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Larisa Semenov

Name: Larissa Semenov

Spent OM: 7000

Proficiencies (1000): Ranged Proficiency (1000)

Powers (/8000):

Moves (300): Borrowed Pistol (300)

Super Moves (0):

Transformations (0):

Assists (0):

Items (0): Communicator,

Artifacts: None

Consumed OM (0): (for consumed items or OM permanently lost from respecs, etc)

Bases (1):  Skazka Estate, Coruscant tier 3 - equipped with Medical Center

Unlocks: Stat Increase 1 & 2

Base Stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 4
[Image: jattend.gif]

Height: 5'3
Weight: 115 lbs

Generic Wardrobe: Sweaters and jeans, often in dull brown or gray colours. Any shirt that may expose her neck is further covered up with a scarf. Typically wears a simple sneaker, or occasional boot. 

Notable Features: Larisa appears human in nature, in spite of three obviously inhuman appendages. In place of the rounded ears typical to humankind, Larisa has a pair of pointy fox-like ears nestled atop her head. Extending from her spine is a luxurious and fluffy fox tail. While her hair can be described as classical rich red colour, the fur on her tail is a duller russet red, with a soft black covering the outside of her ears.
[Image: jattend.gif]

Borrowed Pistol (300 OM)
Larisa keeps with her a rather unproportionally sized handgun with her at all times. With its size being difficult for her smaller hands to manage, it takes much more effort to fire than a typical pistol. The weight of the trigger when decocked takes both hands for Larisa to exert enough force to fire. This safety feature makes it easy to carry around without worry of accidental firing, but difficult in a tight spot to react within 5 seconds.

The gun holds 16 9mm rounds, requiring the magazine to be reloaded during a time outside of immediate danger. With the time to focus and prepare, Larisa can accurately hit a target at a distance roughly equivalent to a football field (300 ft.), however under duress the realistic range narrows to only a few yards ahead (approx. 15 feet).
[Image: jattend.gif]

NPC List:

Sargent Florence Odell: Empire Stormtrooper assigned to lead patrols through the Nexus. 

Lieutenant James Trevor: Empire Stormtrooper assigned to the inner city.

Lieutenant Carson Graham: Member of Odell's patrol. 

Private Anastajia Nesrahda: Member of Odell's patrol.

Private Elliot Carson: Member of Odell's patrol.

Private Matthew Trevor: Member of Odell's patrol.

Private Jannsens: Member of Odell's patrol.

Private Perez: Member of Odell's patrol.

Dr. Nandita Mikkelson: Surgeon and physician for Gold Cross. 

Master Sergeant Petra North: ??? Involved in recruiting primes for the Empire's army.

Encountered Primes:
Dust: Spoka Lights

Timeline: (11/20/2019)
Arrival to the Omniverse This is the Road to Ruin

Entrance to Coruscant Faith isn't Easy

Halloween Festival Spoka Lights


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