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Weiss Schnee

Name: Weiss Schnee
Level: 4
Spent OM: 18,300

Proficiencies: (4000 OM in total)
Physical Proficiency (1000 OM), Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM), Debuff Proficiency (1000 OM), Area attack proficiency (600 OM), Area Defence proficiency (400 OM)
Powers: (3700 OM in total)
Master Acrobat (400 OM), Advanced Super Jumping (500 OM), Burst movement (800 OM). Enhanced Senses [Master] (2000 OM)
Moves: (5100 OM in total)
Myrtenaster (300 OM)
Flame dust (900 OM)
Ice dust (300 OM)
Ice Dust: Snow Drift (300 OM)
Ice dust: Frozen Lake (300 OM)
Cero (600 OM)
Bala (900 OM)
Hierro (300 OM)
Sound Dust (300 OM)
Tier 1 Super Defence: Sound dust (600 OM)
Super Moves:
White (600 OM)
An Ivory Visor (1000 OM)
Dataverse Device
Spiritual Attunement
Consumed OM:
400 (items+a bet once)
Base stats: (2 stat upgrades purchased, 3000 OM in total)
ATK: 2 (3)
DEF: 2
SPD: 3 (4)
TEC: 3
[Image: 1403536693-tumblr-mnt768ec7u1qcjxmlo2-r1-500.gif]

---General Information---
   Full Name:  Weiss Schnee
   Titles/nicknames: Heiress, Huntress,
   Pronunciation: W-I-s Shh-nEE

   Name Meaning:  White Snow
   Also Known As: snow angel, ice queen
   Theme Song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmAsD8aRHBA
   Voice Actor: Kara Eberle
   Age: 17
   Gender: Female
   Race: Human/hollow
   Occupation: Huntress

I won't mind if you attack my character or base with little to no warning!

[Image: 28d1f6e07a1610ef7900a687b006071a--tiger-...-weiss.jpg]
Weiss carries herself much like a tired veteran, and is more likely these days to have her shoulders hunched or to drag her feet as she walks from place to place, but when in a situation where she's forced into action, the huntress regains a regal bearing, chin pointed forward, Posture straightened, and an observant glare locked on the situation.. until the situation's resolved, at least!


Compared to her original personality, Weiss Schnee has changed a lot from her time in the omniverse. Repeated loss of her family and friends, of the things she's cared about, and the trauma she's experienced from the harsh nature of the omniverse have dealt quite the blow to her original spoiled, impulsive, and bratty personality.

Weiss is a huntress with idealistic notions of what she wants to achieve in the world and what she'd like to see happen to it. She's also a very caring person, willing to help anyone in trouble out regardless of the consequences, or the difficulties stacked against her. The Schnee confidence has been noticeably diminished, and the arrogance and haughty attitude she once held has been all but shattered. To Weiss, the Schnee name is not something to bandy about to gain special treatment, or to denote superiority, any longer - it's a name she plans to restore from scratch and create a new legacy for.

To this end, she's changed a lot about how she viewed the world - as a humbler, less impulsive person, she rarely judges characters by preconceived notions of their appearance or race. She's learned a lot from her time in the omniverse, and the days she went charging in on impulse or reacted purely based on childish irritation have disappeared to a degree. She's a much wiser character for it and is capable of piecing together information on problems quickly, allowing her to approach situations with a level head.

She also tends to be a very compassionate character - having gone through so much already in her short life, she's become very capable of empathy with those around her, and she has kindness to spare even for those who have fallen much farther than she has. This motivates her

She still has many faults, however. The battles she's been forced to endure have left permanent marks on her psyche, giving her plenty of mental trauma that has never been properly resolved. she is occasionally pulled back to those moments almost at random in a situation similar to PTSD. She's a human being in terms of psyche, rather than a superhero, and she's still very afraid of pain or death. This doesn't take away from her determination, but it means she takes horrifying situations or scenes seriously, and they leave their marks on her mentality.

She can be irritated fairly easily if it's the right sort of irritation, and she's very quick to jump on anything that smacks to her of injustice or unfair treatment. She's very likely to jump into a situation without a plan of how to deal with the problem beforehand, and she's also very quick to be intimidated by problems that seem insurmountable. While she'll get over this quickly in a situation where lives hang in the balance, less 'vital' things do not flip this switch. She's become the type of woman who will take a bullet for someone in a heartbeat but would quickly give up on doing her taxes.

She also lacks a lot of self-confidence in her own abilities, which causes her to underestimate herself and overestimate her opponents, resulting in many terrible miscalculations. She also suffers consistently from severe Depression, eroding her faith in her abilities and activity level heavily.



