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Amber Veritz

Name: Amber Patrica Veritz
Spent OM: 24,500OM
Proficiencies: (2600); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Aera of Attack(600)
Powers: (5500); Basic Super Jumping (300), Master Acrobat (400), Basic Enhanced Senses(1400), Burst Movement(800), Advanced Regeneration(1800), Time Manipulation(800)
Moves: (2700); Razorback (600), Aura Projection (600), Feral Claws(300), Bite(300), Razorback: Katana Style(600), Tracker(300)
Super Moves(2400): Time Dust(T2SU), Medical Dust(T2SU), Is that Supposed to Hurt?(T2SD)
Transformations(5000): T1 Powered Up form(1000) Animal Instinct, Alt-Form: Panther(2000)
Items: Communicator, Mobile Data-verse Device, Will-o-Wisp Balm(+2TEC for one fight when consumed.)
Consumed OM: 1300 = 300 (Items) + 1000 (Base)
Bases: Atlas(Frozen Fields)
Unlocks (3000): First Stat Increase (1000), Second Stat Upgrade (2000)
Base | Alt stats | Alt 2
ATK: 4 | ATK:3 | ATK: 4
DEF: 3 | DEF:0 |DEF: 0
SPD: 3 | SPD:6 | SPD: 4
TEC: 2 | TEC:3 | TEC: 4
"I've been neglected, harassed, beaten, and diminished all my life. What motivates me to continue? The glory of proving people wrong. Being worth more than the numbing existence offered me. To be a hero." - Amber

Character Information

Character name: Amber Veritz

Character source: RWBY OC

Character history:

Amber, just like Ruby, grew up wanting to become a Huntress. After long the long toiling of training, and the creation of her own unique weapon her father helped her build, Amber made it into beacon. On her first day, she witnessed Weiss Schnee(Yes, a Schnee) get blown up by some girl with a huge Scythe from sneezing Dust. She had planned to go and meet Ruby, but after the explosion, she thought she may not want to speak. Mainly, she wanted to see Ruby's Crescent Rose up close: Quite the weapon enthusiast she is.

Once Amber made it into Beacon, she was acquainted with a team. The first member was a friend of hers, since they were kids they dreamed of enrolling in Beacon. The only guy on her team, Murasaki, was this person. He is a quiet guy, but strong and would risk his life for Amber. Next is a person she had never met, just like the last. Her name is Bianca, and she believes she is royalty. Though she isn't much of a head on fighter, Bianca can use aiding support such as healing, or buff type attacks on her allies. The last member of the Team is Rose. She specializes in slowing down their enemies, or just head on assaulting them. Short-fused and hot tempered, most just try not to piss her off. Together, these four form Team AMBR.

Amber came to the Omniverse after an experience with a breed of Grim that she had never learned about in class. It created some kind of toxic fume that made her pass out. She didn't know what happened to the rest of her team, but when she awoke, she couldn't speak or move. Everything was black, until Omni revealed himself.

Personality: Amber is a firey soul and natural born leader. Her most remarkable personality trait is a quick temper. If you value your existence in your unlimited lifetime, you'd do best not to piss her off. When she's not fighting you can expect an easy going livey soul that loves to joke. During battle though, she attempts to mediate a group and organize them for success. She doesn't mean to boss people around, it just comes naturally to her. Talking about her past is something she generally likes to avoid though. Her parents raise her in poverty and she only wants to forget that time.

Battle Mentality: In this section, I will explain Amber's general reaction to most combat situations. Amber is brash and brawn, with a hint of tactical guidance. She loves making use of every aspect around her in ways that may even seem unreasonable. Like cutting down a tree in the middle of a fight as a distaction to get close, even if the person is no where near it. She is careless with her own protection, not minding if she gets bruised up or cut(Don't mistake this line to mean she doesn't dodge or block though). She makes clear advantages in her abilities by focusing completely on her strengths working around her weaknesses. Relying mostly on speed and power by dodging and attacking somewhat recklessly.

After Dante's Abyss 2016, Amber has a horrible time dealing with things of supernatural origins. This could be, but is not limited to, zombies, ghosts, certain sicknesses and disease and certain mythical creatures that are meant to be ominious or threating. She can react to things in a way that send her into a frezied rage, or even have moments of PTSD. Talk with me if you're unsure of anything written in this section please!

Physical Description:

Amber is a 17 year old teenager. Her hair is a heavy shade of brown and red and her eyes glows a bright red. However, the most outstanding point in her appearance is her cat ears - She is a faunus. Standing at 5' 2" and weighing in at 109lb, Amber is a force to be reckoned with for even with her small stature, she wields a Great-sword appropriately named Razorback, 6ft long from hilt to tip and weighing in at 10.27lb. Her regular attire is a white strapless dress the covers up mostly the necessities. Bandages cover most of her extremities, including her hands, arms, feet and legs. Lastly, she is left handed.

