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Gamzee Makara

Name: Gamzee Makara
Spent OM: 25,600 OM
Proficiencies (3600): Physical Strength (1000) Ranged Proficiency (1000) Area Attack (600) Debuff (1000)
Powers (7000): Survival (2000), Burst Movement (800), Master Acrobat (400) Mimic (2800) Suppression (1000)
Moves (1500): Deuce Clubs (300) Lightning Aura//Spears//Clubs//Discharge (900) Flower Bomb (300)
Super Moves (2000): Tier 1 Super Defense Move: Acrobatic Motherf***ing Pirouette (600) Tier 1 Super Move: Super Atomic Double Juggalo Back Breaker (600) Tier 2 Super Move: The End Days (800)
Transformations (2500): Tier 1 Power Up - Sobriety (1000) Tier 2 Power Up - ???? (1500)
Items (1700): Medal! (1), Huskphone (MDD and Communicator) (300), 4 Elixir (400) SEEENNNZU BEAN (1000)
Consumed OM (1400): Tier 1 Super Defense Move: Acrobatic Motherf***ing Pirouette (300), Starman (500), x2 Medigel (100) x2 Elixir (200) x2 Flashbangs (400)
Unlocks (7000): Stat Increase I - TEC (1000) Stat Increase II - SPD (2000) Stat Increase III - TEC (4000)
Base stats (T1) [T2]:
ATK: 4 (6) [8]
DEF: 3 (3) [4]
SPD: 3 (4) [4]
TEC: 3 (5) [7]

I won't mind if you attack my character or base with little to no warning!
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

[Image: dlpaou6b73f.gif]
-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

This is meant as a formal sort of Filler for Gamzee and his Universe. I'll do a fun page, like his powers and examples of his personality later.

A Brief Summary of His Universe State: Gamzee Makara is a High-Blooded Troll from the planet Alternia. Trolls are an incredibly resilient and brutal race, and Alternia itself is no less unforgiving. They are designated by a caste system, using a hierarchy of blood color. Gamzee's blood is a deep violet hue, which would have placed him at quite the seat of power had he survived his childhood. Alas....
When he was plucked from his universe, he was already well into the SGRUB game, a mysterious computer program that brought about the end of his world and several others, including earth. Despite destroying the player's home planets, the computer game also grants a sort of Godhood to the players that survive. However, Gamzee and his friends were unable to attain the final level of Godhood due to interference from a Jack Noire, a dangerous and incredibly powerful villain that cared for nothing other destruction. After Jack Noire ruined the Trolls' session, Gamzee and his surviving friends were warped to a strange Laboratory that was built on a Meteor to escape Jack's wrath. On this meteor were Gamzee and his 11 Troll friends (or what was left of them). Due to...Many, many complications, more than a few Trolls died on this meteor. At one point in time, Gamzee lost his sanity and went on a vicious murdering spree, killing his own friends to satisfy his bloodlust. But now, That hasn't happened. Now, Gamzee has disappeared merely weeks after the trolls were transported to the meteor, and Gamzee has yet to become a vicious, bloodthirsty, killing machine.


Who is Gamzee Makara?- Gamzee Makara is a High-Blooded troll who had a bit of a rough childhood. When trolls are born as grubs, they are picked by an appropriate Lusus, which is basically the only parental figure the trolls will ever know. The Lusus takes care of them, feeds them, and teaches them whatever they deem necessary. Sometimes, however, trolls are rejected, or their Lusus are, for lack of better words, shitty parents. When Gamzee was a grub, he was somewhat abandonded and on his own for longer than most grubs should be. Then, when a Lusus finally took pity on him, it did little to nothing to care for him after he reached a certain age (in earth years, Gamzee would've been considered an toddler). His Lusus did not teach him right from wrong, along with many other life skills and virtues. Thus, it is often speculated that Gamzee has abandonment issues. It was also only natural that Gamzee's personality developed...oddly. He grew up scarfing down his so-called "Slime Pies," which were made of a soporific substance that comes from a troll's sleeping pod. This kept him in a sort of sedated state. Putting it bluntly, he was stoned/buzzed for most of his life. He also developed an intrigue in "Juggalo Culture," which then developed into many other interests including but not limited to: Clowns, A soda called Faygo, the "Miracles," and terrible rapping. This may not seem like a bad deal, but the truth is that the absence of his Lusus caused Gamzee to basically become addicted to this Sopor Slime. BEFORE he learned about the effects of Sopor, Gamzee was a self loathing, all around depressed troll who was subject to fits of rage and violence. In order to protect his friends from himself, Gamzee always made sure he had a steady supply of Slime Pies. But in the Omniverse... Something has changed.


