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[Image: FzNyMDw.png]
Image credit to Salacia-of-Vanadiel. Deviantart
Name: Jaixe
Spent OM: 14200
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (3800): Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength Proficiency (1000), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers (5700/8000): Survival (2000), Telekinesis (Basic; 400), Enhanced Senses (Basic, 1400), Telepathy (1500), Master Acrobat (400)
Moves (1800): Shadow Beam (300), Energy Storm (300), Dark Ward (300), Terminus Verge (900)
Super Moves (600): Dark Mana (600)
Transformations (1000): Aura Curtain (1000)
Assists (0):
Items (300): Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Unlocks (1000): First Stat Upgrade +DEF (1000)
Base Stats:
ATK: 2 (3)
DEF: 3 (4)
SPD: 3 (4)
TEC: 3 (5)

[Image: eriShcm.png]
Image credit to alecmg81, Deviantart
Name: Jaixe
Alias: Seeker of Darkness
Universe of Origin: Kingdom Hearts
Race: Heartless

Height: 5’11” (1.8 meters)
Weight: 178 lbs (80 kg)
Build: Slim, Slightly Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Orange
Skin Tone: Pale

Music Themes:
Normal Theme
Combat 1
Combat 2
Combat 3
Boss Battle

Jaixe is not a traditional villain in the sense of any proclivity for rash and often senseless actions due to small slights or inconveniences. He is confident -often times to a fault, collected, and ever curious. He values learning from his mistakes and wrong assumptions, rarely allowing himself to repeat those missteps, and anger doesn't easily cloud his firm judgement. He may become irritated, perhaps even distracted with insults, but he cannot be taunted. He appreciates the value of planning and preparation, predicting enemy movements both in the short term, and across whatever grand plan he concocts. He is ruthless in his advance, quick to turn a disaster into an opportunity to ensure the achievement of his goals, and is unafraid of retreating to survive another day. Submission, however, is something he views as impossible.

When writing as Jaixe, he rarely uses contractions and focuses on speaking properly in front of others. He focuses on appearing dignified, cold, and superior to others, even when he sees that he's at a disadvantage. Outbursts of emotion get in the way of proper judgement. He will be condescending towards those he feel are truly inferior, and will only show respect to those of like mindedness to himself or otherwise have strong convictions and willpower, with the exception of people who tout ideals of justice and righteousness, which he views as a contemptible contradictory human ideal hardly worth the time or effort to acknowledge. Jaixe should outwardly -and inwardly, for those with telepathy- be difficult to read in both emotion and intention. His sadistic tendencies only show up through his veil of self-control upon another's suffering and vast despair. He prods his opponent's defenses both in combat and psychologically, and enjoys implanting half truths and outright lies to confuse them, while also garnering any detail of their personality that he could exploit in the future. In conversation, he is clever, refined, and sardonic.

Combat Style:
Jaixe fights with a focused, high-speed technique with a scythe at close-range, but prefers to keep some measure of distance as to properly utilize the reach of his weapon and his arsenal of ranged magics. He will use the environment to his advantage and strike at an opponent's weaknesses without shame or guilt. Honor is for the dead, not the ambitious.

While he has a notably high endurance, he relies on his speed, technique, and on-the-feet cunning when combating an enemy, quickly discerning weaknesses and then reacting with efficient and lethal responses. As such, he can be considered a well-rounded but by no means masterful opponent in most combat situations.

When the odds are not in his favor, Jaixe may also consider retreat as a valid option, and any tactic that may permit such. He is also not above using hostages, mental advantages, or nearby allies or weak enemies to his advantage if the opportunity presents itself. He considers survival and achievement of the objective, which is rarely the destruction of his enemy, as his primary concerns. Battle without reason should be avoided.

Quote: As a rule, I tend to try and avoid PvP, mostly for personal reasons and because I have had far too many bad experiences with things getting too heated or hostile in competitive formats. With that said, I'll accept a challenge if given appropriate forewarning, though I'll state now that any topic that says "closed" usually means I don't want interference of any sort. Please respect that.

