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Name: Sans
Spent OM: 7600
Proficiencies(2200):Ranged Proficiency(1000), Ranged Materialize(600), Remote Control(600)
Powers(2300): Foresight(1500) Basic Telekinesis (400) Master Acrobat (400)
Moves(1200): Them Bones (900), Gaster Blaster (300)
Super Moves(600): Blue Mode (600)
Transformations(1000): Do You Wanna Have a Bad time? (1000)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator
Consumed OM: 300 (Items)
Base stats:
ATK: 1 (3)
DEF: 0 (0)
SPD: 5 (7)
TEC: 4 (5)
[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

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Character History:
Sans was among the many Monsters that lived within the Underground, trapped forever by a magical barrier constructed by Humans to prevent another war from being created. Unlike many other Monsters, however, Sans had come to accept the fact that he would never escape, and decided to make the most of it. He and his brother Papyrus eventually helped colonizing Snowdin Forest, and became citizens of Snowdin soon afterwards.

It was around this time that the first of eight humans would fall into the ruins from Mount Ebott. He never learned his name, but what he did know was that, for the first time since they got there, the kingdom of the Underground had hope. What happened was that this human was rescued by a fellow monster named Asriel, who became best friends. The human was treated just as respectfully as Asriel was, and an era of peace was at hand.

Then, the human and Asriel died.

Sans was there to witness the sudden declaration of war against humanity; all humans that fell down the hole in Mount Ebott were to be killed. He was around when he queen suddenly disappeared without a trace to be found. And he was there to see Papyrus become really obsessed with joining the Royal Guard, which he didn't actually dislike as much as he thought he would.

Six more humans fell down the hole, and they all ended the same way. During these rather terrible events, Sans had become a sentry for the town of Snowdin, with Papyrus convincing him to do so. However, he rarely did his job, much to the annoyance of Papyrus, and he instead passed the time practicing knock knock jokes at the gate of the ruins, which was the place the Monsters first entered when they went underground.

One day, however, while Sans was practicing knock knock jokes, he thought he heard a women's voice behind the door of the gate, something he hadn't heard before. To test, he did a knock knock joke that ended with a really bad pun, which then resulted in a very long exchange of awful puns and jokes between the two. For a long time, they exchanged jokes and were good friends.

Then one day, the women was doing something strange: she wasn't laughing no matter what jokes Sans used. Going quiet, the women asked him to make a promise: that any human that walked through the gate would be protected by him. Sans would later look back on this moment, saying "i couldn't say no to someone who enjoyed bad jokes as much as me."

A while later, he did just that. The eighth and final human walked through the gate. His name was Frisk. He kept a close eye on him throughout his journey through the Underground, and judged him in the Final Corridor when he was about to confront King Asgore. However, something strange was going on, and Sans knew it. He had sneaking suspicions that the human knew more than he was letting on. For example, when he was right behind the human when they first met, the human turned around at the exact moment he was about to ask him to turn around. It was also here did he get the feeling that the human was a lot more psychopathic, as he saw him kill Papyrus with his very eyes. These events eventually caused Sans to study up on quantum physics and enlist the help of scientist W.D Gaster, where he discovered the truth.

The human named Frisk had the ability to SAVE and RESET, which worked similar to time travel. Frisk could, at literally any time, reset the timeline so that he could start anew, with no one able to remember meeting him. This could make him do unthinkable actions just to see what would happen.

Upon discovering this, Sans knew he couldn't be a "lazy-bones." He had to do something.

Conveniently, the human was killing literally everything in his path, including Undyne and Papyrus. Sans had no choice but to interfere before the human killed Asgore, as his new knowledge of the timelines allowed him to foresee something... malevolent happen to the world if he did. Encountering the human in the Final Corridor, he proceeded to fight him with all of his might, possibly winning dozens of times, trying to get the human to RESET. However, the human eventually got a lucky hit, causing him to bleed out blood (or ketchup.) With the knowledge of what was to come shortly afterward combined with the fact everyone he ever loved or cared about was now dead, as well as his mortal wound, he succumbed to his injuries.

Then... he was reincarnated. In a new timeline. In the Omniverse.

