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Kopaka Mata

Name: Kopaka Mata
Spent OM: 26,500
Proficiencies(6400): Physical Proficiency(1000), Ranged Proficiency(1000), Ranged Materialize Proficiency(600), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Homing Proficiency (600)
Powers(6900/12000): Master Enhanced Senses(1700), Basic Telekinesis (400), Master Super Jumping (800), Stealth (1200), Burst Movement (800), Super Speed (1000), Telepathy (1500)
Moves(4700): Hau te Hoari (300), Hau te Kōpae (300), Te Awa Tio (600), Tokua Whakaaro (300), Arai Hotoke (300), Takato Wairua (300), Toa o te Tio (3600), Whakakore i te Roro (300), Ngakau Maraoke (300)
Super Moves(2800): Taiepa o Whaiaro (600), Puna Makariri (800), Horowhenua (600), Kaha Taiepa o Whaiaro (800)
Transformations(1000): Kaha Rawa (1000)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Vita Compass
Consumed OM(900): Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Vita Compass (800)
Unlocks(2000): Tier 1 Power-Cap Increase (2000)
Base stats:
ATK:2 (4)
DEF:4 (6)
SPD:2 (3)
TEC:2 (2)

Character name:

Kopaka Mata

Character source:

LEGO Bionicle

Character Appearance

[Image: 250px-Comic_Kopaka.PNG]
Character history:

Kopaka's life began when he was assembled on the hidden island of Artakha, for the intended purpose of reviving the Great Spirit Mata Nui from the curse that Makuta had placed upon him. The Toa of Ice was transported across the sea to another secret island where he went through training along with his four brothers and sister. There, Kopaka established his skill in creative problem solving, and along with Tahu, proved to be an enterprising and intelligent leader.

After further training involving traveling to the core of the Matoran Universe, Kopaka and Tahu sealed all six of the Toa inside the mysterious chamber known as the Codrex. Here they sealed themselves into nigh-invincible canisters and launched into skies above Mata Nui. After landing in the ocean, they remained dormant for a thousand years, in which time an evil being known as Makuta Teridax plagued the island of Mata Nui with terrible monsters and disease.

Eventually, a brave Matoran villager known as Takua gathered together six artifacts known as the Toa Stones, which served to call the dormant heroes to the shores of Mata Nui, where they would begin their quest to defeat Makuta and restore Mata Nui to greatness.

Kopaka's canister never arrived...

ATK: 2
DEF: 4
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

Hau te Hoari (Requires Physical Proficiency)

Kopaka wields the Ice Sword, a powerful blade that is deadly cold on top of being astoundingly robust and sharp. It is a four foot long, double edged blade that ends in a divided point. While this makes it poor for thrusting attacks, the divide down the center makes it excellent for catching other blades and parrying.

Hau te Kōpae

This three foot wide shield, mounted on Kopaka's left hand, can protect the Toa of Ice from melee blows and ranged attacks. Since it has large gaps in it, it is very light and easy to move, but it needs to spin up for about 1.5 seconds before it is able to protect Kopaka.

Te Awa Tio  (Requires Ranged Profieciency, Ranged Materiaize, Area Attack, Debuff)

Kopaka summons a surge of elemental power into his Ice Sword for two seconds before thrusting it forward. A brilliant white-blue beam of ice rockets out from the tip, traveling roughly at the speed of an RPG, and leaving a flurry of ice flakes in its wake. Anyone struck by the beam is rapidly encased in a heavy mound of ice, unable to move. This does not harm the target, aside from leaving them with an intense chill. Fast-moving targets may only have parts of their bodies frozen if it is a glancing blow, and extremely powerful targets might be able to break free of the icy snare with some effort. Alternatively, Kopaka can use this ice beam to large patches of spiky ice that are ten feet in diameter. Opponents that enter this area that do not take care will slip and fall, sustaining a multitude of nasty cuts and bruises.

Kopaka cannot create an ice field and freeze an opponent within the same round.

Arai Hotoke (Requires Area Attack, Debuff)

Kopaka activates his elemental control of Ice and summons a whirling blizzard of blinding white snow that envelopes an area  of thirty feet centered around himself that does not move once it is called. The attack does not cause any specific damage (other than a nasty chill), but it effectively veils anything farther than three feet away within the storm. Individuals located outside of the storm cannot see into it. It takes five full seconds to summon the blizzard, with Kopaka holding his Ice Sword straight up into the air, and it lasts one full minute. Fighters with Enhanced Senses can sense through the blizzard, and therefore negate the attack. For Kopaka, this means that he must have his Kanohi Akaku activated; otherwise he will be blinded by his own move. This effectively prevents him from using other Mask powers while inside the blizzard.

