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Jade Harley

Name: Jade Harley
Spent OM: 37,450 OM

Proficiencies: (5400); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Debuff (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Remote Control (600 OM), Area Attack (600), Homing (600)

Powers: (9900/12000); Flight (1800), Enhanced Senses Master (2000), Teleportation Master (2500), Telekinesis Advanced (1000), Master Acrobat (400), Phasing (1200)

Moves: (2400);
> Bang! (300)
> Little Sn0w (600)
> Cool Off (300)
> Teeth (300)
> Green Sun Streetsweeper (600)
> Bodily Integration (300)

Super Moves:

> Grimbark (Tier 2 Powered-Up Form) – (23 stats total (from stat upgrades) – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM)

Assists: (1500);
> Becquerel (Tier 2 Assist – 10 stats – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM)

> Mobile Dataverse Device
> Communicator
> Spiritual Enlightenment
> 2x Senzu Bean
> Mega Mushroom

> Green Star Piece

Consumed OM (7750);
> Spiritual Attunement (Refunded.) (250)
> Items (4500)

>Jade's Tower (Location: Frozen Fields.)
>Teleporter to transport things around Jade's Tower.
>Teleporter (Camelot.)
>Recall Station

Unlocks: (9000);
>Stat Upgrade III (7000)
>Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)

Base stats:

ATK: 6 (+3 from Stat Upgrades)
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3
[Image: hnc9xy5]
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Gamzee Makara Wrote:S’aight. After all, dogs have a tendency to motherfuckin’ bite.

Please message me before you attack my character or assault my base! Thanks!

[Image: b1fP1.jpg]
[ I slept and saw God's forge in frost. Its hearth was quelled, and as it cooled so swooned the verdancy it kept above. In slumber it grew a thick winter skin, white as bedsheets. In their folds the waker dreamt, her breath as steam, her touch as hot as iron, forgotten in the fire.

Oh, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew!

NAME: Jade Harley
SCREEN NAME: gardenGnostic
AGE: Between thirteen to sixteen years old. (Nearer to sixteen.)
BIRTH-DATE: December 1st, 1995.
GENDER: Female.
VOICE HEAD-CANON: Snow Pollen [Original Lyrics] by Key.
RACE: Ninety percent human, about ten percent dog | God-tier
HEIGHT: 5’8”. (That's plus dog-ears!)
WEIGHT: Possibly around 130 lbs.


Jade Harley's god-tier title is the Witch of Space. The symbols she is commonly associated with are the Devilbeast head graphic, a Blue Atom, and the Space symbol. She is formerly of the planet Earth, and the elements Earth and Uranium may also be associated with her. In terms of weapons, Jade favors Riflekind, but she can wield just about anything given time and practice. Jade's musical themes include: A Room Above the Shimmering Ocean, Wielder of Celestial Atmospheres, Blue Atom, and 3 In The Morning.

Her weaknesses are numerous. Jade is forgetful, hot-headed, impatient at times, and insensitive towards the emotional outbursts of her friends. When increasingly emotional, she is more vulnerable to manipulation than usual as a result of the more canine portion of her nature. Jade also cannot use her omnipotent abilities due to being essentially separated from the energy of the Green Sun while in the Omniverse; however, some moves, such as Bang!, still harness and utilize some of that energy. Jade also has a tendency to push herself too far to accomplish nearly impossible or even just plain difficult tasks, which can end up being detrimental to her mental and physical health.

Fortunately, Jade also has many strengths. She is in possession of strong intuition, and a fair amount of resourcefulness and bravery. She is optimistic most of the time. She is very intelligent and has an enormous capacity for destruction when fully equipped with her Space powers. She can deliver a hell of a verbal smackdown if properly pissed-off. She is often mistaken to be naive, sometimes even by her friends. This is not the case.


Jade's interests include gardening, nuclear physics, gadgetry, and anthropomorphic fauna (furries). She dislikes big game trophies, mummies, rude trolls, and eldritch horrors. A few of the quirky traits she has are dog instincts and mannerisms. Jade (used to) doze off at inopportune moments, making her a narcoleptic precognitive for some time; this condition is reduced in the Omniverse but will likely return. She has been known to exhibit the verbal tic "woof!" very rarely.

