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Ash, The Storm Demon

Name: Ash (Emma Shutter)
Spent OM: 54,150

Proficiencies (3,600): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), DeBuff (1000), Area Attack (600)
Powers (11,200/12,000): Master Acrobat (400), Burst Movement (800), Super Speed (1,000), Super Jump: Basic (300), Stealth (1,200),  Suppression (1,000), Insight (1,600), Foresight (1,500) Basic Enhanced Senses (1,400), Basic Fusion(1,000), Symbiosis(1,000),
Moves (4,200): Red Devil Claw (600), Red Devil Quill(300), Ultramarine's Chainsword: Invictus(300), Shocking Grasp (600), Chain Lightning (300), Thunder Clap(300), Snatch It Up(300), Weapon Concealment(300), Phantom Luck(300), Super Hot(300), Masochist's Climax(600), Cyberdeck(0), Cyberdeck Scanner(0),
Super Moves (1,800):  T2-Super Defense: Now You See Me, Now You Don't(800), T3-Super Attack: Hurricane: Shock and Awe(1,000),
Transformations (1,500): T2-Power Up: STORM DEMON (1,500)

Items(1,950): Mobile Dataverse Device(200), Communicator(100), Vita Compass(800), Warp Whistle(600), Banishment Circle(250)
Bases(2,400): Beach Front Inn(w/ Uplink, VR Station)(Vasty Deeps(Co-Owned: Des and Jak)(400)), Neujimin's Safe House(w/T3 Fortifications, Medical Center, Vault.)(The Underverse(1000))
Unlocks(27,500): Stat Updates 1-4(14,000), Tier 1 Powers Cap(2,000), Datalink Uplink Station: Vasty Deeps(1,000), VR Station: Vasty Deeps(500), Spiritual Attunement(500), Tier Three Fortifications: The Undervers(6,000), Medical Center: The Underverse(1,500), Vault: The Underverse(2,000)

Consumed OM(150): DA18 Betting(150),

Base stats :: STORM DEMON(T2)
ATK: 2 :: ATK: 4
DEF: 1 :: DEF: 1
SPD: 4 :: SPD: 8
TEC: 7 :: TEC: 11
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

Storm Demon Playlist
Subject ID: 1471-642373598

Emma "Ash" "The Storm Demon" Shutter
Race: Morality Mirrored Humanoid
MMH is a race of humans born with unnaturally high magic in their blood. When they first appeared people thought they were destined for great and even horrible things. It was quickly discovered that MMH shift in appearance depending on what kind of people they are and their actions they take during their mid-teens to early 20's. After this, the outer image is almost always permanent.
Evolution and discoveries have been made, and it's now common knowledge that this race commonly goes unnoticed. Only two MMHs can produce another MMH, but if the MMH in question hasn't leaned towards good or evil tendencies enough to change them drastically, they are often mistaken for common humans. That said, obviously, there's public pressure to maintain this neutral appearance and morality pressure to at least achieve a pure heart appearance. This will produce an angelic appearance, which is what most of the MMH's strive for upon discovering their lineage traits. But there are people who either embrace, fall or dip into the demonic side of the transformation.
Sex: Female
Age: 25
D.O.B. 19/6/204X
-Western: Gemini
-Eastern: Boar
Blood-Type: B
Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral
-You'd expect anything less?

Street Rat Member:
-Amateur Hacker

Username: StormDemon
GamerTag: ShockN'Awe

Relationship Status:
Single. Uninterested in Long-Term
Odd Jobs

Treasure Hunter
Trouble Maker

Father: Gerald Shutter
Mother: Vivian Shutter
Other: Isabella Shutter(Twin Sister)

Physical Description:
Where she had been pink and fleshy as the day any other human was born with, Ash's skin was pale in shade, bluish-purple in color, and gray in undertone. Like a nasty bruise that lasts for way too long. Her hair was once light blond that she'd regularly dye platinum or white for the shock value of people around her, but it now naturally grew black, like raven's feathers. Ash wore it in a thick hawk down the center of her skull. Sprouting from her skull just above the pointed ears and before the temples were large onyx colored horns, squarish in nature they wrap around the front of her head like a tiara, coming to a point half an inch from her forehead.

Above blank white eyes, no irises or pupils could be seen and made her appear to be blind but surely they could see very well, were her pierced eyebrows. Three in the right, two in the left, and one circled the right side of her full bottom lip. The indent in her left nostril could be seen more often than her nose ring, but it was there for sure. In her dusty blue tongue, she also wore a bar, but it often wasn't seen due to how often she spoke with the full force of her voice.

