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Quick Reference

Name: Aadibah
Spent OM: 5300
Consumed OM: 200 (Items)
Proficiencies: (2000); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000)
Powers (1300): Super Speed (1000), Basic Super Jumping (300)
Moves (1200): AK-47 (300) .357 Magnum (900)
Super Moves (600): Emergency Decompression (600)
Items: Communicator
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 1
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

Expanded Character Roster

Character name:


Character source:


Character history:


Aadibah is born in the year 2000 to a Muslim family in the United Arab Emirates, advances in STEM education and practically skips high school. Joins the UAE airforce at almost 19 years old, and is stationed around the middle east and even Mediterranean as only a mechanic for a few years before the city of Beirut, Lebanon is assaulted by Syrian forces and she sees combat for the first time. Word by email to an officer explains that the UAE itself has been invaded, and the garrison flies back to assist. Upon arriving, all of the country except for the city of Al Ain has been taken by an unknown entity. Upon landing, the remaining UAE military explains that they suspect the Chinese and Russians are involved. An armor and infantry convoy with civilians moves out to Saham, where the air fleet lands and explains to the local Omani garrison that Russia and China are invading. It is here that a Russian aircraft carrier attempts to lay siege to the city, but is taken by Aadibah’s troops. The combined Omani and UAE troops move further inland to the capitol of Muscat, holding up there. At some point an American fleet comes in from the East, unable to return home through the Pacific due to a Chinese blockade. They bring reports of the outbreak of World War III, and request fuel and supplies, but are denied. A deal is struck for them to help defend the city against an inevitable invasion. About a month later, the invasion comes, with combined Russian and Chinese Navy and ground infantry and armor. The city is successfully defended, but the trio of military forces is forced to move inland, abandoning their fleet and rigging them to blow. The force moves further and further inland, eventually campaigning against and defeating Syria and taking down Assad. It is at this point that no one can doubt Aadibah as the leader of a new war effort. After defeating Assad’s forces at Jordan and Israel, but before the invasion of Syria itself. Aadibah also successfully unites the Sunni and Shiite tribes, and forms a new, peaceful Islamic state after taking Syria, spanning the Arabian Peninsula. For the next year, she continues fighting encroaching Russian forces in the middle east, at some point being shot down while flying near Iran, and suddenly waking up to a being that calls itself “Omni”.
During all of this, however, Aadibah was incredibly reliant on the development and use of a power suit design that she created. During her defense of the Omani cities she initially developed a power arm and eventual skeleton that enhanced the user’s speed and strength by detecting and taking on work load and making it bearable for the user. Throughout Aadibah’s military career she continued to improve upon and build multiple suits which utilized specialized equipment for certain situations, though her initial skeletal design was her default suit for combat. Before her disappearance near the Iranian border, she was able to create a full-body armor that was powered by a miniature nuclear reactor, wielding nuclear weaponry and having its own propulsion systems. As her most advanced design yet, she code named the suit “Gabriel” and was only able to deploy it once.


