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Zack Fair

Name: Zack Fair
Spent OM: 48,900
Consumed OM (2,900): Items (2,900)
Proficiencies (4,600): Physical Proficiency (1000) Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Debuff (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400)
Powers (6,700/8,000): Master Super Jumping (800), Master Acrobat (400), Burst Movement (800), Suppression (1000), Super Speed (1000), Foresight (1500), Stealth (1200)
Moves (4,200): Buster Sword (300), Blade Beam (300), Bolt Materia (300), Fire Materia (300), Ice Materia (300), Earth Materia (300), Poison Materia (600), ShinRa Mk97 Sniper (300), Fire Bar Saber (300), Chain Chomp (900), Koopa Carbine (300)
Super Moves (3,000): Braver (600 - Tier 1 Offensive), Mako Shield (600 - Tier 1 Defensive), Ultima Materia (800 - Tier 2 Offensive), Wall Materia (800 - Tier 2 Defensive)
Transformations: (2,500) Mako Charge (1000 - T1 Power Up), Mako Surge (1500 - T2 Power Up)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device, Medal! (x3), Abner White Action Figure (Flavor Item), Warp Whistle, Banishment Circle (x4), Senzu Bean

Unlocks (25,000): Stat Upgrade I - DEF (1000), Stat Upgrade II - ATK (2000), Stat Upgrade III - TEC (4000), Stat Upgrade IV - SPD (8000), Recognition - Ashen Steppes, Stat Upgrade V - ATK (11,000)

Base stats (Mako Charge) [Mako Surge]
ATK: 5 (7) [8]
DEF: 3 (4) [7]
SPD: 3 (5) [5]
TEC: 4 (4) [5]

Zack Fair
"Would you say I became a hero?"

[Image: Zack_fair.jpg]


Zack Fair, formerly of ShinRa Inc.'s SOLDIER unit, is a tall, young man with spiky black hair. Even though he spent the last year outside of the Omniverse on the run from ShinRa, he still wears the black uniform of a SOLDIER 1st Class. His most distinguishing aspects are his scar across his cheek, the strand of hair that hangs in front of his face, and even more noticeably, the gigantic Buster Sword that rests on his back.


Zack's personality can be difficult for a stranger to fully understand. He appears aloof and unconcerned with most of issues, and some would even say that he takes nothing seriously. However, he actually deeply cares about his friends and allies, and is generally interested in making the world a better place for most people. Yet, his way of expressing his care to even the closest of friends can leave many scratching their heads if they don't understand his humor and personality. A defining attribute is his commitment to honor and most importantly, his simple dream to become a hero. He has yet to understand what that means in the Omniverse, however. However, his most radical personality development since arriving in the Omniverse is his distrust of any sort of organization or government. This is a direct result of ShinRa Inc. betraying him near the end of his life in his original world. Despite his distrust of organizations, he strongly believes in individual people, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. A good rule of thumb for Zack is that he is always exactly as nice as people will let him be: defaulting to kind and jovial and matching any level of aggression equally.


Character Source: Final Fantasy 7 / Crisis Core

Zack Fair was born in the remote village of Gongaga. He enjoyed a simple childhood filled with hunting, fishing, and exploring. The town was nestled in a forest and some mountains, giving the young boy many opportunities for adventure at a young age. Zack always dreamed of going to Midgar and joining the legendary SOLDIER unit of ShinRa Incorporated. Eventually he left home without a word to his parents and enlisted in ShinRa's paramilitary forces.

With his exceptional skills and talents, Zack quickly raced through the ranks and was very quickly selected for SOLDIER detail. One SOLDIER, named Angeal, took a personal interest in him upon seeing the raw talent Zack held. Zack underwent the taxing SOLDIER process which included Mako infusions as well as the injection of Jenova cells. This was a notoriously dangerous step, and the part that made SOLDIER so legendary. Zack was both physically and mentally able to handle it, however, and quickly found himself working as a SOLDIER.

