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Shay Cormac

Name: Shay Cormac
Spent OM: 9700
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000)
Powers (1400): Basic Enhanced Senses (1400)
Moves (2400): Sword and Dagger (300), Air Rifle and Grenade Launcher (600), Hidden Blade (300), Dual Flintlock Pistols (300), Rope Darts (300) Templar Longsword (600)
Super Moves (600): Sword of Eden (600)
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 3
[Image: tumblr_nabdyeE81m1qcy62fo1_500.gif]
"The air is still, and I am a hunter."

Character History

Shay Patrick Cormac was born to an Irish immigrant family sometime in 1731, in New York of the Thirteen Colonies. Only being able to be raised by his aunt, as a result of his mother's death at his childbirth, and his father's occupation as a marine, he mostly roamed the streets as a troublesome child only ever accompanied by his childhood friend Liam O'Brien.

During his teenage life, Shay joined his father at sea, practicing the art of swordsmanship and marksmanship, eventually getting to the point where he shot and took down an enemy pirate captain attacking his father's ship, saving it and it's crew from utmost certain disaster. Although he trained well, it couldn't prevent the tragic storm that took his father's life and the rest of his ship's crew in 1747. Upon hearing this information, Shay roamed the city streets of New York, lost and distressed. Liam once again stood up for Shay at this time by later on introducing Shay to the Assassin Brotherhood and Liam's mentor, Achilles Davenport.

Over the next few years, Shay worked long and hard for the Assassin cause of peace through freedom for the entire human race, devoting himself and his time to serve the Creed and it's three tenets. Although Shay fought with purpose and stride, over time he could not help to wonder about his mentor's strict control over him and his allies, as well as the motives of the Brotherhood and how they deal with the Templar Order, their sworn enemies, the two groups only differences being how they want to achieve their similar goals of peace. The Assassins wanted freedom, and the Templars wanted order, no middle ground, nothing in-between.

While on a mission in 1752 in the middle of the North Atlantic, Liam and Shay come across their ally Louis-Joseph Gaultier, Chevalier de la Verendrye while hunting for food, who was supposed to receive valuable cargo from his Assassin smuggler group, which were captured by a nearby Royal Navy crew. After a while of bickering between Chevalier and Shay, Liam breaks up their fights and goes off with Shay to infiltrate the smuggler's campsite and take over a British sloop-of-war ship named the Morrigan, to which Shay captained for himself from then onward.

After going back to the Colonial Assassin headquarters, the Davenport Homestead, he and his comrades met with Adewale, an Assassin of the Carribean Brotherhood, previously working as quartermaster for legendary Assassin and notorious pirate Edward Kenway. Upon Adewale's arrival, him and Achilles discussed the manner of the earthquake that struck down Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, a year prior to the meeting, while Shay and his accomplices Hope Jensen, Liam O'Brien, and Kasegowasse went through their routine Assassin training.

Following his training sessions, Shay went to Achilles, obtain a new mission to retrieve two First Civilization artifacts that were previously stolen by Templars, those being the Precursor Box and the Voynich Manuscript. Sailing to Chevalier and meeting the Assassin informant and spy Le Chasseur, Shay traveled to Mount Vernon, home of Templar Lawrence Washington, older brother of Redcoat George Washington at the time.

Infiltrating the mansion, Shay intercepted a package meant for the Templars, a prototype air rifle, which looked like a conventional musket, but instead of being fired with projectile based discharges, was used by locking compressed air. Testing his new weapon out for a bit, he then begins to hide among the crowd to listen in on a Templar meeting hosted by Lawrence Washington, joined by Templars Jack Weeks, Samuel Smith, and James Wardrop. Lawrence assigned both James and Samuel to guard the Precursor Box and Manuscript, but only just before they all left Lawrence's side, making him an easy target for Shay, whom assassinated the former, and escaped the mansion with Liam and the Morrigan, although Shay still had his doubts killing Lawrence, seeing he was already dying and helpless.