Aadibah was born in the United Arab Emirates in the year 2000, to a middle class family of the Islamic faith. Her father, Faraji, was a well know architect that had designed many of the buildings in the more developed cities of the middle east, even having a slight hand in the creation of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Her mother, Jael, was a renowned public speaker on the true teachings of Allah, publicly denouncing radical militant groups in the more northern countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. Growing up, she was well educated and well travelled, having a distinct proficiency in STEM fields, also showing her prowess as a hands on engineer by being able to take apart most of the equipment (and even vehicles) in her own home, and putting them back together, most of the time working better than they did before.
One of Aadibah’s earliest conflicts was, in fact, with herself and her own fellow students. Among the other girls, she rocketed through grade school and graduated high school by 2015, and naturally this caused some hostility amongst her own peers. She was often met with jealousy and envy by her classmates, seeing her as some kind of reminder that they would never be as “perfect” as her. As such, for quite a long time she did not really have anyone she considered a “friend”.
It was not until late 2019 until Aadibah found common ground when she joined the UAE’s Airforce at almost 19 years old. The UAE’s military force had grown considerably over the years with assistance from western powers, mainly France and the United States, and her skills in engineering were utilized to their fullest. While she was allowed to join the military, being a woman Aadibah was still not allowed to fight on the front lines, and after her training at a boot camp in the UAE and finishing her military education in France, she was stationed at several locations to repair and maintain vehicles, planes, equipment, etc. These locations ranged from bases far inside the UAE’s own borders, to FOBs on the edge of the conflict in the northward countries, to aircraft carriers in the Persian and Omani Gulfs and even Mediterranean.
This career continued on for about two years, during which Aadibah’s knowledge and skills only improved further, but she never found herself in a combat situation, and barely flew a few planes. It wasn’t until a particularly hot summer in 2021 when she first saw war.
While stationed on a French battleship that had taken port at Beirut in Lebanon (which now sat near the border of Syria due to a previous Syrian campaign), the local military garrison had become rather lax and undisciplined due to the immense heat of the past few months. While the higher ranked officers tried to keep everyone’s backs straight, even they were starting to get lazy with protocol and routine checks. Aadibah was no excuse. This is when she begins to experiment with pneumatics, the first skeletal shape of a “power arm” slowly being constructed.
It was during sundown when a massive Syrian force of the Old Assad Regime laid siege to the sleeping city, catching all civilians and most military personnel by surprise. The Syrian army, while it had not been entirely eliminated, was in no condition to go on such a major offensive after their previous campaign that, while having allotted a massive chunk of former Lebanese territory, had been halved in the conflict. No one had expected them to try and take a city, especially not a port, but it was a strategically important area.
After the initial wave which tore through the outer rim of the city and eventually the suburbs with little resistance, fierce fighting began near the heavily populated center where fortifications were heavier and the military forces denser. For hours the Syrians continued their assault, and it seemed their army had almost grown over night with the amount of weapons and soldiers it possessed. During this fighting Aadibah was all over the city, her skills being required at several locations at once to repair artillery batteries, vehicles, aircraft, anything that the rest of the garrison couldn’t fix. While being shuttled around she fought for the first time, and proved to be a slow learner. Despite her obvious talent in STEM, the battlefield almost proved too much for her, rarely firing back at the enemy and staying in cover for most of the fight. Since she was infinitely more important as a mechanic than a fighter, no one else really noticed, but Aabidah had felt like she was failing in her duty. This stress eventually boiled over during an intense firefight while defending a fuel depot, where Aabidah was trapped inside a storage shed, surrounded by the enemy. She got lucky, and a squad moved past the shed without knowing she was hiding in there, and Aabidah took this opportunity to saw through seven men almost at once before ducking back behind cover.
Now bouncing back and forth between reparation and fighting, the rest of the battle was a blur for Aabidah, but when the sun rose the next day the Syrian force had been driven off. Almost all of the surviving soldiers were cleared to receive awards for the defense of the city, and Aabidah was one of the few who were to receive several for acts of bravery. However, the garrison soon realized they had celebrated too early.