[Image: m0pdFsA.jpg]
Art Credit - Blossyay on Tumblr.

Mobile Data Device/Communicator(300) - Amber's scroll, it functions as a video/audio communication device, and will allow her to access the dataverse.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHUJ001StQ9fcyk3TP0Uq...DjHc3dPP1_]
"I've been neglected, harassed, beaten, and diminished all my life. What motivates me to continue? The glory of proving people wrong. Being worth more than the numbing existence offered me. To be a hero." - Amber



-Physical Strength and Ranged Proficiency (600)

[Image: bcy809u.jpg]
[Image: KHVL1w6.jpg]
(Art and design goes to Captain America.)

Razorback, as mentioned in the description, is Amber's Great-sword rifle. The huge blade was forged by her and her father, her father fashioned the rifle parts, and she fashioned the blade. Razorback as mentioned before is 6' long blade to hilt, and weighs in at 10.27lb. The raw destructive force of the blade can cause slight alterations to a battlefield or scenery, including chopping down thin trees or cracking the earth. The mechanism of Razorback works by pulling down the fore-grip and trigger on the back of the blade. This causes the hilt to retreat into the base of the blade and the blade itself to rotate 180 degrees. That being said they can't be used simultaneously(Since the gun barrel would be in the mechanism when the sword is in use, and the hilt would be gone when using the rifle.). Since Razorback is big, it takes a few seconds to summon, about 5 at most with Amber's speed. When switching between range and melee, it takes 2 seconds for the blade to rotate 180 degrees. The rifle comes with a 20 bullet clip. It takes 4 seconds to reload and she carries 5 loaded clips with her(including the one that is already in the gun, so 4 reloads).

Aura Projection - Requires Physical Strength, Area Of Attack Prof. (600)

Amber controls her aura, having to concentrate on a defensive stance. She protects her body with an overlay of light, covering a specific part of her body, but she cannot cover her whole body at once. While she can still feel the blow, it is tough to break through the shield, for she focuses completely on the defensive capability of the move. It takes 1 second to cover one foot of her body. This means it takes three seconds to reach it's full length, but it doesn't have to cover three feet all at once, and it is stronger the less it covers. So, covering her forearm(roughly one foot) would be a stronger barrier than covering her shoulder to her hand(roughly two feet). With gained strength Amber is now able to create a full dome of shield over her body that can cover her and two others. The application of size is still in effect. The larger her dome, the weaker it is.

Feral Claws -Physical Strength (300)

Amber retracts claws from her fingers like a cat. They take half a second to ready and half a second to "sheathe" or hide. Each claw is of a pinkish colour, like her Aura Projection and are two inches long. They can't be used while holding Razorback, but she can use Razorback one handed and have claws in her free hand. She can keep her claws ready for 5 minutes, however, they must cooldown if used for that long. The cool down is 12 seconds for each minute used. (So one minute if used for it's maximum time limit.)

Bite - Physical Strength (300)

Albeit simple, the bite can be a lethal attack. Amber makes full uses of this attack in her panther form, although she can use it in her humanoid form too, she generally chooses not to. Mostly because her mouth is much smaller in her humanoid form, and Razorback does a better job. Most of the mechanics are spoken for, this attack is always readied and isn’t very hard to perform. It’s not likely to wear her out quickly but it’s range is short and can be dangerous if she misses as she risks taking damage to her head. A fairly primitive attack.

Kamisoritoge, aka Razorback Katana - Move(600)
requires Physical Strength

A sharp katana. The blade gleams orange and is extendable past the standard katana length. In it’s short form, the blade is around 3ft long(Short of a meter) in it’s extended form, the unwieldy blade reaches 8 feet past it’s hilt. The extension takes only a second by clicking a button on the hilt, which propels the blade from a hollow point(It's two pieces of metal, one inside the other.)This also makes it an unpredictable stabbing weapon for up to five feet. Switching between the two lengths can cause the mechanism to malfunction, but usually Amber avoids this problem by simply not doing that. If it [i]does/i] happen, it takes 5-10 seconds to fix it, otherwise it will be locked in it's current length.(this is solely fodder, since it's randomly affected) This is a standard weapon that can only be used with Katana style.

Tracker, Utility Move (300)
requires Advanced sense(Faunus or Panther form only)

A tactical move used to locate targets by tracking their footsteps. While active, Amber can trace a person footprint through previously invisible imprints left behind while in her animal forms(Faunus and Panther). The ‘imprint’ can be tracked for up 2 minutes from the time it was made, and can be harder to track if an opponent has higher tec. She can used this ability every five minutes and it can be sustained for a total of 30 seconds. This move adhears to the normal Advanced Sense rules, meaning tracking those with equal tec to Amber is not possible if they have supression, but that doesn't mean she can't track people by normal means too. This move also requires Amber's concentration to work. While active, her vision blurs to the world around her, making it difficult to see more than 20ft away(Except for footprints which she can see from 30ft away). Beyond that, she can only see black fuzz. Her hearing still works fine and she can deactivate this move whenever she feels the need.

