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Orihime Inoue

Name: Orihime Inoue
Level: 3
Spent OM: 10,100
Proficiencies(2400):Ranged Proficiency(1000), Area Shield(400), Debuff(1000)
Powers(2500): Healing
Moves(1200): Shun Shun Rikka(RP Flavor), Santen Kesshun(900), Halo Energy Sword(300)
Super Moves:
Transformations: Tier 1 powerup "Orihime awakens." 
Unlocks: First Stat Upgrade (ATK), 2nd Stat (SPD)
Base stats:
ATK: 2 [4]
DEF: 4 [4]
SPD: 2 [4]
TEC: 4 [5]
[Image: 2hwmr21.jpg]

Orihime Inoue

[Image: 23h37ko.jpg]

NAME: Orihime Inoue 
ALIAS: Kow (Troll Tribe) Red (Everyone else) 
GENDER: Female 
AGE: 18
SEXUALITY: Straight 

HEIGHT: 5.2ft 
WEIGHT: 108 pounds

Orihime is a teenager of average height. She has brown eyes and long, waist-length, with bright orange hair. Her most noticeable physical trait is her slender yet curvaceous figure for a teenager, especially in terms of her large breasts. She wears her hair in bangs tucked behind her ears with hairpins, which she only removes to sleep, as they are worn in the memory of her brother. 

[Image: 2j3o27t.jpg]


Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Compassion, Forgiveness, Perseverance, Politeness, Kindness, Lovingness, Reliability

Gullible, Nervous, Jealous, Insecure, Reckless, Stubborn, Timid

Food, Dogs, Naps, Snow, Sunshine, Helping others, Trolls

People who hurt/take advantage of others, moths, owls, chickens, goats, swimming, letting anyone down. 

Orihime is independent, friendly, humorous, sensitive, caring and kind. She comes off as naive and rather clueless, which is at odds with her exceptionally high marks in school. She tends to zone out with her mouth open and loses track of what she was thinking or dreaming about. She has an overactive imagination and gets carried away thinking of implausible scenarios, such as portraying herself as a futuristic and highly destructive robot. Orihime likes Asian flower print clothing and comedies. While she does eat some normal food, Orihime cooks and eats unusual meals, which other people often find unappetizing. Her favorite food is red bean paste and she likes putting butter on sweet potatoes. She enjoys cheese and butter most of the time. Orihime has demonstrated that she is perceptive when it comes to people's mental and emotional state, especially in regards to Ichigo, as she is able to tell what kind of driving force is pushing someone. She additionally has a crush on Ichigo and later falls in love with him.  She has exhibited traits that appear to have some connection with Ichigo, such as the ability to detect Ichigo by scent, sense his Spiritual Pressure and an awareness of what mood Ichigo is in, sensing his feelings of anguish, disappointment, or worry, even feeling pain herself when she sees Ichigo getting hurt.


Orihime and her brother, Sora Inoue, were raised by a drunken father and a prostitute mother, who always argued and beat their children. Fearing that their parents would kill Orihime, in the March that Sora turned eighteen, he ran away with Orihime, who was three years old and raised her on his own from then on.  For nine years, Orihime and Sora lived in harmony despite the fact that Orihime was bullied in school because of her unusual hair color. One day, Sora gave Orihime a pair of hairpins. However, Orihime refused to wear them because she said they were childish. That day, Sora died, and Orihime began wearing the hairpins every day since. After Sora's death, Orihime prayed for him every day.

Since Sora's death, Orihime has lived by herself in Karakura Town, receiving financial support from a distantly related aunt living elsewhere. Orihime is taken straight to Aizen's throne room in Las Noches. Terrified of Aizen's immense power, she is forced to demonstrate her abilities by Aizen so that others may observe them. After she is rescued from Las Noches, she is plucked into the Omniverse.

