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Name: Amaterasu Omikami
(further titles: Kami of the Sun, Firstborn of Izanagi, The great Kami who shines in Heaven, and Predecessor to the first Emperor of Japan)

Spent OM: 47.300

Proficiencies: (5.200)
Physical Strength (1.000)
Ranged Proficiency (1.000)
Remote Control Proficiency (600)
Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)
Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Area Shield Proficiency (400)
Debuff Proficiency (1.000)

Powers: 7.200/8.000
Burst Movement (800)
Flight (1.800)
Master Enhanced Senses (2.000)
Stealth (1.200)
Suppression (1.000)
Master Acrobat (400)

Moves: (3.900)
Prayer Bead Chain (600) (Ranged & Remote Control Proficiencies)
Celestial Brush: Galestorm (300) (Ranged & Area Attack Proficiencies) (Approval link)
Celestial Brush: Cherry Bomb (300) (Ranged Materialize & Area Attack Proficiencies) (Approval link)
Celestial Brush: Sprout - Vine, Water Lily (600) (Ranged, Ranged Materialize, Remote Control Proficiencies) (Approval link)
Blade of Kusanagi (300) (Physical Strength) (Approval link)
Mirror Reflector (600) (Physical Strength, Area Shield Proficiency) (Approval link)
Howl (300) (Area Attack, Debuff Proficiencies) (Approval link)
Crunch (300) (Physical Strength) (Approval link)
Youkai Toma (300) (Physical Strength) (Approval link)
Ink Splotch (300) (Physical Strength, Debuff Proficiency) (Approval link)

Super Moves: (1.400)
Super Offense Move T1 - Celestial Brush: Power Slash (600) (Requires Ranged & Area Attack Proficiencies) (Approval link)
Super Offense Move T2 - Celestial Brush: Thunderstorm (800) (Requires Ranged and Area Attack Proficiencies) (Approval link)

Transformations: (4.500)
Power Up T1 - Celestial Brush: Sunrise (1.000) (Approval link)
Power Up T2 - Kami of the Sun (1.500) (Approval link)
Alt Form: Celestial Wolf Form (2.000)

Assists: (1.500)
T2 Assist - Oki (1.500) (1/3/4/2) (Approval link)

Consumed OM (Items/Consumables/Bases): (16.600)
Communicator (200)
Mobile Dataverse Device (100)
Vita Compass (800)
Spiritual Enlightenment (2.000)
Dwarven Ceremonial Axe (Flavor) (0) (Fashioned into Youkai Toma)

Base (Frozen Fields) (1.000) with:
-Base (1.000)
-Recall Station (1.000)
-Teleporters to 7 verses (Camelot, Coruscant, Endless Dunes, Tangled Green, Vasty Deep, Pale Moors, Ashen Steppes - 7 x 500 = 3.500)
-Healing Station (1.500)
-VR Station (500)
-Dataverse Uplink Station (1.000)
-Vault (2.000)
-T2 Fortifications (3.000)

Unlocks: (7.000)
First Stat Upgrade - DEF (1.000)
Second Stat Upgrade - ATK (2.000)
Third Stat Upgrade - ATK (4.000)
Void Gate (Frozen Fields)

The Wover Tear

Base Stats: (Celestial Brush: Sunrise) [Kami of the Sun]
ATK: 5 (7) [9]
DEF: 1 (1) [4]
SPD: 3 (5) [4]
TEC: 4 (5) [5]

Celestial Wolf: (Celestial Brush: Sunrise) [Kami of the Sun]
ATK: 3 (5) [7]
DEF: 4 (4) [7]
SPD: 5 (7) [6]
TEC: 1 (2) [2]
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Amaterasu Doge Credit & Hugs to Ruby for the sign, and to Guu for the smileys! Amaterasu Doge

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Character History


The story begins some 100 years before Amaterasu’s coming, in Kamiki Village - a small town located in Nippon, in medieval Japan. Kamiki Village was ruled by an eight-headed snake demon named Orochi, who once a year claimed a sacrifice: a black arrow was fired from the cave it rested in, and the maiden upon whose house it landed had to be sacrificed to Orochi. Should the villagers not meet these demands, Orochi would devour them all.
Shiranui, a pure white wolf, and Nagi, a swordsman, battled Orochi to save a maiden named Nami, Nagi's beloved, who was to be that year's sacrifice. However they found themselves unable to defeat the demon, and instead had to seal it away.

100 years in the future, Susano, a descendant of Nagi, broke Orochi's seal due to believing the legend to be a fake, allowing the snake to escape and curse the lands.
It was then that Sakuya, the guardian sprite of Kamiki Village, summoned Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, which the villagers knew as the reincarnation of Shiranui, into a statue of Shiranui which subsequently became alive, and asked for her aid to remove Orochi’s curse. Amaterasu, currently in wolf form and equipped with only a basic mirror given to her by Sakuya, embarked on a lengthy journey thereafter, battling countless demons drawn forth by the curse upon the lands, and gradually forcing it back.

