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Shang Tsung

Name: Shang Tsung

Spent OM: 39,000
Consumed OM (4450): Base (w/ Atelos - Recall Station, Medical, Vault - 2750), Communicator (100), Mobile Dataverse Device (200), Banishment Circle (x4) (1000), Isoverse (400)

Powers: (9500) Shapechange (1400), Master Acrobat (400), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Suppression (1000), Basic Telekinesis (400), Advanced Fusion (1200), Mimic (2800), Basic Super Jumping (300), Time Manipulation (800)
Proficiencies: (4100) Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Ranged Materialize (600), Remote Control Proficiency (600)

Moves: (7800) Jian (300), Flaming Skull (300), Surprise Skull (300), Tarkatan Blades (300), Soulfire Desert Eagle (300), Controlled Fire (300), Day'Suis (Hammer, Lightning Bolt, Solar Flare - 900), Lightsaber (300), Marvelous Energy (600), Cauterize (300), Sparks (300), , Crawl (300), Crumble (300), Crash Magic (300), Hard-Light Construct (600), Hard-Light Weapons (900), Hard-Light Blast (600), Hard-Light Shield (600), Hard-Light Tethers (600), Hard-Light Grab (300)
Super Moves (1200): Perfect Shapeshift (Tier 1 Super Utility - 600), Tier 1 Super Defense (Tier 1 Super Move - 600)

Transformations (2500): Spiritken (Tier 1), Kaioken (Tier 2)
Assists (1000): Tarkatan Marauder (1000)

Items: Emblem of Darkshire, Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device, Banishment Circle (x4), Medal!, T-Virus, Isoverse
Artefacts: Necronomicon, Golden Rathian Egg, Championship Belt
Bases: Darkshire Apartment (w/ Atelos - Recall Station, Medical, Vault)
Unlocks (5000): Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000), Pale Moors Void Gate, 2 Stat Upgrades (Defense+SPD = 3000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3 (5) [8]
DEF: 3 (4) [3]
SPD: 3 (4) [6]
TEC: 3 (3) [5]
[Image: Shang.jpg]

Biographical Information

Name: Shang Tsung
Occupation(s): Shaolin Monk (Former), Tournament Master (Former), Tournament Grand Champion (Former), Sorcerer, Defender of Darkshire

Age: Close to 1100
Height: 6’6”

Point of Divergence – Immediately the events of the original Mortal Kombat

Appearance -

Late Teens , Twenties - This is what Shang looks like now, but he's wearing the monk robe outfit he's normally in , Thirties - This is Shang's most common appearance , Forties, Sixties, Eighties

Personality -

Shang Tsung is a noble and valiant warrior, who would do his best job to save the down-trodden.  Although he has a very secretive private life, his public life is devoted to justice and truth and all that lovely saccharine stuff.  Despite having a tender soul, Shang is relatively reserved and usually carries a neutral expression, making it hard to discern what may or may not be on his mind.  A noble Defender of the city of Darkshire, he fights valiantly, although he is never one to turn down an advantage in mortal kombat.  A renaissance man who has lived for nearly ten centuries, he watched society grow up and has seen the best and worst of men.

Shang Tsung - The Nicest Guy in the Omniverse ™


[Image: animatedshangtsung-4.gif]
Flaming Skull - Shang launches a fiery skull from his palms. The skull erupts with concussive force on impact, making this more akin to a ki attack than a fireball. If the situation calls for it, the projectile can be launched with speed equivalent to a gun, although Shang prefers to use it at closer ranges to maximize the terror aspect of someone hurtling a flaming, open-mouthed skull at your face.

Surprise Skull - With a series of rapid gestures, Shang can shoot a flaming skull from a surface that is not his palms, usually up from the floor to a wall. Other than making it easier to surprise foes before or during combat, this is functionally identical to the normal variety.

Jian - A Chinese double-edged straight sword, usually wielded with one hand. Shang prefers to fight with his hands and feet, but he is nevertheless skilled with the jian, as it blends well with his training in the Snake style of martial arts.