Her morality can best be defined as heroic and friendly. Her attitude? Peppy, chipper, other words for positive, positive, positive! Her outlook on life is that, "There is still something worth fighting for!!", something, which makes her exceedingly optimistic. Jade is a gardener, so she likes to cultivate friendships and the various places that she visits. She can also take on the role of a guardian, if given something to watch over, such as the Little Sister taken from Rapture by Tearen Wover, Rebecca.

A quote to describe her philosophy best would be this: "A world in which there are monsters, and ghosts, and things that want to steal your heart is a world in which there are angels, and dreams, and a world in which there is hope.” - Neil Gaiman.

While amiable towards those who are not outwardly rude towards herself or her friends, Jade can sometimes be a bit overzealous in all of her interactions. She is a very curious individual and can often list off a great amount of questions off the top of her head. If someone is directly mean, however, Jade will react pretty explosively and would not be opposed to a fight. Jade is generally a nice person and would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. However, if she were to see someone attacked right before her very eyes without knowing the reason for it, she would most likely throw herself in harm's way to defend them. She can also work herself up into an unhealthy stint over things not working out the way she would have liked for them to, and will work herself to the point of exhaustion to correct any mistakes.

It should be remembered that Jade was alone for a very long time on her island. Someone hints at not wanting to speak with her anymore or she offends them in some way by accident? Panic time.


Jade Harley’s story begins with her relative isolation on a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. Her taxidermied grandfather (a Harley family tradition) stood in her living room and her dog Becquerel was her only companion. Her house was a very tall, sepulchral tower filled with loads of high-tech gadgetry, including transportalizers and a garden atrium. She communicated with her three friends John Egbert, Dave Strider, and Rose Lalonde over the internet, using a chat program called Pesterchum.

One day, the four friends played a video game called SBURB, which had world-altering consequences. The Game destroyed their Earth with meteors as the children entered the Game (capitalization totally intended.) Through a series of zany events and repeated time shenanigans, Jade Harley was shown to be very plucky, compassionate, and quick-witted, although a bit hot-headed and baffled by emotional outbursts. This can be attributed to her virtual seclusion for much of her life. Also, she was an excellent markswoman, so this aided her in defeating game-generated enemies.

In the game, however, it was up to Jade to help in the creation of a new universe through her frog breeding duties as a Hero of Space. Her planet, LOFAF(the Land of Frost and Frogs), was equipped with a Forge for this purpose. Her denizen Echidna spoke to Jade about moving on to a new game session as the one they were in was doomed to fail, and Jade agreed to carry all of the planets(her own and her friends’) to the new session.


She took a great deal of initiative in leading her friends through the Game, even interacting heavily with another session’s players for advice and still attempting to carry out her frog breeding mission. However, this was all for naught, and Jade was killed by a shaving cream bomb.

Before Jade died, she had created a sprite, or an entity with a ghost-like wisp of a tail that is privy to a bucket load of knowledge on the Game and their corresponding player’s mission/purpose. Her sprite, Jadesprite, was a combination of her dead dream self and her pet dog Becquerel(a First Guardian with extraordinary capabilities such as omnipotence and the ability to ‘fetch’ bullets, among other more Space-oriented powers.) This autonomous sprite proceeded to throw a massive tantrum at having been resurrected and left to go mope about the Battlefield, much to Jade’s chagrin.

During [S] Cascade, the non-sprite, dead Jade Harley ascended to god-tier on the Battlefield after having been placed upon her Quest Bed by Jack Noir. She merged with Jadesprite, thus becoming part dog and gaining dog ears and Becquerel’s First Guardian omnipotence to boot. She became the Witch of Space, with the abilities of matter and spatial manipulation, teleportation, flight, and trans-universal travel capabilities.

With the knowledge fresh in her mind that she must travel across the Yellow Yard to a new game session, Jade boarded a Prospitian Battleship with John Egbert and Davesprite, whom Jadesprite had met on the Battlefield while still independent of Jade. She shrank down the planets of their session to a smaller size and broke through the Fourth Wall, hurtling the battleship across the Yellow Yard towards the new game session with her Space powers.

