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The Humble Sage

Name: The Humble Sage
Spent OM:26,500
Proficiencies(3400):Physical Proficiency (1000), Area Shield Proficiency (400), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000)
Powers(7700/8000): Master Acrobat (400) Super Jump, Basic (300), Enhanced Senses, Basic (1400), Healing (3000), Suppression (1000), Insight(1600)
Moves(3300): Dueling Cane(600), Perturbing Strike(300), Bola Shot (600), Failed Magician: Gout of Embers (600), Failed Magician: Dash of Frost-rime (600), Failed Magician: Burden Blade (600), Failed Magician: Hoisted Sails (600), Quieted Soul Ripples (300)
Super Moves(2000): Knowledge is My Shield(600) The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword(600) Devour the voice of the world (800)
Transformations(2500): Borrow the Future (1000) Avatar of an Ink-Stained Soul (1500)
Items: Communicator(200)Mobile Dataverse Device(100) Spiritual Enlightenment (2000) VitaCompass (800)
Consumed OM (3700): Soldier Pill (300) Isolation Verse (300)
Unlocks(3000): First Stat unlock (speed) (1000) Second Stat unlock (Technique) (2000)
Base stats: (Borrow the future) {Ink-stained Soul}
ATK: 1 (3) {6}
DEF: 3 (3) {3}
SPD: 2 (4) {6}
TEC: 6 (7) {7}
If history is to become legend, it first must be recorded.

Name: Reynold del'Ortine
Age: 53
Race: Human, from the kingdom of Shallot
Hair Color: Blackish, patches of gray
Eye color: Deep Green
Height: 5' 7"
Occupation: Sage
Also referred to as: The Sage, The Scribe, The Loremaster, The Historian, the Libromancer

Important Characters from the past:
Viscount Falstaff del'Ortine (father)
Viscountess Deria del'Ortine (mother)
Magister Cerix (his teacher from the academy)
Tenrim, the stretcher (Bandit leader)
Yianna the Wood-elf (friend, mentor)

Personality: The Humble Sage is a man who does not always live up to his own ideals. Though he is generally earnest, and for the most part wishes people well more so than ill, he highly values his own intelligence and this can easily make him sound arrogant even when he isn't trying to be. He follows his own moral code that at first glance appears incoherent. The Sage's approach to living derives from a few key principals:
  • Thought before action: it is always better to gain more information, unless intervention is absolutely necessary. Things are often connected in unexpected ways, and the more variables you have solved the better you can avoid unwanted side-effects.
  • lead only when needed: The Sage only takes command of a situation when it is absolutely necessary. He greatly prefers to wait for others to show their intelligence, so as to know better who he is dealing with. he has opinons and will not hesitate to voice them, but he also wants to know what to expect from those he works with. How else will he find the real power-players of the Omniverse?
  • Progress at cost is still Progress: The Sage is slow to commit to a goal, simply because he knows that once he is commited there is no going back. He will take a sideways step when no forward step is present, but a forward step is almost always worth the price. He does have a few limitations on this rule, but he is certainly willing to commit actions of moral ambiguity if they will accomplish his goals. KEEPING IN MIND...
  • We are standing on the stage of time: As a historian, the Sage is keenly aware that his travels may be recorded. Even if there are some questionable choices the Sage is willing to make, in the eyes of history the actions should look good.
Though he may not always be able to live up to these principals, (in particular his brashness leads him to sometimes miss the smallest of details, even when it ruins his entire design.) he will attempt to follow these whenever he can, and assess others according to the same rubric.
Reynold is very intrigued by the effects of history on the future, and seeks to learn and record as much of the verses as he can (It'll take him a while). He is curious, but also cautious enough generally not to show it. He often record important bits of lore into one of the books he keeps on his person, etching the words with a fine charcoal pencil. He is also incrediably excited at the unique opportunity that the Omniverse gives to one such as him, he is a historian set at the very beginning of a new world, and the events of its past are questions he may well be able to answer definitively in a way that no other historian ever can.  It is his ambition to compose a collected Omniverse Historia once he has had a chance to conduct research on the events of the last eight years.
Though he would not admit it, Reynold is still bitter about his failures as a Battle-mage, and is envious of those to whom magic comes easily. While he has extremely limited abilities with magic, what little he has does not come naturally, and he does not like to use it (out of spite mostly). He also still harbors political aspirations, whose potential for success is much better here then in his homeland...

