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Enzo Matrix

Name: Enzo Matrix
Spent OM: 24100
Consumed OM (300): Items (300)
Proficiencies: (4400): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Homing Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)
Powers: (4400/8000): Master Enhanced Senses (2000), Insight (1600), Master Acrobat (400), Telekinesis (400)
Moves: (2400): Gun (900), Trident (300), Sea Shield (900), Lightsaber (300)
Super Moves: (600) Fireball (T1 Offensive - 600)
Transformations: (4500) Heroic (T1 Power-Up - 1000), Legendary (T2 Power-Up -1500), Jedi (Alternate Form - 2000)
Assists (1500): AndrAIa (T2 - 1500)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator
Bases (3000)
: Vasty Deep - Cinnabar Island (1000), Recall Station (1000), Dataverse Uplink Station (1000)
Unlocks (3000): First Stat Upgrade (ATK), Second Stat Upgrade (SPD)


Base (Heroic) [Legendary]
ATK: 5 (6) [7]
DEF: 2 (4) [6]
SPD: 2 (3) [4]
TEC: 3 (4) [5]

Jedi (Heroic) [Legendary]
ATK: 3 (4) [5]
DEF: 1 (3) [5]
SPD: 3 (4) [5]
TEC: 5 (6) [7]

"My format? I have no format. I am a renegade, lost in the Omniverse."

[Image: alphamatrix.png]


Matrix is a tall and muscular man. He is easily identified by his green skin, and his short green hair as well. He wears blue pants, a black vest and black boots, as well other other accessories he gained in his travels through the Games. Another identifying feature his his robotic right eye, a replacement after losing his eye in a battle in his young life. His eye is gold in color, with a red "M" that will light up when he targets something, sometimes so brightly that it turns his entire eye red. It is capable of advanced scanning and targeting methods, and he is able to upgrade it to suit his needs in the Omniverse. His eye is synced not only with himself but also his firearm, simply named Gun, that is always by his side. This makes his weapon a literal extension of himself.

The world Matrix originates from is a unique land. He is from a "system" known as Mainframe, which is essentially a giant city in the middle of an endless ocean. Mainframe exists inside of a computer, and Matrix and everyone he knows are actually computer programs. The systems are a part of a larger world known as the "Net" that can be traveled between with some work, or systems can lock down and isolate themselves. Another, more dangerous, way of traveling is through the "Web" which connects all systems, but it is incredibly dangerous due to the monsters and other hazards, and it is essentially a far more dangerous outer space. A large hazard are "Games" that the user inputs into systems. If the User wins a Game, that section of the system is destroyed and all the inhabitants trapped in the game are deleted. As a result, Matrix is among those skilled enough to enter games, "reboot" by downloading game data, and defeat the user. To prevent his own deletion when he was younger, he learned to permanently enter games and use them to travel between systems.

This, in effect, makes a great deal of Matrix's skills and abilities references to popular games, as he has experienced many of them as an enemy AI, on top of his unique abilities he has acquired from outside the games.


After his travels through the games, battling in many different systems and also upon reflecting on his own failures to defend Mainframe as a boy, Matrix has become incredibly jaded. He fights a constant battle within himself to remember that he his really a good person, deep down, and what his purpose is. He has no qualms about killing those who would do harm to him or anyone he holds close, even in cold blood, and sometimes his friends and allies have to hold him back from unnecessary bloodshed. His demeanor is cold and uncaring, having experienced so much hardship in his life that he is no longer sympathetic to anyone else's. Though it can be hard to crack through his shell, making a friend of Matrix is a friend for life, and he is genuinely a good person who will do anything to protect his friends and allies, just in his own way. He will rarely tell anyone his full name, however, simply going by "Matrix" instead of his first name.



Born and raised in the system of Mainframe, Enzo Matrix always aspired to be a guardian...to mend and defend his home from viruses and the Games. He idolized the guardian assigned to Mainframe, Bob, and wanted to be just like him. While his sister Dot was constantly helping Bob, young Enzo was unfortunately mostly in the way and a liability. He continued to try and help, and even managed to befriend a game AI, something completely unheard of even to the guardians. However, after a fateful battle with the Web, Bob was cast into the depths and Enzo was the only one left with guardian coding. Enzo was forced to contend with the virus Megabyte, as well as the Games. Eventually, it was too much, and he was defeated and nearly nullified by a fighting game. Instead of letting themselves lose completely, Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket switched their icons to Game AI mode, and were taken away.

