusted and improved upon with the Mk2. Even today the Mk1 still hits harder than most pistols in its class.

BlasTech Industries IR-1 Falcon:

The replacement standard issue assault rifle for the 13th Stormtrooper Legion under Colonel Skleros. Capable of rapid fire at 700 rounds per minute with sustained fire, the plasma bolts travel at 2,500 feet per second and are as large as a 5.56mm round. It features a 60-round magazine, takes about three seconds to reload when emptied, and Trixie can hold up to 18 magazines at a time, depending on the gear she is wearing or if she’s in full pack or not. It is accurate up to 550 meters for single targets and 740 meters for area targets. During use every 20 shots generate sufficient charge to automatically discharge a larger 40mm plasma projectile from the under-barrel energy launcher. This secondary shot is a byproduct of the ammunition instability and vents excess plasma in the form of an extra shot. 

Combat Exoskeleton "Tallgeese":


A gift given to Trixie by Sia from her personal collection of lost or stolen artifacts, the Exosuit itself is manifested in the shape of a square backpack that fits snugly to the small of Beatrix's back when attached to her ARC Trooper armor. The backpack contains two large vials of liquid Omnilium controlled by a highly advanced combat microprocessor codenamed Tallgeese. When activated the Omnilium 'tanks' purge from four vents located on the top and bottom of the pack releasing the stored OM. The microprocessor seizes control and forms the exoskeleton out of the raw Omnilium on top of whatever Trixie is currently wearing. While inside the Exoskeleton, Trixie has access to the Tallgeese Integrated HUD. This advanced system provides her with communications, information databanks, data verse access, and target tracking systems to keep her apprised of everything on the battlefield. While the armor isn't indestructible it is self-healing; the Tallgeese microprocessor has access to regenerative nanobots that keep the armor in functioning condition within reason. If too much damage is taken, and the system cannot keep up with the repair process, it becomes overloaded and shuts down.

Force Abilities

Consume Essence:

The very ability that made Darth Zulenka the vicious war criminal everyone feared. The Sith Mistress could feed on the very fear and power that made every opponent who they were. However having being ripped from an alternate time line Consume Essence has been considerably weakened. Instead of outright melting the target into a puddle of red liquid the effects have been drastically reduced. The user's eyes glow red like that of a dying star. Grasping the target by the throat the user electrifies their hand with black force-lightning that electrocutes the victim over a period of two seconds. This ability is only effective in close combat and is not normally lethal, but can be used to finish off mortally wounded foes.

The Way of Lightning - Closed Fist:

Lightning is a powerful and devious ally to call upon. Much different than your typical force lightning this ability gives the user unprecedented control over force generated electricity. The Way of Lightning is a series of techniques that the ancient Sith slaves were taught by their Rakatan masters. Instead of generating ambient lightning outward from the finger tips like Dark Jedi became accustomed to doing centuries later, The Way of Lightning uses Dark Side Energy to empower and supercharge the natural electric current in one's own body. The result is a more stable and powerful flow of electricity. The Closed Fist is the final technique taught and the most taxing. Lightning begins from the elbow and freely arcs around the user's forearm before gathering at the fist. Slow to charge and rather powerful, the Closed Fist form allows the user to fire a single and very large bolt of lightning at medium to long range with deadly precision. The force of the blast pushes back hard on the user's arm. The Closed Fist form is hard on the body and if used repeatedly can result in physical burns on the chosen conduit arm.

Close Quarters Shielding:

Close Quarters Shielding or CQS is an ability that Trixie developed in the Underverse to counter and deflect attacks in the absence of her light-saber. Using her thorough and extensive knowledge of the force Trixie can generate a small invisible barrier that coalesces around her hands. By pointing her open palm towards the attack or incoming projectile she wishes to defend against the densely clustered force energy around her hands can halt or divert melee and ranged attacks. The shield can only take one hit before the ambient force dissipates and needs to be re-summoned, which forces Trixie to recoil her arm and push forward with an open palm once again. While melee attacks can be abruptly stopped just short of her chosen hand, caught in the suspended force energy, ranged projectiles and attacks are disintegrated or diverted away. It can be used in relatively quick succession allowing her to block multiple attacks in a row, but requires a moderate amount of concentration and energy. Extended use would drain Trixie’s stamina rather fast if all she did was defend in a hand to hand fight.


Trixie does not how or why she regained her extensive use of the force while in the Underverse, but she's not about to complain about it. As she progresses further in the Omniverse her body remembers more of the strength it had in the original timeline where Darth Zulenka could melt entire battalions and crush armored transports with relative ease.  Crush does just what it says, however, it's been toned down quite a bit. Trixie has the ability to target a specific part of a Primes body, an item, or a small structure and apply crushing force to it. The ability is usually initiated with a clenched fist to simulate the act of crushing the target. Crush is cast and, after a period of 4 seconds, immense crushing force is applied to the target. The drain on Crush is substantial and if used in quick succession would rapidly drain Trixie of the stamina to fight. It can certainly be done, but it's going to leave her at a disadvantage for a while.

Succumb to Abeloth:


Abeloth, also known as the Bringer of Chaos and Beloved Queen of the Stars, was a being very powerful in the dark side of the Force and the light side of the Force. She had no equal in power and only with the combined effort of the Jedi and Sith were they able to beat her into submission. Being a pawn of both Diablo and Palpatine has worn on the Beatrix's psyche. The voices of Abeloth whisper to her through the force and during moments of extreme duress or severe anger the Sith Mistress snaps and the two sides of the force that violently clash within the universe find balance within her body. Through this union of Dark Side and Light Side, Trixie taps into the wealth of power that Abeloth had at her control and becomes the Queen of the Stars. Her irises become bright red, a huge change from their usual green color. Beatrix will only answer to "Queen of the Stars" while in this form and believes herself to be Abeloth reincarnated. While controlled by Abeloth her personality becomes much more aggressive, preferring ruthless scorched earth tactics to anything else. 

Super Moves

Essence Purge: [Tier 2 - Offense]

In the prime of her power just before being called into the Omniverse, Darth Zulenka was a swirling hurricane of negative force energy. By forcing a large amount of dark side energy into her target she could cause the person to be purged from existence in a violent display of lightning and black energy that resulted in the target being ripped apart and dissolved. In the Omniverse this is not possible as the laws of the verse are not the same. By creating a baseball-sized orb of Omnilium surrounded by crackling black and red lightning, Trixie slams the orb into the chest of her target with an open palm. The Omnilium is absorbed into the enemy Prime or Secondary where it attempts to corrupt and purge the target of their life force. As the target rejects the foreign Omnilium the damage is inflicted and pain is induced via the infused lightning. After about four seconds the ball of Omnilium exits opposite from where it entered and explodes into a harmless display of light.

Dark Side Shielding: [Tier 2 - Defense]

While in the Underverse Trixie regained the majority of her force abilities. One in particular was Close Quarters Shielding; it would go on to be invaluable in her fight against Quartermaster Jorgan. Dark Side Shielding is a response to a greater need and is a more taxing and stationary version of it. By focusing a large quantity of force energy in the direction of her outstretched hand the Sith Warrior can put up an effective two foot wide shield that stops cold whatever is heading her way. Because of the large amount of dark side energy required to perform such a task the move is very draining and leaves the Mistress winded every time. Her visage changes as the shield forms. Spiderweb black lines immediately form on her face along her veins and her eyes turn black as deep space. She bellows out with a force powered scream that effectively changes her voice to sound similar to a banshee, extending an open palm in the direction she's defending to trigger the attack. The shield is always positioned at the end of her extended hand and in the shape of a circle. 
[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
[First Prime to Escape the Underverse]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

Archive Entry: Before Entry Into Omniverse
[Image: Trixie-Before-her-Sith-Days.jpg]

Era: Pre and Post Great Hyperspace War
Faction: Sith Empire
Age: 37
Current Status: MIA
Date Missing: Two Years Following End of Hyperspace War - 4998 BBY
Criminal Status: Wanted: Dead or Alive 80,000,000 Credits

