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Android Seventeen

Name: Android 17
Spent OM: 33,300

Proficiencies (5200): Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Area Shield (400), Remote Control (600), Ranged Materialize (600), Area Attack (600), Debuff (1000)
Powers (10400/12000): Survival (2000), Master Acrobat (400), Advanced Enhanced Senses (1700), Master Super Jumping (800), Basic Telekinesis (400), Suppression (1000), Basic Teleportation (1500), Basic Fusion (1000), Insight (1600)

Moves (3900): Power Sword (300), Ki Blast (300), Ki Disc (300), Ki Barrier (600), Ki Gun (600), Ki Whip (600), WESTAR-M5A1 Blaster Rifle (300), Kasenko-kaha (900)
Super Moves (2800): Final Flash (Tier 1 Super Attack), Ki Barrier (Tier 1 Super Defense), Ki Barrier (Tier 2 Super Defense), Kasenko-kaha (Tier 2 Super Attack)

Transformations (3500): Ascension (Tier 1 Power Up), Kaioken (Tier 1 Powered Up Form), Kaioken [Trained] (Tier 2 Powered Up Form)
Items: Mobile Dataverse Device, Communicator, Vita Compass, Isoverse, Banishing Circles x1
Artefacts: Red Star Piece, Blue Dragon Maw

Consumed OM (2500): Mobile Dataverse Device (100), Communicator (200), Vita Compass (800), 650 (unused Items), 750 (used Items)
Unlocks (5000): 2 Stat Upgrades (Def + Spd), Tier 1 Powers Cap (2000)

Base stats:
ATK: 3 [4]
DEF: 3 [4]
SPD: 3 [4]
TEC: 3 [6]

Kaioken (Tier 1 Powered Up Form)
ATK: 6
DEF: 3
SPD: 5
TEC: 3

Kaioken (Trained) (Tier 2 Powered up Form)
ATK: 8
DEF: 3
SPD: 7
TEC: 4
[Image: 17.jpg]

Dear Diary


Actually, yo, it was the North quadrant and on Earth? Anyway. It’s like a DBZ alternate reality where like, the planet Vegeta never got blown up. Frieza spells his named Furiza. ‘Raditzu’ could manhandle a planet. Super Saiyan 3 wasn’t a thing. Giant monkeys were common and somehow not all that ridiculed. Weird stuff.

Android 17 got separated from his twin in his youth. Did they have real parents? Probably, but the experiments didn’t really lend themselves to ensuring memory retention.

When they got separated, Android 17 went to a foster home. You token outcast/goth/1990s loner tropes ensued. Tragedy happens and our now teenage protagonist winds up working for a Corporation called… The Corporation. Shit’s mysterious. Augmented by cybernetics, he becomes a killer-for-hire. He’s really good at it. Like… super good at it. Too good. It gets to his head. He turns on his employers and things get rough.

Boy gets detained and locked away.

Earth gets invaded by some changelings. Boy gets free. Boy has amnesia. Boy becomes good guy—makes friends, makes love interest, competes in death tournaments and survival ‘games.’ Boy has children with angel girlfriend-turned-demigod girlfriend. Boy tries to retire. Boy gets pulled into ‘one more Earth-saving crusade.’ Boy gets dusted.

S’all good though. Happened before (for realz!). He goes back to King Kai, his old sensei. They finish training and he goes to King Kai’s boss, some bro named Grand Kai. They train. Boy buries hatchet with one of his long-running nemeses, and they become golf partners as they train to become super duper warriors.

Future version of boy's daughter accidentally falls through time.  Earth gets invaded. Our undead hero goes to help. Epic fights ensue. World-changing epic fights.  At least two galaxies explode.  At least one black hole is featured.

Boy has valiant 'I kill super foe at cost of own life?' moment.  Boy wakes up in the Omniverse, half-naked and drained of his powers.

Life’s a bitch.

My Move Set, Yo.

Power Sword – A three foot sword, given to our cybernetic protagonist by the love of his lives.