[Image: 2m3la9c.jpg]
[Image: 2hwmr21.jpg]


[Image: a9465dcc-8354-4d9c-bf6d-949ced3a4589_zps1lxflkgy.gif]
Shun Shun Rikka (盾舜六花, Six Princess Shielding Flowers)- Fodder 0 OM: Orihime's spirit energy is harbored in the pair of hairpins that her brother gave her. Shun Shun Rikka is composed of six spirits. Orihime has four techniques, which use the spirits in combination with a spirit chant and the technique name. They reside in her hair-clips, which are shaped like six-petaled flowers. Each fairy is two points on a given clip when inactive.[280] Through various combinations of the six fairies, Orihime has the power to reject phenomena by denying or undoing events in various forms. This power can be used for attack, defense, or healing (depending on the combination). Orihime's determination directly influences the effectiveness of her powers. Feelings like doubt or worry make them weaker, while conviction makes them stronger.

Santen Kesshun (三天結盾, Three Sacred Links Shield)- 900 OM: is Orihime's defensive technique. It repels attacks by placing a shield between the enemy and Orihime. The incantation arranges three spirits Hinagiku, Lily, and Baigon into a triangle which has the ability to repel the "outer shield." Because the barrier rejects negative events, it can also function as an airbag of sorts, allowing Orihime and anyone else nearby to survive a potentially lethal fall unharmed. Orihime is also able to shape Santen Kesshun into a dome-shaped barrier large enough to easily hold herself and other individuals. It takes roughly half a second to activate and when Orihime chooses, the shield will either simply dissipate, or explode outwards, damaging anyone nearby at the cost of more energy.
Orihime can maintain the shield indefinitely and with relative ease, until met with opposition.The more force her defenses are met with, the harder they are to maintain and more energy it costs to do so. It's roughly 4 feet wide and 6 feet in length when in triangle form, and can hold no more than 3 people when in dome form.

Halo Energy Sword: 300 OM This was my weapon in the Graveyardverse The Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword consists of a curved hilt, housing an energy storage module and a device for projecting the plasma which forms the blade. The actual blade is composed of two partially ionized 'blades' of free moving electron based gas held in a blade-like form by two small magnetic-field generators built into the handle of the weapon. This forms and contains the oval-shaped, ionized blades for which the weapon is recognized. The battery's energy is reduced for each successful strike. Each strike from the sword will drain the battery by 10% of its energy. Once the battery power is fully depleted, the sword will deactivate unless recharged. It takes 40 Seconds of charging for every 10% of battery replenished.
[Image: 2hwmr21.jpg]


[Image: 23033e7a-ab55-4549-a894-0ae3615fbfeb_zpsjlbkl11i.png]
Met Sasuke in The Graveyardverse and became allies.
[Image: cf07018b-2783-4c72-a7ff-405c06f3e0e1_zpsnl6stqgk.jpg]
Orihime met Victor in The Graveyardeverse, he was also one of the first Primes she met.
[Image: 16578128-7050-41a5-b68a-a34f2ba81ad3_zpshjaf6bgx.jpg]
Orihime met Smith in The Graveyardverse, she helped him and Colonel defeat the Cybor Demon and then helps Colonel backstab him. Smith was Orihime's first kill.
[Image: e22f6c68-4c84-498b-be0a-1dfe1bf0d54f_zpssobmqgmb.jpg]
Met Colonel in The Graveyardverse and helped him betray his partner Smith.
[Image: d49c735c-bc07-4dd6-9fbc-a39e6e5bad24_zpsjr3y8oae.jpg]
Orihime met Trunks in The Graveyardverse and they are allies.
[Image: a023c6b2-ed5c-4ec8-8289-588ebd3ab1f1_zpsjvwhsqwt.png]
She saw Amaterasu die when she was teamned up with Trunks in The Graveyardverse.
Mickey Mouse

[Image: 881db18e-a755-42af-9cea-292d0d102865_zps69znnod4.jpg]
Met in The Graveyardverse was an emey even though she recognizes the icon from her childhood.


[Image: 3309b391-3422-48f5-b954-e95b2c232e59_zpskgjvuape.jpg]

Link burned my titties and killed my friend Victor. He sucks and OOC I want to chop his elf ears off and feed them to my troll friends.


[Image: 7fe50234-a4f2-453b-abda-dba374629e51_zpsjgads8uu.png]

He was with Link when he attacked me and Trunks in The Graveyardverse.

