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Tearen Wover

Name: Tearen Wover
Level: 9
Spent OM: 64,950
Proficiencies(6200): Remote Control Proficiency(600) Ranged Proficiency (1000) Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600) Area Attack Proficiency (600) Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Homing Proficiency (600), Physical Proficiency (1000), Buff Proficiency (400)
Powers(19,900): Advanced Telekinesis (1000), Telepathy (1500), Time Manipulation (800), Basic Fusion (1000), Symbiosis (1000), Basic Teleportation (1500), Phasing (1200), Advanced Enhanced Senses (1700), Flight (1800), Healing (2,500), Foresight (1500), Burst Movement (800), Insight (1600), Survival (2000)
Moves(5700): Warp Burst (600), Mind Surge (300), Quantum Uncertainty (300), Gravity Distortion (300) Temporal Jaunt (300), Particle Energy Conversion (300), Obsessive Complex Insertion (600), A Wash of Rose Petals (300), A Kiss of Reproach (300), Enigma (600), A Fleeting Pantheon (300), Spontaneity in Patience (300), Reciprocating Maelstrom (300), Psionic Intrusion Rebuttal (300), Mutual Combat Hypothesis (300), Reality Loophole (300), Divine Flock (300)
Super Moves(6200): Ego Nova (600 OM Tier 1 Offensive Super Move), Black Hole (800 OM Tier 2 Offensive Super Move), Matter Reassignment (600 OM Tier 1 Defensive Super Move), Exponential Sequence Contraction (600 OM Tier 1 Utility Super Move), Juncture Extension (800 OM Tier 2 Defensive Super Move), A Barbaric Crescendo (800 OM Tier 2 Offensive Super Move), Temporal Regeneration Augmentation (600 OM Tier 1 Utility Super Move), Panic Infection (600 OM Tier 1 Utility Super Move), Panic Outbreak (800 OM Tier 2 Utility Super Move), Ablative Succor (800 OM Tier 2 Utility Super Move)
Transformations(6500): Relativity Shift (1000 OM Tier 1 Power-Up), Corvidae (2000 OM), Harmony (2000 OM), Mental Pinnacle (1500)
Assists(2500): Aspects of Divinity (1500 OM), The Waltzing Enigma (1000 OM)
Items(1,600): Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Medal! (3) (Updated 8/8), Communicator (200), Spiritual Attunement (500), VitaCompass,
Consumed OM(3,050): 1× Isolation Verse, 2× Flashbang, 1× Warp Whistle, ×10 Elixer (Used DA17), ×9 MediGels (Used DA17), ×2 Banishing Rings (Used Battle of Death Mountain)
Unlocks(12000): First Stat Increase (1000 OM), Tier 1 Power Cap (2000), Second Stat Increase (2000 OM), Tier 2 Power Cap (3000), Tier 3 Power Cap (4000)
Base stats:
ATK: 2 (4) [4]
DEF: 4 (4) [5]
SPD: 1 (3) [3]
TEC: 5 (6) [10]


ATK: 5 (7) [7]
DEF: 0 (0) [1]
SPD: 5 (7) [7]
TEC: 2 (3) [7]


ATK: 3 (5) [5]
DEF: 3 (3) [4]
SPD: 3 (5) [5]
TEC: 3 (4) [8]
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

[Image: tearen_wover_by_tearen_and_zearen-db711g2.png]


Warp Burst (Requires Advanced Telekinesis, Area Attack Proficiency) - 600 OM

Tearen  causes a three foot wide disc of spacetime to lens outwards from its body, which will deflect any incoming projectiles or melee attacks. Tearen can only do this once per round, due to the mental strain, and due to its slow nature, cannot react fast enough to block extremely fast attacks such as bullets, lasers, or lightning fast melee blows. The lens takes half a second to form. When Tearen bends space in this way, light will bend around the spatial warp, causing a sort of fishbowl effect. When used as a shield, the only sound made is a low, almost subsonic rumble.

Alternatively, once per round, instead of shielding itself, Tearen can choose any point in space that it can see within 50 yards of itself and rapidly cause that point in space to expand, essentially causing a spontaneous explosion. It is easy to see where the detonation is going to happen as space will seem to contract around this point, looking like a funnel. Tearen requires at least two seconds to build up enough spatial tension to create an explosion seven feet in diameter. Being inside this contracting space before the explosion will not harm an opponent, but it will feel very odd; like they are being sucked down a drain. A Warp Burst explosion is capable of shattering any object less durable than your average chair, and will send debris flying in every direction. Getting hit by the blast will likely be enough to knock most average-sized opponents off their feet. It should be noted that Tearen is not immune to its own explosions. This attack can be interrupted if Tearen's line of sight to the epicenter is broken.

Mind Surge (Requires Telepathy, Ranged Proficiency) - 300 OM

Tearen's eyes flare brightly while this move is active, its normal green hues taking on a brilliant white gleam. It begins to flood the target's mind with overwhelming amounts of eldritch knowledge and information in such a volume that it can't be fully processed. This has the effect of causing the target to be stunned with overwhelming mental anguish as their brain tries to comprehend what it is taking in. Their vision will flash with images of impossible geometric shapes and nightmarish visions of distorted worlds and creatures. Their ears will be filled with a deafening, piercing roar, as if they were standing next to an immense waterfall. The goal of the move is to drive away attackers, and there needs to be mutual direct eye contact in order for any thoughts to be forced in, meaning that both Tearen and the target have to be able to see the other's eyes. As soon as eye contact it broken, the target is no longer affected. Tearen's brain can only maintain this flood of thoughts for roughly five seconds, and has to wait one full round before using the move again. In addition, Tearen can take no other actions while performing this move.

Once the move stops, the target does not retain any of the knowledge that Tearen showed them, save for a few hazy memories of terrifying shapes and sounds. If it is beneficial to the story, the target may be able to glean some forbidden knowledge, if they have a strong enough mind. While it does not inflict any serious, lasting damage, victims of Mind Surge are liable to have a considerable headache for an hour or two.

Quantum Uncertainty (Requires Teleportation, Time Manipulation, and Telepathy) - 300 OM

Tearen can take advantage of quantum fluctuations within a certain area to automatically teleport whenever someone is not looking at it. If someone breaks visual contact with Tearen for one second or more on their turn, Tearen will immediately teleport out of sight. It will then use its ability to control time to delay its manifestation until its own turn, at a visible location out of anyone else's line of sight. Tearen is aware of its opportunities to teleport by briefly scanning the immediate vicinity for minds aware of its exact location.

