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Staff and Member Structure + Staff Bios

Staffing Departments
In order to effectively maintain the Omniverse and ensure that every member of staff has an opportunity to let their particular skillset shine, the duties here will be split apart into various ‘Departments’ (or Teams). Each Department will specialize in a particular aspect of the website, whether that’s handling Move Approvals, grading threads, or performing OM updates. Departments will also have short- and long-term objectives they will work on to improve their aspects of the website. Departments will have one or two Team Leads who head them up and are responsible for helping out their Team Members.

READING/GRADING - Luci (Team Lead)
This Department is the people who love to read, have the time to read, and who will be impartial in how they assess bonuses in the Bonus Request thread. They must also be willing to serve as Judges for PvP when requested. 

MOVES - Daniel (Team Lead) and Wyatt & Ezhriel & Demetri
This Department will be behind the Move Approval thread, which everyone here ever understands is its own endeavor at times. This Department also handles issues of balancing in regards to other aspects of the system like Powers and Proficiency.

JOINING - ElFailzalot (Team Lead) and Yuuka Kazami & Civic & the Vision
This Department deals with Join Apps. They must be personable and willing to help prospective members who may be young or non-native English speakers. You will also be responsible for NPC Approvals, because they often take the same form as Join Apps. Team Leader will have ACP access to edit user names to process switches. Any complex Moves should be passed over to the Move Approval thread. 

STORYTELLER - Blink and The Humble Sage (Co-Leads)
This Department will head up the Storyteller account, which entails responding to IC events and/or being willing to write NPC vignettes. These Team members will also work with Alex to keep all the Info Threads up-to-date. In the event that Quests return, these members will be responsible for content creation in that realm.

Some staffers may have additional authority in certain areas, usually off the boards but still dealing with growth and development of the website.

Information Technology and Maintenance (Trixie/WhateverJoesAltIsAtTheGivenMonth)
Responsible for helping oversee maintenance of the board and coordinating upgrades and new features. Helps ensure that Alex won't blow something the heck up and be unable to piece it back together. If there's a serious tech bug or issue you come across, make sure Alex and Joe are made aware of it.

Public Relations (Jade/Pennywise/Ada)
Jade is an editor on the Omniverse Facebook, and she is also a point person for advertisement and any sort of community growth or outreach we may do here.


Staff and Member Structure

Alex (Proto Man/Shang Tsung/Android 17)
While his passion has always been serving as a glorified 'Loremaster' for the in-character realm, Alex has the final say on new rulings and judgement, implementations, et cetera and handles all staff hiring and other things related to Staff Team.

Angels are our senior-most staff members. They are confident in a wide range of the site's workings and can exercising authority in many of its systems.

Cherubs are a step up from sprites with an additional level of trust and responsibility. Along with all the Sprite powers, they can edit omnilium and some may have additional perms to edit users and forums.

Sprites are a basic step up from members for those who wish to help the site out. They are staff members who are focuses in one area of the website, hopefully one where they feel comfortable and confident. They can use the Mod CP, which means they can approve edits and do various board-level moderation tasks as well as help moderate the Discord and chatbox.

Members can make suggestions for content, rulings and storylines up to any level of detail. They can act as judges for fights if agreed upon by both participants of a fight, or a majority from each side. They can run storylines and sagas - though "far-out" ideas such as the use of an original location or pocket verse with unique physics/rules, the rewarding of OM or artefacts, or involvement of site NPCs must be approved by Alex. They can nominate other members for exceptional bonuses, answer questions in the quick questions topic, and give general advice if they are confident to do so.
Curious about me and the characters I play? See the 'Staff' page! See also the rosters for my characters Samus Aran or Enel if you'd like to see examples of well-formatted rosters. Hope you enjoy the Omniverse!

Hello there, the name's Daniel and I am from the land of Animals that want to kill you - According to almost every member on this site. Oh... and just in case you're not sure, that land is Australia. I think, when it comes to staff, I'm probably the most inexperienced role player. I say this because The Omniverse has been my first major experience with play by post Role playing. But that doesn't mean that this has been my only experience writing though! I would frequently write terrible poetry and short stories a few years back. But they will never see the light of day again, so don't even ask about it. This was what sparked my interest in writing and was what led me to discover this beautiful place.

About me? Okay! Well My name is Daniel and I'm from Australia... just in case you weren't clear before. I really enjoy writing (evident by my activities here), but I also do a lot of gaming, although this is mostly limited to League of Legends. But I do frequent Guild Wars 2 with some friends every now and then. I don't have a job, or go to school (yet), which means that I have more time for the site! Yay. A few other things, I do enjoy the occasional Anime and I will almost always be watching movies in my spare time.