Another unusual feature would be the Jack-In point at the base of her skull and neck. Looking a lot like an over sized ear-phone jack for your electronics, it has more function in her own wold and for the Dataverese than anything. There is mechanism keeps the port closed and sealed off for the purposes of keeping water out of the electronic parts. It will open automatically for insertion of a Jack-In cable to enter the Matrix. Or in the OV, the Dateverse.

Height: 5'8" (152 CM)
Weight: 130 lbs(59 KG)
Body-Type: Petite, toned, flexible.
Her face was softly featured but elegantly featured. If it weren't for the strange colored flesh, the piercings, and the permanent scowl, she might even be considered beautiful.

A slender neck tempted any passerby, her shoulders dainty, her arms fittingly tone for an active girl. Her whole body was tone and slender, she used to be a twiggy kind of girl with knobby knees, but her thighs, hips, butt, and chest filled out during her growing years, the bottom half more than the top. She was small and almost fragile in appearance if it weren't for demonic twisting of her appearance due to her blood one might pity her. While shapely and attractive, it was impossible to ignore the horns and the devil tail sprouting from her lower back.

Visible Scars:
[Image: 99a4d0b50cf2834a8baa26492fdc4300--beauti...attoos.jpg]
There is a split on her right cheek were something very thin burned her.
Most other scarring is hard to notice, let alone see, against her oddly colored skin. 
A black bird in mid-flight upon the back of her left shoulder.
A large bold phrase in Elvin down the left front of her body, roughly it translates to: DO OR DIE. Ash makes a habit of telling anyone who can't read it that it's a good luck charm.
The most notable thing is she has a lot. Three in each ear, one in her nose, one in her lip, one tongue piercing, 5 in total in her brows, a navel piercing, and lastly [REDACT].
Fashion Style:
Her fashion consisted of almost everything. From skirts to jeans, from thigh highs to long sleeves, and combat boots to earrings of the fanciest kind.

Ash is capable of getting along with just about anyone, as long as its one person at a time. She rarely censors herself, if at all, and doesn't have any self-restraint when it comes to taunting or teasing. Mouthing off and being brutally sarcastic is like breathing to her, but rarely is it ever out of anger. Plenty of spite, and quick comments to rile someone else up, but getting mad at every little thing is just incomprehensible to the MMH. 

That said, she takes everything to the extreme once enraged. Spiking laptops, throwing knives, and exploiting every insecurity possible is not above her when it finally happens.

She is often left alone due to her outer appearance, and can easily frighten anyone weak willed enough by just glaring at them long enough until the air become uncomfortable and they leave. She often carries with her outward attitude the words 'back off', but Ash can be a social person if in the right company. While relaxed, Ash is talkative. Playful and flirty.

Shy is the last word one would use to describe Ash, even in her vulnerable moments - if there are any left - Ash is often open and honest to a fault. Her opinions are often raw and her language blunt and full of curses, but this all further's her 'shock and awe' mentality. If her words or actions leave someone speechless, or better, talking and disbelieving, she will do it. 

In return, it's extremely hard to get a surprised reaction from her.

Devil's Ashes(Background):
Born in an age where technology advances were extraordinarily ahead of its time but the world around them was boarder line dystonia, Emma Shutter thrived in thievery and illegal activities. She was the youngest of twins, cursed with the blood that already tried to control what kind of life she lived. Always the rebel the only people she almost got along with were her sister Isabelle and the cop who managed to always be the one to pick her up, Grayson.

Her mother was your typical over-bearing and controlling type, claimed to want the best for her children but whenever Emma acted out she was quick to pull the 'just remember your sins will turn you into something you can't hide' card and it would only make her youngest daughter even more resenting.

Between the gang activities and the trouble a decker gets into, she was always being brought to her mom in handcuffs or at the lead of one Detective Grayson. Tried as he might, even the best cop for her wasn't able to get through to her. Her mother tried to straighten her out with text book logic, but that never works. She imagines it suggested her mother keep her busy with some after school activity, and she gave ballet a try for Isabella's sake, but eventually fell into the idea of the boxing club. Her mother was horrified by this, but desperately wanted her children to succeed like the book promised, and a couple years later Emma was effective in a fight.

Eventually, she dropped out of the high school coursed her home-world tried to pass off as education and fell into trouble all the same. She left home as soon as possible and found herself from job to job without any worry in the world. The problem was she was getting sick of the typical kinds of jobs and always turned to her favorite past time after stomping newbs in video games. Hacking was a passion. Coding was just a bunch of numbers to people, but creating programs to do horrible things to anyone who crossed her or for anyone who could cough up the credits was art to her. And while illegal, it was far better at paying her rent than was working at a gas station.