However, the Sun Goddess was only a shadow of her former self, having lost her divine weapons and the so-called Celestial Brush techniques, which allowed her to combat her enemies and manipulate the lands around her by drawing objects into it. Throughout her journey, Amaterasu sought to recover these items and techniques by freeing the Celestial Brush Gods from their imprisonment and having them re-teach her the techniques she had once known.

Eventually, Amaterasu, along with Susano, encountered Orochi once again to protect Kamiki Village and rescue Susano's beloved, Kushi, recreating events that had taken place 100 years prior. This time however, the duo defeated Orochi entirely - only to find out that it was part of a greater evil, and the evil spirit that had occupied its body escaped them, flying away.

Amaterasu then embarked on a journey across Nippon (the region within Japan where the events took place), continuing to remove Orochi's still lingering curse on the land and defeating other powerful demons which each released dark presences similar to Orochi’s, floating northward. Following these spirits, Amaterasu eventually came across the wreckage of a gigantic ship able to travel through the stars: the "Ark of Yamato". She found out that this Ark had been given to the Celestial Gods, who had used it to escape from Orochi when he had attacked the Celestial Plain. However, the Ark was in truth housing a great number of demons and the Celestial Gods were unaware of this when they used the Ark to escape. As they were sailing the skies they were attacked by the demons, which consumed almost all the spirits on the Ark and caused it to crash into Earth, where it had stayed until then.

It was then that Yami, the demon controlling all the demons on the Ark, appeared and attacked Amaterasu and struck her down, robbing her of all powers and preparing to deal the final blow. Being a goddess however, Amaterasu thrived on the prayers and faith of the people who she had freed during her journey, people who prayed for the Sun Goddess to rid them of the evil that came from the Ark.

In a flash of blinding sunlight, Amaterasu then ascended and returned to her real human form whilst not only regaining the powers she had been stripped from by Yami, but restoring them to their full strength. She fiercely battled Yami and eventually struck him down in turn, defeating him once and for all and thereby ridding the world of the demons,though some remain to this day.

Amaterasu then retrieved the remaining Celestial Gods and brought them aboard the Ark of Yamato to sail back to the Celestial Plain. They sailed off into the sky, leaving the world behind.

But the Sun Goddess never arrived home.

Character Story:


Excalibur, Caliburn and the King of Knights
Amaterasu arrives at the Nexus and meets up with the King of Knights, Arturia. After a great deal of talking, they part ways as Amaterasu is mistaken for a wanted criminal by Imperial soldiers, and taken into custody.

A sun in the City
After being taken into Imperial Custody and brought to Coruscant for interrogation, things clear up and Amaterasu is revealed to in fact not be the one they were looking for. She finds her first Celestial Brush technique and returns to the Nexus - only to be pulled into the Graveyardverse.

(Various Threads in the Graveyardverse)
Amaterasu allies with Somerled and later Trunks, attempting to survive the event but ultimately dying - though she does go down protecting a friend from being killed! (I'm Ama, I'm helping!) She is given an OM reward for her troubles by the Spirit, and sent back to the Nexus.

Back in Action
Respawning at the Nexus, Amaterasu meets Bakugami and obtains another Celestial Brush technique. Her next stop is the Frozen Fields, feeling the presence of someone she wants to meet there.

Fields of Ice
After arriving, Amaterasu encounters Urist, a dwarf locked in battle with a troll. Having come to his aid she embarks on a lengthy quest to become a friend of the dwarves. Along the way, she meets an old friend...

A message left behind
After learning that her friend Arturia is in the Dante's Abyss event, Amaterasu takes a brief trip to the Endless Dunes and, finding that the sign-up booths have long closed and are packed up, she goes to the Nexus in order to have a friend leave a message for Arturia, so they may contact one another.
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Amaterasu Doge Credit & Hugs to Ruby for the sign, and to Guu for the smileys! Amaterasu Doge

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Physical Description:

[Image: 19-ama03.jpg]

Amaterasu takes the shape of a human woman with her white hair shaped into the ears of a wolf above her head. She wears a white and red robe similar to that of a shrine maiden, with wide sleeves and sufficient cleavage to show the red tattoo on her shoulders. In addition she wears tights made of red leather, and walks barefoot. Her hair is dipped into black ink at the tip like a brush, which before the Omniverse she used for her Celestial Brush techniques.

She owns a Prayer Bead chain which she usually wears around her waist (it's those green objects seen in the picture), though if she uses it to pray she will put it around her neck instead.

Her eyes are very deep blue, to the point that they get mistaken for black instead.