Personal and Military History

Birth Planet: Dathomir
Birth Faction: Nightsister Clan - Andromeda
Birth Month: May
Birth Year: 5035 BBY

Military Expertise Summary

Imperial Military Rank: Master Sergeant
Infantry Division: 15th
Company: Able
Sith Title: Darth Zulenka

[Image: Trixie-Roster-Photo-B2.png]
[Image: Still-Frame-of-Trixie.png]

[Image: bg.png]
Born some thirty-five years before the Great Hyperspace War into a prominent Nightsister Clan, Beatrix was the daughter of Clan Mother Ephemera. Being the society that they were her father was immediately and ceremoniously killed upon the successful birth of his daughter. She never knew anything about him. Men were sort of a rarity amongst the Nightsister clans of Dathomir and to prevent inbreeding they were often disposed of. From a very early age Ephemera instilled focus and wisdom into her daughter. She was read passages from the Book of Shadows every night before bed. Trixie was an energetic child; always getting into trouble over her head with the native Rancor population.  It wasn’t until her 12th birthday that her life took a rather wicked turn. The surrounding clans felt that Ephemera, Trixie’s mother, held too much power. Her clan had been the oldest, but everyone felt that she had become too complacent in her dark side teachings. Clan Mother Ephemera often restricted use on the more severe dark magick teachings. Several of Beatrix’s closest friends were captured and converted to be used as spies. On the night of Trixie’s 12th birthday they were to lead her into the valley for a surprise. The rival clan had mobilized their sisters for combat and when Trixie arrived with her friends she was confronted with a choice; join them or suffer for her indiscretions. Having been trained from a young age Beatrix was able to fend off her attacking friends. Impaling her childhood companions the red-headed pre-teen fled back to her mother with only minor injuries. Unfortunately the rival clan and its Nightsister force were right on her heels. Trixie’s clan grounds were put into high alert as every warrior was roused from their bed. It was futile.

Three rival armies ambushed Clan Andromeda in the middle of the night. A great battle ensued and Clan Mother Ephemera was taken hostage. Beatrix’s tribe was subdued before her; she was forced to watch while the enemy clan warriors mutilated and executed each of her fellow sisters. The final straw was when they lit the fire underneath her mother’s feet. Her screams of pain and the words of love broke loose the latent dark side power within the 12 year old Beatrix. Strengthened by her newly awakened power she took hold of her captor and liquefied the warriors very body, stealing her life essence. Taking up the sword Trixie freed who she could and began the slow and violent process of retaking her home. She slew every member of the rival clan she could find and burned the bodies. The very next day she was inducted into the Warrrior Sect of her village whose members were now dangerously low. A close friend of her mother trained Trixie in the history and  complex combat  styles of the Nightsister Warriors before her. A regent was elected in place of Ephemera and the decision to migrate to Protectorate Ferril’s clan about four hundred miles away was made. Ferril was her mother’s sister and while Ephemera may have been head of the strongest clan, Ferril was head of the most skilled warriors on the planet. It took a year for Beatrix and her clan members to reach the refuge of her Aunt's home. Many of her fellow Nightsisters succumbed to hungry Rancor, hunger, and sickness. Their arrival came as a complete shock to Ferril who welcomed them with open arms. With tears in her eyes Trixie told her Aunt everything, who immediately inducted her into the clan and it’s Warrior Sect. From that point and for the next seven years Beatrix Zulenka served as Lead Scout for her Aunt, accumulating a wealth of combat expertise and knowledge. 

[Image: Trixie-Age-20-on-Dathomir.jpg]

Four months after her 20th birthday an Imperial Intelligence pod crashed down upon Dathomir near where Trixie was stationed. A single man stumbled out of the pod and directly into the pointed end of a durasteel polearm. Colonel Felix Astrada instantly became smitten with the mysterious cloaked woman threatening to kill him. Over the next couple of months he would earn her trust and eventually they would become lovers of passion. He shared stories of war, conquest, and of the world beyond Dathomir with her. The day the recovery vessel came for the Colonel he offered her a chance for some real combat. She accepted, interested in his tales of space and the Sith. After one final night together she was dumped into Imperial Boot Camp aboard the Super Star Destroyer Vergo. She was assigned to Able Company of the 15th Infantry Division.  The training was intense, but nothing she wasn’t ready for. Daily physical and mental training conditioned her and every soldier assigned to Able Company into a well sharpened spear for the Sith Empire to throw at its enemies. Trixie’s training was supposed to end after three years, but Able Company was flagged for Special Forces Reconditioning and they were put through the most grueling two years of their lives. They were taught every intricate detail about combat, war, torture, anatomy, history, strategy, and Sith Culture. At the age of 25 and now in perfect physical condition Beatrix Zulenka graduated with the entirety of Able Company from the Special Forces training complex on Dromund Kaas. They rejoined the 15th Infantry Division on the Vergo just in time for their first mission. 

Bestowed with the rank of Sergeant she was deployed with her team to Ziost to clear out the populace and quell any resistance for further Sith expansion. Time and time again Sergeant Zulenka and her fellow 15th proved themselves capable at whatever task they were thrown at. Able Company was always ahead of the curve and coming out ahead against all odds. Trixie was absolutely ruthless in combat. She spared no one. Targets who were marked for torture were brutally beaten and vivisected. Her fellow soldiers dubbed her “No Mercy” for what she did to one enemy combatant during a routine patrol mission after he managed to kill one of her squad mates from Able. They were picking up the pieces and scrubbing blood out of their gear for days. Able Company continued to be the most effective combat unit available. High Command attributed that to the fact that so many of the original members were still alive;  that a sense of trust had been created. Each person knew they had a capable person next to them to get the job done removing any doubt in each soldier's mind. Shortly after a space jump onto a lost rebel vessel in which Trixie and her unit managed to eliminate everyone on board and escape before detonation, she was promoted to Master Sergeant. With every passing fight her dark side aura grew in strength and ferocity.

[Image: Acolyte-Zulenka.jpg]
In the months following her 30th birthday and after having been in the field for a solid five years, bouncing from assignment to assignment, Trixie’s force connection drew the attention of a Sith Lord at High Command. Sith Lord Aquarius enrolled his new apprentice in the Sith Academy on Korriban and shipped her off to turn her raw military prowess into a finely tuned warrior. Over the next five years she would spend her time dueling, training, reading, and learning about the Sith in ways she never imagined. The academy was just as ruthless as ever. Students were forced to fight each other, kill, torture, and compete for the Headmasters favor. However when Trixie confronted and beheaded the headmaster for making advances at her, the rest of his advisors quickly tried to take his place, but them and everyone in her graduating class fell to her blade. Trixie did not have time for the petty squabbles of the weak willed. Sith Lord Aquarius was pleased with his apprentice’s performance and donned her Darth Zulenka just in time for her to turn 35. In the coming weeks the Sith Empire was mobilized into Republic space and the Great Hyperspace War had begun. Darth Zulenka was reassigned to her old unit, her previous red hair and tan skin now black and gray from the dark side corruption she had willingly accepted. She wanted more power so she led her old unit into a glorious conquest of Coruscant. She devoured the souls of her enemies, took their skulls as trophies, and slaughtered thousands of innocents to prove to her enemy that she was something to be feared. However the 15th Legion had grown complacent and with the Republic Army’s surprising strength the Empire began to lose. Their leader Naga Sadow had lost a series of key battles and was doing more withdrawing than advancing. During one of the final skirmishes of the war Trixie watched as the rest of her battalion was either killed or captured. She carved her way out; her overwhelming force power crushing bodies into dust and splattering organs.

For two years Darth Zulenka spent her time attacking anything that she saw weaker than her. She would consume their life essence and move on, further diving into madness. She was 37 when the portal opened to Omniverse. After that she was never heard from again.

