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Okor Paleblood

Name: Okor Paleblood
Spent OM: 38,400
Proficiencies: (3600); Physical Strength (1000), Debuff (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers: (5000/8000); Survival (2000), Advanced Regeneration (1800), Disassemble (800), Hive Mind (400)
Moves: (3300); Plague Blade (600), Necrotic Touch (600), Phosphex Bolt Pistol (300), Rad Rounds (300), Hunger (600), Blight Grenade (300), Cultist Blades (300), Cultists Barrage (300)
Super Moves: (3000); Septic Shiv (600 OM), Winds of Chaos (800 OM), Gigaton Hammer (800 OM), Phosphex Bomb (800 OM)
Transformations: (6000); Grave Warden (1000 OM), Dreadnought (2000 OM), The Burned Man (2000 OM), Battle Trance (1000 OM)
Assists: (1000); Cultists (1000 OM)
Items: (2300); Dataverse Device (200 OM), Communicator (100 OM), Spiritual Enlightenment (2000 OM)
Consumed OM: 1200
Unlocks: Stat Increase I (ATK), Stat Increase II (ATK), Stat Increase III (DEF), Stat Increase IV (TEC)
Base stats:
ATK: 3(+1)(+1)
DEF:5 (+1)
TEC:2 (+1)

General Information

Full Name: Okor Paleblood.
Title: 14-4-8-7. Fourteeth Legion, Fourth Company, Eighth Squad, Seventh Marine. Dean of Security.
Pronunciation: Oh-Kor
Name Meaning: Derived from Kwashiokor, a disease stemming from protein deficiency.
Also Known As: Fanatic, Traitor, Heretic, Son of Mortation, Dean, Prophet.
[Image: death_guard___nurgle_by_teukkiss-d4z6p35.jpg]
  ID Number: 14-4-8-7, Contestant 31.
  Theme Song:

  Voice Actor:


Age: Approximately 10218, greatly altered due to the warping effects of the Immaterium.
Gender: Male.
Race: Space Marine (Corrupted/Blessed By Nurgle).
Occupation: Champion of Nurgle, Prophet of Plagues, Vector of Virulence.

Moral Alignment: Believes himself to be above such petty things: He propagates the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Roughly neutral evil, if one wishes to label him as such.
Faction: The Institute.
Known Associates: Tartaros, Nealaphh, Colonel, Weiss Schnee, The Bandit With No Name, Hiro Protagonist, Samus, Fiara.
Family: The Death Guard. All natural relatives have long since died.

Primary Objectives: Bring Nurgle to the Omniverse, find his way home. Kill Omni.
Secondary Objectives: Conquer the Tangled Green.
Priorities: Becoming a figure of Legend, spreading the worship of Nurgle.
Motivation: His faith sustains him.

Psychological Characteristics

Written Personality: Okor is honest, and honourable. This boils down to him informing those in his path that he will stab them in the front, rather than the back, should it come down to it. He truly believes in the nobility and truth of his crusade to bring entropy and decay back to the Omniverse, to break the endless creation that Omni has bred and to revoke the immortality the smiling one has bestowed to his favoured demiurges. He is a merciless combatant against those in opposition to his goals, but has been known to adopt a paternal bent when dealing with youth that do not display the aggravating arrogance so many Primes are known for. His gifts of knowledge, philosophy, and plague are shared freely, often times all at once. Despair is one of Nurgle's domains, and to slowly butcher a foe while explaining why they cannot fight back brings joy to his cold, dead hears.