Since no on ever sees Tearen teleport, no one knows what it looks like.

Tearen can only do this when no sentient creatures, even its allies, are observing its location. If an opponent also has the ability to manipulate time, they can 'pull' Tearen out of its teleport by accelerating their own perception of reality. Tearen can only summon the energy to do this once per round.

Gravity Distortion (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Advanced Telekinesis) - 300 OM

Tearen takes three seconds to choose a point anywhere on the ground within 30 meters of itself and rapidly bend the gravitational field around that point within a 5 meter radius, causing the ground to rumble noticeably. Anyone caught in that area is immediately pulled to the ground as the gravity surges for three seconds.

While this does not cause any significant damage, it gives Tearen a chance to maneuver for a followup attack, or, any allies a free shot at the affected targects, provided they don't enter the gravity distortion as well. Anything that is not touching the ground during the distortion is unaffected by the change in gravity.

Temporal Jaunt (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Time Manipulation) - 300 OM

Tearen targets a single opponent within thirty feet and sharply increases their movement through time, causing any movement they make to go wildly out of control and cover twice the normal distance in a split second. It takes Tearen a single second to summon the power to do this, but it is extremely taxing on its body, and leaves it open to attack for  two seconds.

Usually Tearen uses this technique to keep a distance between itself and physical fighters, but it can also be used tactically to send opponents smashing into walls or other hazards. Fighters who are naturally fast or have Foresight may be able to maintain enough control over their bodies to avoid such harm. In addition, the opponent Tearen targets must already be moving when this move is performed.

Particle Energy Conversion (Requires Ranged Proficiency) - 300 OM

Tearen converts a tiny portion of its physical mass into radiant yellow-white energy, which is focused into a hair thin beam of destruction. The amout of matter needed to release this energy is inconsequential, but the God-Mind does require four seconds to trigger the reaction. During this time, it must outstretch a single finger, whose hand glows brilliantly as the energy builds up.

Once the beam fires, it moves at the speed of light and lasts for three seconds before quickly fading. It has a cohesive range of about one hundred yards before beginning to spread out and become harmless. Within that range, the beam is capable of punching through wood, rock, and even thin metal, though it won't remain potent after passing through such materials.

Obsessive Complex Insertion (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Homing Proficiency Telepathy) - 600 OM

Tearen's eyes begin to emit a harsh white shine, and over the course of ten seconds, the Enigma engulfs the mind of an enemy with its influence so as to seed their subconscious thoughts with a material obsession; either a Philia or a Phobia. If Tearen gives the target a Philia, they are compelled to remain within at least ten feet of a given material object, living or otherwise. If Tearen instead gives the target a Phobia, they must remain at least ten feet away from a chosen material object.

The obsession lasts for ten seconds multiplied by the difference between Tearen and the Target's TEC scores. If they are even, the move has no effect. Tearen can have no more than one Philia and one Phobia active in two different targets at a time, and it must cast them seperately. Tearen needs to be able to see both the target and the object of obsession for the duration of the casting. If a target leaves the range of Tearen's telepathy, the effect fades.

A Wash of Rose Petals (Requires Physical Proficiency, Area Shield Proficiency, Advanced Telekinesis, Basic Enhanced Senses, Time Manipulation) - 300 OM

Tearen swiftly envelopes its body in a thin barrier of telekinetic force and takes a defensive stance, focusing on all motion and thought taking place around him. It takes about two seconds for Tearen to prepare this stance, but once active, is able to deflect most if not all basic (unnamed) melee attacks targeted towards him by swatting the blows away with his shielded limbs. Since he has a full circle of awareness, he can reflexively block attacks even coming from behind him. Tearen also speeds up its perception of time while using this technique, so the number of attacks directed at him doesn't matter, so long as none of them are inherently faster than his body's actual ability to intercept.

Any attack that has more than a basic amount of force put behind it will breach the telekinetic envelope and cause the normal amount of damage that Tearen would have received if it hadn't prepared this move. Since it is such an intensive use of Tearen's skills, he can only sustain this defensive stance for up to six seconds before needing to rest for a full minute. It cannot use Time Manipulation or Telekinesis during this time. Tearen cannot move while deflecting the blows, and most concentrate on this move while using it. Additionally, it cannot use any other move while deflecting.

A Kiss of Reproach (Requires Physical Strength, Telekinesis) - 300 OM

After focusing a burst of telekinetic force into his arm for two seconds, Tearen waits for an opportune moment to strike before slamming an open palm into the target's center of mass. If the strike does not connect immediately after charging, within half a second, the telekinetic force dissipates and Tearen must charget this attack again. Tearen can work this into the end of a combo of normal hand-to-hand attacks, but it cannot be used in conjunction with named moves. Tearen must be able to concentrate on the kinetic buildup, but he can still move while doing so. The Move is not terribly draining to perform from a physical perspective, but Tearen must let his mind rest for three seconds before using any other telekinetic Moves.

The strike itself does hardly any damage, but as the hand impacts the target, the built up telekinetic force is shunted into the opponent, causing them to be pushed up to twenty feet away at about the speed of a fastball, depending on their weight. Opponents with fast reflexes or high TEC may be able to prevent themselves from falling over from the blow by rolling or somersaulting.

Enigma (Requires Physical Proficiency) - 600 OM

Tearen take four seconds to summon his favored weapon; the halberd known as Enigma. The polearm grows outwards in a line of shimmering brilliance, which slowly fades and dissipates to reveal the weapon. This ten foot long implement has a shaft made of a lightweight but sturdy metal that has a dark, oily sheen that ends with a spiked pommel. Enigma's head is about five inches long from shaft to blade, and the metal is of a curious teal cast with a brushed texture. Like all halberds, Enigma also has a long spear fused into the axe-head, which enables the weapon to be used both as a thrusting and as a cutting implement. The gap between the spear and the axehead can be used to catch and deflect blows from opposing weapons.

Reciprocating Maelstrom (Requires Physical Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Telekinesis, Burst Movement) - 600 OM

Tearen takes a moment to hastily distance himself from his opponent before spinning around once, flinging Enigma at the enemy. The Halberd moves at about the same speed as a fast sprinter, and spins at high speed as it closes in. Though the force behind it is not great, the speed of the cyclical strikes is often enough to harry even the most skilled of defenders. After striking the opponent five times (even if the attacks are blocked), Enigma stops its rotation and flies back to Tearen’s hands.