Her shoulders, back and forehead have red markings on them which give away her deity status to those who know what they stand for.
 [Image: Rnk00x5.gif] 
Amaterasu Doge Credit & Hugs to Ruby for the sign, and to Guu for the smileys! Amaterasu Doge

Hide your chicken nuggers, hide your heads, the Sundoge is coming and she'll hat everyone!
Please message me before you attack my character or assault my base! Thanks!
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Combat Stats, Powers and Abilities


ATK: 5
Amaterasu's offensive power is not to be taken lightly. To vanquish supernatural creatures and exorcise even the most dangerous dark spirits she has accumulated great power, both physical and spiritual. Her soft form is very deceiving in that regard.
DEF: 1
Due to having no armor and only average strength Amaterasu is neither particularly weak nor strong when it comes to taking a hit. She moreso relies on dodging her opponent's blows than tanking them.
SPD: 3
Amaterasu retains the speed and nimbleness of her wolf form and is able to dart around the battlefield astonishingly fast - usually to dodge a blow or put some distance between herself and her opponent.
TEC: 4
Amaterasu shines (pun intended) when it comes to skill. She has accumulated great knowledge and battle experience in her journey through Nippon and is able to use even something not originally intended as a weapon - such as her Prayer Beads - to greater effectiveness than an average person would wield a real weapon.


Ranged Proficiency (1.000)

Amaterasu can wield ranged weapons to great effect, though due to her origins she is much more familiar with weapons of medieval asian origin than with modern and non-asian weapons. In a pinch, any item she can use as projectile would do.

Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600)

Using her Celestial Brush (and possibly other powers as well) Amaterasu is able to make things appear at a distance. Her Cherry Bombs are one way of her using this Proficiency.

Area Attack Proficiency (600)

Many of Amaterasu's techniques are intended for usage against a number of opponents rather than a single one or two. This is due to that the oni she typically battles do not fight fair and by themselves, but instead in groups. Her Galestorm, for instance, is one such application of this proficiency.

Remote Control Proficiency (600)

While Amaterasu mostly uses this to control her weapons or retrieve fired projectiles, she may find further use for it in the future. Who knows?


Master Acrobat (400)

Amaterasu is very nimble and adept at acrobacies, even in the middle of a fight. She mostly uses this to dodge blows which, coupled with her speed and skill, makes her a rather elusive opponent.
She is also adept at freerunning techniques such as wallruns and impact-dampening rolls - the latter are especially important after she jumps high.

Adv. Super Jumping (500)

Amaterasu is able to jump up to 30 meters high if the situation calls for it. Chaining multiple jumps together consumes a great deal of energy however.

Total: 900

Prayer Bead Chain
Most monks and shrine maidens have one of these. It appears to be simple jewelry, but can be a deadly weapon in the hands of a master. Amaterasu may also refer to these as the Yasakani no Magatama, meaning Eight Shaku Curved Jewel.
Amaterasu is able to use the Prayer Bead chain which she usually wears on her belt or neck, in combat. While it is not as powerful as an actual weapon or even her powers as a goddess, it is an effective means for her to fight to some degree. While in use, the beads hover around her at waist height, slowly rotating until Amaterasu uses them.

Offense: By thrusting her palm forward Amaterasu then sends one of the beads flying forward in a straight line, at a rate of around one bead per second (1 bead per 2 seconds if she can’t use one of her hands, 1 bead per 4 seconds if both hands are disabled). She can not control their trajectory after launching them. Here's an idea of what it looks like (the first 3 seconds):

NOTE: This is just a vague reference. The fire rate and looks are different, and Amaterasu cannot “charge” up to fire multiple shots at once.

Defense: Alternatively to using them as an offensive weapon, Amaterasu can also use the beads to intercept enemy attacks to weaken or stop them, though she cannot make a “barrier” with multiple beads this way. They can take one or two attacks before breaking. Again, movement speed is around the same as an arrow, though they will remain stationary, floating in the air, until recalled.

Amaterasu must have the bead in question floating around her waist in order to use it for either offensive or defensive purposes, she cannot have them fluctuate between offensive and defensive without “recalling” them first.

Recalling: After having used a Prayer Bead for either offensive or defensive purposes, Amaterasu is able to “recall” them remotely. This causes them to turn transparent and intangible as they come flying back to Amaterasu. They fly around the same speed as when used offensively, so if Amaterasu hasn’t moved since her attack they would take the same time to return as they took to reach where they are now. Due to being intangible they cannot “boomerang”-hit an opponent in the back. Amaterasu cannot recall a bead mid-flight after firing them, she needs to wait until they hit an object or fall to the ground (Offense) or until they have reached where she wants them to be and have become stationary (Defense).

Amaterasu has a total of 12 beads at her disposal.

Destruction & Recovery If one or more beads are destroyed Amaterasu must materialize new ones, which takes ca. 2 seconds of concentration for each bead - 24 seconds if all 12 of them were to be destroyed. She doesn’t have to materialize all of them at a time though. While concentrating Amaterasu’s movement speed is halved.