Tactics: Reynold is not a tough fighter, He does not have the athleticism or raw power for it. Instead he focuses on precision. He wields a dueling cane and uses only the lightest of armor. In combat, his focus is on survival and evasion. He is seeking to survive the foe more than to destroy them. When he sees an opportunity he will do his best to disable and disarm, looking for the weak points in the opponents strategy.
The word-based magic that Reynold possess is equally strange to him, and certainly not something natural to his own plane. he strongly suspects that his new abilities with this bibliomancy is related to the strange tome he found shortly after arriving in the Omniverse, but he has been unable to decipher the language the book is written in, (despite the Omniverse's general auto-translations) and cannot truly understand what cost these new powers are associated with.
The Sage only carries a finite number of books with him and the words are unable to be returned to the pages after use, for this reason he must ration these powers until they are actually needed.

I won't mind if you attack my character or base with little to no warning!
If history is to become legend, it first must be recorded.

Character History: Reynold hails from the kingdom of Shallot, and belongs to a noble family of middling influence. The third Son of Viscount del'Ortine he knew that he was unlikely to have much success in the political sphere. Reynold decided at an early age to instead become a battle-mage, in the hopes that his exploits on the battlefield would garner him recognition and prestige. His father sent him to train at one of the foremost academies in the kingdom, where he studied under the finest war-wizards of the kingdom. Reynold was incredibly studious, interacting as little as possible with the other students, and spending long nights pouring over the techniques of various great Battle-mages.
Despite this, he was sent away from the academy in under a year. Though he was moderately competent at the combat techniques of the War-wizard, Reynold did not posses enough attunement to properly wield magic, and could only manage simple cantrips. Both Reynold and his father were extremely dissatisfied with this outcome, and there was a festering animosity between them. After a particularly heated argument about Reynold enlisting as a squire, the fourteen wintered boy left one night to seek his fortune alone.
He was jumped by bandits three hours outside of town.
Deciding that he was likely off noble birth, the bandits planned to hold him for ransom, and sent messengers into town to ascertain his identity. Reynold spent the next three weeks a prisoner, alone and angry at himself and the world. Eventually, another prisoner was brought in by the bandits, an old mystic, with drooping eyelids. The bandits were unable to find Reynold's family, as Viscount del'Ortine had refused to acknowledge the boy was his. Their leader was becoming increasingly frustrated with the affair, and could be heard every so often saying that they would be better off killing the extra mouths to feed.
This situation continued for another two weeks. During this time the old Sage, a man named Wilkyn managed to break through the walls of rage that Reynold had built up around himself and actually converse with the young man. Reynold learned of a sage's quest for knowledge, and found that it aligned well with his own skills. Focused on knowledge and intellect, but only lightly caressing the realms of the supernatural.
Reynold resolved that if he survived the current situation he would pursue the life of a scholar, and seek out lore from across the land. His opportunity came when the woodsmen of the Lower Dale raided the bandit lair in retaliation for a recent attack. During the fighting, Sage Wilkyn was shot by a stray arrow and the frail man died in Reynold's arms. In a fell fury, Reynold grabbed for the nearest weapon and entered the fray. Facing down the Bandit leader with nothing more than a club, Reynold managed to hold his own against the much larger man for several bouts, before taking a ringing blow to the side of the head, slicing one ear and sending Reynold to the ground. The Leader, a man known as Tenrim the Stretcher, then fled, as the woodsmen finished off the rest of his men with deadly precision.
The leader of the Woodsmen, a slender elf known as Yianna, told Reynold that he was indebted to the village for them saving him, and when Reynold explained his disowned status instead took him back with them as an indentured servant. Reynold learned small amounts of woodcraft from the next three years he spent in the village, and after the threat of banditry in the area increased, Yianna even tutored him the military traditions of the Woodsmen.
The agile style of combat suited Reynold much better, and he became adept at counters and parries, always favoring a defensive fighting stance. while spending so much time with ever-young she elf, Reynold became somewhat infatuated with her, although she never responded to his advances. He learned much from the wood elf, and after his three years of servitude were finished, he bid the village farewell, and traveled to the capital, where he obtained a position as a clerical scribe for the royal court. Reynold worked diligently, copying texts and accounts swiftly. After working in the court for several years, Reynold was on track to be given a very prestigious position amongst the King's scholars. However, though his Father had passed away some years before, his two elder brothers refused to re-admit him to the family and bring to light their father's shameful dealings with him. To this end they expended some of their influence to ensure that Reynold remained in obscurity, never progressing far within the political circles of the capital. Reynold grew frustrated again, until an old friend of Wilkyn presented him with an opportunity to work as a lore-gatherer. Due to his training, he was often chosen to collect particularly hard to find or dangerous texts for the capital's archives.
Reynold found this work to be something he was quite good at, greatly enjoying the independence the role afforded him. He developed a network of contacts throughout the Kingdom, including a much more mutual friendship with Yianna, who was familiar with many of the less well-trafficked parts of the kingdom, and as Reynold aged they became staunch allies. Reynold grew bold in his position and began to accumulate what works he could to start a personal collection. He was starting to age, and the travel was starting to disagree with him more. Reynold began to plot, seeking to wrest away from his brothers some portion of their control (if not their inheritance) so that he could claim some prestige with which to retire to study.
He had continued in this plotting for five years when Omni summoned him to the Nexus.