Tearen can move while the halberd is airborne, and can fling the weapon in such a way that its rotation is either vertical or horizontal. Enigma can only travel to the limit of Tearen's telekinetic range. Though he is able to move, he must concentrate on the move and cannot use his telekinesis for any other purpose during this attack, though overall this move is not terribly draining. If he stops concentrating, Enigma automatically returns to him, regardless of what stage of the attack it is in. The primary purpose is to distract and intimidate.

A Fleeting Pantheon (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Buff Proficiency, Telepathy, Area Attack Proficiency) - 300 OM

Tearen takes five seconds to calm himself before reaching out to a maximum of three allied Primes that are in range of his Telepathy; he cannot take any other actions during this time. The minds of these Primes, including Tearen, become perfectly tactically synchronized for the next ten seconds. They are able to share combat information and sensory input instantly and intuitively during this time, allowing each Prime to make a single regular physical or ranged attack from one of their standard weapons in perfect concert. The combined attacks must focus on a single target, and have an increased combined potency than their standard sum.

Tearen cannot use his telepathy in any other way during the duration of this attack, and cannot use any Moves that require Telepathy in the round following the use of this Move, though he can still use it to communicate. Though any attacks performed during this formation are no more physically taxing than normal, performing this move puts extreme strain on Tearen's mind and he will not be able to Concentrate on any other moves for ten seconds.

Spontaneity in Patience (Requires Physical Proficiency, Time Manipulation, Burst Movement) - 300 OM

Tearen remains totally motionless for a span of six seconds, concentrating on weaving he flow of time to his whim. While it appears to normal senses that nothing is happening, Tearen is secretly 'storing' temporal potential for use at a later time. Once this charging period is finished, Tearen can return to behaving normally, and may unleash the second half of this attack at any moment he chooses. Upon releasing the stored temporal potential, Tearen can compress the stored time to execute a single, devastating physical attack against a single target. Tearen closes the distance between himself and the target and delivers the blow, and then returns to his starting position. This all happens so fast that it appears as though Tearen never actually moved in the first place, aside from a blinding flash of light and a slight blurring of his figure.

To release this attack, Tearen must be able to travel along a direct path to his target without flying or teleporting, and the opponent must be no more than ten feet away. Though he does not need to actively concentrate on this Move to keep it charged, Tearen cannot use Time Manipulation while charging and holding this attack. Primes with Insight may be able to discern that Tearen has prepared this attack if they are observant enough, and Primes with Foresight may be able to avoid this attack if they are concentrating.

Psionic Intrusion Rebuttal (Requires Homing Proficiency, Ranged Attack Proficiency, Telepathy, Foresight, Insight) - 300 OM

Tearen senses an imminent incoming telepathic attack, and prepares his own mind for defense, which takes 2 seconds of preparation, during which time he cannot take any other actions. In addition to negating any single mental attack, if the opponent has a lower TEC than Tearen, they are subjected to an immediate psychic counter-attack in the form of a surge of mental pain and confusion. Tearen must have the ability to predict and prepare Psionic Intrusion Rebuttal. Though retaliating in this manner doesn't use much energy, if Tearen cannot use his foresight for some reason, this defense cannot be used. If an opponent has a higher TEC than Tearen, this defense does not affect them.

Mutual Combat Hypothesis (Requires Homing Proficiency, Ranged Attack Proficiency, Telepathy, Insight, Foresight, Time Manipulation) - 300 OM

Tearen selects one target and charges this move, which takes five seconds. He can move during this time, but he cannot attack or use any power that requires focus. Once the move is prepared, Tearen locks both himself and the target into a temporary physical time-stasis, while allowing the fight to continue between their linked minds. Five seconds of combat takes place in this mental battlefield, during which time Tearen analyzes the opponent's defense and techniques. Upon releasing the stasis, Tearen deletes the opponents' memory of the exchange, and allows combat to progress in the exact same manner, except this time, Tearen takes advantage of any analyzed openings and delivers one melee attack that cannot be blocked.

This technique is exhausting on many levels, and Tearen cannot use any extrasensory powers or time manipulation for the remainder of the round it is used. In addition, Tearen cannot use this technique if any other combatants are in the immediate area; otherwise it will cause a time paradox that results in Tearen's Time Manipulation burning out for the remainder of the fight.

Reality Loophole  (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Basic Teleportation, Ranged Materialize Proficiency) - 300 OM

Tearen picks out two locations in space that he can see within range of his teleportation, and focuses his concentration on those two points, causing a sheer white glow to radiate from his eyes. A pair of two-way gateways is opened nearly instantly between those two points, and remain open for as long as Tearen concentrates on this move.

Tearen cannot move or take any action besides talking while concentrating. Anything, including attacks, people, or objects, passes freely through the linked portals and maintains its ontological momentum. If Tearen is interrupted or stops concentrating, the portals snap shut just as quickly, pushing anything that is partially inside back through the point of its entry.

Divine Flock (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Flight, Advanced Telekinesis, Buff Proficiency) - 300 OM

Tearen takes ten seconds to clear his mind and build up strength before extending the power of flight to any ally within range of his telekinesis. As long as that ally stays within range, that ally can move freely through the air as if they owned Flight. Tearen can move himself and fly at half speed while imbuing this power, but otherwise must maintain concentration.

If Tearen is interrupted for any reason, the Divine Flock is ended and anyone in the air who was using the blessing is immediately reacquainted with gravity. This power takes a significant physical toll on Tearen, and for each person who uses the blessing, he must rest ten for seconds after it ends.

Super Moves

Ego Nova [Tier 1 Offensive Supermove] (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Telekinesis and Telepathy) - 600 OM

A black shadow radiates outwards from Tearen along the ground, covering a radius of 30 meters. The god-mind hunches over, flexing its mental powers to their maximum before throwing its head back and unleashing a devastating telepathic scream that lasts 5 seconds. As the scream is flaring, the shadow lights up with thousands of stars. The charging sequence takes 4 seconds to execute, and anyone caught in the shadow field at the end of that time falls to the ground, clutching their heads in pain.

As the scream reaches its crescendo, Tearen releases a 30 meter wide burst of telekinetic force, violently blasting anyone within that distance away from itself with explosive force. Once the scream is over, primes can immediately get back on their feet, though they are left feeling dizzy and disoriented for ten seconds. Primes with higher mental resilience may be able to resist the lingering effects, but the scream will still keep them rooted while it is flaring.