Word came from the UAE, in the form of a quickly written email to an officer from his relative, reports of a massive assault force coming out of nowhere and bearing no recognizable insignia. Their weapons were incredibly powerful, and all nuclear in nature. They had first laid siege on Sir Baniyas Island, taking it within a few hours, bombarding it with a fleet of three destroyers supporting a single aircraft carrier. From there, infantry and armor was being deployed, and slaughtering everyone it came across. There were no prisoners, not even civilians. Any resistance had been swatted away like a fly, and now they were on the doorstep of a much more heavily fortified Dubai. Overnight, while Aadibah had been fiercely defending a single city, her entire country was almost overtaken, and soon to be in the hands of an unknown enemy.
Aadibah was on the first plane home with around a hundred other soldiers, planning to aid as reinforcements. However, once they had reached the UAE border, the transport fleet was almost gunned down by anti-air fire and forced to scout along the border for some kind of way in. It was only when they reached the city of Al Ain did they find friendly forces and were able to land.
The remaining UAE army was in tatters, still defending against the encroaching enemy, consisting of not only native Arabs but American, French, and even some British troops. As far as they were concerned, they were the only survivors from the whole country. Aadibah was unable to find her parents or hear anything of their fate.
The soldiers reported that while they couldn’t initially identify what entity was attacking them, they eventually realized that there were two languages spoken by the enemy that everyone recognized immediately: Russian and Chinese. It was obvious the UAE was being assaulted so fast and hard, while killing off even civilians, as an effort to mask the identity of their militaries. They also reported that the first things to go in the assault were any and all aircraft as well as any long range communication devices they could hit first. Scouts had also seen soldiers operating oil rigs and platforms.
Deciding that the country was lost, the remnants of the UAE military and its citizens fled into the country side of Oman, agreeing to meet with the air force at Saham.
Both parties move through the deserted roads of Oman, one of the many oil producing states in the Arabian peninsula to have been destabilized economically due to a terrorist group (in actuality were Russian and Chinese special operations units disguised as a terrorist cell) sabotaging oil reserves. They move through uncontested, the air fleet eventually landing at a small airfield in Saham. Aadibah then explains to the local Oman military garrison that the UAE has been invaded, and they suspect the Russians and Chinese to be the culprits.
Just as the highest ranking officer on base is able to send out a message to the capitol, a tower reports an aircraft carrier lacking any insignia coming from the north on the gulf.
Aadibah and her group agree to help defend Saham against the impending assault, and set up defenses with their own armor and infantry, launching a few of their own aircraft at the battle ship. With the combined desperation of the Omani and UAE troops as well as superior strategy on Aadibah’s part (nobody really knows how she became the leader of the group at this point, some speculate that with the collapse in any formal military structure everyone saw her as the most capable) they succeed in taking the destroyer as well as several prisoners, although to the loss of three of their aircraft and around fifty soldiers. It was also in this battle that Aadibah first made use of her power-arm in the field, lifting an LAV off of one of her friends.
Now with around 700 soldiers, a rather smaller sized aircraft carrier, their own aircraft and armor, as well as weapons and ammunition, Aadibah’s band of ex-UAE soldiers sailed along the shore of Oman, keeping watch over the citizens and military of Saham moving further inland to the capitol city of Muscat.
Upon arriving, Aadibah’s ship docks at a harbor and they are met by new Sultan of Oman, Haytham bin Tariq. He informs the party that word has been spread around the globe of the recent assault, and allies in the western world as well as in the middle east are mobilizing forces. It occurs to everyone that the entire world is teetering on the edge of a third world war.
Here, Aadibah and her troops are able to rest for the first time in over a week, sleeping for almost half a day before attending meetings with the heads of the Omani government and military. There is obvious stress and distrust against former UAE soldiers, but that is eventually quelled when Aadibah explains that, even if her soldiers tried something, they would be easily outgunned and out manned by the Omani military. Of course, this was a lie, since taking the carrier also meant the capture of nuclear weaponry for their own use.