Using the information to his advantage, Shay sailed to Terra Nova, which Samuel Smith hid upon realizing Shay was giving chase to his schooner. While ashore, Shay quickly found Smith and assassinated him, acquiring the Precursor Box. Whilst in 1754, as conflicts grew among British and French forces, Shay went to Albany, New York to track down James Wardrop. After sneaking into the Albany Congress to which Benjamin Franklin and Templar William Johnson discussed the manner of politics and Franklin's lightning experiments, Shay found out the location of James Wardrop at Fort Fredrick, and upon infiltration, assassinated him and took the Manuscript from Wardrop's dying hands.

Having completed his mission with both artifacts, Hope and Shay went to the help of Benjamin Franklin to conduct his lightning-to-battery experiment on both the Precursor Box and the Manuscript, to which a holographic image of the globe appeared above the Box, highlighting the location a First Civilization Temple in Lisbon, Portugal on it's maps. Going back to the Davenport Homestead to dispatch the information to Achilles, he assigned Shay a mission to go to Lisbon, find the Temple, and retrieve the Piece of Eden located within, a powerful and mystical First Civilization artifact capable of giving any living thing who wields it superhuman ability and control.

While in Lisbon, Portugal, Shay went into the Carmo Convent, and solved a wide variety of puzzles using his Hidden Blade and Eagle Vison. As soon as all puzzles were solved, a hidden passageway opened at the back of the building, leading into the Temple. Going down, Shay was in wonder as all of this strange and unique architecture surrounded him, and at the very end, a star-shaped artifact suspended above a pedestal. Slowly, Shay grabbed it and put it out of it's place, but he was soon to find out it would all go downhill from there.

As quickly as he pulled the artifact from it's place, Shay felt the ground shake beneath him, and the Temple collapsing around him. Shay ran out of the Temple's passageway to already find huge chunks of the building being shaken off by the violent earthquake he believed himself to have caused. Running out of the building, Shay escaped Lisbon, but all he could hear and see was the terrifying screams of the city's inhabitants and buildings crumbling down every second. Finally jumping into the sea, Shay reached the Morrigan, and looking behind him, saw the horror that was Lisbon burned to the ground, in nothing more than ruins.

Shattered by this incident, Shay returned to Achilles in rage and hatred for his mentor and what Shay believed them to make him do, slaughtering thousands of innocent beings for nothing more than an artifact that did nothing but destroy when taken out of his place. Shay believed Achilles to have foreseen this outcome, as the same thing had happened when Adewale discussed the fall of Port-au-Prince, making his conflict even worse. As Hope and Liam escorted Shay out of the Homestead, Shay sat at a campfire for a couple of hours, obviously distraught by his actions, and the fact that his Assassin comrades shrugged it off as if it were no big deal.

Shay had had enough of this behavior. Sneaking into the Davenport Homestead at night, Shay went to the second floor and retrieved the Manuscript, before Achilles opens the door behind him. Trying to convince Achilles why Shay believed it had to be done was useless, as Achilles bashed Shay's body into a window, before attacking him once more, only to be countered by Shay, who had jumped out of the broken window, landing onto the snow below. Achilles screamed orders for the Assassins to catch him and retrieve the Manuscript, but Shay nimbly avoided gunshots, blades, and cannon fire constantly coming his way, whilst Hope, Liam and Kasegowasse went after him with no remorse.

Reaching the end of the icy island, the only option was jumping into the cold water below, which would have killed him anyways. Stopping dead in his tracks, Shay turned to face an entire Assassin Brotherhood standing against him, pointing their blades and guns. With that, he simply stated that with all the lives lost at Lisbon, one more wouldn't matter, before walking off to jump. Before he could make his own way into the water and bury the Manuscript at sea with him, Shay was shot in the back by Chevalier, making him fly into the dark water below.

Although he fully expected death to meet him, Shay found himself a couple weeks later waking up and being nursed back to health by the Finnegan family of New York. Their meeting didn't last too long, however, as their house at that moment in time was being attacked and robbed by gang members, to which Shay took care of with ease, even with all the bandages and wounds around him. Considering his clothes were lost and destroyed during the fall he took, Shay was offered by Barry and Cassady Finnegan their late-son's Templar uniform. Not caring much at all about the Assassins at this point, Shay took the clothes eagerly and donned them with pride.