Combat Stats:
  • ATK - 2
  • DEF - 3
  • SPD - 3
  • TEC - 3
  • Ranged Combat Proficiency
  • Physical Strength Proficiency
  • Remote Control Proficiency
  • Ranged Materialize Proficiency
  • Area Attack Proficiency
Current Inventory:
  • Communicator
  • Mobile Dataverse Device

Acquired Powers:

Darkness Incarnate: Survival - 2000 OM
Due to his nature as a living entity of darkness, Jaixe lacks things such as internal organs or even blood. For that reason, he can sustain injuries and survive in environments that would normally be fatal to anyone else. However, due to either the balancing effect or simply the foreign nature of the Omniverse, crippling attacks targeting specific muscle groups, those designed to sever limbs, and poison-based techniques will still find themselves effective as if Jaixe still had lungs or muscles that could be afflicted.

Telekinesis (Basic) - 400 OM (Ranged Materialize)
Telekinesis is the ability to remotely move objects with the power of your mind. Without derivative moves, it will allow you to pick up and manipulate objects in the specified radius. The strength of telekinesis is based on your ATK stat, and gives you the same ability to lift objects that the Physical Strength proficiency does, with the caveat that the further away something is, the harder it becomes to lift and manipulate. At 50% of your maximum ranges, your telekinesis will have half of its power. At your absolute maximum range (which is determined by the level of Telekinesis you have) you will only have a tiny fraction of the power that you have up-close. Moves will be required in order to do other things such as telekinetic waves that can push back enemies or deflect projectiles, or to create walls that can block moves and enemies, or to affect Primes. However, you do not require additional moves to, for example, lift and throw objects at people, or try to snatch moving objects out of the air.

Telepathy - 1500 OM
By casting out his mind's reach, Jaixe can enter the minds of others and either return thoughts to be read, or implant some of his own, all instantaneously. He can do this to anyone in close vicinity to himself, or whoever he can sense with Enhanced Senses. It is also possible for him to use this offensively by sending unwanted or distracting thoughts and images to an opponent during a fight. An opponent with TEC higher than his own will be able to mostly block this, whereas an opponent with TEC lower than his own will have a harder time. He is also capable of generally sensing one's emotions, under the same rules as before, which brings him a step closer to tying himself with the darkness in all beings.

Enhanced Senses (Basic) - 1400 OM
By casting out his mind's eye and seeing that which is normally veiled in a torrent of souls or mystery, Jaixe can discern people, objects, or other phenomenon in a small area around himself. Of course, the closer he is to whatever he is sensing, the clearer the image becomes in his mind. With a basic level of this, Jaixe can sense things in a radius of 20 meters.

Master Acrobat - 400 OM
Allows you to perform handstands, flips and cartwheels with ease, even while attacking or defending.

Acquired Moves:

Terminus Verge - 900 OM (Physical Strength, Ranged, Remote Control, Telekinesis)
Jaixe’s primary weapon, the Terminus Verge is a scythe with two separated blades shooting forward with a shallow curve, and adorned with pulsing, glowing red lines of energy that shift violently over the black, opaque metal that seems to draw in the surrounding light. It has several spikes and jagged curves towards the back of the scythe blade, adding to the overall weapon’s chaotic and lethal appearance. The handle is of a simple, but durable metal colored black with bands of silver at the top and bottom, where it ends in a point. The blade connects directly to the handle, but has two monochromatic spikes curling downward over the silver band that connects to it. The scythe overall is fairly lightweight, and in Jaixe’s hands, it moves in impossible ways, and as though it were a blur of motion usually ending in the opponent’s demise.

The scythe takes three seconds to conjure with a medium level of concentration, allowing some movement. The Verge is a scythe that, while being able to be wielded normally as one expects, may also be charged for two seconds to release a wave of energy when swung or simply aimed. This move requires a mild energy cost and a medium degree of focus, allowing movement at a walking pace but nothing else. The wave is one foot long and curved along the same path that the scythe’s blade was. It does not track or curve and continues forward, slicing the first object or victim it comes into contact with before dissipating. The wave travels at roughly the same speed as a bullet, though it produces a loud shrieking noise when charged and fired, being useless for stealth and allowing the target a split moment to react to it.