He ascended through the SOLDIER ranks, from 3rd Class to 2nd Class under the guidance of Angeal. Eventually he was assigned to Wutai alongside Angeal and Sephiroth, and was stunned to learn that his mentor, Angeal, had turned on the company midway through the mission. Driven by his desire to understand the betrayal, Zack helped Sephiroth search for Genesis and Angeal both. Promoted to 1st Class, he went on many missions, developing a strong working relationship with the Turks, particularly Tseng and Cissnei. He helped mentor a young infantryman named Cloud, and became close friends with Sephiroth. In his off time he enjoyed spending time with a girl he met in Midgar, Aerith Gainsborough. Eventually the conflict ended with Genesis and Angeal killed, and Zack inherited the Buster Sword from his deceased mentor.

However, the war was not over yet. Genesis clones were still rampant all over the world, leaving Zack and Sephiroth to agree that Genesis was still alive. The two of them took a small detachment to the remote town of Nibelheim, among their troops was Zack's friend Cloud Strife, who was from this village. They found Genesis, who was rapidly degrading due to the failed experiments that had created him. Genesis plead for Sephiroth to share his perfect cells with him, and explained the experiments that had made him as well. He was refused, and Genesis knew better to confront Zack and Sephiroth together. However, the damage done was great. Sephiroth dug and dug for answers in the ShinRa mansion, eventually discovering the truth that he was in fact the perfect result of the Jenova Project.

Driven to madness, Sephiroth burned the town of Nibelheim to the ground and killed nearly all the townspeople. Zack found and confronted him at the Mako Reactor, and the two engaged in a fierce battle. Sephiroth eventually managed to overpower Zack and defeat him, but was seriously wounded in a surprise attack from Cloud. When Zack told Cloud to finish off Sephiroth, Cloud sustained major injuries, but was able to hurl Sephiroth into the mako pits.

Zack and Cloud, both too injured to move, fell unconscious in the aftermath, where they were recovered by Hojo's recovery team. Hojo preformed experiments on them for two years, attempting to replicate the Jenova project. However, while Cloud was too weak to mentally handle it, Zack was too strong and could not be influenced. They were both deemed failures and left to his assistants to continue working on.

However, Zack suddenly awoke one day, and broke out. He recovered the completely comatose Cloud and escaped with his unresponsive friend. Escaping into the hills, Zack fought his way through ShinRa forces using stealth and strength when appropriate. Eventually the Turks were called in to assist, putting Zack at odds with his close friend Cissnei. To his luck, though, Cissnei wanted to help, and allowed Zack an opportunity to slip through the perimeter with Cloud.

Now free and on the loose, Zack began his hunt for Genesis. At the same time, Genesis was hunting Zack and Cloud, desiring their cells that replicated Sephiroth's. It boiled down to a dramatic confrontation in the destroyed village of Banora, where Zack defeated Genesis in a one on one battle. Genesis was freed of his degradation, but Zack couldn't wait around for him to recover. He loaded Cloud up and departed for Midgar, risking everything for a chance to reunite with Aerith.

ShinRa was closing in on him, though, despite the Turks attempts to slow them town. When sniper fire rained down on the truck they were hitchhiking in, Zack knew that he was about out of options. Zack hid Cloud, and confronted the ShinRa military head on. Despite the fact that he was against the best technology and some of the strongest warriors left in the world, Zack battled the forces head on. Hours and hours passed as Zack devastated the ShinRa military, thinning its numbers to record lows. However, at the same time, the damage he took was simply too great. All of his memories and dreams flashed before him, and yet seemed to fade as he continued to battle. Finally overwhelmed by the firepower against him, Zack collapsed and the few survivors departed.

In his dying moments, Zack handed the Buster Sword over to Cloud, who was just then showing signs of recovering functionality. He could only lay there as his last breaths escaped him, wondering if he had become a hero. He looked into the light and reached for Angeal's hand as it welcomed him to the afterlife, but then another hand reached in and grabbed his instead, taking him to a far away place known as the Omniverse.
Zack Fair arrived at the Nexus shortly after his supposed death. Upon realizing that he was not actually dead, Zack began to put together that this was a new, alternate reality from what he had known. Despite the fact that he had just handed off the Buster Sword to Cloud, it was now comfortably on his back like always. While he was still processing this, soldiers from a place known as Camelot encouraged him to come with them and learn more from their governing body, but Zack was reluctant after his year on the run from Shin-Ra. Instead he ventured into the Ashen Steppes, where he began aimlessly exploring and testing his abilities in this new realm.