During these discussions, however, a much larger fleet than the one that attacked the UAE is seen offshore. They are confirmed to be American ships, one of which is allowed to dock at the Muscat port. Here an American officer informs the Aadibah and Omani troops that fighting has broken out not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. The state of Alaska has been taken by a North Korean invasion, and Russia has taken half of Ukraine’s territory. China has also invaded Japan and South Korea, supported by North Korea. The Syrian army has taken the remaining territory of Lebanon, and is now moving into Israel and Jordan. Turkey is currently mobilizing a massive invasion force for Syria. In the United States, a force of almost a thousand sleeper cell garrisons of radical Islamic factions have started a massive internal war, resulting in white supremacist groups calling a race war and slaughtering non-whites. This has almost crippled the American military, and the current fleet docked at Muscat was forced to flee west due to a Chinese blockade to the east. They are currently trying to make their way back to America, but require fuel to make the journey. Naturally, the Sultan of Oman is reluctant to give up what little fuel they have, and strikes a deal with the American fleet. If they remain at Oman and helped defend against the inevitable invasion from the Russian and Chinese fleet, they will be given the necessary resources to move on. The Americans agree, and the fleet blockades Muscat.
It is during this month long wait that Aabidah’s time is spent speculating as to why Russia and China are moving in on other oil states whose reserves are completely useless, and further development of her first power-suit continues. She eventually makes a breakthrough, designing and building a fully functional suit that can enhance the user’s strength by detecting work load and using pneumatic systems to bring it down to something the user can handle. Technicalities aside, Aadibah recognizes the immense value as well as danger of having tech like this, and thus keeps it a secret.
Much debate is also had and hostilities between the Americans, Omanis, and Aadibah soldiers grow. This tension eventually boils over in a fist fight during a meeting between Aadibah and an American officer, who expresses his distrust for her and her garrison.
However these tensions are soon settled when, eventually, a Russian and Chinese fleet, now bolstered with two more cruisers, is spotted far off shore. Now, with enough time to prepare defenses and with a much larger military garrison, everyone’s hopes are up and a moral boost is evident.
The fleet attacks at sundown, laying siege to the ports and American fleet. At first fire is simply exchanged between the ships, but infantry and armor soon moves in from the north by land. Just like Beirut, Aadibah is defending on all fronts for a whole night, even utilizing her power suit and becoming a powerful asset on the battlefield.
While the Russians and Chinese both have nuclear weapons, the superior tactical and strategic maneuvering of the desperate trio wins out, and by noon the next day the invasion force pulls out.
Despite the major victory, Muscat has pretty much been obliterated, and each country has lost considerable numbers. If the enemy was to invade again, there was no doubt they would lose. The Omani government is unable to fulfill its promise to the American fleet, but fortunately this is met with understanding and mutual agreement.
It is here that everyone agrees there is only one course of action that can be taken: Move inland. Aadibah and the Americans abandon what remains of their fleet, stripping the ships of everything they can, and rigging them to blow like a massive minefield.
Soon the civilians and soldiers of America, Muscat, and the UAE head out in a massive convoy to the capitol of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Like Oman, terrorist attacks had sabotaged their oil reserves, and the massive force was largely uncontested as they moved through the land, save for the local tribes.
It is at this point that the most celebrated section of Aadibah’s history occurs, and due to the length will be summarized almost to a fault. After the siege of Riyadh, which was caused for unknown reasons, she lead a campaign northward into the Syrian army, pushing it out of Jordan and Israel. Before moving further into Syria, Aadbiah falls back into her own territory to settle fighting between the many Muslim tribes, even ending the long war between the Sunnis and Shiites. Now, with an almost doubled military force of soldiers loyal to her cause, she moved back into Syria, eventually overthrowing Assad. Israel and Jordan agreed to join her new state, and soon every country on the Arabian peninsula fell under her leadership. Aadibah named this new state New Arabia, and continued fighting against Russian forces in the north until a year later, where a transport aircraft was shot down near the Iranian border.
During this time Aadibah continued her development of more and more advanced power suits, almost always wearing a basic skeleton for fighting on the front. She designed many suits that specialized in certain situations and jobs, not all for military purposes. Her most advanced design was built almost a week before her disappearance, a full-body armor powered by a miniature nuclear reactor, codenamed “Gabriel”. It only saw action once, sieging and taking an entire city in only a few hours.
It is when Aadibah’s last memories of her own world are of screaming soldiers, a searing heat, rushing air, unable to breathe or do anything to save herself or those under her command, that she suddenly wakes up, to a strange creature that names himself “Omni.”