Ki Blast – After a momentary charge, Seventeen can discharge a volleyball-sized orb of energy from one of his hands that hits its target and explodes. He can chain these together by alternating palms, but there’s always going to be a small delay between them. This is your standard attack that’s a little strong than a solid right hook but with the bonus of exploding. The ease of this attack allows him to do it while moving.

[Image: tumblr_inline_n7ymaw5Wyv1rzaih5.gif]
Ki Disc
- By compressing a ki ball, Seventeen can turn it into a whirling disk of energy that he can hurl at people. It's a quick process to create the disk (just slightly longer than creating a normal ki ball). The discs are thrown in a mostly straight line, but like any projectile, a little bit of curve can be added depending on the release. Stronger than a standard ki blast/ball, the design of the disk centralizes the power with the intent of punching the disk through its target, rather than simply exploding. The disks can saw through most weaker materials and individuals, but against stronger metals and primes, impact would only result in some surface abrasion or bleeding.

[Image: 180?cb=20110508075432]
Ki Barrier - (Area Shield, Area Attack) - A translucent sphere of green energy surrounds Seventeen. The field is a complete sphere about a foot away from Seventeen's body. Once the shield has been summoned, he can no longer move. Moving with the field open is too taxing, so he doesn't do that. The field will absorb/deflect a handful of low/middle-strength ranged attacks (bullets, blasts, whatnt), and it can dilute a powerful, non-Super attack before failing. Because the field isn't perfect, Seventeen often uses it just to 'shrug' off a quick flurry of oncoming attacks or if he has no other means to deal with a powerful blast. That... and it has a secret. If the field is broken by a physical attack (be it a punch, kick, tail, horn, whatever), it will explode outward with a powerful hit. A 'popped' field will be unable to reformed (ie - used again) for a few minutes, but it's worth the surprise factor.  While not necessary and occasionally counter-productive, Seventeen sometimes shouts 'Field Open!' before activating the shield

[Image: latest?cb=20121122215505]
Ki G
un – Seventeen holds out his hand and, after a momentary delay, fires a concentrated beam of energy from a fingertip. He usually shoots from the index finger with his thumb up and other fingers curled, hence the name of the move (the man loves his theatrics). The potent beam is designed to punch through surfaces, rather than exploding like a traditional ki blast (ie – it trades concussive force to pierce). Seventeen can fire one or two beams, which allows him to shoot at two different targets coming at him in two different directions. Despite that, he tends to use this from short-ranges as a surprise maneuver, because the effectiveness starts to taper off after thirty meters. This attack takes only a second or two to fire initially, and then can be used at the rate of a revolver there-after, although repeated uses will lack the strength of the initial shot and quickly fatigue Seventeen.

[Image: latest?cb=20070405234805]
Ki Whip
– After creating a small orb of ki, Seventeen grips it into his hand and creates a limp string of ki. The color varies (although it is usually blue), while the length and potency of the weapon depend on how much power the android decides to exert in its creation. Seventeen can wield dual wield at the cost of more energy expenditure. The weapon itself is mainly used as a medium-range melee weapon, but it can also be used to wrap around targets, living or nonliving. Although the weapon is merely a string of ki, its grip is rather powerful, and because of this, it can provide a vital edge in combat (because wrapping it around an opponent’s legs, arms, or neck could potentially destroy an opponent’s momentum).

WESTAR-M5A1 Blaster Rifle - An accurate medium to long range assault rifle manufactured specifically for force sensitive commando units who needed a ranged weapon to substitute for their melee weapon of choice. This model is capable of only producing a three round burst of blue colored energy. It comes stock with a holographic dot sight mounted to the top, an extended rifle stock, and muzzle flash dampener. The energy cell manufactured for the rifle holds enough power for 60 rounds making it capable of being fired 20 times before needing to be reloaded. The weapon's clip is a cylinder shaped energy pack located just in front of the trigger assembly. Removing the clip is as easy as just pulling it down and away from the weapon. When the energy pack is empty a red light will illuminate on the side of the cartridge. When a new energy pack is loaded into place the clip rotates clockwise immediately to cycle the battery cells and do a self-check. After two rapid rotations, the weapon is ready to fire again. The M5A1 uses a collapsible drum energy pack designed by WESTAR for the Imperial Legion. The battery pack is manufactured in a compact state and is only to be opened when it is time to reload. By pressing a small button in the center of the battery pack it is expanded to full size immediately and ready to be used in the firearm. The compact size allows spares to be carried in tactical vests and assault kits alike.