End Pre-Omniverse Archive Entry
[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
[First Prime to Escape the Underverse]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

[Image: Trixie-End-of-UV-Arena-Photo.png]


First Sergeant November "Nova" Terra --  Former ARC Trooper Commander Nova Terra was the leading officer of the 72nd Special Forces Division under Colonel Victor Morrigan. She was the first person Trixie encountered since her arrival in the Omniverse and was met with kindness and fondness for the Sith Swordswoman' skill for battle. She's very outgoing, highly capable, and intelligent. Her unit is one of the few Special Forces units to have been around since the beginning. Obviously, Nova inherited her command, but she's proven to be quick thinking and ruthless at getting the job done. Trixie trusts November for giving her a purpose and a means with which to execute that purpose. She is of sexual interest to Trixie, having shared a first kiss before her banishment to the Underverse. Nova, along with Luna, successfully exposed Colonel Morrigan. She is a First Sergeant under Trixie. As of recently they've both confessed their love for each other and are in an ongoing relationship.  

Sia Morelli -- Morelli has a shrouded past from her time before the Omniverse. She has no memory of what she was only what she was told, however, she doesn't believe it. Formerly a Lieutenant in Diablo's Army, Sia was disavowed after the war and taken in by Belial as a lowly pit fighter. Having already been combat trained by one of the finest military's the Omniverse had ever seen Sia proved herself quickly as a ruthless and brutal killer. Eventually, she challenged Yennefer for her freedom and beat the succubus into submission before turning the Head Mistress' sexual desires into her nightmares. Tyrant Lord Belial found it wonderfully amusing and made Sia his Head of Security for the Female Fighting Pits and his occasional semi-retired gladiatorial star. She has free reign of the entire compound and is a friendly rival of Jorgan because of their mutual dislike of Yennefer. Sia knocked Trixie out cold after her first fight in the Underverse. She became Trixie's assigned-guardian following the redhead's subsequent victories in the gladiatorial ring. Sia went on to help Trixie defeat Quartermaster Jorgan but lost her arm in the process. She is now Supreme Commander of Belial's Forces. 

Colonel Victor Morrigan -- Victor Morrigan is a Special Forces Division Head. He oversees multiple aspects of the Special Forces within the Imperial Military. Specifically, he has oversight and budget control for the 72nd Division. Missions, equipment, money, recruitment, and housing all fall to this one man. Trixie met him at aTier 3 safe house when she was just an Ensign. He was there to officially induct her into the 72nd Division. Morrigan is currently being interrogated about his involvement in the unsanctioned use of clones in Special Forces roles after Nova and Luna leaked the information they had gathered. Morrigan was found guilty and summarily executed via Rancor for unauthorized use of the Empire's cloning programs. 

Judge Dredd -- Judge Dredd is the Supreme Commander of both Coruscant's Space Marines and Stormtrooper Legions. He is the judge, jury, and executioner of the law. Because Trixie was a completely unlicensed lifeform being registered as an Imperial Citizen for the first time he was present with Colonel Morrigan when he inducted her into the Special Forces. A test was performed to see how long she could last against his personally trained bodyguards. She was beaten badly, but Dredd was satisfied that she wouldn't betray the Empire and approved her status as a citizen. Dredd personally interrogated her at the request of Emperor Palpatine and delivered the Mistress to the ruler himself. Trixie is indifferent towards the man who shoved steel rebar through her torso.

Jedi Master Aurora Morvant [Banished] -- One of the few Jedi Master's with a record for ruthless attacks against the Empire in the Omniverse. She was the chosen target of Trixie and Seventeen's excursion into Cuatro Prison. Diablo wanted her sent to the Underverse for his own sinister reasons and the Sith Warrior had no choice but to oblige him. 

Jedi Knight Dominick Falkner [Deceased] -- Trixie barely knew anything about him besides what the mission dossier said. Her assault group murdered his daughter who had been his Padawan. He died at the hands of a distraught Nova after being banished, but Zulenka does not know this. He is the one who sent Beatrix to the Underverse. He wielded a blue light saber which is currently in lock up inside Nova's Armory. He was killed by Nova following Trixie's banishment to the Underverse. Trixie still has his lightsaber. 

Jedi General Praxida Skleros [Deceased] -- It is now known that Praxida Skleros, the rogue twin sister of Colonel Bianca Skleros, had orchestrated the entire attack on the Imperial party. She has been an apprentice of Jedi Master Morvant and was presumed dead after the raid that captured her teacher. With help from the Rebel Cell on Tier 6 she was able to acquire Stormtrooper equipment and armored vehicles to make a formal assault on the 13th Legion, which they held back on Tier 2. She was killed by Trixie in a duel during the final battle in Panic at the Disco. 

Quartermaster Yennefer Von Markham [Deceased?] -- A female succubus in service of Tyrant Lord Belial. She is the Head Mistress of the female pit fighters. She oversees inductions, training, and discipline for the women who fight for her. She is a loyal servant and a highly resourceful demon. She wields a steel barbed whip with which she uses to discipline her slaves. She holds resentment for Sia being a pit fighter turned Head of Security. Yennefer was the fake daughter of Jedi Knight Falkner who she succeeded in convincing to have Trixie banished to the Underverse for her Lord. She was beheaded in an attempt to stop Trixie from fleeing the gladiatorial arena. Trixie recently discovered that she is an Agent of Diablo. 

Quartermaster Jorgan [Deceased?] -- A half demon brute half skeletal horror, Jorgan is the Overseer of the male fighting pits for Tyrant Lord Belial and his head Researcher. He stands over six feet tall and is usually adorned in a green cloak. His weapon of choice is a giant machete fit for his stature. His job is identical to Yennefer's, however, he's much more brutal to his slaves. He trains and maintains the male slave pits with an iron fist. Those who survive his entrance conditioning are lucky to ever be able to sleep again. Jorgan is the creator and sole proprietor of the Nephalem Combat Improvement Serum. His current and prototype version, Nephalem A4, successfully conditioned Beatrix Zulenka to be a female pit fighter. This had been previously thought impossible to accomplish since every female subject using the serum before had been either killed outright or left a babbling fool. Quartermaster Jorgan was killed by the combined efforts of Sia, Argento, and Trixie in the Gladiatorial Arena. Killing him won Trixie her freedom from the Underverse. Recent events have uncovered Jorgan to be a minion of Diablo.

Protoman -- Trixie met this robotic humanoid in the Graveyard Verse Saga. She had been summoned up from the Underverse to help some ancient spirit. They spoke briefly in the waiting area before the event began. She knows little about him and would recognize him in a crowd. 

Sergeant Aisha Knudal --  The estranged sister to Luna. Aisha was introduced to the team after Trixie had arrived back from the Underverse. Aisha was assigned to investigate the shootout at Nova's old apartment. Trixie, Nova, and Aisha interrogated the informant that gave them the knowledge of Luna's death. She has been since reassigned from Coruscant PD to the Imperial Military under Beatrix. Aisha is the medic and professionally trained interrogator of the Special Forces team. 

Diablo, Lord of Terror -- It took over a year of torture, death, and absolute chaos to reach her current Master. When someone mentions a fate worse than death, you take it instead of going to the Underverse. Having beaten Quartermaster Jorgan in the arena, Diablo had finally taken notice of the fresh Prime in his realm. Not like Trixie had a choice, but she chose to accept the terms Diablo had offered her in exchange for her freedom from his realm. She is now his instrument inside the Empire and on Coruscant. She still knows very little as to the extent of his power over her in the Overworld, but it is now apparent that Diablo can freely influence anyone he's marked. Trixie is an Agent of Diablo. Outside of Trixie, Diablo himself, and Palpatine no one else knows this fact. 

Cell/Deployment 167942 -- Trixie is hostile towards Cell. He may have been just a job at one time, but his unwarranted attack on her Sergeant has soured the attitude she once held for him. If they cross paths again he will die. 