After a bad relationship was ended with a swift kick in the balls after he tried to hock her games, she found herself working at a strip showing on some corner in the city. The night she was hired in was the night things got incredibly weird. Shadow creatures attacked the citizens mercilessly, things you didn't even see from nightmarish fairy tales online, they took over the city in a matter of hours. Emma was already in her escape when a bright light called out to her like a beacon.

Since it was towards the docks, where her escape way laying in wait, she checked it out. Upon arriving, a strange grapple hook landed at her feet and a vision later she had the means to fight back.

This item, The Devil's Claw only furthered her outer appearance's progression into what it was today. Where she'd only been slightly altered, weeks later she was full demon and casting her old life aside. Eventually, she came across legends of this devil she saw in the vision and headed out to sea to find his ship. In search of The Leviathan, the rented crew perished, but she got her ship. The world was finally open to her and she was set to terrorize and leave everyone dumb-struck in her wake. 

Then Omni thought it fitting to add her to his game.

Quote:The Past, The Present..(And Omni)
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.


Combat Style:
Ash is best described as a tactician in fights. She changes her fighting style to better address each challenge. What never changes, however, is her basic attitude. Shock and Awe. If she can achieve this in a fight - figuratively with her constant innuendos and flirting or literally with all her electric based magic - she will.

She is frail in comparison to most Omniverse fighters, even so, she surprises herself at how much damage she is able to take. As well, she is very stubborn in her goals, perhaps that is where she gets her ability to suffer through fights. Maybe she just likes the pain.

The Storm Demon has several ways of paralyzing her intended or non-intended target. She has the close range of Shocking Grasp and the AoE of Chain Lightning. Allowing her plenty of versatile options for one on one, and a good partner for a fight against many. Rest assured though, there is more than enough reason she took this title as her own.

There are also plenty of things in her personal arsenal to show off her brutal nature. Snatch It Up pierces through the bodies of potential enemies, and brings them closer to test their courage. Her equipment, a morbid grappling hook, a vampiric dagger, and a stolen chainsword is used in various ways that would make anyone from her verse question her sanity. Not that swinging from high places on a lock of black braided hair didn't already make people question that.

And finally, but never the last option, is her survival tactics. Given the choice of her and... Well anyone that is not her, she typically will pick herself unless there is some benefit. Taking the hit of purpose for some hidden move, freaking out the attacker, or just making solid allies by faking compassion. Self-preservation is evident in her available moves, powers, - in the form of high speed and dodging tactics - and past.

Base stats: 
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 4
TEC: 7

Commlink(Comm + Dataverse
Device) + Vita Compass APP

Warp Whistle(x1)
Communication Device + Dataverse Mobile Device
A omni tool of hard plastics, light metals, and small bits of electricity forms on her arm after half a second of concentration. It is a high powered computer including mouse and keyboard, a cell phone, and storage for sorts of digital things all in one. All Decker's have a Cyberdeck, its their hacking tool, their life, their obsession. - It is also completely fodder at this point, and gives her no advantage in a fight except the previous stated devices. Though it is difficult to make/take calls while someone is beating you half to death...
Cyberdeck Scanner
It takes half a second for a mute blue-colored visor to materialize over Ash's eyes, creating a quick menu that reacts to her thoughts and wishes. This is used to scan her opponent and/or battlefield(insight), predict outcomes(foresight), and is a quick interface for calling and manipulating her apps(Communications Device and Vita Compass), and various other things like saving scanned pages or taking pictures. She is intimately familiar with the scanner and can use it in and outside of combat, but it gives her no additional advantage than the powers already do. - In short, its just flavor for Ash's use of the above powers. (Which she already is equipped with.)

Physical Strength
A combination of street fighting, boxing, and an inability to take things lying down has made Ash an effective fighter.
Ash works well up in people's face, as well as behind a wall.
As the Storm Demon, you expect Ash to use a lot of lightning based attacks. Paralysis and Stunning additives keep things interesting.
Area Attack
Ash has crowd control and AoE, watch out.

Master Acrobat
Swinging around the tops of skyscrapers help teach a girl about balance and movement. And being a stripper helped with the flexible things. A tail for added sway and balance didn't hurt too much either.
Burst Movement
Quick dashes for those times when you really need to move before you get your face wrecked.
Super Speed
Speed is just kind of her thing, okay.
Super Jump: Basic
(Honestly, I got tired of saying 'shit' every time I have a cool idea that requires Super Jump)
As a pick-pocket and a common thief, a girl knows how to get around in the shadows.

