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Kakashi Hatake

Name: Kakashi Hatake
Source: Naruto
Spent OM: 31550
Consumed OM: (450); White Light Chakra Saber (150), Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)

Proficiencies: (4600); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Area Defense Proficiency (400), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000)

Powers: (12400/16000); Burst Movement (800), Super Jumping [Basic] (300), Master Acrobat (400), Shapeshifting (1400), Mimic (2800), Enhanced Senses [Basic] (1400), Insight (1600), Foresight (1500), Stealth (1200), Suppression (1000)

Moves: (3900); White Light Chakra Saber (300), Shuriken (300), Kunai (600), Shadow Clone Technique (600 OM), Explosive Tag (300), Explosive Kunai (300), Rasengan (300), Smoke Bomb (300), Earth Release: Moving Earth Core (600), Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall (300)

Super Moves: (1200); Raikiri (Tier 1 Offensive Super Move, 600), Mangekyō Sharingan: Kamui (Tier 1 Defensive Super Move, 600)

Transformations: (1000); Kaimon: Gate of Opening (Tier 1 Power-Up, 1000)

Assists: (0);

Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device

Artefacts: None

Bases: (0);

Unlocks: (8000); Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000), Tier 2 Powers Cap (3000), Stat Increase I [TEC] (1000), Stat Increase II [DEF] (2000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3 (5)
DEF: 2 (3)
SPD: 3 (4)
TEC: 4 (5)
[Image: mokugakure.png]
[Image: iVYCKow.jpg] 
[Image: HeroesGraveyard.png]


[Image: iEYjN4t.png]
Name: Kakashi Hatake
Age: Mid-twenties
Hair Color: Silver/gray
Eye Color: Dark gray (right), red with three black tomoe encircling pupil (left)
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 67.5 kg

Kakashi has a very lax demeanor, appearing apathetic or even lazy to those he meets. His expression (or what can be seen of it) is commonly one of boredom or complete lack of enthusiasm. He speaks with a very calm and unattached tone, bordering on stoicism and is not known to mince words, preferring to speak bluntly and to-the-point about a subject. He has a very long fuse, only showing emotion when he is pushed to an extreme. In line with his unattached demeanor, he is very humble about his abilities and is quick to point out where others excel while minimizing his own accomplishments. Those that know him well speculate that this is likely how he has adapted to his 'prodigy' status; by avoiding attention entirely.

Fighting Style
Kakashi's personalty has a large influence over his fighting style. His naturally calm disposition allows him to keep a cool head under pressure and attempt to out-wit his opponent. Before engaging in full-on combat, he often gathers information on his foes, whether this be through visual analysis aided by his Sharingan, or through deceiving opponents with clones to determine how their attacks operate. Whenever possible he prefers to keep a medium distance, modifying this only to counter his opponent's style (I.e. staying close if the opponent is adept at long-range fighting, staying back if they are a brawler). As he wears only light armor, he uses his speed and keen senses to avoid attacks rather than block them, coming in close for quick blows or destructive jutsu when needed. Should his foe attack with a melee weapon, he keeps a chokuto slung over his back. Though typically calm in combat, if provoked (death of a loved one, etc.) he is prone to merciless rage.

Pre-Omniverse History
Kakashi was a prodigy from a young age, which came as no surprise by the citizens of Konoha. Son of the famed 'White Fang', Sakumo Hatake, he excelled in every aspect of his ninja training. After Sakumo took his own life after disgracing his village, Kakashi vowed to live his life strictly by the ninja code. He would go on to graduating the ninja academy at age 5, quickly climbing to the exalted rank of Jōnin at just 9 years of age.

During the Third Great Ninja War he would be tasked, along with his teammates Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha, with the destruction of Kannabi Bridge in an attempt to garner an advantage for his village. It was during this mission that he witnessed Obito's death following an altercation with Hidden Stone shinobi that resulted in a cave-in, trapping the boy beneath the rubble. Before he could succumb to his injuries, Obito instructed Rin to give his left eye to Kakashi, who had lost the use of his from an attack earlier in the mission. As such, the power of his Sharingan was passed to Kakashi, with the promise that he would protect Rin with his life.

Sadly, the promise would not go unbroken. Before the war could end Kakashi would witness the death of yet another teammate, this time at his own hand. After an attempt by the Hidden Mist village to make Rin into a living weapon by trapping a tailed beast in her body, she leapt into the path of Kakashi's attack, sacrificing herself for the safety of her village. This loss of his closest friend had profound effect on Kakashi, awakening his Mangekyō Sharingan and driving him into a deep depression.