Matter Reassignment [Tier 1 Defensive Supermove] (Requires Phasing) - 600 OM

Tearen observes an incoming attack and removes a majority of its matter from the physical universe. It takes three seconds for Tearen to phase a sufficient amount of its body, so any attack that hits in this time affects Tearen normally. Tearen can remain phased for up to 5 seconds, during which time its form appears as a black, smokey image of its usual self. Tearen can move at its normal speed while phased, but is subject to any attacks or environmental hazards that might affect it upon returning to the physical world. In addition, spiritual, mental or magical attacks can have a partial effect on Tearen while phased.

Exponential Sequence Contraction [Tier 1 Utility Super Move] (Requires Time Manipulation) - 600 OM

Tearen reaches into the Time Stream and slows down the ambient flow of events, allowing it to process and summon the energy for moves it uses much faster. It takes Tearen three seconds of concentration to prepare to do this, during which time its three eyes bulge and flare with a white radiance.

After preparing and selecting a sequence of events to accelrate, Tearen is able to execute any three of its normal moves in rapid succession, all within the span of five seconds. All the moves used must obey their usual rules, aside from usage or time constraints. If Tearen chooses to perform this super move, it may not perform any other moves, super or otherwise, in its round as condensing and contracting time in the manner is very fatiguing.

Temporal Regeneration Augmentation [Tier 1 Utility Super Move] (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Enhanced Senses, Time Manipulation) - 600 OM

Tearen closes his eyes and spreads his arms out, reaching into the temporal existence of up to two allied Primes within ten feet of himself. Tearen performs a quick scan of their bodies for simple injuries before isolating their locations and accelerating the flow of time within and around those wounds. This accelerates the natural healing process of the Primes affected, effectively restoring 1 HP to all of them over the course of three seconds. The Primes that are being healed cannot move while being mended, and neither can Tearen. If Tearen wishes to heal himself, he can only heal one other Prime.

This Super Move only accelerates the natural healing process of a Prime's body, so wounds that would not normally close or mend themselves over time will only be slightly improved. Injuries that are more severe will still need more specialized attention.

Panic Infection [Tier 1 Utility Super Move] (Requires Homing Proficiency, Ranged Attack Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Telepathy, Enhanced Senses) 600 OM

Tearen focuses for three seconds, taking no other actions, before gripping the mind of a single person he can sense in range of his telepathy, and subjects them to horrifying full-sensory hallucinations for the span of one minute. The exact nature and appearance of the imagery can vary, but the practical effects are that the victim is overcome with panic and is unable to use any power or move that requires focus for the duration of this attack. The hallucinations cannot make any person appear somewhere they are not, nor conceal any combatants, nor 'alter' the basic layout of the battlefield. Though the target may still use simple attacks, they will be rushed and sloppy. Targets with high TEC or Insight may be able to tell the hallucinations are fake, but the images are still vivid enough that they can distract and demoralize with at least partial effectiveness.

Once the duration of this attack is complete, the hallucinations instantly end, but the target may still remain shaken for some time depending on their mental resiliency to abject horror, though this has no practical impact. This Utility can be countered with matching Super Defenses.

Black Hole [Tier 2 Offensive Supermove] (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Advanced Telekinesis, Time Manipulation) - 800 OM

Tearen gathers together all of its power for seven seconds, slowly rising into the air, its eyes flaring a brilliant white color. During this time it is totally vulnerable to attack, and Tearen cannot halt the process once it is started. Once the charge time reaches its apex, Tearen collapses in on itself and turns into a singularity, forming a swirling, pulsating black hole. Anything that weighs under five hundred pounds is dragged towards the black hole, with smaller items being pulled harder and faster than heavier things. Once any opponent collides with the even horizon of the black hole, they are subjected to extreme gravitational forces that bludgeon, rip, tear and otherwise ravage anything caught inside the singularity. The pulling phase lasts for ten seconds. Characters that are not killed during this time are flung ten meters away as Tearen explosively returns to its normal state and floats back to the ground.

After using this attack, Tearen is totally drained and cannot continue to fight. It can still fuse with other characters, but they cannot use any of its powers or moves.

A Barbaric Crescendo [Tier 2 Offensive Super Move] (Requires Physical Strength, Flight, Phasing, Remote Control Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Basic Teleportation, Time Manipulation, Burst Movement) 800 OM

Tearen folds his hands and takes ten seconds to enter a trance-like state. When he opens his eyes, they gleam a brilliant white, whereupon Tearen chooses any opponent within twenty feet of himself.

One he selects a target, Tearen clenches the flow of time tightly around their body, essentially freezing them in place for three seconds. During this time, Tearen instantly teleports to the target's location and proceeds to accelerate his own temporal movement, unleashing a hellish barrage of around thirty jabs and kicks, perpetually flashing in and out of a smokey phased state all around the target to hit every inch of their body.

At the end of these three seconds, Tearen must rest for ten seconds, directly next to the opponent, leaving himself wide open. The opponent, however, feels every single blow simultaneously across their entire body when they are released from the time freeze.

Juncture Extension  [Tier 2 Defensive Super Move] (Requires Area Shield Proficiency, Time Manipulation, Advanced Telekinesis)

Tearen reaches deep into its reserves of power and forces time within a ten foot sphere around itself to grind to a halt. Any incoming ranged attacks freeze at the edge of this sphere, becoming seemingly immobile, though they are simply moving extraordinarily slow. Melee attackers who encounter the field also freeze in place, but they cannot be attacked since any attack made towards them will also freeze. Tearen can maintain this field for ten seconds, during which time it moves itself well out of harm's way, though the sphere of frozen time does not travel with it. It takes Tearen one second to raise the field, so certain extremely fast attacks such as bullets may be able to hit Tearen before the field is totally up, unless, of course, Tearen knew the attack was coming and raised the sphere preemptively.

Once the ten seconds are up, all attacks that were affected by the field proceed normally and simply miss Tearen (by quite a margin). To other people caught inside the sphere, it will seem as though Tearen simply blinked out of the way. This super move is not selective towards allies, so any Primes fighting alongside Tearen will also be affected normally.

Panic Outbreak [Tier 2 Utility Move] (Requires Homing Proficiency, Ranged Attack Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency, Telepathy, Enhanced Senses) 800 OM

This move has all the same effects as described in Panic Infection, except that its effect can be extended to three targets at once. All targets of this attack share their hallucination, and can 'see' what is happening to the other targets. This Utility can be individually countered with matching Super Defenses. 