Since being here in the OV, Ash has figured out that you need to keep a low profile sometimes.
As someone who likes secrets and information, this was made for the always observing Storm Demon.
When you live your life on the streets running from lawmen and thugs, you start to pick up on things.
Enhanced Senses: Basic
Fighting in the Underverse has brought a lot of new posibilities and abilities to Ash. She can push her senses to 20 Meters max.
Fusion: Basic
Ash has picked up on a few new tricks to help her out, she now can participated in a one on one fusion.
And for those who can't already fuse, she can now fuse with you. (Fodder: By force if she must!)
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

(Requires Ranged Prof and Physical Strength Prof)
Ash's go-to in almost everything. It's a combat-ready grappling hook, but using it for traveling should be considered fodder. Once Red Devil's Claw is summoned properly, it can be resummoned on the fly.
The Claw is unique but roughly a basic looking Grapple Hook. The arms, however, are sharpened like a blade on the outside, implying it can be used in other ways than just a means of movement. The type of metal is unknown, but it is crimson in color and carries ruins are typical for resisting flames. This does nothing for the wielder, just the grapple hook and its length of 'rope'.
The 'rope' is also strange, in the fact that it is hair. Most likely from a human or humanoid. Its true length is unknown as it has been braided in some places. But Ash has access to 15 ft if she so chooses to use all of it.
It is a grapple hook and functions effectively for getting to higher points in altitude as well as swinging about the landscape. It can do anything a normal grappling hook can do, which the only difference being the hair is protected from flames to keep it from being destroyed by extreme temperatures or fire spells.
With sharpened arms and a spearhead, it makes for a great exotic but functional combat weapon from close range or mid-range(10-13ft). It has been modified to be launched from her forearm via a mount created by a smith in her world, at the same power of a harpoon gun that allows her to pierce through the fleshiest of substance and can spear through weak opponents effortlessly. Stormtrooper armor has been confirmed to be problematic, anything harder than clothing or weak leathers would be. She fixes this by getting close for precision work with the same sharp metal pieces, manually hooking the pointed ends into the gaps of the armor.

Red Devil's Quill
(Requires Physical Prof)
The Quill is a dagger in the shape of a feather. The blade is the 'fur' part of the feather, with lines carved into the metal to give it a similar texture visually as a feather. It's made of a more familiar material, steel.
Writing Utinsel
Other than its detailed appearance, the only unique factor is if Ash turns it around she can write with the other side. It also automatically writes in blood, she assumes it is the blood of anyone who's been stabbed with it.
Used like any normal dagger can be used, stabbing, threatening, a tool for conversation that might come off as intimidating or other things.

Ultramarine's Chainsword: Invictus
(Requires Physical Prof)
Stabbed through by it by Brother Gaius and then banished to the Underworld, Ash decided to keep it.
[Image: 17161555321l.jpg]
This weapon is chainsaw first and a sword last, normally used to rip apart Orks - according to those who’ve witnessed its power - this one found itself in the hands of one Sex Deamon. Without proper training but the love for shock-and-awe tactics, Ash has developed a bond with the chainsword and gain proficiency with it. It has a 4 and a half foot blade that is lined with jagged teeth that when activate begin to rotate at dangerous speeds. She can comfortably use it with one hand or two.
Invictus by William Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul

Shocking Grasp
(Requires Debuff Prof)
Blue lightning dances in the user's hand or hands - using two hands doesn't make it any more powerful but allows her to attack two people at once.
Weak Paralysis
It is usually a small insufficient shock that merely has the chance of paralyzing the target(s) for a second or two that function as a distraction for movement usually away from the target(s). This variant's electricity is created quickly and can be held for about 3 seconds before its considered 'Charged', making this variant of the move less draining all around; allowing her to use it multiple times before she begins to sweat, but she cannot rely on the move alone as it does fairly minimum electricity damage.
In Short: Used for a quick distracting poke and running away.
Charged Power
This attack, however, can be charged for a more powerful shock that sacrifices the chance to paralyze for pure damage. This she can charge while moving or taking damage, but cannot administrate the shock unless holding still and touching the intended shocked. This variant's electricity is created quickly, after holding the electricity for 3 seconds or longer the electricity starts to race faster and faster in her hand(s). The longer Ash holds the charge the more powerful the attack becomes, but the more draining it is to the user. Using it too much, or overcharging it - usually in desperation - will leave her tired and weakened; exhausted and vulnerable but alive.
Note: While in 'STORM DEMON'(Transformation) it is nearly impossible to tell that she is charging Shocking Grasp because she is covered in dancing blue electricity constantly.

