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Arriana Maurvois

Name: Arriana Maurvois

Spent OM: 6000

Consumed OM: 300

Proficiencies (2000): Physical Strength (1000), Debuff (1000)

Powers (2800/8000): Enhances Senses - Basic (1400); Shapeshifting (1400)

Moves (900): Toxic Blood (300), Claws (300), Fangs (300)

Super Moves (0):

Transformations (0):
Assists (0):

Items: Communicator, Dataverse Device



Unlocks (0);

Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 3
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

Form Descriptions:

Arriana appears to be human in nature, lithe muscles and charming smiles. Golden brown skin tones, irises that never stay the same colour for long but are constantly riddled with flecks of shimmering gold, and smooth hair the colour of espresso, she possesses a surreal beauty only achievable by the inhuman. Little of her skin stays exposed, dressing in silk to help control her temperature, with many layers woven tightly and reinforced with steel threads across her torso. She stands with perfect posture at 5’11, curves of well-toned muscle accentuated with subtle curves of a feminine body.

Without looking too close, she both appears and feels warm blooded, however upon inspection her skin gives way to tiny scales of the same colour as her skin in more vulnerable places such as joints and major blood vessels. Her ribcage is slimmer and longer than a typical human skelletal structure, but more resilient using two layers of bone with a mostly fluid-filled section between which disperses pressure to encourage microfractures and prevent cracks. Arriana is a homeothermic ectotherm, and has no way of internally controlling her body temperature. To counter this, she begins to aestivate in extreme high temperatures - which can lead to death -, while the fluid between her ribcages will begin exothermic reactions in extreme colds to preserve body temperature around the vital organs.


While the Omniverse is a dimension blocked off from all others with a one-way door, Arriana lived in a world where every dimension reached hers and travel was common. Like the Nexus, Aspros was the central hub for many varied worlds, each with their own cultures that left a piece behind. No one could remember which world she came from, only that her father’s name became household legend. Arriana was a mystery to the general public, revealing her true personality with all its secrets to only the select few employed by her. 

Her biggest secret: she was dying. Her blood, mixed with the blood of many other species, had absorbed too many toxins, too many diseases had infected it. While for many years she had been immune to the festering collective that had become her blood, it was now poisoning her. Arriana gathered those she trusted, setting a quest to find herself a cure. Brilliant minds from across multiple dimensions teamed together, but a cure was far out of reach. Instead, they formulated a medicine to delay the effects, remove the pain. Arriana took what she was dealt and played the cards, accepting the life she had and made the most of it.

She quickly rose in fame herself, though she never surpassed her father. While he had opted for control over black market dealings, Arriana was the face of public safety. Her company, Chessmate Security, was unlike any other. All bases covered, guards trained better than the military. Each and every single person working under her was overqualified for the mundane jobs the world thought they had. After all, murder was the greatest offence you could commit. If an unknown party happened to infiltrate a foreign warlord’s abode and kill him in his sleep, everyone knew that the Maurvois had something to do with it though they couldn’t decide which.

Arriana was content with her life, with her hand-picked team of experts who had become her pack and her family. Being taken away to a world she would never escape from was the last thing she had expected to happen.

Thread log:
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

Passive Moves:
Toxic Blood - Debuff Proficiency - 300 OM
Arriana’s blood is extremely dangerous, filled with the left-overs of diseases and other infections she has come into contact with, toxins and radiation that her body can’t break down. If ingested, her blood will cause large amounts of pain and, in extreme amounts, can kill. The blood will not affect inanimate objects, and the amount of blood absorbed through transference would not be enough to cause more than a burning sensation in the open wound that came in contact. The effects are immediate. It is not possible for this to be used offensively, as the blood cannot be forced down an unwilling prime’s throat. Instead, like a defensive mechanism, this comes into play when someone wittingly or unwittingly bites into and breaks Arriana’s skin, or otherwise purposefully ingests her blood.

Ingested: less than a spoonful: mild irritation to the throat and gums.
Half a cup: burning sensation in the gums and throat, mild irritation to the stomach. Can cause coughing fits.
Full cup: Numb feeling in gums and tongue, burning pain in stomach. Causes coughing fits and painful bowel movements

Ingesting any more than a full cup would not be accidental, and would cause intense pain throughout the digestive system. If more than approximately 3 cups is consumed, the pain will begin to spread through the circulatory system, starting in the abdomen and expanding. This will take a minimum of 1 full day to be removed from the body. Consuming more than 2 liters would certainly be a fatal suicide attempt.

Arriana is not completely immune to her own blood’s toxicity, and as a result is in a constant state of approaching death.

Combat Moves:

Fluff Text Abilities:

Cold Resistance/Heat Weakness - can comfortably survive between temperatures of ~25 degrees Celcius to negative 50 degrees Celcius

Underwater breathing - she's a sea dragon. 

Eye colour changes consistently based on mood and environment.
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

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