To add to Jaixe’s combat prowess when wielding this weapon, Jaixe may also control it via thought, permitting its use at a range and strength dependent on his telekinesis power. However, it requires a medium level of focus and the target being within view for Jaixe to react properly. Obscuring his vision or sufficiently breaking his concentration will therefore hamper or negate the advantages of this ability. If Jaixe’s concentration is completely broken, the scythe will fall uselessly to the ground regardless of what it was doing prior to such. It should be noted that Jaixe can transfer from wielding the scythe physically to mental control in close-quarters combat with speed and skill that is dependent on TEC. While using the scythe telekinetically, Jaixe may move or use low-concentration moves. If this scythe is destroyed, it will take six seconds, a three second cool down, and a three second summoning time, to reconstruct it.

Shadow Beam - 300 OM (Ranged)
Jaixe’s hand glows a dark violet, and is covered in shadowy flames as he takes aim with it, his open palm facing whatever his target might be. After two seconds of charging, a beam of violet and black energy launches from the empty palm and straight ahead at its intended target.

The beam is roughly one and a half meters in diameter, four meters in length, and travels at speeds greater than a standard arrow at around one-hundred and sixty meters per second, but is still considerably slower than the average bullet. The beam hits like any traditional beam attack would. The beam does not curve or track its target in any way, it only fires straight to where it is aimed. It also cannot be charged up for increased damage. Repeated usage without at least a few seconds break in between firing can be increasingly exhausting.

Energy Storm - 300 OM (Ranged)
Jaixe conjures three small, violet and black colored, swirling orbs that revolve around his hand in a triangular formation. Functioning much like a gun, Jaixe takes aim with his arm and fires off a barrage of dark energy missiles, each one originating from one of the orbs in a sequential fashion.

The overall rate of fire of the ability is twelve missiles per second, with each orb firing four. Each orb has the capacity to fire forty missiles, thereby giving it a sustained firing time of ten seconds before the orbs dissipate and the ability needs to be recasted. Jaixe must wait three seconds before being able to recast this ability. The missiles do not track, and function similarly as bullets upon impacting against anything. If an orb is destroyed or damaged (it is a small and frail target after all), it dissipates and cuts the rate of fire and capacity accordingly.

Dark Ward - 300 OM (Physical Strength)
Jaixe crosses one or both of his arms in front of himself and rapidly channels black-purple energy in the form of flames through it. With that energy, he projects a series of dark violet hexagons in a closely-fit pattern, attempting to block whatever attack may be inbound.

Dark Ward requires only a second to charge, allowing it to be used rapidly. It has a mild energy cost, and lasts for only two seconds. It is fragile, capable of taking a single average strike, or a couple weak ones, before shattering. Stronger attacks would shatter the barrier without much damage being mitigated. The barrier is conjured one foot in front of him, and has a width and a height of three feet each, covering a similar area as a circular shield would accomplish (~7 sq ft).

Acquired Super Moves:

Dark Mana - T1 Super Attack - 600 OM (Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Area Attack)
Jaixe pours energy into one of his open palms, casting it outward and sending small tendrils of it forward to coalesce into an area in front of his intended target. In an instant, a sphere of black energy forms there, pulsating inward once before expanding rapidly and consuming anything within the vicinity, eviscerating what it touches in a surreal silence, as if destroying or suppressing all sound from it. Even light seems to reflect off of the seemingly solid mass of energy, swirling with streaks of violet flame coursing within, surrounding a core of such energy that surges to life as it expands. Once it reaches a critical size, it pulsates inward again and detonates in a deafeningly violent explosion of violet energy and black fire, greatly afflicting anyone unfortunate to be caught in the blast radius. The explosion leaves only a crater and small streaks of black flame in its wake.

