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Minato Namikaze

Name: Minato Namikaze

Spent OM: 18800

Consumed OM: (0);

Proficiencies: (3000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Shield (400), Ranged Materialize (600)

Powers: (5700/8000); Teleportation - Master (2500), Super Jumping - Master (800), Enhanced Senses - Master (2000), Master Acrobat (400)

Moves: (3300); Hiraishin Kunai (600), Rasengan (Double Rasengan) (600), Hiraishin No Jutsu (300), Rasengan-Ha (300), Minato Style: Sustained Rasengan Striking (300), Warp Rasenshuriken (900), Noisy Cricket (300)

Super Moves: (2800); T1 Super Attack - Big Ball Rasengan (600), T1 Super Defense - Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder (600), T2 Super Defense - Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder (800), t2 super Attack - Flying Thunder God: Lightning Execution (800)

Transformations: (1000); T1 Power UP - Sage Mode (1000)




Unlocks: (3000); First Stat Increase (1000), Second Stat Increase (2000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 6
TEC: 2
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[Image: lIBxrEK.jpg?1]

Made by Ruby
"In order to save something dear, wars are waged."

For Now, please message me before you attack my character or assault my base! Thanks!
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[Image: lIBxrEK.jpg?1]

Made by Ruby
"In order to save something dear, wars are waged."

As a child, Minato was regarded as a genius shinobi. High grades in all areas of his Ninja studies. At some point Kushina Uzumaki, his future wife, was brought to The Hidden leaf as the new vessel for the Nine Tailed Fox – however, this was unknown to anyone other than the village leaders. At some point after they had graduated and become a Genin, Ninja from Kumogakure kidnapped Kushina and had almost succeeded in their mission, if not for Minato’s admiration for Kushina’s red hair. Kushina had been dropping strands of her hair along the path the ninja had taken her and it was this that allowed Minato to track them and save her. It was at this point that they became a couple.

Fast forward ten or so years and Minato had become known as ‘The Yellow Flash’, a ninja so fast and so dangerous that if he was to be met in battle by anyone other than a ninja that was as skilled as a high ranking jounin or above, they were to flee the battle immediately. It was at this stage that Minato took on a group of young Ninja consisting of, Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha and Rin Noharah. During the Third Shinobi World War, Minato and his team were tasked to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, however Minato was also supposed to help with the other battles throughout the war zones, so he left Kakashi, a newly appointed Jounin, in charge of the three man squad and sent them on their way to destroy the bridge. After winning a front line battle against 1000 opposing shinobi, single handed, he returned to find that Obito had been killed and Kakashi and Rin surrounded by enemy ninja. Minato saved them and returned to The Hidden Leaf with the two surviving members of his team to mourn Obito. Minato's competing obligations would later repeat the tragedy of Obito's death: while he was away on another mission, Rin was kidnapped by Kirigakure and died during Kakashi's attempt to retrieve her.

At some point before Naruto was born Minato encountered A of Kumogakure a number of times during the war. During their first meeting, Minato and A compared their speed, with Minato proving the faster. He received orders to retreat before their competition could resolve, but he lingered to compliment A (The future fourth Raikage) and his brother, B, a jinchūriki like Kushina; he encouraged A to take care of B and remember he was a person. A pursued Minato, so Minato moved against B, threatening to kill him if A didn't let him and his team go. Minato was confident he and A would someday meet as Kage.

For his performance during the War, Minato was chosen over Orochimaru to become Fourth Hokage. During the gradual transfer of responsibilities from the Third Hokage to him, the Third advised Minato to restore Kakashi's value of life by tasking him with protecting Kushina during her pregnancy. As a jinchūriki, the strain of childbirth would weaken the seal keeping the Nine-Tails sealed into Kushina. For that reason special precautions had to be taken: the child would secretly be delivered in a remote location outside of the village, with barriers around the area and several Anbu guards as extra protection. Naruto was born on the night of October 10. Only moments after the birth Minato began making preparations to restore the Nine-Tails' weakened seal, but he was interrupted by the arrival of a masked man, otherwise known as Tobi. Tobi killed the Anbu guards and midwives and took Naruto hostage, threatening to kill him if Minato didn't back away from Kushina. Minato immediately took Naruto back from him, yet discovered explosive tags had been planted on Naruto. Minato was forced to teleport away to keep Naruto from harm, allowing Tobi to escape with Kushina. He found a safe place for Naruto and teleported to Kushina in time to save her from being killed by the Nine-Tails, extracted from her body by Tobi. He reunited mother and son before heading out to protect the village.

