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Name: Enel
Spent OM: 19,500
Consumed OM: 400 (Items, bet)
Proficiencies (3200); Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Attack (600), Remote-Control (600)
Powers (8700/12000); Burst Movement (800), Master Enhanced Senses (2000), Flight (1800), Foresight (1500), Master Acrobat (400), Malleability (1000), Hive Mind (400), Disassemble (800)
Moves (3600); Nonosama Bo (600), Lightning Body (600), Discharge (1200), Bolt (300), Lightning Storm (900), Electromagnetic Listening (300)
Super Moves (600); El Thor (Tier 1 Super Attack - 600)
Transformations (1000); Tier 1 Powered-Up Form - Sparking! (1000)
Assists (0);
Items: Communicator, Mobile Dataverse Device
Artefacts: Horcrux
Unlocks (2000): Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)

Base stats (66% Power)
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 4
TEC: 1

Tier 1 Powered-Up Form - Sparking! (100% Power)
ATK: 5
DEF: 3
SPD: 6
TEC: 1
[Image: godenel_baronsig.png]

Since ancient times, mankind has recognised certain unknowns as acts of God, beyond the comprehension of mortals. They cannot be fought, cannot be defeated. Such is lightning.

[Image: OlohLBC.gif]

Enel is roughly 7'2" feet tall. He is stylistically flamboyant and completely lacks self-consciousness. He never wears a shirt and doesn't bother to cover himself if someone sees him naked – they should feel privileged. Through his back is embedded a gigantic ring; on the top of this ring, four tomoe drums are attached. He uses these to focus and amplify his electrical power, as well as to show off. His heavily stretched, ornamented earlobes are merely another aspect of his ostentatious appearance and personality.

Enel's voice is haughty but smooth, and is best compared to Team Four Star's Perfect Cell.

Enel is deluded past the point of even 'normal' psychoses. His god complex is literal: he believes he is the one true God. He believes that everything, the universe itself, is his infallible right. It does not, therefore, even occur to him that he would care about offending or upsetting anyone else. It is his right to judge others, or to take lives if he feels he has been slighted or not given the proper respect. While he sometimes cloyingly thinks of himself as a 'generous' or 'forgiving' 'god', he is, at his core, cruel and indifferent to the suffering of others. It is therefore unsurprising that he is incredibly difficult to get along with for most people. For the most part, this is only possible for those with no backbone, or those who are willing to pander to his delusions.

While deluded, Enel is not entirely a moron. In fact, he is naturally gifted and, if not for his delusions and arrogance, might have been an extremely intelligent person. He delights in outwitting others and proving himself 'intellectually superior', even if this often requires a degree (or a boatload) of self-trickery. He enjoys watching 'immoral' humans get their so-called come-uppance and does not see it as mattering if they are lead or pushed into it. In terms of being tricked by others, his pride can often be his downfall, though again, he is not a complete moron.

His opinion of the Omniverse is that it is an illusion of a devil eater or some other trickery – that to truly take away his powers would be impossible, but that in this illusory world they are somehow suppressed. He is determined to break out and torture the one responsible – Omni. He is gradually, grudgingly beginning to realise that breaking out may not be as easy as he hoped or expected. This only compounds and adds to the stewing pit of hatred that has been there ever since he came to the Omniverse.

Short version:
Enel is taken from immediately before the Skypeia arc on One Piece. This means he has not met Monkey D. Luffy or any of the other Straw Hat Pirates. His history is clouded and more may be revealed over time on the Omniverse. What is known so far is that he was raised on the sky island Birka, before finding the Goro Goro Devil Fruit and, with his newly found (or 'unlocked', as he believes) powers, he destroyed the entire sky island. He later came to be the 'god' of Skypeia, ruling over with his enforcers, using his powers of electromagnetism to listen in to all the happenings of Skypeia and punish those who went against him.

For more details, see this. Everything is canon up to the point where the Straw Hats appear. Essentially, everything under the 'Past' heading.

