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Samus Aran

Name: Samus Aran
Spent OM: 23700
Consumed OM: 900 (Items, bet)
Proficiencies (3600); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged (1000), Area Attack (600), Area Defense (400), Homing (600)
Powers (5200/8000); Flight (1800), Master Acrobat (400), Basic Enhanced Senses (1400), Burst Movement (800), Shrink (800)
Moves (5100); Power Beam (900) Grapple Beam (300), Block Beam (300), Gatling Beam (600), Kinetic Discharge (300), Barrier Beam (600), Morph Ball (300), Buzz Beam (300), Bombs (600), Missiles (600), Super Missile (300)
Super Moves (1400); Tier 1 Super Attack: Missile Storm (600), Tier 2 Super Attack: Zero Laser (800)
Transformations (4500); Alternate Form: Predator Mode (2000), Tier 1 Power-Up: Hyper Mode 25% Corrupted (+2/+2/+1/+0) (1000), Tier 2 Power-Up: Hyper Mode 50% Corrupted (+4/+4/+2/+0) (1500)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device, Banishment Circle, Isolation Verse
Artefacts: Stopwatch
Bases (0);
Unlocks (3000); Stat Upgrade II (3000)

Base Form (Hyper Mode 25% Corrupted stats) [Hyper Mode 50% Corrupted stats]
ATK: 4 (6) [8]
DEF: 4 (6) [8]
SPD: 1 (2) [3]
TEC: 3

Predator Mode (Click for appearance) (Hyper Mode 25% Corrupted stats) [Hyper Mode 50% Corrupted stats]
ATK: 4 (6) [8]
DEF: 2 (4) [6]
SPD: 3 (4) [5]
TEC: 3
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

We Chozo are drifting, tumbling through space and time as the Great Poison eats away at our sanity. We wake in dreams. As the veil of lunacy descends, as past and future blend and shuffle, one image appears and flickers through the landscape, wraithlike. It is the Hatchling, the Newborn, walking the path of corruption, a lone figure shining in the toxic shadows. She comes dressed for war, and her wrath is terrible. Do our eyes look backward, seeing the Hatchling as she once was? Or does she approach even now, arriving in our race's last hour, a savior clothed in machines crafted long ago by Chozo hands?

[Image: X0q9Nz3.gif]
Art by jeex-farfadet on DeviantArt

Samus Aran

Bounty Hunter

Age: 28
Height without suit: 5'11"
Height with suit: 6'3"
Eye color: blue-turquoise

Appearance: Samus is rather tall, standing at 5'11" without her suit and 6'3" once equipped. She is in extremely good physical shape and maintains a daily regimen of exercise despite it no longer being necessary. She has longish blonde hair and tends to keep it tied back in a ponytail. Under the power suit, she wears form-fitting gym clothing, usually a tank top and shorts.

Character Analysis:
Samus is good at heart, but can be cold and unforgiving in the pursuit of justice, especially when it comes to pirates, slavers and murderers. She is also a smart, sceptical (some would say jaded) woman with a realistic outlook. She prefers to have a plan, but has become accustomed to making snap decisions. After a prolonged stint working for the Galactic Federation, she is aware that commanders are as likely to be immoral and incompetent as their so-called inferiors - as such, she prefers to call her own shots. That said, in the very rare instance that she trusts someone fully, she will carry out their orders even without question. She will not hesitate to kill or banish murderous Primes, or to kill or seriously injure well-meaning Primes who stand in the way of something she considers sufficiently important. Secondaries being mortal, she will not kill them unless absolutely necessary, but will not hesitate if she decides that is the case (for example, to save other secondaries).

Most of the time, Samus has an 'all business' demeanour. This comes from years of working as a soldier and later, bounty hunter. However, she is not socially oblivious, and not a hothead generally speaking. Despite her occupation, she is not a mere soldier for hire. Rather, her bounty hunting allows her to legitimately hunt down criminals while following her own rules and making enough money from small jobs to keep her ship and tools in good shape.