In an effort to ease some of the pain that his subordinate felt and to better keep watch over him, Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, assigned Kakashi to the Anbu. He would work for his former sensei as a bodyguard and elite covert operative. He worked hard during his time in Anbu, earning a reputation as ruthless and cold-hearted due to the pain his still felt over killing Rin. His expertise and experience would lead him to become a Captain and leader of team Ro, reporting directly to the Hokage. Following the Uchiha incident, the now-incumbent Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi began to wonder if it would be a better choice to remove Kakashi from his duties. The then-Captain still harbored a sea of negativity, and the Third Hokage wondered if his current assignments would only magnify these feelings, seeing parallels between Kakashi and the Uchiha betrayer.

Before the decision could be made official, Team Ro was tasked with traveling to the Land of Grass to investigate rumors of a gang of mercenary shinobi possibly crossing into the Land of Fire. No sooner had the group left the village gates, Kakashi's teammates seemed to mysteriously vanish...

White Light Chakra Saber (Physical Strength)
[Image: ABITo4H.jpg]
A chokutō-style sword forged from a (since broken) tantō passed down to Kakashi from his father Sakumo, widely known as the White Fang of the Hidden Leaf. The blade itself measures approximately 40 cm, with the entire sword being at about 70 cm. The sabre is guardless and composed of a special alloy (colloquially known as 'Chakra metal") that absorbs the chakra of the user and channels it outward, emitting a streak of white light (a 'fang') when it is swung. This projects a few inches before fizzling out seconds later, serving to give it a bit more punch than your everyday sword. Kakashi keeps this in a sheath between his shoulder blades.

Shuriken (Ranged Proficiency)
[Image: 320px-Multiple_Phantom_Shuriken_1.PNG]
Simple, sharpened metal throwing weapons used for long-range attacking. Kakashi utilizes hira-shuriken specifically, also known as 'ninja stars' or simply 'throwing stars'. He keeps a large number of these in pouches on his belt and can throw a few of them at a time to inflict damage. Unless they strike bare flesh, they do not do very much damage and even still would require a few of them to hit to do any serious damage. That being said, a large number of them can prove deadly to a defenseless foe. As killing a foe with dozens of shuriken is not often practical, Kakashi typically uses these instead to 'herd' his prey in the direction needed before striking with stronger attacks.

Kunai (Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency)

[Image: latest?cb=20110417100910]
A steel dagger approximately the length of one's hand typically used for thrusting and stabbing. Kakashi favors these for their utility as well as the fact that they are disposable in combat. Though not designed for it, they can also be thrown with relatively decent accuracy to inflict puncture damage on a foe. As they are heavier and larger, they are somewhat slower and less accurate to throw than shuriken but have the capacity to deal more damage. Also owing to their larger size Kakashi cannot keep as many in his relatively minimal storage, only around a dozen or so after which he needs time to summon more if he cannot reclaim them from the environment.

Shadow Clone Technique (Remote Control Proficiency)

[Image: IaRhOo.gif]
By concentrating one's chakra, this technique allows the user to create corporeal duplicates of their body. The clones are created immediately in the caster's vicinity and are nearly indistinguishable from the original; only those with heightened senses (TEC equal to or greater than the caster) being able to see through the ruse. These copies carry out the user's wishes, attacking his foe before being dispelled a short time later, disappearing in a puff of smoke. Shadow clones can strike with force similar to the caster, with exceptions. Though they are capable of mimicking the caster's techniques, these are little more than illusions and do not damage opponents. As such, this technique is not so much used to overpower an enemy as it is to confuse an enemy and allow an opening to strike. This attack divides the user's chakra equally among all clones and the user, and as such no more than a handful can be summoned at a time (capped at 5, though not normally more than 3) without draining the user's reserves significantly.

Explosive Tag (Area Attack Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency)
[Image: 320?cb=20150529135157]
Also known as a paper bomb, it functions as the name would suggest. A slip of paper around 7 x 15 cm, it is inscribed with special seals and infused with chakra. After adhering the tag to an object (rock, tree, the ground, a person), the tag may be detonated by a special hand seal. If the tag is removed before the seal can be performed, the bomb is 'defused' and cannot be detonated. As one would expect from an explosive, it deals a large amount of splash damage to those within its area of effect (~3 meters) as well as knocking them back. Readying the tag takes a few seconds of uninterrupted concentration, as does detonating it. No more than 3 can be placed at a time. With these restrictions in mind, it is not often practical to place them in the heat of battle unless it can be done surreptitiously.

Explosive Kunai (Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency)
[Image: Explosive_Kunai.jpg]
A combination of the explosive tag and kunai, this allows the user to fling a kunai that can then be detonated remotely. This removes the issue of kiting the enemy toward the explosive, though creating the device takes a bit longer than a simple tag. The entire assembly process takes around 5 seconds uninterrupted, after which the kunai can be hurled and detonated at the user's leisure. The detonation is much the same as a normal tag, as is the method of defusing. Simply severing the wire tying the tag to the blade is enough to render it inert. No more than 3 can be placed at a time.