Shortly after the events of [S] Cascade, while Jade Harley and her ectobiological brother John Egbert were on their three-year journey across the Yellow Yard aboard the Prospitian Battleship that Jade shrank down with her Space abilities, Jade minimized down John and Davesprite so that they could visit LOWAS(the Land of Wind and Shade, John’s planet).

John’s denizen, Typheus, blew the planet up in a plume of smoke, effectively killing John and Davesprite. Jade was mostly left by herself on the ship and sank into a deep depression from lonesomeness during the remainder of her journey. In the meantime, she became skilled with all different weaponkinds of Strife Specibi. Only, that journey didn’t get a chance to finish, as Jade was suddenly plucked from her universe and placed in the Omniverse.

Upon her arrival in the Nexus, Jade’s abilities should have been tampered down quite a bit. She will essentially have to re-learn most of her god-tier abilities, or at least several approximately equivalent ones, according the the rules of the Omniverse, and as a manipulator of Space it will most likely be difficult to adjust to the new universe’s limitations.

SBURB-RELATED VIDEOS: [WARNING: All contain flashing or animated .GIF images. Spoilers, too!]

[S] Jade: Enter
[S] Cascade

[Image: tumblr_ltneh3ZFCa1qd80v3.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ne0f1yaUSO1snbgi5o3_540.png]


LOCATION: The Nexus.
STATUS: Complete.

TITLE: Frostbound
LOCATION: Frozen Fields.
STATUS: Complete.

TITLE: Frozen Faygo Flyer (Acrobatic Fucking Pirouette, Take 2)
DURATION: 5-6 Posts.
LOCATION: Frozen Fields.
STATUS: Complete.

TITLE: 15 Minutes Late to the Colosseum w/o Starbucks
DURATION: Two posts.
LOCATION: Camelot.
STATUS: Complete.

TITLE: Colosseum - Spectator Thread.
DURATION: A few months. A lot of posts.
LOCATION: Camelot.
STATUS: Complete.

TITLE: His Eyes....Like Gimlets! (Open).
DURATION: Maybe a couple weeks. Several posts.
LOCATION: Camelot.
STATUS: Complete.

TITLE: Hop In Losers, We're Going On An Expedition! (Open).
DURATION: A few posts. Lol.
STATUS: Complete

TITLE: There's Snow Place Like Home.
You'd best get a pot of tea going, bub.
Frozen Fields.

TITLE: Beyond the Mountains of Madness!
39,864 words.
Frozen Fields.

LOCATION: Dataverse Messageboards.
STATUS: Indefinite length/Possibly permanently on-going.

Other Dataverse Shenanigans:

LOCATION: Astral Realm.
STATUS:Indefinite length/Posts made whenever Jade sleeps.

> Lunchmuffs (Communicator)
- Stylish and functional. -
[Image: latest?cb=20110314033616]

> Junior Compu-Sooth Spectagoggles (Mobile Dataverse Device)
- The (once) über-expensive Junior Compu-Sooth Spectagoggles allow Jade to view almost anything that's going on in the entire Dataverse. Totally worth it! Plus, you can never have too many cool computers. -
[Image: latest?cb=20110314033633]
[Image: hnc9xy5]
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Gamzee Makara Wrote:S’aight. After all, dogs have a tendency to motherfuckin’ bite.

[Image: Becquerel.png]

NAME: Becquerel | Bec.

MORALITY: Good dog. Best friend.

AGE: 413 million years old.

RACE: Dog | First Guardian.

FIRST GUARDIANS: First Guardians are immortal beings ectobiologized by agents and sent by Skaia to watch over the planets that receive SBURB players. The source of their limitless power is an object called the Green Sun. Alternia’s First Guardian is the cunning puppet Doc Scratch. Earth’s First Guardian is the dog Becquerel.

TITLES: First Guardian of Earth, Devilbeast, Omnipoterrier.

SEX: Male(?)

PRONOUNS: Becquerel could care less about the concept of gender, but Jade refers to it as male, which it doesn't mind.