I am a pretty laid back guy most of the time and if there's anything about me you need or want to know, just PM me. I'll reply when I can. Just don't be afraid to message me. So come on, the Omniverse is a wonderful place and I hope you enjoy your stay here!


Yoy! Though I very rarely go by it among the recesses of the internets, the name is Shawn. I don't mind if you refer to me as such, but if you do I might get confused and just kind of internet-stare at you for a bit. Generally I go by the alias you see as this account, ElFailzalot. Or shorthand of that to Failz, if you prefer. Or, y'know, one of my characters' names, even, I'm not particularly picky about what you call me. I hail from the southeast of the United States, more specifically in the northern reaches of the quote lovely unquote little land of Florida. It's not really all that lovely, to be quite honest.

I been at this roleplaying shtick for around, oh....I lost track, because I'm good at memory like that. Around a decade or so ago, I think...would be my first step into the world of actual forum RPing, though I wasn't overly skilled at it and was actually quite awful. I had fun, and it cemented my interest in such things, and on and off for a number of years I participated in such things, including serving as a mod on one or two iterations of a particular run of sites with what was, at the time, the usual bunch of folks I hung out with online. They were stat-based sites and such, with carefully structured EXP systems and such, and it was where I got my first handle on such things. Over time, they all petered out as folks grew up and life asserted itself, taking away free time. In one way or another, Final Destiny was the last site I was on for a good little while.

I found other sites, but only really browsed for a while, until I was introduced to a place called The Grey Divide in 2010, and subsequent iterations/sister sites of it over the following years. They served to revitalize my RPing interest and drag me back into things, and even when they wound down as the community fell apart (in a very, very horrible and unpleasant sequence of events) it only served to push me toward other sites, chief among which were mass crossover sites and the like. After a particularly unpleasant falling out with a certain group of friends over some very, very poor choices on my part, I wandered the internet for a few months, ready to give up on RPing as a whole, until a fateful google search brought me across this place.

I took a look around, out of more boredom than anything else, and had a "wooooow" reaction. Such an open world, with so much creativity and freedom available, and such a relatively familiar ruleset? I felt at home almost right away. I knew I wanted to join right away, but was hesitant to just jump right in. So I lurked around for a good little while, several weeks at least, before finally submitting my first joining application. And the rest, as they say, is history! I was a complete newcomer to this place, and yet managed to have a great deal of fun, and met several people I now consider very good friends. After about a year and a half of being here, I had become really invested in the place, and wanted to see if I could help out, and so applied to be Staff...and lo and behold, somehow, here I am!

I'm usually hanging around somewhere in the background of the site, keeping an eye on things. I can't claim to see everything, as I have the attention span of a goldfish, but I'm usually around somewhere. If you ever need me, just give a holler and I'll probably show up. Aside from that, you can always shoot me a PM on any of my accounts, or if you'd like to just have a chat about something or other, gimme a shout on Skype, at tehfailmaster (display name usually some variation of ElFailzalot there, too!), or on discord, at the great mighty failz#3181.

Hope you enjoy your time on the Omniverse even half as much as I have, and continue to do so!
If you see me around and you got questions, just give a shout. I'm happy to assist.

Mark Wrote:[9:32:26 PM] Mark I.: Nuggets are serious McBusiness, Jade

Quote:[9:08:31 AM] Zack Fair: We have an OM addict on our hands, clearly.
[9:08:45 AM] Alexander Seifert (Proto Man/Shang Tsung): OM does sparkle like cocaine
[9:10:00 AM] Zack Fair: Yea totally. We have a horse snorting sparkling white orbs.
[9:10:22 AM] Zack Fair: Our world of limitless possibilities

Hey my name is Wyatt and I currently live in Pittsburgh and go to school there full time. I play Gilgamesh and Atelos and I've been in and out of the site since 2014. I've been staff for a large portion of the time because I really like this site, even if its the only site I've ever RP'd on. The best way to contact me is a DM on Discord or Skype and I'll always respond even if you want to talk or need some site advice. I love coming up with moves and cool OV stuff so feel free to even just ask for an opinion. I started writing back in my Junior year of high school because I fell in love with the idea of DnD and I knew no one who played it and I've loved the storytelling aspect of it. Somehow, probably through google, I found the OV and started writing with Alex. He's super friendly and he's like 10/10 the reason why I stuck with this site.