He says motherfucking a lot. and bro. and brother. and talks about miracles and mirth and whatever really catches his eye. He has the attention span of a stoner. That might be because he is a stoner. A good rule of thumb for stoner cliches: if it makes you cringe, please don't use it. He's usually pretty kind, if a tad stupid. For more read his personality tab below or look at some of OctoPimp's work on youtube. I mean honestly I leave him pretty open more or less, if you arent sure about something just message me on here or skype - itskurokuro


He moves very lackadaisically. He fights using acrobatic stunts and tumbles, and isn't really prone to fighting fair, though the definition of fair is probably a little skewed. He's not gonna go for cheap shots a lot though, maybe once or twice a fight. He has mimic, so that'll be fun for ya, maybe. He'll also try to make pleasant conversation while trying to bash your skull in. Hell, he might even stop fighting to make pleasant conversation. He's an amicable person, through and through. He prefers to fight up close and personal, even at risk of harming himself from his attacks, but can also fall back and chuck his lightning spears and whatnot if need be.

WHEN HE IS SOBER: Any dialogue, if at all possible, should be written in a cadence. One sentence, phrase, or what have you may be spoken very quietly and full of malice and menace. The next, he will be roaring and shouting and screaming. Not unintelligent rambling, per se, just the tone and loudness of voice will change. All pleasantries will have ceased by this point - he is cold, malicious, insane, sociopathic, etc etc. He may also take pleasure in watching an opponent squirm. There's a bit more behind it than just this, but he will embrace his noble blood and make digs at his opponent about them having a low status - even if they don't. It's part of his delusion. Again, any srs questions, please ask. For the most part though, I trust ya. Probably.
There are also some pretty good dubs of sober scenes online, if you end up being that curious. Just youtube sober gamzee and some good ones should pop up theoretically.

Example: "and you know what else, brother dearest?" he says in a cracked voice, running his hands through his hair, "I'M FEELIN' ALL TYPES OF MOTHERFUCKIN' VICIOUS, MOTHERFUCKER!"

If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

[Image: dlpaou6b73f.gif]
-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

[Image: commission___juggling_gamzee_by_feshnie-d62ilr0.png]
*Note: Not The Pins Gamzee uses in Battle

Full Name: Gamzee Makara

A.K.A: The High-Blood, Gamz, TC, The Bard of Rage, The Clown

Date Of Birth: Unspecified. Assumed to be December 22. Year Unknown.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 170 Pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet

Personality: Gamzee, while under the effects of Sopor Slime, is relaxed and laid-back. He is often subject to spacing out, contemplating the miracles of the world. Gamzee is a great friend to have and always good for a laugh. He also gives perhaps the best advice, if not the most entertaining advice. He works well with others, as long as they can put up with his mischief and oddness. He can be pretty...Out there.  Putting it bluntly(Pun), Gamzee has the personality of a good-natured stoner.

"Man, everywhere I look, all I see is Motherfucking Miracles. It's so spiritual, all these Miracles and shit. Okay, like, take this bitchin bottle of Faygo I just cracked open, and how it's all hissing and shit. Motherfucking hissing man! Who went all and told it to do that!? How would it even do that, it's crazy.
It's a Miracle."