Physical Description: Reynold is by no means imposing, being only average in height and generally less buff than your average prime. His blackish hair is tied back into a ponytail, and patches of gray stain both that and the mostly trimmed beard he sports.  He is dressed in a reddish-brown tunic and has a slightly more scarlet robe for more formal occasions. a couple pieces of leather are all the armor he feels will be beneficial to him He wears a pair of comfortable moccasins, but has a pair of solid boots for more extreme travels. He has a satchel that he keeps over his shoulder which contains his writing utensils to record lore from across the Omniverse. He needs reading glasses to be able to read anything very small. Due to his nature as a Bibliomancer (see Omniverse history below) Reynold's blood is thick and black like ink, and behaves much the same.

Omniverse History:

Reynold was fundamentally altered by an encounter he experienced shortly after arriving in the Nexus. Because the full details of the experience are unknown to him at present, but could cause confusion if not explained, I have included the information as I have currently decided it below. (This is an explanation of all the weird stuff going on with the strange lettering and why the Sage keeps mentioning that journal he can't read, so if that's something you want to keep a surprise don't read it)
The strange journal-like book that the Sage carries but is unable to decipher is written in the ҨՅӴՅԖҴՒՅѼ language. This language arrived in the omniverse through some means that even it does not know, but now only resides within the mind of Reynold, and the book which he carries. Through some unknown means, this language has gained a level of... I suppose it could be called sentience... and seeks to use Reynold as a vessel to spread itself. to this end it has infected his bloodstream with the ink of its pages, taking hold of a portion of his mind. For the most part, the ҨՅӴՅԖҴՒՅѼ does not affect his actions, although it will attempt to protect him via the use of Bibliomancy and the ink-blood that flows through his veins can be used to seal wounds on both himself and others. What goals the ҨՅӴՅԖҴՒՅѼ has beyond self-preservation are anyone's guess, and its existence as an entity is still fully unknown to the Sage. However, this should help people who are confused by some of the events and powers of the Sage.

Alphabet for those who feel like decrypting the ҨՅӴՅԖҴՒՅѼ Speech whenever it shows up.
Ӕ:A   Ӹ:B   Շ:C   ժ: D  Յ:E  Է:F  Թ:G  Ԣ:H
Ւ:I  Ք:J  Հ:K  վ:L  Ѿ:M  Ѽ:N  Ө:O  Ԗ: P
Ӝ:Q  Ҋ:R  Ҩ:S  Ҵ:T  ԥ:U  Ӵ:V  Ճ:W  Ѭ:X
Д:Y  Ю:Z
If history is to become legend, it first must be recorded.