Smoke Bomb (Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency)
[Image: latest?cb=20120424072802]

One of the most basic tools of a ninja’s arsenal, these useful items are slightly larger than a golf ball, though weigh about half as much. They are composed of a mixture of various compounds primed with chakra and wrapped in paper. When thrown, they detonate upon contact with anything solid, releasing a plume of smoke (various colors are possible, usually a dull gray or brown) covering an area with a diameter of roughly 3 meters, inflicting a blind and mild respiratory irritation on those contained within (those with Enhanced Senses negate the former effect). The smokescreen persists for about a minute, though those caught within the smoke may simply choose to exit the affected area, suffering no lasting effects. While typically used in close-quarters combat or dropped at the feet of the user, Kakashi can throw these relatively far, able to hit things within around 50 feet of himself accurately. If he throws these while moving, the effective range falls to around 20 feet and while they don’t require concentration, his throws will be much sloppier if he were to be under fire. These can be used with other moves, though anything that requires precision aim such as shuriken will not be as accurate if thrown simultaneously. At any given time he can carry around a half dozen of these on his person due to relatively minimal storage. More than one can be thrown at a time (max of two), though this is rarely performed as it eats through his small supply.

Rasengan (Physical Strength)
[Image: K3VUIyW.gif]
Being a student of Minato Namikaze’s since he was a youth, Kakashi has learned to utilize the Kage’s signature technique: the Rasengan. By concentrating for a few seconds and focusing chakra into his palm, Kakashi can create the characteristic softball-sized orb of swirling sky blue chakra. After it’s creation, the shinobi strikes his foe with the orb, driving the spiraling sphere forward to deal blunt trauma. This is a moderately damaging technique, being slightly more damaging than a haymaker and causing most enemies to be thrust backward several feet as the spiraling energies dissipate. Since he has not mastered this technique he is only able to form a single one at a time and cannot use more than three or so in a row before wiping himself out. Similarly, his grasp on the technique is not on par with his master’s, with the orb collapsing upon itself if no foe is struck within around 30 seconds. Kakashi can move and use attacks like his Kunai and Shuriken while this technique is in use, but his more chakra-hungry moves are rendered unusable.

Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall (Ranged Materialize, Area Shield Proficiency)
[Image: kakashis-mud-wall-technique1.jpg]
Channeling his chakra and performing the requisite hand seals over a span of around 2 seconds, Kakashi slaps both hands on the ground, causing the earth before him to spring up (over the course of around a second) and serve as a barrier to attacks. The wall created is adorn with images of a bulldog, being roughly a foot thick, 15 feet high and around 10 feet in length, reinforced with chakra to be slightly less sturdy than concrete. Kakashi may also choose to cast this farther away from himself within his line of sight, though this takes a few seconds longer and is somewhat more draining. While this can be performed in rapid succession to create a series of barriers, doing so is exponentially more taxing and rarely performed. During the few seconds of cast time Kakashi cannot use other moves or move from his location, though once created the walls are independent of his will, allowing him to move and attack as normal. The walls cannot be reinforced with more chakra and must be re-created to restore functionality. After taking enough damage or after several minutes, the walls will crumble to dust.

Earth Release: Moving Earth Core (Ranged Materialize, Area Attack Proficiency)

After performing a quick set of hand seals (~1 second), Kakashi falls to a crouch and slaps his hand on the ground, generating a wave of white energy that spreads from the point of contact across the ground at the speed of an arrow. Upon reaching the selected location, a section of earth roughly 10x10 feet is moved either rapidly downward or rapidly upward, creating a hole/dirt pile 10 feet deep/high. While the sudden movement of the earth can be somewhat jarring, it does not cause any harm or debuff to the foe other than the minor annoyance of needing to be climbed out of or stepped around. The generated dirt pile is very loose and fragile, making it useless as a shield. This manipulation takes around a second to generate the hole/pile upon the chakra wave reaching the chosen point. The location chosen must be within the range of Kakashi’s Enhanced Senses and this requires him to keep concentration while channeling his chakra, disallowing other moves or moving around. While not overly taxing, using this jutsu in rapid succession would drain him dry within moments.

Raikiri (Tier-1 Offensive Super Move; Physical Strength)
[Image: latest?cb=20110920125452]
Raikiri, also known as the Lightning Cutter, is an enhanced and perfected form of Kakashi's original technique, Chidori. Kakashi executes this attack by standing motionless and channeling a large amount of lightning-aligned chakra into his palm; the sheer amount and density of which is enough to cause the energy to become visible to the naked eye. As the shinobi continues to channel chakra, an azure, luminescent orb is formed, crackling with electricity. After charging enough chakra (10-15 seconds), Kakashi then sprints forward at full speed and drives the strike into his opponent. This attack can prove devastating to unsuspecting foes if hit dead-on. Due to the large amount of chakra needed for this technique, Kakashi finds himself quite drained after using it and unable to use chakra-intensive moves again for a few moments. As the technique cannot be thrown or used at range, the user is left wide open to a counter attack if it is evaded or blocked. It is for this reason that this technique is most commonly used as a finisher.