Aadibah is the unholy alliance of cold, calculating logic and passion fueled by faith. Blunt, unforgiving, stubborn, but also fiercely determined and loyal to a fault to those that prove themselves to her. She is guided by barely contained emotion, often becoming entirely invested in a goal, no matter how minor. Aadibah holds herself with an air of intensity and fierceness that proves either frightening or empowering for others. In combat, this provides her with an incredible advantage as she meets any enemy like a train. Never fooling around with chit-chat or hesitating to strike, Aadibah hits hard and hits fast, and leaves a trail of pain in her wake.
Digging deeper, however, reveals fear. Akin to the poles, with one extreme of overconfidence comes the other extreme of insecurity, self-loathing, anxiety, depression, the whole works. When Aadibah fails, even with minor everyday routines, her mind becomes a box. Inside she can fester for weeks without letting anyone know, before something pulls her back out again. This is usually the actions of another person.
Sticking with this theme, Aadibah has many routines and rituals, a good half of which come from her Islamic faith. While she has been forced to sacrifice many fundamental behaviors of her religion, she still tries hard to maintain as many of its dictations as possible.

Physical Description: (originals only)

Modelled off this woman:
[Image: afghan-girl-portrait-article-phot-127438-in.jpg]

Except hair is kept cut short at neck length, and left (her left) front tooth is chipped. Has a scar running from collar bone, up the neck, ending at her left ear.
Came into the Omniverse wearing old and worn out military fatigues, sand brown keffiyeh around her neck, typical modern helmet with fish netting holding notes with prayers written on them. Her boots are wrapped in duck tape and stitched together. Olive drab cargo pants and jacket have numerous holes and burns, jacket is almost always zipped up. Only has a dirty olive drab short sleeved shirt over white tank top underneath jacket. Sleeves of jacket are typically rolled up. Has elbow and knee pads and shin guards made of tough artificial leather. Usually wears a sand brown ammunition vest over her jacket, along with a military backpack. Dirty brown gloves with the fingers cut off, and thick padding on the knuckles. She is incredibly physically fit, and can almost be described as “manly”. 6 feet tall, roughly 200 pounds.
Concerning the power-suit, the typical exo-skeleton or "travelling suit" that Aadibah wears is compact enough to sit under neath her first layer of clothing.

Physical Appearance of the suit

When viewing the power-suit on the body, pneumatic pistons and "gears" are place along the body at joints. Specifically Aadibah's travelling suit has a pneumatic piston that can extend on the inside of the armpits, back of the knees, back of the hand on the wrists, and on the front of the feet from the shin to the top of each foot. At the same joints, pneumatic “gears” are place on the inside as a means of applying force in the opposite direction the extending pistons provide. This system essentially forces the arms and legs to move up, down, forward, and backward when the user’s own muscles take on a work load. In Aadibah’s travelling suit, however, she does not have pneumatic “gloves” that amplify the strength of the fingers. In order to displace any pressure a user may encounter that would normally snap their limbs in have, solid metal rods also run along the arms and legs, connected by the systems at the joints. This are designed specifically to displace pressure into the ground as much as possible. As such, Aadibah can typically take on greater weights if she is lifting something properly, putting the pressure into her legs, straightening her back, etc. Lifting anything with only her arms or back typically means less ability. Along the spine, chest, stomach, and in a sort of collar around the neck, smaller unpowered hydraulic pistons are positioned so as to keep those parts of the body from being damaged under too much pressure. Along the lower legs and lower arms there are also similar hydraulic pistons to take in sudden shock.


ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 3
TEC: 1


While Aadibah technically has the strength to break through concrete, unless she has something to displace the shock energy going into back into her own body, she is still as malleable as any other human being. Typically, against the body of an opponent or a softer substance, this isn’t as big of a problem, but when facing armor or shielding herself from blows, physics still happens. Even with stopping a melee attack with enough inertia behind it can hurt her without actually having to land the hit on her own body.


While the suit itself is incredibly durable, Aadibah is still human. The above details still apply to her when taking damage. Still, Aadibah was a soldier, and can take a hit.


While Aadibah can travel at incredible speeds when running (more details with Super Speed power), her body, when moving with only air resistance, such as dodging in a fight or blocking a melee attack, moves at normal speed. Since no work load is being detected, the systems do not activate. Reaction time is also around the same as a typical human being with extensive combat experience.


Despite being trained the military, a long period of time with zero combat and then becoming reliant on a performance enhancing power-suit means Aadibah’s “skill” as a fighter has diminished. Her technique is that of a brawler or berserker, preferring to throw herself at the enemy guns blazing rather than coordinating with her own troops. Of course, with enhanced strength and speed beyond that of normal humans, this style is still somewhat viable. In short, she is an amazing strategist, but a terrible tactician.