Known Languages: Low Gothic, High Gothic, Daemonic (Nurgle). While completely Fluent in Daemonic speech, he is unable to read and write with much proficiency in Gothic.
Lures: Anything with meaning in this realm. These things are few in number: Mortals, Artifacts, opportunities to forge a legend. He will leave his scars upon this world, and Omni will never see them healed.
Turn Offs: Arrogance, weakness, over-reliance on Omnillium, foolishness, dishonesty.
Information Recall: Space Marines are blessed with impressive memories, although Okor's advanced age has started to eat away at his memories.
Manias: Okot's mind is a warped and twisted place. Splintered psyches drift through his mind, alternate personalities that once strove to assert themselves lurk in the darkest corners of his psyche, fearful of his murderous will. Temples to his dark god forged from the bones of his own doubts and weaknesses made manifest rise high into the black skies of his soul. Guilt lurks within there, as well: His hands are stained with the blood of his own Kin, a slain sister reminding him of what he once did to survive.
Phobias: Space Marines know no fear. However, Okor's guests have severe Pyrophobia. Okor himself worries of being forgotten, of failure, and of being declared mediocre, or weak.
Hobbies: Okor regularly prays and trains. If he finds himself with some free time, he oftentimes crafts small trinkets of devotion from local materials.

Attitude: Okor is wholly devoted to his blessed mission. He will spread his faith and legend with every tainted stride across this wretched realm.
Outlook on Life: It is a broken, twisted thing doomed to fail. And he loves every flawed moment. He will sustain it for as long as he can, and if one is deemed unworthy of carrying its curse, he is all too happy to inform them of such as he turns them into a feast for the worms.
Perception: Okor perceives situations as in his favour, no matter what they are. Ten millennia of warfare have given him a host of dirty tricks, and no small amount of bravado and grim determination.
Standpoint: Okor sees himself as a Crusader, one soldier in an ancient war that he helped start. He intends to be there for the finish.
Philosophy: “His enemies shall wither and die. His allies shall wither and die. The universe and all within it shall wither and die. And when the Great Corruption has settled over the land, and permeated the very foundations of reality itself, then shall the Lord of All rise from the rot and ruin, spread his arms wide to reclaim all his dutiful children…”

-“The Victory of Rebirth” from Litanies of Inevitability

Spiritual Characteristics:

Spirit Animal: Fly.
Religion: Chaos (Nurglite)
Devotion: Okor is fanatically devoted to his Religion, and has waged a holy war that has outlasted entire worlds.
Virtues: Patience, Diligence, Chastity, (arguably) kindness, charity.
Vices: Wrath, Greed.

Supernatural, Statistical, & Combat Attributes:


Attack - 3+1+1
Speed - 0
Defense - 5+1
Technique - 2+1

Site Powers: Survival, Advanced Regeneration
Grave Warden (Tier One Transformation)
[Image: Warhammer-40000-%D1%84%D1%8D%D0%BD%D0%B4...22398.jpeg]
+2 ATK
+2 DEF
+1 TEC

Filth seeps from Okor's joints, hiding him within a layer of decay. It beings to bubble and seethe, forming into ceramite plates, rotten bundles of servo muscles, and rusted mechanisms. Over roughly 3 seconds, he is reborn into a suit of terminator armour, greatly increasing his strength and durability, and driving him to greater feats of martial prowess. While encased in the armour, Okor is far less agile, and a much larger target, but the trade off in sheer power is more than worth it in his eye. As an added bonus, many weapons have no small amount of difficulty penetrating several inches of unholy armour.

Dreadnought (Tier Two Transformation, 1500 OM)
[Image: death-guard-dreadnought.jpg]
ATK +5
DEF +5
SPD +0
TEC +0

A bio-mechanical roar, distorted and amplified by his unholy biology and ancient armour pierces the air as pestilent tumours consume Okor. These cancerous growths expand and conceal Okor within an amorphous blob of inky blackness, and not long after, erupt into Okor's new form: A Dreadnought. Okor's true form is concealed within the massive chassis, integrated with the machinery to the extent that he is near-comatose and blind without its sensors and systems. However, this is compensated for by absurd strength and resilience. While he is unable to use many of his weapons in this new form, his bolter is mounted to his chassis, allowing for some degree of ranged combat. This is largely irrelevant, as a pair of massive metallic fists replace his hands, capable of crushing stone and turning bones to dust. He is somewhat clumsy within his new form, but given his newfound structural integrity and strength, there is only so much capacity for exploitation.

