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Jams Bolero

Name: Jams Bolero

Spent OM: 7800

Proficiencies: (4200);
-Physical Strength (1000)
-Ranged (1000)
-Ranged Materialize (600)
-Remote Control (600)
-Debuff (1000)

Powers: (1700)
-Basic Super Jumping (300)
-Master Acrobat (400)
-Adv. Telekinesis (1000)

Moves (600): Augmented Broom (600)

Super Moves: n/a

Transformations: n/a

Assists: n/a

-Mobile Omniverse Device & Communicator (300)
-Will O' Wisp Balm

Artefacts: n/a

Consumed OM: 1300 (Base: 1000 + MOD&C: 300)

Bases: 1) Tangled Greens

Unlocks: n/a

Base stats:
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 4
Death Count: 0
Banish Count: 0

[Image: TW1atlP.gif]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Name: James "Jams" Bolero

Age: 15

Physical Description: Roughly 5'7'', give or take an inch.  Has pale white skin with very little tan.  Brown hair is an organized mess where it's clear it was attempted to be combed, though not in any neat or fancy manner.  It's also clear that Jams avoids the barber until he really needs it.  Rather skinny, but calling him a string bean wouldn't be particularly accurate.


-Red-orange t-shirt with the words "AWE inc." written in large white letters on the center.
-Black shorts with white rims around where the legs become visible.
-Depending on how many clean socks he has, it depends; short white socks > long white socks > black/dress socks > no socks
-Black sneakers with white soles and toes.
-Dark tan tweed jacket with the pockets unsewn; Jams thinks that if you're gonna put pockets on there, you should make them usable.
-Black fedora with white stripes OR tweed flat cap that matches the jacket.
-Black dress pants with fedora, dark tan khakis with flat cap

2 STRENGTH - Able to lift somewhat heavy things, but by no means a beefcake.
1 DEFENSE - Doesn't wear any kind of armor, and is simply skin and bone.
3 SPEED - Quite swift, especially when running away from angry trench coats.
4 TECHNIQUE - Very well coordinated when focused, though somehow is still highly susceptible to clumsiness.

Words: Creative, Logical, Friendly, Excitable, Forgetful, Clumsy, Hopeful, Naive, Optimistic, Kind
-Willing to think outside of the box, though ends up being blind toward (or refusing to indulge in) the obvious solution; "Jams, the valve is right here."  "...Shut up, Will."
-Looks at both ends of the spectrum in regards to an argument; "It's almost never black and white, each side can learn from the other."
-Always happy to see a new face, and tries to make people happy; *hands an ice cream cone*  "How's about some lunch?  I'm starving!"
-Can burst into excitement easily, esp. at relatively trivial details; "YES!  YEEESSSSS!  SUCK IT, JA'SHAUN!  UGH!"
-Remembers lots of things except for times, dates,names and et cetera.  Also forgets important details from time to time; "Alright, I'll go get the key!  ...Where's the key?  WHERE'S THE KEY?  I CAN'T BELIEVE FORGOT THE KEY!!!"
-Despite having a tech stat of 4, doesn't pay much attention to his surroundings and falls very often.  "OH JEEZ!  ...I'm good everyone!  It's just a flat surface is all!"
-Believes that everyone has potential to do great things, even in regards to the lazy, misguided or evil; "I believe there's a bit of good in everyone, even if it's the most trivial detail.  Innocent before proven guilty is a much better system than its inverse."
-Often too accepting of random tidbits of information, and is prone to getting taken advantage of; "Sure, I'll help you take over the world aid you with programming, no problem!"
-Takes a "glass is half full" approach to life; "Why focus on the bad when the good gives us reason to do stuff?"
-Tries to help people when he can, and doesn't like to kill people even despite the Omniverse's rules; "I mean, that'd make it inconvenient for you wouldn't it?  Doesn't seem right to me to make someone else suffer."

Speech Color/Font: Purple Comic Sans MS
Speech style: Jams talks pretty fast and is extremely used to the way it feels to use contractions, so it's rare to hear him use the word "not" unless the phrase is "it's not."  He also tends to use random slang or accents from time to time, and his speech patterns and font may change to reflect the new font.  The color is always the same, though.  He also learns to speak in fonts eventually, which he immediately takes advantage of by swapping from default to Comic Sans MS.  His excitability and expressiveness is often shown through hyperbolic tones, including formatting and repetitive punctuation.  This often involve bolding for yelling, underlining for emphasizing important details and italicizing for emphasizing specific words in a sentence.  For example:
"Remember, we need to get my Old Broom back.  Got it?"
"But you do realize this is from thirty years ago, right?"