The range at which the user can conjure the sphere is variable, but usually the maximum is just over twelve meters (~39 feet) and requires line of sight. It typically forms within a meter (3 feet or less) in front of the singular target in question. The sphere, as it originally forms, is a quarter of a meter in size, which then rapidly expands to six meters in diameter within a second, before it shrinks to half that and detonates in the proceeding second following its formation. The explosion itself is ten meters in diameter. On a whole, the attack takes three seconds to focus energy into and four more from conjuration to completion, though the sheer power behind it drains the user heavily.

Acquired Transformations:

Aura Curtain - T1 Power-Up - 1000 OM
Jaixe focuses inwards, channeling the dark energies within himself and then casting them outward, creating a foreboding aura around him, coating him in a blackness that suppresses and even refracts the light away. The blackness that edges around him, like a curtain, grows dimmer and broader at random across his form, with streaks of violet flame coursing around him on occasion, racing and then dissipating into the air as energy is continually cast outward. The form is more of a boost in efficiency in how he manipulates the energy within himself, utilizing it outside his body as well, and thus improving his physical abilities slightly, but more notably allowing him to act and think more rapidly in battle. Though, this all comes at an increased expenditure of power and stamina to maintain it.
+1 (3) ATK
+1 (4) DEF
+1 (4) SPD
+2 (5) TEC


NPC Primes & Secondaries

"Are you lost, like me?" - The Shapeshifter
[Image: bYHOaBo.png]
Name: None
Alias: The Shapeshifter
Universe of Origin: Omniverse
Race: Heartless
Affiliation: Ally

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable

The Shapeshifter, commonly referred to as an it, as it has no name or alias given to it yet, is a curious Heartless compared to the conventional variety. Having been created in the Omniverse as an experiment to test the boundaries of what could be accomplished with summoned minions, the Shapeshifter deviates heavily from other Heartless. It has a rudimentary intelligence and a pseudo self-awareness, being aware of its own actions and existence, but seemingly unable or unwilling to question the finer details of either. It is capable of mimicking other humanoids and their personalities rather exceptionally, always exploring the eccentricities of its prey to improve its ability to blend in with society. However, it has repeatedly shown that it enjoys the torment, pain, and fear of others, and will often go out of its way to "season" its meal before devouring them and their Hearts.

Additional Notes by Jaixe:
I have noted an oddity regarding its shapeshifting abilities. In particular, its choice of eye color. It seems either unwilling or incapable of changing its eye color, and thus always appears to bear silver eyes. I have yet to find a reason for this.

It, like the two Heartless that I first created, appears to have a heightened sense of curiosity. Originally, I thought this necessary by design as to increase its ability to mimic humanoids, but its curiosity seems directed at more trivial things. Food that it cannot eat, chairs that are stylish and comfortable, mirrors are of a special interest to it as well. This is curious, if not concerning behavior from Heartless.

”These two are almost more trouble than they’re worth.” - Jaixe
[Image: zgy6OkO.png]
Image Credit to RaineLi, Deviantart
Name: None
Alias: None Given (Derp Shadows or Derp Twins)
Universe of Origin: Omniverse
Race: Heartless
Affiliation: Ally

Height: 3’1” (~1 Meter)
Weight: 53 lbs (24 kg)

These two shadows, constantly working in a pair, are amongst the more unique Heartless that Jaixe has conjured into the Omniverse. Though they appear as your average Heartless, their personalities were altered from the baseline. Jaixe had required them to be obedient spies, able to morph into the shadows and not succumb to their typical hunger. This resulted in rather odd behavior. In place of their desire for Hearts, they became docile, curious, and explorative. They constantly seek out the new and the strange, finding the smallest, most innocuous things fascinating. They may appear to be sentient, but they are not. They have no sense of self, despite their proclivity for troublemaking.

Additional Notes by Jaixe:
These twins, as I shall call them, are the first Heartless I created. They were made purely from Omnilium, and not derived from the Hearts of another being, so their exact nature is unknown to me. I am uncertain if they can evolve, what changes to their behavior might occur outside of the ones I enforced, or if they are truly lacking sapience.

