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Miranda Frost

Name:Miranda Frost
Level: 5
Spent OM: 21800
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies(2000): Physical Proficiency(1000), Debuff Proficiency(1000)
Powers(8600): Flight(1800), Master Acrobat(400), Master Enhanced Senses (2000), Survival (2000), Insight (1600) , Burst Movement (800)
Moves (900): Knight's Claws (300) Frost's Scorn (600)
Super Moves:
Transformations (5000): (Alternate Form 2000), (Alternate Form 2000), Tier 1 power up form (1000),
Items (300): Dataverse Device (100), Communication's Device (200)
Unlocks(5000): 1 Stat Unlock(TEC)(1000), Second Stat Unlock(SPD)(2000), Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)
Base stats:
ATK:5 (7)
DEF:4 (5)
SPD:2 (3)

Alt Form 1
ATK: 5  (7)
DEF: 1  (2)
SPD: 5  (7)
TEC: 1

Alt form 2
ATK: 5 (7)
DEF: 1 (2)
SPD: 1 (3)
TEC: 5
"I've been here before, used to this kind of war. Crossfire grind through the sand. The orders were easy: 'It's kill or be killed'. Blood on both sides will be spilled."
[Image: DeathMountain.png][Image: blades.png][Image: Darkdata.png]

[Image: 2yyqwls.jpg]

Character name: Miranda Frost

Character source: Orginal.

Character history: Miranda Frost is an unfortunate anomaly here in the Omniverse. She, as she is now, is the result of one version of herself losing favor with the Smiling One at the very moment another version of herself was called here to the Omniverse. The two versions melded together, their minds and bodies fusing quite firmly together. Now her mind is splintered, her memories shattered, and her psyche reduced far lower than the high confidence she once carried. Her body had begun to degrade as the piece of her that had lost favor was still trying to disappear, but the other half refused to let go, leaving her in a state of near constant pain.  Now she has come with up with a solution to a nearly unsolvable problem. She'd have to let go completely of her past and live a new life free from the burden her past selves have given her.

Physical Description:  Miranda Frost is a tall woman, being some seven feet tall and weighing at a good 200 lbs, prosthesis and all.  Her skin is well tanned, contrasted with her bleach white hair and silver eye. Her right eye had been long replaced by a cybernetic one, with a thorny eight inscribed onto it rather than an iris. within the centers of this eight, two lights dimly glow. Alongside her face, a long scar reaches from the corners of her mouth to the back of her jaw, a scar from an engagement long ago.

+Valkeria-series Terminator Armor
Description: Terminator armor can be summed up with the following phrase, "Power armor for your power armor". Although the protection and enhancements given to the pilot is diminished here in the omniverse, one shouldn't underestimate the protection it gives in exchange for the user's ease of movement.
ATK: 5 (7)
DEF: 4 (5)
SPD: 2  (3)
TEC: 1 
[Image: 1438425425_337794230.jpg]
+Valkeria-series power armor
 -Description: The base set of power armor that serves as the base for the Terminator set in the same series, this suit is designed with that set in mind. Despite this, it is perfectly able to operate outside these parameters and gain a decent boost in speed at the expense of defensive capability.

ATK: 5 (7)
DEF:1 (2)
SPD: 5 (7)
[Image: 87fc4be60d5bcc595cead2dc9aece4f1.jpg]

Whether in normal clothing or in the body suit designed for her power armor to fit over, Her ease of movement has never been higher. Though not as durable and fast as she was prior with her suits, she is able to be more precise with her movements.

Base stats:
ATK: 5 (7)
DEF: 1  (2)
SPD: 1 (3)
TEC: 5
[spoiler][Image: ben-lo-party-cora06-char.jpg?1491269491]

+Angel of Blood Stage 1 (Tier 1 Power up transformation)

When this transformation is tapped into the first signs are the changing of Miranda's eye to a scarlet color. A faint red glow radiates from her form, and numerous embers follow her form. These "embers" create a shadow of sorts of a pair of wings from her back. Additionally, a red halo appears above her head, slowly rotating. This form gives her an insatiable taste for the blood of her enemies. Beware.
ATK: +2

Insight, Master enhanced Senses - The power of her eye is strong, able to scan those around her with accute accuracy. With this cybernetic eye she is able to read people akin to a book.
Survival - Her strength of will, coupled with the ludicrous amounts of mechanical enhancements to her body, keeps her from dying from many lethal situations.
Flight - Miranda has learned to use her transformation on a limited basis without the drain and unfortunately the buff to her already strong body it gives. She is now able to use her crimson aetheral blades to great effect, much like normal wings. 
Burst Movement - by sending a surge of power through her mechanical limbs she is able to overclock its movement for a brief time.
Knight's Claws
Requirements: Physical Strength
Cost: 300

After the Battle of Death Mountain, Miranda Frost realized the importance of having multiple avenues of attack aside from her basic blows, and filed the points of her prosthetic fingers to fine, double edged points, allowing her use her arms as essentially spears, able to slash and stab as naturally as throwing a punch. Note that these blades are only as long as her fingers and, like many other standard weapons, can be broken. (Def stat used to calculate blade strength). If broken, the blades would take nearly 5 seconds to reconstruct, leaving the arm from the elbow down immobilized until reconstruction to prevent complications in her internal systems.

[Image: Image.ashx?multiverseid=407672&type=card]

Frost's Scorn (Lightning Claws)- Physical, Debuff (600): These weapons are a pair of gauntlets with four retractable, slightly curved  blades fitted into the gauntlet’s knuckles.  The blades themselves can be set to any length no greater than 1.5 feet near instantaneously. and each produce an energy field akin to lightning which lashes out against anything that attempts to block or parry them discharging its stored power into the defender, producing a mild electrical shock that will leave them groggy, and their muscular system slow to respond. The claws share a single charge which will recharge after 15 seconds after discharging. The stun produced will last for 5 seconds but has diminishing returns when used multiple times on the same opponent.

[Image: latest?cb=20120908184037]


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"I've been here before, used to this kind of war. Crossfire grind through the sand. The orders were easy: 'It's kill or be killed'. Blood on both sides will be spilled."
[Image: DeathMountain.png][Image: blades.png][Image: Darkdata.png]

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