Long term:
-Live up to her family legacy and become a hero honoring her grandfather's achievements. She's also committed to doing this by helping to clean up the omniverse and make it a safer, more vibrant place for the primes and secondaries

   Known Languages: English

   Lures:  chances to find others from her world, beings oppressing the weak, challenges.
   Turn Offs: "Creepy" people, stupidity, people hitting on her, Injustice, picking on the weak
   Information Recall: Relatively average, though occasionally distorted due to her overtaxed mental state.
   Manias:  As the only true family she really got to know well, Weiss is obsessed with finding the rest of team RWBY, and this is doubly true for their leader, Ruby Rose, in good part due to feeling guilty for not defending her leader.
   Phobias: Weiss is terrified by the idea of her team being dead or injured to the point of irrationality. just thinking about the idea is enough to trigger her into a manic, irrational state.
   Hobbies:  Weiss is fond of reading, training, and organizing events.

   Attitude: Weiss's attitude has gotten better since she first came to the omniverse, but she's still got a quick temper and a

   Outlook on Life: Weiss's current outlook on life has improved since finding out her team leader is in fact alive. Currently, she's not quite sure what to do with herself or what she wants, but she's still of the opinion that as a huntress, it's her duty to help people. Unfortunately, she still isn't sure she even deserves the title at this point.
   Perception: Weiss was a fairly goal-oriented person, and as such, she sees life as full of obstacles in the way of her objectives. Recently, they've been pretty difficult obstacles, but as long as she has a clear goal in mind, she works through all of them without considering the idea of failure. Unfortunately, This confidence has been a little shattered in a string of recent defeats that have broken her self-confidence somewhat. Still, her own morality prevents her from letting that stop her from doing what she feels needs to be done.
   Standpoint:  Weiss just sees herself as a lonely girl that wants to be treated like a person, instead of a prodigy or a prime or what have you. Rather difficult when you've just recently been labelled a demon, but hey, she's giving it a try.
   Philosophy:  None.

   Spiritual Characteristics:

   Religion: Atheist
   Virtues: temperance, Chastity, kindness, diligence, charity
   Vices: Wrath, Pride

   Supernatural, Statistical, & Combat Attributes:


   Attack - 2
   Speed - 3
   Defense - 2
   Technique - 3

   Site Powers: Super jumping (basic), master acrobat
   Transformations: none
   Assists:  none



Weiss’s weapon of choice, the Myrtenaster is a Multi-action dust Rapier. It is sized and shaped the same as a regular rapier, and is made of a fine steel.
Myrtenaster has four chambers filled with Dust, that Weiss can activate with the help of her semblance. This allows Weiss to power several seperate abilities with the help of Myrtenaster. once she’s unlocked them with Omnilium, that is.
Even without using any abilities or dust, Myrtenaster is a fast and elegant rapier, and combined with Weiss's extensive training in fencing can be used to deadly effectiveness in melee combat.

Flame Dust

Weiss activates Myrtenaster's red dust cylinder with the help of her semblance, as the edges and the runes of her blade glow a cherry red. This energy can be used for two different things. When touched to another being or projectile, the energy usually explodes and repulses the entity or attack in question with a touch from the blade, causing no damage but sending them backwards 5 feet in a slightly random direction backwards from Weiss. heavier beings or those with a high defense stat may manage to just have their attacking limb flung back, however, and stand their ground.

Weiss can also use this ability to stab the ground, sending out a line of searing flame from the ground in front of Weiss. The attack is 2 feet wide and causes burning damage to those it touches. The flames move about as fast as an average human running at top speed. the max range is can reach is ten feet.

Lastly, Weiss can throw a strong slash with this energy, creating a slash-shaped crescent wave of flame that is shaped like the arc of the slash weiss has thrown. This slash is capable of travelling up to 50 feet and is about as fast as a gunshot, and burns anything it hits. The slash moves directly forward in the same arc without changing. The flame slash moves about 50 meters per second.

Ice dust

Weiss has recreated the ice dust of her homeland of remnant for use in myrtenaster. Weiss is capable of using Ice dust for the following effects:

Ice shards Weiss is capable of creating shards of ice that fire towards the target at the speed twice that of an arrow. these shards do not fly straight at their target, but with a curved shot forming a 120 degree arc, making them somewhat easy to dodge by a target running forward. However, Weiss is capable of Firing these shards rapidly, at a rate of two per second, allowing her to make up for their somewhat slow speed and lackluster ability to hit her chosen target with sheer volume. Weiss also has to deal with slight recoil while using this ability - with each shot pushing her back about a tenth of a meter.
These shards will be created to strike at an area or target of Weiss's choosing, and thus, while it can be difficult due to the delay with the shards, she can "lead" her shots.
Weiss creates these shards by slashing rapidly with Myrtenaster - thus, she needs to be holding the blade in order to fire them.

These blasts can reach a maximum range of 200 feet, taking longer to reach their opponent depending on distance.

