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Harry Dresden

Name: Harry Dresden
Spent OM: 18000
Powers: (1600) | Telekinesis (400), Stealth (1200)
Proficiencies: (4600) | Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialize Proficiency (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400)
Moves: (3000) | Wizard's Staff (300), Blasting Rod (300), Shield Bracelet (300), Soulfire Forzare (300), Soulfire Fuego (300), Forzare (300), Infriga (300), Infriga, Forzare (300), Dirty Harry Revolver (300), Defendarius (300).
Super Moves: (2800) | Pyrofuego (600), Soulfire Defendarius (600), Arctispinae (800), Glacivallare (800)
Transformations: (1000) | Winter Knight's Mantle (1000)
Assists (0):
Items: Communicator (500), Spiritual Attunement (500), Spiritual Enlightenment (500)
Consumed OM (4000); 3000 (Items), 1000 (Base)
Bases: Edinburgh, located circa Minas Tirith, in neighboring mountain. Ruins are former base for the Diablo side of the past conflict. Base is located beneath ruins. Read this thread for more detail.
Unlocks (1000); Stat Upgrade I (1000)
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 3
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

The Need-to-Know: Just a few things that I feel need stating about the way Harry operates. Subject to editing later.

True Naming: Harry is used to names having a lot of power over the person they belong to, so it's rare for him to give out his full name of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.

Hellfire: A power Harry doesn't have anymore, the fires of destruction and main source of power for the Fallen Angels and those they attempt to corrupt. The shadow of Harry's fallen angel passenger was burned out of his mind, and took access to Hellfire with her.

Soulfire: The Fires of Creation, as well as the essence of the human soul. Access to this power means Harry blends his own Soul into his magic, though his access is heavily restricted here in the Omniverse.

Incantations: It will be quickly noticed that Harry's spells are cast in bastardized Latin and Spanish. This is because Harry's magic uses words to represent important parts of spell constructs, and having them in his native language or any language he actually spoke would run the risk of activating the spells improperly any time he mentioned the trigger word; E.X. things catching fire if he said "fire".

Winter Knight: The name for the appointed mortal representative of the Winter Court, also known as Unseelie Fae. Basically Mab's hitman in the mortal world. Dresden only took this job to save his daughter, and only because his other options were taking up Lasciel's coin or striking deals with actual demons. What this means is that, should Queen Mab show up in the Omniverse, Harry would be subject to her authority, but their relationship is rather complicated in reality and hardly ever that simple. In particular, his position as Warden of Demonreach keeps her from trying to compel him directly. Rather, she prefers to arrange it so that circumstance does it for her.

Demonreach: An island prison for some of the nastiest things known to mankind, located in the middle of Chicago's Lake Michigan. Raised from the earth by the first Merlin, who is for some reason named Merlin, this prison has stood since at least before the Dark Ages. Harry performed a Sanctum Invocation to gain an advantage against some bad guys on the island, inadvertently taking up the position as the prison's Warden.

Bob: A spirit of knowledge housed in a human skull that Harry normally keeps in his lab. Top secret. Bob is loyal to whoever holds the skull, but not necessarily helpful. Harry's the one who gave him his name, which gives him a small measure of authority over Bob when nobody is touching the skull. The extent of this is limited to letting Bob out of the skull and asking him questions. He's under orders to let anyone who doesn't know about him think he is an ordinary skull.
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

Harry's Spellbook: It's not an actual book, but this is where I'll keep descriptions of all of Harry's stuff. Spells are listed under the instruments they are dependent on.

Dirty Harry Revolver (Requires Ranged Proficiency) (300): This is a Smith and Wesson Model 29, with the long barrel. It's less a handgun and more a hand cannon. Harry's gun is almost exactly like the one featured in the old Clint Eastwood movies. The gun holds six .44 caliber bullets and is effective at short-to-medium range. It has the advantage of not requiring any magic to get going, and it's resilient enough that Harry doesn't hex it into uselessness by being nearby.

Wizard's Staff: This is one of Harry's primary tools. In addition to being used for magic spells, it's decent at being used to whack people upside the head.
  • Forzare (300) [Requires Ranged, Ranged Materialize, and Remote Control Proficiencies] [Requires Telekinesis]: Harry uses his staff to create and control a sphere of force, which distorts the area around it with a slight heat haze. The sphere is hardened energy, and Harry can create and move it anywhere in the range of his telekinesis. He does need to have his left hand, with his staff, unrestrained in order to direct the sphere. This move cannot exceed Harry's telekinesis range, and it cannot be utilized beyond a distance of five feet away from Harry without his staff, due to his lack of finite control without the instrument's aid. The sphere can, however, be utilized much more freely than any of Harry's Soulfire spells. He can maintain the sphere over a long duration, or manifest new ones as the situation demands. He is, however, limited to one at a time.

  • Soulfire Forzare : By infusing his force of will with a bit of his soul from around the area of his right hand, Harry creates a spectral hand made of the cold-burning Soulfire, the power of creation he's been able to tap into since loss of his Hellfire. The hand is approximately the size of Harry's torso, and Harry can utilize the construct to grasp an opponent and attempt to hold them in place. However, Soulfire is dangerous to utilize for extended periods, and Harry can only maintain this particular construct for about a minute at a time, though it uses so little Soulfire that he is able to activate it again within another minute of waiting. He cannot cast other spells while maintaining the Soulfire construct, and the hand itself does no damage; Soulfire is the power of creation, not destruction.