Character History:

The Nexus: Another Reset?
Summary: Sans first arrives in the Nexus, thoroughly confused. At first, he laments over the loss of his friends and how he failed to stop the demonic thing that possessed Frisk, but eventually decides to take a nap to regain his energy and heal his wounds. After doing that, he decides to walk towards some nearby gates, thinking he had nothing else to really do. Along the way, he gets an epiphany: If the place he was in was a purgatory, then Papyrus could've also been alive. Reinvigorated, he charged towards the gate to the Tangled Green, starting his search for him there.
[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

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Character Description:

[Image: tumblr_static_bfkhwz89rz4k80g84ksoo404c.gif]

Name: Sans

Age: Unknown

Height: No taller than the average eight year old

Weight: Unknown

Skin: Bone White

Eyes: Normally, he has small white pupils in both of his eyes, though he has the ability to change their color and even cause them to disappear entirely.

Hair: None

Clothing Description:

Headwear: None.

Torso: Wears a blue winter jacket with a hood that he occasionally puts on his head. Below his jacket is a white turtleneck that is always capable of being seen due to him never zipping up his jacket.

Legs: Wears black shorts which go down to his knees.

Feet: Wears white sneakers on his feet.
[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

New to the Omniverse? Need a question answered? Want a C&C of your work? Send a PM to me and I will assist you in any way I can!

Character Mentality:

Mental State: Sane

Alignment: Neutral Good

Good vs Evil Spectrum: Good


Sans, on the surface, is a very laid-back individual, not really taking things that seriously. One of his favorite hobbies is making hilariously bad puns about almost everything he could think of (though they are typically related to skeletons,) much to the annoyance/enjoyment of others around him. He is very friendly and reassuring to pretty much everyone he comes across, with the only exception to this rule is if the person he encounters has hurt his friends or angered him in some way.

However, his casual nature is a guise to his true nature. For starters, he can be eerily serious at a moments notice, signified by his pupils disappearing in his sockets. He is also very observant, easily discerning the nature of someone based on the way they act. However, he is capable of mistakes in judgment, especially when enraged.

Sans is also, needless to say, awfully lazy. He always tries to find an excuse to NOT do something (unless his friends are in danger or he has no other choice.) Why this is he never explains. He also doesn't like to keep promises, as his laziness tends to break them regardless.

His emotional range is subtle, for the most part. He always has a smile on his face, and he rarely shows signs of genuine emotion on his face or even through his voice. Despite this, however, what he is feeling can be predicted through a variety of tells, mostly if he is angry or frightened or deadly serious. He is much more mocking and smug towards those he dislikes or distrusts, and his pupils noticeably shrink whenever scared or hurt. They disappear completely whenever he wants to be taken seriously, and his voice goes quiet and disembodied to accompany it. Aside from these details, however, he rarely shows any other emotion other than goofiness, and having him show genuine emotion is a feat in and of itself.

He is also fairly apathetic behind his array of jokes, holding a bitter, practically nihilistic and uncaring view of events in the world thanks to constant resets and the loss of Gaster and his Coworkers. This arguably is the main reason for his laziness and some self-loathing on his part. Because of this, he rarely gets involved much more than bystander, with the knowledge of resets making him think nothing he or anyone else did would matter. He is deadly serious about what he is doing if he gets more involved in something than usual. Because of his apathy, laziness, and general lack of drive and his friendship being at the forefront, he rarely wants to fight others, and goes out of his way to avoid conflict, preferring to befriend others instead. This does not mean he is unable to fight, and it is usually a serious situation if you see him actually go and fight.


Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared

The Avengers: world could use some more justice clubs.

Ambrosia: interesting little city. strange place, but i'm used to strange.
Loved - Liked - Neutral - Disliked - Hated - Feared
Alice: enjoys my jokes. didn't try to kill me. she seems like a good person to hang around. i just wish i could actually do more than just... well, the usual to help her.

Raal Deathwind: this guy gives me the worst kind of heebie-jeebies, i swear. he wants to do something... and i hope it's not what i think it is. i just pray papyrus isn't around if he does go through with it. plus, he's not exactly, well, the nicest of people. at least to alice he isn't.

