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Morene Fellon

Name: Morene Fellon
Spent OM: 13,600
Consumed OM: 0
Proficiencies (2600): Physical Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000) Homing Proficiency (600)
Powers (2600): Flight (1800) Burst Movement (800)
Moves (3900): "Temperance" Rifle Hybrid (600), "Judgement" Shortsword (300), "Circuit-Maker" Grappling Cables (300), "Moonriser" Seismic Poleaxe (900), "Galvanus" Magnetic Greatsword (900), "Vortex" Wrist-Mounted Minigun Gauntlet (600), "Exhalter" Light Machine Gun (300)
Super Moves (800): Perfect Parry (800)
Items: "Mobile Dataverse Device" (100)
Unlocks: (3000) First Stat Upgrade (1000), Second Stat Upgrade (2000)
Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 4 (Stat Upgrade II)
SPD: 2 (Stat Upgrade I)
TEC: 4


Morene Fellon




Born on the planet Teria at the height of it's industrial age within the continent now known as the Union, Morene was of the many descendants to the Fellon family bloodline, previously renowned (or infamous, depending on who you ask,) for their previous peasant-led rebellions and master thievery on the Augardian Isles. Successfully assassinating the arguably corrupt King Lithaneo, the Fellon family quickly faded into obscurity as the industrial age came along, more magicka was being put into use, and more admittedly impressive stories were there to tell.

Going through Union gradeschool, Morene occassionally got recognized by the painfully rare history nut here and there, mostly being recognized due to one of her great grandmother's achievements,  but otherwise lived a normal life with loving and supportive parents, her father being a Union architect always out on business trips, and her mother being a Union military lieutenant. Spoiled, Morene spent many hours being inspired by her father's toolboxes, her mother's weapon cases, and more importantly, an undying wanderlust gained from reading a few too many fantasy-based tomes of heroics and playing far too many interactive mediums of entertainment.

Upon graduating, Morene took it upon herself fly away back into the heartlands of Auguard with no more than her parents' slight nods in permission, in hopes to find purpose, or... well, anything really. Landing in the scarred soils of the continent itself, the woman went around local areas doing freelance detective and 'police' work, her general attitude of 'do first, ask questions later' landing her quite a bit of coin. Not enough to sustain herself, for sure, but it was a start, and allowed her very rank-amateur weapon skills to hone itself.

In a year's time, Morene eventually took upon a case whereas she tracked a murderer out on an open field outside of a small suburban town, eventually finding herself lost. Wandering for hours, the vigilante wannabe and honest mercenary at this point came to a small province seemingly separated from the rest of Auguard's numerous cities and kingdoms. Long story short, the town itself was split upon two rival families, clans if you will, one of which that seemed more modest than their bitter enemies. Of course, the 'modest' ones tricked Morene into accomplishing what seemed to be somewhat menial tasks, such as acquiring strange artifacts and scouting out some information in order to, in reality, fill out a hit-list on the rival clansmen.

At this point, the clan leader Morene had previously worked for drove her out of the town, sending many a guardsmen out to end her life if need be. Fleeing from the terrible sight of marauding and pillaging that she had indirectly caused, Morene Fellon had lost her chasers, but similarly loosing herself in a dense, dark forest. The woodland area seemed like no other, and by the time night dawned upon her standing upon Teria's surface, she soon realized why.   As she walked, a chilling silence and even worse winds froze her mind and toes respectively, wading through the strange burst of sudden snowfall. As her vision became no more than mere blackness bar from a few feet in front of her, the woman had begun seeing things at every corner of every tree, not knowing whether or not she was still being pursued, or something worse. After a terrible encounter with a phantom, Morene ran even further into the cursed woods, cold swampland marshes at her feet.

After a terrible encounter with a phantom, Morene ran even further into the cursed woods, cold swampland marshes at her feet.  Looking upon a sign by morn after the long, unholy night of survival, Morene Fellon quickly realized she was in a strange land that had since been wiped off the maps of every satellite and navigator; she was in the chaos-infused lands of Creedmoor, home of the Sleeping God Ark'maer. 