Minato was able to save the village from a tailed beast ball and then was forced to teleport away, in an attempt to escape, from Tobi. Tobi, however, pursued him. During his battle with Tobi, Minato was able to place a seal on Tobi that released the Nine Tails from his control, which caused it to retreat from the village and eventually find both Minato, as Tobi is forced to retreat. Kushina is able to catch up to Minato and together they begin battle with the nine tails. After a long battle, Minato uses the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal half of the Nine Tails’ Chakra within his own body, and the other half inside of Naruto – his infant son – thus saving the Village and returning the world to an era of peace.

With the Dead Demon Consuming Seal over, Minato’s life begins to fade, his vision darkens as the Third Hokage and several elite jounin reach him. It is at this point that Minato finds himself within a dark area, his vision blocked by some form of perpetual darkness, yet, he feels just as alive as he had earlier that morning, before Kushina had gone into labour. Omni had restored his life and pulled him into the Omniverse.
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[Image: lIBxrEK.jpg?1]

Made by Ruby
"In order to save something dear, wars are waged."

[Image: Minato_full.png]

Minato has bright, blue eyes and spikey, blonde hair. He has Jaw length bangs that frame both sides of his face. According to Jiraiya, his former teacher, Kushina and other village members, Minato is very handsome. He wears the usual Konoha shinobi outfit, which consists of a blue, long sleeved, t-shirt with two bands on both sleeves. A green flak jacket is worn over this blue shirt and over this jacket, he wears a short-sleeved long white haori over his normal attire, closed in the front by a thin, orange rope. The haori was decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Fourth Hokage" written vertically down the back. He wears a pair of Blue pants with a bandage wrapped around the thigh, just above the knee, of his right leg, with a Kunai holster strapped over the bandage. Both of his ankles are wrapped in bandages and he wears a pair of blue – open toed – Ninja sandals.
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[Image: lIBxrEK.jpg?1]

Made by Ruby
"In order to save something dear, wars are waged."

[Image: RT1mEuv.jpg]

Hiraishin Kunai(Physical and Ranged Proficiency) (600) – The Hiraishin Kunai (Flying thunder God Kunai) are custom made Kunai and are the signature weapon of Minato. Minato has the leather handles of these Kunai marked with his own seal that allows him to use it in conjunction with his Space –Time Ninjutsu. The Kunai can be used within Close combat or thrown at a max range of 25 meters before its trajectory begins to drop.

Rasengan (Physical Strength) (600) – The Rasengan is a ball of chakra that is formed in the users hand by spinning and twisting Chakra around the palm of the user’s hand. The chakra is then compressed into a destructive ball of spiraling, blue, chakra that can be thrust into an opponent to cause damage. The Rasegan takes 5 seconds of full concentration to form in the palm of the user’s hands and is able to be maintained for a maximum of 3 minutes before dispersing. Since the Rasengan is a physical form of the user’s chakra, it requires no extra chakra use to maintain it for the entire three minutes. If the Rasengan is not utilized within the 3 minutes, it becomes unstable and disperses into thin air. The size of a normal Rasengan is the size of the users entire palm (this has no effect on the strength of the move).

- Rasengan: Double form ( upgrade +300 OM) - Minato holds up whichever hand is not being used for the first Rasengan and, after charging for an extra five seconds, forms a second Rasengan in this hand. Effectively producing two Rasengan, one in each hand.

Hiraishin No Jutsu (Hiraishin Kunai, Teleportation) (300) – The Hiraishin No Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) is a technique created by the Second Hokage (Tobirama Senju). Minato utilizes this technique in conjunction with his great speed and agility to get the upper hand in battle. The technique allows the user to instantly teleport themselves to a location Marked with his Hiraishin Seal. The technique is utilized by activating a seal that the user has marked a location or person with (for Minato, it is his own marking that can be found on his custom Kunai). This move can only be used if Minato is within range of his seal or his marked kunai (The range is the level of the Teleport Power). Although Minato can utilize this in battle as long as he has chakra to spare, using the technique in rapid succession can drain Minato quite quickly if he’s not careful, so he opts to use this technique only when needed. This move can be used in conjunction with other moves that Minato may have (such as the Rasengan). Minato is also able to place his seal on anything he touches, inanimate objects or people alike. The way this works is sort of simple, Minato places his hand on something and, within a second, can place his seal on it. In his own universe the seal is permanent however, in the Omniverse, it seems to have been altered by Omni so that primes and secondaries are able to remove it simply by washing it off. There is no limit to the amount of seals Minato can place, other than if he runs out of chakra, but if a seal is not removed, it will expire after 3 days (IC time).

