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Name: Violet Uzumaki
Level: 4
Spent OM: 16,000
Proficiencies (4,600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Homing Proficiency (600)
Powers (8,600): Enhanced Senses; Basic | Advanced (1700), Burst Movement (800), Super Jumping: (Basic Advanced) (500), Shapeshifting (1400), Fusion: Basic (1000), Stealth (1200), Suppression (1000), Integration(1000)
Moves (1,200): Kamehameha (600), Ki Balls (300), Slow Burn (300), Pain (300)
Super Moves: None
Transformations (1,000): UltraViolet (Tier One) (1000)
Assists: None
Items (300): Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Artefacts: Four Sword
Bases: None
Unlocks: None
Base stats:
  • ATK: 3
  • DEF: 2
  • SPD: 2
  • TEC: 3

UltraViolet (Tier One)
  • ATK: 4
  • DEF: 4
  • SPD: 3
  • TEC: 4

[Image: phys.png]

Violet stands at about 5' 3" tall barefoot (about 5' 6" in boots). She has olive complected skin marred with a variety of scars that didn't fade completely away. She sports freckles in patches all over her body.

Her phsyique is toned, but not overly muscled. While she is "in shape", she doesn't go to great lengths to maintain it and occasionally slips into the "fluffy" category.

Her hair is a very deep purple color which, for the most part, can be mistaken as black, except when the sun shines at it and highlights the purple hues. When exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time, the purple can lighten and become permanent highlights. Her hair falls to mid back, and she prefers to keep it all bundled into either a bun or a ponytail in order to keep it from becoming a hindrance.

Her eye color is a very vivid blue, bordering on cyan. When she is feeling strong emotions, it tends to change to a silvery hue, and when her ki becomes unstable, her entire eye turns white with a faint glow.

When she is very emotional, she tends to lose control of her energy, and it manifests itself as a reddish colored glow beneath her skin, which can become a halo of light above it. Occasionally, her energy can create its own wind, and cause her clothing and hair to billow around her like a very weak cyclone.

[Image: gnw.png]

Violet prefers tank tops or teeshirts, dark colored, and jeans. Her preferred footwear are steel toe boots (black leather). She sports a belt to hold little pouches of useful utility items and weapons, and when the situation calls for it, an array of other straps and holsters at her thigh, ankle, upper arm and back areas.

Since arriving in Omniverse, she has no current weaponry and will have to collect new ones along her journey.

Preferred weapons are guns (both small arms and larger arms) and blades of assorted sizes (daggers and katana)

[Image: trans.png]


Image coming soon.

During her journeys through the Underverse, Violet encounters many foes, each one stronger than the last. To be defeated means her quest to escape is for nothing. One fight nearly proves her defeat, and she calls upon something deep within her, something that she had repressed for decades, and it comes bursting through even more powerful than ever. Violet's skin cracks under the intense energy, a bright red glow shining through. Her eyes flush to the color of snow rimmed with red, and she becomes even more bloodthirsty than before.

[Image: moves.png]
  • Kamehameha
    (requires Ranged Proficiency)
    A light blue beam of raw destructive energy, fired from the palms of the hands, that can be charged for greater effectiveness. It requires the user to be stationary in order to use, though not necessarily on the ground. The minimum time it takes to use is about a second, and the longest it can be charged for is thirty seconds, the results of which can be very powerful. It is roughly three feet in diameter.

    *slight modification - Color of beam is a mixture of red and blue, converging into a purplish color in some areas, especially in areas where the two colors overlap.

  • Ki Ball
    (Requires ranged proficiency)
    Violet uses her ability to manipulate ki in order to make a single or series of balls of energy and fires them at a target. They're usually small, about the size of a baseball, and using her ranged proficiency, can direct them directly towards a target. The output damage of this attack can be compared to the damage taken by rubber bullets. While it won't kill, it also hurts like a bitch and leaves a fizzy aftertaste.

  • Slow Burn
    Violet's aura becomes very hot to anyone who touches it. Contact will usually leave a burn, and prolonged contact can be very harmful. Usually kicks in when she's very angry and dissipates in its potency as her energy is burned up and eventually fizzles to just her normal aura. Her usual red aura imitates flames when this is active. Energy is usually expended quicker as she employs other ki attacks or in other physically demanding situations. Without resting and using her full force, this defense usually lasts about 10 minutes, beginning to taper in its power after 5.

  • Pain
    (Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Ranged proficiency, homing proficiency)Violet crosses her arms over her chest, and a drape of energy surrounds her. She then submerses herself in a dreamlike state, eyes hazing over into a eerie reddish glow, and reaches out with a black translucent coil of smoky ki, grasping hold of opponent(s) and shocking them with the invisible hands of energy. The coil(s) crawl along the ground rather quickly (think of flowing water or really thick smoke).This attack takes at minimum 30 seconds to charge (longer if targets are further away/multiple targets), and usually causes some temporary disorientation to the user after it is used. Takes at least five minutes to recharge before it can be used again. The range of this attack is approximately 20 meters, and the further away the target or targets are, the more time she must concentrate on the attack. Max targets affected are 3 at a time.

