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Erik Vrell

Name: Erik Vrell
Spent OM: 19300
Consumed OM: 300
Proficiencies: (5800); Physical Strength (1000), Area Shield (400), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Remote control proficiency (600), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Ranged materialise proficiency (600), Debuff proficiency (1000), Homing proficiency (600)
Powers: (5100); Telepathy (1500), Basic Telekinesis (400), Phasing (1200), Survival (2000)
Moves: (2700); Psi Blades (300), Psi Wall (300), Mageslayer(300), Psi Chakram (300), Psi Bow (300), False emperor's sting (900), Paracusia (300)
Super Moves (3400): Great Psi Bow (T1A) (600), Mindbreak (T1U) (600), Psi form (T1D) (600), Volatile arrow (T2A) (800), Atrophy (T2U) (800)
Transformations (1000): Psi Overcharge (1000)
Items: (300); Medal! (1), Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (200)
Unlocks: (1000): Stat upgrade 1 (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 3 (5)
DEF: 2 (4)
SPD: 2 (3)
TEC: 4 (4)
*The emperor of mankind yeets erik into a sun*
[Today 08:03 pm] Erik Vrell : Bruh
[Today 08:03 pm] The emperor of mankind : don't worship gods

Character history:

Erik Vrell was born to a poor peasant family in a small, superstitious village who knew little of the outside world. At a young age he discovered his psychic potential, which the village mistook for witchcraft, and was nearly burned at the stake because of this, but was saved by two members from a cult of psychic priests who wanted to recruit him in the name of the Madness God. He went with them and, to the surprise of many, was adopted by a prestigious family of the cult, and took the last name Vrell, having abandoned the surname of the family who tried to kill him. By the time he was ten he had made the choice to become a priest of the old gods, getting the tattoo of Gal'Skap's sigil to focus his powers. He also discovered a love for reading the books in the library, which housed several books containing knowledge forbidden to outsiders. After years of study and learning, he knew all the secrets the priesthood had to offer. He was devastated when he realised that there was nothing else for him to learn until, one day, while he was scouring the library for any books he had missed, he was blinded by a flash of light and felt himself falling. He fell unconscious before long and woke up in a void, accompanied only by a grinning silhouette.

Physical description:

Erik is five foot eight with a pointed chin, unpronounced cheekbones, medium length brown hair and blue eyes, with a scar crossing the, strangely, still functional left eye.  He is a thin and scrawny man without much muscle on him. His most noticeable piece of clothing is a hooded, royal blue cloak with a gold trim, which is denotes him as a priest of Gal'skap. Erik will almost never take his cloak off. Beneath the cloak, he wears a black long-sleeved tunic and pants. Although few people will ever see it, Erik also has a large tattoo on his back which depicts a sword impaled on an anatomically correct brain, the symbol of the Madness God. Whenever Erik uses psi, both his eyes and the tattoo glows and emits the purple substance. He also has several items strapped to his belt, including his scabbard, a demon's tail and a brass lantern among other miscellaneous items.


Typically, Erik is a calm and collected man, remaining deadpan in almost every situation. He will relax when he's around those he considers friends, and some emotion may slip through in the heat of battle, but will still remain a partially serious. Rage is an typical exception to this, with blasphemy sending Erik into blind fury. He believes strongly in honour, following a personal code similar to chivalry. Rules of the code include not attacking women unless necessary, not surprise attacking an opponent from behind and not breaking a foes mind unless they are exceeding dangerous. Being around Erik for extended periods of time will gradually reveal that his mental state isn't perfect, a side effect of exposure to the mad God. While he's not completely mad, he can be slightly erratic, and his thought process often confuses others, arriving at a conclusion that others can't wrap their head around if they try. Erik is also a fanatic when it comes to two things. The first is his worship of Gal'skap, the God of madness, and the other elder gods, as well as his subservience to King Gilgamesh. The second, which branches indirectly from the first, is in defence of his allies. He will not stand an offence against either, and will gladly die for a cause, particularly with his new immortality. He is also extremely driven in achieving his goals, going to any lengths necessary not allowing even death to hold him back. Since he gained survival, Erik is almost entirely dismissive of damage that isn't immediately lethal, and is noticeable less susceptible to both pain and temperature than the average person. Erik is utterly unaffected mentally by most abominations or monstrosities, even going as far as not understanding why others are afraid of them.

Fighting style

Erik fights tactically, using a combination of his own sword skills and abilities bestowed upon him by the gods. His movement and tactics can often be erratic, unpredictable and somewhat questionable. This can either help or harm Erik, as his plans can usually catch a foe off guard, but he may also overlook a glaring flaw.