They seem to have a preference to be nearby the other. Some sort of separation anxiety, perhaps? It is certainly odd for such base Heartless to have preferences for company. They may view each other as siblings of a sort, though it is hard to be certain. They have no comprehensive thoughts to derive much insight from. Indeed, I find it difficult to sort through their myriad of random desires and impulses. Often I just filter their noise out, which has led to some… unforeseen consequences at times.

"The game here is played best when you both trust and suspect those closest to you." - One
[Image: AtvnKny.png]
Image Credit Unknown, Can’t Read Signature
Name: Unknown
Alias: The Innkeeper
Universe of Origin: Omniverse
Race: Human(?)
Affiliation: Coruscant Underground Leader

Height: 5’9” (?)
Weight: 146 lbs (?)

Secretive, aloof, insightful, and ever cautious; these are the key traits of the Innkeeper. She, if it is a she that is, is one of the key organizers for Coruscant’s criminal underground. She’s made her business on information trading and overseeing various criminal safe houses. With this set-up, she has established herself as a mediator between rival groups, with her territory serving as neutral ground, and with an extra layer of protection from being targeted through having blackmail on almost anyone in the underground, down to the common thug. She even has dealings with the Empire on occasion, in order to stay in their good graces, and to avoid her safe houses from being raided by the EPD.

She, in truth, are three people behind one alias. All that is shown is that they go by numbers, Three, Two, and One. Three is an older man, prone to sudden outbursts of frustration. Two is a middle-aged man who is cautious and stoic. One is a woman, quiet and contemplative, and apparently the prime decision maker of the three. Beyond that, nothing else has been shown of the Innkeeper.

Additional Notes by Jaixe:
The “person” that I met at the hotel I raided was a hologram. I predict that the hologram wasn’t even her real appearance, and her voice was more than likely modulated. It’s clever. I would think no one knows the Innkeeper’s identity this way, and thus she keeps herself protected from any personal harm in this business.

She is clever, able to pit enemies against each other in a way that strictly benefits her. That’s why I sought her out to establish a… business arrangement, if you will.


Name: Ash, the Storm Demon
Status: Ally
Last I saw her, she was brash, reckless, and headstrong. She didn’t place any importance on manners or presentation, which admittedly did give her a certain charm. She may not be my equal in planning, but in ability, there are few I would trust in this chaotic world.

Name: Kerrigan
Status: Acquaintance
She, much like Raal, has disappeared without so much as a trace after the dissolution of Dante’s Abyss. I won’t miss her, but it would have been interesting to build upon that cooperation we had established.

Name: Raal Deathwind
Status: Former Ally
He and I had done a considerable amount of research and planning. Plans that, now, are worthless, but the knowledge and insight he provided was enlightening. It’s rare to find a skeleton that wielded their intellect as I do. It’s a shame that he disappeared some time ago.

Name: Boba Fett
Status: Acquaintance
Last I remember, he was plummeting to his demise in Coruscant during a job. I haven’t seen him since, but he would have been a useful contact all the same. It’s rare to find bounty hunters with some measure of skill and few qualms about the jobs you offer them.

History of the Master of Darkness
"I am what others could only dream of being: Endless." - Jaixe, Seeker of Darkness

[Image: vDZ8HWp.png]
Image credit to Sylleinseriin. Deviantart
Emerging from the darkness that bore him, Jaixe was like all the rest: Nameless, formless, and filled with little but rage and contempt. He was a shadow of his former self, a shard of a being shattered in the misguided pursuit of discovery and curiosity. He was now a vestige of a blackness that would continually grow through adversity. Challenged time and again, his form evolved to better combat the ever-changing circumstances. First from a mere shadow, to that of a more humanoid appearance. Then, ignited by rage and frustration, he began to think. To learn. He grew curious with each evolution, both about things around him, and himself. Eventually, his thoughts grew more coherent and complete, and his questions about who he was, what he was became more insistent.