Enzo grew quickly and changed drastically in the games. He faced challenge after challenge as he battled his way back to Mainframe, gaining many unique experiences and skills. He replaced his broken eye with a robotic one, became an expert shot with a gun, and super strong from all his experiences. Now fully grown, he no longer used his first name, he simply went by "Matrix". He was no longer the energetic young child, but instead a jaded and angry adult. Eventually they made it back to Mainframe, alongside Bob and a handful of new allies, and were able to defeat Megabyte for good and restore the system.

Matrix arrived in the Nexus, and at first believed he was in a glitched game. He came to realize this was not the case, after gained a little more information from a squad of stormtroopers. He tried summoning a transport to move himself around with, but was unable to keep his mind off of AndrAIa, and accidentally summoned her to the Omniverse as well. The two of them traveled to the Vasty Deep together, where they stole a boat and began to explore the realm, looking for answers and a place to stay for the time being.

They eventually came upon Cinnabar Island, though the council was untrusting of newcomers. They proved their worth by venturing to Isla Nublar and rescuing several younger members of the community, and were in turn welcomed. They set up a home in the jungle outside of town, and then Matrix departed for Coruscant at the suggestion of Mewtwo. His search for information was fruitless, and he came back to Cinnabar in short time. Mewtwo explained that he wanted him to see the Empire he insisted on running from, to know what he was truly up against. After that, he made the suggestion that they enter the Dataverse.

Matrix summoned his loyal companion, Frisket, to his side, and the trio of Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket journeyed to the Dataverse together. With the guidance of a Majin named Sesa, they found the Databanks amongst the chaos of the Dataverse. It was there tht Matrix met the Librarian AI, a prime that operated the entire Databanks. This being informed Matrix of his true original, that he was a computer program and that the games he knew had exposed him to many different realities. Matrix was disturbed, but also comforted with the explanation, as he understood the potential he held.

Unfortunately, before he could utilize this knowledge, he was whisked away to the Hero's Graveyard, a strange 'verse that was controlled by a poweful warlock, all in order to imprison a poweful spirit. The spirit, Teucer, begged for assistance in escaping. Matrix found little choice, and ended up allying with fellow computer programs "Smith" and "Colonel" against a powerful entity known as the Cyberdemon. In the midst of a fierce battle, Matrix was killed by the creature.

To his great surprise, Smith and Colonel, amongst others, not only died after him but also beat him to the Nexus, somehow. Matrix learned about the betrayal Smith suffered at the hands of the prime known as Sasuke, and that he was waiting to extract vengeance. Though his team from the Graveyardverse was fully assembled, with many extras, Matrix declined to participate in the ambush. Upon witnessing the fusion that created the monstrosity called the "Harbinger" Matrix departed to the nearest gate he could find.

Given little opportunity to rest, Matrix encountered a prime and two secondaries, Paul Atreides, Gurney Halleck, and Duncan Idaho, though he only knew the prime as "Muad'dib." Together, the four of them worked together to overpower and destroy a bandit camp. Though it was business as usual for Paul, Matrix found himself deeply effected by the proceedings. They parted ways, with the promise of a future alliance. Matrix returned to Cinnabar and AndrAIa, vowing a renewed sense of purpose. This came just in time, because AndrAIa informed him almost immediately that one of the members of Cinnabar's community they had recently rescued, Coal the Charmander, and gone missing under suspicious circumstances.


Matrix's home in the Omniverse is a house nestled in the woods on CInnabar Island. After a five minute walk down a dirt trail from the main settlement, one would encounter the house he shares with AndrAIa. It is two stories up, with a deck that wraps around all but the front of the house. The back deck contains a pool and a hot tub, and is situated on a hill that overlooks the river and jungle for an incredible view. Also on the deck are various chairs, tables, as well as a grill and a mini-bar for outdoor lounging and entertainment.

Inside, on the first level, is a large kitchen with an island in the center and a dining area. There is a large living room with couches, chairs, a fireplace, and television, and both rooms have glass doors that lead to the back deck. At the front is the main door and the stairs that go to the second level, as well as a door to a bathroom and a side room that serves as a study, with a desk and a few other chairs in it. The top level is a single large bedroom that AndrAIa and Matrix share. It also has a back entrance, with a door that opens up to outdoor stairs down to the pool area of the deck.