Bead Size: Around the size of a human palm.
Flight Speed & Arc: Around the same speed as an arrow fired from a bow. They arc the same way as well.
Max Range: ~100m

An image reference to Amaterasu using her beads in combat:
[Image: human_form_amaterasu___okami_render_by_p...5roy7x.png]
Celestial Brush: Galestorm
A simple drawing of wind, painted into the air with the Sun Goddess's magic brush, makes the very air around her buffet her opponents.
Amaterasu uses the magic brush that is at the end of her hair, turning the very world before her into her canvas. She draws a "wind" symbol (this here) into the air in front of her, while saying "kaze" (japanese noun, meaning "wind"). This creates a powerful wind of around 3 meters wide and 2,5 meters tall, that horizontally blows from behind her in the direction she is currently facing. Small, light objects and projectiles caught in the wind can be blown away by this.
Other beings can move through the wind, but it takes a great deal of effort to move towards Amaterasu. Someone with less defense than Amaterasu's attack stat can only move at a fraction of that speed - for instance, if Amaterasu has 3 attack and uses this against a Prime with 2 defense, they would be able to move at roughly 2/3rds of their normal speed, without considering Super Speed, Burst Movement, Teleportation etc. However, if their defense is equal or superior to Amaterasu's attack stat they can move towards her against the wind, though it still takes some effort to do so.
Amaterasu must focus entirely on using Galestorm and has to stand still as long as she continues to channel it. The maximum duration that she can cast Galestorm for is ~8 seconds. It drains a small amount of energy which rapidly accumulates if used continuously or for many times in succession, using it for its maximum duration without break would leave her physically exhausted and needing to catch her breath for a bit.
For around one second, the kanji 風 (kaze, wind) appears also appears in the air above Amaterasu as she begins casting Galestorm, this is a cosmetic effect that does not influence the move itself.
Celestial Brush: Cherry Bomb
In a magnificient display of fireworks and light, evil is vanquished by this powerful bomb. After all, defeating an opponent does not exclude doing so in a classy manner.
Amaterasu uses the magic brush that is at the end of her hair, turning the very world before her into her canvas. She draws a circle into the air, while saying "baku" (japanese noun, meaning "explode"). This creates a large spherical Cherry Bomb with fuse, around one meter large, at the location she was drawing at - this can not be further away than three meters from her. The Cherry Bomb itself is completely wrapped into what looks like wrapping paper - it's very colorful, which makes it look more like a carnival firework than an actual danger.
The bomb lasts for ~5 seconds during which the fuse burns out. During that time it acts as a solid object - it can be pushed around and would roll down uneven terrain. However its large size makes it rather unhandy. After the five seconds, the bomb explodes into bright fireworks, smoke, confetti and a strong scent of gunpowder, dealing damage up to four meters from its center (so - that's not the bomb's size plus four meters, only four meters total). The fireworks also form the kanji 華 (kabi, shiny/flashy) for ca. 1 second. That is a cosmetic effect that does not influence the move. While the bomb is rather powerful its long duration before it explodes means that it is more useful to create an area of denial or to hit stationary targets.

It should also be noted that only a single bomb can be "active" at a time and that the fuse can be cut or snuffed to prevent the bomb from exploding - in which case it would harmlessly pop into a bunch of confetti, without exploding. Cutting or snuffing the fuse requires a minimum of skill. There's no minimum TEC requirement for this but as a rule of thumb an unskilled character couldn't cut multiple fuses consistently and without fail.

Finally, Cherry Bombs cannot be summoned to "automatically" hurt the opponent (for instance, by summoning it above them to drop on their heads).
Celestial Brush: Sprout
With a swift stroke of her brush, Amaterasu calls upon the sprites of forest and sea. And in response to the plea of the sun kami, life-giver to them all, the spirits send aid in times of great need.
Amaterasu uses the magic brush that is at the end of her hair, turning the very world before her into her canvas. The Celestial Brush: Sprout technique has two uses:

Vine: For this technique Amaterasu cannot be further away than ten meters from a solid surface, such as the ground or a wall, which she intends to target. By drawing a line from the ground to any location and saying "Hana saku" (japanese verb, meaning grow/sprout in reference to a plant) she causes a green vine to sprout from the surface she began to draw on, along the line that she drew. The maximum length of that vine is as high as Amaterasu can jump (Note: currently 30m, and this can go up to 50m [Master level Super Jumping], with Flight not providing any greater bonus), and it grows at around a rate of 5 meters per second. After reaching its full growth the vine grows broader and rigid, turning into more of a beanstalk, and remains in place as a surface to stand on or climb. A maximum of two vines can be present at a time, if a third were to be drawn anywhere the oldest one would disappear in a lengthy puff of smoke. A single vine will remain in place for up to an hour. During the last 5-or-so minutes of its lifetime it rapidly whithers away and shrinks to nothingness.
If the Vine was grown on a surface that supports plant life (such as rich soil or mud, but not rocks, ice, sand or arid soil) and in a flora-friendly environment (the Underverse is an example of a hostile environment for this purpose), after having whithered away the vine may turn into a random piece of flora that grows in that area (such as a flower or a tree sapling), in an early state of growth, thereafter growing naturally. This is a cosmetic "aftereffect" that brings no advantage to any party.

