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Name: Belle
Spent OM: 16800
Consumed OM: 0 (OM spent on item purchases, refunds, etc)

Proficiencies: Physical Strength Proficiency (1000)
Powers: Burst Movement (800)
Super Moves:
Items: Smartphone (Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100))
Unlocks (15000): Four Stat Upgrades (ATK, TEC, SPD, SPD)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 3
SPD: 7
TEC: 1
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[Image: dc4377dea6d017b0dcc669cae12b20645241e254.jpg]

Coruscant Citizen File #165492437835

Name: Belle (no last name given)
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Marketing representative of the gentleman's club Midnight Rose

Report on Activities to Follow. . .

1: Apprehended unregistered female attempting to enter Coruscant's central transportation hub. Identifies herself as 'Belle.' Prime scan inconclusive. Unregistered female was processed and given proper identification before being released from custody on the fourth level in accordance with Empire policy.

2: Citizen #165492437835 has opened a bank account and registered as employed. This marks the first activity we have seen from #165492437835 since her appearance several weeks ago.

3: Citizen #165492437835 has appeared on hospital records as a visitor to Citizen #165492434268, a dancer at the gentleman's club Midnight Rose.. Second citizen the victim of assault by unknown persons. Suspected to be gang related. Police report below.

4: Citizen #165492437835 has made contact with anomaly #19 - 'Yuki'. Elevated monitoring is requested.
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Ascendant Secondary (?)

Power Source - Ki

Physical DescriptionSlightly below average in height, Belle has a head of bright red hair that falls to her waist in one long ponytail. Her eyes are blue, large and bright, the color of the sky in high summer. Belle tends to wear a variety of clothes, mostly whatever she feels like on that particular day. Sometimes that means sweat pants and a t-shirt. Sometimes that means a dress with a miniskirt. Whatever makes her feel best. 

Sexual Preference - Hinky dinky.

Personality - Easy going, Belle lets most things slide off her, with the occasional sarcastic quip given if she's particularly annoyed or nervous. She approaches things with a 'been there, done that' facade, internalizing a great deal of her thoughts and feelings. It's rare to see her truly enthusiastic about anything, though this image does crack on occasion, letting the girl inside peek out. 

Despite her reserved attitude, Belle can be goaded. Due to a formative moment in her childhood, Belle fiercely defends others when they're in need of help, at times throwing herself recklessly into harm's way. This trait is so strong, in fact, that she has previously confronted armed thugs, even when she had no power to speak of at the time, and ended up having to be rescued herself. This incident helped form the basis for her desire to become stronger in the Omniverse, despite her lack of talent. As someone was once a hero to her, she wants to be a hero to others. 

Points of Interest
- Belle does not consider herself a Prime, but a Secondary. She spawned without memory of the introduction usually given by Omni, and it's unclear at this time whether she has amnesia, is a Secondary, a Prime, some weird middle ground, or simply a botched summon.
- Belle, in general, does not have a high opinion of Primes. To her, Primes are to be treated with the same aversion one might mad Demigods. It didn't take much for her to start taking notice of the fact that where Primes went, destruction followed. And unlike Primes, Secondaries didn't respawn. The apparent callousness with which most Primes treated the lives of Secondaries have earned them a black mark in her book.
- Despite the above, Belle interacted with some Primes during the Graveyard saga, and has found friends in the Primes Protoman, Mickey, and Link, who seemed genuinely interested in helping people. Together, through the force of their alliance, they helped the saga come to a relatively bloodless end.  

Pre-Omniverse History

Belle comes from an Earth that is quite unremarkable, where nothing much happens of note, and superheroes only exist on the pages of comic books.

Belle grew up the ordinary daughter of an ordinary husband and wife, living in an ordinary town. She was neither rich nor poor. She was terrible at sports, adequate in academics, and preferred to slack off, putting assignments on the back burner until the last second. 

