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Iggy Koopa coming through!

Character name: Iggy Koopa

Character source: Mario (debuted in Super Mario 3)

Character history: Being born fourth of the Koopalings, Iggy is, in terms of the initial seven, a middle child. He had hatched in the same egg with and as the twin brother of Lemmy Koopa (who, coincidentally, hatched at the same time as Roy), which in turn makes the two nearly inseperable.

From an early age, Iggy had always had an efficiency for tinkering with machinery, which has gone towards his tendency to create odd contraptions or even enormous weaponry for the use of his Bowser’s army, whom Iggy and the other Koopalings have called father, or more commonly “King Dad.” Also commonly, he’s known to be assigned heavily forested or jungle areas by Bowser, which has led to a slight habit of blending in with his environment.

Aside from Lemmy, Iggy has gotten along best with Ludwig, the two bonding somewhat based upon their intellect, but it should also be noted that Iggy’s tendency to prank has left the eldest brother a bit skeptical at times. Just as well, Iggy is often seen showing his newest gadgets to the tiniest Koopaling, happily doing his best to please his tiny twin.

It’s currently unknown if Iggy is involved with building airships, tanks or fortresses, but he definitely was involved with making traps and similar.

Some time after his last battle with the Mario Bros and their little Toad friends, Iggy was in his workshop, tinkering with power-ups and other things as he tried to devise a new trap or weapon for the Marios to deal with. Trying to devise something powerful enough to torch the bros on the spot, he decided to load a Starman and a Fire Flower into a Bill Blaster at the same time- Rather than spit a supercharged blast of Fire coated Bullet Bills, however, the blaster's first shot spontaneously exploded, the star infused fire engulfing him as he vanished, the Bill Blaster now power-up-less and alone in his work-shop.

Despite the deadly mix, it's very possible he didn't die from that vibrant blast...

Physical Description: Iggy is easily the tallest of the siblings with the height that equals to Luigi and looks to be somewhat similiar to Larry. His muzzle appearence indicates to be similar to Larry's with his shaped cheeks, a high nose and a low jaw with his four teeth sticking out much like Morton.

Much like the others, he has green and yellow scales with a tan muzzle and along the way of his shell (despite of hiding it at the ribcage), he has a green variation with purple bands surrounding the white spikes. Out of his siblings, he wears glasses which shows that he has black eyes surounded with blue irises that rests above his muzzle.

In the terms as the only accessory besides his glasses, he has spiked cuffs indicating his position as royalty.

The middle child of the Koopas orginially had a rainbowcolored mohawk that was eventually replaced with a tall green stalk that splits out of the top very much like a palmtree and in terms of his voice, he has a giggly maniacal tone that can come off as excitable.

With the terms of weight, very much like Ludwig, he is medium class as hinted in Mario Kart 8.

Personality: As could be guessed, the glasses wearing Koopaling is something of a psycho, often taking the form of rampant, maniacal laughter when he’s particularly agitated or excited. Despite this, he’s oddly more a lover at heart, preferring to create machinery or care for his big twin Lemmy or animals instead of outright picking fights with random passerby. However, if he feels his home is being threatened, or any harm comes to his brother or a critter in his care, he CAN and WILL become angry and attack.

Iggy’s psychotic behavior and his intellect has also given way to a tendancy to pull (what he believes to be) harmless pranks, ranging anywhere from a bob-omb in your area to leading you to a Chain Chomp’s post. It’s suggested to watch him if his giggling starts up while he’s otherwise calm.

ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

Starting Proficiencies: Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Physical Attack Proficiency (1000)

Starting Powers: Basic Super Jumping (300), Master Acrobat (400)

Starting Moves: Straight Spell (600) (requires ranged proficiency): A simple, forward moving blast from Iggy’s wand. Up to three bolts can be made at once, but others must hit a target and dissipate before another can be fired.

Shell Retreat (300): Due to the elongated nature of his body, Iggy can retreat inside of his shell, but not spin around and move. Because of this, he can retreat into his shell as a defensive measure only, blocking most ranged or physical attacks and countering direct attacks (like a punch or jump) with his spiky shell. If you’re clever, he can be flipped over like this, revealing his soft underbelly. He can't sit in his shell forever, though- too long and his limbs pop back out, the Koopa too exhausted to keep going. (if you're strong enough, it can be pierced if you don't hurt yourself from the spikes.)

Boom Box (600) (requires Area Attack /Ranged /Physical Attack Proficiency): Uh oh, he’s got a bob-omb! Several, actually! Iggy pulls a bob-omb from a box he has on his person, pulling one of three types: either a small, light, blue bob-omb which creates a small burst weaker than his wand (no splash damage), a black bob-omb which can create a small shock-wave if it doesn’t directly impact a target (a foot of splash damage), and a big, fat, purple bob-omb the guy can barely carry, rolling it along the ground to attack with: after ten seconds of being outside the box, it will explode, doing splash damage to anything within two-four feet of the blast. Up to six blues, three blacks, and one purple can be used at a time. The box will refill after a battle, with a six minute wait for any bomb that was tossed (if he used them all, the last one he threw will be back by hour’s end). Unlike the tiny and medium bombs which explode on impact, the big bomb can be hit back at him- also, he may lack the strength to hold it, leaving him open to getting distracted by an opponent’s attack just long enough for the bomb to explode. As such, he saves the purple bomb for emergencies, or for when someone strong enough can help him use it.

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

(I was referred to this site by Ludwig Von Koopa. Yay for Koopalings!)

(um, just realized- Iggy's spiked shell would hurt direct attackers, but still block other forms of attack, like his frightening purple bob-omb or some energy blasts. I suppose a good limiter on the shield is that he can only stay cooped up in there for about five seconds, or else his limbs get tired and he's open to an attack. sorry to cause problems by forgetting to mention that right off...)

Um, am I missing anything?

The Straight Spell only has 1 functionality, so it's only 300.

The Boom Box has 3 functionalities, so it'll cost 900

Please come to understand the difference between simple moves and variable moves before you write any moves in the future.

I'll accept the spiked condition on the shell. Just remember that you aren't proficient with using the spikes in battle outside of that particular move. Until the spikes get their own move, you can't harm another prime with them outside of "Shell Retreat," at least not without severe penalties to damage.

With all that said, you're good to go!


Name: Iggy Koopa
Level: 1
Spent OM: 4800
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (700): Super Jumping; Basic (300), Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (1500): Straight Spell (300), Shell Retreat (300), Boom Box (900)
Super Moves:
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 3
SPD: 3
TEC: 2

Head on over to the Roster forum and make yourself a Roster! Copy and paste the above into the first post and make any subsequent posts about your character.

Please read over this topic to help you get started: What to do once you've been approved

Your log for future purchases is right here!

Any who, congrats on getting approved and welcome to the Omniverse!

Edit: Your account has been activated! Enjoy them chat box priveleges!
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