The purpose of this Celestial Brush technique is mobility, not combat, and this becomes very appearant in a number of ways:

-The vines cannot physically injure a foe or break an object. If they encounter an obstacle in their growth they will grow around it instead.

-Any attack at the vine (or beanstalk, if it's fully grown) done with the intent on breaking it will instantly destroy it, causing it to disappear in a puff of smoke, whilst the attack itself isn't blocked or even slowed, making it useless as a shielding move, and fairly impractical to use in battle. Any stress placed on the vine that is not intended on breaking it (such as someone climbing it) will make it react like a regular plant in the same situation.

Upon casting Vine, the kanji 結 (musubu, tie (as in "tie something up")) also appears in the air above Amaterasu for around one second, this is a cosmetic effect that does not influence the move itself.

(Bought but not available yet!) Water Lily: This variation of the technique can only be used up to 10m away from a body of water. By drawing a circle onto the water surface and saying "Riri" (japanese noun, meaning Lily) she makes a large Lily Pad appear on the water. It's around 3 meters across and rigid like a wooden board. Additionally it floats even in agitated water and will resurface if submerged. This can be used as a makeshift boat or stepping stone, and moved around by paddling or such. Up to two Lily Pads may be present at a time, if a third is summoned the oldest one will disappear in a puff of smoke. The same happens to a Lily Pad if it gets torn or broken. While not destroyed or otherwise broken, the Lily Pad will remain indefinitely until it is separated by 12 meters or more from Amaterasu for even just a moment, at which point it will disappear in a puff of smoke.
Upon casting Water Lily, the kanji 咲 (saki, bloom) also appears above the materializing Water Lily for around one second, this is a cosmetic effect that does not influence the move itself.

Super Moves
Super Move T1 - Celestial Brush: Power Slash
An invisible slash delivered with tremendous strength. It is said that the blade wielded by the god Tachigami was made to conquer all evil.
Amaterasu uses the magic brush that is at the end of her hair, turning the very world before her into her canvas. She draws a horizontal straight line into the air and/or onto an object or being, saying "kiru" (japanese verb, meaning "cut") as she does. After a brief delay, an invisible sword delivers a huge slash up to ten meters beyond the ink line, on the side opposite of Amaterasu's (thus if Amaterasu stood on the left and drew the line in the middle, the slash would happen on the right). The slash only affects the first opponent (Prime or Secondary) that it hits, assuming that it is delivered in the direction that Amaterasu drew the line in. It may also cut into the environment such as a wall, a tree or a rock, leaving slash marks and possibly even cut them in half, however they will just harmlessly drop to the ground, never hitting Amaterasu's opponents or herself. Why not? Because Omniverse logic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
For around one second, the kanji 斬 (zan, meaning "beheading", "murder" or "kill") also appears in the air above Amaterasu as the slash happens, this is a cosmetic effect that does not influence the move itself.
Super Move T2 - Celestial Brush: Thunderstorm (Requires Ranged Proficiency, Area Attack Proficiency)
Amaterasu calls upon the powers bestowed to her by Gekigami, God of Thunder, to crush her opponents under the terrible wrath of the skies.
Amaterasu uses the magic brush that is at the end of her hair, turning the very world before her into her canvas. Using her golden ink (Manifestation of SP) she draws a "ϟ" symbol into the air in front of her, while saying "raikou" or "inazuma" (japanese nouns, both meaning "Lightning"), taking ~3 seconds to do so. Once completed electric energy starts sparkling over the symbol as it flies into the sky above the battlefield, taking a further ~5 seconds and creating miniature thunder clouds above it, with rumbling and booming as well as a drizzle announcing the imminent storm.
After reaching its pinnacle and spreading the thunderclouds across a large area (about 4 meters in every direction, with the symbol being the center) the rainpour intensifies, accompaigned by winds that make both Amaterasu's and her opponents's clothes flutter for added dramatic effect. What opponents must be wary of however are the powerful bolts of lightning that rain down from the ϟ symbol and hit everything in the area beneath the thunderclouds indiscriminately - indeed, even Amaterasu gets struck several times, although she is unharmed by her own attack. The attack relies less on quality, but more on quantity - the damage dealt to an opponent, appropriate for a T2 Super Attack, adds up through multiple lightning strikes rather than a single decisive one. It also causes some environmental damage and leaves numerous smouldering little craters where the lightning bolts hit.
The thunderstorm lasts for about 10 seconds during which 100 lightning bolts bombard the area - 10 bolts per second, though on average one opponent would not get hit by more than 5 bolts. After the thunderstorm ends, the symbol, now discharged, as well as the clouds dissipate.