Is That Supposed To Hurt? - Tier 2 Super Defense
Requires Physical Strength, Aura Projection(Move)

Amber hardens her body to tank anything her enemies think can hurt her, holding still and digging her feet into the ground beneath her. Her body flashes with an immensely bright pinking aura, shinning gloriously. While active, she is able to take hits that could crush a giants skull like a walnut, or otherwise disintegrate fully grown trees to dust. Only to be used with extremely cause, and care.

Medical Dust(Requires Advanced Regen.) Tier Two Super Move - 800OM

Amber uses her second kind of dust, an odd kind considering her fighting style. This medical dust instantly clears up wounds, strong enough to fix misplaced bones and completely mend wounds in a matter of seconds. This strong dose of medicine is scarce and can’t be used as often as Amber wished she could. It takes about five seconds of application to heal herself.

Time Dust(Requires Ranged proficiency, Time Manipulation) Tier Two Super Move - 800OM

Amber forms an odd crystal in her hand colour of silver taking two seconds prepare. When smashed into dust the sandy substance explodes into a field of sonic energy that slows down time for everything within the energy, except Amber. The field expands quickly, but doesn't last very long, about 5 seconds. The change in pace is equal to slowing a character down by half their speed, rounded up. This field of effect is a sphere with a 3-meter radius so it’s fairly small, but can be difficult to escape when being attacked by Amber.

Panther(Alt-form) - 2000

[Image: Bayonetta.(Character).full.1394607.jpg]

Amber turns totally feral, becoming an actual panther. Only difference from a regular panther being that her eyes stay the color red, and she’s much larger than a normal panther. To be exact she is 10ft in length and 4ft tall when standing on all four feet. In this form she still weighs about 170 or so pounds. She cannot use Razorback in this form, nor her aura shield.

ATK: 3
DEF: 0
SPD: 6
TEC: 3

Kamisoritoge, Katana Style - Alt form(2000)

Brute force isn’t always the way to win a fight, even Amber knows that. Training with Murasaki has given her the skill to use more intricate blades, and change her fighting style completely. Razorback Berserk cannot be used in this form. Amber’s appearance does change slightly. She loses her faunus heritage(Her cat ears), and her hair becomes a different color.(A bright orange color)

Stats: 4/0/4/4

[Image: 7MDKI3F.png]

Animal Instinct (Tier One Powered-Up Form) - Main Form Only

[Image: YtGGhKe.jpg]

Amber is a faunus. That being said she is part animal. If she let loose her animal side she is given the boost of a feral beast, a panther to be exact. Her keen sense enhance her ability to fight, not only With extreme force, but super speed to match.

ATK: 8
DEF: 2
SPD: 5
TEC: 2

Semblance Active: Muscle Aura(1500)
Tier Two Power-Up

A semblance is a special ability that makes a huntsman or huntress different from the others. Amber's semblance channels her aura directly into her muscles, allowing for explosive movements and power along with a decent resilience to most hazardous attacks. While using this power up, the faunus visibly glows in a pink aura like that of fire and static electricity. This can be used in both her forms - Main and Alt

Stat boost

Atk: 8 | 7
Def: 6 | 3
Spd: 6 | 9
Tec: 2 | 3
"I've been neglected, harassed, beaten, and diminished all my life. What motivates me to continue? The glory of proving people wrong. Being worth more than the numbing existence offered me. To be a hero." - Amber


Impression - Good, Bad, Unmoved

Sabrina - This chick straight up interrogated Amber, feigned innocence, then challenged Amber to a fight. Amber doesn't like this girl, or what ever her motives are.

Arturia, King of Knights - Met in Dante's Abyss, the King aided Amber through a rough time after she was bitten by a disease ridden zombie and nearly turned. Thanks Arty.

Carmelita - Met in Dante's Abyss, same conditions as Arturia.

Kelly MacAryn -Met in the Nexus after a harrowing experience in her own mind. The travelled for a short time. Kelly used Fort Amber's master computer to get some details on the Omniverse and left just as quickly as he came.

Jade Harley - Of all the people in the Omniverse that Amber has met so far, Jade is by far the coolest. Mostly because she looks like a faunus and they've had quite a bit of time to hang out in this life or death situation for the star piece. The best bro.

She would love to meet all of team RWBY.

Hopeful Meetings

No one comes to mind!