-Playing Trombone
-Writing the occasional tune
-Hosting jazz concerts
-Practicing fighting skills
-Going on adventures
-Helping people
-Cracking jokes
-Talking and hanging out with friends
-Gathering friendly momentos
-Using the Dataverse
-Having calm, collected debates
-Playing/making games
-Making extremely ambitious projects to usually be dismissed in a day
-Satisfying glass bottle collection fetish
-Finding the 121 lost bottle caps

-Making grand assumptions that turn out true

-Cats and relatively quiet dogs
-Music, comics and games most of all artistic mediums.
-Fun, quirky personalities
-Clever or stupid comedy, as long as it's funny
-Animation (not making, just watching)
-Good stories with happy endings
-Being trusted
-When great projects work out spectacularly
-Both science AND magic
-Using absolutely ridiculous weapons

-Loud or aggressive dogs/cats
-Stiff, hostile or unwelcoming personalities
-People who think comedy is a low genre
-People who think animation is a low medium
Terrible stories or stories with unsatisfying endings
-Trusting in people (creates a lot of stress)
-When projects just kinda sit in purgatory
-Being confused
-Normal, everyday weapons with no room for experimentation
Loved - Liked - Neutral Disliked - Hated Feared
Mokugakure: "It seems pretty cool, though the people don't seem to like me all that much.  It's not ideal, no."

Eric Everstorm: "Eric is pretty great!  It's good to see someone who's just as new to the place as I am."
Jade Harley: "Jade seems like a nice guy... er, girl... though I didn't actually get to speak with her much.  I guess that can wait for another day."

Melody: "Certainly wise, and I like how she's trying to fix the forest!"


[Image: Rank1.png]

Personal Achievements

[Image: S_Ice07.png] - Welcome to the Jungle (5)
[Image: S_Fire08.png] - Summoning (5)
[Image: S_Buff02.png] - Look at you! (10)
[Image: S_Buff09.png] -  In it to Win it (15)
[Image: I_Key05.png] - Deuces (15)
[Image: I_GoldBar.png] - Any Progress is Progress (5)
[Image: S_Holy06.png] - Level Up! (10) 

Community Achievements
[Image: E_Gold01.png] - Community Star (10)

Exploration Achievements
[Image: S_Poison06.png] - Orcs and Non-Humans (5)

Total: 70 Points
Death Count: 0
Banish Count: 0

[Image: XOorEG8.png]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Method of battling:

-Weak enemies: Generally, when doing well healthwise, Jams will go for the quick kill with weaker foes.  Just kinda rush in and take them out with his higher agility, finesse and average strength.  If he isn't looking so good from the outset, however, he may try to be more reserved with his fighting strategies.

-Enemies with weaknesses: If an enemy is particular to a specific weakness, Jams will usually spend a bit making sure his primary methods of battling are ineffective before searching for some kind of chink in the works.  Willing to work with others if it gets to the same end goal or if it helps them in particular.

-Generally strong enemies: Similar to enemies with weaknesses, Jams will stop attacking and look for some soft spot in the enemy if his regular strategies prove inefficient.  However, here it's less "look for the glowy red eye to jab" and more "look for a break in his defenses and take advantage of it".

-Impossible enemies: Jams doesn't have a deathwish (though sometimes it may seem like it).  If he feels the risk may be worth it, he may attempt to do something and deal with the consequences, but more often then not he would rather just flee from the scene.

-Diplomacy: Jams' primary method of avoiding combat, esp. with primes and secondaries.  When given the opportunity, he will try to talk it out with the opponent so that he can get away, and mayhaps they can get what they want as well.

Weapon of Choice: Brooms
[Image: 70ReHVa.png]
Old Broom
Appearance: Yellow bristles with a blackish brown handle, covered in yellow paint which is largely chipped away in some patches.  Six foot long handle with diameter of ~1.5 inches.  Head is a foot wide, 4'' long, 8'' tall.

Weight: 1/8 second swing speed with hands near the head, from the other way around it takes about a second to swing.

Dust Cloud: Sweeping up particulate matter can serve as a method of blinding opponents.  Only works with particles like sand, fresh snow, loose dirt and the likes.

Notes: The head of the broom can fall off if the broom is handled too violently.  Can always be screwed on, cannot be thrown (for the time being, stay tuned for future investments by AWE inc. Armorers)
Death Count: 0
Banish Count: 0

Jams Imagery

Here are some images to give an idea of how Jams looks.  These are very literal interpretations of how he looks in the Omniverse.  This will be updated whenever I get off my lazy tush and actually get drawing for once.

Jams Shooting Someone
[Image: racNJKB.png]

Jams Drinking
[Image: VdOgzDN.jpg]

Wind Waker Jams, in case it was just so important to you.

[Image: ZzwTp83.png]
Death Count: 0
Banish Count: 0

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