However, If his Slime Pie supply begins to run low, Gamzee may start to exhibit signs of sobriety. When sober, Gamzee degrades into a primal state, one where all he cares about is killing whatever living organism(s) is in sight. He begins speaking in fragmented and bi-polar sentences, and his voice develops a notably demonic taint. When in this form his mind is clear, cold, and calculating, and his normally strange sense of humor becomes somewhat...Sickening. Once Gamzee starts to go sober, there's hardly any turning back...In his universe. (See Effects of the Omniverse on Gamzee)

"From your veins will drip my Miracles. Your crushed bones will make my special stardust. WELCOME TO THE DARK CARNIVAL BROTHER!"

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Effects of The Omniverse on Gamzee: Canonically, it is often debated whether or not Gamzee's true personality has ever actually been seen. When sober, he is of course, sober (i.e. clear in thought), but in the comic his mind and thoughts are still being influenced by other sources and powers, not to mention that this primal form was unleashed all at once after years of being bottled up and suppressed with soporific substances. Several times in the comic, Gamzee has moments where he is both clear of thought and NOT a violent, plotting, abusive person. These are generally when a friend has calmed him down, or when someone has knocked enough sense into him, via beating him to an inch of his life. The latter can, however, have negative blow back effects. Besides, when we as humans become drunk or stoned, are we not simply exaggerations and hyperboles of our regular selves? (Within Reason. Results may Vary)
At any rate, due to the nature of the Omniverse, this iteration of Gamzee is able to remain stoned without the use of Sopor Slime (albeit a lessened state of stoned.), and can transform into his sober state at will. In a sense, being transported to the Omniverse has cured his addiction to Slime Pies, or at least, turned this addiction into something positive.
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

[Image: dlpaou6b73f.gif]
-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

Moves, Stats, and Powers


ATK: 4
In truth, Gamzee's innate strength is pretty astounding, even as far as Trolls go. It is a byproduct of his sobriety that lingers in his base form.

DEF: 3
Gamzee has always been pretty hard to put down. A Troll's life is brutal to begin with, simply because it is a troll, but Gamzee sets the bar a tad higher. He's always been a hard one to snuff out, ever since he was a grub. He is no stranger to withstanding strife.

SPD: 3
While he is certainly no athlete, being a troll begets being able to outrun potential threats, or close in on them. Gamzee has learned that for the Omniverse, this is doubly important.

TEC: 3
Due to his Lusus not being around to teach him, Gamzee's fighting style is entirely self taught. Due to repeatedly getting punched in the face during his time in the Omniverse, Gamzee has learned to dodge. Sometimes.

Survival (Can't Keep Down The Clown!)
All trolls are naturally tough and accustomed to hardship, but for Gamzee, this boils down to just a strange unwillingness to die. He's graced the devil's lips for a kiss on more than one occasion. He has shrugged off broken bones, repetitive stab wounds, and even taken an entire clip of machine gun bullets before standing up and going about his business as if nothing had happened.

Burst Movement
While on the meteor, Gamzee often bored himself. As such, he would often make forays into various types of mischief. Whenever things got heated, and people started yelling, he knew when to make himself scarce and fast. That, and catching stray juggling pins requires quite a bit of fast movement.

Master Acrobat
Becoming interested in clowns and all things mirthful involved Gamzee becoming quite the high flyer. Plus, turning flips usually made him "See the Miracles more clearly."

When he was a SGRUB player, Gamzee wielded the Jokerkind Strife Specibus, which is fancy homestuck talk for he was a jack of all trades fighter. The Jokerkind Specibus allows Gamzee to wield many weapons with mild proficiency. In his original Universe, the Specibus contained weapons that Gamzee had alchemized and pilfered from chests (and possibly bodies.) In the Omniverse, Jokerkind analyzes weapons and moves without the Troll having to actually obtain them, thus creating copies of the move or weapon for the Clown to use at his leisure.