As Barry and Cassady gave Shay his weapons, Shay interrogated a gang member, finding the location of their hideout, which was easy enough to find afterwards. Infiltrating the hideout of the goons wearing orange, Shay looked up at their flag to find out the terrorizing gang belonged to the Assassins, fueling Shay's feelings against the Assassins even more. Killing the gang member and burning the flag, Shay observed as British troops took over and liberated the hideout, taking all survivors Shay left as prisoner. Shortly after, while leaving the hideout of the Assassin gang, he met up with British Redcoat and Templar, General George Monro, who explained to Shay his motives and his relation to the Finnegan family, convincing Shay to work with him in his cause.

With the assistance of Shay, George Monro directed Shay to the public execution of his Templar ally, Christopher Gist. Stopping his excecution, Shay and Gist fight off the Assassin gang members, before Shay notices his ship, the Morrigan, far to the right of Fort Arsenal. As Shay went off to take his ship back, Gist promised to come back with a crew as thanks for saving his life. When the Assassin flag was off the Morrigan, Gist kept to his promise, bringing back a stable crew, before Shay agreed on Gist being the quartermaster from then on. The two then went to Albany to meet up with General Monro once more.

Joining Monro at the docks of Albany, Shay learned of a French fortress that was threatening to disrupt Monro's plans. After stealing supplies from a nearby French warehouse directed to Shay by Gist, Shay used these supplies to repair and upgrade the Morrigan. When the improvements to the vessel were made, Shay, Gist, and Monro sailed to the French fortress, taking it down with ease. Infiltrating the destroyed fort, Shay fought his way to the war room, finding Le Chasseur waiting for Shay's arrival. The two fought, Shay emerging victorious as Le Chasseur revealed the plans of his allies relating to the production of poisonous gasses.

After heading back to the city, Shay told Monro about this information, before Monro told Shay about a woman directing criminal acts around the city, and that Benjamin Franklin who was present in New York was making a prototype weapon. Monro then directed Shay to intercept the delivery. Upon arrival of Benjamin Franklin's house, Shay told Franklin that he was there to collect the prototype weapon, to which Franklin did not question, happily handing it over to him. The strange prototype was a grenade launcher Shay easily attached to his air rifle, to which he used shortly after to destroy an Assassin factory producing the poisonous gasses, stopping the Assassin's plans dead in their tracks.

Meeting Gist and Monro on top of a roof shortly after Shay made his escape from the destroyed factory, the three of them met with Jack Weeks and William Johnson, all of which congratulating Shay on his actions, all agreeing that Shay saved countless lives in New York. As the year passed, Shay worked with Gist and Monro, proving himself among the ranks of the Templars, convincing them both that Shay would be a truly worthy candidate for their Order.

In 1756, Shay opened a package and letter coming from George Monro. Inside the package, Shay found the Manuscript, and upon reading the letter, Shay learned that Monro had saved him and put Shay under the care of the Finnegans as a result of Monro's belief that Shay's defection for the Assassin Brotherhood. In the same letter, Shay also read that the Grand Master of the Colonial Rite had Monro attempt to decode the Manuscript, a task in which he had failed to do so, and Monro's dire situation at Fort William Henry, him and his troops being overwhelmed by French soldiers.

Sailing to Fort William Henry, Shay found Jack Weeks waiting for William Johnson's reinforcements at the dock, the latter to have never came. Shay's suspicions that Kasegowasse was involved in the alliance formed by his native tribesmen and the French troops was confirmed when Shay met with Monro and his squadron deeper into the island, both Shay and Monro being attacked by multiple Assassins while running to the Morrigan for safety. As the two boarded, Jack Weeks threw an explosive gunpowder barrel off into the docks where Kasegowasse took chase, before Shay shot it mid-air. As it exploded, Kasegowasse's face could be seen clearly scared from the blast, giving Shay ample time to escape.