The Burned Man (Tier Two Transformation, 1500 OM)
[Image: RVbhtCw.png]
ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +2
TEC: +4

Okor was tempered in the fires of the Ashen Steppes, his bones scorched and left to lie in the ash of that damned realm. The experience has left him somewhat changed, driven to avenge his defeat and to unleash his anger on this false world. As he activates this transformation, his armour blackens and hardens as his flesh burns away, bones that have been twisted by the whims of the gods over millennia all that remains, animated by a vengeful will that has yet to be stayed by death itself. Ten Thousand years of warfare, unbound by the weakness of flesh, returns. Restored to but a fraction of the strength and skill he deserves, Okor strikes at the world that keeps him captive, intending to burn it down to mere cinders.

Battle Trance (Tier One Transformation, 1000 OM)
[Image: 3980050-4085849867-db944.png]
Arrhythmic aortas are corralled into a steady beat by Okor's will, a facsimile of life flowing through his veins as he faces the foe. He moves with an alacrity previously absent in his aberrant form, an eternity of bloodshed resurfacing within his mind, ten millennia of experience making itself known as he strikes, a grin plastered across his visage as he reaps a bloody toll with his blade, moving with an assured confidence born from innumerable victories.
(Tier One Assist, Requires 1000 OM)
[Image: e9f2fda72ab1cac9e1211e6f14c004a1.jpg]

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 0
TEC: 1

Okor's efforts at spreading the good word of Nurgle have met with some success.  He is almost always accompanied by a small retinue of Cultists, desperate men and women who have embraced the simple truths of Nurgle, and have found peace in his gifts. They are cursed and blighted individuals, disease running rampant through their scarred bodies. Boils and weeping sores are accentuated, rather than hidden with dirtied rags, salvaged and scavenged armour providing further protection on top of Nurgle's gifts. Devotional trinkets festoon their ragged clothes, the entirety of their possessions carried on their person. These possessions vary from cultist to cultist, with Okor finding new converts in every realm he visits: A former citizen of Coruscant raises their voice in prayer next to a denizen of Darkshire. Many of them were not in their right mind from the beginning, but rare is the one who can accept the depreciation of their body with their psyche remaining untouched. They possess a lesser variant of Okor's blessings, allowing them to ignore pain and slowly regenerate their wounds.


Blight Grenade (Requires ranged proficiency, area attack proficiency, debuff proficiency, 300 OM)
A specially treated shrunken head hangs by Okor's hip, it's various openings sealed by a strange, unidentifiable yellow resin. Inside the leathery skin, and brittle bone, the cranium is filled with noxious gasses and virulent diseases. Upon using this move, Okor grabs his grenade, and making use of his impressive strength, hurls it at a foe up to 36 meters away. Upon impact with a solid surface (Such as a wall, the floor, or the target itself), the macabre casing is destroyed, sending fragments of infected bone scything through the air in a 5m radius. Once this initial detonation is complete, its cargo seeps through, flooding an area with a 5m radius with deadly toxins. In the event someone other than Okor enters the area, the diseases begin to strike, tightening the skin, restricting the breath, attempting to suffocate the foe. During this process, the veins on the infected turn black, as their hide sprouts disgusting boils.

This cloud of noxious gasses, and the horrific symptoms, dissipate after 10 seconds.

Septic Shiv Tier one offensive supermove (600 OM, requires Physical, debuff proficiencies)
With a brief hand motion, Okor summons the favoured weapon of Nurgle's Chosen: The Plague Knife. A cruelly barbed and twisted weapon, dripping with noxious slime, this rusted blade has ended many battles with a single swift motion. However, the virulence of the weapon only allows it to exist for a short period of time, allowing Okor to use it for a single blow before it dissipates back to whence it came. Upon striking a foe, the enemy is almost immediately afflicted by the infections harboured within its dread design. Fever, buboes, boils, necrosis, hemorrhaging, are all common symptoms. The strength of this infection varies, dependent on the unfortunate opponent struck. A mere mortal would quickly succumb and dissolve into a primordial sludge, whereas the more hardy would simply suffer a potent fever, its effects driving them into a blind rage. Of course, these symptoms are less effective against primes, and particularly resilient primes may shrug off infection altogether (Although they will still have a rather ragged wound).