Mangekyō Sharingan: Kamui (Tier-1 Defensive Super Move; Ranged Materialize Proficiency, Area Shield Proficiency)
[Image: 3714213-6217986618-kamui.gif]
[Image: LcgHrp.gif]
Utilizing the power of the Mangekyō Sharingan, Kakashi is capable of ripping a whole in space-time within his line of sight over the course of a few seconds, creating a rift into a pocket dimension unique to his Sharingan. The distortion created by this technique is roughly one meter in diameter, resembling a swirling mass of air being sucked into an unseen outlet. Ranged techniques that make contact with this rip are sucked into the dimension and cease to exist. Melee attackers that come into contact with the rift are buffeted by the chaotic force and staggered as it threatens to draw them in, causing the attack to fail. As Kakashi has little skill with this technique, the attackers are not truly drawn in and any discomfort sustained by contact with the rift subsides as the rift closes a few seconds later. Kakashi must remain stationary while this is in effect and it takes his full attention to maintain.

Kaimon: Gate of Opening (Tier 1 Power-Up)
After years of training and physical conditioning while among Konoha's Anbu, Kakashi has learned to control and manipulate the inner gates that regulate his chakra flow. As such, in times of desperation he is capable of opening the first gate, Kaimon: the Gate of Opening. Releasing this restriction allows him full use of his body's strength, a safeguard that is normally subconsciously regulated by his body to prevent damage to his muscle. Though this boosts his abilities to a supernatural level, the change cannot be maintained for long before accruing the aforementioned damage. While in this state, the user looks much the same as he does in a base state, except for a slight flushing of the skin and a nearly imperceptible haze near the surface of the skin as sweat begins to vaporize.

ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +1
TEC: +1
[Image: mokugakure.png]
[Image: iVYCKow.jpg] 
[Image: HeroesGraveyard.png]


[Image: tumblr_me7y1pbR6T1qhwxibo1_500.png]
Name: Ninken Pack; Clockwise from front-middle; Akino, Ūhei, Guruko, Bull, Pakkun, Urushi, Shiba, Biscuit
Status: Secondaries (summons)

Personal summons of Kakashi, residing in Mokugakure when not needed. Currently only used for story purposes; moves and assists will be purchased as necessary.

Ninken, also known as Ninja Hounds, are dogs bred specifically to be useful as companions for shinobi, whether it be in combat or recon. At some point in his childhood Kakashi signed a contract with the ninken, enabling him to summon these creatures whenever he sees fit. His pack consists of eight ninken of varying sizes and breeds, some more useful for certain tasks than others. The most frequently summoned of the pack is Pakkun, who serves as a 'leader' to the group working under the shinobi's orders.

During his tenure in Konoha, Kakashi often utilized the sensory powers of his ninken pack while on various missions. Upon arriving in the Omniverse, Kakashi realized that the summoning contract he had signed so many years ago had linked him with his pack, pulling the pups into the Omniverse with him.
[Image: mokugakure.png]
[Image: iVYCKow.jpg] 
[Image: HeroesGraveyard.png]


General stuff for writing with me:

- First and foremost, I'm very laid back and easy-going. If you have any questions or ideas for a thread or anything, DO NOT hesitate to PM me or grab me on Skype. I get emails when PMs come in and I usually have Skype open so I should get the message.

- I generally like to write interactions and fights between characters using the dialogue and actions of both characters. I.e., I try to get a handle on how the character works, acts or fights and then I write it up as if it were a scene from a TV show or movie.

- I typically write it from the perspective of my character (like I don't write what anyone else is thinking, etc.) and make actions and dialogue that will fit with how I feel the characters would act. That's what I'm most familiar with. If I can't get a good feel for the character, I'll ask the owner how they write the character. If however, you'd prefer to not 'share' characters and just post purely what your character does and prefer I do the same, please let me know. I won't be offended or anything, I just like to know before I start writing.

- I usually trust that others can write my character faithfully and I don't get wrapped up in little details, so I don't feel the need to request a pre-read of posts written by others. That being said if it's something you're more comfortable with, I can definitely send mine to you and vice versa. Not a big deal at all.

- Sometimes life can get hectic and I may deviate from posting schedules, other times I might be in a writing frenzy. I have no qualms at all with writing partners carrying on a thread if I haven't posted in a few days. Typically I'll PM if I have IRL issues keeping me from posting, but I don't like holding people up either. If I find that I'm waiting on someone for a week or more, I'll usually PM my partner and find out if I should keep posting.
[Image: mokugakure.png]
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