Ablative Succor - [Tier 2 Utility Super Move] (Requires Ranged Attack Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Advanced Enhanced Senses, Healing, Area Shield Proficiency) 800 OM

Tearen closes his eyes and focuses the wellspring of cosmic power within him for twelve seconds, searching for one person nearby who is within reach of his Enhanced Senses. Tearen breathes outwards, causing materials from the environment around the target to glow a pale green, vibrating away from their normal position and dissolve into a pale, shimmering mist.

The target inhales this mist, and is imbued with a thin envelope of protection around them that glimmers faintly. This envelope grants 6 temporary HP to the target, and can even be cast on someone at full health. This move does not reconstruct nor actually heal any existing injuries, but acts as a buffer against damage until it is depleted or the fight ends.


Relativity Shift [Tier 1 Power-Up] (Requires Time Manipulation) - 1000 OM

Tearen accelerates its movement through the fabric of time, causing the rest of the world to relativistically move in slow motion. This allows Tearen to appear as though it is moving more quickly, and since any kinetic force that is projected at a relativistically higher speed than normal time in a given area will inherently have more energy than usual, this means that Tearen's attacks hit with more force as well. In addition, the extra seconds Tearen has to react to any given event give the god-mind extra time to focus on its tasks.

ATK: +2
DEF: -
SPD: +2
TEC: +1

Mental Pinnacle [Tier 2 Power-Up] - 1500 OM

Tearen opens himself up as far as possible to his innate godhood, channeling the will of the universe through his mind. Integrating himself with the very fabric of reality grants him considerable physical power, but also accelerates his mental capabilities to near omniprecience.

ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +2
TEC: +5

Corvidae [Alternate Form] - 2000 OM

Over the course of four seconds, Tearen transforms into the shape of an otherwise unremarkable crow, which it can maintain indefinitely. Useful for its high mobility and low profile, this form also enables Tearen to put much more power into its non-telepathic attacks, since the god-mind's significant mental superiority is hard to manifest within the limited brain of a crow. In addition, the small, frail frame of the bird is susceptible even to the weakest of attacks, though its high speed and ability to fly make this form a very difficult target.

ATK: 5
DEF: 0
SPD: 5
TEC: 1

Harmony [Alternate Form] - 2000 OM

In this form, Tearen reverts to his human body. It lowers his overall mental capacity and resilience, but grants him more agency over his physical movements since his mind is more in tune with his flesh. The physical effects extend only to his own body, so any clothing or other items attached to him remain unaffected.

In his human form, Tearen appears as a tall, dark-skinned man with broad facial features and a sharp jawline. A head of long, shock white hair drapes down from his head in silky layers. His eyes retain their green hue, but now the glow is isolated only to his irises.

ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 3


The Waltzing Enigma [Tier 1 Assist] 1000 OM

Tearen takes three seconds to imbue his halberd with telekinetic force and a rudimentary intelligence, allowing to move and attack on its own. Enigma floats through the air and responds to mental commands from Tearen, so using this technique puts a strain on his physical and mental endurance. Though Enigma does can move freely while animated, it is not particularly graceful, so its attacks tend to be clumsy and heavy. Still, Tearen can make great use of Enigma by flanking his opponents and keeping them on guard against two physical attackers.

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 1
TEC: 0

Aspects of Divinity [Tier 2 Assist] 1500 OM

Tearen summons five of its Aspects to its side; floating, black, crystalline polygons of various shapes that each glow with a different color of interior light. Tearen can instantly relay mental commands to the Aspects as a group, though they do each have an individual intelligence. The prisms are fast, precise, and can deliver significant damage in the form of piercing energy beams, but their glass-like bodies make them prone to shattering with enough blunt trauma. Most importantly, the Aspects can serve as mobile eyes for Tearen, as the God-Mind can tap in to what any one of them is seeing at any given moment.

ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

[Image: nealphh_by_tearen_and_zearen-db05h79.png]
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

[Image: Rank7.png]
Total Achievement Points = 720

Personal Achievements
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)
Powerrrrr - Reach Level 5 (50)

Community Achievements
Active – Get fortnightly rewards 4 times in a row (10)
We Love You – Give someone constructive feedback (10)
Community Builder - Give constructive feedback on 5 occasions (15)

Purchasing Achievements

Exploration Achievements
Orcs and Non-Humans – Post 5 times in the Tangled Green (5)
The Impossible – Escape from the Underverse (50)
Enter the Void – Find a route into the Void (25)
The End? – Find a route into the Oververse (40)

Influence Achievements

Combat Achievements
There Can Only Be One! – Kill a (PC) Prime (5)

Story Achievements
Saga Veteran - Participated in a grand storyline (Jubilee, Rathalos, DA, Secondary Saga) (20)
Suburban Socialite – Meet 5 NPCs outside of Camelot and Coruscant (10)
Tea Time – Meet Omni and learn his secrets (100)

One-Time Achievements
Abyssal Warrior - Rank in the top 20% of a Summer Syntech Event (10)
First! - Be first at something in the OV (First to Fuse) (25)
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued


Drake Oneir

A human man of near-middle age. He wears dark street clothes with a hood drawn over a grey cap. His grizzled face has intense burn scars on the right side, and has dark circles around fierce green eyes. A small goatee caps his elongated chin, and his dark brown hair is short and frizzled. Drake also lacks his right arm, with only a small nub jutting from his shoulder. He is almost always seen with a single-strap satchel bearing a bright orange stripe.

Drake is almost a suicidal risk taker, which is odd, because he is an extremely capable planner. He has an impeccable sense of timing and situational awareness, meaning that it's nearly impossible to surprise him or catch him off guard. He is snide, cruel, selfish, and cunning to the extreme. His general outlook on life is that it's everyone's own responsibility to grow strong and protect themselves. If they make themselves vulnerable, they should expect to suffer the consequences. As such, he has few moral compunctions, at all.

He is usually only armed with a small plasma derringer, with a maximum of five shots before needing to recharge for an hour. Drake's largest asset are his immaculate skills with modifying and piloting almost every conceivable type of vehicle in the Omniverse. Behind the wheel, Drake becomes nearly unstoppable.

Millie 'Leviathan' Deberzi

Millie was an average middle-class girl from one of the many beachside neighborhoods in Costa Del Sol. That all ended when Nealaphh decided to use her as a pawn in a fleeting game of chess with a rival psion. She has dark brown skin, tight braids that dangle from her neck, and usually dresses in tank tops and khaki pants, which only serve to clearly highlight her bulging muscles. She has a round, strong face that is unadorned by makeup or jewelry. Instead, her skin is covered in black tattoos of myriad styles and form.