First Lieutenant Seventeen -- Seventeen is currently Trixie's Second In-Command. Lieutenant Seventeen was posted to her outfit following her demotion from Commissioned Officer down to the Non-Commissioned Officer's rank of Staff Sergeant. With everything that has happened leading up to the party and attack on Tier 2, Trixie holds Seventeen in high regard. So much so that she was willing to kill fellow soldiers for shelving her non-com for several weeks due to a mission failure that had been beyond his control. He answers to Major Zulenka, and her alone in the 13th Legion. 

Emperor Palpatine -- The Emperor of the Empire sanctioned Trixie's capture at the hands of Judge Dredd and authorized her brutal torture to reveal the truth behind certain rumors that had been floating around that a spy had infiltrated Imperial Ranks. Palpatine broke Trixie with barbaric torture and put her on ICE for three weeks while the proper preparations were made. Her time spent in the Imperial Prison for "Incarcerated Cannot Execute" was no better than her time in the Underverse. The Sith Mistress was subjected to psychological and physical torture on a daily basis. She was finally released on the terms that in the end, when the chips finally fall, she remain loyal to the Empire instead of Diablo. 

King Bradley -- King Bradley was the one who issued an arrest warrant for Trixie upon her arrival back in Coruscant upon exiting the void. He is the one who cleaned up the mess Colonel Morrigan made with Nova and the secret cloning program she had been a part of. Both Beatrix and November were to be High Priority Super-Max Inmate for the rest of their time in the Omniverse, but instead Bradley chose to strip them both of rank down to Ensign and set them out on their own attached to the 13th Legion under Colonel Bianca Skleros, who at the time was only a Lieutenant. After several successful missions, one of of which was the quelling of a prison riot on Tier 4, King Bradley finally gave the team the recognition they deserved. Following the defeat of the Rebel Cell on Tier 2 in Panic at the Disco, Bradley has awarded Trixie, Seventeen, Nova, and Aisha with the Imperial Cross. 

[Image: storyline.png]

Chronological Order

Archive Entry: Folding Reality...Twice
Participants: Trixie
Location: The Nexus

Archive Entry: Lost in Time Immemorial [Mature]
Participants: Trixie
Location: Coruscant

Archive Entry: The Darkness Down Below [Mature]
Participants:  Trixie, Violet
Location: The Underverse

Archive Entry: Retribution IV: Rebirth [Mature]
Participants:  Trixie
Location: The Underverse

Archive Entry: Neuromancer [Mature]
Participants:  Nova, Luna
Location: Coruscant

Archive Entry: Unleashed! [Mature]
Participants: Luna, Nova, Aisha, Trixie
Location: The Void, Coruscant

Archive Entry: Consequences [Mature]
Participants: Nova, Trixie, Android 17, Aisha
Location: Coruscant

Archive Entry: [M] Sense and Sensibility and Stormtroopers
Participants: Trixie, Android 17, Nova, Aisha, Lieutenant Skleros
Location: Coruscant

Archive Entry: [M] Panic at the Disco
Participants: Trixie, Android 17, Nova, Aisha
Location: Coruscant

Archive Entry: [M] Old Habits Die Hard
Participants: Trixie, Android 17, Nova, Aisha
Location: Coruscant
[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
[First Prime to Escape the Underverse]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

NPC and Secondary Information Database

NPC I: First Sergeant November Annabelle Terra
-------November Annabelle Terra-------


[Image: Nova-Roster-Photo-2.png]

Non-Player Character Information

November Annabelle Terra is a genetically modified human, having been subjected to experimental procedures at the hands of Colonel Victor Morrigan in an effort to make the perfect Spy and Operative for Imperial Intelligence. Keeping her original form contained within a cryo tube, Morrigan cloned Nova several times, using various appearances for each one, each with her own identity and skill set until he refined the process. Once refined he generated a November clone, the one that inducted Trixie into the Empire and asked her to join the, now defunct, 72nd Special Forces Regiment. Through advanced technology the mind of a cryogenically frozen Terra was controlling her own clone, but without her knowledge due to advanced mental blocks. It wasn't until her agreement with Luna during Trixie's banishment that she started having nightmares that were former memories of previous clones being killed in the line of duty. Luna hacked the Imperial Intelligence database, using Major Bardan Jaxx's communicator as an in, to acquire top secret files that Morrigan had kept secret. Not only was Terra not her original body, the sheer amount of failures the research team went through was enough to sicken both women. The biggest hurdle in the project was cellular cohesion. 

Early on each clone would begin to dissolve and fall apart at an atomic level due to defects in the process. The blonde is still haunted by random nightmares of these events to this day. It was with this information that she began her crusade to find her original body without Colonel Morrigan finding out. This is what drew the attention of King Bradley. Outing the lead scientist known as the Neuromancer and breaching high level Imperial Protocols brought their progress to screeching halt as Ultramarines arrested Nova and brought her to a Tier 1 Super Max for questioning. An inquiry into the matter found that Victor Morrigan had used the clone facilities on Tier 1 without prior authorization and that she was to be incarcerated forever, with Morrigan on ICE until his hearings were over. When Trixie arrived back in Coruscant on the Empire's radar this brought her straight to King Bradley's attention and thus into the custody of Imperial Soldiers. The two women found themselves stripped of rank, assets, and anything they had, but they were free to resume serving the Empire. Nova is fiercely loyal to Trixie and loves her with every fiber of her being. November would do anything to make Beatrix happy and with recent events taking their toll on the one true love of her life, Terra is finding it hard not to be heartbroken by the fact that Trixie has to bear so much burden by herself.

Omniverse Information

Age: 28
Force Orientation: Sensitive
Bloodline: Genetically Modified Human
Father & Mother: Unknown 
Marital Status: Relationship with Trixie
Temperament: Focused, Loving, Creative, Industrious

Advanced Information:

Imperial Rank: First Sergeant
Military Role: Specs Ops Sniper - 13th Legion, 1st Battalion, Easy Company
Combat Classification: Genetically Improved Soldier
Combat Style:  Marksman - [Sniper Rifle and Assault Rifle]
Combat Disadvantages: Basic CQC Training -- Better at long range. 
Situational Strengths: Support Anchor, Good under Fire, Awareness for Ambushes
Situational Disadvantages: Concern for Trixie leads to inability to function

Imperial Awards:

Imperial Cross awarded for heroism and bravery during Tier 2 Operation


Name: November "Nova" Terra
Character Source: Star Craft

Level: 3
Spent OM: 14,900

Proficiencies (3200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)

Powers (6900): Stealth (1200), Master Acrobat (400), Super Jumping: Master (800), Telepathy (1500), Enhanced Senses: Master (2000), Telekinesis: Advanced (1000)

Moves (1600): DC-15x Sniper Rifle (300), Falkner's Lightsaber (300), Arakyd Industries AP-1X Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle (600); BlasTech Industries IR-1 Falcon (300)

Super Moves:


Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device

Unlocks (3000): 1st Stat Upgrade (1000), 2nd Stat Upgrade (2000);

Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

Move Descriptions for Nova

DC - 15x Sniper Rifle:

The DC-15x sniper rifle was a long-range blaster rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries for the clone snipers of the Galactic Republic. An enhanced version of the DC-15A blaster rifle, the DC-15x featured additional sights and exceptional accuracy in the hands of a sharpshooter specialist. The rifle had a capacity of six shots. Like the DC-15A, the DC-15x sniper rifle fired powerful blue plasma shots that were highly effective against both droids and organics.

Arakyd Industries AP-1X Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle:

A classified and top secret weapon project from Arakyd Industries delivered to Nova by Luna whom had several contacts within the company. First used by the blonde to free Ex-Ranger Bardan Jaxx from Imperial Custody, the weapon uses an unprecedented caliber of round seen in rifles of it's class. The weapon uses a four round clip and must be manually cycled to keep shooting. The round consists of a proprietary energy propulsion cell that launches a slug of Mandalorian Iron at the target up to a range of two miles. There is no suppressor for this weapon nor any way to reduce the recoil beyond the bipod built into the barrel so the kickback on the user's shoulder will eventually break bone if used repeatedly. The optics mounted to the weapon are experimental and provide crystal clear vision up to 100 meters. Although the weapon packs a tremendous punch, that's only if the round lands or is not blocked. Opponents capable of detecting incoming shots can easily avoid being hit at long ranges as travel time, atmosphere, and verse physics come into play at extreme distances.