[Image: LvLh9sj.jpg]
Minato's seal looks like this

Rasengan-Ha (Physical Strength) (300) – A move that pays homage to Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Minato takes both hands and places them in a Kamehameha like pose as he begins charging towards his opponent. As he runs at his opponent, Minato forms a Resengan between his two hands as he says the name of his attack, much like Goku would while charging the Kamehameha. The only difference to this is the addition of ‘Ha!’ at the end of Rasengan (Ra-sen-gan-ha!). This move takes 10 seconds to charge, and the charge begins as soon as Minato assumes the Kamehameha-esque pose. This type of Rasengan is also 3x larger than his usual Rasengan, (A result of the charge time). Similar to this

Minato Style: Sustained Rasengan Striking (Physical Strength, Double Rasengan) (300)

Unlike the regular Rasengan, which is a connect and release type of attack, the Sustained Rasengan Striking is more of a continous type of attack. Minato, during his time in the Omniverse, has developed a way of turning his Ninjutsu into a Taijutsu. By continuously funnelling just enough chakra into his Rasengan, Minato is able to sustain his Rasengan use, allowing him to strike opponents with them without dispersing. This greatly increases the striking and destructive power of his normal strikes.

Minato forms two Rasengan, one in each hand, that are completely identical to his regular rasengan (and take the same amount of time to create). After which he then continuously funnels just enough chakra into his Rasengan to sustain them and make sure that they do not dissipate once making contact with an enemy. While this enhances his hand to hand combat power, it also prevents him from using most of his other moves or tools while utilising this Jutsu (If he has marked an opponent or ally before using this move, he can still teleport to the seal. And he can still teleport to his Kunai). While it is entirely possible for Minato to sustain this move for an entire battle, due to his mastery over his chakra, it is not recommended as it could severely drain his chakra reserves and render him useless in battle.

Warp Rasenshuriken (Ranged, Materialize, Teleportation) (900 OM for Regular throw, charge capability, and warp mode.)
A Rasenshuriken is a rasengan which can be thrown like a baseball until it impacts something and explodes in a roughly three feet diameter. This explosion is actually wind chakra that causes dozens of tiny cuts that add up to cause tremendous damage if directly hit. It takes around five to ten seconds to form a decent Rasenshuriken, and can be charged and held for up to thirty seconds. Once an opponent learns the move, Minato has an additional spin he can put on it - the Warp version. By utilising his teleportation ability, Minato can warp a charged Rasenshuriken directly to any space within his teleportation radius, using the same rules on speed as if he were teleporting himself. A rasenshuriken will visibly disappear into a black hole as though shrinking while being teleported, and simultaneously appear in the same fashion at its destination point.

Noisy Cricket (Requires: Ranged, Area Attack) (300 OM)
[Image: ssjTWnD.jpg?2]
A tiny little weapon, resembling a silly, futuristic sci-fi handgun of lilliputian proportions. Small enough to be concealed entirely in one's hand, with a glowing 'battery' which displays the level of charge. A small needle, about one inch long, protrudes from the front, forming the 'barrel'. When fired, the gun blasts out an almost invisible mass of hyper-condensed air and soundwaves, over a six-foot diameter area. The blast reaches out to about fifty feet before dissipating, and hits hard enough to virtually vaporize weaker objects, blowing holes clean through them, and often knocking living targets flying even if they weather the blast. Of course...the recoil of the blast is almost comical, sending the firer soaring backwards nearly a dozen feet. Useful as a quick escape while simultaneously attacking, but the impact and recoil can be devastating and unpleasant if not properly braced for. Due to the proper bearing and focus required to properly brace and aim the weapon, it must be fired while stationary and cannot be employed alongside other moves which require both hands. The sheer power of the weapon limits its firing rate, to only one shot every thirty seconds, as it must recharge after each firing.