Soulfire Desert Eagle - A powerful, large-caliber handgun that fires 50 millimeter shells. The rate of fire is slower than a normal pistol because it has a rather potent kickback. It has a modified clip that allows it to fire 14 rounds before needed to be reloaded and re-imbued (a process that takes long enough that it is impossible to do so without cover or relief of some form). The bullets are imbued with 'soulfire,' which means they leave trails of green smoke when fired and green residue when they hit a target (a cosmetic effect, nothing more).

[Image: mutant%20blades_zps2pior7bh.gif]
Tarkatan Blades - Shang shapeshifts one or both of his arms into Tarkatan arms, complete with the retractable 3-foot blades. While they look like the metallic bones they are, they function identically to a sword of the same size. See the included image of a Tarkatan warrior for a visual on the appearance of this move. The strength and durability of the blades allows Shang to use them to effectively parry blows and deflect visible projectiles as if it was a fully functional shield. Shang may dual wield his Jian and a Tarkatan blade (as a weapon or shield)

Controlled Fire - An ability claimed from the soul of King Axorn Gonin, Shang breathes out a 3 inch diameter flamethrower-like blast of hot fire which can, if Shang wishes, can be changed to any temperature at which a fire is possible.

Day'Suis - A double-handed great hammer once wielded by the paladin Argento (now sadly deceased). It can be summoned and dismissed in a flash of sunlight (2-3 second process). It is used to bludgeon things and generally make people feel sad to be alive. The size of the hammer gives it a decent reach and range of motion, but due to its heft, Shang doesn't use it for extended periods of time. It's best used as a quick game-changer or an ace-in-the-hole kind of deal.

Day'Suis (Lightning Bolt) - After a five-second charge time (usually accompanied by the crackle of static electricity and the a few peels of thunder, Shang fires a bolt of lightning from the head of the hammer. This powerful blast hits with enough force to smash through wear, non-metal fortifications and potentially knock over individuals.

Day'Suis (Solar Flare - Debuff, Area Attack) - After the same type of charging period, the Day'suits releases a blinding yet nonlethal burst of light. Those caught in the flare are momentarily blinded, as if someone shined a strong flashlight in their face. This can be avoided by shielding one's eyes or looking away, but both of those actions may likewise leave the target(s) open to a follow up attack.

Marvelous Energy - Just like Ms. Marvel, Shang can fire powerful concussion blasts or beams of photon and stellar light energy from his hands and fingertips. He can do this at will, instantly. He can use it while moving, but obviously long periods of use can be draining.

[Image: mcpAPXVPk6Die64aDIdZPwA.jpg]
- a small metal cylinder the same size and shape that you would expect a sword grip to be. When a button is depressed, a three-foot, red cylindrical energy blade pops out from one end. The blade can cleave through most thin fabrics, and with some effort, it could probably cut through harder materials. Against primes, it is more or less a really hot sword, as it can't lob off prime's body parts with the same ease that it can cut through a tree or something. Shang often wears this weapon on his belt under his robes.

Sparks - Shang's stolen abilities allow him to sacrifice portions of his flesh and blood in order to call upon devastating magicks. Like Strazio Rockwell, he can only use sparks when he is bleeding. He touches some of his own blood and dumps a small amount of magick into it, starting a reaction. The magick acts as a catalyst within the blood and after one second the blood will explode violently. Shang can use sparks on any of his blood that he can physically touch, once the reaction is started he throws the blood at his opponent and after one whole second the blood explodes.

Cauterize - Shang's stolen control over energy allows him to sacrifice his own flesh for the explosive power within. He can do this on a much smaller scale and release a very small about of energy, enough to sear his own skin. When he is injured with a laceration or an open wound he can spend about two seconds concentrating, during which he can move but cannot attack. During these two seconds the cells around the open edge of the wound explode and cauterize the nearby cells, effectively sealing the blood vessels and staunching the flow of blood. This doesn't actually heal Shang, and in fact might even impeded the later healing of certain wounds, all this does is staunch blood loss.