Falkner's Lightsaber:

Jedi Knight Dominick Falkner's lightsaber. Recovered from his dead corpse after Nova dispatched with him following the banishment of Captain Zulenka to the Underverse. It has a custom built hilt with several focusing crystals to make the deep blue blade appear more intense to the naked eye. The blade length is typical for a weapon of its type, measuring about 3 and a half feet long when ignited. Nova generally keeps the weapon on her belt as a reminder of Trixie's ultimate unknown fate and their first mission together. Terra is not very skilled with bladed weapons so she only used the saber as a last resort or for utility as it can cut through most surfaces with ease.

NPC II: Inquisitor Imogen Melorn

[Image: Melorn-Roster-Photo.jpg]


Born from a need for enforcers that directly served the interest of the Sith High Council instead that of the Imperial Legions, Sith Inquisitor Melorn is one of the original few Primes to be empowered and boosted to such a level.  As an Inquisitor her talents revolve around counter-intelligence and information gathering. In laymen’s terms—Imogen is a highly skilled and extraordinarily ruthless interrogator. She is a master of the Dark Side of the Force and everything pertaining to its control and using her power to extract information from the depths of her target. Like all disciples of the Sith she is trained to use a lightsaber for personal defense, but her real strength lies in the manipulation of the Force. Inquistor Melorn, along with Sith Crusader Rangeas, were assigned to the 13th Legion’s Special Forces team as a special liaison from the Sith Council. While Beatrix is heavily trained in the Force and a legendary duelist, she isn’t an official member of the Sith Elite and therefore cannot act on their behalf. She reports directly to Captain Zulenka while in the field and to High Lord Tsunamus everywhere else. 

Name: Imogen Melorn 
Character Source: OC Star Wars 

Faction: Empire
Rank: Inquisitor
Division: Sith High Council

Spent OM: 19,400

Proficiencies (3800): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)

Powers (7800/8000): Super Jumping - Master (800), Master Acrobat (400), Foresight (1500), Insight (1600), Enhanced Senses - Advanced (1700), Telekinesis - Advanced (1000), Burst Movement (800)

Moves (300): Red Lightsaber (300)

Super Moves (800): Essence Purge (T2 - Attack - 800)

Transformations (0): 

Assists (0):

Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device


Consumed OM (300): Communicator (100), Mobile Dataverse Device (200)


Unlocks (7000): Stat Upgrade III

Base Statistics: 

ATK: 3 
DEF: 2
SPD: 4
TEC: 4 

NPC III: Sith Crusader Valerian Rangeas

[Image: Valeria-Roster-Photo.jpg]


While the Inquisitors are masters are manipulating the force, their counterparts are the Crusader Corps. A Sith Crusader is the foot solder of the High Council and extensively trained in melee combat of all types. Specializing in lightsaber combat makes the Crusader the enforcer and heavy muscle an Inquisitor might need when fear alone will not subdue an enemy. Valerian was recruited at a young age by the Sith Council, because of her frequent and often violent interactions with the Stormtrooper Garrison on Tier 3 and 4. Noticing her force potential Dredd reduced the young Twi’lek’s sentence and gave her a job as one of the very Stormtroopers she kept injuring. After a few years serving in the 7th Legion on Tier 4 she was approached by High Lord Aquarius and put through the Sith Academy on Tier 1. After two long years learning everything she could, Valerian was flagged for the Crusader Corps and inducted into their elite academy on Tier 2. The training was physically and mentally demanding. Her instructors taught the Twi’Lek everything about warfare and drilled her relentlessly in lightsaber combat. By the time she was assigned as an Initiate to Inquisitor Melorn she was a refined soldier ready to be used. It wasn’t long before she was promoted out of her probationary rank and made a full Crusader, with it coming the privileges of being one of the Sith Elite.

Name: Valerian Rangeas
Character Source: OC Star Wars

Faction: Empire
Rank: Crusader
Division: Sith Academy

Spent OM: 22,900

Proficiencies (3200): Physical Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)

Powers (9000/12000): Foresight (1500), Insight (1600), Master Acrobat (400), Super Jumping - Adv. (500), Enhanced Senses - Basic (1400), Telekinesis - Advanced (1000), Survival (2000), Advanced Regeneration (2200) 

Moves (600): Red Lightsaber (300), Silver Lightsaber (300)

Super Moves (800): Essence Purge (T2 - Attack - 800)

Transformations (0): 

Assists (0):

Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device


Consumed OM (300): Communicator (100), Mobile Dataverse Device (200)


Unlocks (9000): Stat Upgrade III (7000), Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)

Base Statistics: 

ATK: 6
DEF: 2 
SPD: 2
TEC: 3

NPC IV: General Charlotte La Varet

Name: Charlotte La Varet
Character Source: Star Wars OC

Level: 8
Faction: Helios Battalion - Rebel Cell 
Rank: General

Spent OM: 50,600

Proficiencies (4000): Physical Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize (600), Area Attack (400), Area Defense (400)

Powers (14200/16000): Master Acrobat (400), Healing (3000), Survival (2000), Adv. Super Jumping (500), Insight (1600), Foresight (1500), Telepathy (1500), Suppression (1000), Adv. Telekinesis  (1000), Adv. Enhanced Senses (1700)

Moves (900): Green Lightsaber (300), InCom Automatic Slugthrower Mk II (300), InCom Tactical Slug-Pistol (300) 

Super Moves (1000): T3 Super Attack - Force Push (1000)

Transformations (1500): Enhance Self (T2 Powered Up Form)

Assists (0):

Unlocks (30,000): Stat Upgrade V (25,000), Tier 2 Powers Cap (5000)

Base Statistics:

ATK: 5  
DEF: 3  
SPD: 2  
TEC: 5  

[Image: La-Varet-24-Roster-Image.png]
Charlotte La Varet has a history that extends well beyond the Omniverse. She is a veteran of the Great Hyperspace War. She fought alongside some of a greatest Jedi of her time against Naga Sadow as a Jedi Knight, seeing all of them get slaughtered by Darth Zulenka. When the war took a turn for the worse in favor of the Old Republic she was tasked with Sith clean up and hunting down Darth Zulenka for four long years. Surviving numerous ambushes and counter attacks from the retreating and routed Sith forces, her hunt for the extremely wanted war criminal Darth Beatrix Zulenka was futile. Now a highly trained Jedi Master she was called back to Coruscant and reassigned to other efforts such as training younglings or younger knights in the ways of lightsaber combat. This was when Omni chose to grab her and throw her head first into a Coruscant where the Empire ruled with an iron fist. An Empire she had not seen before, but one that still felt the same as the old Sith Empire she had fought so valiantly against.
[Image: The-Hunt-Roster-Photo.png]

It didn’t take long for her to be noticed by the Empire and soon she was engaging their troops on a weekly basis as they continuously sought her out of each hiding place. Ultimately deciding that the lower Tiers of the Coruscant were better for her, this is how she came to meet the Rebel Alliance in it’s current iteration. Relieved and quite happy to see a Jedi Master that Palpatine hadn’t managed to capture or kill they immediately recruited her, learning everything she had to teach them. Eventually Charlotte broke away from the main Alliance and started her own Cell named Helios Battalion. Deciding to retire the use of her lightsaber for a more undercover approach, the woman who was now in her early thirties adopted the role of General and Infantry Leader, keeping her force sensitivity and lightsaber training for emergency measures only. 

