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Name: Clarice 'Claire' Ferguson / Blink
Source: X-Men / Exiles
Spent OM: 15,000
Consumed OM (3300): Items (300), Base (1000), Unlocks (2000)
Proficiencies (2400): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Physical Proficiency (1000)
Powers (4100/8000): Master Teleportation (2500), Master Acrobat (400), Phasing (1200)
Moves (1200): Teleportation Energy (300), Energy Weapons (300), Energy Shield (300), Portals (300)
Super Moves (3000): Shield Surge (T1 Defense) (600), Portal Defense (T2 Defense) (800), Energy Cannon (T2 Attack) (800), House of Portals (T2 Utility) (800)
Transformations (1000): Energy Surge (T1 Power-Up) (1000)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator
Bases: Exiles HQ (Coruscant)
Unlocks: Recall Station, Stat Upgrade I (ATK +1)
Base stats (Energy Surge):
ATK: 2 (2)
DEF: 2 (4)
SPD: 5 (7)
TEC: 2 (3)
[Image: blink2k15.png]

Powers and Fighting Style

Blink's general fighting style can be boiled down to 'Master Teleporter.' She has a pretty basic strength level, so most of her moves focus around the ability to zip in and out of portals and bounce around off of the environment.

Portals - Blink is a Master Teleporter, and as such can teleport up to 80 meters away. She does this by using a green energy from her hands that can create these openings to a new place. She can also directly put a portal on herself to teleport instantly, though it always leaves a small green 'rift' where she 'ported. The rifts last only a few seconds, long enough for someone to follow. Blink can also just teleport on her own, but she always comes out of a portal, even if she didn't enter one to begin with. This is basically like putting a portal literally on herself. It still leaves a green rift.

Phasing - Using a mix of her portal-making and her teleportation energy, Blink is able to physically pass through matter (such as walls or other people). While in this 'state,' she has a transparent, green tint about her. This requires her a few seconds to charge up and some concentration to maintain, so she can't keep it going for too long.

Master Acrobat - While not a move per se, Blink has the uncanny ability to jump and bounce around at will. She's like a cat; she can always land on her feet (or hands, as some cases may be). She has an excellent grasp of the environment around her, and thus bounces off walls and swings off ledges easily. Combined with her portal-jumping, it makes her very deadly in a chase. She mainly uses this ability to fight strategically, as opposed to head on.

Energy Surge (Power-Up Tier 1) - Blink has learned how to focus her teleportation energy into a specific form. The emerald power forms a physical suit around her body for defense. The energy is much more visible then usual while she is surging. It appears as a green aura around her body, even leaking out from her fingertips when creating portals. While in this form, she can't use the energy to form weapons or shields as usual, but it does give her a boost to her actual portal-making ability, allowing her to teleport much faster to appear as if she is literally 'blinking' in and out of reality.


Teleportation Energy - Blink is able to use the energy that she uses to power her portals as an offensive tool. She can summon the emerald energy into her hands and hurl it around in small bursts. It does minimal damage but can be annoying (and difficult to deal with) in large quantity.

Energy Weapons - Blink can use the energy she uses for her portals as offensive weapons, such as javelins or daggers. She typically uses them as ranged weapons. The maximum length of the spears are 8 feet, and she can have up to 3 full size spears at once.

Energy Shield - Using the same energy she uses to create portals, Blink can create a dome or wall-like shield to block incoming attacks. The strength of the shield depends on how much energy she puts into it. Blocking something small like a couple bullets is easy, but a huge energy blast will be very taxing for her and she'll have to have time to recover.

Shield Surge (Defensive Tier 1) - An upgraded version of her energy shield, Blink can put extra effort and power into her teleportation energy to form a shield that blocks up to Tier 1 Super Moves.

Portal Defense (Defensive Tier 2) - Blink uses her teleportation energy to create a portal right in front of her, redirecting up to level two Super Moves away from her. Because of the amount of power she has to put into this particular kind of portal, she can only hold it up for about twenty seconds maximum. She needs to see the attack to be able to use this, and she needs the use of her hands. This can be used on either a ranged attack or an opponent rushing with a melee move. The portal will connect to somewhere no more then 20 feet away, as opposed to her usual 80 foot maximum.

Energy Cannon: MASSIVE SHOT (Offensive Tier 2) - Created based on when Blink used a darkchip while fighting Nebula's Forces in the Vasty Deep. Her arm is covered by her emerald, swirly energy until it forms a heavy cannon. It is unwieldy, but durable and can be used as a relatively strong bludgeoning weapon at need. Its primary function is as a ranged weapon. By taking two seconds to brace and aim, she can unleash a burst of energy, with an effective range of 30 meters, which explodes in a 3-meter radius blast. It is fairly powerful, and the shot moves at speeds comparable to a bullet, but also quite linear and easy to predict. Unlike the original weapon which had five shots, each individual shot she takes uses a large amount of energy, so she only uses one at a time.