After experiencing the death/implosion of the God-Mind Tearan Wover, Gamzee was granted the status of enigma, though he's not entirely sure what that means or how he should feel about it. It was all a blur, and one of the side effects he experienced was a sort of haze protecting his mind and thoughts from those with malicious intent. Rather fittingly, he's not even aware that he has this ability. Those that seek to encroach on his mind must first wade through thousands of images of shitty clown clip art, juggalo rituals, flashing rainbow patterns, and metaphorical oceans of Faygo.


Flower Bomb: Ka-Bloom Grenade - Gamzee takes 2 seconds to summon his magickal energy into a heavy baseball sized orb of smoke, trails of the stuff cascading across his hand. He can only throw it about 60 yards in any direction, and only about as fast as anyone could throw a basketball. Before he throws the grenade, the only movement he can accomplish is a jump or a dive; no running. If he hits the ground or is intercepted by an enemy before he releases the smoke, he risks his concentration being broken and losing the bomb. Upon contact with a foreign surface, the grenade erupts into a haze of vibrant rainbow colored smoke in the shape of a blooming flower, hence the name. The flower is 3 meters in diameter and roughly 6 feet high. The flower affects any who stand within it’s area of affect. That is to say, if three people are grouped close enough together they can be affected. But if they are spread out far enough, someone(s) may escape the AoE. Those caught within the flower experience heavy coughing and a general feeling of torpor - Heavy limbs, Extreme Exhaustion, blurry vision, and aches when moving. Gamzee is also affected by the smoke, but only if he lingers in the flower for more than 3 seconds to fight his foes. No actual damage is inflicted upon the explosion, just the sluggish feeling and coughing. The smoke clings to the victim’s skin, weighing them down as long as they stay within the flower of smoke. The flower dissipates as soon as there is no longer anyone standing in its area of effect, and does not require Gamzee’s concentration to maintain. Gamzee CAN summon two grenades, one in each hand, but not both at once. I.e. It would take four seconds to charge up two.

Side Note - The smoke has a very overpowering, almost deliriously sugary, fruity scent. Just fluff though.

Deuce Clubs: They are remarkably similar to any pair of juggling pins that one would see clowns carrying at the circus; White in color, a thin neck or handle, a wide base to build momentum during the swing, and colorful stripes circling the base to catch the eye. Gamzee's however, tend to sport blood stains at times. He uses them as bludgeoning clubs. They are composed of a thick, durable metal. The range is slightly limited, as they are only about the length of one's elbow to one's finger tips. Gamzee would need to close in on his opponent to make any real use of them. They strike hard and fast, but if he layers on too many blows at once, he will exhaust himself quickly. He typically uses them for general melee combat.

Lightning Aura Gamzee stands still for four seconds to generate his Rage Aspect Lightning, and when the lightning is crawling across his body, he could do three things: charge this energy into a lightning spear to be thrown in his hands, coat his juggling clubs with this energy, ooooorrrr overcharge the lightning to create an electrical explosion, centered around himself. All of the lightning is a deep, pulsating violet.

The Lightning Spear is a strange projectile that Gamzee throws like a javelin. The spear itself is one meter long and appears as a solid spear of violet lightning. It erupts in a small shower of sparks upon contact with a foreign surface, excluding organic material(i.e. skin or fur) which it punctures as a regular spear would before also violently blowing up in another spark shower that doesn't extend beyond roughly 2/3 of a meter. The downside is of course that the AoE of the sparks is pretty small, and the sparks themselves don't actually do or hurt that much unless Gamzee can actually hit his target. Getting hit with the spear is similar to being pierced by a regular spear, except upon contact the projectile is white hot. It's plasma, after all. The sparks burn just as hot, but would do little more than singe a little skin off unless contact is made with an open wound. That shit will hurt. The whole experience is like beings stabbed with a fire poker that has been left in the fireplace for a way too long time. It's hotter than it should be. The sparks? Ever burn your hand with a sparkler? Those little fireworks things? Think about that but about 4 times as ouch. The spear is simply a thrown projectile and travels as such. How fast it is thrown is dependent on Gamzee's ATK. At current stat (ATK=4) I would say the spear thrown in a straight line trajectory would not be quite as fast as a fastball thrown by a major league pitcher, but pretty damn close. The spear is just like any regular object, and is affected by gravity omniphysics, so eventually it will stop moving/hit the ground due to gravity. Just like a regular spear. It will not lose its potency unless it comes into contact with a foreign surface, organic or otherwise.]