10 years, longer than our own, passed since her arrival. As Morene developed her knowledge and skill of the art of war, she also became wiser to the forces that be; especially in regard to the undead. After many trials and tribulations, the woman used her previous knowledge of smithing, weapons mastery and engineering to alter her body to fit the perfect suit of armor; a knight-errant fitting to counter the unspeakable evils that lie within the cursed peninsula of Creedmoor, whether it be the flesh-tearing Waning Ones, the blood-sucking Van'giir, and any other daemons that threatened the few true sentient creatures that lived in the soil long since corroded with blood.

Before truly encountering the vampiric forces of the Van'giir knochten and their stronghold, Morene had learned from a few wandering cultists of Ark'maer of a man who had gotten extremely close in being embraced in the presence of Ark'maer himself. The huntress was told that Ark'maer himself, the sleeping god of space and time, was the primary reason Creedmoor itself had existed with it's potent magical barrier. Trapped by other divine beings, Ark'maer himself was locked in the heart of the haunted lands, and one man was eerily close to being embraced by their presence. 

Morene found out later that this man was no 'man,' but an ancient gargoyle. As a few written records and local stories told, Grigore was a gargoyle who cheated his curses with the powers of solar magic to walk beneath the sun again. It did not take long to find the creature's stronghold, and Morene was not the first to try and take a shot on the man's life, once again tricked into doing so by means of the cultists' silver tongues and Grigore's... lack of any form of social interaction to defend his seemingly questionable desires of awakening a dark god from it's slumber. As Grigore brandished his blade, Morene's eyes widened, realizing she'd have to duel him upon walking into the gates of his residence. 

Hours passed as the two fought, Grigore observing Morene's strange skills and rather impressive aim with her firearms, not to mention being able to hold up against his own sword with blades alike in quality. Putting on his cold face a sick smirk of satisfaction, Grigore took his last few breaths, biting into Morene's shoulder. Then, the gargoyle slumped to the ground, defeated. With her arm bleeding, Morene looked down, her vision getting hazier by the second.

Before Morene's consciousness faded, she heard Grigore's last words to her as he laid down to rot, guilt stinging her heart as she herself fell into an abyss. 

Morene's eyes fluttered, waking up in an endless black void with a white, smiling humanoid figure standing in the middle of the abyss she previously thought was a metaphorical concept in her dreams. She felt noticeably weaker, as if her powers were sleeping, but she was not. Not even a few words later coming from this individual who sat in front of her did she learn of her presence in the Omniverse.

Physical Description

Morene looks to be in her early thirties, a large pale woman that stands at an abnormal 6'10" feet tall, with long, wavy black hair which drops down to her back, almost always being held together in a very low ponytail as soon as it reaches the bottom of her neck, or a messy bun depending on the situation and the need to wear a protective helmet. Her somewhat slim face is dotted with a few freckles, and her electric blue eyes are usually left exposed. None of these features were her most distinct, however; Morene is very broad-shouldered for a woman, only emphasized further by her very large pauldrons almost always on her body; this only makes her very prominently muscular figure even more frightening.

 [Image: 4D9fDLL.jpg]
Armored W.I.P.
[Image: SNpeDTg.png]


Morene is a rather straitlaced woman, never bothering to commit to acts of drug-use, alcohol consumption, or smoking as would be expected of almost any hunter of her age. Though good-willed and determined to the core, Morene has a motherly presence towards those younger than her, attempting to show mercy and respect to most living creatures, even on the opposite end of her weapon. On that note, Morene does set a few set rules in place for trying her best not to kill those she thinks redeemable in some way.

It's usually very difficult to get the woman on edge, as emphasized by her refusal to even curse despite not being a pious woman in the slightest. Either way, upon entering combat, Morene becomes creepily monotone, which she usually uses as a means to cope with how much she enjoys the adrenaline of combat. Don't expect it to happen often however, for behind her convincingly professional attitude when need be, Morene is still the type that always relishes the smaller satisfaction of using her rather charismatic way of words to win the comfort of her allies.


ATK: 2
Though not as brutish as some others she's met, Morene learned from a young age to how to hit hard, her weapons included.

DEF: 4
Due to her less than pleasant experiences in the past, Morene has garnered quite a resistance to hits, loving the feeling of successfully tanking attacks to her advantage. Armored, Morene Fellon is not somebody that flinches easy, to say the least. 

SPD: 2
Though she has many tools at her disposal when it comes to mobility, don't expect to have an easy time outrunning her without them.