During his travels he encountered two individuals, Luigi Mario and Miranda Frost. Working together, the three of them were able to defeat a small group of dragons with little trouble. Luigi departed the group as quickly as he arrived, however Miranda stayed with Zack, and the two explored the Steppes by motorcycle for some time. They ascended a mountain, stopping at a small bar in a mining outpost. Upon overhearing the news that there had been multiple bandits attacks in the verse, Zack and Miranda decided to pay a visit to Bowser, a local leader, to see how they could help. They were joined by the mysterious Mayor Orange on a treacherous journey into the lava filled wasteland.

As they traveled towards the realm of King Koopa, they encountered some turtle soldiers at an outpost that sent them onwards. Their journey was filled with dangers and pitfalls. Eventually they were accosted by two men on a dragon, demanding their third member, the odd mayor. There was a brief battle, but the men identified as Red and Blue escaped, taking Mayor Orange with them. A wizard joined Zack and Miranda for this battle, while a fourth man observed from above. Before proper introductions could be made there was a burst of lava from the ground, scattering the four of them.

Zack managed to regroup with the last arrival, who introduced himself as simply Colonel. After introductions were completed, Miranda arrived with a skiff from a nearby fortress she had managed to get ahold of. They were joined discreetly by Demetri Malius, and less discreetly by Drake Oneir. Though Demetri parted from them after a brief meal where the group caught up and swapped stories, Zack managed to get Bowser's location from the castle guards, and they woke up early the next morning to head towards Bowser's fortress.

Shortly after arriving at the palace, they were granted a meeting with Bowser, who explained the bandit problem the Koopas faced. Miranda and Colonel were suddenly whisked away by unseen elements, but Zack and Drake traveled on and put dent in the local bandit problem. This only angered the bandits into further action, and at the Koopas insistence, the two of them went to confront the bandit leader. At Drake's suggestion, they utilized the Gorons that were transporting ore for the Institute as both bait and reinforcements.

Drake didn't survive the battle, so Zack returned to Bowser as the sole survivor of his team. While waiting to hear what the Koopa Kingdom would do in response to the army massing to confront Volvagia, Zack formally became an ally of the Koopas through the sport of Bombsketball. The Koopas decided that they would not intervene, so Zack followed Drake's previous suggestion and joined the primes massing at Death Mountain.

Zack was grouped into Alpha Team, alongside Gildars, Tom Riddle, Thor, and Okor. Though they wounded the dragon, they could not kill it. While Gildarts and Zack recovered, they were rejoined my Miranda Frost. From there they witnessed the fall of Volvagia and Nealaphh's self banishment.

Needing to get away from the molten wasteland of the Ashen Steppes, Zack took a vacation to the Vasty Deep, where he crossed paths with Caira Ayryn. He joined with her on her journey to track down a mysterious star piece that landed somewhere in the Deep, hopping islands and dealing with many threats as they went.


ATK: 4
Zack is immensely strong, able to expertly wield a massive sword with no difficulty. His magical abilities are just as powerful, and even devoid of any weaponry he is perfectly capable unarmed.

DEF: 3
Though he has lost a lot of his resilience since arriving in the Omniverse, Zack is fairly durable and can power through a substantial beating and continue to fight.

SPD: 3
Surprisingly for the primary weapon he carries, Zack is also fairly agile and able to keep combat up close if needed.

TEC: 4
For all his immesnse strength, Zack wields his massive sword just as easily, retains a steady aim with his firearms and magical spells, and is very proficient in hand to hand techniques.


Master Super Jumping
Zack's Mako infusion has pushed his body to new limits. He is capable of leaping to absurd heights seemingly naturally.

Master Acrobat
Zack can flip, cartwheel, and preform other agile feats with minimal difficulty, even in the midst of combat. He typically holds his ground, but is prone to the occasional somersault, if only to make a point about his abilities.

Burst Movement
Just as he can jump to incredible altitudes naturally, Zack can utilize that same physical strength to leap in any direction very quickly. This is useful for avoiding dangerous attacks.

It wasn't a conscious decision, but Zack is just much harder to get a read on, given his unique energy source.

Super Speed
Zack has two options for utilizing Super Speed. The first is simply to break into a full sprint, which allows him to cover great distances quite quickly. The second option is to ride on the green shell given to him by the Koopa Kingdom.

There's no special power involved on this one. Zack is simply alert and experienced in combat, and very rarely lets himself get complacent outside of it. This awareness of his surroundings makes it difficult to ambush him.