Frisk: you're a good kid, frisk. well, i guess. you seem to have improved from when i last saw ya, hehe. Not like that was hard to do.

The Vision: leader of the avengers, which are some kind of super club. a smart man, probably some kind of robot. hopefully he keeps an eye on Frisk.

Papyrus: don't tell him i said this, but i don't know what i would do without papy. i gotta find him. just the thought of someone or something hurting him... i don't know what i'd do...

Undyne: head of the royal guard, tried to fight Frisk and died. kinda expected that, but i can't say she ain't strong. plus, any friend of papyrus is a friend of mine.

Desco: i really don't know what to make of her. she's just such a strange, childish individual. she talks so nonchalantly about destroying timelines, too. what IS she?

Guu: so far, i don't know what to think of her. nice enough, but creepy as all hell. i'd have thought she was frisk from a distance, considering how creepy she is.

Notable Quotes:




Writing Style:

Third-Person Limited. All thoughts, actions, reactions, etc. are told through the perspective of Sans.

 The narrator overall is heavily impacted by Sans' perspective, and thus shares similar personality traits. Its traits are humorous, sarcastic, cynical, and depressive. It's worth noting that even during more humorous descriptions, almost everything is viewed in a negative light.
[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

New to the Omniverse? Need a question answered? Want a C&C of your work? Send a PM to me and I will assist you in any way I can!


ATK: 1 - Sans was never a very hard hitter in the first place, with the Omniverse not doing him any real favors in terms of pure strength. As such, his attacks are about as capable as a healthy human, which isn't bad, but it could be a lot better than it ultimately is. His "Spears" and "Sliders" are not damaging attacks, though his Gaster Blasters provide at least some damage to his arsenal.

DEF: 0 - Sans' ultimate weakness, however, is his almost total lack of defense. Back in the Underground, he was able to be nearly cleaved in half in a single swipe by a small kid, and the Omniverse only made his bad defense worse. Any hit is capable of hurting Sans, and a well aimed one can very well end him on the spot. If it wasn't for his "Shields" and his amazing dodging ability, he probably wouldn't last long in combat.

SPD: 5 - What Sans lacks in damage and defense, however, he makes up for in speed. He is unbelievably fast, and can easily outpace many opponents and dodge their attacks. His speed also partially helps his damage output, as his speed allows him to attack first, and attack fast.

TEC: 4 - Sans is also very talented in ranged combat (melee isn't his forte.) He is more than capable of landing hits on his opponents, and can easily hold his own in combat.


Do You Wanna Have a Bad Time? (Tier 1 Power Up) Cost: 1000 OM
Sans grows enraged, easily noticeable by the blue smoke that bellows from his hands, as well as his eye sockets turning
pitch black and staying that way. He also slides his hood above his head, obscuring all but his large smile. All words suddenly grow cold and disembodied as his stats increase. In this mode, he is ruthless and VERY willing to kill to survive and/or obtain whatever it was he desired.

ATK: +2 (3)
DEF: 0 (0)
SPD: +2 (7)
TEC: +1 (5)

A good example of what this looks like can be seen here: (Warning. Contains GIFs)
[Image: tumblr_nviekrytlf1sr9b9lo1_500.gif]


Ranged Proficiency (1000 OM): As the vast majority of his attacks are at range, he's obviously going to be proficient at range.

Remote Control Proficiency (600 OM): Sans has the ability to control most of his moves further than five feet from himself that he is capable of moving and firing at his will.

Remote Materialize Proficiency (600 OM): Sans has the ability to summon most of his moves from pretty much any location he wants, with the only limits being the limits of the moves themselves.


Them Bones (requires Ranged Materilize Proficiency, requires Ranged Proficiency, requires Remote Control Proficiency) Cost: 900
Sans is obviously not the powerhouse that many feared back in the Underground thanks to the new omniphysics employed by the Omniverse. The majority of his powers have subsequently been reduced as a result of this.

Them Bones is a wide variety of different attacks and defenses Sans can use. The bones themselves can take on a wide variety of forms, and Sans also can have them materialize from almost any location. All of the forms are white in color, and can be destroyed by a single blow from pretty much anything at no harm to the attacker. He is also occasionally seen using Them Bones as a means to defend himself as well as a means to attack. The materialization time is pretty fast, taking only one second if he wanted to use all the bones he needed, while taking only one second longer to use. He also has full control of his bones, and can move them around the battlefield if needed.