After the rescue mission, Shay went back to Albany, finding the city becoming a battlefield of British soldiers against French and Assassins. Finding Kasegowasse in the town, Shay ran for him, before they fought in the middle of a fortress, Shay being able to injure him with fast firing and fast reloading Puckle guns, which were previously only attached to the Morrigan's hull. Shay, once again coming out on top, listened to Kasegowasse's last words, saying Monro was already dead. Upon hearing this, Shay ran to Monro's previous location, only to find his dying body in the middle of a burning household. As Shay carried Monro out, Shay had put Monro's body on the ground, his final words mentioning Liam taking the Manuscript, before he took off his Templar ring and gave it to Shay, and collapsing onto the ground beneath them both.

Quickly following this, Shay went to the Grand Master of the Colonial Rite to finally become an official Templar. The Grand Master, Haytham Kenway, son of Edward Kenway, held a Templar ceremony for Shay, accepting him into the order as Shay swore his oath to the Templar cause. Following the ceremony, Shay went outside to discuss with Haytham the Assassins plans, mentioning how they were trying to use the Precursor Sites for power among the Templars, and resulted in endangering innocent lives.

A while after, Shay set off to the North Atlantic to meet the Royal Navy captain James Cook, and after a bit of talking, allowed Shay to use his Man-O'-War ship, the HMS Penbroke, to intercept the plans of the French Navy. During the naval combat between Shay and the French captains, Adewale assisted the French ships with his own brig, the Experdo Crede. Taking on an overwhelming amount of firepower, Shay could not stop Adewale from escaping with his ship.

Making chase for Adewale and the Experdo Crede, Shay beached the Experdo Crede at the shore of River Valley, allowing Shay and Haytham to catch Adewale on land. While Haytham distracted Adewale, Shay took this time to sneak through the fort he was hiding in and assassinate Adewale once and for all. With his dying words, Adewale told Shay that Achilles already possessed the means to get to the Precursor Sites, and he was too late.

After this encounter, Shay went back to New York, spying on his former Assassin comrades, and hearing about their plans to replicate Benjamin Franklin's experiments on the Precursor Box. Shay then went to Jack Weeks to come up with a plan to stop this from happening, which was to disguise as one of the Assassins and get the British troops in the city to pay attention to the Assassin threat by causing lots of trouble in the area, accomplished by freeing multiple Assassin goons and looting various chests while taking down the British flag over one of their forts as Weeks made a distraction in the front. Escaping the area, Shay and Jack Weeks looked down to overhear a British captain ordering one of his troops for the immediate attention of the Assassin gangs.

Shortly after Shay and Weeks caused this commotion, Shay met up with Haytham, who was interrogating an Assassin gang member for the location of Hope's hideout. When the gangster finally muttered out the location, Haytham quickly killed him, before Shay joined him, travelling to Hope's mansion residing in the city. Climbing to the top of the mansion, Shay looked through the windows to see Liam and Hope already finishing the experiment, and Hope ordering Liam to take off with the Precursor Box and Manuscript with the new location of the Precursor Site. After Liam made his leave, Hope looked up into the air, and shot the window Shay was standing on top of, causing him to fall a long distance down, giving Hope enough time to gas the area and take away Shay's protective gas mask.

Escaping the mansion anyways, Shay chased Hope throughout the city, trying to stay active so the poison Hope previously injected into Shay's body wouldn't kill him. After a good couple minutes time of running and climbing, Shay caught up to Hope and made quick work with her, assassinating the woman quickly. Taking the antidote from her pocket, Shay drank it, curing him, as Hope revealed she was simply causing a diversion for Liam and Chevalier.

Once again sailing to the North Atlantic, Shay and Gist went to James Cook for the location of Chevalier, which he suspected might be residing in Anticosti island. When the two pinpointed Chevalier's exact location, they sailed into a snowstorm, as Chevalier himself used this at his advantage to overwhelm the Morrigan with a fleet of Assassin ships, to no avail. The Morrigan sank each individual vessel, including Chevaliers, the Gerfaut, boarding it and assassinating Chevalier quickly thereafter. Once again, Shay was told by Chevalier that his death was another decoy for Liam and Achilles to get to the Precursor Site.