Fighting Style:
Samus has a flexible fighting style; against melee-focused opponents she’ll try to keep them at bay with ranged attacks, whereas she’ll try to tie up weaker caster types in melee. She won’t use her allies like pawns, but other than that, all’s fair in love and war. She has a range of abilities to support this versatility (summoning large blocks to impede the opponent or support a clever strategy, proximity bombs, etc) and is very tactically-minded.

Character history:
Cue the music.

(All of Samus's canon history. Here's the heavily abridged version.)

Following the events of Metroid Fusion, Samus was left with modified genes. Now, she was infused with DNA of both the Chozo ... and the Metroids. Disobeying orders from the Galactic Federation, she had destroyed both the Biologic Research Station and the planet SR388 (the original home of the Metroids) in order to wipe out the X Parasite which threatened the galaxy. Exhausted after her narrow escape, she removed her power suit - now largely restored to its normal appearance - and left her ship on autopilot. Deciding how best to explain her actions to the Galactic Federation was something she would tackle after sleeping.

But when she awoke, she was not in her ship. She was in the Nexus. This was the Scramble, an event in which numerous Primes suddenly joined the Omniverse all at once. Representatives from the Empire and Kingdom soon arrived. Samus decided that being led somewhere was better than wandering the wilderness alone, and joined Judge Dredd in returning to the city of Coruscant where she was given accommodation and a tour of the city.

In the time following, Samus settled in and absorbed the reality of her situation. But it wasn't long before her skills were called for protecting the city from a terrorist group named the Copper Eye during the Emperor's annual Jubilee. Along with Nanoha Takamachi and Proto Man, she entered the Dataverse to track them down. They were ambushed by robots and escaped to the sanctuary of the Dataverse's library.

Here, Samus reflects on her isolation from her own world and finally succumbs to summoning the AI Adam, her once-Commanding Officer who she had reunited with aboard the Biologic Research Station, immediately prior to entering the Omniverse. After discovering the location of the Copper Eye's headquarters, she and Proto Man head there only to discover that the terrorists are not nearly as scary as they had previously appeared. Proto Man attempts to pacify the situation, but is interrupted by the arrival of Judge Dredd, who had bugged Proto Man upon entry to the Dataverse. Dredd's troops slaughter every 'terrorist' in the area, with Samus and Proto Man helpless to stop them.

Samus resolves not to work for the Empire again if she can help it, opting instead to work alone. In the weeks following, she resumes normal work as a bounty hunter in Coruscant taking down small-time criminals and getting to know the city.

Soon she hears of a dragon terrorising villages and crosses to Camelot in order to hunt it down. Together with Proto Man, Harry Dresden, Link, Ganondorf, Inlumia, Magus and Cindy, she tracks the Rathalos to its cave. They take it and its mate the Rathian down, revealing two egg-like artefacts. Samus is suddenly betrayed by the monster hunter Cindy, who knocks her out and escapes with the Gold Rathian egg. Meanwhile Ganondorf, the help of Android Eighteen, escapes with the Silver Rathalos egg. Samus is helped back to safety by Harry Dresden and Proto Man, and she rests at Dresden's home before leaving for Coruscant.

Upon returning home Samus upgrades her suit and pursues the bounty of Vitruvius, an android who has burned an imperial soldier to death. She reaches Tier Five, but just as she closes in on the mark, she is assaulted by an unknown attacker who severely injures her with a surprise attack. Samus is forced to retreat, during which she incurs further injuries and narrowly escapes defeat.

A couple of days later, Samus contacts her allies Proto Man and Harry Dresden and informs them of her situation and proposes the creation of an alliance. To work together for the betterment of the Omniverse. To protect each other from threats like the Stalker. Shortly afterwards, Samus sees on the news that Vitruvius has surfaced to Tier One of Coruscant. She immediately heads off in pursuit, only to discover that the seemingly murderous android was actually quiet, peaceful and misunderstood. His body had seemingly malfunctioned in the new environment he, like every other prime, had been unwillingly thrust into, which had caused him to accidentally kill the stormtrooper.