From the hallway in the main level is a hidden entrance that descends into a lower basement. This is a two story basement, with the upper level being a catwalk that circles the area and breaks off into four rooms, one on each wall, with two staircases on opposite sides that drop to a lower level. The lower level has a center room, but also four mirroring rooms on each wall. These rooms contain various things like emergency bedding and security systems, and also the various upgrades to the base. It is essentially their command room, and the basement is the actual "base" portion of the house that requires work to infiltrate.

All of Matrix's moves and powers from his base form are always available to him, regardless of the alternate form he is in. All moves and powers listed under an alternate form are locked to that form.


(900) - Matrix uses a firearm simply named "Gun". It is a handgun that somewhat resembles a small SMG in appearance. When not in use, it is attached to his upper right leg, not requiring a holster. Through the use his eye's connection with the firearm, Matrix is able to draw the weapon from the holster to his hand without making physical contact with the weapon. Likewise, when he's done with it, he can release it and return it to it's holstered location. The gun is energy maintained, and does not require reloads. Several different modes and options are available for it, and more can be upgraded in as they re designed. These modes are switched between with verbal commands, or by adjusting settings on the weapon itself if this is not feasible. Gun is linked to Matrix's neural implant in his right eye, allowing him to sync the targeting system directly to his vision and essentially making this firearm an extension of himself.

"Gun. Command line..."

Single Shot Mode: Gun fires powerful shots in semi-automatic fire with a small explosive impact. The rate of fire is one shot every two seconds. While it does not need reloading, it can overheat from extended use (15 or more consecutive shots), which requires a cool down of over a minute.This is Gun's default setting.

Burst Fire Mode: When in Burst Fire mode, Gun fires three quick shots with a single trigger pull. It can fire a total of thirty six rounds in this mode before needing to cool down, for a total of twelve bursts. Each energy projectile is weaker than the Single Shot counterparts, but highly accurate with little recoil.

Spread Shot Mode: When set to this mode, Matrix's firearm resembles a shotgun in function. It fires eight small, ball shaped projectiles in a single burst. It can fire in this mode five times consecutively, with a two second delay between shots, before needing to cool down. The projectiles lose their grouping after about ten yards, but can still make contact with a target up to thirty yards, however they will be significantly weaker as fewer are hitting.

Sea Shield (900) – The Sea Shield takes the shape of a circular sea shell, measuring approximately 2.5 feet in diameter. When AndrAIa was younger, she wore the gigantic sea shell as a breastplate, but discarded it as she grew older. Matrix then adopted the shell as an offensive weapon as they matured. He can utilize the shield with either hand. He can summon it from thin air onto either arm. Like Gun, he can bring the weapon to either hand without actually making physical contact with it if it is dropped or thrown, up to a range of fifteen yards. It can be used as an offensive weapon, affixed to either of Matrix’s forearms for powerful striking. Likewise, Matrix can hold the shield up and use it to take the brunt of an attack, utilizing its original purpose. It can withstand several very powerful blows before shattering (though nothing that would require the expenditure of SP). If it is destroyed, he cannot he summon it for thirty seconds. He can also use it defensively alongside his offensive weapon, Gun. Lastly, Matrix is capable of throwing the shield and skillfully bouncing it between targets, making it an effective ranged attack, as well. He can manually throw it with great velocity, slightly faster than an arrow shot from a bow with a range of approximately 35 yards. If it bounces between targets, it only has the velocity to travel seven yards between strikes, and a maximum of three bounces. He is extremely accurate with it if stationary, due to his lock on aiming ability with his eye, but loses a great deal of accuracy if he throws it while mobile, since it draws his focus away from his cybernetics. Matrix summons the shield from thin air utilizing Omnilium, which takes about two seconds to materialize on his person. He can also keep it on his back, if he's expecting to use it again in a short time.

Heroic (Tier 1 Power-Up Transformation) (1000)
ATK: +1
DEF: +2
SPD: +1
TEC: +1
Matrix, having been an enemy AI in countless video games in his past realm, has learned to manipulate his own coding and manually increase his "difficulty level" to make himself a tougher opponent. This boosts his abilities in all respects, but most notably makes him more durable. The only visual sign of this transformation is that is black and gold icon on his shoulder plate changes it's shape to a shield with two swords across it. Because he is forcing the difficulty level change, he cannot maintain it indefinitely.