Again, there is no special magic involved in Stealth. Zack is skilled enough to hide from plain sight and make himself difficult to detect, even with the massive Buster Sword strapped to his back.



Buster Sword (300) - A large sword that measures approximately six feet long and a foot wide. It has a single blade and a decorated golden hilt. Besides the enormous size of the blade the two holes on the blade, near the hilt, are key distinguishing features. It's large size makes it quite powerful but also slower than the average sword, even in Zack's skilled hands.

ShinRa Mk97 Sniper (300) - A sleek, black sniper rifle produced by ShinRa. Zack can materialize it from thin air through the use of Omnilium, since he has nowhere to store it and does not frequently use it. It takes about three seconds to make the weapon appear. The weapon comes with a bipod, and he must set it on the ground and lay prone to use the scope, as it is too much to simply blindly fire in any sort of tactical situation. It has a six round magazine, and rounds are fed into the chamber with a bolt action. Zack is not the most skilled sniper, so his maximum range is a little under 800 yards, and it can take several seconds to properly acquire the target in his scope.

Fire Bar Saber (300) – Having studied the lightsaber upon arrival in the Omniverse, Bowser's engineers have turned the fire bar, one of their top defensive mechanisms, into a sword. When in storage it is a simple block on top of a small grip that is large enough to wrap one hand around. When activated, five fireballs stack on top of each other, from the block, for a "blade" length of three and a half feet. It takes approximately a full second for the blade to form, which it does by one fireball materializing on top of another until all five are present. This weapon is fast and easy to wield, but if it takes a blow that is overwhelmingly powerful the fireballs can lose their connection. If this happens they will scatter and disappear, and require a two second recharge before the blade can be recreated. When not in use Zack keeps the deactivated handle on the left side of his belt.

Chain Chomp (900) – A creature shaped like a black ball. It is slightly larger than a basketball and attached to a ten foot long chain. The ball itself is the Chain Chomp, a fully living, sentient creature with large eyes, a mouth, and dangerously sharp teeth. Zack uses it by holding the chain and swinging it at an enemy like a whip. The Chain Chomp will either collide with it's target head on for bludgeoning damage, or latch out bite down with it's sharp teeth. This obviously hurts and can debilitate an opponent, or even be used to pull them closer, but if given slack in the chain the creature will let go of it's prey. The chain chomp is somewhat tame, but when Zack is utilizing it in battle he must make sure to keep a grip on the chain, or else it would hop away and be of no use. When not in use the Chain Chomp, with it's rolled up chain, is stored on the back right of Zack's belt, typically sleeping. When not actively part of the battle, it shrinks to about half it's normal size, which is useful for storage purposes.

Koopa Carbine (300) – A rifle that is custom built by the Koopa engineers. The grip, receiver and the stock are solid black. On the center of the stock, on both sides, is the Koopa Kingdom's logo in dark red red. The barrel, as it extends from the receiver, is designed to look exactly like the classic green warp pipes that are so prevalent in the Koopas' home world. The magazines are a darker orange, with a white "?" engraved into them on one side, and a white "!" on the other. The weapon fires Mini-Bullet Bills, small projectiles with eyes, a mouth, and tiny arms. For all intents and purposes, however, they are standard ammunition. The gun can carry thirty of these rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. It's semi-automatic, which allows him to fire as fast as he can pull the trigger. It takes Zack about two seconds to reload this weapon. When needed, Zack summons the weapon from thin air with Omnilium, which takes about five seconds. When he is done with it, he can make it disappear instantly. However, he keeps a three point sling on it, for occasions when he doesn't want to summon it again in a short period of time.


Blade Beam (300) - By charging energy into his sword, Zack can then slam it into the ground and release the energy in a powerful straight line attack at his target. The move has a two second charge up time, and is easy to identify because blue energy will begin to cover the sword he is using, which is nearly always the Buster Sword. When Zack slams the weapon against any surface, the energy leaves the sword and travels in a straight line, until impact with a target. The energy travels in the form of a blue beam, which measures about three feet tall and half a foot wide. Using this move takes some concentration, which limits his movement ability by foot to about half speed. However, he is capable of jumping at a target and charging the attack in midair as he travels. Since this beam attack travels along the ground, it is limited to targets that are on the same physical surface as the attack started on.