The "variety" of Them Bones are usually cosmetic, and almost never have an impact on the battlefield. However, Sans has around three "modes" for Them Bones that he has at his disposal. However, he cannot use one while another is in use (Meaning he can't use "Spears" while he is using "Shield." He has to drop the shield to use "Spears.") Also, he cannot use the same move more than a few times in a row, as constant usage drains his energy VERY quickly.

- Them Bones (Spears)
The "Spears" are around two-three feet long, and usually has the physical description of a femur bone. Like all the others, the "Spears" take only one second to materialize if he wanted to use all that he can use (which is about a total of five) and can be destroyed in a single blow from any attack. The "Spears" rarely do any substantial damage unless the opponent has ridiculously low DEF (around 0,) or the opponent simply starts getting hit by too many. Also, he cannot use the "Spears" as melee weapons. It cannot also be used in conjunction with "Spears" and "Shields." Finally, he cannot use it more than a few times in a row, or else he would drain his energy reserves VERY quickly.

When he wants to use them, he simply materializes them anywhere he wants (exception being from a surface) before waving his hand in the direction of where he wanted to throw them. This would result in the spears shooting rapidly at wherever he was waving his hand at, most likely impaling whatever object (or person) was there at the time, though given the omniphysics, it is unlikely it will do any substantial damage.

- Them Bones (Sliders)
The "Sliders" function similarly to the "Spears," with the exception being that, unlike the spears, they can only be summoned if they touch the ground. Looking identical to the "Spears" and only being around three feet tall, they function almost the same as the "Spears." Like the "Spears," all that he needs can be materialized in once second (the most he can have out is around five,) and he can wave his hand in whatever direction necessary. It's how they move to that location that is different.

Instead of simply shooting through the air like a thrown spear, the "Sliders" just slide along the ground at an equally rapid rate, not leaving any traces of its presence in the earth. Like the "Spears," they are easily destroyed, and do the exact same amount of damage, though Sans could use "Sliders" as a means to surprise his opponents. Also, like with "Spears" and "Shields," it cannot be used alongside any other move in "Them Bones." Finally, also like with "Spears," he cannot use it more than a few times in a row without draining his energy.

- Them Bones (Shield)
The "Shield" works completely differently from "Spears" and "Sliders" in that it is used purely for defensive purposes. It is about three feet wide and three feet tall, and is composed of about six sets of femur bones. Unlike the bones in "Sliders" and "Spears," these bones aren't easily destroyed, requiring a few hits to break.

Like the moves before, it only takes one second to form and one second to use, only needing a wave of Sans' hand to utilize. The "Shields" can come out of any surface, though it does no damage, and only serves as a means of defense. However, as it has already been stated, "Shields" cannot be used in conjunction with any other move in "Them Bones." Also, he can only summon one shield, and it can only cover him from one direction of his choosing, leaving him vulnerable if an attack gets behind his shield. Finally, it requires more energy from himself in order to use, keeping him from using it too much and forcing him to rely on his speed to avoid damage, with the "Shield" being used to block attacks that he most likely wouldn't dodge.

Warning: Contains GIFs

Them Bones - Spears
[Image: tumblr_nx9c2nTgzJ1tt272lo2_500.gif]
A rough version of Them Bones - Sliders
[Image: sans-corridor-faces.gif?w=640]
A rough version of Them Bones - Shields
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Gaster Blaster: (requires Ranged Materialize Proficiency, requires Ranged Proficiency) Cost: 300

Warning: Contains GIFs
[Image: 4ef15f84a4.gif?v=1451765631]
Arguably his most powerful attack, Sans has the ability to summon up to two goat skulls that, when summoned, shoot out white beams at his intended target. The Gaster Blaster's can be summoned from anywhere, though it can only be summoned as far as thirty-five feet from Sans. It can also be summoned in conjunction with Them Bones.