Knowing that the consequences will be dire, Samus makes a decision to protect Vitruvius from the Empire, who would doubtless subject him to numerous invasive experiments or make him one of their pawns. She offers to escort him to prison on behalf of the Empire before fleeing to the gate to the Vasty Deep. Her ship is shot down along the way and they plummet, barely making it through the gate. Upon arrival they face Imperial reinforcements but are able to make it to a ship docked at the harbour.


Some time later, having found amnesty at an island owned by an old couple, Samus sees that Cindy has joined Dante's Abyss, a reality TV show taking place in the aptly named "Dante Verse" where competitors must kill to survive. She formulates a plan to bring the monster hunter to justice, and signs up for the competition with no intention of actually joining, in order to take out Cindy before it begins. She meets up with Harry Dresden and Proto Man and they proceed to ambush Cindy. They nearly succeed in banishing her, only to find that banishment circles do not work within the Dante Verse. They beat a hasty attempt to escape before being gassed.

When Samus awakes, she is in a helicopter on the way to the island. She escapes a near fatal encounter with Link and Ganondorf before meeting up with Harry Dresden. They join forces with Erza Scarlet and Mickey Mouse and name themselves MESH. At one point they are separated and Samus meets up with a wizard named Gildarts, before reuniting with MESH. But it isn't long before their solidarity is shattered. A brutal battle whittles down their numbers and shortly afterwards Samus is killed at the hands of Sasuke Uchiha.

Enraged at what she has been put through and forced to do at the hands of the show's director, Karl Jak, Samus enhances her suit with the power of phazon, willing to do anything to see him brought to justice. But her attempt fails and she is unceremoniously ejected back to the Nexus.


Samus decides the time is nigh to do something about the evil that plagues the Omniverse. Taking the name that she and her comrades had adopted during Dante's Abyss, she informs Adam of her plans. The AI swiftly establishes a space on the Dataverse for their faction and contacts other likely members.

Samus herself sets out to Camelot to contact the kingdom and gain their support. She meets the King, Aragorn, and pleads her case. He is sympathetic but unwilling to make any kind of official pact. Thus, in order to gain greater trust within the kingdom, Samus decides to sign up with the armed forces and prove that she has what it takes to be One of the Men.

Samus initially struggles with her PTSD from her death at the hands of Sasuke Uchiha, having developed an unconscious fear of blades such as the one that was shoved through her chest. After some time, she hears that Sasuke is under attack at the Nexus, and leaves during the night to witness it. She watches as the Harbinger, an ungodly fusion of four Primes, kills Sasuke. On some grim level, this satisfies her.

Samus returns to Camelot, but is finally ambushed once again by the Stalker. During the fight, Samus deduces that the Stalker is an X-Parasite, one of those which copied her partially-biological suit, which the Stalker nonetheless denies. After a fierce fight, Samus exposes the parasite within, and absorbs it (absorbing/consuming X-Parasites being one of the powers she gained from the Metroid vaccine in Fusion), thereby learning all of its fragmented memories - that it was experimented on by the Space Pirates, given their technology, exposed to heavy amounts of phazon, and forgot all about being an X-Parasite, truly believing that it was a space pirate. It was now a part of Samus, and further increased her strength.

She returned to Minas Tirith and resumed training. It was during this time that one of her squadmates, Angel Marissa, opened up to her about one of her desires. The desire to have her mother brought back to life. Samus was extremely hesitant, not knowing whether it was possible to resummon someone she didn't personally know, but eventually relented to try, using all manner of pictures and items of Angel's mother. It seemed to succeed, and Samus retreated to contemplate the implications of this.


She was then made aware of the threat of Nebula and Dark Data, and moved to help the team already assembled in Camelot.