  • Infriga, Forzare (Requires Ranged Attack Proficiency) (300 OM): Actually two spells used to achieve one purpose; Harry uses Infriga to create a soccer-ball sized sphere of ice on the end of his staff before using Forzare to propel it forward. The result is a soccer-ball sized hailstone firing forward at high speed with all the kinetic energy that implies. Its effectiveness depends on how well Harry can aim it, but this is not a very energy-intensive spell and it can be used fairly quickly in succession.

Blasting Rod: Harry's second tool, this foot-long, rune-carved rod of ash smells lightly of wood smoke. Its main purpose is to channel the power of fire, through the incantation Fuego. This spell fires a blast of flame two feet wide out to a distance of ten feet. Harry doesn't have much control over the flame; it acts like natural fire when the magic propelling it runs out.
  • Soulfire Fuego: (300) By infusing his default fire spell with Soulfire, Harry condenses the fire further into a thin, white-hot beam three inches across that can reach a much longer distance of fifty feet, which can be maintained for around four seconds before dissipating. The amount of Soulfire involved is almost negligible, allowing Harry to utilize the spell with only a little more effort than a normal Fuego, though he still needs to be wary of using too much of his soul to power his magic. Harry can't utilize this spell more than once in any given fourty-five second period. Like Fuego, the flames Harry creates behave like regular fire only after the magic ceases; they will spread across flammable surfaces only after the beam dissipates.

  • Pyrofuego (Tier 1 Offensive Super Move) (800): This is Harry's default spell when he really needs to obliterate something. He gathers his energy and unleashes it through his blasting rod in a massive blast of flame. This spell doesn't really focus on accuracy so much as mass and volume. It practically epitomizes Harry's specialty in magic; massive amount of energy converted into something quick and dirty. The blast has been known to launch targets through multiple buildings if they take the entirety of it. That's if they aren't ash at the end of the spell.

Shield Bracelet: The last of the tools Harry had on him when he was pulled into the Omniverse, his bracelet needs no incantation, instead working on pure will. The five shields, made of various metals, focus Harry's willpower into a protective shield. The nature of the Omniverse has limited it to a disk with three feet in diameter.

Defendarius (Requires Area Shield Proficiency) (300OM): Harry can utilize a shield spell without his bracelet. This spell is slower to cast and slightly less resilient to damage than his bracelet-focused disk, but it can create a curved dome of force around Harry, protecting him from much larger attacks than the bracelet in exchange for higher energy consumption. While shielded, Harry is limited to moving at a slow walk and cannot cast other spells, due to needing to maintain his focus on the shield's spell construct rather than channeling energy into a preconfigured focus.

Soulfire Defendarius (T1 Super Defense, 600OM): By pushing Soulfire into his basic Defendarius spell, Harry can create a short-lived shield with a much higher level of protection than his normal Defendarius. By front-loading the Soulfire into the spell, Harry expends a constant amount of energy each time he casts it, and it can block a certain amount of damage, as opposed to having to feed the shield constantly.

Infriga (Requires Ranged Materialize, Remote Control, and Debuff Proficiencies) (300OM): This spell can be used without a focus. When so employed, Harry creates a small cloud of fog nearby; the cloud is a 3-foot cube. The fog freezes into a solid block of ice on command, no faster than a second after its creation and no slower than six seconds after its creation. The fog is stationary; it's a visual manifestation of Harry's magic, not an actual bank of fog, and so it is unaffected by high winds. When the freeze is triggered it completes instantly. The ice lasts for ten seconds or until shattered, and shattering the ice does not harm the contents of the block.

Arctispinae (T2 Super Attack, 800OM): Harry gathers moisture in the air before flash-freezing it into spines and propelling it outward. The spell is a combination of wind magic and ice magic, and the spines are all aimed at a single target. Each spine is relatively small, about the size of an arrow, but the spell produces about 200 of them, all angled towards the same person.

Glacivallare (T2 Super Defense, 800OM): Harry conjures a five-foot-thick wall of Winter ice up to ten feet high and ten feet wide. The Fae ice is highly resistant to damage, even from fire, but it melts away on its own after a short time. This spell fills whatever space is available to it, up to its maximum size, so Harry can still cast it inside confined spaces.

Communicator: This item takes the form of a small black rock, roughly the size of a cell phone. The obsidian is covered in runes, and the device can be activated to communicate both with other devices of its kind and, because Omnilium, any communication device Harry has attuned it to.

Winter Knight's Mantle (T1 Power-Up): Harry gained the power of the Winter Knight from Queen Mab, prior to being pulled into the Omniverse. The Knight's Mantle allows Harry to greatly increase his capabilities both physically and magically, but does nothing for his mental capabilities. The Mantle is also very instinctive and violent in nature, and it's a struggle for Harry to keep it in check, though it doesn't have as much power over him as it normally would have due to his distance from the Winter Court in the Omniverse.
ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +2
[Image: u17lb3R.gif]

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