The one thing that made her stand out was her temper, one which only showed itself rarely, and usually to protect someone else. Instead of ignoring when a student picked on another, Belle would always insert herself into the confrontation, often with violent results. She found it impossible to explain to the school's faculty, her friends, even her parents why she did what she did. Explaining would mean talking about something she wanted dearly to keep private: a precious memory she had kept secret for years. So she endured the scolding, the occasional suspension, and the scratches and bruises.

Perhaps it was this quality that piqued Omni's interest. Perhaps the Godlike being simply chose her at random. Or maybe he saw something else - a potential yet unrealized. Whatever the reason, she found herself whisked away from her ordinary existence.

Omniverse History
Uh oh. Those boys got me all tingly...
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I must calm it.



NPC Name: Hisoka Morow

NPC Source: Hunter x Hunter

Character history: An enigmatic figure, Hisoka is reticient about discussing his past, stating that he has "no interest in it." At best guess, it is suspected that Hisoka was once upon a time an adopted member of a traveling circus. At some point during this period, he was taught the basics of Nen by the circus' ringmaster, who was then soon murdered by Hisoka before he left their care.

Physical Description:
[Image: d8f0201cf8cacf2d7741bebac8291a08f42e947e_hq.jpg]

ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 5

Personality: "My greatest pleasure comes when such people crumple to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail.♥"

Outwardly cool and collected, Hisoka's near-constant outward smile hides beneath it the heart of a sociopath. Hisoka is concerned with one thing: pleasing himself, an act that usually comes through the crushing of the strong beneath his heel. All his actions, reduced to their base motivations, can be found to stem from that one goal. Even seeming acts of mercy are typically only made because Hisoka feels that the object of his mercy might become stronger one day, making it all the more satisfying to him when he finally breaks them.

This satisfaction is more than purely mental, and makes no discrimination for age, race, or sex. During battles with the strong - or even with those that have promising talent - Hisoka can become physically aroused. In this way, his lust for combat can be seen as literal, and he often has to fight with himself to keep from going too far and slaughtering a promising talent in the heat of his passion. When he becomes too excited and is denied a chance to achieve release, he will sometimes resort to killing the next person he sees in an effort to calm down.

In battle and out, Hisoka is graceful and soft-spoken, his tone of voice carrying an air of quiet amusement. Despite his aberrant behavior and jester-like appearance, he is quite capable of blending into normal society and even being charming when the situation demands it. He is intelligent, resourceful, dangerous, and amoral.

Proficiencies: (3600)
Physical Strength (1000 OM)
Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Homing Proficiency (600 OM)
Remote Control Proficiency (600 OM)
Area Defense Proficiency (400 OM)

Powers: (9100)
Elasticity (400 OM)
Burst Movement (800 OM)
Super Jumping: Basic (300 OM)
Enhanced Senses: Master (2000 OM)
Insight (1600 OM)
Stealth (1200 OM)
Suppression (1000 OM)
Basic Regeneration (1800)

Unlocks (3000)

Tier 1 Power Cap
Stat Upgrade I (Tech)

Power Source: Nen

Nen Basics:

Ten - Once a person has opened their aura nodes, they must learn to keep their aura from leaking away from their body. Ten (纏, Envelop; Shroud) is the process of keeping the nodes open, but also having aura flow through and around the body rather than away from it. Once maintained, it creates a shroud around the user that feels similar to standing in lukewarm, viscous fluid. Ten maintains youthful vigor and reduces one's aging, since the energy powering the body no longer leaks away; one can keep the body from breaking down and deter the aging process. Ten is the most basic defense against emotional Nen attacks, and it also offers limited protection against physical attacks, but hardly any when said attacks are enhanced with aura. Through frequent meditation and practice, one can improve the quality of their Ten and even maintain it in their sleep. Once it has been learned, it will never be forgotten, much like cycling and swimming. Despite being the most elementary technique of all, Ten is also one of the most important, as the more polished it is, the more precise one's control over their aura. (This is the reason for Hisoka's baseline durability and strength.)

