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Orihime Inoue Log

All purchases for Orihime Inoue go here!

Current post count: (your current post count, viewable on your profile)
Current Earned OM: (your current Earned OM, viewable next to your posts)
Current Spent OM: (total, viewable on your roster)
Buying: (whatever it is you want to buy). Cost: (the cost) OM.
New Spent OM: (your total Spent OM after the purchase)

All moves must be approved here before purchase.
[Image: GilgameshDAsig_zpsecqjfngm.png][Image: NB_BadgeRight.png][Image: RhzfCY6.gif] - Credit to Ezzy

Current post count: 5
Current Earned OM: 6,320
Current Spent OM: 4,800
Buying: First Stat Upgrade (ATK) -1,000 OM
New Spent OM: 5,800
[Image: 2i8ueyq.jpg]
*  Healer  -  Sheild Maiden  -  Guide To Lost Souls  -  Ginger Waifu  *

Orihime Inoue Current post count: 16
Current Earned OM: 7,707
Current Spent OM: 5,800
Buying: Tier one power up "Orihime Awakens" -1,000 OM
New Spent OM: 6,800

<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://omniverse-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&p=61081&hilit=orihime#p61081">viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2493&p=61081&hilit=orihime#p61081</a><!-- l -->
[Image: 2i8ueyq.jpg]
*  Healer  -  Sheild Maiden  -  Guide To Lost Souls  -  Ginger Waifu  *

Graveyard saga bonus : 9080 OM + 638 participation bonus + 511.12 Guardian kill bonus = 10230.01
[Image: giphy.gif]
You're naive. We're destroyers, not saviors. - Yu Kanda

Current post count: 29
Current Earned OM: 10,401
Current Spent OM: 6,800
Buying: Halo Energy Sword: 300 OM , 2nd STAT Unlock SPD 2,000 OM, Debuff Prof 1,000 OM 
New Spent OM: 10,100
[Image: 2i8ueyq.jpg]
*  Healer  -  Sheild Maiden  -  Guide To Lost Souls  -  Ginger Waifu  *

You've Got Bonus OM!!


GREAT BONUS: 12447.45 + 806.92 = 13254.37 OM
[Image: source.gif]
"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

Book Club: 14080.11 + 300= 14380.11
Dante's Abyss 2015
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Mark Twain Wrote:"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

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