Starting Proficiencies:

Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency. -2000 OM

Physical Strength

Aadibah’s strength is most often enhanced due to her Exo-skeletal power suit. Technically, the suit is designed to detect work load, and use pneumatic pistons and other systems to take on as much of the work load as possible, bringing it to something the user can handle. Appearance wise, Aadibah’s usual “travelling” suit looks like a skeleton running along her body, and is hidden under clothing.

Starting Powers:

Super Speed, Basic Super Jumping. -1300 OM

Super Speed

Working off the same technicalities for enhanced strength, the suit will detect force being exerted by the legs into the ground, and will operate as such to take on the work load. This results in the user running almost as if they are leaping forward 10 meters with each step, rather than the legs themselves moving incredibly fast.

Super Jumping

The ability to leap much higher into the air than the average human comes from the same effect that allows super speed.
Another drawback with the suit concerning height, however, is that while the suit would be fine going from terminal velocity to zero in an instant after a long fall, the internal organs of the user would not be. While the suit can still displace a lot of the energy from a fall, certain heights can and will harm Aadibah to varying degrees.

Starting Moves:

Stock AK-47. -300 OM


Quite literally just firing her AK-47 assault rifle. Always full-automatic. No attachments or modifications. Balances rate of fire with damage per round. The automatic rifle is typically hanging at the hip from an over-the-shoulder strap.

Tier 1 Super Move, Utility, “Emergency Depressurization”

Aadibah expels compressed and heated gasses from her pneumatic systems, almost releasing a thick opaque cloud of gas in a radius of seven meters. Anyone with regular human-like vision cannot see anything past three meters, only silhouettes at two meters, and have fuzzy vision at one meter. This effect on visibility lasts five minutes, and for 45 seconds after use Aadibah’s stats are halved while the suit re-pressurizes. Powers and Powered Throw/Leverage are disabled during re-pressurization. -600 OM

Halved Stats

After expelling the pressure that allowed Aadibah’s suit to enhance her strength and speed, the suit no longer has the “fuel” necessary to do so. Its only capabilities until it can re-pressurize are eliminating its own weight.


Communicator. -200 OM
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

Body-Movement-Coercion-Suit UPdate

Aadibah’s suit is a “cage” that sits on her entire body. Extending pneumatic pistons are affixed to bracers on the arm/elbow-pits and backs of the knees, while pneumatic gears sit on the inside of the elbows, the shoulder blades and insides of the legs at the knees. There are also pneumatic gears at the sides of the hips, and an articulable extending piston between the legs just under the crotch. Metal braces run between joints, and provide a sort of “cage” that forces the body to move when the user’s muscles can’t. On the back, a sort of articulating spine of extending pistons are unpowered and simply prevent the user from bending over too much, forward or backward (the pretty much function like supped-up door stops). It also helps prevent the spine from being crushed by taking on weight. With the chest, stomach, and hips, a sort of web of straps and pneumatic bracing pistons like on the spine sits on top, allowing hoses to travel from the compressor on her back to the legs. On her back, the two helical rotors for air compression sit on one side of the spine, the separator tank and cooling tank on the other. Both sit on plates that contain batteries, and are enclosed in cylindrical armored tanks lined with sound dampening foam. Both are around 19 inches long, her own torso at 20 inches. The rotor tank has an inlet valve and filter on the bottom, and a hose and filter run from the rotor to the separator, with a hose running from the bottom of the separator tank, through a coolant chamber, and back into the rotor tank. Both tanks stick about six inches out, and are six inches wide, with pneumatic braces between them. However, the ankles and wrists are where the cage ends, and extending forks (like on a fork lift) can be attached to the top or bottom of the forearm to prevent the wrist from breaking, as well as metal gloves with cushioning foam to prevent the hands from being damaged by pressure. The ankles have only solid, calf high boots that completely reduce any movement to prevent damage that can be worn in place of standard boots. The suit can only sit under a user’s first layer of clothing, and a small pack sits on the buttocks in the back. A forearm mounted touch pad on the left arm with a simplified interface allows access to an on board computer, able to read pressure and display it, take in commands, etc. Hoses run all along the body, flat against the skin, and are a major weak point if they can be cut.
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

Connor Hound
Considered by Aadibah to be her first and currently only friend in the Omniverse. Would most likely side with him in a conflict.