Plague Blade (600 OM, requires Physical, debuff proficiencies)
A rusted, pitted blade roughly 1.7 meters in length, used since the bloody opening acts of the Long War, this sword has no name, no poems written about those it has claimed, merely a body count. Okor can channel his own pestilence along the blade, requiring roughly two and a half seconds of concentration. The pestilence created by this act slows and weakens the foe, and drives them to a reckless assault if they lack the physical and mental integrity to resist it. After a charged strike, it functions as a simple blade for the remainder of the combat, as Okor is not one to exhaust himself overmuch in the pursuit of victory. All rots in time, after all...

Necrotic Touch (Requires physical, debuff proficiencies, 600 OM)
Okor's hands ooze a toxic slime, containing a particularly virulent strain of flesh-eating bacterium, which draws forth his various parasites with the promise of a meal. This ability takes two seconds of stationary concentration to activate, afterwards, Okor's hands become dangerous weapons. Contact with the substance seeping from his hands almost instantly causes deterioration. With only brief contact (such as a slap, or a punch), the area is irritated and sore. If Okor manages to maintain the contact for several seconds (such as by holding the enemy down), the skin begins to rot and soften. Should the unfortunate target be unable to free themselves from his grip for seven seconds, the damage becomes more severe, as a variety of infections and parasites begin to make their way to the foe, causing significant discomfort, and starting to worm their way into the foe's flesh. The foe's chances of escape are greatly increased if their ATK or DEF score is higher than Okor's. The parasites may be removed out of combat, with either the channeling of Omnillium, or skilled medical aid.

Phosphex Bolt Pistol (300 OM, requires Ranged, Debuff Proficiencies)
A rusted, battered, and ancient weapon, the bolt pistol is nonetheless extremely dangerous and durable. Due to its salvaged and corroded nature, it is only capable of a rate of fire of one round every three seconds, with a clip of six rounds. It fires modified bolt rounds, first created in the days of the great crusade, meant only for dire scenarios. Mortation's legion quickly embraced these weapons of last resort, arming their elites with ever-burning Phosphex, deadly rad weapons, and the invisible death of the Cullgene virus, leaving a trail of horrific death on every front of the Great Crusade. Okor has made good use of these weapons himself, paving a path for his brethren with the aid of the most twisted weaponry humanity has ever designed.

The rounds themselves explode shortly before contact with a surface (such as a wall, or an unfortunate target), spraying Phosphex over the poor soul. Phosphex manifests itself as a cloud of burning gel, which is propelled forward by momentum. Once it hits a surface, it remains in place for 5 seconds, introducing the target to a personal inferno. After 5 seconds has passed, Omnillium quenches the flames, saving the unlucky target from a slow and tortuous demise.

Rad Rounds (Requires ranged proficiency, debuff proficiency) 300 OM
An archaic crusade pattern bolter, coated in rust, hung with teeth ripped from Man and Xenos alike, this weapons has seen Okor through a thousand battles. Loaded with irradiated bolt rounds, it is a thing of death and destruction, spitting a round a second, with a magazine of two dozen rounds, requiring six seconds to reload.

Upon hitting a target, the bolt rounds detonate a fraction of a second later. While in the forty-first millennium, this would blow a man in two. In the Omniverse, it simply spreads the radioactive shrapnel throughout the body. This radiation impairs the foe's combat ability, wracking them with radiation from inside their body. This shrapnel must be removed before the effect subsides, requiring either medical treatment, or 10 seconds of concentration to purge the shrapnel with Omnillium.