Atlas is Amber's set up in the Frozen Fields. A simple base that looks much like a giant igloo-castle. Though it may seem to be made of just ice and snow, that is only the exterior build up. The steel walls are actually buried underneath a few feet of snow and slightly thin barrier of ice. Not much is outside the walls other than a few barricades made of wooden poles strapped down together. The doors of Atlas are open to caravans and travelers, making it a good place to rest and trade goods. This is what takes up most of the courtyard. Unlike common means of shelter, the team in charge of build(Amber's secondaries), decided that the most space worth idea was to dig downward into the ground. Progress on the tunnels is slow but visible.

The surface of the fort, where most of the commotion is, is where traders set up their tents to sell good between each other. It may be out of the way to travel this far, but a lot of traders go the distance to find the goods they want. A burrow is dug out opposite of the entrance, leading down to the tunnel system.

There are three floors of this tunnel system that are kind of like a backwards building. The first floor is residential, known mostly for its inn, named The Barrow. The inn is a social hub that serves food and houses travelers for a small fee a night. The other services on floor one include a restruant and homes. The homes are basically small efficencies that have all the necessities in a single room. Basically a small apartment. Excavations still in progress.

Floor two is mainly for the defenses of the fort but also for stock. It includes a training room for people that wish to help gaurd Atlas. Before that, however, is a few stores that sell general goods, weapons and armor, ammunition and necessities to survive the harsh cold of the fields.

The third floor of the fort, the lowest juncture, is for Team Amber. It includes six rooms down a long hall of dirt. The first four rooms are simply the 'bedrooms' of the team members. The end of the hall forks into two paths, the left one leads to the operations room, where Murasaki monitors the forts interior and extior via security cameras. The right path houses the good collected within Atlas, but as for now it sits stagnantly empty.



Murasaki (Last name unknown. ) A young, quiet man who has been Amber's best friend for a long time. He's not much of a talker but he always tries to help Amber in any way he possibly can. He will travel with Amber right now, no way to really fight, and be emotional stability or a guiding hand to her.

Bianca Serena - Bianca is high quality of life girl who is much more developed as a woman than Amber or Rose. To most others, Bianca is a priss royalty type that wont accept anything but the best. Naturally her and Amber have had their differences, but at the end of the day, they're friends.

Rose Lanyi - Rose is much more like Amber, somewhat of straight forward thinker that let's her weapon do the talking. Although their total polar opposites, Bianca and Rose are best friends. Rose is also completely mute, and cannot communicate without the help of a signer.

All three of these secondaries are in charge of Atlas.


"I've been neglected, harassed, beaten, and diminished all my life. What motivates me to continue? The glory of proving people wrong. Being worth more than the numbing existence offered me. To be a hero." - Amber



Homing Proficiency - 600
Buff Proficiency - 400
Debuff Proficiency - 1000

Total - 2000!


Advanced Super Jump - 200
Shapeshifting - 1400
Phasing - 1200
Advanced Senses - 300
Insight - 1600
Foresight - 1500
Suppression - 1000
Survival - 2000
Tier Two Power Cap - 5000 (If I get all these)

Total - 16,400!

These are just powers that I MAY find useful. I have not planned anything up this far just yet, but these would be what I would need.


None come to mind!



"I've been neglected, harassed, beaten, and diminished all my life. What motivates me to continue? The glory of proving people wrong. Being worth more than the numbing existence offered me. To be a hero." - Amber

Achievement Rank: 2
Total Achievement Points = 180

Personal/Character Achievements (105)
Welcome to the Jungle – Post your first Post (5)
Summoning - Properly summon something into the Omniverse (5)
Look at You! – Post 10 times (10)
In it to Win it – Post 25 times (15)
Go Write a Novel – Post 50 times (25)
Deuces – Have another character (15)
Identity Crisis – Have a second character with more Earned OM than your first (10)
Any Progress is Progress – Gain 100 OM (5)
Level Up! – Reach Level 2 (10)
Death is Not the End – Be Reincarnated (5)

Community Achievements (20)
Active – Get fortnightly rewards 4 times in a row (10)
Teamwork – Get a bonus for a group story (10)

Purchasing Achievements (20)
It’s Over 9000! – Purchase a Transformation (5)
Headquarters – Purchase a base (5)
Money to Burn – Purchase a permanent stat increase (10)

Exploration Achievements (10)
Deepfreeze – Post 5 times in the Frozen Fields (5)
Orcs and Non-Humans – Post 5 times in the Tangled Green (5)

Influence Achievements

Combat Achievements
[Image: S_Bow03.png]Fisticuffs – Defeat another player in an officially graded fight (5)

Story Achievements (25)
Saga Veteran - Participated in a grand storyline (Jubilee, Rathalos, DA, Secondary Saga) (20)
Watershed Moments – Be an active part in a staff-run storyline or artefact hunt (5) [Dante's Abyss 2K16]
"I've been neglected, harassed, beaten, and diminished all my life. What motivates me to continue? The glory of proving people wrong. Being worth more than the numbing existence offered me. To be a hero." - Amber

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