Kasenko-kaha – Like most ki beams, this attack is charged within the confines of cupped palms. This technique can take the cyborg substantial time and effort to fully charge, but because of this, it is usually able to get the job done rather well. Seventeen must remain standing (or hovering in the air) while he draws the necessary ki, and during this time he cannot make any offensive or defensive maneuvers. As the attack charges toward its full potential, the color will descend the colors of the visible light spectrum (starting at red moving down to violet). The size of the beam ranges from 1 meter (red) to 7 meters (violet). The power (and likewise, the ‘fatigue cost’ of the beam ranges from the mundane (little more than a normal ki attack) to being a heavily damaging and draining attack at full charge. The weakest variation can be charged in three seconds, whilst the most powerful variation requires closer to a dozen seconds.

With a declaration of the attack’s name, Seventeen throws his palms forward—unleashing the beam. The beam travels faster than a bullet toward its target. The initial beam is concussive, which means it hits a target and attempts to carry them backwards (in lieu of a missed target, this attack is excellent for blasting through walls and buildings!). The attack cannot be redirected. and will travel as far as the cyborg is willing to spend energy on it. The bulk of the power comes at the end of the attack, when Seventeen releases a final, massive sphere of energy from his palms. The sphere travels along the length of the beam before hitting its target and exploding, emitting all the colors of the rainbow charged into the attack as a means to glorify its destructive prowess (so a briefly charged blast would explode red, whereas a fully charge blast would razzledazzle). The colors and light show is just that… for show.

Colloquially called ‘Rainbow Beam’, this attack represents Seventeen’s most powerful technique and usually his final gambit in intense, physical confrontations. In desperation, Seventeen can ‘fast charge’ the kasenko-kaha, charging any 'level' of the beam in half the time, but it its twice as exhausting to do so.

Bigger dakka

Final Flash - Tier 1 Super Attack

[Image: latest?cb=20100310210752]
Seventeen throws his hands apart with his fingers spread out and bent forward.  He can't move while performing this (but he can do it while falling).  He proceeds to charge yellow ki (en0rgy) into his palms.  The energy builds up into two dense spheres that give off sparks of electricity and visible heat and light.  The charge time is negligible, as Seventeen can fire the beam after a few seconds or close to ten.  Either way, it's the same force (it's a Super Move, after all). When he's ready, he draws his hands together in front of him.  After another final, tension-laden moment, he releases a quickly traveling beam of concentrated energy roughly the circumference of a manhole cover.  The blast can travel upwards of a hundred meters without losing any of its bang.  The consequences are devastating for those silly enough to be hit.  Seventeen can opt to do this move quickly or slowly, and he can also shout the name of the attack.  Whatever theatrics he does, the attack's potent force remains the same.

Ki Barrier - Tier 1 And/Or Tier 2 Super Defense

A translucent sphere of green energy surrounds Seventeen. The field is a complete sphere about a foot away from Seventeen's body. Once the shield has been summoned, he can no longer move. Moving with the field open is too taxing, so he doesn't do that. The field will absorb/deflect/negate a Tier 1 Super Move of any flavor.  After doing its job, the 'super' ki barrier will vanish.

Kasenko-kaha - Tier 2 Super Attack

This move functions identically to the normal version of the Kasenko-kaha. The only difference is that the charge time is vastly reduced, and instead of charging to violet, the beam charges to a brilliant white color that contains the full, destructive power of the attack. The resulting onslaught is the most powerful attack in Seventeen’s repertoire.


Ki Sense (1) - [Basic Enhanced Senses] - Seventeen has the magical super power to sense the life force (the 'ki') of individuals around him.  In the Omniverse, this power has shifted slightly, and he can sense pretty much anything if he can focus clearly enough on the target, including objects that may be cloaked or otherwise trying to hide.  The senses work almost perfectly within a few meters, but when you get closer to the extreme of his current range (20 meters), it's fuzzy and vague and only barely helpful.