Somerled Murdoch
Aadibah is unsure about how she feels about him. Considered non-hostile but still wary of him.
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

History Update

At some point in Aadibah's earlier days as a military commander, she appointed a man named Taavetti as her head tactician. The soldier recognized her prowess in big picture strategy, planning out big movements and where the army should strike next and where it should plan to defend. However, in the field during engagements, it was evident that she lacked any significant ability to coordinate the specifics of combat. Taavetti therefore accompanied her on most of her personal involvement in the field, serving as both a second-in-command as well as her own commanding officer in tactical movements.
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

Dingo Squad of Carrefore (Secondary NPC Submission)

Note - Approved by Alex

Dingo Squad is the main Sandtrooper squad currently stationed at Carrefore. There are other squads stationed there as well, but Dingo has been there the longest and they are the most experienced Imperial force deployed in the region as well as the most trusted by the locals.
Among the rest of the white armored, faceless battalions of Stormtroopers, the soldiers at Carrefore are significantly more characterized. Most have lost at least one piece of armor, and their black jump suits and white plates are stained and dirty. For pieces of missing armor, plates or iron or steel are strapped on instead. Their weapons are also more varied, blasters having long since fallen into disrepair. Melee and projectile weapons now make up a good section of their arsenal.
Dingo Squad’s combat behavior involves heavily taking advantage of the surrounding desert terrain. They know the lay of the land around Carrefore, and more often than not will opt to employ guerilla warfare by popping in and out of the dunes and brush, raiding an enemy, and then sinking back into the sand when it feels like the fight isn’t going their way. When the situation calls for it, however, they are perfectly ready to call upon the aid of the rest of the imperial garrison in a large pitched battle. Even here, the team is able to coordinate with each other and other troopers in order to effectively take advantage of the terrain and elements to eliminate threats to Carrefore.

Gary (GR-3851) – The leader of Dingo squad. Brunt, brutally honest, loud and in your face both in social and combat contexts. He is an experienced and wise tactician, knowing each member of his squad personally with all of their strengths and weaknesses, including his own. While at first only concerned about his paycheck (being a volunteer trooper), Gary has grown to become extremely protective of the town and its people.
Gary wields the standard issue E-11 blaster rifle, his sidearm being a Colt-1911. His melee weapon is a military trowel.
Gary is around six feet tall, with a face and body type akin to Batman in the one special where he beat Superman.

Shana (IT-7036) – Dingo squad’s marksman. Extremely skilled with most long ranged firearms and blasters, and is even a little handy with more primitive weapons like bows and slings. While quiet and reserved on the surface, opting to follow Gary’s orders more often than questioning them, Shana retains a dry sense of humor and cocky attitude with her skill. She’s usually making witty and sarcastic remarks under her breath.
Shana’s main rifle is a DLT-19 heavy blaster with scope and bipod attachments. Her secondary is used just as often, being a Mandalorian assault rifle. Her melee weapon is a steel kukri knife, as well as a bone boomerang.
Shana is around five and a half feet tall, with a more slender figure. Her face and body are reminiscent of Tracer from Overwatch.

Tony (YB-5533) – Dingo squad’s demolitions and explosives expert, his personality reflects his preferred style of dealing with enemies: Blow up everything. Loud and rambunctious, he can usually be found at Rick’s Café Amercain both keeping watch and having more than a few drinks himself. Tony also holds a softer spot for children and younger kids, often paying visits to families to say hi and watch their kids while the adults work. He will also reprimand anyone who uses foul language around children and often prescribes the death penalty for those who intentionally harm them.
Tony has two primaries, his Z50 grenade launcher and his MP5 submachine gun. He also has an RPS-6 rocket launcher, RPG-7, and M41 SPNKR, with several rounds for each. He also has a belt of grenades with various functions, from EMP, to frag, to flashbang, as well as timed and triggered explosives he can put in his rucksack. Most of the time Tony will only carry on him his Z50, MP5, and combat knife, but for larger engagements will load himself with explosives as well as arm others with his own weapons. Tony is also one of the few troopers that still has a full suit of armor, most theorizing that in combat no one wants to shoot him for fear of being caught in the blast radius.
Tony is around six foot-five and a half feet tall and his appearance is similar to Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