Legendary (Tier 2 Power-Up Transformation) (1500)
ATK: +2
DEF: +4
SPD: +2
TEC: +2

Matrix, having been an enemy AI in countless video games in his past realm, has learned to manipulate his own coding and manually increase his "difficulty level" to make himself a tougher opponent. This boosts his abilities in all respects, but most notably makes him more durable. When increasing to the Legendary difficulty, beyond Heroic, he gains even more power and durability, at the expense of a further energy drain on himself. The only visual sign of this transformation is that is black and gold icon on his shoulder plate changes its shape to a shield and a skull with two swords across it. Because he is forcing the difficulty level change, he cannot maintain it indefinitely.

Fireball (T1 Offensive Super Move)

Matrix has recreated one of the most devastating attacks he has ever witnessed in his many travels across the games. He holds up a single hand and forms an orange fireball that measures about two feet in diameter, which takes three seconds to charge. Matrix then throws the fireball at his chosen opponent like a baseball, and upon impact with it's target it will cause a localized burst for heavy damage. The fireball hovers directly above his palm while he charges and throws it, and he never actually touches the flames during the course of the attack. If the attack does not hit right away, it can bounce several times across the ground and keep it's same trajectory.


Master Enhanced Senses: Matrix's robotic eye can shift between various types of imaging, including thermal and night vision. It also has lock on functionality on any targets he acquires. It is, of course, possible to shake off the software, but regardless, Matrix is capable of thoroughly analyzing an area.

Insight: Matrix's golden, cybernetic right eye allows him to scan and analyze his opponents. He has a small heads up display in his vision as a result of this. Though it takes some time to update in battle, he can learn a great deal about his enemies using this.

Master Acrobat:
Matrix is naturally flexible and can preform plenty of acrobatic feats.

Telekinesis: In his base form, Matrix can instantly summon Gun or the Sea Shield to either hand without making physical contact. It doesn't matter if they are holstered on his person, or they were simply knocked from his hands. This is done via a neural uplink with his cybernetic eye. This power can only be used to bring those two weapons into his hands. Telekinesis has no other function at this form.

Mobile Dataverse Device: Not a power, per se, but worth noting that all of Matrix's interactions with the Dataverse are handled within his multipurpose robotic eye.


Jedi (Alternate Form) - 2000

Matrix focuses on the form he wants to take, double taps on the gold and black Icon on his chest plate with two fingers, and calls out the word “Reboot!” When he does so, a wave of green light washes over him and his fundamental coding is altered, allowing him to take a form based on one he has seen in the Games before. As a Jedi, he physically appears to be very similar to his normal form, with the exception of a longer beard. The main, noticeable difference is that his clothing shifts to black, light armor, and he gains a black cloak. His Icon remains visible, and in the same place, just over his heart. To revert to his normal form, he simply presses and holds his icon for four seconds. Only he can revert his form, an opponent cannot force him back to normal by interacting with his Icon.

[Image: luke_skywalker_by_saturnoarg-d5ttl97.jpg]

ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 5

(300) - When deactivated, this weapon is a metal hilt, black in some places and silver in others, with brown leather wrapped around it. The hilt is approximately eleven inches long. When Matrix activates this weapon, a three-foot blade made of green energy ignites from the handle. The lightsaber is light and easy to move around, useful for sword play and deflecting projectiles, though it is significantly less powerful than in its home realm. When not in use, Matrix clips the deactivated hilt on his belt. He can draw and ignite it in under a second, and is capable of utilizing it alongside his other weapons. This weapon is instantly available to him when he is in his Jedi alternate form, and disappears when he reverts to his base form, or shifts to another.

Assist Moves/Skills/Abilities
Trident (300) - A three pronged spear that measures about six feet long. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver around, but at the same time is sturdy enough to withstand constant direct blows. When not in use, it collapses to a small stick that is about the size of a fist for easy storage on a belt or somewhere similar. With the press of a small button it can be extended or retracted between sizes, with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental deployment both in and out of battle. Deploying the weapon as well as sheathing it takes only one second. This is AndrAIa's weapon of choice, but Matrix is skilled with it as well and she will sometimes loan it to him.



[Image: alphaandi.png]

Tier 2 Assist
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 3

Applicable Moves: Trident
Matrix's girlfriend and traveling companion. She was originally a Game AI in an underwater game, but managed to escape with the young Enzo's help. Since then the two were inseparable, and she was always by his side during the Virus Wars. She was trapped in the Games alongside Enzo after they lost in a fighting game, and she grew up battling a multitude of scenarios and battles alongside him. Their attraction matured into a full relationship during this time. Having no true place to call home, AndrAIa was happy as long as she was alongside Matrix. As a result of their odd upbringing, they both shared an insatiable love of action and adventure. Their close relationship inadvertently caused her arrival in the Omniverse shortly after Matrix's.