Orbing (Basic) - [Basic Teleportation] - Seventeen can teleport from one spot to another. This is done by dematerializing amidst a swirl of white and blue light orbs (hence the name) and reappearing in the same swirl somewhere else. The range on this is 20 meters at present.

Power Level is Maximum

Tier 1


Seventeen dips into a reserve strength. The result is an upswing in power. Cosmetically, the transformation is signified by a translucent white aura (that tends to gently waft his hair as if he was in a shampoo commercial) and his eyes turning from black to a crystalline blue. Also, he gets harder, better, faster, stronger.
ATK: +1
DEF: +1
SPD: +1
TEC: +2

[Image: tumblr_n5c87uBDrI1tp8kdpo1_500.gif]
Kaioken (Powered Up Form)

Seventeen unleashes the strength of Kaioken, a power up he mastered while suffering training under the tutelage of King Kai. The result is an impressive-looking red aura that makes him look like he's blood-drenched. The result is a skew toward rapidly punching someone in the face with hard punches instead of graceful or defensive bouts.
ATK: 6
DEF: 3
SPD: 5
TEC: 3

Tier 2

Kaioken [Trained] (Powered Up Form)
Same as Kaioken, only more SWOL

ATK: 8
DEF: 3
SPD: 7
TEC: 4

[Image: dreaming___bout_android_17_by_juraji.jpg]
[Image: 17.jpg]

<Entry 1 – The Fountain of Infinity>

Dear Diary,

I have been in the Omniverse for… wow!  X months/years/days/hours!  Boy, the time sure does fly.  I hear it flies in a few directions, too.  This one time, I sat around for a few hours, and I swear that this plant went through its entire life cycle while I was just sitting there in a lethargic state of inactivity.

Weird, right?!

Let’s look at the Road So Far... let me go on the internet Dataverse (sorry, I’m still bad at this) to get some tunes.

Okay… let’s roll.

Everything started way back ago.  I’m told I look familiar by people, but you’re probably thinking of someone else.  When Omni grabbed me, I was fighting this giant sum’ bitch called Jarek.  The guy had the power to tear through planets, but fortunately, I had spent the last 3 years training under the chief ruler of the galaxy (dope, right?)

Anywho, we fought.  We fought real hard.  I had that mother fucker, but in the process, I think I overdid it.  We both drifted, our bodies ravaged, and I’m certain I would have fell into that blackhole with him had I not woken up in the fountain.

You ever wake up mostly naked in a fountain surrounded by a bunch of tense-looking people?  It’s not fun.  I made my way out of there and tried to make sense of the blurred images in my head of a bro called Omni talking about power and omnilium and stuff.  

Here, lemme draw some pictures… SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE WH YDIDN I TAKE ART AT J-CO.

<Entry 2 – Ronald and Joe>

Dear Diary,

So after the white place, I stumbled off into Hell-world.  In my own world, I’ve actually seen Hell/the Underworld.  I fought some demons (literal and metaphorical), so I knew this probably wasn’t the same thing.  Even so, it was filled with volcanos and smelled like charcoal and sulfur.  

I was about to get the fuck out of dodge, but some merchant spotted me and I failed the Will save to ignore conversation.  He told me about the frost land and the talking ponies, and eventually he got to the point he wanted to – someone stole from him and I was a prime.  Since primes can’t really die (it’s a relief to know death is pointless here too), he wanted to know if I’d go gank the fucker who stole from him.

Most of my powers are gone, but I managed to remember enough of the ole tricks of the trade.  I even got my clothes back with some omnilium magic.  Then I went and got revenge for Ronald the Salt Merchant (still makes me giggle).  Along the way, I reminisced a little about when I went to the Underworld in my home world.  I had gone there to get revenge on an old rival and track down some leads on my missing girlfriend.

In the process, I met an anthropomorphic talking turtle with magical powers.  Fucking Omniverse.  There was a time when my planet was governed by an anthropomorphic dog, so it shouldn’t have been that amusing to me.  His name was Joe… ‘Joe the Magikoopa.’  Joe and I killed the shit out of Ronald’s ex-partner, and we returned Ronald’s goods to him.