Hunger (600 OM, requires Ranged, Debuff Proficiencies)
Okor's corrupted and malformed abdomen splits open, the bones revealing themselves as crooked, mangled teeth. From within this maw, decrepit entrails begin to stir, protrusions of spine and bone adorning the twisted organs. With a desperate hunger, one of the monstrous tentacles extends up to fifteen meters in a short span, wrapping itself around a foe, cutting deep into their flesh with its barbs. If the Foe's combined ATK and DEF stats are lower than Okor's, they are pulled towards him. If the Foe's combined ATK and DEF score is less than half of Okor's combined score (rounding down), they are pulled the full distance towards him, and are subject to a few bites from his maw. Otherwise, they are merely pulled closer towards him, the distance moved dependent on the difference between their ATK and DEF scores. A weaker opponent will be pulled perhaps ten meters, while a foe of average strength might be pulled only 5 meters.

Cultist Barrage (Requires ranged proficiency, debuff proficiency, area attack proficiency cultists, 300 OM)
Okor's Cultists clutch damaged and much-used ranged weapons in cloth-wrapped claws. Depending on the nature of the 'verse he dwells within, the cultists wield appropriate weapons: Within a primitive verse, they let loose crossbow bolts and arrows, whereas in the dominion of Coruscant, low-caliber firearms are favoured. While various afflictions prevent the cultists from achieving accuracy, the enthusiastic fusillade of fire serves to suppress a small group of targets within 30 meters, forcing them to choose between finding cover or weathering the storm.

Cultist Blades (Requires physical proficiency, debuff proficiency, cultists, 300 OM)
The Cultists arm themselves with twisted shivs, drenched in noxious mixture of blood, disease, dirt, and sewage. Should a foe fall victim to their frenzied assault (A difficult task, considering their patient gait and lack of skill, but a likely occurrence should they be surrounded), they will begin to sicken. The disease spreads quickly, inflicting nausea, dizziness, and possibly vomiting, should their defense be equal to or lower than 2. While unpleasant, these effects fade after twenty seconds.

Winds of Chaos, Tier Two supermove, (800 OM, requires Ranged attack, area attack, debuff proficiencies)
Calling upon the primordial chaos from which life sprang, and to which life will inevitably return, Okor channels forth sheer destructive power. Releasing a howl powered by his inhuman biology, the vox of his armour, and the madness of the warp, he unleashes a torrent of warpstuff in a 30 degree cone extending 30 meters from his mouth. Those who are unable to dodge the stream of corruption in time are caught in the wave of destruction, gale-force winds flensing flesh from bone as an unearthly howl of terrible volume deafens them. Okor is immobile while using this ability, his attention entirely focused on maintaining and protecting himself from the fell powers he dares to unleash. This ability lasts for 7 seconds, or until he is interrupted.

Gigaton Hammer (Tier Two Supermove, requires Physical Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency 800 OM)
[Image: latest?cb=20121013153054]
The massive maul entrusted to Okor by the Headmaster of the Institute is an impressive instrument of destruction. Weighing almost as much as a mortal man, the energies concentrated in its head add to its might, coruscating auras of entropy and hatred just barely visible to mortal eyes. With a haft nearly as tall as the Plague Marine (very nearly three meters), each swing of this mighty weapon brings ruin. While tiring, even for one of his stature, the exertion is most assuredly worth it. Each blow of this titanic weapon emits a mighty shockwave upon impact, the ruinous energies just barely contained within its prison of corroded iron flowing freely, shattering the earth and sapping the strength of all those who stand upon it. The ravaged area is roughly 3.5 meters in radius, centered upon the point of impact. If the hammer instead meets a prime during its deadly arc, aside from the obvious blunt force trauma that would result, their flesh ruptures and rots around the area of impact, leprous lesions spreading from Okor's attentions.

Phosphex Bomb (Tier Two Super Move 800 OM, requires Ranged, Area attack, debuff proficiency)
The rusted orbs hanging by corroded chains from Okor's waist could easily be mistaken for censers. The infernal flames within release a pungent odour at all times, rank fumes seeping from the perforations dotting its exterior. Unfortunately for his foes, these are no mere devotional accessories. The ever-burning alchemical fire within these spheres simply awaits an opportunity to sate its mindless hunger upon anything that has the unfortunate qualities of flammability.
When the time has come to make use of the destructive properties of these devices, Okor detaches a chain and swings the bomb, building momentum as he chooses his target. When he lets it fly, the projectile can travel up to 50 meters, detonating upon impact with the ground or anyone unfortunate enough to be in its trajectory. Upon detonation, the Phosphex Bomb erupts into a fiery conflagration, coating anyone and everything within 10 meters of the impact point in napalm. These flames are nigh-unquenchable, and will burn for 10 seconds before dissipating.