Proto Man
[Image: dcf02984-ab7b-4753-b344-68c213bf3ca3_zpsjrhfjqu2.png]

Was an enemy during The Graveyardverse.
[Image: 2hwmr21.jpg]

[Image: smyl1t.jpg]

The Frostmane tribe are a tribe of trolls that inhabit The Frozen Feilds and constantly fight a guerrilla war against the dwarves. They can be found 20 miles past Dragonspire Peeks,[1] on Shimmer Ridge[2], and south of Anvilmar in a cave[3] and a surrounding camp. Due to the ice trolls' unrelenting hostility toward outsiders, they came to live far from the gates of the verse.

The frigid lands of Anvilmar in the Frozen Fields where once ruled by the Frostmanes before the dwarves conquered it from them. One dwarf, in particular, the Frostmanes have fought with since they had first arrived. Lord Blundersunder[4] is a general who fought alongside Bruenor Battlehammer and now exports all the gemstones for Mithral Hall making Lord Blundersunder incredibly wealthy and resourceful.

Frostmane Hold[5] is their settlement which currently rests inside the hollow base of an ancient giant tree stump with a camp right above it. The roots of this old tree allow for various tunnels to escape that the Frostmane Tribe utilizes. Unbeknownst, to the Frostmane Tribe this particular ancient tree stump they are living on is also sitting on top of precious ore that Lord Bludsunder wants.

Despite being smaller than their other troll brethren in Zul’gurand, the Frostmane trolls have been launching increasingly frequent and aggressive attacks against the dwarves living in Lord Blundsunder’s settlements, using Constriction Totems to block paths for Dwarven mountaineers, raiding travelers on the road to his castle, killing livestock, and more. The dwarves currently consider the Frostmane tribe little more than a nuisance but have made a concerted effort to vanquish them but have been unsuccessful.

[Image: 2urw1sp.jpg]
The road to Frostmane Hold

[1] Dragonspire Peeks was first introduced in the quest "D'you Want Axe?: A Quest to Return Home"
[2] Shimmer ridge is on the road to Frostmane hold and where the seer resides just outside of the cave entrance and village and is first introduced in the thread "That Binds Together The Heavens and The Earth"
[3] The main entrance to Frostmane Hold is through a cave entrance and is first introduced in the thread "That Binds Together The Heavens and The Earth"
[4] Lord Blundsunder is the enemy of the Frostmane Tribe and is first introduced in the thread "That Binds Together The Heavens and the Earth"
[5] Frostmane Hold is the main hall of their village where the throne room is at and where all the people live. It is first introduced in the thread "That Binds Together The Heavens and the Earth"


The Frostmane Tribe is rich in culture that celebrates the old ways and worships the old gods of their people. They pray to these gods or go to a seer to interpret the gods for them with various rituals. The gods and what they think very much influence their life and believe that if the day in battle they go to the other side a sort of Val Halla.

Priestesses are also said to harness the power of the gods and are a conduit for the gods to work through them. Priestess are identified as having gifts of sight which can help them predict the future, have white hair, are masters at Voodoo, and able to use the powers of the elements without totems. The priestesses are also meant to be a wife of the chief.

The war chief is the title that goes to the strongest troll in the village. At any time the role of war chief can be fought and won over. Any troll can challenge the current war chief to a battle to the death and become the new war chief. The responsibilities of the chief include leading the trolls into battle, hunting for food, protecting Fostmane Hold and more.


The Frostmane Tribe believe in the old wild gods of their past. Gods like Goldrinn a Wild God who takes the form of a monstrously powerful white wolf. He embodies ferocity, savagery, and an unyielding will and legends tell that he possesses unparalleled rage and fury. His is the spirit of the hunter, the animal instinct that kicks in when wild things smell food or feel their children are in jeopardy.
[Image: 2rz4g0y.jpg]

Apa'ro, a powerful and wise Ancient Guardian who takes the form of an enormous white stag. He was one of the first living beings and long ago, he roamed the land as protector of nature. His power lay in nature itself and he is responsible for the creation and nurturing of nature in the world.