Longer version (taken from One Piece wiki and added to)
Enel was born and raised on the Sky Island Birka, but eight years before his encounter with the Straw Hats, after finding and eating the Goro Goro Fruit (Goro being the sound of thunder rumbling, and it being the fruit that grants power over lightning and electricity), he destroyed his homeland and came to Skypiea with his followers. Birka was said to be home to many strong warriors; they were, however, powerless before Enel. Though it was his original home, Enel did not show any sign of love towards it, as he destroyed it without any hesitation. Afterwards, Enel and his loyal contingent of followers overthrew the then current ruler of Skypiea, Gan Fall, becoming the island's new ruler and taking residence in Upper Yard, the sole Sky Island to have dirt (it actually being part of an island from below which was blasted up into the clouds some years earlier) making it sacred and holy.

Enel maintained a personality cult over Skypiea, truly taking the mantle of "god" to its more literal sense. Though Skypiea still had a sense of peace and paradise, much like in any classic dystopia, it was a false paradise. Using his mantra, he could 'hear' the voices of everyone on the island. If anyone dared speak out against Enel, or challenge his list of commandments, he would shoot a giant column of lightning down from the sky to effectively eliminate the dissenter.

Along with this, he forced the enforcers who worked under Gan Fall to build him a massive, flying ship called the "Maxim". Enel, after studying history within the Upper Yard, came to the belief that the moon is the legendary land that he sought: an endless land of the sacred dirt, also known as "Fairy Vearth". This is the reason that he constructed the Ark Maxim.

Upon arriving in the Omniverse, Enel was furious to find that his powers had been stolen by the false god Omni. In his angered state he approached the gate to Coruscant and immediately killed two stormtroopers who'd neglected to treat him with what he saw as the proper deference. A third escaped. Enel was grazed by a bullet during the encounter and further enraged by his loss of power. Shortly afterwards he ran into Ganondorf and Android Eighteen, the former of whom invited Enel to stay at his desert fortress. Enel accepted.

During his stay in the fortress Enel made himself out to be rather a nuisance, disrespecting Ganondorf's property and retainer, Firani. Ultimately he was challenged to a fight by the overconfident Gerudo King. Enel barely won this fight, and took revenge first by painfully electrocuting Ganondorf to death.

However, this was not enough to sate Enel's taste for vengeance at the Gerudo King for disrespecting him. During the night he came to Firani's quarters and subdued her. When Ganondorf returned to his castle following his resurrection, he found the once-proud Gerudo woman a slave, having been tortured and used by Enel the same way he used his mindless, summoned female retainers. Enel was shocked when, for reasons known only to the Gerudo King, Ganondorf killed Firani. The demon lord left, but not without taunting Enel for his levity towards his supposed goal of killing Omni.

Put into a bad mood, Enel left the castle for the first time in weeks and summoned a chinese dragon (named Crispy) and rode into The Town with No Name. He encountered Ganondorf, and after a short scuffle in which Crispy took a Warlock Punch to the face, he was distracted from his ire by the newcomers Strazio Rockwell and Thaal Sinestro, who offered to feed him.

Enel was less than impressed by the cheap spread, and while taken by the proposal of an alliance, was now dead-set on finding Omni. Thus began his grand adventure to find the Void Gate in the Dunes. Roland agreed to tell him how to find Omni if he carried out the small task of clearing out a band of super mutants from an abandoned power station. Enel arrived to find the task had already been taken care of by a wandering troupe of paladins led by one Carmine of the Frigid Flame. Taking credit for this, Enel returned to Roland and was told of the Dark Tower, and the great beast in the desert known as Jhen Mohran. With only the skeleton of a plan, Enel went out into the desert to see for himself. After months of wandering, he met the beast.

And, after a struggle, was eaten alive.

Eventually he respawned at the Nexus, foggy of memory and surrounded by a fight he would later learn was over the Sword of Kusanagi (Weeb Blade). He battled some fools, namely the programdroid Colonel.exe and the templar Shay Cormac, but after taking a blow to the head from some collateral explosion, was dazed and wandered away from the fight. After waking up, it was all over, and he struggled to return to the Endless Dunes.

He met some jawas, who attempted to steal his gold staff and were quickly reprimanded with a bit of lightning. The jawas, seeing his electrical prowess (which to their machinery-loving ways, meant a real god) bowed down to him, and Enel accepted them as his followers. They made to lead him back to their sandcrawler home, but along the way, the templar from before - Shay Cormac - turned up, and he and Enel fought, culminating in the faux-god having one of his jawas put a trident through the templar's neck.