Starting Stats:
The Humble Sage is a very average person physically, and although he has been trained in combat he has never been particularly stellar at it. his danger in battle comes from where and how he hits, not from his inherent strength.
On the other hand, The Sage seems unusually sturdy. Far more durable than would be expected for how aged he looks, as if some other force is sustaining him. Furthermore he specializes in fighting defensively, so as to minimize how often he will even get hit to begin with.
The Sage is not especially quick. he can run decently fast,  but will probably not be winning many races.
The sage does have a lot of experience fighting, and is also very adept at analyzing the abilities and weaknesses of those that he encounters. Combining these with his enhanced almost sixth sense, makes him an expert at combat procedures, as well as avoiding tricks that other primes might be planning.


Master Acrobat, Basic Super Jumping
Reynold has learned a lot from the woodsmen of his home, and is quite acrobatic. Though he is most experienced with woods and treetops, he will be able to scamper across surfaces and leap far more than one would expect from his appearances. Even though his body is beginning to show the strains of age, Reynold is still quite capable of moving quickly, though he keeps this capacity hidden when not needed.

Basic Enhanced Senses:
The Sage has really attuned senses, almost to the level of foresight. His years of experience fighting and searching for hidden works of lore allow him extraordinary perceptions. He uses this power to analyze his opponents and surroundings, to better guide his actions. The Sage is always mindful of ways to turn his surroundings to his advantage.

The Sage's Bibliomancy allows him to heal both himself and others. The Sage's blood has both the color and consistency of ink, and when spilled on an open wound, seeks to knit and fuse the flesh back together, both internally and externally. It is worth noting that this ink-blood does not leave its position, a particularly large wound that has been sealed with the ink will remain jet black unless some other power regenerates it better. The ink-blood can stitch together slices and fill in holes, but it cannot actually remove injuries in the first place. the Sage's form healing will still leave ink-black "scars" where the ink holds the body together.

Surpression: Due in part to his limited knowledge of magic, in part to his training with the woodelves, and in part to his bibliomantic powers, the Sage is able to mask his "prescence" from those who seek him. He cannot disappear from physical view with any sort of supernatural ability, but he is able to make himself "unobtrusive" if he desires it.

Insight: The Sage is a master at reading his opponent's battle strategy. He knows that compared to many of the denizens of the Omniverse, his powers are much less "flamboyant" and he seeks to know just how his opponent fights before coming up with a proper way of defeating them. The Sage will frequently take a more defensive position to start, only moving in to attack once he feels confident in understanding his opponent's fighting style.  


Theoretical warrior:

Dueling Cane combat:

[Image: wood-walking-stick-3.jpg]

A solid Ashen cane about 2.5 feet in length with a leather grip. Though not heavy enough be useful as a straight up bludgeoning weapon; it is well balanced, and allows for very precise and rapid strikes. Reynold uses this to aim for the weak points of an opponent, such as the back of the knee or pressure points, because without this precision the weapon will be rather ineffective. The cane has a three-inch blade concealed in its tip which can be retracted or extended with a button concealed in the hilt. The blade has a spring lock, which can be useful for puncturing a defensive shield. The Sage prefers to use this blade for its surprise value, as the blade extension is not durable enough to withstand a direct weapon clash.

Perturbing Strike: (requires physical and de-buff proficiencies)
The Sage swiftly strikes a foe on the side of the head, aiming for the temple, (most likely with his dueling cane.) The target is briefly stunned, for basically a quarter second, and then there is a ringing that persists for approximately a minute and a half. The person struck will be able to function for the most part without effect, however they will have difficulty focusing intently on anything that requires concentrated effort. Those who are particularly resilient will likely be unaffected, and while it makes focusing harder it in no way prevents them if they are determined to power through.

Bola shot: (Requires Ranged and De-buff proficiencies)

[Image: Bolas.jpg]
Designed to prevent escape or end a conflict really before it starts. The Sage slings a set of bolas at the target. He must build up the bolas' momentum first, which takes about three seconds, after which he can fling them at a target within range (I was thinking a max range at 40 yards, but that might need some extra swing build-up) The bolas wrap around the targets legs, entangling and tripping the target up (he doesn't use ones heavy enough to break bone). Alternatively, the sage can aim for the throat. This is a harder shot, but a hit would basically start to choke out the target. There's nothing special about these bolas, so someone with a high SPD or TEC could probably evade them as long as they had time to react.