Rose (HG-8790) – Having damaged her vocal cords in a fire back in Coruscant, Rose was forced to communicate in sign language. Naturally, being significantly less useful on the battlefield in the eyes of the Empire, she was shipped off to Carrefore, the higher ups not wanting to cause an uproar amongst the ranks by getting rid of someone who was seen as a war hero but also not wanting to deal with a disabled soldier. Here, her skill as a technical genius with computers, programming, and electronic hardware found difficulty in flourishing. However her uncanny ability to almost instantaneously decode and understand most spoken and unspoken languages, as well as decode communication encryptions faster than any other stationed trooper, earned her a spot on Gary’s squad. Despite her lack of speaking ability, Rose is incredibly friendly and even a bit of a social butterfly, seeking to make friends quickly with newcomers and more often than not suggesting peaceful solutions to enemy engagements.
Rose’s arsenal only consists of the same standard issue blaster as Gary, her sidearm being a simple blaster pistol of unknown make and model, her melee weapon uncharacteristically a steel one-handed war hammer. While not so heavily armed, and not nearly as skilled in combat or hand-to-hand melee as the other members, Rose has shown her proficiency in psychology. She has been able to consistently predict enemy movements and plans simply through reasonable deduction, thanks to her understanding of communication and language giving her insight into the human (and even non-human) psyche. Rose also carries on her a long range radio-pack.
Rose is somewhere around four and a half feet tall, her appearance and stature similar to Neapolitan from RWBY, except with green eyes instead of a pink eye and chocolate brown eye.

Kurt (BK-3333) – A mountain of a man, Kirk contrasts his incredible size and lack of technical knowledge with his philosophical and gentle nature. Not much is known about his past, being the most recent addition, other than that he was shipped to Carrefore after “something big” happened. Kurt is never afraid to speak his mind, often clashing with Gary with the direction the squad should go. As such he acts as an unofficial second-in-command to the squad. Kurt also doubles a field medic and surgeon, with a surprisingly thorough education in medicine and apparently extensive experience in first aid.
Kurt has a full suit of extremely durable armor, being able to wade through a hail of gun and blaster fire without a scratch, and has even survived explosions from grenades, small missiles, and mines. In combat he will arm himself with one of his only three weapons: a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, an M247H heavy machine gun, or an XM214 minigun.
Kurt is over seven feet tall, with an appearance likened to Andre the Giant.

All troopers are physically fit, with their hair either cut incredibly short or shaved off completely, so much so that color cannot be discerned.

I was hoping to use this squad in the Starpiece quest that came up in the Endless Dunes. They would only help Aadibah fight other NPCs, and I do have a motivation planned out to explain why they are looking for the Starpiece with Aadibah. I do not plan to use these against another PC.
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

.357 Magnum - 900 OM

Requires Ranged Proficiency, Physical Strength Proficiency

Aadibah simply fires her scavenged .357 magnum, with six shots before a full or partial reload is required. It is a revolver, so a full clip/magazine is not necessary for reload. Can also be used as an improvised melee weapon. Aadibah will typically use whatever kind of .357 ammunition she can find, and can produce some using Omnilium if needed but only outside of battle. Aadibah can "fan the hammer" (holding down the trigger while repeatedly pulling back and releasing the hammer of a revolver in order to release a flurry of shots), but this sacrifices a great deal of accuracy for the sake of rapid fire. A single shot hits harder than one of her AK-47 rounds, are more accurate at close to medium-range, and are usually hollow point rounds since those are most common to come across and easy to produce with Omnilium. Fully reloading can take as little as thirty seconds, provided she has nothing effecting her dexterity, but she has the option of reloading only a few rounds if pressed for time.
Such terror you are facing
Isn't it wonderful?

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