Shay reported the information to Haytham, the two soon sailing for the Precursor Site afterwards. Upon arriving to the Precursor Site's general location, Haytham and Shay navigated through the ice cave and past a large amount of Assassin troops, before the two got separated. When they finally joined again, they had reached the Temple only to find Achilles and Liam observing the artifact identical to the one Shay took off in Lisbon, Portugal. Staying quiet, Haytham and Shay overheard Achilles admitting he was wrong about the Precursor Sites, and that Shay was right. Shay took this as an opportunity to step in, telling both Achilles and Liam their blind grabs for power was doing nothing but endangering the lives in which the Assassin's creed swore to protect. Liam then told Shay that although he was right, he still betrayed the Brotherhood, and attempted to shoot Shay, before being interupted by Achilles, who accidentally pushed Liam into the artifact, knocking it over, and causing another earthquake.

Both Liam and Achilles ran off into different directions, Shay running for Liam as Haytham chased Achilles. As the two former friends fought one another, the ground beneath them both began to crumble, Liam falling backwards and taking a mortal wound from the fall itself, Shay remaining safe. Bested by Shay, Liam scorned Shay for betraying his comrades, to which Shay justified by telling Liam he was doing nothing more than doing what he thought was right, saving the world. Chuckling slightly, Liam turned over and told Shay he hoped that world was a good one, before passing away on the snow, taking the Manuscript from Liam's body.

Running back to Haytham and Achilles, he observed Haytham putting Achilles to the floor, beating him in a sword fight with ease, before Haytham was interrupted by Shay, preventing the Grand Master from killing Achilles, telling him it would be useless, because without him, the Assassins would continue their search for the Precursor Sites, and the Templar Order didn't need a reputation of violence and murder, showing mercy instead. Reluctantly, Haytham sheathed his sword and began walking away, before turning around, pulling out his flintlock pistol, and shooting Achilles in the leg, crippling him, making sure he'd remember what had happened.

Shay's mission being completed, Haytham assigned Shay the task of finding the Precursor Box, which he had mentioned might take years to retrieve again as they sailed back to New York to drop off Shay at Fort Arsenal. Walking towards his household as the chill Northern air graced his face, Shay entered his house and went to his bed. Although bitter about the deaths of his former allies, he was still confident what he did was the right thing to do.

Closing his eyes, clearly exhausted, he felt quite strange when fading into sleep. He had first thought he was sick in a dream, only to have his assumptions proven wrong when he opened his eyes and met with an ominous figure who presented himself as Omni.
[Image: tumblr_nabdyeE81m1qcy62fo1_500.gif]
"The air is still, and I am a hunter."

Physical Description/Appearance

[Image: ACRG_Shay_Unhooded.png]

Standing at about 5'8-6'0 feet tall, Shay Cormac strides a generally well toned built body, earned by his various long-lasting training sessions throughout his life. Always standing and walking straight, Shay is never afraid to show his face, only ever covering it up when using his gas mask to prevent smoke and other gasses from entering his body, however quickly taking it off whenever the chance. With somewhat long black hair, it's easy for him to tie it back in a short pony-tail to keep it out of his way while moving around, showing off the scar on his right eye. His outfit is a custom-tailored black and red Templar uniform with a washed out yellow undershirt, all held together by a Templar waist sash, complete with buttoned cuffs and leather gloves, each clothing sporting multiple elegant designs, including a couple Templar insignias, Yggdrasil, Celtic knots, and triquetras.

Although seemingly cold and distant at first glance, Shay is surprisingly caring and compassionate, always believing to do what's right for the greater good, no matter the cost. Even in dire situations, Shay can find the time to mess around with his comrades, making playful and teasing remarks. Despite this, Shay knows when to get serious, mostly in conflict with his enemies, staying focused and persistent on completing his objective no matter what.


ATK: 2
Being a former Assassin and now high ranking Templar, Shay's bound to hit harder than the average citizen.

DEF: 3
Shay is one of the extremely few in Assassin's Creed canon to survive successful assassination attempts, and the only one to ever survive multiple. Not only that, but he's able to quickly get back on his feet after tanking musket shots, swords, knives, and various other weapons.