Time Crawl - (Ranged Debuff)
Like little Adam Gaite, Shang Tsung lifts one hand, palm out toward his target, where the image of an old analog clock is superimposed over his palm. The displayed clock begins to tick slower, until it comes to a complete halt, a process which takes approximately three seconds. The designated target's perception of the world is then slowed dramatically. To them, it suddenly seems as if the rest of the world is moving much faster -- over twice as fast, in fact -- when in reality nothing has changed at all. Their reaction times will be completely thrown off, in most cases, making fighting effectively extremely difficult. Shang can maintain this effect for up to a full round of combat before it starts to lose its cost-effectiveness, stamina-wise, though he cannot do anything else while maintaining the effect. Should he stop actively maintaining it, then the target's perceptions will return to normal over the course of the next several seconds.

Crumble - (Ranged Area Attack)
Holding up both hands, Shang focuses on disrupting and accelerating the flow of time in a localized area, centered around a specific target. With this, he can cause entire sections of walls, floor, ceiling, or the like to rapidly age, degrade, and erode in mere seconds, creating handy ways to get around what would otherwise be moderately annoying obstacles. It can be used on smaller objects, such as weapons, but has virtually no effect at all on living beings, and moving objects are much harder to get a focus on. Due to intense focus required, this ability is not typically usable in one-on-one battles.

Crash Magic -
Shang battled the Bandit With No Name and claimed a metal arm that seemed to harbor power.  Unknown to him, it belong to Gildarts.  Shang Tsung devoured the arm, acquiring the Crash Magic locked inside.  This lets the sorcerer throw a massive (and easier to dodge) haymaker punch that can blow objects apart and deal a little bit of extra damage to living things.  

If the attack hits, a white grid pattern appears from within an object before it breaks into small cubes. The total volume of the destroyed object depends on its density and how hard she swings, but the maximum is about 50 lbs.  If the punch hits a living target, a grid-pattern cut opens up along it's surface. Other than the visual descriptor, it deals about as much damage as a normal haymaker from a person who can punch as hard as a bullet hits.

Hard-Light Construct
(Requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
Shang, after studying and analyzing Sinestro's technology, created his own version of other prime's 'Power Ring.'  With this ring, Shang can summon objects to interact with and manipulate objects at range. These manipulations are analogous to the things that a person with two large hands could feasibly complete (moving, pushing, pulling, pressing, turning, etc).

These objects have superficial images associated with them, always in the form of an object that is completing the task. If the object is grabbing and moving another thing, it will have a "grasping" mechanic, be it a hand, a mouth, a clamp, a claw, etc. These images are purely illusory, and the strength of the object is always the same. That means that a Construct shaped like a hand and a Construct shaped like a crowbar are equally good at prying something open and etc. These grabbing constructs appear as a tendril of rope-like light that extends from Shang's power ring, ending in the chosen 'grabber'. They can extend as far as Shang's concentration allows, but the longer the grabber, the more easily it is broken.

While these objects are illusory and can fulfill only one purpose, they can be attacked, damaged and destroyed. The more damage they take, the more strain it puts on Shang's mind. The more energy he puts into these objects, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes. These objects will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason. Maximum range of ~30 meters (~100 feet)

Hard-Light Weapons
Shang can create melee weapons from orange Hard-Light in most forms that a melee weapon can come in. These can be short (like a dagger), medium (like a sword) or long (like a spear) in length. The more energy he puts into these weapons, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes. These weapons will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason.

Hard-Light Blast –  (Ranged, Remote Control, Ranged Materialize)
The ring can fire a concentrated beam of orange hard-light when Shang concentrates. This can take the form of a single beam or appear as any other ranged weapon Shang imagines. Shang can put more energy into each shot, the strength of which relates directly to how physically and mentally drained he is after the attack. If he chooses to create a hard-light weapon, it must be roughly the size of a pistol for a weak shot, or the size of a rifle for a charged shot. These weapons and projectiles will immediately dissipate upon his breaking his concentration for any reason.

Hard-Light Shield – (Area Shield Proficiency)
Shang is covered in an orange aura that protects him from attacks and environmental effects. This shield can grow as far as he wills it, usually in the form of a shield or wall, however the shield's overall strength remains the same. This means that a 1'x1' shield will be 100 times stronger than a 100'x100' wall (which almost any attack from a Prime would break through). The more he focuses, the more damage the shield can take, but the more physically and mentally drained he is after the defense.