The Gaster Blaster's are damaging (for Sans anyway,) though it has some flaws. It takes slightly longer to summon (about two-three seconds total,) and about two seconds longer to shoot. Also, a way to indicate he is about to use them is when one of his eyes start flashing from yellow to blue, making it slightly predictable.

Blue Mode: Tier 1 Super Attack Move (requires Ranged Proficiency, requires Remote Control Proficiency, requires Telekinesis) - 600 OM

Warning: Contains GIFs
[Image: 9wkk4m.gif]

Blue Mode is more or less Sans' trump card to any combat scenario where standard bones and Gaster Blasters don't quite work out. It is easy to discern whether Sans is using it when he has his hand up, palm facing the opponent, before the opponent turns blue. This is usually followed by Sans tossing his hand towards any direction with a surface, usually the ground, and relentlessly smashing whoever is blue into the surface mentioned. Each smash is extremely powerful, with each one letting out a booming CRACK as the person affected is launched into a surface. Sans is able to toss his opponent into surfaces once every half second for around four seconds, but no longer.

The downsides to Blue Mode is that it is very taxing on Sans energy, preventing him from using it often (indicated through remaining SP.) Also, the move itself doesn't do any damage unless Sans is actively smashing the affected enemy into a surface. Finally, Blue Mode can only be used by itself and not with other moves.


Foresight (1500 OM): Due to Sans' experience with time and quantum physics, he has developed an uncanny ability to sense danger a few moments before it occurs, giving him an opportunity to avoid it.

Basic Telekinesis (400 OM): Thanks to some extra time fighting Chara in the underground, when the entire world was at stake, Sans has been able to physically manipulate objects from as far as 100 feet from himself using only his hand. Sans explanation for this is that he is simply applying gravity in different directions for each object, allowing it to be moved without touching it.

Whenever Sans is using Telekinesis, the object in question changes into a blue color, though this has no effect on the object itself. He can then toss them or basically do whatever he wanted to do with them. The objects could also be used for attacks, though they are not very strong, and only get weaker to the point where, at maximum range, they hardly do more than a slight tickle to most.

Master Acrobat (400 OM): Despite Sans' laziness, he is very agile, almost surprisingly so. This manifests itself in various forms, from zipping around on the battlefield, to rather complicated and physically intensive parkour moves that include flips and other useful tricks.
[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

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Casual Theme: Happy Smile

Combat Theme: Joke's On You

Transformation Theme: Do You Wanna Have a Bad Time?

Death Theme (Sad Theme): The Room

[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

New to the Omniverse? Need a question answered? Want a C&C of your work? Send a PM to me and I will assist you in any way I can!

Fighting Style
Sans' main strategy when it comes to fighting is to take full advantage of his speed, often moving around the battlefield constantly to dodge enemy fire and confuse whoever he is fighting. All of his attacks, for the most part, are meant to harass, and rarely to inflict serious harm, mostly because most of his attacks aren't that damaging to begin with.

Sans is not a rule follower. At all. Whatever rules there are to a fight are sure to be abused through loopholes and technicalities on the part of Sans. It's also not uncommon for him to try to cheat and trick his opponents.

While Sans rarely enjoys killing, he is certainly not above doing so if his life, or his friends lives, are in danger. Thus, he will do everything in his power to keep himself alive if need be. Despite this, however, he will typically not try to kill anyone unless he either REALLY hates the person he is attacking or if left with no other choice in the matter. If there is the slight possibility he can convince someone to stand down, he'll take it.
Move Strategy
Whenever he begins a fight, he typically starts out with his strongest attack first (Example, Blue Mode,) before moving on with his other moves. He typically utilizes telekinesis to toss items at his opponent, mostly to annoy the hell out of them. It isn't until he is serious about fighting that he uses Them Bones and Gaster Blasters.

Them Bones
For Them Bones, he prefers to spawn in Spears from either the side or behind his opponent to catch them off guard, and whenever that is not possible, from the front. He usually spawns the max amount he can have spawned before tossing them at his opponents. He also uses it as a way to surround an opponent.

For Sliders, he loves using them as surprise attacks or when an enemy is backed up against a wall, in which he would immediately slide them out to stab them from surfaces. He also likes to use them to go after an opponents legs if they are standing up in the hopes the resulting pain would make them fall down, in which further attacks would be available.