Braver (Tier 1 Offensive Super Move) (600) - Zack can gather energy from within himself and the environment around him and centralize it into the Buster Sword. The sword will appear surrounded by blue energy in a flame pattern. The next attack with the Buster Sword will be fueled by this blue energy and cause devastating additional damage. It takes Zack six seconds to gather the energy, and although he can move around, he can't do much else while it is gathered. If he holds it without attacking for longer than fifteen seconds he will be unable to maintain it, and the energy will harmlessly dissipate.


Magic Materia

Bolt Materia (300) - A fist sized, green orb that Zack can hold in one hand. By concentrating his spirit energy into the Materia he can fire a single bolt of electricity straight forward from it. He can fire the first shot as fast as he can draw the Materia from his back left belt pouch and produce it, which is on average a second and a half. After that, it takes approximately 3 seconds between consecutive bolts, while he summons up the energy to use it again. The bolts are typically powerful enough to stop an attacker in their tracks for a second, but do not leave much lasting damage. Zack cannot cast the Bolt spell without the Materia.

Fire Materia (300) - A fist sized, green orb that Zack can hold in one hand. By concentrating his spirit energy into the Materia he form a fireball in front of the Materia, and then fire it forwards. It takes about half a second to form the fireball. After that, it takes approximately five seconds between consecutive fireballs, while he summons up the energy to use it again. The fireballs move approximately the speed of an arrow, and cause a minor explosion on impact. Zack cannot cast the Fire spell without the Materia.

Ice Materia (300) - A fist sized, green orb that Zack can hold in one hand. By concentrating his spirit energy into the Materia he can create a single icicle that measures about one foot long and six inches thick, though it narrows into sharp spikes at each end. The icicle takes about 3 seconds to fully materialize, and it is easy to identify because of the frost that swirls together before the Materia, regardless of environment. When it is ready he can shoot it straight forward, with the movement speed similar to an arrow fired from a bow, and also about the same piercing power. Upon impact with it's target, the icicle will be subject to the typical environmental conditions (ie: will melt quicker in warmer areas.) It takes approximately five seconds between creating icicles, while he summons up the energy to use it again. Zack cannot cast the Ice spell without the Materia.

Earth Materia (300) - A fist sized, green orb that Zack can hold in one hand. By concentrating his spirit energy into the Materia and focusing on a certain area, Zack can cause a large rock formation to explode from the ground with lightning velocity. The rock is circular, with a five foot radius in every direction and is about six feet tall with jagged edges all around. Though the rock has points, they are not sharp enough to impale an enemy, and most of the damage it causes is blunt force. It takes Zack approximately five seconds to cast the spell, and he is unable to use it again for another ten seconds afterwards. About three seconds into the casting process, dirt will slowly rise in the targeted area, giving a clear indication that something is about to happen. Ten seconds after the spell is cast the rock crumbles and falls apart, leaving no indication it was ever there and no longer affects the terrain in a given area. This spell works regardless of the terrain, the only restriction is that it must have some sort of ground below it to materialize the stone. Zack cannot cast the Quake spell without the Materia.

Poison Materia (600) - A fist sized, green orb that Zack can hold in one hand. By concentrating his spirit energy into the Materia Zack can summon a violent blast of poisonous energy in the air around a target area. It takes four seconds for Zack to summon the poison burst, and nine seconds between uses. The explosion covers a four foot spread, and is made of a liquid poison substance that drops to the ground and then vanishes. In the aftermath of the explosion, a green poison gas cloud hangs in the area for five seconds, and anyone that inhales fumes from the gas or the liquid burst will immediately feel the effects of the poison. Once poisoned, the target will temporarily have a hard time seeing and breathing, but it will wear off in about eight seconds after their last contact with the poison. Zack cannot cast the Bio spell without the Materia.

Ultima Materia (Tier 3 Offensive Super Move) (1000) - Zack holds a green, fist sized orb in one hand and channels his own energy into it. Over the next three seconds, the green Materia becomes a bright white, and emits a high pitched screeching noise. Zack then holds the Materia in the direction of his target, and it launches five light green sparks. Upon launching them, the Materia immediately reverts to its normal green color. On impact with the target, the sparks explode into a massive burst of pure green energy, covering a 15x15 foot area and utterly consuming everything inside the blast radius. The resulting explosion of energy lasts for approximately five seconds, after which it fades away into nothingness, leaving only the damage in its wake.