HEIGHT: A large dog breed? About the size of an adult German shepherd.



EYE COLOR: No visible eyes. Or facial features, for that matter.

APPEARANCE: WARNING: Flashing and animated .GIF images.
[Image: latest?cb=20100906175047]
[Image: tumblr_mjsk77KyhP1qhfpako1_500.gif]

LIKES: Jade, fetching thrown objects, and irradiated steak.

DISLIKES: Mail-men. Entities that might pose a threat to Jade.

FORMER POWERS: Spacetime-warping capabilities, semi-omnipotence, immortality, capable of fetching bullets out of midair, the ability to blow up meteors that are hurtling towards the Earth, teleportation and super speed. (Short demonstrations of Bec’s abilities can be found here and here, in the pages of the Paradox Space web comic. So you won’t have to page through a bunch of migraine-inducing, flashing images!)

TO TELEPATHS: It would probably be a disorienting, unpleasant experience to mess around too much in Bec's head, mostly because it would be like this. Just a bunch of fire and flashing green sparks that make no sense. A small amount of basic sensory information and general affection for Jade can be gleaned from a light investigation, however.

CURRENT POWERS: ??? Bec has been separated from the Green Sun, and has not retained many of his First Guardian abilities. Even if he has, he is just a dog(who erupts into green fire at random intervals), and couldn’t tell anyone the secrets of the Omniverse even if he tried. This isn’t Scooby Doo, people. Could you imagine? So, he should just be a normalish, incredibly-resilient dog, with a doggy sniffer and doggy ears. Oh, and definitely doggy teeth!

DEFINING PERSONALITY TRAIT: Loyal to Jade— an all-around good pet and guardian.


[Image: Grandpabot.gif]

NAME: Grandpa Harley | Grandpabot

MORALITY: Chaotic Neutral.

AGE: About 90. Birthdate is April 21, 1910. Deathdate is circa 2000, during Jade's early childhood. Placed in a robotic chassis in an alternate timeline.

RACE: Formerly human, now a robot with a squishy human brain inside.

TITLES: Hass "The Flame" Harley (fan name), world-renowned explorer, naturalist, treasure hunter, archeologist, scientist, adventurer, big game hunter, and billionaire.


HEIGHT: ??? Around 6 ft tall.

WEIGHT: ??? Probably pretty freakin’ heavy, being a robot and all. Upwards of 200 lbs.

WEAPONS: Riflekind/pistolkind, stern old man lectures.

When alive:
[Image: latest?cb=20110402033446]

[Image: Grandpabot.gif]

LIKES: Suits of armor, decrepit mummies, big game trophies, cerulean sunbleached photos of women, globes. Probably guns.

DISLIKES: When Jade goes outside without a gun, or without a suitably large and formidable gun. Being unprepared or ill-equipped to handle a dastardly foe.

RELATIONSHIPS: Grandpa Harley is Jade Harley’s genetic father and adoptive grandfather. (Ectobiological shenanigans, don’t ask.)

CURRENT ABILITIES: He carries a big blunderbuss around that could probably take care of a threat right quick. BLAM!!! (Not that he'd ever need to. In fact, he probably won't, as long as the stern lectures win out.)

DEFINING PERSONALITY TRAIT: Grandpa Harley is a total badass. Don’t mess with this old guy. **Not an AI. Seriously. Jade thinks he might be for a while, but he's not. I'm not about to get into that nonsense.

ULTERIOR MOTIVES: No idea. He probably just wants to have a good time and explore the Omniverse, because not being dead is a great thing. At some point he will go off on his own and have exciting old robot man adventures! Whooo-hooooo!


- Kanaya Maryam ---> Information.

Active?: No.

  - A fascinating new world.
  - Dead Man's Blood


Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

The Town Of Ambrosia - "They were nice to my friends, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say they're okay!"

The Omniverse Institute - "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

New Babylon - "Apparently they chase people around in the desert? Who does that? That can't be all there is to it, but... wow. :/"

Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

Becquerel - "Good dog. Best friend!

Grandpabot/Grandpa Harley - "My grandpa. He taught me everything I would ever need to know about shooting guns and surviving in the wilderness! He was dead for a long time, but now that's he back we can spend some time catching up."