Telepathy: Being a natural psychic, telepathic communication comes naturally to Erik. He will often use it rather than speaking out loud if he doesn't want to others listening in.

Telekinesis: Another given of being a psychic, Erik can reach out and move objects with his mind.

Phasing: Erik focuses and transforms his body and anything on his person into psi, the distilled essence of the mad god's power. While phased, Erik appears as a deep purple silhouette of himself, although his eyes are still visible as a lighter shade of violet.

Survival: A desperate prayer to the god of death has left Erik with the greatest of his boons, the ability to cheat death in all but the most serious cases. This should not be mistaken for undeath, where one has died and come back to life, but rather as an inability to be killed easily.

Move Descriptions

Psi Blades (300) (Physical Strength, Phasing)

Erik manifests up to two ethereal purple blades that do below average damage. The blades can pass through physical weapons and armour but cannot block, leaving Erik defenceless while using them.

Psi Wall (300) (Area Shield Proficiency)

Erik creates a wall of purple energy three feet in front of him which will block most forms of attack. The wall takes four seconds to completely form and two to dissipate. Erik cannot move or attack while using Psi Wall and can only place the wall in front of him, leaving him open from behind.

Mageslayer (300) (Physical strength) Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...r#pid25277

Erik's trusty sword. The blade is 2.5 feet long with a steel blade and has a black hilt. Has no variations and deals average damage.

Psi Chakram (300) (Ranged Proficiency). Approval link (latest rendition): http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid122687

Using psychic energy, Erik materialises a razor sharp ring of purple energy. The chakram takes 10 seconds to materialise, takes a moderate amount of energy and does high damage. The chakram bounces off inanimate objects (e.g. walls) and damages animate or organic objects ( e.g. other primes or trees.). The ring itself is about 10 inches in diameter and travels at a fairly fast speed, about that of a thrown baseball. It is accurate at up to 20 metres, and can travel up to 50 before fizzling out.

Psi bow (300) (Requires ranged proficiency). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid122589

Erik forms a bow out of violet energy, which takes 3 seconds. It is a metre long and fires one arrow at a time. It can fire up to 50 metres away before the arrows hit the ground. Each arrow is also made from violet energy, and each takes 1 second and a small amount of energy to summon. Erik must take a second to aim each shot if he wants to be accurate, and can be fired while moving at an aim penalty. Each shot does average damage, moves at typical arrow speed and is quite accurate when Erik both stands still and aims.

False emperor’s sting (900) (Requires physical strength, remote control, debuff.). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid132530

Erik perpetually has six barbed chains, each ending in a 6 inch, rusted, jagged blade, extending from rings his back. Each one is 10 feet long and lies wrapped around Erik’s torso when dormant. When Erik needs them, however, all six of the chains come to life, and always all six, painfully tearing themself from around his torso, causing moderate bleeding, and rearing up defensively around his body. Using the chains appears effortless, but requires moderate concentration, where he can do little other than use the chains and move,and a steady energy drain, although pain cannot break their usage. Erik can only move at half speed while using the chains, and can only maintain their use for two minutes a fight, although using them to their full duration will leave him nearly exhausted. Each one can move independently at the same speed as Erik’s limbs, and act as an extension of Erik’s body, functioning as a mix between additional limbs and bladed whips. When used as a weapon, each chain and blade does slightly below average damage, but their jagged nature allows them to make ragged, painful wounds which bleed easily. Additionally, Erik can reel a chain in manually, useful if he can wrap a chain around a foe, although they must have an ATK equal to or lower than Erik’s to be pulled in. While bound, a foe will find it difficult to attack, but the chain binding them will be pulled taut, and thus vulnerable.Each chain is rather durable and hard to land a solid hit on because of their prehensile nature, but if a foe can pull them taut and land a few solid hits, the chain will whip back painfully at Erik before wrapping itself back under his clothes and around his torso, causing moderate damage and bleeding. The chains don't regenerate in combat, but slowly regrow as normal limbs do. Finally, Erik can expend three seconds and a small amount of energy to imbue a single blade with a mild poison. When a foe is struck with the poisoned blade, within 10 seconds, they will find concentration difficult for the next five seconds. This poison can only be applied once every 30 seconds, starting from when it is applied. Outside of combat, Erik can use a small length, about a metre or so, of one or two chains to help him gesture and emote through his monotone, with only a moderate sting from each as a result.

Paracusia (300) (Requires ranged proficiency, homing, telepathy). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid134692

Erik spends a moderate amount of energy, increasing moderately against foes with higher TEC than Erik's, and decreasing moderately against those with TEC lower than Erik's, to latch onto the mind of an opponent within Erik’s telepathy range. Latching on takes half a second at close range, increasing to a second at the edge of the telepathy range, after which Erik causes the foe to hallucinate a horrifying, ear-splitting scream right behind them. This can only be done once every five seconds.