Millie is aggressive and brusque to a fault, never backing down from a fight that she even has a chance of winning. She prefers to solve things with brute force, even though she is considerably intelligent. She loves pointing out the flaws in people, but at the same time, can't take criticism herself. She strives constantly for perfection, and she can't stand the fact that she can never attain it.

Most of the time, Millie is covered in dark grey armor stolen from an Imperial Shock Trooper, repainted a matte grey except for a large viper skull painted in white on the chest. She also wields the Negotiator, a heavy laser gatling gun that can usually back up her reckless bravado. Most of her earnings as a vagrant gun-for-hire go straight into maintaining her equipment.


A Little Sister that was kidnapped by Tearen from Rapture after a run-in with her Big Daddy. At first, Tearen only used her as a convenient disguise to get around, fusing with her body as a ghost. Tearen also altered her mental conditioning so that she is able to become attached to other 'father' figures as needed, though she still considers him her 'real daddy'.

Rebecca has, however, been effectively adopted by Jade Harley, a close Prime friend of Tearen's. It was their mutual opinion that, since she had been traveling with the Witch for so long, it may be better for Rebecca's mental health to stay with Jade.


Myla is a succubus and erstwhile gearhead that Tearen encountered after some time in the Underverse. She helped him discover the location of Tyrael at Immortan Joe's citadel, and gave up her life to give him a chance to free the Angel of Justice. In gratitude, Tearen absorbed her mind and omnilium so that he could summon her again at a later time, and did so upon reaching The Void. She accompanied him on his way to see Omni, and made love with him just before the fateful encounter that lead to Tearen's destruction.

She has since retreated to a small, easily overlooked island in the Vasty Deeps to carry and raise the Shadow's Progeny. She has long, wavy, auburn hair, vivid orange eyes, and a porcelain complexion. Aside from her naturally sensual body shape, she is noticeably muscled and athletic. Most of the time she wears exotic slips and gowns that she designed herself, full of vibrant, prismatic colors.
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

Threat - Tool - Friend
Distant - Close
Resentful - Sympathetic

Prime PCs

Colonel- Distant, but tentatively positive. Though Colonel once served as a high ranking member of the Institute, Tearen and Colonel never had an abundance of close interaction. Tearen deeply respects Colonel as a soldier, but not much more.

Demetri Malius- Demetri was one of the first Primes who agreed to work with Tearen, so the bond between them is deep. Tearen is still miffed that Demetri decided to leave the Institute after he went through all the trouble to try and rescue Demetri, but still hold the thief in high regard.

Essent Rose Alison- Tearen had a relatively short amount of time to get to know Essent, and is slightly disappointed she didn't stick around to meet Jade, but, he understands he can't specifically control anyone's choices and wishes her the best.

Gamzee Makara- Tearen likes Gamzee's sense of wonder and appreciation for the truth of the Universe, and has always admired the clown's desire to bring cheer to those around him. That being said, the elder Prime is acutely aware of Makara's dangerous, suppressed, berserk nature.

Gildarts- After the events of DA17, Tearen and Gildarts are on much better terms, and are almost something approaching what might be considered friends. Of course, Tearen is certain that Gildarts wouldn't hesitate to knock Tearen's head off if the need arose, but for the moment it seems like they're on very good terms.

Guu- Tearen knows Guu is a busy princess, but it would have been nice if she had helped organize more Ambrosia support for the attack on Volvagia. Still, he's not necessarily angry about it and he was kind of a weirdo in his emails to her so he can forgive some hesitance on her part. Still, things are a little frosty right now.

Ilidan Stormrage- Tearen sees Ilidan as little more than a power-hungry warmonger with no regard for Secondary lives. The night elf is lucky Tearen has sworn off killing, for now. To make matters worse, Gildarts seems to like the bastard, which makes Stormrage even more of a threat to the Omniverse.

Jade Harley- Tearen had a vested interest in Jade even before he started feeling like a human again. Now he's eager to get back to the Omniverse to see how she's been doing with Rebecca. He feels a kinship with her Space aspect and wishes only the best for her.

Kelly Macaryn- Kelly reminds Tearen much of himself at far distant time. The psychic student has all the makings of an excellent Enigma, and Tearen is disappointed he won't be around to see where Kelly's ambition takes him. Past that, though Tearen doesn't consider him personally close.

Cat- Tearen saw a lot of potential in Cat, but the first thing he ever asked her to do resulted in her disappearing without a trace. Tearen would like to see her again one day to try and help her with her memory problem, but for now things are kind of up in the air.

Cell- A bug monster that tried to attack Tearen and Malon, again, but at least this one talked. Despite being a foul-mouthed bastard, Tearen picked up indications that Cell was just a kid trapped in a killer's body. To that end, he kinda has a weird affection for the guy.

Dane Regan- Having been one of Tearen's disciples, the Shadow has a much higher opinion of Dane than he used to, and has a great appreciation for the warrior scholar's fierce independence.

Dust- Tearen takes a dim view on this lycanthrope as being sexually abusive and a bit of a sycophant. Gildarts seems to see something in the boy, though, so the Shadow is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, for now.

Enel- Despite being a complete prick with a domineering worldview, Tearen kinda likes Enel, since the Lightning God reminds Tearen of himself in his younger years as an Enigma. They had a nice little exchange of blows in the Colosseum, but Tearen doesn't expect to encounter him again any time soon.

Little Ghost- Some bug thing with a sword that randomly attacked Tearen and Malon in DA17.

Malon- The elder Prime considers Malon to be a true comrade and a girl that is worth every bit of assistance and guidance he can render her. As one of Tearen's spiritual daughters, Malon elicits the closest thing Tearen is willing to call a familial love, but at the same time, he did partner with her in DA for more than personal reasons...

MADBULL34- Tearen punched him in the face. He suspects Esteves is a little sore about that.

Miranda Frost- Tearen likes Miranda a lot, and again, would like to help her with her memory problems. She definitely was an eager helper and has the strength to follow through on her promises. Tearen appreciates her gruff and determined demeanor.

Okor Paleblood- Okor was by and far Tearen's largest supporter and most avid follower in the Omniverse. Tearen has an objective appreciation of Okor's philosophy, not to mention his general demeanor. Still...he's aware that pulling such an abrupt vanishing act probably left the Plague Marine confused and maybe a tad disappointed. Also, Okor's desired conquest doesn't sit so well with Tearen's rekindled humanity anymore.