Quieted Soul Ripples (requires TEC 5+, Suppression, Area Attack Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency) (300 OM)

This technique is one that the Sage has learned on his own during his travels as an artifact collector. By focusing his concentration on maintaining as little impact as possible on his surroundings, the Sage can cause opponents to simply “miss” him, when they are not paying active attention. This perception filtering effect in no way prevents an opponent from seeing or noticing the Sage, but in situations where other things are vying for a person’s attention, they may well regard the Sage’s presence (and indeed existence) as unimportant, or they may fail to notice him when scanning a room for example.
Maintaining this technique requires the Sage to focus, and although he can move and even still fight while keeping it in effect, such actions are extremely tiring, and he cannot perform any action that would require his undivided attention without ceasing this technique.

Failed Magician:

 In his youth, the Sage received training in the arts of the Battle-mage. Though he possessed very little magical talent, and was unable to reliably preform any magic in his home universe, the Omniverse has changed him. He still has practically zero sway over his mana, and is only able to create small effects with limited usefulness. Frustrated with his lack of aptitude with the field, the Sage for the most part dismisses conventional magic, preferring to rely on the Libromancy he acquired shortly after his arrival at the Nexus. However, should his back be pressed against a wall, The Sage can perform very minor magical effects. Although the spells are anything but impressive, if used at the right moment they can give him the edge he needs in a conflict, and the Sage is painfully aware of their usefulness.
If any of these moves should drain the entirety of his manapool, he will be unable to use all of his “Failed Magician” moves (and will be physically weakened slightly to boot) for approximately a minute, long enough that the tide of battle will surely change.

Failed Magician: gout of embers (600 Om: Physical Proficiency)

[Image: 5b2025118a0f67bc2185ba5f8a1c20f0.jpg]

A small fire bursts into being, the failed infancy of a true wizard’s fireball. The flame can be held in the hand, and maintained for as long as the Sage keeps some amount of concentration. The flame engulfs his fist, adding to the threat of his otherwise quite unimposing punch. Though the attack is not physically stronger, the flames do cause light burns, (akin to a small campfire) and can even sometimes ignite combustible materials. The spell is quite quick to activate, taking only a second or two for the flames to appear in his hand.
He can instead spend longer casting the spell (up to four seconds) with the flames becoming more powerful the longer he spends preparing, (up to the strength of an almost medium campfire) at the cost of more necessary concentration.
The standard form can be used with other moves; however, he cannot spend enough concentration to use the charged form while using preforming another move.
The longer the Sage maintains the flame the more taxing it is on him, and after more than 15 seconds, (or 10 seconds for the charged version) the flame will drain his manapool and die out on its own, if it has not been dismissed before then.

Failed Magician: dash of frost-rime (600 Om: Ranged Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency)

[Image: latest?cb=20150801124850]

This invocations, if properly cast, projects a beam of crystal blue frost, which immobilizes the target upon contact in a thin coating of ice. The Sage is not able to properly cast the spell, unfortunately, and so the spell manifests instead as a small bolt which streaks towards the target. If it hits, the target feels their limbs stiffen and tighten. They are not prevented from moving, but their reflexes are dulled and their movements made less fluid (like if all their limbs simultaneously fell asleep)
If the Sage instead manages to hit the target in a place where they are contacting a surface (such as their feet, or a hand if they are leaning against a wall), instead of affecting the target’s reflexes, they will find that they have trouble removing the limb in question from the surface it touches. They are not actually prevented from moving the limb in question, but doing so requires a surprising amount of their concentration.
This spell is quick to cast, (approximately 1.5 seconds) does not require maintained concentration, and its effects tend to last between 5 and 10 seconds depending on the strength (ATK) of the target. If the Sage uses this move more than two or three times in close succession he runs the risk of draining his manapool.