Toa o te Tio (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize, Remote Control, Area Shield, Area Attack)

Kopaka is a physical embodiment of the spirit of Ice. As such, he can channel and control, and resuape the substance many ways in its natural state. It should be noted that Kopaka's control over ice applies to all forms of frozen liquids and gasses; not just water ice. Using this control, however, taps his elemental reserves of power, and cannot be used frivolously. Kopaka's power recharges naturally over time, but it places of natural cold and ice, it speeds up significantly.

Reshaping - Kopaka can reshape existing ice he can physically touch for a variety of reasons. In large swaths of ice, he can create passages through ice in the form of tubed wide enough for an average sized person to pass through single file, and he can close passages as well. Kopaka can also carve out stairs and ramps wide enough for a single person. Finally, Kopaka can cause large, violently sharp spikes of ice to burst out from solid surfaces of ice anywhere within fifty feet of where he is touching the surface of a structure of ice. All of these abilities take roughly five seconds to execute, and in those five seconds, Kopaka can create one ice spike or up to fifty feet of passage, stairs, or ramps.

Sculpting - Kopaka gestures his hand at any point within fifty feet of himself and sends a white-blue beam of elemental energy coursing to that spot. With this energy, he can create a cube or sphere of solid ice of 6 cubic feet or smaller in a matter of three seconds. Additionally, Kopaka can create a wall of ice two feet wide, six feet tall and twenty feet long or smaller, that will stand up to most basic attacks. Creating any of these structures takes approximately ten seconds, and summoning such volumes drain Kopaka's elemental energy much faster than reshaping ice. Kopaka can shatter anything he creates on a whim as long as it is within fifty feet of him.

Ngakau Maraoke (Requires Physical Strength)

By preparing a well of elemental energy for two seconds, Kopaka can focus his power over ice inwards. This causes his entire body to become supercooled to the point that even lightly touching him can result in frostbite and fleshwounds.

Channeling his power in this way is very efficient, and Kopaka can sustain the chill for up to two minutes before it becomes taxing. Doing so takes concentration, however, so Kopaka can only move at a walking speed and take no other actions while supercooled. Kopaka can prepare and maintain this attack while being actively grappled or attacked, but it does not reduce damage taken.

Horowhenua - Tier 1 Offensive Super Move (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Proficiency)

Kopaka takes four seconds to spread his arms wide and call a surge of elemental power from within himself. As his eyes flare brightly, a curtain of heavy ice and powdered snow shimmers into existence behind him. At the apex of its accumulation, Kopaka throws his hands forwards and a veritable avalanche of ice hurls past him in a solid wave that roughly measures thirty feet wide by twelve feet tall. It travels at about 60 mph for up to one hundred feet, smashing through non reinforced structures and bowling over any target in its path. Targets that are caught in the avalanche are carried along with the wave until they crash into a hard enough surface to stop them or the wave stops.

Kopaka cannot move during the charging phase of Horowhenua and neither can he move during its execution. All other ongoing moves, such as illusions or blizzards, must be canceled before execution.

Mask Moves:

Tokua Whakaaro (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Basic Telekinesis)

Kopaka calls upon the Kanohi Matatu, which requires 1.5 seconds, before selecting a single target and lashing out at them with a telekinetic blast in a path directly in front of him that impacts almost instantaneously. The force of the blow is usually enough to knock normal-sized opponents off their feet, though its power diminishes at the same rate over distance as his Basic Telekinesis does.

Takato Wairua (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Ranged Materialize, Remote Control)

Kopaka calls upon the Kanohi Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion, and create two illusory copies of himself that can move and fight separately from Kopaka, which takes three seconds including the mask switch. Obviously, these illusions are completely intangible, and are therefore harmless and unable to be harmed. Controlling the copies takes some mental effort of Kopaka's part, so the Toa must keep his attacks simple and straightforward while the copies are active. The Illusion lasts until Kopaka hits the opponent with an attack, or, when the opponent hits Kopaka with a direct attack. Area attacks do not break the illusion, and attacking an illusion only causes it to visibly ripple. In the event no attacks are successful, the Illusions disappear on their own after ten seconds. Opponents with Enhanced Senses can detect Kopaka's true location, and fighters with high TEC might be able to distinguish Kopaka's true location with some observation as well.