Sterling Archer- Some prick with fancy guns. More importantly, he shot those guns at Tearen one time.

Strazio Rockwell- The Shadow has always been a fan of Strazio's work and outlook on life, and recently got to meet this angry Prime in DA17. Though their time together wasn't as long as Tearen would have liked, the Shadow likes to think that they established a decent rapport, especially in having a common foe in Illidan.

Tartaros- There's no love between Tearen and the Luna Wolf. They aren't necessarily out to get each other, but it wouldn't take much.

The Humble Sage- Despite meeting in combat, Tearen and Sage did share a meal together afterwards, and the wizard seems genuinely invested in propagating Tearen's Underverse message. That's about the extent of their relationship, however.

Thor- He helped kill Volvagia so...that's good. Not much else between them.

'Victor Hendy'- A predatory Prime that not only killed but savagely fed on Malon, but aside from that, Tearen doesn't know much about this vampire. He's aware that Victor Hendy is not his real name, but has few other leads.

Zack Fair- As much as Tearen likes Zack for his eagerness and strength, Tearen is also pretty sure that Zack would not hesitate to kill him if he knew about Tearen's history. Good as an arm's-length associate, at best.

Prime NPCs

Darunia- Tearen and Darunia have a stark difference of opinions when it comes to leadership and tactics. As much as Tearen feels bad about what happened to the Goron Village, he thinks it could have been avoided if Darunia had mustered up the gumption to face Volvagia when they were on the offensive.

Volvagia- Tearen feels pretty damn good about banishing the Arch Dragon to the Underverse, but doesn't think her much more than a relocated animal. He sympathizes with her destructive nature, but wouldn't hesitate to kill her again.

Itachi Uchiha- While Tearen believe that he and Itachi have come to a mutual understanding for now, he knows that neither of them would hesitate to stab the other in the back.

Tyrael- The first Prime Tearen has met in the Omniverse that held an advantage over him in all areas. As a result, Tearen has a bit of a mancrush on the Angel of Justice, and also sort of owes him for freeing Tearen from the Underverse. He's sworn to serve Tyrael's goal of preventing Diablo's victory at all costs, with the full knowledge that Tyrael could dunk him back into the Underverse if he felt like it.

Immortan Joe- Tearen did not 'meet' the Immortan Joe so much as was 'forcibly introduced'. He's a sadistic demon lord who enslaves people to death before shipping them off to get turned into living weapons. Happens to be on Tearen's 'permanently destroy' list.

And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

Can be Referred to As:

Tearen, the Shadow, the Ex-Enigma, Eldritch Human, elder Prime


When in his default, black-bodied form, he lacks a voicebox, so he can only speak in hoarse whispers. He will still use his telepathy to communicate sensitive information, or if he's feeling particularly familiar.

Tearen's telepathy is written in italics, without any quotation marks.

He tends to be flowery and ornate when speaking casually, preferring to express his thoughts using very complex language.


In his Corvidae form, Tearen pretty much looks exactly like a normal crow, though his eyes will still flash when he is exerting his mind.

In his natural form, Tearen's body is made of a black, glassy substance that is physically tough but prone to shattering under blunt force trauma. Beneath his obsidian skin, he has soft tissue and organs that bleed a black, glittering, silty sort of blood. He has two green patches of light on his face that roughly are in the position and shape of eyes. His mouth is a jagged, fractured crack in his face. Normally he keeps himself wrapped in a hood and cowl, with matching raggedy robes to match. He does have a lot of jangly talismans and amulets though.

In his human form, Tearen appears as a tall, dark skinned, green-eyed human with slicked back hair of platinum white. It is braided into a thick ponytail, and trails down to his mid-back. His human facial features are tall and slim, with a somewhat royal bearing, and he wears heavy eye makeup that trails off to the left and right of his eyelashes. He wears half-rim glasses, and usually dresses in a dark suit, though more casual settings may see him wearing a set of loose, black robes.


Aside from his halberd, named Enigma, Tearen doesn't really carry anything on him. His dataverse device is actually a self-made organ inside his brain, so he can connect his mind wirelessly to communicators and the Dataverse. Details on Enigma can be found in its move description.


Tearen is just as comfortable in the air as he is on the ground. Though he is not slow, per se, his movements tend to be measured and calculated, almost as if his body was animatronic.

Tearen tends not to make gestures with his hands or do pantomime; he'd rather visually represent his ideas using telepathic imagery.


When in combat, Tearen flows seamlessly between attack and defense, but his primary focus is on controlling the opponent and limiting their options. Many of his moves have considerable synergy, so they will usually be planned in advance and used in concert for a greater effect. Tearen usually prefers to use his opponent's strength against them, and will redirect their movement or attacks in order to do damage to the environment. Once the building starts to fall down, Tearen will just go incorporeal and float away.

On the occasion that his temper gets away from him, Tearen will just cause the destruction himself, usually resorting to his Black Hole supermove as a final show of dominance.
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

Quote:As a note to any Enigmas possessing Tearen's memories; you have full access to any information in these threads gained from Tearen's perspective.

Tearen enters the Omniverse as Nealaphh and gets his bearings. He meets Darunia and formulates a plan to begin his ascendance to godhood, revolving around the defeat of Volvagia.

First Encounters in Ashen Steppes

Nealaphh begins searching for the wielder of the Megaton Hammer, a weapon rumored to be capable of defeating the Arch Dragon. He tracks down a location he's likely to encounter Link, but fails to intercept. Undeterred, he decides to travel back to Darunia to enact the next phase of his plan. In the meantime, he publishes the Monotruth.

Travelling to the DA '15 Lobby
Mingling Ensues
Mad Blogs
Travelling Back to Death Mountain
Meeting and Negotiating with Darunia

Nealaphh begins overseeing preparations for the creation of the Gigaton Hammer, an improved version of the Megaton Hammer. After being sure the raw materials will be acquired, Nealaphh travels to Costa Del Sol to find a smuggler able to get the material into Coruscant, where the assembly plant is planned to be created. There, he encounters Cat and Demetri Malius, his first two followers. Though he successfully finds a smuggler, Nealaphh has another run-in with Imperial forces, forcing him to retreat to Rapture to recover. After finding a suitable host to sneak him into Coruscant, Nealaphh encounters two Imperial fugitives; Okor and Tartaros. After killing a random megalodon, Nealaphh leaves Rebecca with Okor so he's forced to then look for one of the rumored secret portals from the Vasty Deep to Coruscant himself. Much to his chagrin, Nealaphh finds out that there are no such things after a run-in with Itachi Uchiha.