Wall Materia (Tier 2 Defensive Super Move)
(800) - A fist sized, green orb that Zack carries on him. When he holds it out and summons the power contained within it, it forms a large, translucent wall capable of blocking many attacks. The wall is flat, and is seven feet tall and ten feet wide, and transparent with a green tint, so he can see through it. It only appears in the direction that Zack summons it in. It takes an immense amount of his own strength to summon the magical wall, meaning he must focus on it entirely and cannot sustain it indefinitely.


Mako Charge (Tier 1 Power Up) (1000) - Zack's blood is infused with Mako energy, the natural energy of his home world. This enhances his body and grants him strength and abilities far beyond what a normal warrior would be capable of. After many years, Zack has learned to temporarily super charge that energy and push his body to new limits. When powering up the Mako energy in his body Zack moves faster and hits harder, and also becomes slightly more durable. A light green aura surrounds him while he is powered up, but otherwise there are no visual differences.
ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +2
TEC: +0

Mako Shield (Tier 1 Defensive Super Move) (600) - Zack summons an aura of Mako energy, then hardens it around himself. This forms a temporary, crystalline-like light blue, transparent coat over his body. An attack with sufficient strength (T1 Super) will cause it to shatter like glass and dissipate into nothingness, and allow Zack to immediately continue fighting. Anything stronger will shatter the shield in the same way, but Zack would still take the additional damage. Creating the shield requires complete focus from Zack, preventing him from doing anything else while it is active. It is also taxing on his own energy, making it best utilized as a quick way to block powerful attacks.

Mako Surge (Tier 2 Power Up) (1500) - Mako energy is an energy source from Zack's home world, and as part of the process to turn him into a super soldier it was injected into his blood. The result gave him greatly enhanced strength and abilities. Now, after years of experience and training, he is able to manipulate that potent substance even further, and temporarily supercharge himself at the expense of his own energy. When he strengthens the Mako even further, all of his abilities are enhanced to a greater degree. When powering up the Mako to this level, a blue aura forms around him, though there are no other physical differences.
ATK: + 3
DEF: + 4
SPD: + 2
TEC: + 1


Abner White
NPC Prime

"They said 'find Omni'...so I fuckin' found Omni"

Overview: An Imperial stormtrooper in his late thirties. Abner is worn out by his adventures in the Omniverse and his world before it. He is a skilled marksman and survivalist, but doesn't get in a hurry to do much other than smoke or drink. His many posts have included most of the Coruscant tiers with serious Imperial presence as well as the Nexus. He was reassigned to the special ops section and sent to locate Omni, which he managed to do, to even his own surprise. However, the journey made him disgusted with his own Empire, and now he faces the conflict of leaving it behind, or returning to make it better.

It didn't take long for the Empire to send him back to work, however. After surviving the horrors of the Dante Verse Abner did not return to Coruscant. Instead, he simply walked away from it all. As a secondary-turned-Prime who survived both the Oververse and the Dante Verse, finding the former stormtrooper is a priority to many Imperial agents.

Physical Description: Abner is average height with an athletic build. He has light skin and black hair, with a few gray streaks going through it. He wears OD green tactical pants, black boots, a gray t-shirt, and a woodland camouflage baseball cap. He also wears a bulletproof vest in a black outer carrier, keeping the many pockets in it filled with various tools, but mostly tobacco products. His E-11 rifle hangs on a sling across his chest and his pistol his holstered in a thigh holster on his right leg.

Current Location: Unknown

Brooke Stryker
Secondary NPC

"You'd be surprised what a scavenger will fight over."

Overview: Brooke is an adventurer and a traveler, who has been to many parts of the Omniverse. She is a secondary, and has no formal training in combat, so she relies on any advantage she can get and is infamous for never fighting fair. Her weapons of choice are a revolver that she is a decent shot with, and also a bullwhip that she is very proficient at using. Her true strengths are her sharp mind and slick tongue, as she typically gets what she needs without need for combat.

Physical Description: Brooke is a woman in her early to mid-twenties, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a physique toned by the amount of traveling she has done across the Omniverse. She is mostly seen wearing blue jeans, a black buttoned up vest, dark brown boots, and a thick brown duster coat. Most notable of all is the brown cowboy hat she always wears. She wears a typical leather belt through her jeans, but on top of that she has a much thicker belt with many pouches for various tools and trinkets, but most importantly it has a holster with her revolver in it on her right hip, and her bullwhip stays on her left hip.