As a person, I'm just a student at a college in Pittsburgh and tend to mostly play video games, MTG, or hang out with friends. I play a lot of RTS or Rogue-Likes and I'm down to shoot the shit even if we aren't playing the same game.

Er...I don't know what else to say. Again feel free to message me and enjoy your stay.

Hello I am Luci. You remember me from such threads as "Luci Paints a Door" and "Luci Paints a Lovely Kitchenette".

I am currently part of the Grading/Judging team under Whirda. I will be judging and grading many of the threads and fights that you submit.

In real life (ew), I live in Orange County, California, and yes it is EXACTLY like the show. I have a family and friends that I love to death. I sell vape juice for a living, which is something of a dream job. I get weekends off, and I dedicate some time each weeknight to helping moderate the site. I am single, but if that changes you guys will be the first to know.

I have been roleplaying since forever. The Omniverse is the best roleplaying system, the best setting, and the best community I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.

Omnigram: https://www.instagram.com/luci_fromthewestside/

The best way to reach me is on Discord Luci#8113 you can find me in all the Omniverse rooms! <3
President of the Westside Knife Ear Warriors

[Image: V4Dvvfy.gif]

Westside: Join or Die

[Image: Trixie-Avatar-Side-Profile.png]

Information Technology and Maintenance

Hello. I’m Trixie or Joe, whichever you prefer. I’ve been roleplaying for nearly two decades in varying locations and platforms on the internet. I started play by post roleplay in 2004 on a site called Chubbs Dragonball Z RPG. My tenure there lasted until it’s death. In 2013 I joined the Omniverse to help support Greg but didn’t start writing or being an active member until about 2015. My main priority is to keep the website and forum running as smoothly as possible. My door is always open if you need assistance, however I recommend if you need me to see something that you use the PM system on the forum as I can be highly elusive on Discord. (Trixie#1152) My office hours are random and chaotic. I’m usually around in some capacity as my computer is my lifeblood for both leisure and work. I really hope you enjoy roleplaying here and that your stay is a fun and productive one.
[Image: trixiesig2018.png]
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

AKA Yuuka Kazami & Touko Fukawa

Heyo! Though most places on the internet know me by Mima, you can call me Yuuka since she is my most often used character on here. I've been doing staff work for various roleplay forums for probably 8 years now? And obviously, roleplaying for even longer. Anyway, in all that time I've never really been a part of something quite like the OV. But I've really come to enjoy it here, and I hope everyone else can too!

Aside from that, well... I'm 20 years old, an INTP, and a nerd just like everyone else. I live pretty close to Chicago, though my schedule is erratic so don't worry about things like "what time is it for her." Other than roleplaying, which I'd say takes up most of my time, I really like collectible/trading card games, though I'm more of a collector than a player myself. I also love video games, as you might expect- though I'm not terribly good at 'em, with the possible exception of turn based RPGs. And of course I enjoy writing, not that I do a whole lot of it aside from roleplaying nowadays.

If you ever need me, you're welcome to contact me for any reason at all. I'm probably more active on Discord (Mima#7017) because I have my phone on me basically all the time and that gives me notifications. However, if you have a more intricate request it's probably better to send it to me on the site proper. I'm more likely to be sitting down and putting proper time and thought into my response if you do.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all around the site!

(Illidan Stormrage, Jim Raynor, Cell)

Hi I'm Civic and I'm part of the Join Team. I've been actively roleplaying since 2003 where I had my start on Chubbs DBZ RPG. From there I learned of my love for writing and have been going at it ever since. I hope to be an author one day and this place serves to both strengthen my craft and indulge in some of my favourite franchises. 

I was a staff member back on Chubbs as well so I've seen pretty much everything. If you have a question (not just about the joining process), feel free to reach out to me. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Omniverse!
Join Department

Illidan Stormrage \ Jim Raynor \ Cell

The Vision / G.Mo

I'm Vision. I'm part of the Joining team. I live in either London or New York, depending on the time of year, but I was originally born in Korea. I'm a university student in London, studying linguistics. I've apparently been here since 2015. I've RPed on maybe two other sites, but the names of both are eluding me at this time. After my second RP site fell through, I decided to try out a new site, and I'm here now. You may know me from doing the Accolades, being the leader of the Avengers, or from being a robot.