As the electricity channels into his favorite weapons, the clubs become wrapped up lightning as if it were living barbed wire. The lightning dissipates on contact with any surface, so if he misses, then that's pretty much it for that club. If he manages to land a hit on his opponent with a club coiled with lightning, it is similar to being struck with an electric stun baton or taser. Coined as Stun Clubs, Gamzee can only charge his clubs once per fight, as continued use degrades the integrity and solidarity of his pins. Being struck with one of these charged weapons will cause the body to seize up and become immobilized. If the DEF is lower than my ATK, then the stun time is roughly four seconds. With a DEF higher than Gamzee's ATK, this effect can be lessened or even shrugged off. If the DEF matches my ATK, then the effect is noticeably lessened. The victim is only stunned for about two seconds. Every point after that up to 2 points over my attack will weaken it further until it is ineffective.

The Overcharge is also rather contained, and is only about 5 meters in diameter, with Gamzee at the center. It is similar to an electrically caused combustion or explosion. It is...violent, to say the least. While fairly devastating to any close range opponents, it also happens to damage Gamzee. The explosion singes and burns his skin, but not enough to leave scars. It can be pretty exhausting and often after triggering the blast, the clown must take a moment to breathe and regain his senses.


Tier 1 Super Defense Move - Acrobatic Motherf***ing Pirouette: At the expense of a lot of stamina and energy, Gamzee launches into a brilliant display of acrobatic flips, spins, and other circus tricks, all beginning with a spinning round off pirouette. During the routine, Gamzee is building up momentum and energy; the more tricks he pulls, the faster he goes.

Tier 1 Super Move - Super Atomic Double Juggalo Backbreaker:  Gamzee makes a lunge for his opponent from behind, (how he gets behind is dependent of the situation and written differently every time of course) wrapping his arms around the poor soul's waist. Before the target can blink, the clown turns his/her world upside down in a vicious suplex. As his enemy's head/neck crashes into the ground, Gamzee uses this momentum to follow through with one more wrestling throw, this time launching both himself and his unlucky foe into the air before crashing back to earth in a similar fashion as before. During this entire display, the juggalo begins to channel Rage Aspect energy and mix it internally with his innate Subjugglator powers. Upon impact of the second dive, the troll releases this energy all at once in a rainbow colored explosion, similar to that of a large mixed bundle of fireworks, centered around the fulcrum of impact. The explosion is roughly 10 meters in diameter. Cosmetically, the resulting smoke and aroma given off from this rage-splosion smells suspiciously like fruity soda

Tier 2 Super Move - The End Days:
In a very mystical and whimsical display, Gamzee slowly waves his arms around in the air in an arcane sort of ritual. As he gathers the mirthful energies of the universe, Gamzee must stand still for four seconds. During this time he cannot move.  The acrid smell of plasma begins to fill the air, and flashes of violet crack the sky. Then, the clown raises his hands into the air in a grand fashion, projectiles of energy shooting high into the sky from his splayed hands. They hang suspended in the air.  When the time is right, he calls down a hellstorm of lightning, hands falling to the ground. Bolts of arrow-like lightning blasts rain from the sky. The arrows are NOT lightning strikes. They are simply blasts of energy that rain from the sky cloaked in lightning. They fall to the earth around the same speed and fashion as a hail of arrows. The blasts cover a 50 yard diameter in all directions, and functions as an AoE (Affects all those within range) The arrow lightning thingies pierce the ground only to explode a few moments later. The initial explosion is about 3 meters wide, and cause a bright, near blinding flash upon detonation, similar to that of a concussion or flash grenade. If an enemy is struck by an arrow before it hits the ground, the effect is similar to being impaled by a flaming arrow, except you know, lightning. It explodes in a similar fashion, but is much more contained and smaller than an exploding arrow that has hit the ground. An impaling arrow also does not flash. The entire effect is similar to being caught in an awful thunderstorm/hurricane in terms of how many arrows and the amount of chaos going on..
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