Zetsu (AKA Suppression) - While Ten allows a user to keep aura from leaking away from their body, Zetsu (絶, Suppress; Null) stops the flow of aura from their body altogether. By closing all of their aura nodes, the user is able to halt all outflow of their aura like water from a valve, making their presence much harder or even impossible to sense. This technique is useful when tracking another person, as it will make it easier to follow them, preventing other users of Nen from noticing their pursuer. (This is a flavored version of Suppression.)

Ren (Tier 2 Powerup) - Ren (練, Refine; Enhance) focuses on outputting a larger amount of aura than Ten, projecting it outwards explosively. This amplifies the user's physical strength and durability and provides a large pool of aura for any advanced techniques or individual skills they decide to use, albeit at the cost of expending said aura. One can train their Ren to extend its duration and increase the amount of aura at their disposal.

If Ten is considered purely defensive, Ren can be regarded as its offensive counterpart, although it also grants the user vastly enhanced defensive abilities.

Attack: +3
Defense: +2
Speed: +3
Technique: +2

(Cost: 1500 OM)

Hatsu - Hatsu (発, Release; Act) is one's personal expression of Nen. Its qualities are influenced by but not restricted to the Nen user's natural Nen category, one of the six available, which is decided by nature and nurture. Hatsu is used to project one's aura to carry out a certain function, creating a special and unique paranormal ability that is colloquially called "Nen ability", "Hatsu ability", or simply "Hatsu". (Flavor for explaining how Nen Hatsu abilities work.)

Advanced Nen Techniques:

In - In (隱, Conceal) - is an advanced form of Zetsu used to render one's aura imperceptible, effectively concealing it. Unlike Zetsu, however, In does not stop the user's aura flow; instead, it hides it, making it difficult to perceive Nen abilities with any of the five senses. This is even true for those possessing Enhanced Senses - although in this case the effectiveness of In diminishes the closer an observer is to Hisoka's Technique stat. When an Enhanced Senses user matches or exceeds Hisoka's Technique, a nen object concealed by In becomes visible.

Because of its abilities, this technique is used for launching sneak attacks or laying traps, as it can conceal Nen constructs generated with Emission, Transmutation, or Conjuration abilities. In Hisoka's case, he uses In to conceal his Bungee Gum, attaching it to an unaware opponent. Despite its usefulness, however, In is not without cost: the focus required to both cloak and use a Nen ability at the same time is more physically and mentally draining than it would be to simply use the ability on its own.

List of Hisoka's abilities that can be masked by In:
- Bungee Gum

Special: In can be countered completely by Gyo, or any similar move that boosts the effect of Enhanced Senses, regardless of Tech disparity. (Requires: Stealth, Suppression) (Cost: 300 OM)

Shu - Shu (周, Enfold) is an advanced application of Ten. Shu allows a user of Nen to enshroud an object with their aura, allowing them to use that object as an extension of their own body. For example, one could use Shu to extend their Ten around a weapon, which would strengthen and protect it. Hisoka uses this technique primarily to sheathe his playing cards in his Nen, turning them into deadly weapons (see Weapon: Playing Cards for Hisoka's application of this technique in that case), but it can also be used to create improvised weapons from the environment if the need arises, without having to worry about their inherent durability. This technique allows one to, for example, block a standard sword attack with a plastic spoon, or send weaker fighters flying with a strike from a stick.

The size of items that can be enhanced is, as a rule, limited by the Nen user's proficiency, with Hisoka's ability beginning at the low end of the scale - everyday objects like coins and utensils - and reaching all the way up to two-handed weapons like polearms. The time it takes to coat an object is dependent on its size, as well, with a mere instant required for small objects, and several seconds for large, heavy blades. While larger objects than that are theoretically possible, without being a specialized Nen-type (such as an Emitter) and having training, it is regarded by Hisoka as a waste of time. Even if you could mold your aura around such large objects - like an entire table, for example - it would be extremely awkward to wield as a weapon. And if your intent was to use such an object as a shield, the Nen and time expended could have been easily used to remove yourself from the threat in the first place.