Character Abilities: Faith powers, inability to feel pain and severe mutation.
Restrictions: Very slow, unable to feel anything, poor depth perception.
Origins: Natural resistance to disease and toxins, marine augmentations, veterancy, Nurgle's Gifts.
Source: Marine Augmentations, natural Barbarosan resistance, Nurgle's gifts.

Signature Move: Plague Blade/Rad Rounds Bolter.
Specialty: Extreme durability. This is best leveraged in protracted combat and close-range firefights where his endurance and resistance to pain and damage is made apparent.
Strengths: Extreme stamina and endurance, significant strength, a whole host of dirty tricks.
Weaknesses: Very poor at stealth, fine manipulation, technological activities.


Wardrobe Style: [Image: chaos_space_marine_plague_marine_color_b...4fjqdj.jpg]

Appearance: Okor's armour has long since fused to his flesh after 10 millennia of warfare and exposure to the reality-twisting ways of the warp. It is now more of a chitinous exoskeleton. His abdomen and left arm are exposed, showcasing the blessings that the plaguefather has gifted upon him, and allowing for him to transmit them more easily. Indeed, the sheer quantity of diseases and bacteria contained within his gaunt frame would be enough to rot a planet to the core, were it not for the Omnillium containing it. Unlike most of his bloated Brethern, Okor is almost skeletal, with cracked, yellowing bones, covered in calciferous masses lurking just beneath his pallid skin. A tabard hangs from his waist, stained with grime, filth, blood and pus, and still proudly emblazoned with the mark of Nurgle. A horn juts from the center of his head, a twisted, broken thing. Beneath it lies a single, blood-shot eye. Where he walks, life grows. Fungus and mold grows in his footsteps, marking the earth with his passing.
Common Accessories: Devotional tabard.
Equipment: Ammunition.
Weapons: Phosphex bolt pistol, plague blade.
Armor: Okor's armour is rotten and corrupted, much like the marine itself. It has bonded with his flesh, making it almost impossible to remove. However, his helmet is able to be removed with some effort. The armour itself is several centimeters thick, laden with servo-motors, synthmuscle, and other mechanisms. Since his forays into the warp, it has become more chitin like, occasionally bleeding a thick ichor when struck.
Other Items:

Born upon the toxic planet of Barbarus, a world wreathed in clouds of acid, poison, and plague, dominated by the alien Overlords and their armies of the walking dead, Okor was a fine example of a warrior. Taking up a dulled and rusted blade when he was barely out of childhood, he defended his home village of Barbarus alongside the older warriors, holding back the tides of the undead for another day. His life consisted of nothing but this, until the Primarch Mortation established his dominion. The disparate villages of man were united under his rule, and the people struck back against the abominations that rule the planet, climbing poisoned peaks clad in crude breathing apparatuses, putting dead men and Xenos to the sword. Okor followed Mortation faithfully, beholden to the man who had saved his people. As they camped around the single poisonous peak that denied them, that of Mortation's father, the hated Emperor arrived while Mortation was scouting the mountain. To Okor's eternal shame, he was entranced by the Man's palpable aura of charisma. When Mortation returned, he swore to earn his people's independence by slaying his father.

While none of the Death Guard knew what happened upon that peak, Barbarus was quickly swept up into the Great Crusade. Mortation assumed command of the Dusk Raiders, quickly renamed as the Death Guard. Recruits were drawn from Barbarus, their natural resilience augmented by the biological changes wrought by gene-seed. Okor was among the oldest recruits, 15 years of age when he earned the chance to serve. After passing the trials and receiving the gene-seed, he joined the ranks. He served his Primarch across decades of war, consistently participating in some of the bloodiest battles in the great crusade. The pride of the Death Guard disallowed them from fighting anywhere but the frontlines.