[Image: dlpaou6b73f.gif]
-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

Item List

HuskPhone (Mobile Dataverse Device and Communicator): Basically a Troll's version of a cellphone. It has all the amenities of any other cellular device, and is made of a durable, Violet material. Comes downloaded with the entire Act 5 of a certain webcomic.

4 Elixirs

If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

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-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover


Karkat Vantas

A.K.A: The Knight, Crabby, KK, Kar.

[Image: 2KY_XBLX_400x400.jpg]

Personality: Karkat Vantas is a mutant-blooded troll from Alternia. Being of cherry-red blood, he was the lowest on the Trollian caste system, but he certainly doesn't act like it. Very outspoken and very loud, Karkat is often subject to rants and ravings. To put it simply, he is a very shouty person. Despite this quality, he is an all around good guy.

He just doesn't fancy showing it.

Of the twelve trolls from Gamzee's SGRUB session, Karkat is the one who genuinely cared about all of his friends, despite the feuds, the fights, and the maniacal rampages. Of course, he couldn't let any of them know, so as a rule, Karkat acted like a crabby asshole as much as he could. In the end, the low-blooded troll proves to be loyal and genuine to a fault - even if he can come off as a shouty asshole about it.

Fighting Style: Karkat has reached god tier, and almost fully realized his Knight of Blood status. He fights with two sickles made from the claws of a giant crab creature. Kinda Ironic. He is known to be prone to fighting quite acrobatically, similar to Gamzee actually. However, instead of flashy, whimsical attacks, his fighting is generally based on tactics and outsmarting the enemy.
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

[Image: dlpaou6b73f.gif]
-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

Power-Ups and Assists

Tier 1 Power Up - Sobriety: Gamzee loses his mind, succumbing to the demons that reside inside of him due to the violet blood coursing through his veins. His innate strength, fighting prowess, and speed increase dramatically. All High-Blooded trolls have this issue, but it is dealt with in different ways by different trolls. In his own universe, Gamzee suppressed his violent tendencies by scarfing down a baked soporific narcotic known as Slime. When he was transported into the Omniverse, his addiction to this drug was quelled, but it's positive side-effects remained - Gamzee is still a lovable, goofy, slightly stupid troll.  Certain things, like pain, death, and other entropies can trigger this volatile rage, though sometimes it would appear to be completely random. While Sober, Gamzee develops a strange, abnormal blood lust. He becomes a sadomasochist, his mind only focused on the kill and how much fun it's going to be. His eyes also flood with a malevolent deep orange, but his pupils remain a startling purple.

Stat Increase:
ATK: +2
SPD: +1
TEC: +2

T2 Transformation: ????

Gamzee's eyes roll into the back of his head, and he falls to the floor unconscious. A dark, purple smoke begins to swirl around his body, before the vapors consume his body. When he returns to his feet, his eyes are a brilliant glowing verdant green, and his entire being appears to be that of the same purple smoke. All that is truly visible are his eyes and his wolfish grin, the features seemingly suspended in the clouds of smoke. It should be known that he is NOT gaseous in actual form, he is very solid. In fact, you could say that the swirling smoke was about as thick as it needs to be to accurately imitate the human (or in this case, troll) body.