Amaterasu must remain stationary after painting the initial symbol, up until the thunderstorm is over (18 seconds in total), and cannot use offensive moves due to the great drain put on her during that time. She can however defend herself with defensive moves in the event that her opponent(s) attempt(s) to take her down with them.
The kanji 迅 (jin, meaning "swift") also appears in the air above Amaterasu as the thunderstorm takes place, this is a cosmetic effect that does not influence the move itself.
Fluff: Where Amaterasu's body touches the ground, grass and tree sprouts appear. This typically happens around her feet as she walks. These plants only grow on surfaces where plants would typically grow already - it doesn't work on rocks, ice, concrete etc or in lifeless environments such as the Underverse. These disappear a few seconds after Amaterasu lifts her foot, and are purely a cosmetic effect.  The amount of energy consumed is very minor - this alone won't make her tired even if used for extensive periods of time -, but if Amaterasu is very exhausted for any reason, this will not work. During combat or if Amaterasu wishes to conceal her identity she can also disable this.

Power-Up T1 - Celestial Brush: Sunrise
Amaterasu uses the magic brush that is at the end of her hair, turning the very world into her canvas. Instead of drawing something into the air as she usually would, she draws a circle onto her chest (between her stomach and breasts, onto her clothes or skin, depending on what is applicable), while saying "taiyo" (japanese noun, meaning "sun"). As the circle completes, a miniature sun (a sphere about a meter in diameter at most) appears in the air above the battlefield. While it slowly drains golden ink from the pots on Amaterasu's sash (visible as glittery drops flying away from her, towards the sun) it empowers the sun goddess with its sunlight. Curiously, it seems to be out of reach no matter how someone approaches it, and unlike the real sun does not blind even if directly looked at.
Upon ending the power-up both the sun and the ink disappear by themselves.


Flavour Items
Curved Troll Blade Amaterasu took this weapon from a dead troll after slaying it. It's clearly troll craftsmanship, relatively crudely treated metal with worn-out leather around the hilt, and strangely curved. It served primarily as a slashing weapon and its sharp edge ideal against bare skin, not so much however against armor.

Reinforced Dagger Taken from the same troll that the curved troll blade is from, this dagger appears to be stolen. It may be dwarven or Camelotian craftsmanship. The blade is strongly tempered and reinforced to make it a powerful stabbing weapon that can break chainmail and penetrate weak armor such as leather. The hilt shows signs of wearing out and the blade itself is a little rusted. There are some remains of a symbol on the blade but they are faded out too much to be readable.

Quote:Some Info about Amaterasu's Three Imperial Regalia and the Celestial Brush techniques:

Amaterasu wields the Three Imperial Regalia of Japan, which by legend she bestowed on the first Tenno, or Emperor, of Japan. While said to make their wielder just about invincible, in the Omniverse they are more normal weapons. They are:

the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the Grass Cutter Sword - Amaterasu calls it the Blade of Kusanagi. By legend, it represents valor.
the Yasakani no Magatama, the Eight Shaku Curved Jewel - Amaterasu calls them the Prayer Beads. By legend, they represent benevolence.
the Yata no Kagami, the Eight Hand Mirror - Amaterasu calls it the Mirror Reflector. By legend, it represents wisdom.

In addition, Amaterasu wields the Celestial Brush, a magic brush that allows her to reshape the very world around her using magic ink. She is able to draw shapes into the air using that brush, creating effects depending on what shape is drawn. After her reincarnation into wolf form, her abilities were severely weakened, and after her arrival in the Omniverse they were further changed.
Amaterasu can use the following shapes:

Rejuvenate Allows her to repair broken objects in the environment, returning them to the state they used to be in prior to their destruction. Mostly useful for mobility purposes.
Sunrise/Crescent Causes the celestial bodies to rapidly advance to noon or midnight, respectively.
Power Slash Unleashes a forceful slash performed by an enormous invisible sword.
Elemental Control Allows Amaterasu to channel the elements of Water, Fire, Lightning and Ice along a path she draws. Can be done from either the environment, or from her weapons: the Prayer Beads provide Water and Ice, the Mirror Shield provides Fire and the Blade of Kusanagi provides lightning.
Sprout Lets Amaterasu create vines to transport her around, or flower lilies to stand on. Can also be used to make withered flowers bloom. (Vasty Deep) (Note: Purchased but not unlocked yet. Water Lily (Vasty Deep) and Vine (Frozen Fields) have separate CB Gods!)
Cherry Bomb Creates a spherical bomb that explodes after its fuse burns out. The bigger the shape, the stronger the bomb.
Galestorm Causes a strong wind to blow in the direction that the Celestial Brush draws it, deflecting projectiles and pushing people back.
Veil of Mist Slows time for around 4 seconds, allowing Amaterasu to move faster. The battlefield is also shrouded in a thick mist for the duration.
Drizzle/Drought Instead of manipulating the celestial bodies to make it day or night, Amaterasu is able to change the intensity of the sun to make it rain, or sunshine in a small area. Cannot be used for large-scale terrain manipulation.
Bloom Grows a number of thin trees as a physical shield to block opponents with.