Chain Lightning
(Requires Ranged Attack Prof, Debuff prof, and Area Attack Prof)
Ash concentrates for 15 seconds - as long as she remains unharmed she can maintain this concentration while moving but cannot use any other action - to charge up a large amount of destructive blue electrical energy which she then releases at a target within 20 feet of her. It strikes as fast as natural lightening at the intended target and continued to course through the group of people with little to no slowing or lowering of power. Hitting up to seven people almost simultaneously, the electricity jumps randomly from the original target to the next within 3 feet but never back as it follows the direction it's cast. She can only control the aim of the spell to the first person but cannot control it enough to spare any friendlies in the group if any. No one is safe from becoming a lightning rod except herself as it does not move backward.
On top of a powerful shock, enough to tear through the flesh (and flesh like substance) it touches and can leave multiple painful smoking rips in the body, every successfully hit target suffers paralysis for 10 vulnerable seconds. In these spare moments, Ash and anyone who can still move can attack the paralyzed target(s), bind said targets with whatever will work at the time, or steal what they deem valuable at the time.
Ash can only do this move twice a fight before she needs a rest as it is very draining, and really should only have to do it once.

Thunder Clap
(Requires: Strength Prof and Debuff prof)
Used at close range, no further than 5ft away, Ash takes up a defensive stance and fuses her palms with magic just before smacking them together in a clap making the spell instantaneous. This creates a white sound wave that explodes from her hands to throw the target off their feet harmlessly, and up to 10 feet back if they are particularly light. The power of this attack is gauged by how wide her hands are when she claps; the wider her hands and the more force she uses the more powerful the clap. (At least 1ft[30cm] apart to activate, and up to 5ft[1.5m]. Power meaning bigger targets need more force to be pushed down.) This leaves a harsh ringing in their ears and deafens a target for 5 seconds, leaving them confused and disorientated, as well as open to any sneak attacks.
The closer the target and the more distance between her hands before she claps risks real damage to the eardrums, which can be healed by normal means after the fight. (This is fodder.)
Ash can do this as many times as she can endure the painful sting in her hands after each smack. (Usually, only 3-6 times in a row without rest, depending on how hard she claps. She can do it more than this, but risks damaging her hands.) While it's not that strenuous on her energy, it hurts her hands which are important to her. This is used more for defense and crowd control, but cannot be performed while moving or in combination with other moves; however, as soon as the sound wave leaves her hands she can act normally.

Snatch It Up
(Requires Ranged Prof, Strength Prof, and Red Devil’s Claw(Weapon).)
From a distance of 13-ft max, Ash can launch the exotic grappling hook from the modified contraption on her forearm by fusing it with Entropy magic(3-second charge) and increasing its chances of piercing through all kinds of typical armor.
The bladed point in the center of the hook stabs through its target’s body, with a solid yank the arms of the hooks embed themselves into the creature’s body making it near impossible for them to resist being yanked themselves towards her. Ash usually follows this up with a punch or a kick, but this can be combined with Shocking Grasp(Move) or Red Devil’s Quill(Weapon). Ash has to be standing still to aim for the softest part of her intended target. The Claw has to be forcefully removed - which Ash can do by yanking on the metal part - and will have to be re-loaded into her arm to be able to use again.
(Anyone with an Atk of 1 or higher can also dislodge it themselves, until then they are at her will and on the end of her goretastic leash. <3)

Weapon Concealment
(Requires Physical Prof, Suppression, Stealth)
Ash focuses on any weapon-type Move of hers for one second, after which that weapon becomes invisible. Spotting it is just as difficult as it would be to notice Ash if she were using Stealth herself. (This varies depending on the Tech of her opponents.) Maintaining this Move tires her slowly and requires a small amount of continued concentration for as long as it remains active.
Whilst active, the effect will persist even during combat, preventing enemies from accurately determining the dimensions of her weapon.

Phantom Luck
(Requires Foresight)
A magical buckler-sized shield (1.5 feet across) of force magic appears to defend Ash from attacks with the intention of to kill her. It appears to be made of shadows but the light does not disperse it.
It's a reaction spell, her only defense against things she can sense but may not be able to stop normally due to her hands being full or bound. Once used, Ash has to concentrate for 4 seconds while standing still to be able to summon it to her aid again. Attacks stronger than Ash's shield may breach it and still do some damage (e.g. super attacks, moves with high charge times, etc.)