TEC: 4
From elegant curves and weaves with her blades and blunt weaponry, or taking shots at mid-air targets and putting them down with ease, be sure to stay mindful of Morene's vast experience in combat and stealth maneuvers.


Physical Strength – 1000 OM
A unique proficiency, this allows characters to become proficient hand-to-hand combatants without purchasing any additional moves for normal punches, kicks, etcetera, the strength based on your ATK stat. It also allows for picking up heavy objects with your bare hands, strength dependent on your ATK stat. Once purchased, you may also purchase melee weapons such as swords, staves or whips as moves, or other advanced melee moves such as charged strikes. For the purposes of clarity, any move that reaches further than 12 feet away from yourself requires the Ranged proficiency.

Ranged Proficiency
– 1000 OM
Allows you to purchase moves which use projectiles or attack from range. For example guns, bows and long-range beam attacks.

Flight – 1800 OM
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's you! Like running, the speed of Flight is based on your SPD. Naturally, though, flying takes a lot more effort than running.

Homing Proficiency – 600 OM
Allows you to create moves which need not be aimed, whether they are instant hit or a projectile, aimed at enemies or allies. While such moves are generally more difficult to perform, often requiring greater energy expenditure, it allows the user greater flexibility in strategy, especially against tricky foes.

Remote Control Proficiency – 600 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency) 
Allows you to create moves which can be manually controlled further than five feet from yourself, such as a shifting wall of sand or flying disks of energy that obey your commands. An essential proficiency for 'kinetics' who wish to purchase a move allowing total control over a particular element such as metal or fire, or for those who wish to purchase the Telekinesis power. While Ranged Materialize Proficiency is not essential for such moves, they go great together. 


Burst Movement 800 OM
Burst Movement allows you to quickly move at up to double your normal speed. The downside is that is only usable in second-long bursts (with a second inbetween) and drains the user much more than normal movement, making it a quick way to tire oneself out in battle if constantly used. This serves as a useful 'dash' that can be used for closing gaps quickly to attack, dodging attacks, and confusing an opponent.


"Exhalter" Light Machine Gun - 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Though Morene had no interest in her homeland's military services, her mother had seen a fair share of wartime atrocities before her daughter's running off to Creedmoor. Typically of the child, Morene Fellon quickly grasped an earlier variant of this rifle that her mother had hidden beneath her bed whilst home alone. Seeing as Morene was already old enough to operate a vehicle, the girl spent quite a bit of time on the range with this rather oversized weapon, 45 inches in length from stock to barrel. 

Taking it to the coasts of Augard and later into Creedmoor, this weapon was a slightly modified Union-issued light machine gun, nothing too special. Of course, if you discredit the fact that the gun's rounds spit out explosive torque rounds at a firing rate of 10 rounds per second; though Omniphysics dampens the internally-explosive effects of the rounds themselves, the shots do high amounts of damage together as long as most of the bullets hit their target, but are weaker individually, standard for a step-above an average Prime's assault rifle in the Omniverse. However, the spiraling projectile helps tremendously in hitting weakpoints from a measly maximum range of 50 meters, differing it from a standard assault rifle of it's size. Of course, considering the gun itself only holds 50 rounds, Morene exhausts these bullets quite quickly if you ever find her spraying down a narrow corridor with no regards to aim; though roughly 25 pounds with modifications, the prominent stock slapped onto the already bulky firearm helps tremendously with accuracy if fired in short bursts, not to mention Morene's enhanced strength and Cerantium power-armor assistance. 

When it's rounds are depleted, Morene takes about 5 seconds to reload, giving opponents ample time to charge at the woman if they dare wish to encounter her at melee range after managing to survive the onslaught of spiraling bullets coming their way. 

"Moonriser" Seismic Poleaxe - 900 OM (requires Physical Strength Proficiency, Homing Proficiency, and Burst Movement)
Needing something that fills the gap between crowd control and an initiator, Morene Fellon of Creedmoor one day found herself in the midst of the dark, swampy forests talking to demigodly beings who happened to control the forces of gravity that acted upon Teria, to cut the story short. Going to her residence, the huntress used her newfound powers granted to her by these seemingly divine creatures to infuse her self-forged poleaxe "Moonriser" with an almost magical gravitational pull.
The poleaxe itself stands at 7 feet tall from tip to pommel, weighing at about nine pounds when originally forged. Even with the rather large pommel acting as counterbalance, most men and women of average stature and strength to find this weapon a bit unwieldy. However, with Morene grasping it's handles, the weapon is one of her most effective.