When Horus initiated his Heresy, it was clear who the Death Guard would turn to. Mortation was angry and bitter about how his true father had stolen his glory and purpose from him, turning him from the king and savior of Barbarus into just another General. As the Legion travelled through the warp towards Terra, they became marooned. A plague swept through the Legion, rotting the famously resilient death guard from the inside, wracking the legion with an unstoppable infection. In the depths of his fever, Mortation pledged his Legion's souls to the Lord Of All, Nurgle, ending their torment, and beginning their eternal war.

After the Traitors were repulsed from Terra, they fled to the eye of Terror. Finding a haven in the embrace of the warp, the Death Guard lair there, their Daemon Primarch ruling over a perverse recreation of his home, terrorizing the populace from his toxic peak. Okor himself served alongside his legion for 9 millennia, eventually swearing himself to a pilgrimage, promising to not return to his Legion until he had deciphered the nature of his patron. As he clambered through the seemingly endless levels of the Broken Temple, seeking his own name written upon the walls, bloodying his fingers on shattered masonry, feeding on those who tried the task before him and failed. As he neared the peak, the vulture-like Daemons roosting there surrounding him, waiting for him to fail, the vista vanished, replaced with a blank scene of nothingness, and one grinning, featureless being.

Character history: 14-4-8-7 is the designation of the machine spirit dwelling with Okor's warplate. While most technology in the 41st millennium possess some form of rudimentary personality, veritable artifacts from the days of the Great Crusade have had ten thousand years to develop, growing and developing as they feasted on the scrapcode of the slain. 14-4-8-7 has been quite thorough in this regard. Tempered and hardened by constant warfare, it has assimilated countless lesser binaric beings into itself, the spirits of salvaged wargear being overwhelmed by its force of personality and brought to heel.

Due to the influence of the warp and its immersion in slaughter, it does not exactly have the sunniest disposition. It is a savage, brutal entity that desires nothing more than to rend the foe asunder, and take its power for itself.

Physical Description: (originals only) While 14-4-8-7 lacks a physical form, residing entirely in the systems of Okor's armour, if found in the Dataverse, or via a mystical or technological scan of his armour, it makes its appearance as a wraith of sorts, a collection of rusted pistons and mechanism concealed with oil-stained cloth. Sickly green light emanates from a multifaceted set of lenses beneath its hood, eternally seeking fresh prey. Piston-powered fangs and claws are always ready to hack and inject malicious code into the scripts of its foe. It moves erratically, jumping from node to node, the carrion cloak of slain sprites shrouding it obscuring its form as it approaches, relentlessly seeking its next feast.

[Image: 635032494025518519.jpg]

ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 1

Starting Proficiencies:  Physical (1000), Debuff (1000)

2,000 OM spent on Proficiencies.

Starting Powers: Burst Movement (800), Master Acrobat (400), Basic Super Jumping (300), Advanced Enhanced Senses (1700), Stealth (1200)

2,400 OM spent on powers.

Starting Moves: Scrapcode Talons and Teeth (600 Om, requires physical, debuff proficiencies)
14-4-8-7 arms itself with claws and fangs of malware, slicing into the code of digital foes, tearing them apart as if they were beings of flesh and blood. These weapons are approximately half a foot long, extending from each of its four limbs and its malformed maw. Whenever its weapons make contact and damage an enemy, it passes on one of the multitudinous viral infections infesting its being. This virus hampers the foe's connection to the Dataverse, slowing their reaction time and causing a graphical packet loss akin to partial blindness. Should the foe be thoroughly savaged, they might lose connection to the Dataverse altogether, allowing 14-4-8-7 to feast upon the remains of their avatar.
[Image: DarkshireDefenseBadge.png][Image: HerosGraveyardBadge.png][Image: DA15Badge.png]

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