Ash focuses for 4 seconds, preparing her mind and senses. During this time she can move and dodge as usual, but not attack. Once the 4 seconds are up, everything seems to stop from Ash's perspective, with her instincts reaching insane levels for the next 15 seconds (real time). She's able to perceive events so quickly that time only seems to move forward when she moves or acts. Even moving bullets will appear to be frozen in the air. If Ash performs an action slower than normally possible for her, then everyone else appears to move in slow motion respectively. This doesn't allow her to use, charge, or execute moves faster than usual or act beyond her physical capabilities, it just allows her to act a lot more precisely, performing feats such as cutting bullets out the air or catching an arrow with their bare hands - providing she can physically move fast enough to do so.
While this move doesn't enhance Ash's physical abilities, it does force her to always move and act at maximum efficiency. As a result of this, it will often leave her more tired than she usually would be. Ash cannot recover fatigue or energy while this is in use by conventional means (i.e. resting normally) but can end this effect early at will. Lastly, the mental preparation required to execute this successfully exerts a light fatigue cost and leaves her dizzy for a few seconds after use.

Masochist's Climax
Ash has always been the type to focus on avoiding attacks through dodging, netralizing, or escape. After her fight with the Ultramarine she understands her frailty can also become a great weapon. Ash focuses on taking hits from the other fighter instead of dodging using foresight to assist with this task, however, much of the strength from these attacks are absorbed leading them to do the same damage as if they only glanced her - ie as if she tried to dodge - leading to a more enjoyable situation. This absorbtion happens for any attack she would be able to dodge and normally would dodge. For 10 seconds of esctacy Ash cannot attack/counter or dodge the attacks.
After 10 seconds the the stored pleasure energy is too much to contain and is realeased in a single loud but lewd moan. This forms a weaponized sound wave that explodes from her in the form of jagged translucent pink dagger sized shards of energy which spray out in a 30-ft radius around her at the speed of sound. These shards do more damage based on how much damage Ash absorbed and leaves the unfortunate victims dazed for 3 seconds and causes them to lose sight of Ash with both their vision and enhanced senses.
Ash is exhausted for a few seconds after this, especially after a particularly harsh beating~! <3

Blue lightning cracks across Ash's entire body, her horns and eyes glow bright neon blue as the electricity supercharges her, she wears a wicked grin the whole time. Her form begins to pulse with light, leaving a map of her nerves across her skin for a moment until the light fades. As an added effect, the lightning tears bits of her clothing and her hair floats in an invisible current.
ATK: +2
DEF: +0
SPD: +4
TEC: +4

T2 Super Defense: Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Burst Movement, Suppression, Stealth
Ash simultaneously creates a clone of herself and vanishes from sight and senses before escaping the line of fire. Meanwhile, the clone baits her opponents into fighting it. Dodging what it can until its finally hit. (T2 can take 2 normal attacks, or counter one SA T2 or lower.) The Clone lasts up to 30 seconds, until its damaged appropriately, or until Ash unstealth's - generally done by attacking. When the Clone is defeated, it lasts long enough to 'die'. This body vanishes after the 30 seconds is up. Those with TECH lower than Ash have a harder time differencing from clone and Ash and are very likely to believe they've killed her. By the time the clone is discovered Ash has another plan in action.

T3 Super Attack: Hurricane: Shock and Awe
(Requires Strength Prof, Burst Movement, Super Speed, Super Jump(Basic), Debuff Prof, Area of Attack Prof, and Invictus(Weapon))
The Storm Demon runs her hand along the still blade of Invictus, covering several teeth of the chainsword with the purest form of magic Ash has access to, infusing it with Prime magic. Upon revving the weapon up, it will glow the same Electric Blue that is always present in Transformation: Storm Demon.
Ash's only warning to this attack is to rev the chainsaw, she then launches herself towards the intended creature from a maximum of 10 meters. Ash will stab or cleave her target with her chainsword and hold the spinning blade inside them for 3 seconds. As their body is being mutilated the Prime Magic activates, turning the already extensive gore into a crimson* hurricane - complete with sparks of matching electricity - that attacks the outside of the body.
This puts the creature into a state of shock in most cases as they struggle to understand and deal with the horrors of this move for 5 seconds which numbs them to the pain for this time.

*Traditional blood is red, but if you are like Ash and bleed another color, the vortex will be that color.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

The Story So Far...

Post 2 Year Break
Just Looking For Trouble
Within the first few hours of being summoned, Ash made a strange friend.
Rude Awakening...
Ash's first visit to Coruscant. Her first action? Jump off the first floor and into the lower tiers.
Destination: Desperation
Ash makes another friend!
Journey Through Paradise
Ash and Jaixe looking for information.
Dark Path and Paradise Come to an End
Ash and Jaixe split up after taking down a large creature.
Street Rat vs Sewer Rats - Quest
Ash gets caught doing a random quest, ends up dealing with more than she agreed, too.