ATK: 4 + 4
DEF: 3 + 1
SPD: 3 + 1
TEC: 3 + 4
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

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-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

Relationships and Other Such Nonsense

Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

Town of Ambrosia - "Never have I ever seen such a strange, awesome little town so full of Miracles. Shit is hype."


Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

Karkat Vantas - "My best buddy ever! :o)"

Tearan Wover - "He left without saying goodbye, so I'm sure I'll see him again one day."

Strazio Rockwell - "Well, We died together, so I'm jus gonna assume that all up and counts for something."

Adam Gaite - "Bro, this human kid is funny and shit. Man, at first I was just talking to him 'cuz Mistress Guu wanted me to, but nah he kinda grew on me. He's a little cranky and stuff sometimes, but that's alright. :'o) Used to Karkat bein' like that."

Mistress Guu - "I would lay down my life and limb and all that other heroic junk for whoever mayso defeat me in a battle of rhymes and wits. Mistress Guu is about as hella as they come, even though we've only like, spoken once or twice."

Jade Harley - "I haven't met her, but Kar-Bro seems to be into her, so that's good enough for me!"
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

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-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

Total Achievement Points =170

[Image: Rank1.png]

Personal/Character Achievements
[Image: S_Ice07.png][Image: S_Fire08.png][Image: S_Buff02.png][Image: S_Buff09.png][Image: S_Buff08.png][Image: I_GoldBar.png][Image: S_Holy06.png]

Community Achievements
[Image: Ac_Medal02.png][Image: S_Dagger06.png][Image: X_Box03.png]

Purchasing Achievements
[Image: S_Shadow07.png][Image: S_Sword01.png][Image: I_Diamond_1.png]

Exploration Achievements
[Image: C_Hat02.png][Image: S_Poison06.png][Image: S_Thunder04.png]

Influence Achievements
[Image: X_Letter01.png]

Combat Achievements

Story Achievements
[Image: X_Pack.png][Image: C_Elm03.png]

Quote:Will post descriptions/hyperlinks later when I have more time. My rank indicates that I am in fact, a pleb.
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[Image: dlpaou6b73f.gif]
-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

NPC name: Dr. Edward Richtofen

Character source: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies (Origins Map Pack)

Purpose: Richtofen is my secondary from the saga. #freeslot #Personaluse

Character history:
(The Zombies Wiki is a mess, so I’m going to do my best)

Dr. Edward Richtofen is the former head of the Nazi Research Group during World War II called, "Group 935." 935 was tasked with finding a way to advance the Nazi War Machine, locating something that would give Germany an edge in the war. This led to the discovery of Element 115, an element not of this world. Richtofen was a brilliant scientist, quite absorbed in his work to benefit the Fatherland. Using this new-found element, he made great strides in technology and science, and used these advancements to aid Germany in the war effort by creating things like weapons, medicine, and much more. Including Giant FRIGGEN ROBOTS.


But that's besides the point.

This was all well and good, until scouts discovered a rather large deposit of 115 in Northern France. Group 935 immediately mobilized to go recover it, marveling at the luck that they had had. Up until this point, element 115 was in short supply, and only very diminutive deposits and veins had been located. When the entirety of the research team made it to the battlefields of Northern France, Richtofen set to work immediately. 115 was excavated in vast quantities, and brought back so that Dr. Richtofen and the other scientists could examine it and test it's properties even further. Richtofen soon became obsessed with his work, and even began to display signs of paranoia and schizophrenia. The other scientists often talked of how they heard him speaking, shouting even, to no one but himself.

Dr. Ludvig Maxis, A fellow scientist of Group 935, was worried about his colleague and friend, and even went at lengths to prevent Edward from working. That is, until he heard the voices as well. The voice of a little girl, Samantha, who claimed that she was his daughter. Samantha was apparently from a different dimension altogether, one called Agartha. In Agartha, there was a powerful spectral force known as Aether. Samantha was in control of this power, and thus, she controlled them. Them. This made little sense, until the Unearthing.

