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Bandit With No Name

Name: Bandit With No Name
Spent OM: 13100
Consumed OM (350): 300 (Mega Mushroom), 50 (DA18 Betting)
Proficiencies: (3200); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600), Debuffs Proficiency  (600)
Moves: (2400); AER9 Laser Rifle (300), AER9 Instability (300) Sledge's Hammer (600), Crash Punch (300), Magical Girl Ribbon Power Super Majjoka Go! (300), Okor's Gift (300), Miasma (300)
Super Moves:
Items: Medal!, Mobile Dataverse Device (100 OM), Communicator (200 OM), Silver Medal
Unlocks (7000): First Stat Increase - ATK (1000), Second First Stat Increase - DEF (2000), Third Stat Increase- ATK (4000)
Base stats:
ATK: 6
DEF: 4
SPD: 1
TEC: 2

[Image: bandit_zpsuyvyc8da.jpeg~original]
The Bandit With No Name
First Native of the Omniverse

Canon of Origin: Omniverse Original

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225 lbs
Skin: Dark
Hair: Black dreads
Eyes: Brown

Home Verse: Endless Dunes
Relatives: None

The woman wears a scrapped together suit of anachronistic armor with spikes and several ports that glow with red energy. She wears a pair of large dark green cargo pants with several pockets and straps holding up additional pouches and containers. When she doesn’t wear a chest-plate, the once-white shirt that lies beneath it has a long stain of blood flowing from a bullet-hole in the near-center of her chest. This was where she was shot and almost killed by Roland, and then actually killed by Sinestro. Her left arm's organic flesh terminates just above the elbow, giving way to a steel prosthetic which she won in a fight against Gildarts and now uses as her permanent limb. Perhaps most strikingly, she ritualistically paints a white, grease-paint skull on her face before battle.

She is frequently seen driving a heavily damaged M35 American Army truck, still sporting its original olive drab paint job. It has been maintained just to the point of functionality, and several large sections of its body have metal welded over it. The cargo section of the vehicle has no standing rails or tarp, leaving it completely open but for the short walls.

Character History

The Bandit With No Name was created by an unknown Prime in the Endless Dunes, as a Secondary. Without a name, a purpose, a history, memory or any equipment, she forged her own path in the unforgiving sands. She joined Sledge’s gang near the Vault, but when Sinestro assaulted their compound, she made it her own personal mission to destroy him. Sadly, her story did not end as she had hoped.

In her final act as a secondary, she made an attack on Sinestro and his deputies and died in the process. To her surprise, she was reborn at the Fountain by Omni, though she does not know why.

Her true story begins now.

(It is currently unclear if she is the “same” person as she was when she was a Secondary, or if she is a new prime given the now-dead Secondary’s body and memories.)


She smokes, she drinks, she swears (a lot), she likes heavy metal and explosives. For the most part, the bandit is out to have a lot of fun, and hyperviolence is usually pretty fun.

The bandit is cocky, determined, but more than anything she just doesn't give a damn. After a long, hard life as a Secondary that had nothing but what she could scrounge from the sand, being an immortal demi deity has left her pretty flippant about the concept of being killed. Even if she doesn't think she can win, unless there's something she actually cares about on the line, she's more than willing to raise some hell just for the fun of it.

One thing she does care about is the lives of Secondaries. She knows how hard it is in the Omniverse for a person with just one life to live and no magical ability to summon whatever the hell they want. Unless it's absolutely impossible (or really inconvenient) to avoid injuring a Secondary, she'll do it. Or not, sometimes she gets angry.

It's also important to note that she's asexual. What that means is that she doesn't feel sexually attracted to any person of any gender, however it does not mean she is incapable of being emotionally or romantically close to other people. Additionally she does not use gendered swears such as “bitch”, or use terms that would deride sexual activity, sexual orientation, race or trans status. She is a brutal warrior that will rip your head off for spilling her coffee, but she isn’t a piece of shit so if were fighting or collabing please don’t write her as one.

She likes to play really loud music.