House of Portals (Utility Tier 2) - Blink creates a circle of portals around the enemy, forming a dome over them made entirely of her gateways. All of the portals are connected, so entering one would cause the enemy to leave out of another. Blink can set it up to be a permanent loop, or she can have one of the portals lead out, forming an 'only way out' scenario. She can also utilize a portal to send a ranged attack through and surprise-attack the enemy trapped inside. While this is going on, Blink is situated outside of the dome. This move takes up a ton of her energy, so she can't move or defend while she has the House of Portals up over somebody. If she chooses do anything that requires moving, including jumping into a portal herself, the entire dome will disappear. She can hold this dome up for about one minute maximum without it disappearing, but the longer she holds it for then the more energy/stamina she's using and the less stable the portals become. Because of the concentration that she has to put in to keep the portals stable, only she and the target(s) inside can use the portals. If anyone outside of the dome (even an ally) tries to use her portals, it will mess up the move and end up it early. 

Exiles Detective Agency

The Base - The Exiles HQ is located in the fourth tier of Coruscant, between an OmniStop mini-mart and a strip club called the Siren's Song. It is a modest business lot consisting of a small lobby, an office, a dormitory and a conference room. There is also a server room, which is the main hub for the real purpose of the detective agency: to act as a funded military special ops team to keep the peace in the Omniverse.

Gruu - A seemingly elderly man that runs 'Gruu-Tech', a research company. He funds the Exiles as one of his special military operations. He doesn't get directly involved but he does offer guidance and direction when needed.

Rufus - A heavily muscled man with a pale complexion, bald head and black goatee. He usually wears tight tank tops and loose jeans, with straps going around his shoulders and to his belt. On the straps are two holstered pistols. He's a pretty strong guy, but he's a much better shot with the pistols then he is as a close-combat fighter. He joined the Exiles when it was formed, after his 'Freedom Fighters' group didn't work out.

Astrid - A 'Shieldmaiden' that uses a spear as her chosen weapon. She is a pro at close-quarters combat thanks to her ability to keep melee fighters are range with her lengthy blade. She also has a pretty strong defensive game with her shield, as suggested by her nickname. She met Blink back when they both just arrived at the Omniverse, and now helps out as a field agent in the detective agency.

Omniverse History Thus Far

Dante's Abyss 2015 - Blink joined the competition right after appearing in the Nexus. She joined a quick duo with Violet, which seemed to be going well as they scored some successful fights, but they were naive and ultimately ended up betrayed by another group. Violet was killed in the encounter and Blink was left alone. She formed a new team with the mysterious Ganandorf. They made it through to the top 15 and both were eliminated just before the Top 10.

Welcome to the Omniverse, Claire Ferguson - Blink arrived in Coruscant after being beckoned there by a mysterious note after Dante's Abyss. She was given two offers: one from a telepath/gadget-maker, Gruu, who wanted her to lead a secret special groups to help life in the Omniverse. The other one was from the Coruscant Freedom Fighters, led by a telekinetic named Vendetta. She went with the Freedom Fighters, as she hated corporations and governments, like what Gruu represented. In the end, Vendetta turned on his team and killed all but one. Rufus, the survivor, helped Blink defeat him and together they agreed to join Gruu's team and formed The Exiles.

Assembling the Avengers - Having heard on the Dataverse that someone was re-assembling the famous Avengers group, Blink headed to the Vasty Deep to investigate. There, she met several other Primes, including familiar names like Captain America and Vision, as well as new names like Judy Hopps. They headed off on a rescue mission as their first 'assignment', but things went haywire when Blink went rogue due to being excluded. Afterwards, from a mixture of embarassment for herself and a lack of cohesion with the team, she left before the mission was over. She was sure that she would see at least some of them again.

Exiles Recruitment- The Shieldmaiden - Blink and Rufus headed to Costa del Sol to recruit their first Exile. They headed into a bar run by a wannabe pirate gang and talked their bouncer, Astrid, into joining their group. It helped that Astrid and Blink had met during Dante's Abyss, so it didn't take much to pull her from her current dead-end job.
[Image: blink2k15.png]


Sabretooth is Blink's adotive father after Apocalyse's Army invaded her city and led to the death of her family. He has to yet to actually Blink in the Omniverse.

Character Name: Victor Creed / Sabretooth (from Earth 295)

Character Source: X-Men Age of Apocalypse / Exiles

Character history: This is Sabretooth from the Age of Apocalypse storyline, where he was one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse but defected to the X-Men. He later became a member/leader of the Exiles. He is pulled to the Omniverse after the return of Apocalypse. Since being in the Omniverse, he has mainly stayed in a small settlement in the Camelot verse. He has tried to settle down and avoid confrontation, but sometimes he has to go out and be the defender for his adopted little town. Once he hears Blink is in the Omniverse, though, he will seek her out.

ATK: 5
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 1

Stat Increase: I (ATK) (1000)

Proficiencies: Physical Strength (1000)

Powers: Advanced Regeneration (2200), Survival (2000), Advanced Enhances Senses (1700)

Moves: Maulin' with Claws (300)

Transformation: Were-Sabretooth (Level 1 Powered Up Form) (1000)


Victor forces all his energy into his mutation and begins to physically manifest more of his X-gene. He grows about a foot taller, gained golden fur over his arms and back, and his claws extend about several more inches. As a side-effect to the strength and speed that he gains from this transformation, he goes into an almost berserk rage and completely focuses on the violence in front of him. While the violent streak can be controlled with great effort, he'll always have lowered mental faculties until he releases the transformation.

ATK: 7
DEF: 5
SPD: 3
TEC: 0
[Image: blink2k15.png]

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