Failed Magician: burden blade (600 Om: Physical Proficiency, Debuff Proficiency)

[Image: latest?cb=20120513035634]

This spell is less flashy than the other two, but in the hands of a skilled caster, can increase the weight of weapons or armor to the point that their wielders can barely lift them. The Sage does not possess this level of ability, so instead he can only minorly affect his opponent. A bright violet octahedron appears in the Sage's hand, floating slightly above the surface of his palm. A bead of brighter light traces patterns across the edges of the polyhedron, its trail fading as it bounces about the shape. The Sage can use this spell to minimally increase the weight of an opponent’s weapon or equipment, throwing off their timing, and slightly decreasing the effectiveness of their attacks. This spell takes five seconds to cast, after which the Sage focuses on the item or items in question, which take on a very faint violet hue. The Sage can maintain the spell for up to 15 seconds before running out of mana.
This spell does not require too much concentration, and the Sage can maintain it while using other moves, unless something else requires or otherwise interferes with his concentration. In addition, the way this spell works it may be cast without being immediately activated but can remain untriggered in the Sage's hand for a maximum of 10 seconds, waiting for the appropriate moment.
Instead of choosing to slightly affect multiple pieces of equipment a person has, the Sage can instead direct all of the spells power towards a single weapon or other piece of equipment held by his target. The object in question glows a very obvious violet, and the bead of light traces its pattern at a much faster rate in this variety of the spell. This version requires the Sage to remain stationary and needs all of his concentration, but pulls the item in question towards the ground with approximately 10 kilograms of force. The Sage can only maintain this version of the spell for a maximum of 4 seconds, after which time his mana is completely drained.

Failed Magician: Hoisted Sails (requires Remote Control Proficiency) (600 OM)

An offensive spell designed to expose concealed enemies to archer fire during a siege. A battle-mage extends a hand, the finger tips glowing a pale violet, and pushes an opponent ten feet off of the ground, temporarily repelling them from the surface they were standing on. The usage of this spell requires a battle-mage to remain stationary and focused on the target, to maximum range of 50 feet and anything that interrupts their concentration would similarly break the spell.
The Sage’s ability to use this spell is limited, and he cannot hold an opponent stationary in the air. Instead, the Sage can lift an enemy off the ground by lowering his own hand a proportional amount, at which point they fall as normal. Moving his hand down a foot would allow the sage to lift an opponent two feet from the ground, meaning that swiping down with his arm would likely lift a foe about 6 feet into the air.
The motion is relative to the distance the Sage’s hand travels rather than relative to the Sage’s body, so if circumstances allowed the Sage’s hand to move farther he could theoretically lift a foe up to a maximum of 10 feet.
This spell is quite draining on the Sage’s manapool, the lesser use taking about half of his mana to activate, up to completely draining his manapool with the more powerful activation.


These powers are not something the Sage fully understands, but are instead the result of his travels in the Omniverse, (see above) the Sage uses these powers far less tactically than the ones above, instead they are a more instinctual response to a threat.

Knowledge is my shield: (T1 super defense)
Opening a book, the words fly out of the pages and begin to swirl around him. The words mesh together to form a shield against an incoming attack. This takes approximately 5 seconds to fully form, although If an attack occurs before this time, the words that have already begun moving will move to block to the best of their ability. This is most effective against energy attacks, and other attacks with large surface areas. Small sharp attacks have a decent chance of puncturing the shield without large amounts of resistance. the Sage am unable to move or attack while this is occurring, but the words will fade away in about a minute, or after the attack has occurred.

The Pen is mightier than the sword: (T1 Super Attack)
Opening a book, Reynold holds it above his head , and the words begin to crawl out, forming sharp talons that slash forth into the area in front of him. The word-blades target a single foe within eight feet in front of Reynold, and continue to strike quickly for a good 5-10 seconds. The blades are fast but a sufficiently skilled combatant could probably counter them with the proper amount of skill.

Devour the Voice of the World: (T2 Super Attack)
The Sage holds a book aloft; pages open to his surroundings steals the sounds around him. This move lasts for as long as the Sage is able to keep his attention focused solely on it, anything that disturbs the Sage’s concentration will end the move and the Sage cannot move faster than a ponderous walk or use any other move while using this move. While in this state, the Sage’s surroundings are utterly silenced, any words that are spoken, or sounds in the vicinity of 50 feet will be trapped into the book, recorded as spoken words which could later be read, if one was sufficiently skilled at detangling the mess of information. The Sage can maintain this mode for a length of time up to a minute, but the concentration required grows exponentially and will prevent him from doing anything more than stand still after about 20 seconds.