Escorting a Goron Mining Mission
Travelling to the Seashore
Beach Episode
In Rapture
Spec Marines
Searching for Portal

Once again undeterred, Nealaphh decides to postpone his current efforts to go to the aid of Demetri Malius, who has been captured by New Babylon. On the way through the Nexus, Nealaphh meets Tom Riddle, a kindred soul and wizard. Together the two travel to Nippur, only to find that it is under siege. While Tom rushes to try and assist Demetri, Nealaphh is caught in an Isolation Verse by the Prime known as Gildarts. After nearly being defeated by the 'Strongest Prime', Nealaphh, Tom and Demetri regroup. Demetri regretfully informs Tearen that he will be leaving the Institute, while Tom and Nealaphh resolve to travel to Darkshire to set up a base of operations.

Meeting Tom
Travelling to Nippur
Arriving at Nippur
Legacy & War
Aftermath & Planning
Travelling to Pale Moors

Upon arriving in the Pale Moors, Nealaphh assists Tom in recreating a piece of his home; a castle known as Hogwarts. Having sent Klee and Shen, two of his Aspects, as messengers, Nealaphh arranges for the raw materials being harvested by the Gorons to be delivered to this new castle. Nealaphh oversees and works on the creation of the Gigaton Hammer with Tom's assistance. Once it is completed, the pair leaves for the Ashen Steppes and begin the final preparations for the Battle of Death Mountain.

Creating the Hammer
Travel to Death Mountain
Battle of Death Mountain: Staging

Nealaphh initiates the Battle of Death Mountain by splitting the assembled Primes into three groups, designated Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Alpha Group is tasked with attacking Volvagia directly and driving her back into the depths of Death Mountain. Beta Group infiltrates the interior of Death Mountain and plants explosives to collapse the summit on Volvagia when she retreats, and Gamma's job is to hold the dragon swarms at bay while the other two teams do their jobs. Needless to say, everything goes horribly wrong. In the end, however, Volvagia ends up being banished after destroying the Goron village. Enraged and ashamed, Nealaphh banishes himself as well.

Battle of Death Mountain: Alpha
Battle of Death Mountain: Beta
Battle of Death Mountain: Gamma
Bad Things Happen
Worse Things Happen

In the Underverse, Nealaphh is quickly taken prisoner by the demons of an intelligent, living city called Grooota. Nealaphh proves his worth as a warrior to Grooota by exterminating failed cyborg projects in the depths of the city's plumbing, and regresses to his human identity in the process. The newly reborn Tearen Wover becomes one of Grooota's favored gladiators, but after a few bloody matches, Tearen decides that it's more important for him to take care of people he left behind in the Omniverse, as opposed to proving his dominance in the Underverse. After intentionally getting himself killed in a fight, Tearen encounters a succubus known as Myla, who claims that she can help lead him to Tyrael, and out of the Underverse. They managed to do so, at the cost of Myla's life.

Underverse Vacation

After escaping the Underverse, Tearen take a quick trip through the Void and finds a door to the Endless dunes. He travels through the Dunes and into the Nexus, before encountering Essent Rose Allison. Taking a shine to the young lady, Tearen travels with her for a short time as he heads to Jade's tower in the Frozen Fields to pick up Rebecca. Though they part ways before reaching their destination, Tearen promises her that he will always be available if she has need of him. Upon reaching the tower, Tearen has a nice reunion with Rebecca and Jade, before discussing the Little Sister's future with the Witch of Space. In the end, they decided to let Rebecca stay with Jade, so that Tearen could complete his new plans to ensure the safety of the Omniverse as a whole. Part of that step involves spreading the message of Diablo's imminent threat, and Tearen decides to use Dante's Abyss 2017 as a platform for that message...

Entering the Void
Journey across the Desert
Encountering Essent
Reunion and Departure with Jade

The first thing Tearen does upon entering Dante's Abyss is announcing the imminent threat that Diablo could invade the Omniverse again at any time, should he feel like it. Having already completed his primary goal here, Tearen finds the Prime known as Malon, and decides that she's worth protecting throughout the event. The two do well during the first few days of the event, getting a decent number of pick ups as well as spreading Tearen's message farther after a fight with Illidan and Gildarts. After another fight, however, Malon gets culled to the Colosseum, forcing Tearen to change his plans. In the course of doing so, Tearen encounters Strazio Rockwell, and the pair travel together for a day or two before Tearen himself is culled. Just before he is taken to the arena, however, the Shadow promises Gildarts that he will cure the Strongest Prime of his curse of Malefactor. After defeating Dane, Enel and Madbull in a caged deathmatch, and seeing Malon get horribly mangled in the adjacent arena, Tearen finishes the Syntech event with little to show for it. He hopes that his message has proliferated far, and upon returning to the pregame lobby, upholds his promise to Gildarts Clive to rid the wizard of the festering voice in his head.

Dante's Abyss 2017

Satisfied that his missions in the Omniverse proper are nearly complete, Tearen resolves to share the secrets of his power with new Primes, in the hopes that they will use them to strengthen both themselves and the Omniverse against an invasion from Diablo. The elder Prime travels to the Tangled Green, near Ambrosia, and awaits his students' arrivals. After a day or so of teaching Gamzee, Strazio, Malon, Guu, Kelly and Dane the mentality of being an Enigma, Tearen decides to expedite their training by merging all seven of them into a single being temporarily. This passes all of his memories of the Omniverse onto them for use in their new endeavors, and he disappears immediately after.

Teaching a New Generation of Enigmas

Satisfied that his time in the Omniverse is done, Tearen travels to the Void and summons Myla once again to keep him company for his final hours. The pair traverse the weird and beautiful landscape of the Void and discuss various facets of existential philosophy. The find the gate to the Oververse, and Myla talks Tearen into making love to her as testament to their mutual liberations. The two travel to Valhalla, and Tearen enters Omni's palace alone to meet his final, much desired doom...

Travelling through the Void
The End
And, we dream of home I dream of life out of here Their dreams are small My dreams don't know fear I got my heart full of hope I will change everything No matter what I'm told How impossible it seems We did it before And we'll do it again We're indestructible Even when we're tired And we've been here before Just you and I
Don't try to rescue me I don't need to be rescued

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