Shields are primarily used as either a method to block off a passageway or for avoiding an attack he cannot dodge.

Gaster Blasters
Gaster Blasters are more or less a way of knowing Sans is very serious about what he is doing, and thus one should probably be concerned. He typically spawns them in from two different directions (if he has one on his left, there's one on his right,) and far apart from each other. Whenever he wants to fire them, he has them pivot towards the direction he wants before commanding they fire, often leading ahead of his opponents to catch them in the blast. He also loves to use Them Bones in conjunction with the Gaster Blasters, often as a setup or as a blockage.

That all changes upon his transformation activation. Here, he gives up on trying to act peaceful, and unleashes HELL for whoever he is fighting. His attacks are no longer to harass, but to kill, and kill quickly. It is not uncommon to see him use his moves to completely overwhelm his opponent with attacks.

NPCs, Assists, Secondaries


[Image: storyshiffft_by_namirapolka-d9w3cnd.png]

Name: Chara and Asriel (Storyshift)

Status: Secondaries

Residence in Coruscant, the duo of Chara and Asriel's primary purpose is, essentially, detailing their misadventures. For the moment, they hold no special story purposes except to be Those Two Guys like Tulio and Miguel from The Road to El Dorado.

Chara, the technical older "brother" of the two, is a human "mage," "demon," "human," whatever. He wears a green hoodie, a white shirt, and regular pants for the cold. Perhaps what is most easily noticeable about him is his smile, one he usually has plastered on his face every moment of the day. His cheeks are unusually tinted, looking like two pink dots. He possesses brown eyes and hair.

Asriel is the furthest one could be from Chara, his technical older sibling. Smaller than the four foot or so human, Asriel is a small, fluffy, goat monster that speaks in a high-pitched, ultimately adorably sounding tone. His most distinct feature is the rainbow-colored scarf he always has around his neck and his blue winter coat.

The general history of Chara and Asriel is a bit of a long one, and it is filled with up and down moments, so the summary of the whole thing is listed below.

Chara did not live a happy life on the surface, the "human," world. This was due to an ability few other humans had: the ability to use magic like a regular monster could. This special power of his was alien to his species, whom mistreated and abused him, calling him a "demon." For the most part, his life on the surface was one marked of loneliness, depression, and hatred.

Eventually, he could not stand it anymore. He climbed Mt.Ebott, a place where it was rumored no one returned from, to take his own life. As the fact that this history is still continuing, it is clear he did not. Instead, he fell through the barrier that guarded the monster species, long since locked away by the human ancestors before, and entered The Underground.

Upon landing, he was immediately accosted by the Great King Sans, determined to murder him and take his soul to be used against the barrier. He received a substantial beating, being flung into the walls of his castle and almost to the point of death. It was only with the timely intervention of Toriel, the King's second-in-command and leader of the Royal Guard, did he survive. Appalled by the King's bloodlust, she snuck Chara off to her home with her family, where he first met Asriel.

He stayed with the Dreemurr family for a while, where he was surprised at the kindness that displayed not only to each other, but to him, an outsider. The abuse he suffered from the surface left him bitter and cynical as to the nature of humanity, thinking it inferior to the kind and forgiving monsters. Due to this, he slowly felt more and more ashamed of his status as a human, and suicidal thoughts began to return. Eventually, like before, he could not take it anymore.

He traveled to the Ruins, the door locked. He was about to kill himself with a knife he had borrowed when he heard a voice erupt from within. At first shocked, he soon found himself exchanging conversation with the inhabitant of the Ruins, and upon discovering the inhabitant's somber visage on family, he rushed back home when the day had gone to night, and clung to Asriel. That day, he made a promise to protect all of monsterkind.

Of course, can't really do that when you aren't there anymore, can you? Both partners were eventually transported to the Omniverse, summoned accidentally by a Prime of no particular importance. They currently reside in Coruscant.

Currently In Use By: Weiss Schnee/ Sarah Kerrigan
[Image: sanssig.png]
i may be all alone
but i'm here to tell ya honey
that i'm bad to the bone

B-B-B-Bad to the bone

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