[Image: alphafrisket.png]
Secondary NPC. Future Assist.

Frisket is Matrix canine companion from his original reality. The two have been nearly inseparable since they were both very young. Frisket has always displayed exceptional strength and intelligence for a dog, and served as the young Enzo's bodyguard, more or less, when he was younger. Frisket was lost in the Games alongside Matrix and AndrAIa, but stayed faithfully by their side. He is wary of outsiders, and very protective of Matrix and now AndrAIa. He was summoned to the Omniverse by Matrix at AndrAIa's suggestion. Though Matrix reasoned that he did not want to pull Frisket away from Mainframe, AndrAIa reminded him that Frisket would simply want to be with them.


Syril is a blue skinned Yoshi that lives on Cinnabar Island. He is distinguishable by the two pistols he keeps on shoulder holsters at all times. He battled his way across the Omniverse before settling down at Cinnabar Island. Though he vehemently disagrees with Wartortle and the Pokemon Liberation Front's policies and is adamant that Cinnabar Island needs to stay out of the politics of the Omniverse, he does wish that the leadership of his home was slightly more proactive in their immediate area.


Vulcan is a black Charizard that lives on Cinnabar Island. His appearance is rarity among his species, and combined with his formidable fighting skills, this made him something of a commodity upon his arrival in the Omniverse. His journeys led him to settle on Cinnabar Island with his family. Though his son has great desire to continue exploring, Vulcan is more than content to stay on Cinnabar, doing what he can to chip in and live a peaceful life.


Coal is a young Charmander with an overwhelming desire to be a warrior and a hero. He is very talented and powerful, however he is also headstrong and somewhat rash, not appreciating the danger of many situations. He is the leader of a group of Cinnabar residents that want to leave the island and do great things in the Omniverse. Coal fights up close and personal with his claws and flaming tail, and also has the ability to breath fire and use the flames in devastating ways.


Zlick is a Jawa that lives on Cinnabar island, and is looked at as the brains and voice of reason for the trio of monsters that view themselves as future heroes. He is very knowledgeable with technology and also a cunning strategist. Like most Jawas, he is unable to prevent himself from scavenging through ruined technology for parts. Zlick battles with a rifle from a range, typically covering his allies in combat.


Of his group of three, Kero the Tonberry is the most laid back. The small, green creature typically is quiet and waddles along at a slow pace, even in combat. He knows a few magic moves that he supports his teammates with in combat rarely, but for the most part will slowly lurch towards enemies before stabbing them with his knife for terrifying results. Kero, like his friends, dreams of adventures and excitement, but he shows it much less than Coal and Zlick.


Player Primes

Smith - Matrix worked with Smith in the Graveyardverse. All of Matrix's sensor and instincts told him not to trust the man, but Smith himself has never given Matrix any indication of treachery, with just confuses him that much more.

Colonel - Another ally from the Graveyardverse. This fellow program was identified as a Guardian by Matrix's sensors, which gave him immediate respect for the being. That said, Matrix still kept his distance.

Ryner - Matrix worked with Ryner in the Graveyardverse, but it was entirely in combat and he did not have much time to formulate an opinion about the man.

Paul Atreides
- Known to Matrix only as "Muad'dib." He immediately respected this individual for the simple fact that he was the first selfless person Matrix encountered inside the Omniverse. Matrix befriended and joined him because he reminded the sprite of who he was before arriving in this realm.


Mewtwo -
Matrix lives on the island under Mewtwo's domain, but does not entirely trust its leader, after the Pokemon deceived him into visiting Coruscant.

The Librarian AI -
The AI in charge of the Databanks explained much to Matrix when he visited. He was disturbed by how much it knew about him, but the information gained was valuable in understanding this new world.

The Spirit
- This odd entity whisked Matrix to another realm in the middle of his work, not entirely unlike a game. Matrix doesn't know if it managed to get free, but holds a negative opinion of the man.


Cinnabar Island - Matrix's home in the Omniverse. He would do anything to protect its citizens.