Hard-Light Tethers - (Ranged, Remote Control, Ranged Materialize, Debuff)
In the same way that Shang can manipulate objects in creative ways, he can also manipulate characters. Iron chains, ribbons of light, crushing snakes can all be used. In general, these tethers always accomplish the same goal: they slow a character down and they immobilize their arms. However, these shackles can be broken just like any other item: hitting, cutting and ripping free in a feat of strength are all options. Additionally, if he loses his concentration, the tethers immediately dissipate. The more energy he puts into these tethers, the harder they are to break but the more physically and mentally exhausted he becomes.

Hard-Light Grab - (Ranged, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize, Hard-Light Tether)
When a Hard-Light Tether has successfully attached itself to an target, Shang can then use that tether to move the target, be it Secondary or Prime. The bond can firmly grab, but not crush his opponent. The bond can move the target off of the ground and in all the cardinal directions. The Tether can be broken as usual.

Level 1 Super Defense (Level 1 Super Defense) - Shang, channeling a great deal of power and thrusting both his hands forward, generates a defensive bulwark of telekinetic energy in front of him. This shield, while not inclusive of his entire body, allows him to deflect away minor attacks or neutralize a Level 1 Super Attack.

Perfect Shapeshift (Tier 1 Super Utility) - At the expense of 1 SP, Shang can 'perfectly' shape shift into another person. This means that taking physical damage won't cause his appearance to glitch out or otherwise betray his true identity. Useful for long-term subterfuge. The normal rules of shapeshifting apply (Shang doesn't gain any new powers or moves nor do his stats change in any manner), and someone who would be able to overcome his Advanced Suppression would still be able to tell who he really is.

Spirtken (Tier 1 Power Up) - Long ago, Shang Tsung was a Shaolin monk. He was one of the best young monks, hence his selection for the Mortal Kombat tournament held back when he was a mortal. One of the greatest skills a Shaolin monk can master is the art of dipping into their 'ki' for greater strength, speed, and endurance. This technique manifests itself as a light green aura that glows around the sorcerer's body for the duration of its activation. Shang mastered this skill when he was still human and retained it mostly for the sake of later using it to butcher the entire monestary after his return from Outworld.

Kaioken (Tier 2 Power Up) - Fueled by anger, rage, and determination, Shang summons up the power of Kaioken. A red aura burns like wildfire around his lithe physique as he lashes out, his punches quicker, more accurate, and horrifyingly stronger. Like all bouts of rage, the fire tends to burn out quickly, but not before most vile adversaries have been vanquished.

Assists -

Tarkatan Maruader - Shang enjoys the 'company' of Tarkatan soldiers due to their multiple 'talents.' Unfortunately, they're rather ineffective against primes and more powerful secondaries, so to mitigate this, Shang infuses any nearby Tarkatan with one of the countless souls he has taken over the years. This turns a simple Tarkatan into a 'Tarkatan Maruader,' giving them a fleeting amount of strength that lets them fight against Shang's most formidable adversaries.


History – Shang Tsung was a warrior monk in ancient China, born during the Tang dynasty.  Even he isn't aware of his parentage of formative years.  All he knows is that he was taken in by Shaolin monks as a youth.  He trained all of his life to compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament, but unlike the other monks who trained for the sake of defending Earthrealm, Tsung aspired to personal glory.  During the tournament, Shang unknowingly cheated in an attempt to win—an act that came with a death sentence from the judges.

The emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn, saw the darkness in the disgraced monk’s soul and spared his life.  To escape death, Shang Tsung had to pledge his soul to the emperor.  As part of the deal, Shao Kahn took him to Outworld and trained the monk in the black arts.  For forsaking his realm and the dignity of the tournament, the Elder Gods cursed Shang to hunger for souls.  The monk had to consume the souls of the living or else he would age quickly, weaken, and perish.

At the next Mortal Kombat tournament, Shang returned, his formidable martial arts talents now enhanced with his training in dark magic of Outworld.  Tsung won the tournament, and he went on to win the next eight tournaments.

At the final tournament, the sorcerer was defeated by Kung Lao, a shaolin monk from Ming China.  The monk spared Shang Tsung, who vanished for another fifty years.  When the sorcerer appeared at the next tournament, he was elderly and unable to compete, but in his place, he brought Goro, a Shokan prince and his greatest student.  Goro defeated Kung Lao, and Shang Tsung consumed the monk’s soul.