The bandit is a pretty decent fighter, but by far her greatest ability is her strength and tenacity. A competent combatant, she uses a kickboxing/mixed martial arts style that emphasizes practicality over flair, and generally leaves the jumps, flips and other horsecrap for the ninjas. When possible, she likes to shoot people, mainly just because it's easier.

The bandit pretty regularly uses and abuses the fact that she wears heavy armor, happily taking hits for the chance to give them back a better one. She's not afraid to get a bit roughed up, a lot roughed up, or even pretty dead if it means she can have the last laugh.

That doesn't mean that she will intentionally put herself into harm's way for no tactical purpose. Instead, she likes to find or create cover while hitting her opponents with all she's got. When possible, she'll create a healthy distance between herself and an opponent who can outmatch her in melee combat, instead electing to keep her ranged weapons blasting. If she's outgunned, she'll run in and beat you to death with an exploding Sledgehammer made out of an engine block. It's really not that complicated.


[Image: AER9LASERRIFLE%20resize.png]
AER9 Laser Rifle – 300 OM Requires Ranged Proficiency
This laser rifle hails from the Fallout universe, and fires pulses of red energy. It has a maximum firing rate of one round per second. As with all energy weapons, the AER9 can suffer from poor performance if not properly maintained. The crystal arrays and non-mechanical components are delicate and if not properly serviced can lead to a loss of beam intensity, overheating, and energy regulation failure. It has a maximum effective range of ~500 meters.
Quote:AER9 Instability – 300 OM Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency
The AER9 is well known for its unreliable nature, and the bandit has overclocked the weapon beyond what she probably should have. If she sets the weapon to charge and then gives it a major impact, the weapon's energy cell explodes. The resulting blast is a massive red sphere of plasma with a few arcs of electricity thrown in for show. The attack isn't substantially more powerful than a focused laser beam hit from the rifle in it's normal function, but it is omnidirectional and can overcome things like cover or concealment.

The fighter shorts the energy cell within the rifle, and the next major impact it suffers will set off the explosion, or it will self-detonate after about 5 seconds.

Obviously after the rifle has exploded, it's not available for the rest of the fight. Because it exploded.

[Image: Sledges%20Hammer%20resize.png]
Sledge's Hammer - 600 OM Requires Physical Proficiency, Area Attack
This huge, spiky hammer once belonged to the gang leader Sledge, from the Borderlands series. It has an engine on top of it for some reason! This engine looks more like a jet turbine, but somehow sounds more like a V8. Don't ask why, I have no idea.

When it's revved up and slammed into something, a shockwave blasts out to a MAXIMUM of a 5 foot radius. The more the Hammer is revved, the bigger the shockwave.

[Image: Crash%20Punch.png]
Crash Punch 300 OM
The nameless warrior had her arm cut off by the powerful Wizard, Gildarts. Thankfully, he had a prosthetic that just about matched, so she decided to use it.

Using Gildarts' infamous Crash Magic that remains in the artificial arm, the bandit can throw a massive (and easier to dodge) haymaker punch that can blow objects apart and deal a little bit of extra damage to living things.

If the attack hits, a white grid pattern appears from within an object before it breaks into small cubes. The total volume of the destroyed object depends on its density and how hard she swings, but the maximum is about 50 lbs.

If the punch hits a living target, a grid-pattern cut opens up along its surface. Other than the visual descriptor, it deals about as much damage as a shotgun.

The fact that it's her left arm (not her dominant) makes it more awkward for her to throw big punches, so she tends to telegraph and be slightly more awkward.

[Image: NuMYB.jpg]
Magical Girl Ribbon Power Super Majjoka Go! 300 OM
Mami used ribbons, and now so does the bandit. A small, dark yellow bow is tied around her forearm.

She can whip the ribbon out, causing it to wrap around an object or a limb. She can then pull objects or people towards herself, or use it to briefly brachiate.

The ribbons can reach out to a range of about 10 feet, and they have the tensile strength slightly higher than standard rope.

Okor's Gift (Requires Debuff Proficiency) 300 OM
Despite overcoming most of the Nurglite's various maladies, one yet lingers. A patch of blackened veins pulses on the jagged scar on the outlaw's abdomen, where Okor's Septic Shiv made it's mark upon her.