Great Psi Bow: T1 super attack (600) (Requires ranged proficiency). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...w#pid35727

Erik forms a five foot tall bow out of psychic energy and draws the string back. A large, purple, ethereal arrow then forms in the bow. After charging for five seconds, Erik releases the arrow at an enemy. The arrow travels at about 10 metres per second and does high damage. The arrow can pierce lightly armoured opponents but this is purely for flavour, does no extra damage and cannot damage multiple enemies. The shot has a hard recoil and can push Erik back or even knock him over if he is not careful.

Mindbreak: T1 super utility (600) (Requires ranged proficiency, debuff, homing.). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid123140

Erik focuses his energy for 5 second before releasing it at a single opponent within 10 metres as a wave of twisting violet energy. If they do not use a tier 1 super defence to block it, the psychic power will break their minds temporarily, stunning them for 10 seconds before their minds return to normal. This move is moderately taxing to use. Sometimes Erik may physically put a hand on the head of his victim, but this has no additional benefits.

Psi form: T1 super defence (600) (Requires phasing). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid123140

When Erik notices an especially powerful attack incoming, he turns his entire body into violet light and mist, causing the attack the past right through him. Allows Erik to dodge a single T1 super move. More powerful attacks will still damage him to a degree.

Volatile arrow: T2 super attack (800) (Requires ranged proficiency, area attack). Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid123140

Erik summons his great psi bow and pulls the string back. An arrow forms in the bow and after 5 seconds, Erik fires it at an opponent. It travels at about 10 metres per second and does high damage. What separates this move from the great psi bow is that once the arrow hits a foe, it sticks in them for another few seconds before detonating. The detonation does similar damage to the strike, and a T1 defence will block either the initial hit or the explosion. The explosion is two metres in diameter, and while uncommon, multiple enemies can be hit by the detonation if they are close enough, dealing similar damage to a T1 super attack.

Atrophy - T2 super (800) (Requires ranged proficiency, homing, debuff) Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid132303

Erik raises his hand and invokes the God of death, bringing a curse upon his foes which causes their muscles to weaken and their attacks to lose power. Once used, the selected foes lose 4 ATK for the next round, divided among them as Erik sees fit. Can be blocked by a super defense of equal or higher tier

Tier 1 power-up - Psi Overcharge. Approval link: http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...e#pid49435
+2 ATK
+2 DEF
+1 SPD
+0 TEC

Erik overcharges his body with psi energy, causing his eyes to glow with violet and his psi weapons to crackle with purple sparks (fodder).


Amaterasu: While Erik doesn't know her personally, he always remembers the face of a kind soul and owes the sun goddess thanks for delaying his death and attempting to save him and his ally in the Hero's graveyard. She is one of the few people Erik considers even a friendly face. If he ever meets her again, Erik will be deeply grateful.

Summer/Sonny: In direct contrast to Amaterasu, Erik loathes the weather spirit. He resents the spirit for attempting to kill him and his allies in the hero's graveyard, and has held a grudge since.

Okor: Erik despises the giant diseased marine, although they were more enemies of circumstance and have fought alongside each other in the past. Erik won't try to kill him on sight, but is far from his biggest fan.

Shay Cormac: A fellow New Babylonian, Erik is on good terms with the Templar.

Victor Wolfe: Despite basically being Erik's antithesis, Erik is quite friendly with the assassin, finding his debouchary and twisted humour amusing.

Gilgamesh: As far as Erik is concerned, Gilgamesh is a god on earth. Erik is wholly loyal to the King.

Scars: Whenever Erik dies an undignified death, he will reincarnate with a scar matching either his most serious wound before he died or the killing blow. When he has righted the wrongs which caused the scars, he will remove them, considering the crime absolved. The current list is as follows:

A pair of scars on his chest and back, signifying the entrance and exit wounds where he was killed by an empire sharpshooter.

A scar across his eye, does not impede vision. This scar was gained when Erik died in the Hero's graveyard, signifying his gouged out eye at the hands of an opponent he was attempting to grapple.

A massive scar crossing his torso. This large scar, in the shape of a morbid smile reaches from his left shoulder to slightly above his right hip in a curved line. It was caused in the fight to reclaim the sword of Kusanagi, and represents the blow which the chidori blade itself dealt to Erik. It's sheer size and the circumstances of its acquisition make this scar Erik's greatest shame.
*The emperor of mankind yeets erik into a sun*
[Today 08:03 pm] Erik Vrell : Bruh
[Today 08:03 pm] The emperor of mankind : don't worship gods

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