Note: This is a little lore for those interested, and a reference to the moves I may purchase in the future. If Amaterasu does not have any one of these things as moves yet, there's your reason why.
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Cultural Barriers

Amaterasu comes from medieval/feudal Japan, which is greatly different in terms of culture, customs, manners and so on. While she is rather laid-back about the strict honor code and won't take immediate offense in someone breaking it even if they did so on purpose, the language creates a cultural barrier that is an integral part of her playstyle. I want to elaborate a bit on this.

While the Omniverse seems to have some sort of Omni-language where everyone can understand one another, Amaterasu's speech comes with a special twist due to her cultural background.
As the best example, Amaterasu refers to herself as a Kami, which in Omni-language means Deity. Why does she not say "deity"? Because a deity in the Shinto religion (the religion Amaterasu comes from) is defined differently than a God or Goddess by the standarts of most other religions like Christianism - a Kami will age, die and be reincarnated unlike a God that is immortal and eternal, even though they have similar "roles" in religion. If she were to refer to herself as a "Deity", that would twist her definition of the word.

As a result, words linked to the culture Amaterasu comes from which are, by definition, different than the European variant, she will pronounce in japanese - and the other way around, she may not understand, or misunderstand, certain words from the other person.
Of course, characters coming from Japan or able to speak japanese will be able to understand her, if you so desire.

If I do write a post with japanese words, they will be in italics and have a quoted translation at the bottom of my post (unless I have already provided a translation earlier on that thread and they're so closely together that I don't think it worth).

Addendum: Purchase & Wish List
Powers: (6700)
-Burst Movement (800)
-Shapeshifting (1400)

-Celestial Brush: Sprout: Forest Barrier (T1 Super Defense, Area Shield) (600) Kanji 咲 (combination of "bloom" and "hope")
-Celestial Brush: Waterspout: Grand Fountain (T2 Super Defense, Area Shield) (800) When Deluge is used, the kanji 潤 (urumu, to moisten) appears.

Recall Station B - access on the outside of Kyuden base (Recall station A is on the inside)
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Oki Kurumi

Appearance: (note that Oki can shapeshift between human and wolf forms)
[Image: a66f87b30c25932c48d578f351b74955.jpg]

Personality: Oki is a warrior and as such mostly has his emotions under control, but he can get enraged relatively quickly. He's not dumb per say but tends to charge into fights without using his head as much as he could. On the other hand, he's a good guy if one cracks the ice - he's nice, open and protective of his friends (which is usually why he gets enraged - people attacking 'em).
Unlike most others he knows who Amaterasu really is though he doesn't treat her like a goddess - more like a battle companion -, but he does recognize her fighting skills and supernatural powers as being superior to his.

Moves, Powers etc: Oki wields Kuton, the Frozen Sword - in the Omniverse it's just a straight sword, as seen in the picture. He's a proficient melee fighter specializing in sword techniques though he can also use hand-to-hand combat in a pinch.
He's able to shift into wolf form, which doesn't let him use Kuton, but allows him to slash opponents with his claws, or bite them with his teeth.
He's generally fast and strong, with little technique and relying on blocking with his sword to defend himself. (for reference: in Prime terms, it'd be something like 3-1-4-2, but not quite as high as he's a secondary)
Oki favours his human form for most interactions and uses his wolf form mostly for combat purposes. Or to pass as a strangely colored animal.

Fiara Moegami

[Image: UH76k.jpg]

Character History: Fiara is the daughter of the Celestial Brush God Moegami, the phoenix. While normally phoenixes only lay one egg from which they themselves are reborn, this cycle was somehow broken by Fiara as she "hatched" without her parent dying. Moegami still remains sealed somewhere in a constellation on the Endless Dunes's sky, whilst Fiara searches for Amaterasu to get her to free her parent - which is also how she happened across Dante's Abyss, in TWNN.

Personality: Fiara has not inherited any bit of the calm, collected and serene behavior of her parent - quite the opposite, she's an upbeat, borderline hyperactive personality that can swing from angry to sad and back in a moment. She's got a difficult time keeping her head clear once she gets going, which can be emotionally or in combat - she doesn't fight particularly skilled or with much style and technique, instead charging in like a berserker and beating all opposition out of the way - that is, unless they're friends. She deeply cares about those people that have found a way to her heart, even if they turn out as traitors, and a familiar face standing in her way will more often than not get her to stop her onslaughts, be it in combat or in a verbal debate. Not that she may not say something she regrets later to a friend - but she won't punch them in the face.

Moves, Powers etc: Fiara possesses a pair of wristbands that turn into gauntlets equipped with a shotgun mechanism, allowing her to empower her punches with potent rounds. She can also punch the air to send a bullet flying at her opponent. Her specialty is fist combat.
She has sufficient acrobatic skills and physical strength to jump several meters and perform simple acrobatics, especially in the air - aerial combat is her specialty. She's also tougher than she looks (for reference: in Prime terms, it'd be something like 3-3-3-1).