Karkat Vantas - "While Karkat is sooo rude, all the time, I would like to think that we are very close friends. Maybe more, hehe."
Frog Status: No frog.

Gamzee Makara - "Karkat's juggalo moiral. I haven't really talked to him much, but he seems okay! I think?"
Frog Status: No frog.

Adam Gaite - "A great marksman, although his attitude could stand to improve a little. I think he's okay, though!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Erik Whitman - "He's a little creepy, but very polite!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Bandit With No Name - "The COOLEST. You would not believe how cool she is!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Valerie - "Soooo cool! Plus, I've finally found someone who appreciates nature as much as I do! Maybe even more!"
Frog Status: Given, thawing process has begun.

Tearen Wover (Nealaphh) - "He is very mysterious, but at least he is honest. Plus, Tearen was the first person to speak to me over PesterOmni, and he has all these cool ideas!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Demetri Malius - "He sure is silly! I hope he figures a way out of his jail cell soon, if that's where he still is."
Frog Status: No frog.

Tom Marvolo Riddle - "A very polite gentleman who comes from a place with wizardry and magic!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Ruby Rose - "Super friendly and a rifle-wielder just as myself! Gemstone pals!"
Frog Status: Given, thawing process has begun.

Weiss Schnee - "Ruby's friend? My friend, too!"
Frog Status: Given, thawing process has begun.

Jak Mar - "A pretty swell guy, I guess! Very tough."
Frog Status: No frog.

King Axorn - "An awesome dragon person! I am so excited, oh my gosh! Look at those wings!"
Frog Status: Given, thawing process has begun.

Connor Hound - "Likes guns! Also, he talks to me over PesterOmni, so that's nice."
Frog Status: No frog.

Ballad - "This guy is super rude and outright threatened people over the Dataverse! Not good at all!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Dean Winchester - "Uhm, he threatened to hurt Karkat? I'm not exactly cool with that!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Tartaros - "We haven't talked much over PesterOmni, but they seem sensible."
Frog Status: No frog.

Klee - "Uhm?? Bec doesn't like this thing."
Frog Status: Delivering Nealaphh's frog.

Shen - "Uhhhhhhhm. Bec doesn't like this thing either."
Frog Status: Delivering Nealaphh's frog.

Rebecca "Oh! What a strange little girl, ahah."
Frog Status: No frog.

Solomon Grundy "Wow, he sure is tall!"
Frog Status: No frog.

Kakashi Hatake - "???"
Frog Status: No frog.

Jupiter - "???"
Frog Status: No frog.

Amber Veritz "!!!!!!!1 Soooooo cool!
Frog Status: No frog.
[Image: hnc9xy5]
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Gamzee Makara Wrote:S’aight. After all, dogs have a tendency to motherfuckin’ bite.

[Image: latest?cb=20091028021213]
Jade's Tower
STATUS: Complete.

LOCATION: Frozen Fields, at the base of the mountains in the middle of the verse. Probably an avalanche-zone. Look for a few small patches of wooded area that surround the property. The bark and leaves of the trees are a matching jade green with red blossoms growing from vines around them. Small purple-colored hummingbirds flutter around them and would not hesitate to investigate a newcomer. You might spy a frozen frog or two.

UNLOCKS: 2 teleporters, one for transport within the tower. Recall station.

DEFENSE: Tall rocky out-cropping all around, very, very tall. Has a bunch of complex rooms and a teleportation pad that leads further up into the tower that only those granted access to the Harley family's secrets(passwords, more like) can figure out; this one teleportation pad DOES NOT go to other verses! It's just like... a faster staircase. Also, there is a really long (1-2 hour trek) staircase that takes up most of it, so good luck climbing those steps, pal. I hope you've got some darn good stats.
[Image: hnc9xy5]
New to the Omniverse? Don't be afraid to PM me for assistance!
Gamzee Makara Wrote:S’aight. After all, dogs have a tendency to motherfuckin’ bite.

