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Victor Wolfe

Name: Victor Wolfe
Level: 5
Spent OM:22750
Proficiencies(3600): Physical Proficiency (1000) Debuff Proficiency (1000) Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM), Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Powers(5900): Burst Movement(800) Advanced Regeneration (2200) Suppression(1000), Basic Super Jumping(300), Master Acrobat (400) Stealth(1200)
Moves(1500): Twin Daggers, Heaven and Hell (300) Victors Injection (600), Gem Blast (300) Blade Spin(300)
Super Moves (2000): Now you see me...(tier 1 offensive debuff super, 600 OM) Artful Dodger ( tier 1 defensive super, 600 OM) Smouldering Gaze ( Tier 2 Utility, 800 OM)
Items(2750): Medal! (1), Banishment Circlex1(250 OM x3 2 used.), Mobile Dataverse Device – 100 OM Protein pillx2 (250 OMx2) Senzu Bean (1000 OM, Given to Sasuke) 2x Communicators ( 1 given to Marisa) 400 OM 
Unlocks(7000):Stat Boost (attack) 1000 OM  Stat boost 2 (Attack) 2000 OM Stat boost 3 (Tech) 4000 OM 
Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 5
[Image: LMLzBQ4.gif][Image: psgGbSy.png]                                                                                                                                [Image: 2lvxt0w.gif]

Character history: Victor was trained as an assassin after he was taken as a youth by the empire that annexed his homeland. Noticing his natural ability to kill at a young age he was trained in a large variety of skills, from how to properly use his trusty daggers, to how to fill in for a noble at any event they did not want to attend. As was the tradition the top graduate would go to the highest position available, in this case, the guard and assistant to the Crown Prince of the empire. Thanks to the trainees turning on each other Victor made sure that he was the only one to survive the training, and thus became the top assassin in the empire, until one year a massive revolt broke out, the Prince asked Victor to sacrifice himself to allow him to get away, thus Victor killed the prince and before the rebels could get to him he awoke in the Omniverse.

Physical Description: With boyish good looks framed by his straight blonde hair Victor masks his more sadistic side by appearing far more innocent than he actually is. His facial expressions changing from a light curious smile to a sadistic grin at the flip of a coin. Build wise at 6 ft 2 he looks thin from a distance but is actually very well toned, every muscle being developed as not to waste anything.  As for attire he wears black trousers with leg guards tied over them, and a black shirt, the cloak around his shoulders providing him a hood to cover his face. He changes colour that outlines the black depending on who he is working for, for example gold for New Babylon, Green for the institute and Red for himself. He wears a silver belt with a button on the middle that when pressed allows him to cloak. This belt also has two scabbards containing his gold and silver blades.

Personality: Victor though still young has seen more death than most humans could ever imagine however unlike most other people who would become traumatised by this constant exposure to what many consider to be the most vile part of humanity, Victor Noticed a certain beauty in it, and quickly noticed his talent for causing it, however excluding when ordered to he will often introduce himself before a fight as he views a fight that he wins in one sneak attack to be pretty boring. However due to his sense of loyalty and ambition when he is ordered by people he considered as out ranking him  to kill someone he will perform the act without mercy even if it means resorting to ambushing or even killing people that his mark holds close to them just to draw them out. This is due to Victor viewing killing things as a occupation and the only way to get better at it and raise in the ranks is through practice. In other words a rather easy going gentleman until your are his target or lose a dual to him , then it's game over.

Fighting Style: Victor is playful and loose, dodging hits by small margins of errors to show off, and generally taunting opponants that fail to hit him with his quick wit and verbal jibs. Sadistic to the core Victor is happy to allow his enemies to die a death by a thousand cuts as he slices at them with wicked sharp blades. Fast and reactive if Victor feels pressured he is not beyond fighting dirty, A handful of dirt in the eyes, knee to the crotch, stabbing in the back are all acceptable tools to keep the assassin alive and his opponents in the dirt where they belong.
[Image: LMLzBQ4.gif][Image: psgGbSy.png]                                                                                                                                [Image: 2lvxt0w.gif]

Twin Daggers, Heaven and Hell: two finely crafted daggers designed to be extremely light yet surprisingly durable these weapons were passed down through Victors family line until his brother died, The blades are made of two different metals and containing two different gems in there hilt heaven with its blue sapphire is made of a material known as Elysian gold and its twin being a more monochromatic silver with its only defining colors being its red ruby and being made from Stygian steel a material said to be mined from the deepest parts of the earth. Victor after years of training with these weapons can use both in each hand and thinks of them as extensions of his own limbs using them to slash and cut away at his opponents and depending on his mood kill them quickly by aiming for critical spots or mess around with them by using his speed to outmanoeuvre them and perform light but painful cuts until they lose the ability to even stand.

Victors Injection: A needle filled with a purple poison designed to look like the infamous banishment serum. can be injected into the arms of an opponent to lower their attacking power as the muscles struggle to work at full power, or into the legs to lower the opponent's maneuverability, the drawbacks being that it takes time to aim so opponents who move to fast or are too technically skilled can avoid it hitting a vein.

Gem blast: the gems on the hilts of Victor's daggers charge up stored energy and once fully charged can be hit together to create a bright flash of red and blue light, blinding the opponent for a few seconds, the drawbacks are that once it has been used it is harder to trick an opponent into falling for it and that it takes a good minute for it to charge up again once used.

Blade Spin:Victor Wolfe attaches his daggers to small chains inside his selves, and spins casing the area around him to be sliced at giving his blades the reach of about six feet in each direction , due to lack of force the blades will not do as large amount of damage as if they where thrust by a hand, but can still deal damage to people with light or no Armour, as it is just a spin there is almost no control with Wolfe only being able to start and stop due to his high speed and good reflexes. the weaknesses are that it is relatively weak only dealing glancing blows against most enemies and can cause Wolfe to get disorientated if used for more than a minute lowering his tech temporarily. He is able to move like a spinning top to cover a larger area

Now you see me...(Tier 1 super move)
Victor uses his belt to turn invisible and stay out of harms way whilst channeling energy into his blades casing the golden blade to burn with red energy and the silver to glow with a blue aura he slashes at an unsuspecting enemy with the daggers causing a blast of energy to hurt whatever comes into contact with the blades ,used to damage weak points or knock enemy's away or down. this leaves whatever limb or body part is targeted weaker for two minutes. With arms weakening attacks and legs slowing movement

Artful Dodger( tier 1 super defence, requires master acrobat, burst movement, basic super jumping) (600 OM)

when in danger Victor can leap with a short burst of movement in any direction to allow himself to escape the threat of attack unless, from a tier 2 or higher, this will cause him to react too slowly, and only mitigate some of the damage. His acrobatic skills allow him to always land on balance.

Smouldering Gaze (Tier 2 Utility, 800 OM, Debuff Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency): Vic looks upon his opponent with a gaze so filled with sinful intent that it can literally melt armour and weaken the defences of his opponents. This debuff causes defence to drop by four points total. Multiple people can be targeted, up to four total, in which case each person will receive a -1 to DEF. When split between multiple people the debuff amount will increase from -1 DEF with the longer the gaze is held. This debuff can be distributed as evenly or unevenly as Victor decides as long as debuffing does not cause someone to have negative DEF and the total DEF debuffed does not exceed four. This debuff lasts for one round of combat when it hits.

This can be blocked by tier two super defences, as shields or getting out of the way of the look quick enough will allow the targets to resist his piercing eyes.
[Image: LMLzBQ4.gif][Image: psgGbSy.png]                                                                                                                                [Image: 2lvxt0w.gif]

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