Urist McGlodsson
[Image: f9e1cb68252dd4336dd63545e1404e40.jpg]

Appearance: Urist is a typical dwarf: standing at about 3,5ft tall, he's short but not to be underestimated because his strongly built body is tough like the rock that he claims the first dwarves were shaped out of. He has muscular arms and legs, black eyes that can both smile brightly at friends and glare frighteningly at enemies and a beard that is his pride as a dwarf, long enough to reach almost his belt and ginger-colored like the hair on his head.
Typically Urist wears light cloth or leather as he is a merchant not used to daily combat. He carries a battleaxe on his belt for the situations where words don't resolve a conflict, though.

Character History: Urist McGlodsson, as the name implies, is the son of Glod McJerrowsson, a skilled craftsman that is now retired. Because of an incident that led the dwarves to brand Glod as insane and consequently creating an uncomfortable environment for Urist, the dwarf took to traveling as a merchant to limit the exposure to other dwarves. He himself believed his father however, but could never be certain. Was there really a "rip" in the sky on the highest peak of the Frozen Fields mountain? Or was it all fantasy? He longed for closure, but the only way to achieve that would be to go to the mountaintop to see for himself.

Personality: Like most dwarves, Urist is steadfast: the longevity of his race and millenia of cultural buildup have made the dwarves a race that holds firm to their ideas and beliefs to the point of stubbornness. He values his friends a great deal.
Like most dwarves of the Frozen Fields he has a deep hatred against the battle-hungry trolls who have nearly taken his life more than once.

Moves, Powers etc: Urist isn't a particularly stylish combatant, but he's efficient. Like most dwarves he favors putting on the toughest armor and wielding an axe or a gun, then hacking or shooting until no enemy is left standing. As a merchant he tries to avoid battles if possible, however.


[Image: latest?cb=20130813155803]

Character History: Kushi was a simple sake brewer in Kamiki Village, where Amaterasu first manifested in Nippon. Brewing sake is something she does extremely well, as many of the villagers comment upon its legendary quality. She also brewed the legendary "8 Purification Sake", which is based on the recipe that got even the eight-headed Snake Orochi drunk.
When Orochi became powerful enough he selected Kushi to be the maidenly sacrifice that would bring him back to power during the village's historic festival. Kushi headed off to the Moon Cave, trusting Susano to come save her in the end. With a jug of the leftover Thunder Brew from the village festival she helped Amaterasu in getting Orochi drunk, after which the Sun goddess engageed in battle with Orochi and eventually defeated him with the help of Susano. After her rescue, she and Susano finally expressed their love for each other. They spent a quiet night in the Cave of Nagi during the rest of the Kamiki Festival. After that she remained in Kamiki Village, working on the sake for next year, offering support for Susano.
After her arrival in the Omniverse Kushi waited at the Nexus as instructed by Amaterasu, to deliver a message to a friend, and was later brought to Dwarfholm where she set up a sake brewery to earn herself a living.

Personality:Kushi is among the most kind-hearted and good natured people that Amaterasu knows. She firmly believes in the gods and was in fact one of the few people able to see the divine markings on Amaterasu's body back in Nippon, while most people simply believed her to be a white wolf. Kushi is also remarkably patient, willing to put up with Susano's antics; she is the only one not angered with him when he drinks all her sake and doesn't complain when he leaves her to carry the extraordinarily heavy sacred water barrel back to Kamiki from Agata Forest.

Moves, Powers etc: Kushi has no combat-related powers.


Name, Gender, Age etc.: Melody, female, aged 23

[Image: 076f3c3b6da2dd11919c02512ba542b9_480.jpg]

Relationships: (Thus far none)

Profession(s): She runs the Rune Archives of Silverrock Town during the day and takes care of the Mt. Silver Hotsprings in the morning.

History: Melody first came to Windfall Island a while after a cave-in caused during the mining operation uncovered the Hotsprings in the side of Mt. Silver: her curiosity was struck by a sailor that claimed that his sore back felt good as new after having taken a dip. She set up a bathhouse that unfortunately did not get much attention by the miners as by the time she was finished with her work most of the silver ore had been mined out. The inhabitants of Silverrock Town more than made up for the lost opportunity though.
As of recently Melody also takes care of the Rune Archives, the public library of Silverrock Town, as the head librarian. Because neither work is very taxing she is able to run both alongside each other and still have some free time.

Possessions: Melody lives in an apartment above the Rune Archives which belongs to Silverrock Town but is available to her free of rent, as an exchange for her work in the library - that is also where she keeps her few belongings. She also owns the bathhouse in the Mt. Silver Hotsprings which allows people to relax in the hot waters, as well as rent bathing suits, towels, brushes etc. if needed. The bathhouse is how she gets by: she trusts the townspeople and frequent visitors to deposit the entry fee even in her absence, but if tourists come around she ensures that she's there personally.

Powers & Abilities: Melody is physically quite fit due to the frequent back-and-forth between Silverrock Town and the Mt. Silver Hotsprings. She has no combat experience or supernatural abilities, but in a pinch she could probably wield a club without hurting herself.

Iza (NPC Prime)

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