[Image: brp8c.gif]


ATK: 6
Even before she went god-tier, Jade could still pack a mean punch and wield unrealistically-sized firearms. She might look soft and serene, but she can still mess up your day if you make her angry.

DEF: 2
Mostly durable, but still very much human. Jade was kind of a rough and tumble child before she ever played SBURB, living alone on an island and all with naught but an omnipotent dog to look after her, so she can take a few hits.

SPD: 2
Jade has relatively abnormal speed for the average human, but it’s still within human limits.

TEC: 3
As a god-tier Space player and an excellent markswoman, Jade has a very keen eye for landing hits with her fists or projectiles.


Physical Strength (1000 OM)
Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM)
Debuff Proficiency (1000 OM)
Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600 OM)
Remote Control Proficiency (600 OM)
Area Attack Proficiency (600 OM)
Homing Proficiency (600 OM)


Flight (1800 OM)
Jade can fly a ways above the ground, but it takes a good deal of effort and is slower than simply running or walking.

Enhanced Senses Master (2000 OM)
Because of her acute Space sense, Jade can detect stimuli up to 100 meters away.

Teleportation Master (2500 OM)
Jade can zap places to avoid attacks or to get in attacks of her own. It should take a great deal of effort to teleport many times in short succession. The largest distance she can teleport is 80 meters

Telekinesis Advanced (1000 OM)
As a Space player, Jade can latch onto objects in her environment (within ~60 meters) and fling them at people. And other stuff, eventually.

Master Acrobat (400 OM)
Jade pulls off whacky handsprings and the like while fighting. Fun!

Phasing (1200 OM)
Because of her mastery over space, Jade can make herself incorporeal for limited periods of time, allowing her to travel through walls or evade attacks. However, this is a very draining evasive measure.


Bang! (Ranged Proficiency and Debuff Proficiency Required) - 300 OM:

Going still where she stands, Jade squares her shoulders and raises an arm in preparation for the attack. She gazes down the length of her arm and her eyes narrow as if she is looking through the cross-hairs of a gun. Her fingers contour into a finger-gun, wild green sparks playing about them and giving off static-y sizzling sounds for five seconds; a quarter of the amount of time it takes to load a flintlock pistol. Once Jade gives the verbal signal “Bang!” a blast of green lightning traveling at the speed of a bullet will shoot out from her fingertip, her hand will recoil as if clutched around an imperceptible firearm, and the green electrical energy will give her opponent a nasty shock, ideally striking them in the chest-range(non-lethal for most). The level of nasty depends on the durability of the character on the receiving end, but the after-effects would be more along the lines of ‘light-toasted’ rather than ‘charred’, typically, and will serve to shock a foe or at the very least cause them to stagger. The shot of lightning can go perhaps a mile, but the energy will deplete the further the distance, so it would be best if used in close range (three to five paces) to stun less resilient foes for approximately ten seconds(causing muscle spasms, bone aches, intense prickling across the skin, etc.). This move would barely be able to knock a tin can off of a fence row from a mile away, and would feel like a minor shock from static electricity at that distance.

[Image: 05895.gif]

Green Sun Streetsweeper (requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack, Debuff proficiency) – 600 OM

This gun is based on the Korobov TKB-022PM assault rifle with a range of 10 feet. It contains about 30 rounds and fires at a rate of one round per every 5 seconds. The gun fires miniature Green Suns at Jade’s adversary, which go supernovae upon contact and plume out with a painful amount of greenish yellow energy, leaving lasting, minor annoyance burns for up to a minute afterwards that slightly lower TEC. The rounds travel as fast as a bullet and are about the size of a softball. These beams of raw energy take 5 seconds to charge up for a smaller blow, but can be charged for up to 10 seconds for greater effectiveness. A charged round can cause serious burns capable of engulfing an entire limb, moderately lowering an opponent's TEC for half a minute. After its store of energy is emptied, the Green Sun Streetsweeper takes 6 seconds to recharge; the recharge process is incredibly draining for Jade and creates visible signs of fatigue. Jade must remain stationary when firing this gun whether on the ground or in the air, but can rotate in place to track her target's movements. Cannot be used with other moves.