They continued back to the sandcrawler, and Enel assumed his place as their god. After a few weeks of scavenging and killing bandits (and burning down a library, where he learned about the Dataverse), Enel discovered that there was a competition going on, where he might earn some OM. Thus he joined Dante's Abyss.

During the competition, he met up with Harlan Higgs (under the guise of Victor Hendy) and travelled with him for a time, believing the vampire to be a suitably average mook (though perhaps ex-forces, given his surprising strength and capability). They travelled the island, rapidly acquiring pickups at the cost of sleep for Enel. Enel became increasingly paranoid as his companion seemed to need no sleep or food, and believed he saw Hendy drink the blood of Odin before the duo dispatched him. This turned out to be true.

During the competition, Enel continued to familiarise himself with the Dataverse, and gained a twitter following. He met one of his fans, Graowr (the Future Warrior) who unreservedly believed Enel's claims to be God. Her compliments won her Enel's trust, and he worked with her and Batman to attack a couple of impudent oafs (Gamzee and Strazio) who declined to give their items to Enel. Strazio escaped, but Gamzee was defeated - not before nearly killing Enel, however.

The near-death experience awoke Enel to memories, or visions, of his future in his own world, where he fought and was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy. This thoroughly shook Enel. After believing his own demise was nigh at hand, he handed his items off to Graowr, believing that if he were to die, his disciple should win the competition. He also shared drinks with Cell and Sterling Archer, before being whisked away to the Colosseum. There, he was defeated at the hands of Tearen Wover.

Coming out of the competition, Enel saw that Graowr had won, though she'd been hounded by a super-group including Gildarts, Dawn Snow, Jak Mar, Tamsin Suzaku and Dust - whom he vowed to kill permanently, along with Tearen Wover, who'd 'cheated' by using consumables to heal himself in the competition. With that, he left the facility and returned to the Town With No Name, inviting all of his compadres from the competition (Batman, Harlan, Archer, Cell and Graowr) to join him. He also received a ballgag from Karl Jak (secretly a horcrux with the power to prevent banishment).
[Image: godenel_baronsig.png]


Enel ate the Goro Goro Fruit, which gives him power over Lightning. He is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and user of the force known as Haki or Mantra. This has several applications and varies from user to user, but in Enel's case gives him the ability to see an attack coming a moment before it happens (Foresight).

Master Acrobat
Enel trained hard to perfect his body after the unlocking of his powers, and combined with the power to hover midair that his Goro Goro Fruit powers grant him, he's a fairly maneuverable adversary.

Burst Movement
By focusing his electricity, Enel can make split-second moves that are as fast as the eye can blink.

Foresight (Mantra)
An advanced application of Observation Haki that's almost like a mild, instinctive form of mind reading. The moment an opponent has the intent to strike, Enel senses it and has a moment's "psychic warning" before it hits.

Enhanced Senses (Observation Haki)
Enel is a master of Observation Haki, an ability that allows one to sense their surroundings. Enel was a prodigy in this ability, able to sense people and objects for miles off, but this was locked-off when he arrived in the Omniverse. He's had to meditate hard with the help of omnilium to regain this ability, and it's nowhere near the range it once was.

Electromagnetic Listening
Enel can use the power of his Devil Fruit combined with his Observation Haki to listen to anyone within the range of his Enhanced Senses. This follows the rules of normal Enhanced Senses, so conversations at his maximum range will be much harder to discern. It requires him to focus on listening, making it difficult to do in the midst of battle, but it can even pick up whispers.

Enel is lightning. Flying is a mere extension of that, and takes hardly any effort for the thunder god.


Nonosama Bo
A long, gold staff that Enel uses to bludgeon opponents he deems not worthy of killing with his electricity powers. It's around 7 feet, just shy of Enel's own height (7'2"). Enel can transform the staff into a three-pronged trident and back by superheating it; this takes a fair bit of energy and around two seconds of focusing on the staff (he can still move), and doesn't change the length or the body of the staff.