Cero - 600 OM. (requires ranged proficiency, area attack proficiency)
Weiss holds out her hand, and a blood red orb of hollowfied spiritual energy appears a few inches ahead of her palm. This orb gets progressively smaller, producing a steady whine, before exploding outward into a wide, destructive beam of red energy in the direction Weiss's palm points toward. This attack can be charged from between 1 to 5 seconds, with it's damage and range depending on charge time. Charging the ability for 1 second results in an attack that's likely to only cause minor damage to anyone without significantly low defense compared to Weiss's attack stat, and reaches only a total of 20 feet, while a fully charged blast can reach a total of 50 feet and is capable of causing much more significant damage if the blast fully hits..

Using this, if she's not already using her mask, causes her eyes to briefly change to black with yellow pupils.

While Weiss can be in motion while charging this attack, she can not do anything but charge the ability until she fires the shot. Thus, charging and firing after she's in the air or mid-jump is possible, for instance, but she cannot walk, dodge, or otherwise independently move her body until she fires the cero. anything that completely breaks Weiss's focus mid-charge can potentially cause the orb to blow up pre-maturely, exploding in Weiss's face as a result.

the Cero's width is roughly a 5 foot x 5 foot cylinder, which does more damage depending on how close the target is to the center.

Ivory Guard (300 OM) (requires Physical proficiency)

Weiss's mask has a mind of it's own when it comes to materialization, and at times it will manifest itself as a barrier in the way of an enemy attack, hidden in her clothes or otherwise on her person. This ability can block instinctually for Weiss, stopping minor blows, or reducing the power of stronger attacks by some degree.

The upside is that it can get in the way of anything that enters Weiss's enhanced senses, working off her subconscious survival instinct, as long as it has the half second it needs to manifest. The downside is that this can only happen once per fight, and not while Weiss is using the "Ivory visor" power-up."

The mask itself is roughly the size of Weiss's face (for obvious reasons), and is made of a boney material. If it's hit with too much force it can break, crack, or vanish into a puff of black energy, though this does not impact Weiss's ability to use her Power-up at a later date.

It's manifestation is limited to within direct contact with Weiss's body, so it cannot appear any meaningful distance away from her.

five seconds after it blocks an attack, it will either break or dematerialize, removing it's shielding effect.
The Mask will block the first thing it feels can seriously threaten Weiss's life, regardless of if she actually wants it to or not.

Bala - 900 OM (Requires ranged proficiency)
A variant of the Cero, Weiss generates a red blazing glow around her hands, taking roughly half a second, before punching forward, the motion emitting a small red blast of energy - a "bala". The energy is bright crimson, about the size and shape of a bullet, and hits like a rock thrown from a sling. Weiss normally can throw up to four of these in quick succession, and they have a slight effect on her stamina. Their speed is about equal to a rock hurled from an old form of sling. Their range, however, is only about twenty feet, and the bright red glow as well as the need to punch in the direction the attack is fired in makes them a short-ranged and predictable attack. Additionally, she needs to alternate hands to fire them in quick succession. This ability requires a free hand to use, and if she can only use one hand, instead of alternating fire (say, due to holding a sword in the other hand), She can only fire a bala once every three seconds from her free hand. While each individual bala is not heavily draining, repeatedly using this technique will quickly take it's toll. Weiss can move freely while firing balas.

Additionally, if Weiss takes five seconds to charge energy into both of her hands, and provided that both hands are free, she can instead opt to fire a barrage of up to twenty bala in quick succession. This burst fires at a rate of 2 bala a second without losing power but has a significant effect on Weiss's stamina - after the assault, she needs to take at least 10 seconds to catch her breath to regain her energy. Her Strength, defence and speed all decrease to half their normal values until she manages to rest. Weiss cannot move while firing this barrage, and can cut it off early to dodge an attack, but she is unable to regain the energy used up in the assault even if she cuts it off early, so the stamina drain and drawbacks are the same as if she had fired the entire barrage.

Sound dust - Disarm (300 OM) (Requires Debuff Proficiency, Physical strength)

Myrtenaster is changed to using sound dust, taking roughly a second to change it's configuration, and charges sonic energy down the Sword's blade. for a moderate effect on Weiss's stamina, she is capable of charging a huge amount of energy into Myrtenaster's blade, which she can then transfer into the next object she strikes to briefly increase it's rate of vibration. This can cause an opponent with lower DEF than she has ATK to drop their weapon, or, if they have higher DEF, to have difficulty trying to use the object for the next moment afterwards. This move is mildly draining for Weiss, and has little to no effect on objects larger than a zweihander. She must touch the object with myrtenaster's blade within five seconds of activating the sound dust, but she does not have to be holding the weapon for the charge to go off. This does not add to the strength or speed of Weiss's attacks in any way.