[Image: pnp.png]

  • Physical Strength
  • Ranged Proficiency
  • Area Shield Proficiency
  • Area Attack Proficiency
  • Debuff Proficiency
  • Homing Proficiency

  • Enhanced Senses (Advanced)
  • Burst Movement
  • Super Jumping (Advanced)
  • Shapeshifting
  • Fusion (basic)
  • Stealth
  • Suppression
  • Integration

[Image: bg.png]

Early History

Violet Uzumaki, AKA Captain Violet/Commander Violet is a fighter and leader of Red Ribbon. Through the years, she’s competed against some of the strongest in her universe, journeyed across space to planets old and new. She’s formed friendships with many, and close relationships with few.

In her universe, she’s mothered three children, her firstborn not having made it past birth. Her other two are fighters in their own respect, both fathered by two of the most powerful beings known at the time.

In the years that she’s been on her own, without either of her mates, she commandeered the Red Ribbon Army after the downfall of its notoriously abusive leader, Red. Since she took over, she’s reformed the company to be a militia-for-hire, dealing with the training of new soldiers and protection of the people across Earth.

Violet could be described as somewhere between neutral good and chaotic neutral, but also tiptoes into the territory of other alignments, especially those that can be considered among the “evil” spectrum. She wants to do what’s best for those who are not strong enough to defend themselves, but at the same time, she’s not afraid of being destructive at the cost of a few lives in order to achieve her goals.

Violet was born to a military family, so the lifestyle was not unfamiliar to her; assuming the family profession was something that came naturally to her. She rose through the ranks as a top class assassin and right hand of Red rather quickly, which for the most part was beneficial to her. However, because of her efficiency and value to the RRA, she was also flagged as a candidate for an experimental surgery that would augment machinery throughout her body, effectively rendering her into a cyborg. The majority of her back has been outfitted with a bulletproof mesh with electrical components webbing throughout. Fortunately, she escaped before the surgeries could be completed, and her humanity was mostly intact.

With her escape (and murders of several officials responsible for the oversight of the procedure), she effectively quit Red Ribbon and fled to the inner city in an attempt to blend in and lead a normal life. The peace did not last long. One morning, an attempt was made against her as her house was obliterated by a bomb, killing her dog. She had left only moments before, and her life spared by just luck.

Angered by this assassination attempt, Violet staged a retaliation, sneaking into the compound, killing all who came against her, until she came across her former lover and fellow soldier, Nathaniel. A fight ensued, and she barely escaped, but she was forever marked as an enemy towards all those who aligned themselves with Red.

Civil Unrest

Further history will be written soon.

[Image: lnd.png]

[Image: npcs.png]

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Camelot Encounters ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
::|| Wyatt ||::

Encountered in Camelot, Wyatt brought Violet from the Nexus and introduced her to Charles Xavier. He is dressed in body armor that appears somewhat to motorcycle racing gear.

::|| Bill ||::

Innkeeper on Camelot. Friends with Wyatt. Also: asshat.

::|| Charles Xavier ||::

A Prime who lives on Camelot. Violet made a promise to help him with a mission on Coruscant.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Underverse Encounters ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

::|| Ewal ||::

A bull-like demon who serves the sadistic master who enslaves Violet soon after her arrival in Underverse. Not much is known about him at this time, except that he is very obedient to his master.

::|| Irma ||::

Irma was a female inhabitant of Underverse, and served "Master" faithfully. She had silvery blue eyes and pale skin. She dressed in a leather strapped bodysuit that revealed more skin than it covered. She had long black hair that hung in a braid down her back. She was killed by Violet after having her heart torn out and her head ripped off and destroyed.

::|| Ramses ||::

Ramses is a very rich Master Demon who owns many lower demons and primes. These slaves, as they are also known as, are subjugated through physical and emotional torture, and are either fighters, servants or breeders. Ramses dresses in very fine and expensive suits, and tries to impress other Master Demons through his opulent events and ornate manse. He sold Violet to Nathaniel as part of his strategy to rank up and gain more power.

[Image: nathaniel1.png]
::|| Nathaniel ||::

A blast from the past; Violet was once married to Nathaniel in her late teens, and even had a child with him, whom she miscarried late into her pregnancy. Nathaniel was also an agent of Red Ribbon, an assassin like her, and also taken into the improvement program which implanted cybernetics within his body, creating a super fighter. Nathaniel was one of the first to complete the program, becoming less and less human with each operation. Through unknown means, he has appeared in Underverse, serving Ramses and Diablo. He is currently Violet's master.

[Image: pcs.png]

::|| Lubbock ||::

The first PC she's encountered in Omniverse. Though their interaction was brief, she'll remember him as an amateur self-proclaimed assassin who is also very creepy.

::|| Blink ||::

Blink was her  partner for a short time in Dante's Abyss. They just started to get to know each other before Vi's banishment.

::||Victor Wolfe||::

She very briefly encountered him during Dante's Abyss. She offered to align with him, and he betrayed her almost immediately, using the Banishment Serum on her to take her out of the game and send her to the Underverse. She has a fixation on this character, and is currently on the hunt to kill him by any means necessary.

::||Lord Zedd||::

Her DA 18 partner. She knows very little about him and does not seem to be very friendly towards him, however, she does recognize the need to work together in order to advance in the competition.


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