These objects can also be thrown, and retain their coating for several seconds after being removed from contact with Hisoka's aura. (Cost: 1800)

En - En (圓, Circle) (Enhanced Senses) is an advanced application of Ten and Ren. In Ren, aura usually envelops only a small amount of space around the user's body. En is when one extends their Ren so that their aura extends further than normal, then uses Ten at the same time to contain and give shape to that aura, normally a sphere. Someone using En can feel the shape and movement of anything within the area covered by their aura, with the degree of awareness and finesse depending on their level of skill. Nen users can be told apart from regular people due to their stronger reactionto the En user's aura. Zetsu (Suppression) can suppress a Nen user's, or Prime's, response, making their position difficult to pinpoint.

As someone who has mastered En, Hisoka is capable of extending his coverage to a circle with a 100 meter radius. (This is a flavored version of Enhanced Senses: Master)

Nen Abilities (Hatsu)

Hatsu Ability
Bungee Gum
(Elastic Love)

Hisoka's main ability allows him to make his aura sticky and elastic. Its extreme durability, flexibility and adhesive properties make it an exceptionally versatile ability with several offensive, defensive, and supplementary applications. He can activate it from his fingers, hands, and feet. He can attach it both through physical contact and remotely, by extending it towards the target, which can make it very difficult to avoid. He can give it the command to contract at will, and it snaps back with greater force the more it is stretched. It is extremely resilient, allowing it to absorb the kinetic energy and stretch before returning that energy in the direction of its sender, making it an effective defense against projectiles, and can be shaped to any desired length, though it loses more resilience the further it is extended from the body.  

Offensively, Bungee Gum can be used to pull the opponent towards Hisoka, or to create flail-like weapons. He can also separate it from his body - most commonly to attach projectiles to his opponent, such as his Shu-enhanced cards, while concealing it with In. The combination of the latter technique and Bungee Gum allows Hisoka to lay multi-layered traps that spring all at once.

Bungee Gum also has a wide range of auxiliary applications. Hisoka can attach it to a solid surface to retreat at extreme speed when the need arises. By using it on his feet, he can adhere to the ground or run on walls. It is also useful for sticking objects in place for traps, or to keep hold of them, even after throwing them. By covering a wound with it, he can instantly stop hemorrhages. (Requires Elasticity, Basic Regeneration, Ranged Proficiency, Physical Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency) (Cost: 1200 OM)

Hatsu Ability
Texture Surprise

(Flimsy Lies)

By passing his hand over an object, Hisoka can apply his aura to any smooth, flat surface, such as paper or cloth, and manifest imagery on it to change its appearance and texture for deception. He can replicate over one thousand different textures. He has tricked Nen users of the Spiders' caliber with this ability, with none of them realizing he had used it, either by sight or by touch. It can also be applied to pure aura, such as Hisoka's Bungee Gum, to alter his own appearance, and can affect a maximum of a few meters squared of material per application.

Since no aura is detectable once Texture Surprise is active, its effects are also visible to individuals unable to use Nen. Furthermore, entities possessed of Enhanced Senses are able to discern a certain 'fakeness' to things coated with Texture Surprise. (Cost: 300 OM)


Weapon: Playing Cards.

Hisoka's weapon of choice is a set of ordinary French playing cards, which he uses in combat to lethal effects by wielding or throwing them in conjunction with his Shu. The cards have white borders, with a checkered pattern composed by small, light and dark fuchsia squares.

With the aid of Shu, Hisoka can turn his cards into mortal edge weapons or projectiles. He employs them by targeting his opponent's vital spots, generally the throat, but also to incapacitate them by severing their tendons. He can throw them with deadly accuracy and speed, potentially reaching a maximum of ninety miles an hour, consistent with a professionally thrown fastball. Thrown cards begin to lose speed after ten meters, but maintain a straight trajectory until thirty meters, after which they are no longer able to sustain enough speed, and fall. Hisoka tends to incorporate his cards in surprise attacks with Bungee Gum. (Requires: Physical Strength and Ranged Proficiency) (Cost: 600 OM)
Uh oh. Those boys got me all tingly...
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