For the next 500 years, Goro dominated the tournament.  Shang Tsung became the sole tournament grandmaster and held it on his own island, which existed between Earthrealm and Outworld.  When it seemed as if Outworld was on the verge of winning the tenth tournament and merging with Earthrrealm, Goro was defeated by Lui Kang, another shaolin monk and a descendent of the same monk who had bested Shang Tsung so many centuries earlier.  In an attempt to salvage a tournament victory, Shang challenged Lui Kang, who defeated him just as his ancestor had.

In defeat, Shang lost his grip on all the souls he had consumed over a millennia over murder and treachery.  As he limped and crawled his way back to the portal connecting Earthrealm and Outworld, he was deposited in the Omniverse rather than the realm of Shao Kahn.
[Image: Shang.jpg]

Atelos - A prime from ancient Sparta who arrived in Darkshire a few weeks after Shang. The two met when they were both enlisting in the garrison, and they quickly realized that they were the stand-outs in their group. Although both had their secrets, they worked together and slowly gained the trust of one another as they made their pasts evident to the other. Sole survivors of Silent Hill, Shang and Atelos made it to the Oververse, where they met Omni and learned several secrets about the Omniverse. On their return, they joined with Dobson to oust the corrupt mayor and establish a new government for Darkshire. Atelos assumed the role of Commander of the Garrison

Dobson Skendor - Formerly an officer in the Darkshire garrison/militia, Dobson was responsible for gate duties when Shang arrived in Darkshire. Injuries to his father, the Commander, led Dobson to take on more duties. By the time Shang and Atelos returned from Silent Hill, Dobson was essentially the face of Darkshire's armed forces. The stress of that job and the political stand-off that threatened to destroy the town caused the young man to age a little quicker than he should have. When Dobson's father was murdered and details came to light that the mayor and his political faction may have been responsible, Dobson and Shang planned a coup to take power. Their plan was successful, and Dobson became 'first among equals' of the new leadership of Darkshire.

Argento Camarinos - Argento was one of the first individuals that Shang 'met' in Darkshire, when the sorcerer saw one of the paladin's triumphant returns to the city. After joining the Darkshire garrison, Shang and Atelos properly met Argento and asked to join him on a journey to Silent Hill. During the trek, Argento became a victim of the foul, fog-laden city, and Shang, returning triumphant, assumed the paladin's mantle of 'Champion of Darkshire.'

Omni - The creator of the Omniverse. Shang and Atelos reached Omni after braving the horrors of Silent Hill. What they encountered was a childlike creature that was more prone to wit and humor than providing them with any real information. Shang did manage to learn that he is actually a copy of the 'true' Shang Tsung that still exists in his home world. Aware that his 'true' self was probably killed by Shao Kahn for failing to defeat the villains of Earthrrealm, Shang Tsung is content to remain in the Omniverse, where he is capable of truly great things.

Strazio Rockwell - A fellow defender of Darkshire, Strazio Rockwell did his time at the garrison while Shang was at Silent Hill. The two didn't meet until the Colosseum Tournament, where they fought one another in the quarter-finals. Despite sharing a desire to protect Darkshire, they held nothing back in their vicious battle. Despite Strazio's great rage and ability to summon the undead, Shang defeated the man. A few weeks later, Strazio arrived at the Nexus on reports of Shang Tsung's presence. The man arrived too late and was confronted by the Harbinger, who proved too much for Strazio, who sacrificed his own body in a failed gambit to hurt the monster.

Sinestro - A prime from the Endless Dunes. Shang met Sinestro when the former arrived in the Nexus on reports of artefacts. Hoping to gain help in the battle to come, Sinestro provided Shang, Atelos, and Magus with Power Rings to augment their abilities. Instead, the rings seemed to malfunction and fused the four warriors into the being known as 'the Harbinger,' which proceeded to lay waste to everyone at the Nexus.

Magus - Another prime that came to the Nexus seeking treasure, Magus was a wizard of some sorts. He was also chosen by Sinestro to wield a Power Ring and thus became one-quarter of the gestalt known as 'Harbinger.'