Super Moves

Tier 1 Super Attack – Big Ball Rasengan (Physical Strength) 

Minato begins creating a rasengan, but instead of stopping after it reaches it's normal size, he continues to funnel Chakra into it for 5 more seconds, increasing it's size to roughly two and a half feet in diameter (This would be about 30 inches in diameter, think of a beach ball sized Rasengan). Minato then dashes/ launches himself towards his opponent and slams the Big Ball Rasengan into his opponent's chest.

T2 Super Attack – Flying Thunder God: Lightning Execution (Requires Physical Strength, Teleportation)

Before being able to perform this Super Attack Minato must mark his target with his Hiraishin Seal.

Having Trained with both Kakashi and Kito, who are both Lightning Style users, Minato was able to pick up the basics of utilising his chakra to create lighting. Minato concentrates for 10 seconds, funnelling chakra into his hand and kunai. As he does this, he transforms the chakra into lightning. After the 10 seconds of charging, both his hand and his kunai are covered in a thin layer of lighting. Minato then activates his flying thunder god technique and teleports to his opponent, striking them with his kunai, discharging the electricity into their body, and electrocuting them.

T1 & T2 Super defence – Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder (Requires Area Shield, Hiraishin No Jutsu)

Minato holds firm in his position and forms the hand seals; snake, horse, rat, ram and a technique specific hand seal that looks a lot like Zai from Kuji-in Mudra and Mantra seals. After performing this (roughly 2 seconds to perform all the hand seals) Minato's kunai will hover at the centre point of of his hands (which are still in the Zai hand seal formation). This creates a barrier three meters in front of him that will warp away anything that touches it. 

The barrier appears to be invisible until something touches it, after which, a jutsu formula will spiral outwards from the point of contact, wrap itself around the move/ person that touched it and appear as if it is absorbing whatever it was that touched the barrier. It will then finish by warping away whatever touched it. 

If an attack comes into contact with this barrier, it will be warped away to an unknown location, but if a person comes into contact with it (i.e. Moves & Super Moves that involve characters being in physical contact with the barrier) it will warp that person to somewhere within 10 meters of where Minato is standing.

Transformations/Power Ups

Tier 1 Transformation – Sage Mode: After years of training with the Toads of Mount Myoboku, Minato learned to sense and control the Natural Energy of the world around him and combine it with his own chakra, enhancing himself in the process. This, however, is a very difficult task and the balance of Natural Energy with his own Chakra must be very precise. Due to this, Minato doesn't like to use this mode for very long and will generally use it for a short period at any given time. Wile Minato is in this form an orange pigment appears around his eyes, while the eyes themselves become a light orange colour with a rectangular pupil in the centre of them.

[Image: XFC1QrH.jpg]

Stat changes
ATK: 3 + 1 (4)
DEF: 1 + 1 (2)
SPD: 6 + 2 (8)
TEC: 2 + 1 (3)
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[Image: lIBxrEK.jpg?1]

Made by Ruby
"In order to save something dear, wars are waged."


Source: Naruto/ Original, Personal NPC (Will be traveling with Minato)

Physical Description:
[Image: 5LGTWXz.jpg?1]
Height - 146cm or (roughly) 4 foot and 9 inches
Hair colour - Black
Eye Colour - Black
Kito wears a fishnet singlet underneath a jet black shirt. His waist is bandaged to just below his knees and over this is a pair of black shorts. Strapped to the lower portion of his right thigh is his Kunai holster. He also wears a pair of black ninja sandals and a Leaf Village Headband, which is normally strapped to his forehead. Kito also wears a Katana that he straps diagonally across his back, from his right shoulder to the left side of his waist, with a leather strap and a black sheath.

Level: 3

Total OM: 13500
Spent OM: 5600

Proficiencies: (2000); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Powers: (1500); Burst Movement (800), Super Jumping Basic (300), Master Acrobat (400)

Moves: (2100);

Dragon Katana (Physical Strength) (600) - A Katana that was handed down to Kito after he passed the Ninja Academy exams and became a Genin. It was found, along with Kito, at the Hidden Leaf village’s gates when Kito was only an infant Child. The Blade itself is strange as it does not have the usual curvature of a Katana. It was forged in such a way that left the blade, mostly, straight. The tip of the blade, however, does end in a curve. The blade is roughly 24 and ½ inches in length. The sword lacks a hand guard and the actual handle of the blade is 11 and ½ inches, bringing the total length of the sword to 36 inches (or 91.5cm). The blade is made from a high quality Carbon Steel that has been tempered in such a way that gives it a blue colouring.