2 Year Break (Above Quest finished when I returned.)
Spectator's Lounge
Ash meets several friends! She is there for information, however. Hard earned observation in a friendlier environment. This is where she officially meets Dax and Desman. - A lot happens here, and not just with Ash.
E-Mail, Ash and Jaixe
Ash sharing her opinion and gathered information with Jaixe, reminding him that she is still around. The secret to her ratings is how likely she'd fuck them. Don't tell Jaixe that.
Storm Demon meets Jak for the first time. Jak is pretty smitten at this point. Jak mentions a prison break, Ash doesn't shy away.
Torn's Big Break
Our favorite demoness breaks into an unmarked Prison on Tier 2. Empire didn't like that. - Ash Death Count: 1.
Death Cherry
Ash's first Death Dream where she reflects on her life up to this point; Theme: 7 Deadly Sins.
Guilty Party
Revived at the Fountain of Infinity, Ash learns about summoning resurrection sickness. Jak and Ash decide on a visit to the beach would be best, and drag Desman along.
Beach Filler Episode - Starting with Ash's entrance.
Beach Party. - Recommend that you read all of it, it was fun.
[Mature] Desman's Paying, Obviously
Our Drunk Trio land in a hotel, Desman accidentally purchases the hotel, Jak gets locked into a room by himself, Ash and Desman fuse for the first time, Jak accidentally summons Ashlin - his ex, - Desman accidentally summons NSP and SA-... There were some false engagements made because of Arin the samurai. This ended with Dark Jak taking over and walking in on Black Ash Beta where they had a hot passionate and painful romp in bed where Dark Jak tears out Ash's piercing. And then TRULY ended when Ash stole Jak's warp whistle and teleported to Coruscant before he could stop her.
Dealing with Demons in VR
As if 'Deman's Paying, Obviously' isn't big enough on its own, we had a side path.
T5: Challenge Accepted
Ash makes her way to Harlan Higgs' Casino in an attempt to meet and greet, possibly joining his group. The Empire didn't like that. - Ash's Banishment Count: 1 - Ash gains 1 Chainsword.
Honeymoon in Hell
Romance, Blood, Death, Revenge, Demons, and one poor human way in over his head... Did I mention Massacer Ball?
Sensational Death
Ash Death Count: 2; Ash dies in the process of 'Honeymoon in Hell'. This theme is 5 Senses.
Storm Demon
The Void. (Void Visit Count: 1?)
Dropping In
Ash landed in Pale Moors instead of Coruscant. She meets another friend!
Raising Hell - Pale Moors
Ash gets picked up by a horse-drawn carriage, taken to an abandoned castle, talks to a crazy Djinni, gets nearly tentacled, and discovered a book about Osa Rikuza, the Red Devil her equipment came from.
Hell in a Gift Basket
Ash's Blog about going to the Underverse.
Same Shit, Different Day
Ash manages to be drawn into a battle by a large beast, the challenge excited her. Covered in gore, Leon the hawt elf, takes her to a secluded pond to wash up. They somehow end up having sex on the bank before she leaves all that behind her.
T1: Like You Own the Place
Ash drives right in like she owns the place. Apparently, the Empire is cool after they Banish you.
T5: Errands of a Storm Demon
Ash becomes an escort mission. She meets up with Charlie in the casino, bridges a form of communication when Harlan comes back, and get's her piercing redone.
One Hell of a Ransom Note
Ash meets more friends. Erik and Sand Hawk. They fight some bad guys together.
Hawt Damn
Our "hero" comes face to face with a dragon, like... Twice. This is after fighting Gildarts in DA.


Jakob Volkov
A mildly insane Russian with a tendency to choose the most brutal option - often as it is the most direct and fastest option. He has a past he's bothered by and successfully buried it deep inside his mind with the Shadowrun Drug: Bliss - A super form of morphine that dulls the senses, especially pain, and makes his reactions much slower. Recently, however, a blond French woman has come into his life who seems to know a lot about him and that long since forgotten past. She shares his love for brutality, ripping him away from Bliss to bring reality crashing down on him like a cheap couch onto the solid floor...
Dreams of a Drug Addict
Jakob's first post, and a continuous record of his dreams/nightmares.
Daily Dose
Jakob's first conscious post.
What Drugs?
Jakob being Jakob.
Seven Twelve Days later
Jakob's not a stranger to resurrection.

SECONDARIES - Important ones.
[Image: qkjxAtQ.jpg]
A demon in the Underverse that bought Ash and Desman. He was gruff and hard on them both and showed little to no personal connection to them. He was desperate however for revenge on Damien, a rivaling boss demon in the fighting ring. He got his revenge in several shades with Black Ash and was on a course for mildly happily ever after when the two last seen him. He is unfortunately dead, killed after fighting for his life against three stronger demons.
The Fate of a Craven
Like a fucking bad ass.