Like the others here, I'm willing to answer questions you might have or help out with stuff. You can contact me via the site or through Discord.
[Image: 2e90d321b01d5016a4116390e9d88ebd.jpg]
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
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Hey all, I'm Whirda.  Doug is also fine, for those like me who are eternally frustrated trying to guess at the gender of people who go by their roleplaying handle.  I live in Greenwich, Connecticut.  By day I'm an applications engineer/export manager who sells bulky industrial equipment to men with funny accents, but by night I realize my true calling as the typo-fighting vigilante who grades your fights and bonus threads.  I head up the reading/grading team along with Luci and Kelly.  While I'm sure my day job must strike you with awe and more than a bit of jealousy, my really true calling is some mix of freelance writing, ghostwriting, tabletop/board game design, editing/publishing, and separating two words with a forward slash.

I also plan and host the yearly OmniCon IRL get-together with Trixie.  Any questions or suggestions regarding that should go to either of us.

If you need anything from me, I have to ask that you first read and sign my Terms of Service below.

I can't believe you clicked this... no one reads the Terms of Service.  Just PM me if you need anything. Pink
[Image: memetrashexclaimationmark.png?width=900&height=604]

Hey everybody!

My name is Alaric (yeah not much call for a Hub account when the name’s more complicated than your character’s) I’m a recent College undergraduate who still thinks that Engineering will leave them time for hobbies. Currently I’m in PA, but like many things in my life right now, that’s liable to change once I actually find a job. Lots of unknowns in my real-world for you and me both so let’s focus on the more fun stuff!

I played a bunch of D&D in highschool and college, almost always as the DM, and have always been a fan of Sci-fi and fantasy. World-building’s kinda my jam, so I am always happy to discuss innate details like what the pokemon Lib front eats or why not all the elves are in the tanged green. I want to believe eventually I will turn some of the ideas that constantly bounce around in my head into concrete books, but for now the OV provides me with the impetus I need to actually keep up with writing. (the whole “just writing will help you get better at it” mindset.)

As far as other hobbies, I am a fan of videogaming (mostly strategy and RPG games, anybody remember Baldur’s Gate and Morrowind?) used to play soccer and enjoy reading A LOT. Favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, and Brandon Sanderson, Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaimen and Garth Nix. You every see in discord or the cbox I am always up to chat!
If history is to become legend, it first must be recorded.

Enter name [Image: 28armtu.gif]

Your name is MIA.

You are 20 years old and live in THE SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES, specifically SOUTH CAROLINA. You HATE living there because during the summer the AIR IS MADE OF HOT SOUP and EXTRA BIG ASS STORMS roll in and tend to DROP TREES ON HOUSES. You're a CAT PERSON at heart. You've been through some ROUGH RELATIONSHIPS that make you JUMPY and GENERALLY DISTRUSTING, but now you're dating a REALLY SWELL GUY CALLED DOMINIC.

You really enjoy being an INTROVERT and taking DUMB TESTS ONLINE, like MBTI personality tests. You are an INTJ-A and PROUD OF IT. You love it because you usually VALUE YOUR PRIVACY and INTELLECT, but when you are in the mood to talk to people, it makes it A TAD DIFFICULT TO SOCIALIZE. You're like watching an ALIEN try to interact with strange fleshy monkeys. Still, you have a few INTERESTS with which to occupy your time. You really enjoy playing the CELLO, but since you lack an instrument you've FALLEN OUT OF PRACTICE and KINDA SUCK at it. You also enjoy getting LIT and LISTENING TO VAPORWAVE and CHILDISH GAMBINO while doing DIGITAL ART. You like to think that you're PRETTY DAMN GOOD AT IT too. Aside from your artistic pursuits, you practice ECLECTIC WICCAN PAGANISM. You've really been into studying and practicing it since you were YOUNG. In fact, your MOTHER was into norse paganism before UNSPEAKABLE FAMILY DRAMA went down and made things PRETTY COMPLICATED at home.

You got into the hobby of ONLINE ROLEPLAYING GAMES, speficially those that rely on WRITING, to escape from the AFOREMENTIONED HOME DRAMA. You've been doing this for TOO LONG, NINE YEARS TO BE EXACT. You used to be into writing WANGSTY and EDGY SHIT but at 20 years old you like to think you've GROWN OUT OF THAT LAME SCHTICK. Now you're almost exclusively into SLICE OF LIFE. Your two current characters are EZRIHEL, A PEDANTIC ASS, and SKADI LUFTHEJT, A LESS PEDANTIC BUT MUCH WORSE ASS.

Your discord tag is Tiger Cop#1026 and you tend to speak in a manner that seems!!! Really!! Excited?!?!!
[Image: 5gXVWdw.gif]
[Image: uszcntv.jpg]
New to the Omniverse? Don't be afraid to PM me for assistance!
Ezrihel| Skadi Lufthejt
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