He later found he held a power that permitted him to transform at will, to become molded into any shape he desired. He used this newfound ability to craft a form for himself, one with elfin characteristics: thin and delicate, but still well-built enough to withstand punishment. He was regal-like in his demeanor, condescending to those of supposed lesser rank or power, and never viewing those who lived in the light as equals to himself. He was ever demanding more and more; be it more answers, more power, or more Darkness, he desired it all in equal measure. With every leap of understanding, his ego grew, until he found his other self. His Nobody, the decaying fragment that would serve as his key to greater knowledge and power.

This other half had called himself Xaldius, or perhaps he was given that name by someone or something. Regardless, he too sought what Jaixe had learned: the truth of their original self.

What they had learned left them wanting. A simple human, who stumbled upon power greater than himself, had simply gotten lost in it all, and succumbed to his own indiscretions. A failure, by Jaixe's standards.

But it was a trivial matter in the end. Now with an ally, and a grand vision of a world oppressed by the shadow of his power, Jaixe set to work. Ansem had just been defeated, but his great host of Heartless still roamed the Realm of Light, seeking the illusive Kingdom Hearts. He merely took control of the army so graciously left for him by his predecessor, and as the successor to a failure, the now newly crowned Seeker of Darkness sought to truly and decisively succeed where all else failed: For the light of all worlds, of all men, and all other creatures to be reduced to cinders and eventually snuffed out.

Many times was he defeated, though the second time it was by a keyblade wielder known as Chiasa, who had been kept secret from him as warriors gathered together to oppose him. It was in this battle that he arrived in the Omniverse, and where this version of Jaixe's backstory ends.

But in his original world, it would be far from his last battle. For, you see, he could not truly die. Not even by a keyblade wielder. Sure, his darkness would disperse, and his Heart would wander, but so long as his Nobody, Xaldius, also fell in combat, or even to his own blade, the two would soon return to being one, who would then become two once more. Thus the cycle repeats, and lasted long enough to cause devastation and ruin to many worlds and homes, as Jaixe's hordes never seemed to cease. With each defeat, he learned to do things differently. Every setback made him more cunning, more cautious. Time only made him stronger.

Though eventually this coalition of warriors that sought to stop him, and only succeeded some of the time, would elect to risk everything to wipe away the encroaching darkness. In the final battle, after many years of toil and struggle, the keyblade's chosen, Chiasa, and Telldranis, a Protoss warrior of significant skill and power, faced off against the Heartless master in his citadel, seeking to stem the tide at its point of origin. At the same time, his other self, Xaldius, was challenged by a man known as the Warrior of Light, alongside several others that aided him.

It was a gambit, and all were aware of it. Jaixe simply sought to let it happen, however, setting the board to his liking and ensuring the field of battle would be one of his choosing. Many warriors sought to add to the number that faced off against the duo, but were rebuffed by the swarm born of the night. It would be more accurate to say that those who had managed to withstand the torrents of Nobodies and Heartless that formed the ceaseless army had earned their place in the final battle. Jaixe sought to sweep the survivors away with ease, thinking them spent on the battles they fought to reach him.

Instead, he was defeated for his overconfidence in his ability and the false idea that his enemies lacked resolve. In truth, they were willing to sacrifice greatly to bring an end to his reign of terror. Telldranis was felled, forced to use his power to its greatest extent and beyond to even weaken the Seeker of Darkness. Chiasa, enraged by Teldranis's demise, tapped into power yet unspent, and sealed the Heartless's demise. At the same time, to ensure that the cycle remained incomplete, the Warrior of Light had poured the entirety of his essence, all of the light he could muster to him, as well as the borrowed light of other worlds and people, to seal away Xaldius into an eternal prison. The sacrifice of two great warriors had paved the way to peace. With the Heartless master reduced to wisps of energy, and Xaldius locked away for the foreseeable future, the Realm of Light had finally received the reprieve it desperately needed.

[Image: 200px-Heartless_Emblem.png]
Overview of Heartless
”The closer you get to the Light… The greater your shadow becomes.”