Super Moves, assists and Power-ups:

Tier 1 offensive Super move: White
Weiss charges her semblance into her blade, white runes forming on the blade as each dust chamber glows of the same color. She then attacks with a single, powerful strike while using burst movement, cutting the opponent with a single blow of great power and speed.

Tier 1 Power-up - An Ivory Visor
Attack: +2
Speed: +2
Defense: +1

[Image: 29b.jpg]

Obtained from unknown means, Weiss is capable of summoning this mask to her face in order to enhance her abilities. Brushing her hand across her face as though she is removing a mask, Weiss creates an ivory mask of bone across her face, as pale blue energy seems to stream from her body. Weiss's speed and strength increase drastically when using this form, and her durability increases to a small degree as well.

When this form is utilized, Weiss's voice becomes distorted during speech, and sounds like it's been layered with a different voice entirely. Her attacks and emotions also become more erratic, as the normally reserved huntress has increased difficulty controlling her emotions in this form.

Weiss's eyes turn black and gold during this transformation, and even if the mask is entirely smashed, they will appear as such until she ends the transformation. For the most part, the mask is fully attached to her face, and cannot be removed by any hand but her own, but will crack and break off if it's struck. It will also begin to fall apart if Weiss is starting to run out of energy to maintain it - the turn before Weiss is forced to end the transformation from lack of SP, the mask will start to break off on it's own to signify this. this has no effect on the actual power of the transformation.

Scroll - a very thin cell phone like device she uses as a communicator and dataverse device
[Image: 1403536693-tumblr-mnt768ec7u1qcjxmlo2-r1-500.gif]


[Image: LIfsyM8.jpg]

A 30 foot tall Kaiju, former captain of the space pirates, and until recently, cook for the starship Raptor. Kress was originally a well-known and feared pirate (if considered a little slow and easy to avoid so long as you had warning) until he was tracked down on the planet Rygal. During the raid by the federation, Kress managed to engage a lone ensign in one-on-one combat - "ensign byrd" - and swallow most of him whole. Upon picking the ensign's uniform out of his teeth, he places it upon his head and attempted to impersonate Ensign Byrd from there on. Surprisingly, despite Kress seeming to have the deceptive potential of tree moss, everyone's completely believed him so far (though most tend to comment that the Ensign's newly gained weight is quite disrespectful to the pride of the fleet).

Kress's size is immense, and his impersonation skills, however they apparently work, might be among the greatest in the Omniverse, but his true passion lies in one thing: Cooking. Kress had to learn cooking from scratch taking up Ensign Byrd's position, but found himself enjoying the practice immensely. How he gets around the kitchen and delivers food to people without issues, no one knows, but it is said that one has not truly tasted excellence until they've tasted one of Kress's meals. 

Personalitywise, Kress is fairly easy-going - Though this is to some extent a facade. He only has a few priorities:

1. Consume anything he can get away with eating - this generally doesn't extend to living people, but definitely extends to ones that may have shed their mortal coil - Much like the average housecat, Kress is quite willing to eat his best of friends once they expire. Unlike a house-cat, of course, he swallows them in one gulp more often than not.

Kress's biology, however, makes the category of things he can consume quite... extensive. In the span of a few hours, Kress has been known to eat the rotting corpse of a dead crewmate, his own ship's cleaning supplies, large amount of a pirate ship's furniture, a microwave and several other electronic appliances, the pirate ship's cleaning supplies, a collection of brooms, dozens of military-grade plasma weaponry, and the radioactive components of some nuclear missiles. It's not entirely clear what he can't eat, but at the least he seems to avoid rocks (or at least hasn't thought to try them.)

2. Cook Food - Kress ended up learning how to cook quickly, and his skill approaches the levels normally reserved for chefs of the nobility - or the gods themselves. Kress doesn't really mind cooking for people out of the goodness of his heart, even finding ingredients himself. Indeed, the one directive stronger than his drive to consume things that are remotely similar to food generally appears to be making sure he creates the best culinary experience for whatever patrons he has possible - Which is why his cooking implements, cleaning supplies for his kitchen, and actual food tend to be among the few things that don't wind up in his stomach. Kress will generally just start cooking whenever there's a mess hall available, and the only time he's ever been known to be rude or commanding is in the kitchen, most of which he immediately ends up bossing around.

Avoid confrontation - Kress is a 30 foot tall Reptilian monster, but despite that, he's actually pretty scared of physical combat at this point in his life, and while he was never really "good" at hand-to-hand combat, years of excess and laziness have made him above "overweight" even for his prodigious species. While he'll defend himself if he's given no other option, "run" or "talk" tend to be his go-to options.
[Image: 1403536693-tumblr-mnt768ec7u1qcjxmlo2-r1-500.gif]

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