The Sage can feed off of the containment of this energy, allowing him to clear his own mind and rejuvenate his body (the equivalent to spending 2 SP on healing) It is worth noting that any large areas “healed” by this move are instead being reconstructed out of animated ink, as opposed to a return to their pre-injury state. Alternatively, the Sage can instead choose to expel all of the contained power into a current of black energy (think a pitch-black Kamehameha from early DragonballZ) that slopes slowly to be about 4 feet in diameter and travels to about 40 feet in length before it is too diffused to be effective.

Tier one Transformation: Borrow the Future

The Sage concentrates for a short time, focusing his energy, There is a flash of power, but instead of getting larger or bulkier, the Sage becomes older, shrinking slightly in size and gaining a large beard. This older version of the Sage is capable of fighting with a strength and speed that the current-aged Sage does not possess, since he has had a lifetime of additional training and combat experience.
stat change --> final stats          
ATK: +2 --> ATK: 3
DEF: N/A --> DEF: 3
SPD: +2 --> SPD: 4
TEC: +1 --> TEC: 7

Tier two Transformation: Avatar of an Ink-Stained Soul

The Sage is enveloped in a coating of ink, taking on a black and liquid countenance. The ink coating covers both body and equipment, rendering him a shining black being, save for two eyes burning a brilliant white. This strange form is extremely powerful, far stronger than a human’s capabilities, with a speed and skill to match. The form is also extremely taxing on the Sage’s body, and prolonged use would likely kill him. At the end of the transformation, the ink will splatter off of the Sage onto the surroundings, like ink spraying from a leaky pen.

ATK: +5
DEF: -
SPD: +4
TEQ: +1

ATK: 1 ->6
DEF: 3 ->3
SPD: 2 ->6
TEQ: 6 ->7

Lexistone (communicator & Dataverse device)
A small amber stone that glows softly when spoken into or transmitting a message. The Lexistone is approximately fist sized and somewhat roughly surfaced, as grinding the stone too much can destroy its magical properties. These artifacts are highly prized in Reynold's homeland, and can be used to monitor the nearby amounts of magical power of his homeland. In the Omniverse, the stone taps into communicators and the dataverse in the same way, allowing Reynold access to these domains.

Spiritual Attunement: in Shallot, the order of Sages that Reynold is a part of use this meditation technique to gain an almost otherworldly awareness of their surroundings via their natural senses. To the laymen, there is very little distancing this from the form of meditative prophecy that is practiced by heretics, but the Sages maintain that there is a strong distinction. Regardless, the Omniverse has changed this power, instead allowing the Sage to enter a meditative trance that takes his spirit to the Astral Realm.
If history is to become legend, it first must be recorded.

The journey thus far:

A Skirmish at the Fountain 
   -Wherein the Sage finds himself in a strange world, and is nearly captured by the empire.

The Velvet Dolphin
   -Wherein the Sage begins to understand the ways of the Omniverse, and trades favors for information.

Where in the 'Verse, (Is Carmen Sandiego?)
   -Wherein the Sage sinks a pirate ship, and finds himself on an impossible island.

Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach
   -Wherein the Sage nearly dies, but is saved by two kind souls.

With Sea, Soul, and Stars above
   -Wherein the Sage journeys to Cinnabar, and is mistaken for a trainer.

A Barbarous encounter with Cinema
   -Wherein the Sage foils an Imperial plot in Cinnabar, but fails to impress the Astronomer.

Bounty Fight: Hiro Protagonist vs. The Humble Sage
   -Wherein the Sage is attacked by an Imperial Bounty Hunter, and barely escapes with his life.

An end to the Ocean
   -Wherein the Sage Flees Cinnabar, and discovers the astral verse.

[M] Painting with Luci
   -Wherein the Sage waxes philosophical and metaphorical, conversing with a demon and a sentient graffiti painting.

[M] Homesick Nightmares
   -Wherein the Sage assists in the rescue of a mass murderer from an immaterial predator of dreams.

A banquet set for Davy Jones
   -Wherein the Sage encounters some familiar faces, settles some scores, and sinks a ship or three.

Dante's Abyss 2017
   -Wherein the Sage meets several people, fights some, and ultimately gets a hole punched through his chest by the winner.

Sand under stars
   -Wherein the Sage joins a merchant caravan, and goes cliff diving without a parachute.
If history is to become legend, it first must be recorded.

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