Adam Malkovich (contains Metroid Other M and Metroid Fusion spoilers)
Samus's once-commanding officer of the Galactic Federation, he sacrificed his life attempting to stop the Federation's metroid breeding program. Years later, Samus discovered that his intelligence and personality had been uploaded to a computer before his death, and he now served as an artificial intelligence for the Federation. As the only person who had ever been able to exert a measure of control over Samus, they had used the AI to try and keep her in line, but this backfired when Samus was able to appeal to the AI's humanity in order to help her destroy the labs and the metroid breeding program once and for all. He now serves as Samus's aide in the Omniverse.

The Stalker
One of the surviving SA-X (X Parasite Samus clones from Metroid Fusion) which was taken by the space pirates and experimented upon using phazon. It was experimented on and brainwashed to believe that it truly was a space pirate, then dispatched to hunt Samus. It was then pulled into the Omniverse, and stalked Samus at several ventures before finally falling to the huntress and being absorbed. In a way, it lives on as part of Samus.
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

Samus is a trained soldier and proficient hand-to-hand combatant. Her natural strength is augmented by her Power Suit, which is connected to her nervous system and may be materialised or dematerialised at will. She is rarely seen without it, but when she is, she prefers to wear form-fitting clothing so that it can be summoned at a moment's notice. More than simply armor, the power suit is a second skin. She feels the damage it sustains. The fingers of her suit even have tactile touch, allowing her to feel surfaces. The suit has a modular design allowing it to integrate with many types of technology automatically. Even the best scientists of the Galactic Federation did not fully understand the workings of the suit, as its creators - the Chozo - are now extinct.


[Image: XwTKXyY.gif]
PED Suit (default)
ATK: 4. With an augmented exoskeleton that reacts to every flex of Samus's own muscles, and powered by a Chozo core, the PED suit packs a punch even with no phazon enhancement.
DEF: 4. Not a lot leaves a dent on Samus's armor. In the Omniverse, it's retained much of its trademark resilience.
SPD: 1. Samus is naturally athletic, but this model of the suit has traded much of her speed for power.
TEC: 3. An excellent markswoman and experienced fighter, Samus has been through enough missions to be able to outsmart and out-fight common foes with ease.

Samus's default suit, its main strength is its defense. While not as powerful as it once was, it does allow her to take a great deal more punishment than the average human being. It also gives her superhuman strength, and access to all of her other powers. Following the events of Dante's Abyss her default suit has become the PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) suit, pictured above. It allows her to pump phazon into the extremities of her suit allowing for a maintained 'Hyper Mode' that boosts her physical capabilities. This puts a great deal of strain on her body.

[Image: aHzrz6k.gif]
Predator Suit
ATK: 4. The Predator Suit may lack in defense, but it loses nothing in power.
DEF: 2. While not fragile by any means, the Predator Suit can't match the PED suit in terms of durability.
SPD: 3. Stripping away the heavy armor gives Samus extra speed to keep up with superhuman enemies that are too nimble to catch with the PED suit.
TEC: 3. An excellent markswoman and experienced fighter, Samus has been through enough missions to be able to outsmart and out-fight common foes with ease.

Created as an alternate mode for the power suit whose function is for is fighting and chasing down speedier opponents, the Predator Suit is not as strong defensively as the Varia Suit but makes up for it with increased agility. It can be switched to and from on-the-fly during battle.

[Image: j6rr9xT.gif][Image: 1XYDdsJ.jpg]
HYPER MODE 25% CORRUPTED (Tier 1 Power-up)
ATK + 2
DEF + 2
SPD + 1

By pumping phazon through the extremities of her suit, Samus can activate Hyper Mode, a form in which her physical capabilities are greatly boosted. Both her attack, defence and speed are augmented, turning an already formidable foe into a veritable terminator. Her suit glows blue while in this form, especially when activating or otherwise calling on a lot of power. Otherwise, blue lines are always visible running across the surface of her suit.