SPD: 2
As a result of his Assassin training, Shay has become quite the agile individual, being able to scale small buildings in mere seconds with ease.

TEC: 3
With feats such as overthrowing an entire Assassin Brotherhood, being able to take on several enemies solo, destroying and sinking 3 legendary ships at sea, invading and capturing multiple French forts and Assassin gang bases, it takes a lot of skill to accomplish them all. Thankfully, Shay has more than enough of that skill.

Special Moves

Sword and Dagger - 300 OM (requires Physical Strength)
A dual wield sword and dagger combination. Shay's moderately lightweight Bastard sword and small dagger allows for easy and swift combos. Very good for one on one encounters.

[Image: b388cdce3a.jpg]

Improved Air Rifle and Grenade Launcher - 900 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, and Debuff Proficiency)
Stolen as a package for Templar Lawrence Washington from a British ship, the single-shot air rifle allows for 40 meter distance Sleep darts to be fired, putting them to sleep for 8 seconds by default, although Primes with greater defenses can easily resist this effect entirely. Enemies with higher defenses are more able to resist this effect the higher their stat. points are. 2 second reloads must take place before firing off another shot. While aiming, Shay's movement speed is greatly reduced.
Attached to his air rifle, Shay can take aim to fire a high explosive grenade with his Grenade Launcher prototype handed to him by Benjamin Franklin. Only able to arc at a distance of 10 meters. Shrapnel grenades are high damaging explosive shots that reach outwards at a 3 meter radius. Shay can load one grenade in the launcher at a time before a 4 second reload needs to take place.
Even though this weapon favors dart-based projectiles, that doesn't mean Shay can't use it as your average musket. Putting a simple musket-shot in the chamber, Shay stops in place and takes careful aim for about 3 seconds, before being able to fire off a potentially high-damaging bullet at about 50 meters away. After firing, a 6 second reload must take place. Extremely useful for hitting targets at a distance stealthily or taking out two to four enemies close together.

[Image: assassins_creed_rogue_air_rifle.jpg]

Hidden Blade - 300 OM (requires Physical Strength)
No Assassin, even a turncoat one, is complete without their set pair of Hidden Blades. Acquired during his time serving for the Assassin Brotherhood, Shay's trusty dual ring-pulley system Hidden Blades are simply two knives he is able to pull from his wrist, and as the name implies, hidden under the cuffs and gloves of his outfit. Although a weaker short pair of knives, they are noticeably faster than Shay's Sword and Dagger combination. Nifty for stealth ambushes.

[Image: dc24e119392c9e4d292365bddf92e7f7.jpg]

Dual Flintlock Pistols - 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Shooting straight and true, being a resident of the 13 Colonies, Shay's not without his trusty pair of English percussion flintlock pistols, Shay's first pair of guns gifted to him by Achilles himself after a session at the shooting range with Liam. At his side, Shay can pull out two old fashioned flintlock mechanism pistols, only being able to shoot one at a time, but being able to fire both moderately damaging single shots in quick succession. Although relatively quick to fire off, reloading these is a hassle itself, only one costing Shay 4 seconds of his time, and 8 seconds in total if he wants to reload both.

[Image: AC3L_Dueling_Pistol.png]

Rope Darts - 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Discovered by Achilles Davenport for use in the Colonial branch of the Assassin Brotherhood, and first used by master Assassin Shao Jun in 16th century China, Rope Darts allows for it's user to throw off a small, hooked knife attached to a rope in the direction of an enemy, as the name implies, at about 15 meters max. Upon stabbing into an enemy, the user is able to reel it's target in, or if they're above the target, and on top of a pole-like protrusion to climb on (a tree branch, for example,) can hang them by dropping down and attaching the other end of the rope to the ground. With Primes or more powerful secondaries, the rope can be broken off after about 6 seconds of struggling, or if they have a DEF. statistic of 3 or higher, can ignore the knife completely and cut the rope immediately after the initial stab, although they may or may not have trouble breathing as a result of the dart lodged in their wind pipes.