[Image: latest?cb=20110117041838]

Little Sn0w (requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency) – 600 OM [Image: hh3tacs.png]  <--- THE MOST AMAZING THING DRAWN BY JAMS!

A cobalt snowball blaster gun that glows with some icy bluish magicky-magicness on the inside that creates four tightly-packed snowball rounds, each snowball the size of a baseball and weighing about 5 ounces. Regeneration time for all four of the snowballs once the cache is empty is eight seconds. A snowball can be fired at a rate of one per every 3 seconds. They fly about as fast as a tossed snowball, 25.0 m/s ideally. Upon contact with an adversary, the snowball breaks into bits of icy cold snow which can cause momentary sluggishness paired with intense chills for about six seconds; the range of the snowball’s remnants upon crumbling is about a foot of spray in all directions. If a target is hit by multiple rounds, the chilling effect will grow more severe and the amount of time the effect lasts will be the usual six seconds multiplied by [# of rounds divided by 2]. Upon contact with the ground if Jade happens to miss her target, they create an environmental hazard of slippery ice, a patch roughly 14” x 18” in size, which lasts for about a minute before gradually melting away. Jade does not have to remain stationary to fire this blaster and can run at normal speed.

Side Note: The snowball rounds do not deal any actual damage and are meant as a nonlethal projectile that will only stall Jade's opponents with their chilly magicks.

[Image: vHnDDhV.jpg]
^ Image drawn by Lubbock/Ruby Rose!

Cool Off (requires Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Debuff, Homing) - (300)

Jade isn't the type to go straight from conversation to casual murder, and as such, she prefers to talk through and get others to back down if possible.

There's more to this move than meets the eye. To the casual observer, it's performed by simply pointing a finger at an opponent within 5 metres. The truth is, it takes about 10 seconds of stationary charging, up to double that if Jade is moving. However, Jade is fairly good at masking this charge time, as she might be talking or simply appearing to stall or deliberate while she charges up - it's invisible. Once the move is charged and the finger is pointed, the user is caked in green energy and is instantly immobilized. This is where Jade has to hide her strain - maintaining this against a struggling opponent can be mentally taxing, but if an opponent simply finds themselves 'bubbled' like this, with no apparent difficulty, it can make Jade appear far more powerful. Against a similar-strength opponent using all their might, they can struggle free in as little as five seconds, but it won't appear as though they're getting free until they actually are. If they stop struggling, Jade can maintain this for far longer, even several minutes if they're totally compliant, but it continues to put a lot of strain on her.

When not a mental trick, this can still serve as a decent means of total debilitation mid-fight. This uses Jade's ATK and TEC, and the opponent's DEF and TEC to determine strength.

Teeth (300 OM, requires Physical Strength)

Both Jade and Becquerel have sharp teeth and especially prominent canines. Talk shit, get bit.

Bodily Integration (requires Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency, Phasing, Homing Proficiency) – 300 OM

This gruesome move may be carried out on a single opponent within 20 ft of Jade. To perform this attack, Jade stands still and turns her full attention on an approaching attacker, both hands held loosely at her sides with the palms facing upward— she holds this position for 10 seconds. When those 10 seconds are up, Jade will abruptly raise one hand and then gesture sharply downward, sort of like dribbling a basketball. The ground directly beneath her attacker, no matter how close they are to Jade, becomes incorporeal for up to 3 seconds. In those 3 seconds, Jade’s opponent will fall through the floor and the ground will reform around them, effectively removing access to whatever is encased within the floor. It also cuts off the link between her opponent’s brain and whatever body parts have fallen through, something which triggers extreme pain and the confusing fear over essentially being brutally bisected, but not having died instantly. Jade can only maintain this for up to 15 seconds dependent upon her target's DEF and TEC or if she is interrupted/attacked during this time, after which her opponent is released and reappears with their feet on the ground, ostensibly unharmed but very much in shock.

As it takes an enormous amount of concentration for Jade to carry this out, she can do nothing else while her opponent is trapped, leaving her open to attack. It also takes a lot of effort on Jade's part, making her fatigued and slow to react for up to five minutes afterward. Other characters or allies of Jade can inflict damage that remains after the move's effect has ended. She would likely only execute this attack when under extreme duress. Flying or otherwise airborne opponents are immune, but those who are in trees or standing atop rocks can still be targeted and integrated with whatever they are in contact with.