Current Location: Pale Moors

Secondary NPC

Overview: Baldur lived in the Goron settlement in the Ashen Steppes his entire time in Omniverse, itching for adventure but instead being stuck with little else to do than fight the dragons that infest the Ashen Steppes. During this time he became a renowned martial artist within his community, known not only for his strength and defensive capabilities, but also for his impressive speed. Still, for all his abilities he would be known to be naive, due to his limited experience outside of the Goron lands, but eager to learn and perhaps somewhat too quick to jump into the next challenge.

Physical Description: Baldur is a monstrously large Goron. He is over ten feet tall and is imposing even by his own race's standards. He does not wear a shirt, but unlike other Gorons he wears leg armor. His lower body is covered by thick steel armor, which manages to not impair his mobility much. Also unlike other Gorons, Baldur has none of the gray hair that is on their heads, instead appearing to by totally clean shaven and bald.

Current Location: Pale Moors


Player Primes
Colonel - After traveling with the stoic soldier navi for some time, Zack considers Colonel a friend and an ally.

Miranda Frost - She channels much of the angry personality types that Zack was quite used to in his time at ShinRa. She seems to have lost much of her memory, and Zack is willing to help her restore it, but keeps her at an arms' length.

Okor Paleblood - After fighting alongside the plague marine in the battle with Volvagia, Zack understood how very different the realities that touch the Omniverse truly are. Though he doesn't quite understand what Okor is, he has no ill will towards him.

Tom Riddle - Zack had limited interaction with this Dean from the Institute, only speaking with him in the heat of battle against Volvagia.

Thor - The Asgardian proved to like combat for its own sake, much like Zack. The two got along quite well in their brief encounter, and Zack does hope to meet him again one day.

Gildarts - The older battle mage was the only other survivor of Alpha Team during the Volvagia battle. Zack and Gildarts became friends as they struggled down the mountainside, although they were separated in the aftermath.

Nealaphh - Zack respects what the godmind is trying to accomplish by overthrowing powerful evils, but something about its odd appearance unnerves him, much like Okor.

Caira Ayryn - She seems sweet and innocent, but there's definitely more to her than meets the eye. Zack can't help but join up with her.

Drake Oneir (Nealaphh) - After traveling alongside Drake for some time, Zack considered Drake an odd ally. However, with Drake's death, he understands that if he were to be resummoned, the pilot wouldn't remember their adventures together.

Bowser (Site) - The lord of the Koopa Kingdom is an ally of Zack's by proxy, and the two have generally favorable opinions of each other.

Volvagia (Site) - Zack has no real opinion on the dragon he battled at Death Mountain, seeing it as little more than a wild beast.

Gary (Caira Ayryn) - The odd shadow man infuriates Zack, who would happily jump on the first excuse to put him in his place.

The Koopa Kingdom - Zack's largest allies in the Ashen Steppes. He is an official ally of the group, and is specifically in touch with Lieutenant Stone the Thwomp, should either party need reinforcements.

The Goron Tribe - After encountering them at Death Mountain and the battle with Volvagia, Zack wants to make amends for not being able to stop the dragon sooner.

The Institute - Zack doesn't fully understand this group, but considers them friends after his experiences with Colonel, Drake, and the participants of the Battle of Death Mountain.


This post is just a semi-organized bunch of information that clarifies where me and my characters are going. The OOC section is just my RP etiquette so there's as little confusion as possible, while the IC side is simply character quirks that I had nowhere else to put, or were so important they're worth mentioning again. I'll be constantly updating this as I think of more things.

OOC Notes - Writing with me.

-I'm perfectly fine with RPing someone else's character, and them using mine. I tend to wait a few posts before using someone's character simply because I like to get a feel for the way they write them, but this isn't always the case. It's usually something I figure out in advance.

-Post order is nice, but not necessary. If my life takes over, I have no problem being skipped. Likewise, if it simply makes sense for another writer to go instead of me, that's cool, too. I also have no problems with double posting or anything like that.

-The amount of time between posts isn't a big deal. If we aren't in contact at all I'll wait a little over a week, unless I know for sure you're coming back. If I do go a separate way, I'll typically use NPCs and the environment to respectably and believably separate our characters, that way you have enough to work with when you come back. Here's an example.

