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Name: Claptrap
Spent OM: 8700
Consumed OM: 800
Proficiencies: (2600); Ranged Proficiency (1000), Physical Strength (1000), Area Attack Proficiency (600)
Powers: (2800); Mimic (2800)
Moves: (900); Hyperion Pistol (300), Hyperion Shotgun (300), Hyperion Rocket Launcher (300)
Super Moves: (600); Clap in a box (600)
Transformations: (1000); One shot wonder (1000)
Items: (800); Communicator (200), Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Teleporter for the Ashen Fortress (Coruscant) (500)
Base stats: (One shot wonder)
ATK: 5 (7)
DEF: 1 (1)
SPD: 1 (3)
TEC: 3 (4)
[Image: GjEgoS1.jpg]
Directive one: Protect humanity! Directive two: Obey Jack at all costs. Directive three: Dance!
Amber Veritz Wrote:Please let me change it to the condom.

Claptrap's Moves

Hyperion Pistol (Requires Ranged Proficiency) (300): Approval link (Shared with Hyperion shotgun): http://omniverse-rpg.com/showthread.php?...#pid129479

A simple semi-automatic pistol with a yellow and black colour scheme. The pistol can shoot 16 rounds at two rounds a second, each doing moderate damage, before needing to be reloaded, which takes two seconds. The pistol is initially quite inaccurate, but gets more accurate with each shot, reaching its maximum accuracy after four shots. The accuracy resets after either two seconds of not firing or after reloading. The pistol is accurate up to 25 metres at its normal accuracy, and 100 metres at its maximum accuracy. It takes a second to both summon and desummon the pistol.

Hyperion Shotgun (Requires Ranged Proficiency) (300):

A shotgun with a yellow and black colour scheme. The shotgun can fire six times before having to reload, and a shot can be fired once every second. Each shot has a moderate amount of recoil. Reloading takes two seconds. A single shot shoots a mass of pellets in a spread reaching 20 metres in front of Claptrap. These pellets begin to lose momentum after they reach 5 metres, doing reduced damage, and drop off completely at 20 metres, making this the maximum range. While an individual pellet does low damage, a single shot has a high amount of pellets, adding up to a pretty solid amount of damage. Spread on the pellets is quite high initially, but gets tighter with every shot, maxing out at two shots. The pellets spread to around two and a half feet at maximum range at normal accuracy, and one foot at maximum accuracy. The accuracy resets after either two seconds of not firing or after reloading. Summoning and desummoning the gun takes a second each.

Hyperion rocket launcher (Requires ranged proficiency, area attack proficiency) (300): Claptrap summons out a sleek yellow and black rocket launcher. The rocket launcher is about 1.5 metres long, and the barrel is about 15 centimetres in diameter. The summoning takes about 2 seconds. When Claptrap fires the rocket launcher, a single rocket, moving about 3 metre per second fires out, with a max range of ~20 metres. When it lands, it explodes, dealing considerable damage to anything in a 2 metre diameter explosion, including structures. Once the shot is fired, Claptrap will need to reload. Reloading takes 5 seconds and Claptrap cannot reload while trying to do other actions like dodging or fighting. Claptrap needs to stand still while summoning and firing the launcher, and Claptrap needs to concentrate when firing or the rocket will probably miss completely. The stamina drain for the initial summoning is moderate, and there is a small stamina drain every time it is fired when the user braces the self against the recoil. This cannot be fired with other moves.

One shot wonder - T1 power up (1000)

+2 ATK
+0 DEF
+2 SPD
+1 TEC

Claptrap summons and dons a cowboy hat, enhancing his damage, quickdraw ability and accuracy.

Clap in a box - T1 super move (600) (Requires area attack proficiency, ranged)

Claptrap summons a large stereotypical bomb (basically a black sphere with a wick), the same size as his body. He can hold the bomb for up to five seconds before he must throw it, up to 20 metres away at 10 metres a second, whereupon it will explode in a 5 metres radius explosion, dealing moderate damage to anyone caught in it. He cannot use any other weapons while holding the bomb. Using this move drains noticeably more energy than a normal move.

(0) Vaulthunter.exe: A fodder move for combat. When Claptrap enters a battle, he activates Vaulthunter.exe. This causes him to scan the battlefield and take the best course of action. However, Claptrap's ineptitude prevents him from becoming more than competent at fighting. This is also the IC explanation of Mimic.

Claptrap's Powers:
Mimic: Claptrap's powerful optical sensor allows him to scan enemy weapons that he has seen and read their inner workings. From there, Vaulthunter.exe will allow him to digistruct in a copy of the weapon.


ATK: 5
Claptrap uses only the best hyperion weapons when fighting.

DEF: 1
Claptrap's chassis is quite basic, being only slightly more protective than skin.

SPD: 1
Claptrap was not built for speed. Having one leg doesn't help either.

TEC: 3
In theory, Claptrap's powerful optical sensor combined with Vaulthunter.exe should give Claptrap impeccable aim. Unfortunately, Claptrap's ineptitude reduces his aim to above average.
[Image: GjEgoS1.jpg]
Directive one: Protect humanity! Directive two: Obey Jack at all costs. Directive three: Dance!
Amber Veritz Wrote:Please let me change it to the condom.

Claptrap's Personality:

The first thing most people notice about Claptrap is his ear-splitting voice. After that, they notice that he sounds almost permanently happy. This is often not the case, however, as his voice is simply programmed to sound cheerful. In reality, Claptrap is easily depressed by bad things happening around him. When he isn't upset about his current situation, Claptrap is usually bombastic, dancing and cracking jokes, even when he probably shouldn't be. While Claptrap is aware of how annoying he can be, he is usually oblivious to it in the moment, much to the irritation of those around him. Claptrap's three favourite things in life are his friends, dancing, and loot. 


Kuzuru: Aka, The boss. Really likes.
The leader of the blades is someone Claptrap respects greatly. His combination of combat prowess, leadership, charisma, and the fact that he tolerates Claptrap make Kuzuru one of his favourite people.

Miranda Frost: Likes.
Miranda is a strong fighter, and she's friendly enough to Claptrap. The only problem is that they haven't talked nearly as much as Claptrap would like.

Dawn: Aka, Shadow. Likes.
Scary, tough, grim. Dawn is almost the opposite of Claptrap in every way, and although she would rather die than hear him talk, Claptrap insists that they are friends.

Morene Fellon: Neutral
Claptrap doesn't really know her. They fought a darkloid together, but that doesn't exactly constitute friendship.

Summer/Sonny: Neutral
Another stranger. His form changing is cool, but that's the extent of Claptrap's opinion on him.

Ebony: Neutral
Again, not much to go off of. She has a cool outfit, although the ears are a little much.

Claptrap would be glad to meet Morene, Summer and Ebony again.
[Image: GjEgoS1.jpg]
Directive one: Protect humanity! Directive two: Obey Jack at all costs. Directive three: Dance!
Amber Veritz Wrote:Please let me change it to the condom.

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