Kito can also funnel his Chakra into his blade and transform this chakra into lightning. This creates a lightning infused blade that will cause uncomfortable, yet minor, electrical burns to the flesh in and around any cuts he makes. Kito must, however, maintain contact to his sword if he wishes to maintain this effect (He can stop the effect himself if he wishes). If he loses contact with his sword for even a millisecond, the lightning will dissipate. Kito can only maintain this, safely, for five minutes. Any longer and Kito risks passing out.

[Image: JBg6dSO.png?1]
Lightning Style: Twin Dragon Palms (Physical Strength) (300) - Kito focuses his chakra for five seconds as it begins to build up and physically manifest as a shroud around his hands. As this happens, the chakra begins to spark and howl as it transforms into lightning. The lightning around his hands then takes on the shape of a dragon’s head that covers the entirety of his hands and half of his forearms. This attack will remain for three minutes before dissipating. Kito must then focus his chakra again to initiate the move again. This attack will, on contact, dissipate and cause electrical burns to the areas that Kito strikes.

Kunai (Physical Strength, Ranged) (600) – The Kunai is one of the more common Ninja Tools. They are relatively small, black coloured, dagger-like weapons that are 26cm (10.24 inches) long from end to end. Kito doesn't carry a lot of them on him, roughly a dozen or so, and must summon more once he depletes his supply and can't recover them from the battlefield.

Kito uses his kunai in two ways; he can use them for hand to hand combat, opting to use kunai in situations where his sword may not be as useful to him (cramped/ small areas etc.). He can also throw them, turning them into a ranged projectile. The effective distance that kito can toss them is about 25 meters. Anything further than that and they begin to loose their effectiveness, eventually just dropping to the ground.

Shuriken (Ranged) (600) – Shuriken are one of the most basic Ninja tools in Kito's arsenal. They are sharpened, four-pronged, metal stars which are made from a kind of iron or steel. Each star is 7.5 centimetres from the tip of one point to the tip of another. Kito keeps a maximum of 30 of these on him at all times, and can throw up to 6 at a time (3 in each hand). The maximum effective range of these stars is 40 meters. Anything further and the projectiles will decline in speed and will fall to the ground.

ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

Pre Omniverse History: Kito’s birthplace and parents are unknown, all that is known about his birth is that he was born sometime in the few months after the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Kito was found at the gates of the Leaf village as an infant child in a basket, and was raised in the village as one of their own citizens. At the age of nine, Kito graduated from the Hidden Leaf Village’s ninja academy along with two of his closest friends. After their graduation, they would go on to form a three man Genin squad that was lead by Naruto Uzumaki.

The next few months consisted of menial tasks within the village. Picking weeds, ‘rescuing’ cats, dog sitting. Missions of those sorts were usually what Genin experienced for the most of their Genin Career. However, the Village began to show a shortage of higher ranking Ninja. So The Hokage at the time, Tsunade, decided to assign an escort mission to Kito’s team.

They were to escort the Hidden cloud’s Jinchuuriki, Killer B, back to his own village. During this mission, their squad was attacked by enemy shinobi from the Hidden Sound village, a village that had excluded itself from the Allied Shinobi Nations. This battle didn’t go for very long as Kito and his comrades were able to subdue their enemies and cause them to retreat. The mission was then able to continue. On their way back, just before reaching the Hidden Leaf, Omni snatched Kito from his world and Brought him to the Omniverse.

Post Arriving in the Omniverse History: After being summoned to the Nexus, and listening to Omni’s speech, Kito made his way to the Tangled Green. After using his knowledge of his home world, Kito was able to track down a group of Ninja heading back to Mokugaure. The ninja thought Kito was an enemy, which led to one of them staying behind to fight Kito. After the fight was over, and Kito had beaten the ninja, Kito explained his situation and they both headed back to the village.

Kito then took up missions from Tsunade for a while, guarding one of the Higher ranking clan’s head families at a summit. The summit was, however, interrupted and Kito was forced to fight the rogue shinobi while the many Noble Families escaped. After this, Tsunade sent Kito on a vacation to the Vasty Deeps. After which he returned to the village and has performed various smaller missions for Tsunade and the Village. Until he was summoned by Tsunade for a reason she had yet to tell him about.
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[Image: lIBxrEK.jpg?1]

Made by Ruby
"In order to save something dear, wars are waged."

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