Of course, Morene is able to use the poleaxe as a normal melee weapon of it's size, being able to strike with moderate speed and power, as any Prime would with a polearm of this quality, efficiently using it's axehead, hammerhead, spearhead, and even the pommel in any way deemed fitting for the situation. Of course, Omniphysics applies, so there won't be much of a difference in damage beyond placebo effect.

Naturally, it's gravitational qualities can make the weapon lighter or heavier, depending on what the woman desires in the specific situation. In that sense, Morene usually favors it's ability to pull it's hammerhead towards whatever she is choosing to strike; effectively 'charging' the weapon before attacking. With this, Morene can bait poorly timed defensive maneuvers with the slightly mesmerizing effects of gravity and a naturally slower attack. As a charged move, Morene can hold the poleaxe in her hands for 2 seconds before having to strike, though she can effectively feint the charge.

However, Morene's favorite use of this gravity gimmick is it's ability to pull the nearly foot long spearhead into an opponent to catch up with them, in case there comes a situation whereas her opponent gets too slippery. Gaining a running start, Morene has to consistently sprint at full speed for 4 seconds before once again 'charging' her weapon with it's desired pulling effect. At will, she is able to launch herself forward at about a distance of 5 meters away in about 4 milliseconds, stabbing her opponent and causing potentially devastating piercing damage. However, if their opponent is reactive enough to dodge or properly defend themselves, Morene is completely open to attack as due result of her weapon's gravitational pull forcing her to miss and stagger.

"Galvanus" Magnetic Greatsword - 900 OM (requires Physical Strength Proficiency, Ranged Proficiency, and Remote Control Proficiency)
No armored combatant is worth their salt without a nice sword. Though Morene doesn't entirely believe this to be true, her opponents would be sure to find that this is indeed the case with her. One of Morene's most prized possessions, her great two-handed sword named "Galvanus," was a relic of the hero of legend, Fi'ure de'l Torquemanda. Fi'ure, who was close friends with Morene's ancestor, Viola Fellon, had made sure to hide the blade until it's next user worthy of it's destructive power came along. Given that Viola's spirit, a wandering Familiar, chose not to rest, it didn't take long for Viola's roaming soul to find Morene and personally hand the weapon over. 

Boasting a size of seven feet from tip to pommel, the greatsword has a rather fundamentally simplistic design that, despite it's size, maintains relatively lightweight at eight pounds. With Morene's enhanced strength under the effects of her augmentations and power armor, the woman can swing the blade with ease. Despite being a hefty blade, it is not slow by any means.
Of course, that's not all this weapon is capable of. Galvanus, as Fi'ure first found out from the ancient tomb he found the blade, was not magical in property at all, but instead maintains a generator in between the single ring-guard that charged itself with the kinetic energy of the Vaccanum, the invisible foundation of the universe itself where the concept of energy, raw or magical, exists and flows freely. 

With this field of energy, the greatsword can abuse it's magnetic properties to disrupt molecular bonds within objects that collide with it's blade, and be thrown like a javelin with great distances only to return to it's user mere seconds later. Morene is capable of tossing the sword at a maximum of 50 meters, and can very loosely curve it's arc in accordance to the movements made by her metal-alloy gauntlets. Upon colliding or perhaps missing, the huntress can "reel" the blade back into her hands, unable to defend herself for a few seconds. However useful, pulling the sword back to her hands takes enough concentration to get Morene breathless, so she generally settles upon retrieving it the old fashioned way.

Getting creative with the weapon's generator, Morene can also flip the sword over, holding it by the blade and allowing her to attack with the already devastating quillons of the sword. Seeing as it's effective area is right next to the generator itself, Morene can cause potentially ruinous damage at the cost of slower attacks.

"Vortex" Wrist-Mounted Minigun Gauntlet - 600 OM (requires Physical Strength Proficiency and Ranged Proficiency)
A visceral weapon in nature, Vortex, Morene's dual-purpose gauntlet, was constructed herself upon discovering of the ancient technologies of her magnetic greatsword Galvanus. The gauntlet itself is disproportionately sized, fitting Morene's arm with twice the mass as her own fist. Though it looks a bit silly up close, many will find that a giant fist that can rip apart the molecular structure of one's flesh upon impact is actually quite intimidating.