Okor - A rotting, disease-infested marine that fought in the Colosseum in Camelot, Okor served as the Harbinger's ally. The two slaughtered all their adversaries.

'The Viper' - An eccentric prime that resides in Silent Hill. The Viper takes many forms, and these various personas were encountered by Shang as he traversed the haunted ghost town. The Viper's disembodied personas consisted of an angry male soldier, a lusty woman in spandex, a redheaded female soldier, and a raggedy-looking young man. Shang isn't sure if one of them was the 'main' personality or not, but all of them 'enhanced' his journey in one way or another.

"Blues" - A little metal boy with a heart of gold. Shang has encountered Blues on various occasions, mostly through sheer luck. Their paths crossed twice in the Pale Moors, once at Darkshire and another time in the wilds, where Blues displayed his great capabilities helping Shang, Argento, and Atelos to fight back monsters. Shang next meet the steel child at the city of the night elves in the Tangled Greens, where they exchanged pleasantries before their missions took them down separate roads.
[Image: Shang.jpg]

A New Realm – Our hero arrives in the Omniverse after being vanquished in noble singles combat by a rotten and corrupt shaolin monk.  En route to explain his loss to his cruel overlord, Shang Tsung is instead redirected to the Omniverse, where he is offered assistance to the Pale Moors by a Camelot soldier stationed in the Nexus.

The Hunger Games – Prior to arriving at Darkshire, the young knight passes tragically.  Shang continues onward to Darkshire, a somewhat provincial-looking town that reminds him a little bit of some European towns he visited in his youth.  Shang, cursed to feed upon the dead souls, had taken the fallen knights, resulting in the sorcerer feeling and looking much younger.  During these first few days in Darkshire, Shang immediately sets himself out to improve the status quo, sometimes as himself and sometimes in the guise of others.

In a visit to a locale called ‘THE Pub,’ Shang is drawn to the commotion outside, where the returning champion of Darkshire, Argento Camarinos, has returned from slaying a monster.  The paladin claims his next expedition will take him deep in the Moors.  Seeing someone to emulate, Shang continues his good work for the people of Darkshire for several more days before he sees an opportunity to do even more.

The Exemplar – After dispatching several gangbangers in the streets of Darkshire’s roughest district, Shang sees an opportunity to enlist in the Darkshire garrison.  Taking up sword and shield, he joins the other green recruits inside the town walls.  During a line up, Shang takes note of another soldier who fails to yield beneath their ‘drill sergeant’-esque noncom.  Later on, Shang spars with this warrior, who goes by the name of Atelos.  A warrior from Ancient Sparta, the Grecian and Shang spar before receiving the same assignment to the wall proper.  

During their shift, they spot a force of skeletal monsters creeping along the walls, and they set out with their shift partners.  In the scuffle, the other soldiers are killed, but Shang Tsung and Atelos manage to dispatch the skeletons and the necromancer who has summoned them to do his evil bidding.  Amid the fighting, the two primes learn much more about one another—Atelos is not just any normal Spartan, as he can control spectral swords and wield fire.  Shang reveals the curse that requires he absorb the ‘essence’ of the dead.

On returning to Darkshire, the pair receives commendations despite the loss of their partners.  After a discussion with their commanding officer, they are sent to an audience with Mayor Boone, a strange and reclusive man.  He gives the two medals to signify their deeds, and he sends them back to their posting after rewarding them with some leave time.  Atelos, who had become increasingly erratic and uneasy over the last few days, uses this time to journey to another verse.

In Blackest Night – Atelos returns to Darkshire after an absence of a week.  He and Shang share drinks at THE Pub before they are disturbed by the arrival of a man in Darkshire to much public acclaim.  Moving into the crowd, they learn that this figure is Argento Camarinos, who has just returned from an expedition to the Black Gate.  Seeing this as their next great opportunity to better the town, Shang recommends they trail Argento and see if they can join him.  Although Atelos is wary, they go through with the plan.  As they discuss with the noble paladin, Shang realizes this is the same warrior he saw during his first few days in Darkshire.