[Image: AC4_Rope_Dart.png]

Throwing Knives - 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Somewhat similar to Shay's Rope Darts, his Throwing Knives are a popular Assassin tool, mainly used for stealth approaches. With this weapon, Shay can quickly throw off a small blade at about 20 meters away from him. Much more effective and damaging on unsuspecting targets, although those with higher Def. statistics, this can easily be shrugged off, especially if they see it coming.

[Image: Throwing_Knives.png]

Harpoon Spear - 600 OM (requires Physical Strength and Ranged Proficiency)
Being a part-time whaler, Shay was quite skilled with a throwing Harpoon in his time. Improvising, Shay can use this Harpoon as a throwing spear that reaches about 30 meters away, or use it as a basic long-range polearm. If a throw is landed, it can generally cause fatal wounds, at least for a short while, even though a throw is generally very hard to connect. Although slower than his Sword and Dagger combination, as previously said, it has a much longer range, and a slight intimidation factor when you start swinging it around. A nice option for harder to hit targets, or if Shay wants to keep his distance.

[Image: AssassinsCreedRogue_img1_lg._V324212640_.jpg]

War Axe - 300 OM (requires Physical Strength)
Seeing as Liam was implied to be one of the Brotherhood's best axe-wielding Assassins at the time, it's no surprise that Shay took inspiration from this. Using a heavy British Naval axe, Shay trades a lot of his movement and swing speed for a heavy amount of potential damage. This can pierce through a lot of Def. statistic points and cause a ton of severe damage, depending on how high such Def. is, however.

[Image: AC3L-NavalAxe.png]

Tier 1 Super Move [Attack] - Sword of Eden - 600 OM (requires Physical Strength, Enhanced Senses and Ranged Proficiency)
Calling to the First Civilization bloodline in his veins, Shay summons a golden, glowing sword-like artifact within his hands, replacing his usual Sword and Dagger set-up.
Upon summoning, Shay swings the precursor sword 5 consecutive times at his opponent, charging the sword, indicated by a distinctive white-yellow glow. Shay then finishes off by thrusting the weapon forward, sending off a blast of electric energy from the blade, which can reach to about 40 meters in front of him.
After the attack is finished, Shay is left noticeably fatigued for the next 30 seconds, leaving a more slippery opponent, or anybody else alive the chance to strike back, if they're even standing by then.

[Image: latest?cb=20140907133002]

Templar Longsword - 600 OM (requires Physical Strength, Foresight)

Shay Patrick Cormac was never a stranger to the art of the sword; though arming sword and parrying dagger were of his favorite to use in combat, the Templar always had a knack for the simple man's longsword. It's efficiency speaks for itself, no man or woman part of the Templar order can go wrong calling back to their more knightly ancestry, after all.

The blade itself is 55 inches in length exactly, proving it's worth as a longsword of it's size. Even with it's rather impressive range, the sword itself is very quick and maneuverable, especially when in consideration of the leverage it's two-handed nature gives the Templar. This allows for Shay to inflict very fast strikes to an opponent, and therefore not too terribly damaging upon connecting a single strike.

However, Shay Cormac can maximize the blade's effectiveness by implementing his proficiency with his Eagle Vision ability. In doing this, Shay Cormac can take a defensive stance with his longsword, carefully anticipating his opponent's next attack before it even reaches him, allowing the man to effectively riposte for potentially high damage.
Drawing away from this, Shay must take a moment to slow down and breathe to do so; an effective read using this maneuver will take about three seconds of not attacking or moving beyond walking to work as intended.

Miscellaneous/Roleplay Fodder

Eagle Vision - (requires Basic Enhanced Senses)
With all the perks of the Enhanced Senses upgrade, Shay is able to use his variant of the fabled Eagle Vision. When a hostile enters Shay's 20 meter sensory radius, Shay can hear whispers in his head grow louder and louder the closer an enemy gets to his position, making it difficult to sneak up on Shay without using the Suppression proficiency.

[Image: cafbfd77db.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_nabdyeE81m1qcy62fo1_500.gif]
"The air is still, and I am a hunter."

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