Moreover, Morene didn't stop there. Finding too many of her opponents readily abused advantages they had with range upon her taking out any one of her melee weapons, Morene used Vortex as an answer to this problem by slapping onto it a button-activated minigun on the gauntlet's wrist. Despite this, Morene can freely use the gauntlet with any one of her other weapons, still having to effectively switch hands and prepare for an attack. Though effective in combination with her assortments of melee weapons, opponents can still anticipate the usage of the powerfist. This is due to the four second windup time for the minigun and five second charge time for the gauntlet's electromagnetic field to generate, not to mention the distinct revving noises. However strong, Morene must position herself properly, as she needs to slow down to a walking speed and focus on aiming or charging the fist before attacking, giving her opponents ample time to find cover, kite her, or simply run.

Even then, opponents be warned, as even though the minigun itself can only be fired for five short seconds before overheating and unable to be used for half a minute, it is decently accurate up to 15 meters upon winding up, and the fist even worse to deal with if you somehow manage to get close.

"Judgement" Shortsword – 300 OM (requires Physical Strength)
The Fellon family sword "Judgement," a simple single-edged sword with a blade that measures to about 25 inches total in length, definitely smaller than most. Though simple in design, the Judgement shortsword is capable of unleashing simple combinations of attacks with ease, whether it be cutting, stabbing, or even parrying attacks. Though it does qualify as a sword, expect Morene to use it more as a machete, or just as a very large knife, considering her own size makes it look puny in comparison.

"Circuit-Maker" Grappling Cables – 300 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Beginning her numerous hunting adventures, Morene found it quite difficult to get the drop on an unsuspecting opponent, at one point leading the woman to request one of her more tech-savvy associates to create a pair of gauntlets that allowed Morene to shoot thick zipwires from her arms to reach areas she otherwise couldn't, at least not as quickly. Agreeing to make it knowing he owed Morene a few favors anyways, the Circuit-Maker grappling cables, as Morene liked to call them, allowed her to shoot cables from 25 meters away and latch onto almost any solid surface. Because of the time it takes for the wires themselves to retract into her gauntlets, Morene must wait about 3 seconds before launching another cable. Though these do little to no damage at all to enemies, these make for great tools to get to any vantage point, and helps Morene escape less than favorable situations if needed.

"Temperance" Rifle Hybrid – 600 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency)
Finding the need to constantly switch between long-range and medium-range firearms a tire, Morene's primary weapon "Temperance" is a switchable combination of both a bullpup SMG and a sniper rifle. Silenced at it's barrel, the Temperence hybrid rifle uses .30 caliber shots fed in a 30-round magazine, and in it's SMG form, fires off about 10 shots per second, doing moderate amounts of damage if Morene can keep her sights on her target, which is greatly encouraged considering it's effective range of about 40 meters.

In it's second formation, Morene takes careful aim, looking into the collapsible scope, replacing the SMG's irons. As soon as the scope pops into her sight, a single shot begins to charge up with a powerful electric pulse, taking about 2 seconds to charge all the way to it's max damage output. While charging her shot, Morene moves at half her lackluster speed, focusing onto her target, before firing a potentially high-damaging round, usually used for long-range fights, emphasized by it's effective range of about 300 meters. 


Perfect Parry - Tier 2 Super Defense - 800 OM 

Utilizing the electromagnetic properties of her gravitic Cerantium power-armor, Morene Fellon takes a defensive stance with whatever weapon available, activating a short-lived and thin magnetic field in front of her, timing a near-perfect parry that will absorb any Tier 1 and 2 super move, including energy-based attacks.

Miscellaneous/Roleplay Fodder

Cerantium All-Purpose Power Armor(uses Flight)
Morene's signature armor, as described above, is a set of armor is carefully designed for mobility, effectiveness, defense, and comfort from head to toe, above all. Because of it's heavily modified exterior, the Thanatos suit has many uses, including enabling it's user to effectively fly with the use of a collapsible wingsuit. Though by definition this would be considered gliding, the suit also contains a short-burst jetpack, allowing Morene to get a bit more height. Combine this with it's small parachute unit and Morene's cables, this effectively allows Morene to fly, albeit with less success than a natural flight user would be able to accomplish, which ties well into her moderate SPD stat of 2.

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