A spunky female rapper just out to have a good time in life, what little there is to have in Coruscant and under the pressure of her home-life.
First Appearance
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

While Ash doesn't claim to be friends with anyone if only to be excused from anyone's personal problems. That said, there are benefits that come with 'friends' especially anyone powerful and worth her time. Lying or putting up a fake front isn't her style, she will twist the truth to work for whatever angle she's going, but lying is such a cheap trick. That won't stop her from dodging the question or changing the subject. These are the people that stick out the most in her life, or she has a strong opinion about.

Key: Members of her story that may never return. // The bigger the name, the bigger the person to her.

Geno - The wooden puppet that was there to greet Ash on her first day.

Frisk - A goat... Thing. They've met.

Jaixe - Ash, and Jaixe go WAY back, but their relationship isn't easily defined. They are best described as 'company' for each other. There hasn't been a lot of interaction with these two outside their adventures in the library, but they seem to be working along with each other in some form or fashion.  Ash finds him intriguing, and honestly attractive.
That aside, she also thinks he has a plan worth the attention.
Since she doesn't know much about him, she can safely claim ignorance about him if anyone brings him up. At the moment though, they are both rather unknown Primes. 

Jak & Daxter - Ash has Dax wrapped around her little finger, and she doesn't mind tugging on it at all. She knows the two from a series of games she played but decides it's best to just interact with them instead of bringing it up. Whoever is playing the character is doing their best to stay in character, and it would just be rude to break that. Instead, she enjoys playing to Daxter's lust and pride.
Due to some actions made in DA, she has found something interesting in Jak. Ash is prepared to have explored that benefit fully and will continue to.
Part-time lover, part-time friend, Ash and Jak have gotten into a few more interesting situations. Including competing in DA '18 as partners. They did decently enough, but the Storm Demon wasn't having any more after fighting Gildarts and opted to leave.

Desman Black
He's a robutt. He is red. He is boring so far. a low-profile PC with abandonment issues and is pretty clingy all things considered, but you know the saying: "Once you've fused with Desman Black..."  Oh yeah, they've had sex. Multiple times, especially when he received the ability to take on a human form that is admittedly not that bad looking.
[[ Fusion with Desman: Black Ash Beta - Ash and Robutt Desman; Black Ash Alpha - Ash and Human Desman. ]]
When Ash was banished the first time, he came down after her. Somehow he managed to find her before anything bad happened, and they spent a few months in the Underverse fighting in the Coliseum. She won the championship on a technicality and then ditched him for Diablo.

Not even 'The Strongest Prime' can strike fear into her heart, but while she is willing to tempt fate, she isn't stupid. He's attractive, but she'd like to keep him at arm's length for now.
They were fortunate enough to meet again, unfortunately, it was on the battlefield in DA '18. She and Jak won that round. She saw it fit to make out with him before leaving.

Shinmen Takezo
He's refreshingly blunt. Ash could probably get along with him really well. She might attempt that soon enough.

Star Dust - Someone she could manipulate rather easily... Since he's friends with Gildarts though, it's not really on her list of things to try.

Diablo - Just another prick with a giant ego and no vision.

13-Jzall - Ash dropped in on him after her trip out of the void. Literally dropping into his arms. They didn't chat for long, but it was pleasant.

Erik Vrell
They met in the desert after Skull-Face stole her from his lackeys, and threatened to pass her around from guy to guy in his bandit group. Erik and Sand Hawk managed to save her - Let's face it it was all Sand Hawk - and they were about to get to know each other a bit better when Erik had been summoned for another thing.

SAND HAWK - NPC - The master of somehow dragging a pile of sand around wherever he goes to use his only technique!

He's got a cute face that he won't let her touch. He also has a temper, a big sword, and a friend named Victor Wolfe~! "Candy" is tons of fun, and is super cute when he's mad! <3

Shantotto - A mouse and a doctor, a mage who couldn't shock her. // She pointed out the obvious, to Kanda about things that were the naughtiness. // Blushing and pushing Ash off, the exorcist dismisses the demoness with just a scoff!

Bandit with No Name
Short fuse. Her secondary slapped Ash in DA'18's pre-show, Ash isnt' sure why either.

Victor Wolfe
The very few men in the Omniverse that can keep up with Ash in bed. He also enjoys messing with Kanda. There's little that Ash knows about this man, but they both are pretty much on the same wave-length.

Dane Regan -
A man who swept her off her feet as soon as they met. Their adventure at first was a blur.

Venom - They've met.

Alexander Blakesley - The Titan pilot she spent the night with. She remembers him fondly.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

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