[Image: jjwls8.jpg]

Bwonsamdi is the powerful spirit of death. The spirits of all trolls on go to him upon death, and he brings the spirits of any who worship him into his realm, the Other Side. Bwonsamdi grows more powerful the more souls are in his care. His face is described as looking like a rush'kah mask. After someone undergoes the rite of binding, a ritual "as old as the world itself", the soul of anything they kill goes to Bwonsamdi. To honor the loa of death, Zandalari will don masks in their rituals and pray to him. Bwonsamdi, in turn, will either answer in kind, or curse them with pain, depending on his mood.

[Image: a3zcpf.jpg]

Voodoo (also referred to as black magic) is a dark and powerful form of magic practiced by the shadow hunters, hexxers, and witch doctors. The trolls' use of mojo in their voodoo magic has long been established. Drinking blood provides power, the darkest of voodoo.
A practitioner of voodoo is called Voodooist. Voodoo can reform a physical body for a brief time, raise the dead, cure ailments, and it can be used to read the minds and emotions of creatures.

The rush'kah is a special ceremonial mask used by shadow hunters. Rush'kah masks channel the spirits of their dark gods which are wild gods. Currently, there are no troll shadow hunters who use the Rush'kah. Only other wooden masks are used.

Many trolls have the ability to use shamen powers and abilities. Shaman are mortal mediators between the elements themselves. Often spiritual guides of their communities, these powerful practitioners commune with the ancestors and seek to balance the raging elemental forces, and can call upon them in a battle to scorch and blast their enemies or to strengthen and heal their allies. Shaman can enhance their weapons with elemental effects, smite enemies with lightning strikes and bursts of lava, and summon powerful elementals to their aid.

Totems are tools used by a shaman as an instrument of war. Characterized by their immobility and area of effect, the totems embody the shaman's mastery over the elements. Some totems possess destructive power while others aid and assist allies. Totems are unique to the shaman. Once a totem is put down it cannot be moved, but a new totem can be used to replace it. A totem's effect is only active within a certain radius of the totem.

“To be a shadow hunter is to master chaos.”
— Vol'jin

The shadow hunters are masters of voodoo and shadow magic, were once upon a time the highest authority amongst trolls. Their spirit powers can both heal and curse, walking the line of dark and light in hope of saving the future of trollkind, doing whatever it takes to secure a future for their kin. The wild gods can channel themselves through the shadow hunters when they use their ceremonial rush'kah masks. The traditional shadow hunter weapon is a long double-bladed sword or glaive.

Important People

Zabajin is the current war chief of the Frostmane Tribe and is married to Te’Zali the village priestess and they have a son named Orunjin he also has a brother named Rufio. The seer told Zabajin that he was found as a baby outside a cave in Draponspire Peeks.

When he was strong enough he challenged the old war chief because he was not willing to trade resources putting their village at risk for starvation and death. He won a fight to the successor of the Frostmane Tribe and has since been the warrior who has defeated the most challenges in their tribes recorded history. Despite his qualities all pointing him as a fearsome warrior and bloodthirsty conqueror, Zabajin is a family man as well.

While a great warrior he is an even better father to his children; whom he adores. Particularly his son Orunjin, whom he dotes on and grooms as his successor. Zabajin also cherishes his brother Rufio, though his love for his brother blinds him to his resentment for him. 

[Image: e7fbe0.jpg]

Average Strength of a troll
Faster than most trolls
Fights with dual axes that have a fire imbune on them which does additional fire damage over time.

Te’Zali is the priestess of the Frostmane Tribe and she married to Zabajin and they have one son named Orunjin. Being a priestess she is responsible for all the religious ceremonies and sacrifices to the gods. She is also responsible for holding the place as acting chief while her husband is away raiding and protecting Frostmane Hold.
[Image: 14t6ahk.jpg]

Rufio is like a brother to Zabajin and they were both raised by the same parents. When their parents died in a dwarf raid, Rufio is left to take care of Zabajin.
[Image: 35a0xfk.jpg]

Orunjin is the son of Ta'Zali and Zabajin.
[Image: 10zo5d1.jpg]
[Image: 2hwmr21.jpg]

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