Helios Battalion became something of a myth among the Stormtroopers of Coruscant. No one could ever tie any attack or any sabotage to their group. Charlotte’s strict guidelines and harsh training regimen were a close secret that only those accepted into her ranks knew about. While she still considered herself Jedi, the woman hated herself for the rage and bitterness she felt toward Darth Zulenka. It was quite the surprise when after spending two years in the Omniverse the same woman she had spent four long and grueling years hunting in the Old Republic arrived on her doorstep and enlisted with the Imperial Military. Charlotte vowed to have her revenge, but experience and age had taught her patience.

General La Varet and Major Zulenka would meet one day, but not yet.

[Image: General-La-Varet-Helios-Roster-Image.png]

Secondary I: Luna [Deceased]


[Image: Z93ocvn.jpg]

Secondary Information

Luna's life is shrouded in mystery. She is a cyborg manufactured for cybernetic and digital assault. She is a member of the underground and has no traceable identity besides those she introduces herself to. Nova secretly saved her life from Imperial destruction. Since then she has been assisting November in any way possible. They have since become good friends. Luna is a shadow. You may think you see her, but once you blink...she has all but evaporated into the forest of steel and technology that is Coruscant. She is about six feet tall and is usually shrouded in her signature crimson cloak. She has dirty blonde hair with blood red eyes; her cybernetics give off a pink glow from the energy cells that power her mechanical limbs. She wields a standard issue Imperial Arms blaster and is moderately skilled at hand to hand combat.

Luna was killed thinking that she was helping the perceived-to-be innocent Bardan Jaxx. She was wrong. He left her to die at the hands of Stormtroopers on the lower sections of Tier 3 on Coruscant. Luna was instrumental in finding and rescuing the original body of November Terra who had been a victim of an unauthorized cloning operation to create super soldiers. She was an unparalleled hacker and successfully penetrated the Imperial Intelligence secure network to gain access to files pertaining to Terra's life and creation. This ultimately led to dissention in Special Forces Squad 72 and finally it's dissolution and demotion of both November Terra and Beatrix Zulenka. She took many secrets to the grave with her; including being the only other person besides Jaxx to know where Trixie truly was during her sudden absence from Coruscant. 

Secondary II: Major Bardan Jaxx [Deceased]

-------Bardan Jaxx-------


[Image: vauQrBa.jpg]

Secondary Information

Major Bardan Jaxx - 9th Ranger Battalion

Jaxx started his military career helping the Empire with the war against Diablo. Back then he was only a Second Lieutenant, having just graduated from Imperial ROTC. At the wars end and having been a veteran of the Battle for Coruscant he was promoted to Captain and given more responsibility for ensuring the 9th's victory in battle. Jaxx is a military man through and through. He is loyal to his friends and tremendously experienced in combat. For a short time, he was a romantic interest of November Terra, but it didn't last long. They dated briefly before Nova joined the 72nd. Even though their romance didn't work out they maintained a working friendship and she went on to save the lives of him and his soldiers many times. Jaxx is a strict officer and a hard worker. He lives to a schedule and is rarely late to anything. He has passed on several attempted promotions to Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel respectively, favoring his rank as Major and the part he plays in spearheading assaults with his fellow Rangers on the ground. This has earned him a great deal of respect among his fellow comrades and his fellow officers. He is the oldest living member of the 9th Ranger Battalion and the most experienced. Jaxx uses a modified DC-15A Blaster Rifle as his weapon of choice though he is trained to use a wide array of weapons. Jaxx was killed at the hands of Beatrix Zulenka inside Cuatro Prison on Tier 4. He is responsible for countless Stormtrooper deaths and the murder of Luna, a close ally of Trixie's. His body was fed to the Rancors and his name will go down in infamy among Imperial soldiers. 

Secondary III: Fiona, Goddess of the Mountain [Deceased]

[Image: 0RYuBil.jpg]

Secondary Information

**Currently Spiritually Entombed Within Trixie's Body**
**Gifted Regeneration to Hostess. Status Unknown**
**Presumed Dead**

A promiscuous and energetic woman, Fiona is a demon of many talents. Now a renegade taking bounty contracts from the various lords that preside over the Underverse, Fiona wasn’t always an outcast. In the days before Diablo’s war with Camelot and the other verses she was a scout helping plan the Prime Evils deliberate and seemingly random attacks. However, as Camelot and the Empire began to grow more aware of Diablo’s presence her appearance as a succubus was beginning to get her into hot water. Fiona needed a body that would let her blend in wherever she went. Luckily she discovered her solution in the form of a gorgeous young Rangari marksman woman. Fiona ordered the woman captured and brutally sacrificed in her name giving the succubus the permanent appearance of the newly deceased bowmistress. Consuming her corpse gave Fiona the woman’s mannerisms and memories as well as a few new tricks with a bow in combat. As the war broke out and Tyrael began helping the verses combat Diablo, Fiona did her part in striking back but was trapped in the Underverse when it was sealed. The energy released during the sealing scrambled her memory, giving her only glimpses into what her past was. Ultimately stuck in the Underverse for eternity and badly damaged from the sealing of the verse from the rest of the Omniverse, Fiona was cast into one of the many mountain ranges where she regained her strength over time. A band of roaming slaves found her and with their superstitious ways believed her to be a Goddess of the Mountain. So they prayed for her to release them from their torment. She granted their wish and consumed each of their souls, slaying them all. Now donning herself Goddess of the Mountain, Fiona is a bounty hunter for hire and is unmatched in the use of a bow. The Goddess uses an ivory colored bow strung with an energy crystal bowstring. Her arrows are forged from her personal Omnilium supply when she pulls back on the bowstring in combat. Fiona needs to keep her persona as a goddess intact so she’s usually wearing a revealing silk dress that drapes over the front and back of her legs with the sides left exposed up to her thighs. Her brown hair extends past her shoulders and down to her butt and is usually left down instead of in a ponytail or bun.

Secondary IV: Sergeant Aisha Knudel

-------Sergeant Aisha Knudel-------

[Image: Aisha-Photo.jpg]

Secondary Information

Aisha Knudal is the medic and trained interrogator of the Special Forces Team under Major Zulenka. She is officially in Nova's Squad after their promotion, as she is the Senior Non-Com, but she reports directly to Trixie like the rest of them do. She started her career in the Stormtrooper Legion in the 7th Expeditionary Force under Judge Dredd. Showing promise in the area of interrogation and counter-intelligence she was hand picked by Dredd to undergo training as an Investigator, the non force related interrogation services of the Imperial Military. Serving for a few years extracting information from captives and war criminals she was Honorably Discharged and took a job in the Coruscant Police Department on Tier 2 as a Desk Sergeant. The pay was less than her time in the military, but it gave her more free time to live her life instead of deployment to deployment with the 7th. When Trixie returned to Coruscant, Aisha had been secretly looking into her sister, Luna's, activities. Encountering Nova for the first time in the ruins of the Sniper's former apartment they both discovered that Luna was nowhere to be found. Shortly after Trixie was reinstated into the military under Lieutenant Skleros of the 13th Legion, the trio of women began Operation Driving Force. Aisha volunteered her special talents towards extracting information about Rebel whereabouts in their attempt to find Bardan Jaxx and bring him to justice. When Luna's death was revealed by a rogue Stormtrooper who had been present during the assault on Jaxx's last known hideout, it crushed Aisha and she vowed to bring him to justice. Accepting her into the Special Forces her paperwork and military file was transferred from Dredd's office to Bianca, making her the only team member with extensive medical and interrogation training. 

Secondary V: Meredith


[Image: 9htMX4v.jpg]

A complete cybernetic rebuild of a human built by Veronica. Contains the entire downloaded memory files of Luna. Currently, Meredith is the acting Captain of the Venator-Class Star Destroyer, Sulaco docked on Tier 1 of Coruscant. She runs the day to day operations while Veronica, newly installed into the ships lower level runs everything else along with the compliment of HK Units.  