-Post length does not matter to me, either. I tell the story in however many words it takes. That said, I obviously try and get both characters into the fortnightly.

-If you have any questions about my characters, feel free to PM me.

IC Notes - Writing with Zack

-As an experienced warrior, Zack is typically cool and level headed during any sort of conflict. His demeanor can come off a little less serious, and even downright comical, to others. When it's time to be calm and collected, though, Zack can get serious and even pretty wise and observant. Zack just rolls with the punches.

-His view of the Omniverse is essentially "Bonus Life". He's just enjoying it for what it is, and going on adventure after adventure. He has little concern for the politics of the world.

-On that note, while he may end up informally accepted into factions or groups through quests or sagas, he's very wary of actually formally joining any organization, since he got burned last time. He's the one that's going to pack up and move on when the mission is done, but be happy to see everyone the next time.

-Anyone who's played Crisis Core will remember that he was hesitant to use the Buster Sword so it didn't get any wear or tear, but being able to repair it with Omnilium has removed that concern. Zack has various weapons, but prefers the Buster Sword or his fists. He will use other weapons he's acquired, but they have a lower priority to him.

-His various Materia and Limits are typically a backup, but can be pretty freely written by other writers. Just remember that his spells are second to his physical fighting ability, so if he has the option between the two he's more likely to close the gap and fight up close.

-Zack has achieved Recognition in the Ashen Steppes. He is a formal ally of the Koopas, a friend of the Gorons, and a known wanderer through the local towns and settlements. Though his biggest moment in the spotlight was the fight with Volvagia, many have seen Zack come and go across the land. Most would speak of his friendly, laid back demeanor and how he would help out however he could.

[Image: Rank4.png]

Total Achievement Points = 320

Personal/Character Achievements
[Image: S_Ice07.png] [Image: S_Fire08.png] [Image: S_Buff02.png] [Image: S_Buff09.png] [Image: S_Buff08.png] [Image: I_Key05.png] [Image: I_GoldBar.png][Image: S_Holy06.png] [Image: S_Holy04.png]

Community Achievements
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Purchasing Achievements
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Exploration Achievements
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Influence Achievements
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Combat Achievements

Story Achievements
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One-Time Achievements

Personal Achievements
Welcome to the Jungle – Post your first Post (5) Here
Summoning - Properly summon something into the Omniverse (5) A Motorcycle
Look at You! – Post 10 times (10)
In it to Win it – Post 25 times (15)
Go Write a Novel – Post 50 times (25)
Deuces – Have another character (15) Enzo Matrix
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)
Powerrrrr - Reach Level 5 (50)
Community Achievements
Active – Get fortnightly rewards 4 times in a row (10) 1 2 4
Great Job! - Get a bonus for great writing (5) I'm Sorry, But the King You're Looking For...
Exceptional - Get a bonus for exceptional writing (10) I'm Sorry, But the King You're Looking For...
Teamwork – Get a bonus for a group story (10) Lost Amongst Lava - Miranda Frost, Luigi Mario
Community Star - Be voted as a User of the Month (10) Best Writer
Communtiy Megastar - Be voted as a User of the Month on three occasions (25) + Best Storyline and Best NPC (Abner White)

Purchasing Achievements
For Any Occasion - Purchase 10 Moves (10)
Super Powered - Purchase any type of Super Move (5) Braver
It’s Over 9000! – Purchase a Transformation (5) Mako Charge
Money to Burn – Purchase a permanent stat increase (10) First of Many
Exploration Achievements
Forged in Flame – Post 5 times in the Ashen Plains (5) Lost Amongst Lava
Into the Vast Unknown – Post 5 times in the Vasty Deep (5) Avast Me Hearties
Influence Achievements
Well-known - Becoming Recognized in any verse (50) Ashen Steppes
Combat Achievements
Story Achievements
Saga Veteran - Participated in a grand storyline (Jubilee, Rathalos, DA, Secondary Saga) (20) Secondary Saga
One-Time Achievements

[Image: SecondSaga_zpsybpsgin2.png]
Secondary Saga

  [Image: Untitled-1_zps8co8qkij.png]
Battle of Death Mountain
Alpha Team

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Dante's Abyss 2016

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