Whakakore i te Roro - (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Homing, Area, Debuff, Telepathy)

Kopaka takes 1.5 seconds to switch his mask of power to the Kanohi Komau. The mask of Mind Control is worn, it allows Kopaka to instantly activate a powerful psionic blast that induces mental pain in anyone caught within its area. The blast manifests as a thirty degree cone emitted outwards from Kopaka's face up to fifty feet, and requires all of Kopaka's attention to maintain, though he can walk slowly while doing so. Targets that are closer to the tip of the cone suffer more pain and are liable to be nearly incapacitated than those at the extreme limit of its range, who may only be slightly dazed.

The mental pain causes no actual damage, and ceases as soon as the target is out of the psionic cone. In addition, targets that have their own telepathy or twice Kopaka's TEC score can shrug off the pain with a little concentration. Maintaining the blast is strenuous on Kopaka's own mind, and if he uses the move for more than four seconds, he will receive mental pain feedback and be stunned for an additional four seconds.

Kaha Rawa – Tier 1 Power-Up

Kopaka takes 1.5 seconds to switch to his Kanohi Pakari, the Great Mask of Strength. While utilizing the power of this Kanohi, it inherently boosts the Toa's brute strength and ability to endure great physical punishment. The sharp boost in strength naturally gives Kopaka a slight boost to his ability to run, climb, or perform other athletic feats.

ATK: +2
DEF: +2
SPD: +1
TEC: -

Taiepa o Whaiaro – Tier 1 Defensive Super Move (Requires Area Shield Proficiency)

Kopaka calls upon the power of the Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding. After a 1.5 second activation period, a brilliant, electric blue veil of light surrounds Kopaka's entire body, granting him near unlimited protection to attacks of equal strength or lower. The shield only works, however, if Kopaka is able to see the attack coming, so sneak attacks and attacks from invisible opponents pass right through the Hau's shield. Kopaka can maintain the shield for 5 seconds.

Puna Makariri – Tier 2 Offensive Super Move (Requires Burst Movement, Physical Proficiency)

Kopaka takes 1.5 seconds to switch his Kanohi to the Kakama, if he is not already wearing it. Equipped with the Mask of Speed, he selects one target up to fifty yards in a straight path from him. He begins charging the power of the mask for four seconds, causing it to shine with a white light and emit a shrill whirring sound. Upon gathering enough energy, Kopaka rockets towards his target as a blur of movement, striking a vital blow with his Ice Sword. The momentum and speed of the cut make it a devastating attack, but it burns out his Kanohi for one full minute after use, preventing him from using mask powers during this time.

Kaha Taiepa o Whaiaro – Tier 2 Defensive Super Move (Requires Area Shield Proficiency)

Kopaka calls upon the power of the Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding. After a 1.5 second activation period, a brilliant, electric blue veil of light surrounds Kopaka's entire body, granting him near unlimited protection to attacks of equal strength or lower. The shield only works, however, if Kopaka is able to see the attack coming, so sneak attacks and attacks from invisible opponents pass right through the Hau's shield. Kopaka can maintain the shield for 5 seconds. This move is identical to the Tier 1 variant, aside from its magnitude.


Kopaka's Masks of Power

Kopaka is armed with a dozen different Kanohi, or Masks of Power. Each one gives him a distinct different ability when worn, but only one mask can be active at a time. Unless otherwise specified, it takes Kopaka 1.5 seconds to switch between masks, and he must consciously choose to do so. When he does so, the Kanohi he is currently wearing emit a bright light and a small burst of static before morphing into the newly chosen mask.

There are limits to how each Kanohi can be used. Additionally, Kopaka's Kanohi can be knocked off of his face if it is deliberately pulled, or, a heavy blow is dealt directly to his head. When the Kanohi is knocked loose, it will retain its current configuration until Kopaka puts it on again. When separated from his Kanohi, Kopaka obviously cannot access any of his Masks of Power, but he also tends to be dazed and feel a tad weakened. If separated from the Kanohi for too long (several hours), he will enter a catatonic and lethargic state.

Great Kanohi:

Akaku, The Mask of X-Ray Vision

Allows the user to see through solid substances, and is also fitted with telescopic and microscopic lenses.

Hau, The Mask of Shielding

The Hau gives its user the power to protect themselves from any attack that they are aware of, but is useless against ambush or mental attacks.

Kakama, The Mask of Speed

Allows the user to move at incredible speeds for indefinite amounts of time. It does not enhance the user's perception, however, so the world appears as a blur at top speeds.