Super Moves:


Becquerel (Tier 2 Assist – 10 stats – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM)

[Image: tumblr_mwasuhQc0N1qhfpako1_500.gif]

Becquerel, usually simply called 'Bec' by Jade, is Jade's best friend and childhood guardian. He is a large white-furred canine about the size of an adult German Shepherd. He has a tendency to light up with electric green sparks and does not appear to have any discernible facial features aside from his mouth. While he appears fairly laid-back and lazy, Bec will leap into action when Jade is threatened, teleporting himself and telekinetically flinging objects around the battlefield and attacking viciously with his teeth.

Good dog. Best friend!

ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 1
TEC: 2


Grimbark (Tier 2 Powered-Up Form) – 23 stats total (from stat upgrades) – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM

[Image: tumblr_miax17niQa1r6pazeo1_500.png]

The transition into Grimbarkness is an irrepressible and terrifying process, characterized by Jade slipping into the fabled blackdeath trance of the woegothics, quaking all the while in the bloodeldritch throes of the broodfester tongues. Her skin becomes a sooty gray, and her eyes begin to glow an unholy, burning white, hungry green flames flickering within the iris. A thorny void-black aura mingled with more staticky green fire rings her frame, and her teeth and fingernails become pointed and wicked sharp. Jade’s personality is also wildly altered along with her physical appearance and strength, as she becomes bloodthirsty, irritable and outright callous, even toward her allies.

ATK: 10
DEF: 6
SPD: 5
TEC: 2

Fighting Strategy:

While Jade prefers to avoid combat usually, she isn’t necessarily opposed to it when distraught or threatened. She is typically not very cool or collected when involved in melee combat, often going a little too far while pummeling someone, but when using ranged weapons she is noticeably more in her element and relaxed.

Jade isn't cruel and she will not increase suffering for her own amusement or even if her opponent has seriously wronged her. She will, however, give someone a good beatdown to teach them a lesson, preferring to leave at the end of a fight instead of finishing them off. If things start going downhill, she will not flee unless there are others depending on her.

Keep in mind that Jade is just a kid, and while she might be angry with someone, she would never actually want to kill them unless they were clearly out to murder-kill her or one of her friends. Due to her knowledge of resurrection in the Omniverse, though, she would probably willingly die if it meant that some of her allies were getting away safely.

Other Notes:

Her movements, while careful and practiced after years of stalking under the dense and shadowy jungle canopy of her island, with gentle nudges from her mysterious wolfdog guardian to guide the bend of her elbow and the placement of her feet, can grow more erratic and frenzied when she is upset or caught by surprise.

She is watchful, but not especially observant, and her actions are almost absurdly predictable to the point where an opponent might actually believe that she will do something else, just to have some level of cunning or designs laying in wait underneath. The truth is, however, that Jade is truthful— almost to a fault. She will speak her mind when impassioned, face clearly expressing whatever she is feeling at the moment, whether it be a sour frown or an ecstatic, glowing grin.

Jade uses a lot of flippant hand motions and signals that have no discernible meaning when fighting or even just speaking, although one may get the sense that she is trying to direct some kind of metaphysical orchestra that no one else can see or hear. The fuzzy white dogs ears atop her head swivel with each new sound, and droop or pluck upwards to reflect a shift in her emotions. Her hair will frizz with greenish static electricity when she is angered.

Restrictions: Very restricted in the Omniverse, as of right now.  FrogBon

Origins: Skillfulness with a gun learned from her grandfather. God-tier abilities gained through ascending the rungs of the echeladder and a fair amount of blood, sweat, and tiers tears.

Source: Jade pretty much had a gun in her hands from the cradle to her teens. When she went god-tier, her skill with ranged weapons was only amplified. She also spent a lot of her alone time on the battleship training with different weapons, to the point where she no longer even needs a strife specibus to kick major ass.

Specialty: Ranged combat.
[Image: hnc9xy5]
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