Secondary VI: Colonel Bianca Skleros

-------Colonel Bianca Skleros-------

13th Legion Commanding Officer

[Image: BiancaSkleros.png]

Colonel Skleros is a rare woman indeed. She is an Alpha Class Advanced ReCon Commando Clone Trooper who inadvertently ended up female. For all intents and purposes she is a tool of war. She sits at the head of the 13th Legion, having taken over from Colonel Morrigan. She thinks for herself and is not afraid to alter a mission plan to better suit the outcome. Baptized in the fire of war against Diablo, she has been given permanent youth due to the medical breakthroughs Dr. Gero and his team have been making. She is Trixie's Commanding Officer and point of contact for the Legion and the rest of the Imperial Army outside of the Special Forces. Recent events have seen her promoted to Colonel and given full control of several divisions. 

Secondary VII: Sergeant Major Chun Li

-------Sergeant Major Chun Li-------

Master-at-Arms, 10th Imperial Expeditionary Force

 [Image: SGTMAJChunLi.png]

Chun Li is a venerable grand master at hand to hand combat. She is smart, cunning, and beautiful. Her commanding officers in the 10th Expeditionary Force relied on the young martial arts master for nearly everything. She is a natural combat leader and a charismatic, gregarious person off the battlefield. Starting in the 3rd Ranger Corps as a Sergeant straight out of basic training, Chun Li helped lead her squad to numerous victories during the war with Diablo and kept many of her soldiers safe in defeat. Originally hailing from Camelot as a Master-at-Arms for one of Aragorn's Liege Lords, she was disillusioned with his ideals. Moving to Coruscant brought her glory, money, and most importantly, people who respected her brutal ability in hand-to-hand. When the 13th Legion was transferred to the Sulaco on Tier 1 with Trixie and her Special Forces team, Bianca, who had been a close friend of Li for some time, requested that she come oversee troop training and base life on-board the Venator Star Destroyer. One of Li's important roles is to keep the Special Forces team sharp and well trained as their personal Drill Sergeant. 

Secondary VIII: Jedi Master Aurora Morvant [Banished]

-------Jedi Master Aurora Morvant-------

Rebel General - Exiled Jedi - Wanted

[Image: Auora-Morvant.jpg]

Aurora Morvant is a known terrorist and rebel conspirator. Most Jedi hide their identities and mask their presence to live comfortable among the citizens of Coruscant, but some turn to helping the Rebellion and using their abilities to further the cause. Jedi Master Morvant was one such as that. A highly talented Jedi Consular, her force abilities were unrivaled. Quickly becoming a General she formed her own sect of the Rebel Underground and began striking back at Imperial forces throughout the lower Tiers. She has ties to many of the Underworld gangs of Coruscant, including West Side. During an operation to sabotage an Imperial Outpost on Tier 4 she was apprehended, her squad murdered, and imprisoned in Cuatro Prison on Tier 3. Among her squad was Jedi General Praxida Skleros, a Knight among her fellow Jedi, and Morvant's student and secret lover. When Trixie and Seventeen broke into Cuatro Prison to put down the riot that had started there they came across the disgruntled Master wearing stolen armor. Diablo had ordered Morvant's banishment, for what Trixie assumed, was because he was going to turn her into another asset. Trixie and Seventeen successfully put down the riot and Morvant was banished to the Underverse where her status is unknown.   

Secondary IX: Jedi General Praxida Skleros [Deceased]

-------Jedi General Praxida Skleros-------

Estranged Sister - Jedi Knight - Rebel General

[Image: Jedi-General-Praxida-Skleros.jpg]

ARC Trooper #54245, also known as, Praxida Skleros. The elder sister of Bianca and the only other female Clone Trooper in known existence. Formerly an Advanced ReCon Commando in the 9th Rangers under Bardan Jaxx. Praxida served with honor and distinction during the Diablo War, fighting alongside 2nd Lieutenant Jaxx just as the conflict broke out. When the Empire was defeated she was cut off from her squad and despite her accomplishments was left behind, thought to be dead, on the lower Tiers of Coruscant. Praxida took this to heart. Feeling betrayed she vowed to get her revenge on the soldiers who left her to die. In reality the ones who fled, leaving her to be cut off by attacking demons were all slaughtered. No one gave the order to leave her behind. Troop morale and cowardice led to those craven circumstances. After the war concluded she was Dishonorably Discharge for assaulting an Officer. Leaving her life on Tier 3 behind she fled into the bowels of the city and began her life among the gangs. Over time, in response to a need, her Force powers began to develop which eventually led to her being picked up and trained by Jedi Master Aurora Morvant. Morvant recruited the young human to the Rebel cause and took her under her tutelage. Over time the two became close and fell in love, becoming lovers. When Operation Doorkicker failed and Master Morvant was imprisoned, Praxida fled back down to Tier 7 to recuperate and regroup. It is there where she learned about Trixie Zulenka and the Imperial quelling of Cuatro Prison. Through old contacts the injured Jedi confirmed her fear that her lover and teacher had been banished. Determined to have her revenge, the Jedi Knight began planning with her Rebel contacts for the perfect opportunity to take Trixie down. Her day would come. 

Despite her best efforts, including causing significant casualties to the 13th Legion and various other Imperial Personnel, Jedi General Skleros perished to Captain Zulenka, who physically removed her trachea. 

Secondary X: Captain Annabelle Terra

-------Captain Annabelle November Terra-------

[Image: Annabelle-Roster-1.png]

[Image: Imperial.png]

[Image: Captain.png]

Omniverse Information

Age: 28
Bloodline: Human Genome
Father & Mother: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Temperament: Focused, Dependable, Introverted, Quiet

Advanced Information

Imperial Rank: Captain
Military Role: Sortie Pilot - 8th Carrier Battle Group - Vasty Deeps
Combat Classification: Air Superiority Combat Pilot
Combat Style: Aggressive while flying - Careful on the ground
Combat Disadvantages: Not trained for Infantry Combat.
Situational Strengths: Problem Solving; Analytical Thinking; Quick Reflexes, High G Tolerance
Situational Disadvantages: Adrenaline Junkie, Pushes equipment to limit


Imperial VF-1 Valkyrie Air Superiority Fighter

[Image: Annabelle-Jet-Two.png]

In Year 5 following the defeat at Coruscant Imperial High Command realized that it needed a fighter that was extremely high performance and capable of securing large sections of air space with a better than 75% success rate. Thus began the long and arduous process of developing the VF-1 Valkyrie. A high ranking admiral, having been pulled from a universe where space fighters had been employed against an alien threat, suggested that he and a team of researchers begin drawing up plans for a new type of aircraft that the Empire hadn't seen before. Plans were laid down by Year 6 and in Year 7 the first prototypes had rolled off the assembly line. What they produced was an extremely fast and highly maneuverable fighter with the versatility of a multi-role vehicle. Various load outs can be applied to the VF-1 from different engines, guns, missiles, bombs, and rockets, sensors, radar. Whatever role the situation calls for the VF-1 is capable of being shaped to meet it. 

Annabelle's Fighter Specifications

Banshee Squadron Emblem
A side profile of the VF-1 flying at full throttle with a
white fog trail coming from it's body. Further down the trail
the fog turns into a wailing banshee figure with black
tears running down her face.

Callsign: Banshee One
Model: VF-1 Valkyrie
Outfit Type: Air Superiority
Top Speed: Mach 2.5
Afterburner Speed: Mach 3.5
Load-out: 6 AIM-120 AMRAAM Missiles, 4 AIM-9 Sidewinders, 20mm Vulcan Gun

Imperial Flight Suit

[Image: Annabelle-Flightsuit.png]

Standard issue to all flight personnel. Annabelle's rank is pinned on the collar of the uniform. While this suit would provide very little protection against small arms fire, it protects against numerous hazard environments and the extreme gravity forces a pilot might experience whilst flying the VF-1. The helmet's HUD connects to the computer in the cockpit of the Valkyrie and projects a virtual display for the pilot to use. Features include tracking assist, targeting assist, menu navigation, integrated and back up communications. The oxygen supply lasts for 10 minutes in a vacuum, possibly longer in atmosphere where the miniature scrubber inside the chest unit can use available atmosphere to provide breathable air.