The Empire - This group concerns Matrix, as he views them as much like the viruses he encountered in his own realm. They seem to be everywhere, and Coruscant was suffocating.

Matrix arrives in the Omniverse. He meets some stormtroopers and quickly summons AndrAIa to his side. They continue their journey in this new world.

Take a Free Ride
Matrix and AndrAIa learn about the Omniverse, and secure the means to transport themselves across the Vasty Deep.

Spare No Expense (Quest: A Little Peace and Quiet)
Matrix and AndrAIa arrive on Cinnabar Island, seeking shelter. To be welcomed by this community they must prove themselves, and embark on a dangerous rescue mission on Isla Nublar.

Home is Where the Monsters Are
Matrix and AndrAIa return to Cinnabar, and are welcomed to the island. They meet with locals and plan their next move.

Story of a Lifetime
Matrix cuts through the Nexus on his journey to Coruscant.

Knowledge is Power
Matrix attempts to seek out knowledge from the library of Coruscant, but is disappointed by the censorship and the militaristic presence.

Into the Deep
Matrix returns to the Nexus and wastes no time returning to the Vasty Deep.

Plugging In
After a discussion with AndrAIa and Mewtwo, Matrix teams up with AndrAIa and Frisket to enter the Dataverse in search of the answers they seek.

The World You Know
Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket enter the bizarre world known as the Dataverse, searching for answers. They're stunned to see that it resembles the land they left behind.

The Graveyard Verse (Site Event)
Matrix finds himself whisked away to a strange place known as the Hero's Graveyard. He teams up with Agent Smith, Colonel, and Ryner Lute in an attempt to free the spirit Teucer from his prison, their focus being the powerful beast known as the Cyberdemon.

Threat Elimination Protocols: Active
Matrix returns to the Nexus to discover Smith and the others waiting to extract vengeance on those who betrayed them.

Riding the Worm
Traveling to the Endless Dunes, Matrix comes across three men batting the bandits that plague the land.

Little Lost Charmander
Matrix and AndrAIa investigate the disappearance of Coal, a young Charmander they previously rescued from Isla Nublar.

Search for the Sage II: Electric Boogaloo
In the aftermath of a horrific battle on Cinnabar in his absence, Matrix searches for the one man that seems to be at the center of it all.

This post is just a semi-organized bunch of information that clarifies where me and my characters are going. The OOC section is just my RP etiquette so there's as little confusion as possible, while the IC side is simply character quirks that I had nowhere else to put, or were so important they're worth mentioning again. I'll be constantly updating this as I think of more things.

OOC Notes - Writing with me.

-I'm perfectly fine with RPing someone else's character, and them using mine. I tend to wait a few posts before using someone's character simply because I like to get a feel for the way they write them, but this isn't always the case. It's usually something I figure out in advance.

-Post order is nice, but not necessary. If my life takes over, I have no problem being skipped. Likewise, if it simply makes sense for another writer to go instead of me, that's cool, too. I also have no problems with double posting or anything like that.

-The amount of time between posts isn't a big deal. If we aren't in contact at all I'll wait a little over a week, unless I know for sure you're coming back. If I do go a separate way, I'll typically use NPCs and the environment to respectably and believably separate our characters, that way you have enough to work with when you come back. Here's an example.

-Post length does not matter to me, either. I tell the story in however many words it takes. That said, I obviously try and get both characters into the fortnightly.

-If you have any questions about my characters, feel free to PM me.

IC Notes - Writing with Matrix

-While it seems like a little detail, it's fairly important to his character from a personal perspective. Under almost every circumstance imaginable, Matrix will never freely give out his first name of "Enzo" as he is ashamed of the child he used to be. He will always go by the name Matrix and introduce himself as such. I don't even use his first name in most narratives or descriptions, simply because he has disassociated himself from that name so greatly.

-Matrix is gruff, rude, impatient, and easy to anger. However, it is because he simply never learned to act any other way, as he grew up pitted in countless survival scenarios. Deep down he's actually a fairly insecure and awkward guy, with the hardened badass exterior simply being what he needed to get along. When he gets to know someone well enough he can be comfortable around them and friendly. However, it is difficult for him to make friends.

-On a similar note, it's very likely that the only reason he didn't grow up into a raging psychopath was from the loving influence of his girlfriend AndrAIa. If she is around as his assist/secondary, she can typically talk him into some level of reason. If she isn't, Matrix might be prone to acts that are more rash than normal.