Joining Argento’s expedition to Silent Hill, the two primes are surprised when an entire retinue (complete with wagons of supplies) joins them en route.  Along the way, they run into a young boy named Blues who has been separated from his companions.  They agree to help him find his companions and are later surprised when he seems to effortlessly dispatch some monsters that attack them.  Once Blues is reunited with his companions, they press onward, but once they enter Silent Hill, they are immediately beset by flying monsters.

The retinue flees across a bridge, having left behind their wagons.  They agree to split up, with Shang and Atelos taking a portion of the group into the nearby Sanitarium to try and find new supplies or leads.  The two primes separate to cover more ground, and in the process, both their groups are slain tragically by the monsters that inhabit the structure.  Shang discovers some computer files that talk about patients from the nearby hospital with a strange disease, but all records of this incident have seemingly been whitewashed from other records.  Momentarily reunited, Shang and Atelos are separated when the latter is sucked into the wall, and an air raid siren triggers the building to undergo a terrible transformation.

Fleeing for his life and hounded by a seemingly unbeatable monster, Shang grows wear after a savage beating inflicted during his escape.  He summons a group of tarkatan warriors to aide him, and after a momentary meeting with Argento (who has lost his friends as well), Shang explores a nearby motel for maps and other leads.  Everything points him back to Alchemilla Hospital, so he sets out to the hospital.  Along the way, he encounters (although this is unknown to him) the various split body identities of the Viper.

Inside the hospital, Shang discovers a secret door down into a lab, where he learns more about the experiments.  Taking a vial of the contagion (the T-virus), he presses into the lab even after its appearance suddenly shifts.  He meets up with Argento and they eventually find a giant monster in a cell.  Accidentally freeing the Tyrant, the pair fight it in vain and flee.  Argento says they must confront it, for it is but a test from the town, but Shang is too weakened.  The paladin provides him with his own hammer for security and then offers to cover his escape.  Shang heads back into the lab to search for an exit, and he discovers Atelos in the process, although the Spartan requires a hard slap in the face to shake him from his madness.

Together, the pair presses onto the final room.  In the distance, they hear the roars of the monster, but in this room, they find a giant hole beckoning them to take the leap.  They oblige it.

Grey Dawn – Although battered and bruised, the pair arrive in the Void, a strange realm of blackness connected by white leylines.  They journey for an unknown amount of time before they come across a gate that leads them to the Oververse.

Kingdom Come – In the Oververse, the pair travel across clouds to a gorgeous city that seems almost unreal.  Atelos, previously a victim of madness, seems increasingly not himself as they draw closer to Valhalla.  The path is laid open to them, and they press into the city and then the palace itself, where they find Omni.  They share a long (and sometimes frustrating) conversation before the pair of primes parts amicably with the god of the Omniverse.

Exeunt from Oververse – Shang and Atelos arrive at the Fountain of Infinity, where a swirl of souls flow into Shang Tsung, rejuvenating him (and then some).  The pair set out for Darkshire, but they are distracted when they see a group of orcs dragging a writhing, person-sized burlap sack toward one of the other gates.  They decide to pursue the group into the Tangled Green.

War and Famine in the Green – The two champions of the Oververse enter the Tangled Green.  They quickly catch up to their foes and vanquish them, saving a night elf who claims to have been a clerk trying to complete a trade mission to nearby Camelot.  Agreeing to help usher her to Yggdrasil, the pair set out toward the Animus and the interior of the verse.  Once they get the clerk to the city, Shang and Atelos meet with Tyrande and head back to the Nexus.

Familiar Faces, Worn Out Places (Pt 1) – Posts 1 through 6.  Shang Tsung and Atelos return to Darkshire to find that the city has slipped into a strange state.  Conspiracies abound in the public houses and streets.  Tales of Van Helsing and Whirda being murdered.  Shang Tsung meets with Dobson to learn that various factions within the government are vying for influence, and that the mayor is likewise attempting to consolidate power for himself.  The stress of the recent year had caused Dobson to become a shell of himself.  The two men agree to work together to solve the crisis and prevent the city from collapsing into chaos.  As they talk, they receive word that Dobson's father has been murdered.  They investigate the scene, and using his innate abilities, Shang sees that the late Commander wasn't killed by drow.  He was killed by people hired by a faction in the town council loyal to the mayor.  The two bring this conspiracy to light and drive many of the mayor's supporters out of town.  Shang leaves, diguised as one of those individuals, to provide further proof of ill events.