History on Record with Imperial Command

Born as the twin sister of November Terra, their mother named them according to the other’s middle name. A highly militaristic family, this was supposed to bring the two girls closer to one another. In reality, while Nova was bubbly and energetic, Annabelle preferred spending time alone or satisfying her adrenaline addiction stealing and piloting hovercraft at extreme speeds. Going against the grain became something that Anna would constantly be known for. As a child she fought with the students at her school, even her less combat oriented sister. You’d begin to wonder if the rambunctious child even loved her twin. Annabelle did though. She just didn’t know how to express it. It wasn't until they were both in their late teens and going through boot camp did they form a sisterly bond. Nova lacked the popularity she had in high school and could not make friends with any of her squad mates. While she was an excellent marksman, she fell short on most everything else. Annabelle did her best, but when their assignments came down from Command the two never spoke again. Her sister had become a Black Ops Sniper and vanished from existence. Annabelle was assigned as an Air Superiority Fighter and shipped to Flight School. It broke her heart. You could argue that the moment they were split changed Annabelle into the woman she is today. 

Flight School was rough, but the young woman enjoyed every minute of it. She excelled behind the controls of a multi-million dollar machine capable of breaking the sound barrier. Before long Annabelle was top in her class and acing every test they gave her. Upon graduating Anna immediately sought out her sister, but could not locate her. Assuming the worst she maintained her maintained her Lieutenant rank, unable to climb any higher. That is until that fateful day her sister summoned her into the Omniverse as one of her Secondaries. During the war with Diablo the Empire needed Ace Pilots to keep the aerial demons at bay and to support ground forces. Nova summoned her sister, knowing she’d be able to excel. This began a very long tenure with Imperial Squadron Command. Annabelle was assigned to the ace squadron Delta V and shipped all over Imperial controlled territory with her TIE Interceptor friends. Even after Diablo had been banished the two sisters maintained a professional and familial relationship. Settling into her new life, Annabelle transferred out of the Interceptor Squadron and upon being promoted to Captain was assigned to the 8th Carrier Battle Group, Banshee Squadron, that helped patrol the Vasty Deep. She’s been out there to this day flying sorties for the Empire and building on her skills as an air superiority fighter pilot.


Secondary XI: ISS Angelica Amoroso -- AKA: Calypso

-------Angelica Amoroso-------

--Imperial Security Specialist--


[Image: Calypso.png]


[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
[First Prime to Escape the Underverse]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

[Image: Thirteenth-Legion-Emblem-with-Lettering-Small.png]

13th Clone Trooper Legion, Imperial Military, Coruscant Defense Forces

Legion Commanding Officer: Colonel Bianca Skleros

Battalion Commanding Officers:

1st Battalion: Colonel Bianca Skleros
2nd Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Silvis
3rd Battalion: Major Faroda
4th Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Foehammer
5th Battalion: Colonel Siege
6th Battalion: Major Summers

Legion Troop Count Chart

Infantry Company - 150 Soldiers
ARC Trooper Squad - 8 Soldiers
ARC Trooper Platoon - 15 Soldiers
Armored Company - 50 Soldiers, 4 Vehicles
Scout Company - 2 or 3 Fast Vehicles
Attack Squadron - 10 Fighters and 4 or 5 Interceptors
Bombing Run - 7 Bombers, 4 Interceptors, 4 Fighters


    Clone Infantry

[Image: Clone-Infantry-Roster-Image.png]

The bulk and mainstay of the 13th Legion. The regular tank bred clone troopers are highly loyal and extensively trained in combat tactics and field strategy. They are generally wearing the white Phase I armor, but depending on the rank of the Clone you're talking to you might see several different colors. It depends on the needs of the organization as a whole and what operation the soldiers are currently deployed on. All units have a Sergeant that leads them, while there might be one Lieutenant or Captain ranked trooper among groups of squads or platoons. They wield Imperial Issue DC-15 Blaster Rifles, an assortment of gear depending on their role, and are built to tackle a variety of situations. Just like any standing army you have specialists, MG Squads, medical personnel, radio operators, engineers, explosive ordinance specialists, anti-vehicle specialists etc. etc. 

List of Clone Infantry Companies (Uniform for all 6 Battalions)


Advanced ReCon Commandos

[Image: ARC-Trooper-Roster-Image.png]

The ARC Troopers are the best of the best that Clone Trooper technology has to offer. Each battalion has one company of ARC Troopers to serve their needs. They are elite special forces units that work in squads or platoons to accomplish mission critical objectives where sending entire companies of Clone Infantry would be inefficient. They are strong willed and do not blindly obey the orders given to them unlike their Infantry brethren. They respect the chain of command, but freely speak their mind and give their opinions even if not requested of them. ARC Troopers are more capable, stronger, faster, and able to think for themselves on a much broader scale than your average Clone Trooper. In battle or among the barracks you'll notice ARC Troopers like to customize their armor or modify their equipment to suit their needs. They're very much Mandalorian like the genetic data they're based from. Captain Zulenka is the Commanding Officer of Easy Company, 1st Battalion, of the 13th Legion. While she leads her own band of troops into battle, her day to day paperwork and operations on base involve coordination with the other ARC Trooper teams deploying from the Sulaco. Sergeant Major Chun Li takes over this role when Captain Zulenka is deployed or otherwise unable to do her duty. 

List of ARC Trooper Companies

Easy (1st Battalion)
Hotel (2nd Battalion)
Juliet (3rd Battalion)
Kilo (4th Battalion)
Whiskey (5th Battalion)
Tango (6th Battalion)

4th Armored Division

Commanding Officer: Major Caine

[Image: AT-ST-Roster-Image.png]

The 4th Armored Division is the assigned Armor Corps that support the Thirteenth. While the whole Division is not at the beck and call of Colonel Skleros, two armored regiments and one scouting party have been parked inside the Sulaco for deployment as needed. The mainstay of the Empire are it's walkers and anti-personnel units. If the need for an armored presence on the ground is required the 13th has sufficient capacity to respond with the ability to call in for reinforcements if required. 

List of Granted 4th Armored Division Units

3rd Armored Regiment (Tanks and AT-AT)
5th Armored Regiment (Tanks and AT-ST)
17th Scouting Battalion (AT-ST)

7th Naval Squadron

Sqaudron Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Sidewinder

[Image: TIE-Bomber.png]  [Image: TIE-Fighter.png]  [Image: Interceptor-Roster-Image.png]

Air Support is very important to infantry attack plans. Close Air Support, Aerial Bombardment, Bombing Runs, and everything in between to support the troops on the ground is available from the 7th Naval Squadron housed inside the Sulaco's numerous hangars. The main hangar houses the LAAT transports for troop deployment, however the rear secondary hangar and ship length bow hangar contain all of the TIE Fighters, Bombers, and Interceptors on loan from the 7th Naval Squadron. 

Banshee Squadron (Interceptors)
Bone Squadron (Bombers)
67th TIE Squadron (Fighters)
68th TIE Squadron (Fighters)

Troop Deployment

Low Altitude Aerial Transport 


[Image: LAAT.jpg]

All troop deployment done in the 13th is done with the extremely versatile Low Altitude Aerial Transport or LAAT. There are numerous versions of this craft available for every role the Legion has. A twin pilot heavily armed craft it takes about 3 or 4 fully loaded LAAT's to deploy one company of Clone Troopers. There are versions without troop compartments that can carry armored vehicles to the battlefield quickly and effectively allowing them to be deployed in unison with infantry. It doesn't matter what the operation or who is going this is the craft of choice for the 13th Legion. They are housed in the main hangar and assembly area where engineers and mechanics keep them in top running shape. They can either exit from the bow hangar door or from the port or starboard hangars. 
[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
[First Prime to Escape the Underverse]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

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