Grandfather Nurgle offers a splendid cocktail of maladies for anyone who comes in contact with the blood that flows from these darkened veins. Boils, cysts, and necrosis immediately spring up anywhere that the blighted humor touches, and the contagion only gets worse from there.

The victim feels weak, dizzy, and becomes prone to violent bouts of nausea within a minute, and as time goes on the weaker of body will simply die outright (of course the death part is only used with specific permission). The strong will either succumb to the illness and fall into a coma, or seek medical attention.

Healing with OM in the normal fashion will cure this malady, as well as any healing moves dedicated to curing diseases. In the first case, the victim will need a few minutes of peace to cure themselves.

The amount of time that it takes the disease to advance depends on the victims strength, will, and narrative discretion. If they don't want it to effect their character horribly, it won't. If they want to make a show of it, the disease is more than happy to add some drama to the scene.

Magus' Head (Miasma) (Requires Debuff Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency) 300 OM
The bandit may or may not have cut off Magus' head, and then carried it around with her. It might have something to do with its ability to spray a thick, horrible black fog from it's mouth, but it's just as likely that she just felt cool carrying a severed head on her belt.

The haze is so thick it obscures the battlefield, making it almost impossible to see more than a few feet in any direction, but it doesn't appear to impede the woman in any way. But that's not all! If you spend enough time in the haze, it begins to sap at your strength. It starts off as just minor aches and a slight feeling of exhaustion, as if the victim's simply gone too long without sleep. But the longer one spends in the Miasma, the worse the feeling gets, until quick movements or physical and mental exertion become significant chores. The aches begin to feel steadily worse, and the victim starts to feel horribly, horribly ill.

The effect doesn't cause any actual damage, but the sluggish, weak feeling can definitely be a hindrance in combat. Again, this effect seems lost on the wielder of the head, who can stand at the epicenter of the haze and experience nothing.

The haze extends in a roughly circular radius around her, but appears to come from nowhere as it is manifested. It can extend to a maximum of roughly 100 feet, and is dark, inky black, with tinges of purple and blue.

Casting the spell itself does not involve any gestures or verbal commands and takes approximately ten seconds to complete, but the haze itself takes roughly a minute to completely coalesce. The bandit must constantly channel some effort into maintaining the Miasma, and over extended periods this may prove to be draining. Significant injury or surprise may break her concentration and diffuse the magic's effects.

Previous Stories

As a Secondary (Written as Sinestro)
Eye of The Storm
She starts hunting that one red asshole cause he blew up her gang's shit.

The Face of Your Father 
She is like, hella shot. So. That. Also, gangs?

The Golden Star
She makes a big ass fight. Big fight. SPOILER: she totes dies.

Prime Time
This is Not The World You Know
She is born again as a Prime, fresh and new in the world.

There and Back...
She meets an old rusty jerkwad and goes to the Colosseum to burn some time.

Welcome to the Colosseum
She joins the colpetition, and bets it all on some weirdo. The weirdo is her.

Colosseum - Round 1 - Gildarts vs Bandit
She fights a dope wizard and loses an arm. Then gains one.

Colosseum - Round 2 - Bandit vs Mami
She fights a Magical girl! And Kills her!

Colosseum - Quarterfinal - Okor vs the Bandit
She fights literally the grossest person in the world and then gets shivved. And then wins.

Colosseum - Semifinal - Magus vs the Bandit
She gets super old? I dunno, she kills some elf or something.

Colosseum - Championship - Shang Tsung vs Bandit
She totally fucking eats it and seemingly fucks up the match in a hella anticlimax. Everyone is sad, nobody is happy.

Fountain Forgetfulness 
The bandit is reborn and gets back to work.

Sands of Change
A nameless warrior struggles with omnitime, a painful reunion, and a new friend.

[Image: Y4fj9o3.png]
Awesome artwork by Jade Harley! SO AWESOME, SO PROUD
[Image: wc2KCMF.png]
This one is an older version made by KOPAKA

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