Miru, The Mask of Levitation

Grants the user the ability to float on air, but does not provide any sort of thrust. The wearer can glide on air currents and hover in place for up to a minute.

Kaukau, The Mask of Underwater Breathing

Allows the user to breath underwater, but only to a depth of 1,000 feet and for only three hours.

Pakari, The Mask of Strength

Greatly increases the user's brute strength for a short time.

Noble Kanohi

Rau, The Mask of Translation

Allows the user to understand any written language, as well as interpret artistic carvings or paintings.

Mahiki, The Mask of Illusion

Gives the ability to project and control insubstantial illusions no larger than 10x10 feet.

Matatu, The Mask of Telekinesis

The user can lift and manipulate objects at a distance, as well as project force via thought, such as a telekinetic kick or punch. They cannot lift themselves using their telekinesis.

Huna, The Mask of Concealment

Grants the ability to turn completely invisible for up to five minutes, but the user still casts a shadow.

Komau, The Mask of Mind Control

The user can peer into the thoughts of weak-minded beings, as well as control them for a limited time, though it requires intense concentration. Can easily inflict mental pain on an opponent.

Ruru, The Mask of Night Vision

Allows the user to see clearly and distinguish details such as color in absolute darkness.

Can be Referred to As:

Kopaka, the Toa, the biomech, the Toa of Ice, the Bionicle, the Imperial enforcer


Kopaka hardly ever talks unless it is absolutely necessary to communicate, so in most fights where he is alone, he will remain absolutely silent. When he does speak, it is always direct and to the point, though he does tend to use slightly more poetic words. An example might be:

"We need to go to the base."


"We must journey to the base."

Body: Everything about Kopaka is imbued with the power of Ice. His body his ice cold to the touch, and when he touches or bumps against things, they tend to frost over slightly. Even the air in his immediate vicinity feels chilly. His body is mainly made of a tough, durable metal called Protosteel, that is effectively as tough as regular steel. The difference is that it is sensitive to touch. Kopaka's body is 85% mechanical, so he is indeed very hard to damage, but 15% of it is organic. These parts tend to be organs such as his lungs and brain, as well as organic muscles which add flexibility to his inherently mechanical joints and ligaments. On the rare instance that his blood is spilled, it tends to be a thick, opaque lavender color, though the wounds tend to freeze over immediately.


Ice Control: Kopaka has a spiritual connection to the natural element of Ice. While he has great natural reserves of this power in his body, he cannot channel it indefinitely, and needs to pace his use of his Ice powers. Environments rich in naturally occurring ice will allow him to recharge much faster, and places far removed from natural surroundings or of high heat will slow this process.

Ice Sword: As long as Kopaka has a decent amount of elemental power stored, his Ice Sword will be supercooled to the point that it automatically freezes shut any wound that it creates. It is a heavy, large, straight, double edged longsword that has a gap down the middle for channeling his ice abilities. Kopaka can catch other weapons in this gap, but it's not technically designed for this use so he usually refrains from doing so.

Ice Shield: Kopaka's three foot wide circular shield is lightweight, primarily because it has large, concentric, circular gaps in it. It functions by spinning at high speeds, deflecting incoming blows away with high force, even if Kopaka isn't technically moving the shield. The Shield generally keeps spinning unless Kopaka is dazed by a large attack.

Kanohi: Kopaka's Mask is an artifact of power that takes the form of different facial coverings, each having its own name and each granting Kopaka a different ability detailed above. Kopaka needs to take 1.5 seconds to shift between these masks before activating their power, which happens with a shower of light and sparks. The Kanohi can be knocked off of Kopaka's face and rendered useless with a direct attack that is powerful enough. I'd generally prefer if people clear it with me before utilizing his Kanohi.


Though Kopaka does have a SPD of 2, he generally prefers a more slow and steady approach to combat. He always tries to take the shortest, most direct route possible to his opponent, and is able to traverse difficult terrain with relative ease, though he is not necessarily acrobatic when doing so. Despite being mostly mechanical, Kopaka can in fact swim and jump rather well, though he does require oxygen (or the Kanohi Kaukau) to breathe.


Kopaka has an efficient and brutal approach to combat, and generally follows a three step pattern when attacking: Feint/Defend > Immobilize > Neutralize

Ever since being overcome with Darkness, Kopaka has been prone to particularly gruesome fits of bloodlust, and is becoming increasingly tempted to kill on a whim. When defending, Kopaka will generally use his mask powers to try and force the opponent to make a mistake before using the opening to freeze and subsequently slash and stab at them.

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