[Image: z2isC16.png]
HYPER MODE 50% CORRUPTED (Tier 2 Power-up)
ATK + 4
DEF + 4
SPD + 2

Samus goes EVEN FURTHER BEYOND. By pushing the phazon in her suit to dangerous levels, Samus gains even greater power, resilience and speed in all her forms. The visible effects are more obvious still, with bright blue lines visible at all times, splitting and snaking like glowing veins across her suit. First used against the Stalker.


Master Acrobat
Samus was trained by the Chozo from the age of three, and is naturally very agile. Combined with the strength her power suit lends her, she can flip through the air and perform acrobatics with ease.

Space Jump Boots (Super Jumping)
The augmented strength of her suit's legs in concert with the jetpack situated on her back allow Samus to make superhuman leaps.

Anti-Gravity Engine (Flight)
Samus's suit is able to negate its own weight through poorly-understood Chozo technology, though this takes a fair degree of energy, and her jetpack allows her to direct herself in midair.

Rapid Propulsion System (Burst Movement)
Engineered shortly before Dante's Abyss, the Rapid Propulsion System utilises Samus's pre-existing anti-gravity engine and jetpack in concert to create short bursts of kinetic energy. These can be used to propel her up, down, left, right, backwards or straight forwards into battle. While full of potential, the system is very difficult to control in the heat of battle; Samus is still acclimating herself to it.

X-Ray Visor/Target Indicator (Basic Enhanced Senses)
This upgrade allows Samus to see through walls, and also adds a target indicator to her HUD (arrows pointing to the target, much like those in First-Person Shooter videogames, to let her 'see' targets she's not facing towards). This radar effect does take energy to use, and so it's usually disabled.


Power Beam
The default setting for Samus's arm cannon, this shoots spherical bolts of energy semi-automatically like a pistol, with a potential ROF of about two shots per second. It never runs out of ammo or needs to be reloaded. What makes it special is that it can be charged up. While charging, Samus can move but cannot shoot. It takes five seconds to fully charge the beam. A fully-charged power beam will fire a ball of energy that explodes upon impact. The beam can also be 'quickcharged' which reduces the charge time to about a second and a half, but doing so rapidly drains the suit's energy.

Grapple Beam
A beam which can be fired either from Samus's left hand, or from the barrel of her arm cannon. The grapple beam is not an attack as such; rather, it attaches to things. It can be used to pull objects, people, or swing from overhanging scenery.

Barrier Beam
A physical energy barrier projected from the barrel of Samus's arm cannon. It takes the form a translucent green wall that curves outwards from the beam. It takes about a second to activate, and Samus cannot move or use any other beam weapons while it is active. It can be expanded either to a partial or whole sphere (roughly three metres in diameter), though this dilutes the power of the barrier. It is possible to push through the field physically, but this burns in the same way that any other energy-based weapon does. It is most solid when focused into a smaller area, though this obviously leaves Samus most vulnerable to being attacked from the side.

Gatling Beam
A powerful alternate fire mode for Samus's arm cannon where three 'wings' roughly the length of the arm cannon itself extend from the barrel and fold outwards. These wings 'spin' and fire energy bullets in concert with the main cannon, allowing for a rapid-fire 'gatling' mode with a wider area of effect than Samus's usual Power Beam. While the overall damage output is higher than standard Power Beam shots, its power is less concentrated, and there is a hefty recoil which makes it difficult to aim while moving. By planting her feet and bracing her gun arm with her left arm, Samus can increase the power output even further to a destructive hail - it takes a moment to 'spin up' and 'spin down' from this mode, and is so powerful that it slowly pushes the hunter backwards when maintained.

Kinetic Discharge
An upgrade that allows Samus to discharge her charged-up energy not just through her gun, but through physical contact, almost like a controlled static shock. Just like a charged shot from her arm cannon, it takes five seconds to charge. All it takes then is for Samus to touch an opponent with any part of her suit and the energy will be transferred, producing an explosion at the point of connection.