The soldiers digging in the excavation site did not know what powers they were toying with. They were simply doing what they were told to; dig up the glowing blue rocks and bring them back to the nerds. And they were okay with this: it was a relatively safe posting, one more or less away from the bullets and bombshells. And then, they dug up one too many glowing rocks. An infection ravaged the front lines from the inside out, men dying only to resurrect moments later with a desire for the flesh and blood of their former brothers-in-arms. Zombies.

Samantha, from her place in Agartha, was able to assume mild control over the zombies, but considering she was just a child, she could not directly influence their actions. They were her lifeline to the real world, and how she got what she wanted out of it. And right now she wanted to go home. She convinced Maxis to betray Richtofen, which in the end only led Maxis to getting infected himself. Richtofen performed field surgery on his former friend, removing the brain and pickling it to keep the organ from expiring. By the time the operation was finished, the doors to his bunker were bashed in, and Richtofen found himself being confronted by members of each world power: Tank Dempsey, from America, Takeo Masaki, from Japan, and Nikolai Belinski from Russia.

Forced to work together for their mutual survival, the uneasy allies banded together as a cohesive fighting force against the undead. This unlikely band of warriors is now the new "Group 935." Together, they began the steps necessary to release Samantha from Agartha and the Aether she controlled, and hopefully set everything right... But Richtofen had plans for the Aether after all was said and done.

Post Saga:

The good doctor was sucked into the Omniverse by an unknown prime. After surviving the trials of the Secondary Saga and making it to the Oververse, he was less than content. After a small fit of rage best described as an outburst, the man was lost. Before he could plot or formulate an escape from this terrible reality, Edward was once again thrust into the Nexus against his will. Omni had made him a Prime, despite the doctor’s obvious disdain for this entire universe and all its workings.

Personality: After the events of the saga, Richtofen is basically in a perpetual shitty mood. He is unsatisfied with, quite literally, everything. He has certain bouts of insanity from time to time, flashbacks from times of duress and dreams of returning home.

[Image: latest?cb=20150822020645]



Ranged Proficiency (1000) Physical Strength (1000)


Kemat’s Bite - The Lightning Staff is a versatile tool that shoots a bolt of violet lightning at a target. The bolt is roughly the size of a softball, and travels at about sixty-five miles an hour. It is semi-automatic, but can not be fired in quick succession (i.e. about one shot every two seconds) Getting hit with one is about as pleasant as being struck by lightning.

The trigger can also be held down and “charged up” to produce a floating orb of static discharge electricity. This orb is somewhat ephemeral until it is grounded by a physical object or surface. At that point it essentially becomes a proximity mine. Arcs of electricity branch out from the center of the orb, attacking anything that comes within about 2 meters of the lightning bubble. It is not quite as strong as the lightning bolt from a quick-fire.

Kemat’s Bite also comes equipped with two retractable combat blades that protrude from the crown of the staff, underneath the focal point of the crystal. Essentially, these enable it to function as a scythe or axe in extreme last resort situations. The blades themselves are only about four inches long and about two and a half inches wide. They aren’t capable of any real damage, and are basically only used as a means of defending Richtofen from people that like to get too close.

Boomhilda- A MauserC96 Pistol that has been infused with the Element 115 to “Pack-a-Punch,” which essentially means that it has been given a power up. Instead of regular bullets, it now fires condensed energy beams that are about an inch and a half wide and four inches long. The pistol is semi-automatic, but has a limited ammo supply that must be replenished outside of battle. One clip holds 12 bullets, and the doctor generally only carries two extra clips into every battle. It is only to be used in extreme emergencies, and best at close to mid range.
If you're new to Omniverse Shenanigans, feel free to pm me about whatever piques your interest!

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-by Jade Harley

Never Falter in the Face of Infinity.
-Tearan Wover

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