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Makoto Yuki

Name: Makoto Yuki

Spent OM: 13350 OM

Consumed OM (2650): Refunds

Proficiencies (4,000): Physical Strength (1,000), Ranged Proficiency (1,000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1,000), Area Defense Proficiency (400)

Powers (2,000/8,000): Fusion - Basic (1,000), Symbiosis (1,000)

Moves (1800): Claymore (300), Zio: Revised (600), Lightning Gloves (600), Return To Sender (300)

Super Moves (600): Tier 1 Super Defense - Invulnerability (600)

Transformations (1000): Tier 1 Powerd-Up Form - The True Self (1000)

Assists: N/A

Items (300): Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)

Artefacts: N/A

Bases: N/A

Unlocks (1000): First Stat Upgrade - TEC (1000)

Stats: Base - (True Self)
ATK: 3 (5)
DEF: 3 (3)
SPD: 2 (5)
TEC: 3 (3)

[Image: qBiG8ZQ.jpg]

Name: Makoto Yuki

Alias: The Wild Card, The Fool

Age: 17

Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'7", Makoto doesn't appear to have a build any different than an average, scrawny teenager. He has dark blue hair with a disheveled fringe hanging over the right side of his face, grey eyes, and a tendency to stuff his hands into his pockets. Wears his school uniform, a dark jacket over a white dress shirt accentuated by a loose bow tie, and a pair of dark pants and shoes. A red armband with the text "S.E.E.S." printed on it is plainly visible on his left arm. Ditches the jacket and switches over to a short sleeved shirt in warmer weather. 


Despite what the neutral expression permanently glued to his face would have you believe, Yuki can actually be quite charming when he needs to be. His sharp intuition and nature as a good listener allow him to quickly gain people's trust, and he has more experience worming his way into even the most guarded hearts than you can shake a stick at.

When he's not trying to make friends, he's prone to long bouts of silence, mostly replying instead of starting conversations. What little he does speak is very unfiltered, his thoughts vocalized as is, which can come off as rude or standoffish in some cases.

His experiences have taught him that everyone has their vices, including himself, so who's he to judge? Unless you're a mass murdering maniac with a flagrant disregard for sentient life. He's gonna judge you a little bit for that.

Those perceptive enough can gain insight into Makoto's true personality, composed of traits such as his penchant for dark humor, his love of music, and vices such as his overconfidence.


Claymore - (Physical Strength) - 300 OM

A two handed sword nearly one and a half meters in length. Slightly emphasizes power over speed, and can be one handed in a pinch. The weapon is summoned by Makoto from an immaterial plane of thought, and can be dismissed to and retrieved from that plane at a moment's notice.

Lightning Gloves - (Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency) - 600 OM

Durable black gloves that fit snugly, covering the whole hand. Akihiko Sanada's weapon of choice. Can be used to punch, slap, backhand, choke, and generally do anything you could do barehanded.

Over the years they've become saturated with Akihiko's fighting spirit, imbuing them with his Persona's lightning. By taking four seconds of deep concentration during which he can't move or cast, Makoto can coat the gloves in electricity, which moderately shocks on impact. This effect lasts for 15 seconds, and is tiring enough to only be used three times at most per fight. Five seconds of cooldown are necessary before applying a second time.

Opponents who receive five or more direct, undefended hits while the effect is active feel the effect of the constant electric discharge on their nervous system, decreasing their fine motor skills (decreases TEC). This effect lasts for ten seconds. The debuff itself doesn't cost any additional effort to apply, as long as the above condition is met.


Zio: Revised - (Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency) - 600 OM

A yellow bolt of lightning two meters long and three centimeters in diameter, when thrown like a lance it discharges on contact, burning flesh (or equivalent) but can't stun. Can be loosed as quickly as Makoto can make a grasping motion with a free hand. When thrown has the approximate speed of a bullet, and can hit targets no farther than 60 meters away provided it's accurately aimed. Owing to its simplicity, it's not very powerful nor very taxing, and can be cast while moving around or using other moves.

It's possible to upgrade this spell by charging for up to five seconds, the resulting bolt is comparatively slower, and has a range limited to 20 meters. This version is more damaging, as signified by a brighter glow, but it's also more tiring, forces the user to only move at a crawl, and prevents them from using other moves until the charging is complete. Being attacked or restrained will cancel the charge and reset the needed time. The increased electric charge is enough to immobilize a targeted limb, stopping its movement entirely for double the time used to charge the move.


Return to Sender – (Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack) – 300 OM

A defensive technique where Makoto spends a second concentrating on imbuing his weapon with wind magic, visually represented by a small green vortex surrounding the blade. Makoto can move around normally during this time and while the blade is 'charged', but using any other spell or using his blade to physically attack or block cancels the charge.

On his next swing, a powerful gust of wind violently pushes back on whatever is in front of Makoto in a two-meter-wide arc that travels for 5 meters directly away from him, reaching its max distance and harmlessly dispersing after a second.

Projectiles that’re no smaller than a baseball and no faster than an arrow are redirected to travel in roughly the direction they came from at half their original speed. Too small or too fast projectiles like bullets get their trajectories slightly altered and just have their overall accuracy decreased.

If this move is used on a prime they're knocked back a minimum of one meter if their DEF is double that of Makoto's ATK, two meters if their stats are equally matched, and up to a maximum of four meters when the opponent's DEF is half that of Makoto's ATK. Any prime may attempt to brace themselves and resist the wind, but doing so requires their concentration and is more fatiguing to do the lower their DEF is.

Pulling this maneuver multiple times in quick succession is guaranteed to leave Makoto gasping for breath, but is manageable when used sparingly. This move does absolutely no damage on its own and is intended to create distance and tactically use the landscape of the battlefield.

Super Moves:

Invulnerability - (Area Defense) - Tier 1 Super Defensive Move - 600 OM

A magical effect granted by an extremely powerful magical artifact. When activated, a purple fog surrounds the user and either nullifies any and all attacks targeting them for a period of two seconds, or serves to cancel one Super Move of the same tier.


The True Self - T1 Powered Up Form - 1000 OM

ATK: 5
DEF: 3
SPD: 5
TEC: 3

Makoto's shadow self, an embodiment of his repressed negative qualities, momentarily rises to the surface out of self-preservation. Physical changes are limited to his irises turning a bright gold and his expression freezing on a slightly unhinged grin. He becomes more aggressive and reckless while in this form, mostly rushing straight into battle. His increased strength better allows him to wield his heavy armaments with one hand while he uses the other to slap your shit.

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