Lightning Body (Malleability, Disassemble)
Enel's body is literally made of lightning, thanks to eating the Goro Goro Fruit. Unless he's tired or makes a conscious effort not to, his lightning will shock anyone or anything that touches him. This is generally a small, painful deterrent, but Enel can increase the voltage to cause immense pain and internal damage to anyone touching him, or connected by a point of contact (like a weapon). He can only maintain his maximum voltage for around 15 seconds before he's left completely breathless.

Enel can now fully embody his lightning element once more, turning partially or completely into electricity (this is the explanation for his Malleability and Phasing). This allows him to shock an opponent in new and creative ways, for example by surrounding them in his "body".

In addition to channelling electricity through direct contact, Enel can almost instantly discharge electricity from any or part on his body, up to a maximum range of about thirty feet, or literally transform a body part (like a hand) into a stream or multiple streams of lightning (this doesn't change the methodology of the attack, at all, and is basically just aesthetic). The further the stream gets from his body, though, the weaker it is.

Most often, Enel uses the 'Vari', which is simply the term for him pointing his open palm at an opponent and unleashing crackling lines of electricity in their general direction. Occasionally he will send it through a single finger, so that he can focus the electricity to a single point, or savour his victim's screams of agony all the longer. These are common ways in which Enel uses the ability, but he can also gradate between these different forms, allowing for a wider or narrower than usual Vari, or even using a foot in place of his hand.

When angry or unfocused, he will let electricity course from his body in every direction, often wrecking the ground he stands on. While visually intimidating, this diffuses the power of the attack and so is inefficient unless facing multiple opponents in close combat (or one extremely fast, hard-to-catch opponent).

Enel takes a second to gather energy in one hand, then fires it as an explosive bolt of lightning, roughly the size of a fist. It is a simple but effective single-target move that can be performed in rapid succession, so long as Enel is not too fatigued. He can do this while moving but it makes it harder to aim.

Lightning Storm
One of the more powerful and potentially destructive lightning attacks in Enel's arsenal. Enel begins lightning storm by raising his staff above his head and spinning it in a circle, generating lightning. The longer he charges at this stage, the more powerful the result, but Enel can continue to pour power into the attack even after it has been fired. Enel's staff is not strictly required to perform this move; in a pinch he can use his hands or even just one hand, though this will diminish its efficacy.

Once ready, Enel can direct the lightning in any direction he chooses. He can send it out in multiple directions, cause it to converge in one location, and even redirect it mid-flight for any combination of these effects. The longer it was charged, the greater the results. It requires at least two seconds to windup but can be charged for potentially even up to a minute, though this is unlikely in a heated battle and it's almost as strong as is going to get after around thirty seconds or so.

The lightning travels as fast as a bullet, and Enel must be essentially stationary to perform the move (he can still move slightly, for example to dodge projectiles) until it has fully discharged.


El Thor (Tier 1 Super Attack)
El Thor is the attack Enel uses when he wants to make an example of someone. This is the quicker, weaker, horizontal version of the attack. He simply raises his hand, channelling the strongest of his currents, and then fires a beam of electricity fifteen foot in diameter that widens to thirty feet in diameter at its maximum range of around 150 metres. It only takes about a second to fire, but he cannot move while channelling the attack, which takes several seconds.



Sparking! Tier 1 Powered-Up Form

ATK: 5
DEF: 3
SPD: 6
TEC: 1

This is simply Enel tapping into more of his power, and isn't even necessarily visible. "Sparking!" is shorthand; in-character, Enel would usually just refer to this as powering up from 66% of his power to 100% of it. As he regains more of his power, he will naturally be able to sustain this form for longer, and reach even greater heights of power.
[Image: godenel_baronsig.png]


(WIP, 2bPurchasedlater)

Name: Shura
Level: 1
Spent OM: 0
Proficiencies (100); Physical Strength (100), Ranged (100), Area Attack (60)
Powers (330/800); Flight (180), Foresight (150)
Moves (60); Heat Jousting Lance (60) Fuza - Flame Breath (30)
Super Moves (0);
Transformations (0);
Assists (0);
Unlocks (0);
Base stats:
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

Other powers for later: Super Speed, Burst Movement, Enhanced Senses, Stealth/Suppression?
Moves: Various dials.

Fuza will be an Assist with the following stats:
ATK: 3
DEF: 2
SPD: 5
TEC: 0
[Image: godenel_baronsig.png]

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