Heartless are beings of pure shadows born from the darkness of people’s Hearts, which is synonymous with souls. Heartless, of any type, can tear out the Heart of a person, with the resulting darkness of that void and the now missing Heart creating a new Heartless in the process. The greater the darkness they are born from, the more powerful a Heartless is. If the person that has lost their heart has a particularly strong mind and body, they can often become what is known as a Nobody (more on that later).

Heartless function on instinct, like a primitive animal, constantly seeking out Hearts in a vain effort to find or replace the one that they have lost. They don’t need sleep or food and are often attracted to great sources of light, including the Keyblade wielders. Heartless rarely show any form of intelligent thought or self-awareness. They do have a horde-mentality in large enough groups, and Heartless often come in numbers, except for some of the more powerful and larger ones.

Types of Heartless

”They still need a name. Those who lack hearts... I will call them the Heartless.” – Xehanort (as Ansem)

Heartless come in two categories, two distinct types, that have differing characteristics unique to both. The first and most prominent variation are the Pureblood Heartless, which are those naturally born of darkness. For the most part, Pureblood Heartless are colored black or varying shades of purple, and typically have a color scheme reminiscent of shadows. The most generic form of Pureblood Heartless are Shadows and Neoshadows, and Purebloods are often more melee-focused in combat and the most numerous variant.

The second variation of Heartless are the Emblem Heartless which are more colorful and often have the symbol of the Heartless on their person. Emblem Heartless are often more varied and ones that can use magic are more prevalent. Emblem Heartless often take different forms relating to the Heart of the person they were born from or the theme of the world they are found in.

Emblem Heartless were originally artificially made by Xehanort, then known as Ansem, and were given the emblem to distinguish them from their Pureblood cousins. The one thing that is truly special about this type of Heartless is their ability to carry the Hearts of their victims while still making more Heartless in the process, typically more Emblem versions. The more Hearts an Emblem Heartless carries, the more powerful they tend to become, sometimes even changing forms and evolving. Pureblood Heartless typically lack this ability, and it is not known if they can also evolve or not.

Realm of Darkness
[Image: 0IeVNyl.png]
”I know I've been here a long time, wandering through the endless hours... unable to escape..." - Master Aqua

All Heartless are connected through Darkness, being entities of Darkness after all. Darkness represents negative emotions, fear, anger, hatred, as well as representing the lack of a soul, a Heart. The Realm of Darkness is the antithesis to the Realm of Light, where the worlds often lie when awake and not forced into a slumbering state when beings of Darkness overtake the world’s Heart. The Realm of Darkness is a chaotic, ever-changing place where time has no meaning, and Heartless are found in massive amounts. It is depressing, ever attempting to sap the life out of any victim that has found its way into such a place and extinguishes any light found within it.

The Realm of Darkness is the home of all Heartless, and as such, when a Heartless is destroyed by means other than the Keyblade, they simply are reconstituted here in amongst the twisting pathways, deep caverns, and sunless skies of the empty, bleak wasteland.

Deep within the Realm of Darkness is Kingdom Hearts, specifically the Kingdom Hearts of all Worlds, which is often smothered by a horde of Heartless ever clinging to the light it produces, but unable to truly reach it. There also exist doorways and gateways back into the Realm of Light, but finding such is a difficult and arduous challenge. With the constant wave of Heartless and the oppressive nature of the land, anyone that could survive here without having all hope and light extinguished and losing their Hearts simply to the oppressive darkness around them are truly powerful and pare in possession of a will of steel.

"The cycle of ruin that I have created is not so easy to "correct." For all your strength, you are worthless before me." - Jaixe, Seeker of Darkness

Nobodies are the remnants of people turned into Heartless. They are the body and mind that remain, lacking a Heart to feel emotion or connections. They can wither and disperse after a time, but the most powerful of Nobodies can sometimes reconstruct a new Heart. When such happens, they are considered a whole person, but would still have a Heartless version of themselves roaming about, and would share a connection to them.