Welcome to the Colosseum – Shang wanders to Camelot, knowing that he has to buy Dobson some time to determine who will align with them in the upcoming struggle.  The sorcerer comes across a tournament being held at the Camelot Colosseum and decides to sign himself up for the event.  

Round One – In the first round of the Camelot Colosseum Tournament, Shang is matched against the noble draconian, Axorn.  The two fight a vision battle across a faux battlefield, but in the end, the sorcerer is able to defeat his valiant opponent.

Round 2 – After defeating the draconian, the sorcerer is matched with a femme fatale in the form of Ms. Carol Danvers.  A flying woman with the power to expel energy through her palms, she proves a wily adversary for Shang, using all her various talents to try and defeat him in.  In the end, he overcomes her feminine wiles and defeats her.

Round 3 – For the third round, our noble sorcerer was matched against Strazio Rockwell, a fellow defender of Darkshire.  Despite their shared connection to the town in the Pale Moors, the two fighters pulled no punches.  They laid into each other with everything at their disposal, tearing through the faux city that served as their battleground.  In the end, Shang slew the bloodthirsty warrior and advanced to the semi-finals.

Round 4 – In the semifinals, Shang Tsung had to contend with a trickster guised as a youth.  Calling itself 'Adam Gaite,' the time-controlling abomination attempted to use smoke and mirrors to defeat the sorcerer, but the champion held resolute against the various tricks of its adversary.  In the end, Shang Tsung destroyed the time-manipulating creature.

Championship Match – In the last round of the tournament, Shang Tsung had a brief and vicious battle with the Bandit with No Name.  The elusive, unnamed Bandit had capitalized against all her adversaries, but she met her match against the Champion of Darkshire, who defeated her to claim the grand prize of the tournament.  Clad with his new championship belt, Shang Tsung departed Camelot.

Familiar Faces, Worn Out Places (Pt 2) – Posts 7 to 10.  A revolt occurs in Darkshire when mobs led by Atelos storm Town Hall, capturing the mayor and the members of the town council.  Shang Tsung arrives to find the town in a state of heightened tension.  He is ushered through the gates to Town Hall, where he is briefed on events.  Dobson and Atelos, along with their fellow patriots, had overthrown the old guard.  A new regime would form in the coming days.

Into the Dark (Pt 1) – Post 1.  A few weeks have passed and Darkshire has stabilized under a regime consisting of Dobson, Demetri, Shang, and a few other members of the political and business elite, with Atelos serving as Commander of the armed forces.  The new regime plans to launch a few probing missions towards Poenari Castle with the hope of turning the tide against Dracula.  

Nexus Battle Royale Introduction –  Hearing of a great deal of Primes starting to appear at the Fountain of Infinity, Shang Tsung finds Atelos and the two venture to investigate.  The allure of artefacts brings them into conflict with a ninja called 'Sasuke' and his cohorts.  The pair of Darkshire defenders form an alliance with Thaal Sinestro and Magus.  The former creates rings that he says will empower them, but when the four don their rings, they are beset by overwhelming emotions.  In the end, they are drawn to one another and fused into one entity:  Harbinger.

Nexus Battle Royale – Harbinger attacks everyone at the Nexus, only allying itself with the plague marine called 'Okor.'  In the mass chaos that follows, the Harbinger slays all of its opponents and crucifies them upon the twisted remnants of the Fountain of Infinity (OOC note - just read the thread, it's awesome).  After the battle, the Harbinger ceases to exist and its constituent parts go their separate ways.

Into the Dark (Pt 2) – Posts 2 forward.  Returning to Darkshire, Shang finds that initial scouting reports were positive, and he plans a larger operation.  Before this, he sets about to uncover the mystery of the relic he obtained from Sinestro, a 'power ring.'  Cracking it after some experimentation, Shang creates a ring capable of projecting his desires into reality.  He copies this power and trains a few soldiers in the use of the ring before setting out.
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