-Matrix, AndrAIa, and any character taken from the Reboot media have a unique way of speaking. They live in a world inside a computer, so some of their basic terminology is computer lingo. There is no direct translation of time from normal language to theirs, but typically a "Nano" is a very very short amount of time, akin to minutes or few hours, while a "Second" to them is actually closer to months or years. Things are not "stupid" or "idiotic" to them, they are "Basic", and they don't know the concepts of heaven and hell, but will typically refer to "the Net" in a good light similar to the heaven, while "the Web" has hell's negative connotation. These are just a few examples, if you haven't seen the show. Basically, their words tend to center around computer related phrases and words.

-Combat-wise he prefers his firearm, simply named "Gun" as his primary means of attack. For writers making use of him in any scenario, Matrix can freely switch between the various fire modes listed on his Moves roster page, and long as it's practical in the situation.. He is also a good unarmed fighter, but he relies more on physical strength than finesse, though he does have a few martial arts type tricks up his sleeve.

-AndrAIa has a trident that typically stays with her but will also be with Matrix sometimes. If he has it, it can also be freely written as a weapon. I'll make sure to clarify out of the RP thread if it is or isn't available.

-His cyborg right eye with turn over and twist to display a red "M" when he targets anything. This symbol can glow with varying intensities. When not in a combat situation, it will not glow when active, but all the functions and the same. He can scan in various forms of imaging (night vision, thermal, etc) and get statistical read outs on anyone. It is also his link to the Dataverse, and he can go all of his browsing mentally, with it displayed on the eye. For clarity, this robotic eye is his representation of Advanced Senses, Insight, and Mobile Dataverse Device.

-But seriously I die a little inside every time people miss all the cues and notifications to call him "Matrix" and not "Enzo"

[Image: Rank3.png]
Total Achievement Points =265

Personal/Character Achievements
[Image: S_Ice07.png][Image: S_Fire08.png][Image: S_Buff02.png][Image: S_Buff09.png] [Image: S_Buff08.png][Image: I_Key05.png][Image: I_GoldBar.png][Image: S_Holy06.png]  [Image: S_Holy04.png]

Community Achievements
[Image: S_Bow11.png] [Image: Ac_Medal02.png] [Image: Ac_Medal01.png] [Image: S_Dagger06.png]

Purchasing Achievements
[Image: S_Shadow07.png][Image: I_Mirror.png][Image: I_Key01.png] [Image: S_Shadow14.png] [Image: I_Diamond_1.png][Image: S_Sword01.png]

Exploration Achievements
[Image: S_Light02.png] [Image: S_Water02.png] [Image: S_Thunder04.png]

Influence Achievements
[Image: X_Letter01.png]

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements
[Image: C_Elm03.png]

One-Time Achievements

Personal Achievements
Welcome to the Jungle – Post your first Post (5) Post.
Summoning - Properly summon something into the Omniverse (5) AndrAIa
Look at You! – Post 10 times (10)
In it to Win it – Post 25 times (15)
Go Write a Novel – Post 50 times (25)
Deuces – Have another character (15)
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)
Powerrrrr - Reach Level 5 (50)

Community Achievements
Active – Get fortnightly rewards 4 times in a row (10) 1 2 3 4
Great Job! - Get a bonus for great writing (5) Here.
Exceptional - Get a bonus for exceptional writing (10) Here.
Teamwork – Get a bonus for a group story (10)

Purchasing Achievements
Headquarters – Purchase a base (5) Cinnabar Island
Friends - Purchase a Summon of any kind (5) AndrAIa
Money to Burn – Purchase a permanent stat increase (10) Here.
It’s Over 9000! – Purchase a Transformation (5)
Stylish – Purchase an Alternate Form (5)
Super Powered - Purchase any type of Super Move (5)

Exploration Achievements
More Aqua Please – Post 5 times in the Endless Dunes (5) Riding the Worm
Into the Vast Unknown – Post 5 times in the Vasty Deep (5) Spare No Expense
Technocrat – Post 5 times in the Dataverse (10) The World You Know

Influence Achievements
Movin' On Up - Successfully join a Faction (PC or NPC) (10) Cinnabar Island

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements
Saga Veteran - Participated in a grand storyline (Jubilee, Rathalos, DA, Secondary Saga) (20) Graveyardverse

One-Time Achievements

[Image: HeroesGraveyard_zpsjxfewwpf.png]
Hero's Graveyard
Guardian Slayer

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