Buzz Beam
A persistent beam of orange energy roughly one meter in length. It is a quick to activate, toggle-able setting on Samus’s arm cannon. In many ways it is closer to a chainsaw than it is a sword, as the beam’s energy will ‘buzz’ upon contact with a target, though it cannot cut through other melee weapons of equal strength. It takes a small portion of energy to maintain. The main downside is that it stops Samus from using her arm cannon for other things. When in Hyper Mode, the beam changes colour to an electric blue.

Morph Ball
Samus curls herself up into a tight form - a perfectly round sphere that rolls instead of running. It takes only a second to transform to and from the ball. The main advantage is its compact form - it can be used as a method of dodging and disorientation to an opponent. She is unable to use her cannon in this form but may drop bombs (separate move) and use her powers such as super jumping, flight and burst movement.

Size Comparison:
[Image: lZahaBm.gif]

Samus can instantly summon sticky blue bulbs of energy that can be dropped, thrown or attached to objects. There are two modes. The first is proximity mode, whereby the bomb will explode the moment anyone comes within three feet of it, excepting Samus or any allies she has designated as friendly. The second is timer mode, where a bomb will explode five seconds after it is released from Samus's suit. These explosions are light and serve mainly as knockback, easily taking a foe off-balance to leave an opening for another attack.

These bombs are bright blue and are easy to spot; however they are silent and almost weightless. If it lands on someone's back, they may not even notice until it explodes. They can be ripped off and attached to other objects like a fridge magnet.

Samus can only have three bombs in existence at once (one must explode to place another). These take only a small amount of energy to create.

Samus's suit can store up to (her level x5) missiles at once, after which they are depleted. She can summon new missiles by standing still and focusing - this replenishes her missiles at a rate of one per second. Missiles are a little slow, slower than an arrow, but can be fired at a rate of one per second. They hit with a satisfying 'bang', like taking a haymaker to the face from someone a bit stronger than Samus. Samus can charge her standard missiles with a homing effect, and can do so while moving, but this takes an extra second, reducing the rate of fire to one every two seconds. These homing missiles don't track perfectly and can be dodged with some effort.

Super Missile
By planting her feet and charging up for a couple of seconds, Samus can create a missile that is much faster and more explosive than a standard missile, moving as fast as an arrow. This 'Super Missile' costs five missiles from her stock.

Block Beam
A beam that summons large, heavy cubes roughly five feet in diameter. Block Beam was designed as a tactical upgrade to allow Aran to create her own cover during a firefight, as well as a physical obstacle to an opponent attempting to close a distance. It takes five seconds to create a block and a small portion of power from Samus’s suit. Once summoned, these blocks are as durable as stone, though they will vanish after about an hour. Samus can create a block in any location in her line of sight within five feet, which she does by pointing to the target location and maintaining the beam until the block has fully materialised, at which point it drops to the ground. The beam itself is green and emits a distinctive hum while it materialises the block. The blocks are too heavy to be thrown, but can be fairly easily pushed by Samus due to her augmented strength. A minor detail is that the outward colour and texture of the blocks can be changed. There is no limit to the number of blocks Samus can summon, though it would be a large waste of time and energy in most fights.


Missile Storm - Tier 1 Super Attack
The definition of overkill, Missile Storm is exactly what it sounds like. Samus's shoulder pads fold open to reveal two launchers packed to the brim with mini-missiles that, after a short delay, rocket towards a desired location. While the missiles do not have lock-on, accuracy is not necessary as the salvo has a radius large enough to catch any foe in the chain-explosions.

Zero Laser – Tier 2 Super Attack
Powering up, the barrel of Samus's arm cannon radiates a halo of metal that expands outwards and glows with blue light. After a few seconds her arm cannon expels a gigantic beam of energy about fifteen feet in diameter that moves about as fast as a fastball. The beam will envelop anything in its path and inflict massive damage. It's especially good against cornered targets. Samus cannot move while using it, and is left unable to move for several seconds afterward.
[Image: 0bwAI3j.jpg]

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