Nobodies come in varying shapes and sizes, and are notably adaptable and malleable, as if barely held together. The most common form that one can find a Nobody in is the Dusk, which is the mainstay of Organization Thirteen’s forces. Other versions besides the human-sized Dusk are still plentiful, and often a Nobody of significant power would have lesser Nobodies of a specific theme related to them be under their control.

It is known that when a Heartless regains their Heart, they can regain their human form and abilities, but would still have a Nobody roaming around that is also part of them. This is best explained via the idea that Heartless that return to being human are still technically a Heartless by nature, but one of Light rather than Darkness in this case. They would continue to be an incomplete entity until they recombined with their Nobody. If a Nobody and their Heartless are both defeated and destroyed, the original human that they were born from would reconstitute in the place that they were slain, Heart, mind, and body all present and accounted for.

Seekers of Darkness
”If the light of hope has been extinguished, I shall henceforth walk with darkness as a friend.” - Ansem (Becoming DiZ)

In rare cases, such as with Jaixe, Heartless can evolve and develop intelligence and thought, creating an identity for themselves and a consciousness that is increasingly self-aware with every struggle and conflict it is a part of. For most Heartless, the ability to become self-aware is nigh-impossible to achieve. For Jaixe, however, fortune and circumstance favored his evolution, and fierce challenges frequently forced him to frequently adapt and overcome whatever was thrown his way. Eventually, he began obtaining fragments of his memories and a new personality molded by the constant conflict. Through it all, he became something far greater and far more sinister than what had come before.

Jaixe is a Seeker of Darkness, a being of great power and ability that terrorized the Realm of Light. Seekers of Darkness are those Heartless that have attained such power and intelligence as to have a humanoid form, one typically like the person they once were.  While not originally as powerful as his predecessor, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, he was still a force to be reckoned with. Alongside his Nobody, he consistently represented a threat that could not be extinguished for good, but instead lingered after every defeat, bringing a cycle of devastation. Utilizing the Heartless that Ansem had summoned, Jaixe mastered manipulating the battlefield to his whim and conquered worlds, swallowing them whole in the shadow of his ever increasing dark hordes, and either wholesale devoured or scattered their remaining populace. He was only finally brought low by the combined efforts of Keyblade wielders and fierce warriors, who sacrificed much to bring about an end to the ever-reborn Heartless master. Sealing his Nobody for eternity, and eviscerating his Heartless form, Jaixe could not be reborn again, and his once mighty swarm was left to scatter.

Allow me to note here that Ansem was a unique case in canon. Heartless cannot normally evolve into such a higher form, and while they may still hold fragments of memories of their past selves, they don’t have sentience of any substantial form. Furthermore, Ansem, when turned into a Heartless, did not have a humanoid form. He required a host with a Heart tainted by darkness, and willing to accommodate him, to affect greater control into the wider world.

Changes due to Omniphysics
[Image: 0c9i0Pa.png]

The Omniverse has changed much of what a Heartless is. For starters, Heartless are similar in nature to demons and other entities of darkness, so Jaixe would seem to be familiar, and yet distinct due to lacking that infernal essence so common to such creatures of hellish worlds.

Secondly, the Realm of Darkness does not exist in the Omniverse and the Underverse is not a suitable substitute for it, especially since it is so thoroughly cut off from the rest of the multiverse. As a result, all Heartless are not linked to another and Jaixe cannot command them like he used to. To emulate that connection, or for others to attempt to command Heartless, telepathy would be required alongside a reasonable TEC.

Lastly, the ability to steal other people’s souls does not work quite the same on Primes as it would normally. Jaixe is capable of “harvesting” the Heart or the darkness of a person, though the process would take a considerable amount of time, and the Prime would more than likely just die from the attempt and respawn afterwords. This would leave some essence behind, which has little practical value to most, but which could be molded into a Heartless form. Heartless may still be able to steal the Hearts of other Secondaries that might succumb to their darkness, but such would be considered a simple transformation, akin to an infestation with a peculiar thematic appearance.

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