Ronald apparently lives out of some place called Minas Tirith in Camelot (I wish I was making this shit up).

Here, lemme spell it out for you, Diary.  I know how you can have issues with reading comprehension.

<Entry 3 – Seventeen the Koopa Trooper?>

Dear Diary,

Still in the Ashen Steppes.  It’s still awful.

I’m beginning to wonder if this Omniverse is just some type of simulation contest or reality television program.  We had those back in my home world.  Company called Syntech hosted them.  The guy in charge was this poof called Karl Jak.  Guy was the worst!

I miss Kirano.  He was my best friend.  We met shortly after I woke up from being in stasis for a while (why was I in stasis?  Spoilers, Diary!).  He claims he ‘beat’ me in our first match, because obviously we sparred as a surrogate for meaningful conversation.  I got lost a little in the reminiscing… you remember Civil Unrest, Diary?  All my friends?  We fought and kicked butt before everyone grew apart?  We lived in that old mansion in the woods that used to be owned by some crime families?  And then there was Paige…

Joe sent me off to find the Koopa’s headquarters (yea, they have a headquarters).  It wound up being a giant fortress decorated with a giant stone carving of their king’s face.  Joe wanted me to join the Koopa Troopas (Troopers?  They seemed to use both) even though I wasn’t a turtle.  Since I had no friends, I thought it was a smart idea to make some, y’know, for the just in case.  

I got there.  Met someone named ‘Von Koopa.’  Guy had a Grade-A ‘stache.  Told me I had to win a race up a mountainside to be a Trooper.  A race in like, a gimmick-laden go-cart (excuse me… a ‘kart’, because k’s are edgier than c’s).  Obviously, the whole thing was laden with monsters and traps and sadistic drivers who wanted to kill each other… Fucking Omniverse.

I won, obviously.  Have you seen me?  I may have killed a bunch of people, but I was told that was ‘part of the risk when they signed the waiver.’

So now I am an honorary Koopa Troopa, and they even gave me a cool shell.  It doesn’t fit, but I think it’s a nice keychain, you know?

I hope these doodles are informative.  You’re welcome.


Dear Diary,

After the race, I got a little spot to stay in the castle.  It was pretty awful (these turtles sleep on stones, the fuck?), so I summoned some nicer décor.  I think I got the hang of this summoning thing.  If I focus on old memories, I can usually manifest many of the skills I used to have.  I know, it’s a bit weird, but it’s how this place works.

I read a book (book might be the wrong term since it was just a bunch of published stuff online) called the Monotruth.  Interesting stuff.  I also read about some stuff in fairy land, uh, I mean Camelot.

Ironically, I read about the star pieces just before Von Koopa came to my room and asked me for some help.  He wanted me to go investigate, since reports said one of those things had fallen in the Steppes.  Also, the Kingdom (Camelot) had one, and I guess they have magic powers or something.  Still dunno how that makes it any more special than anything else in this place, but who knows.  I’m just here to YOLIT (you only live infinite times).

Before I left, they put me in charge of a group of Koopa rejects (don’t let them read this – they’re sensitive souls) and a new kart (it’s a train! And also a barrel!)  We met the astronomers from Dalaran/Camelot/the Kingdom.  They were led by a guy named Julius Peppers.

What happened next is pretty bonkers.  Volcanos.  Underground caves.  Valiant quests for pressurized carbon!  Monsters.  Flying monsters.  Fucking undead axe-men.  A kai damned zombie dragon.  Fucking Omniverse.

The astronomers mostly died.  We lost some koopas too.  But we did it.  We found the star piece, and all of us returned to the fortress, where I got to meet King Bowser.  Really interesting guy.  A bit bombastic but y’know, I guess that’s the perks of being a warlord?   Did’ja know there are seven star pieces?  Seven.  Seven magic artifacts.  I can’t make this shit up.  They had a set of seven Dragon Balls where I’m from… they’d move between planets when they were collected.  My daughter collected them.  No, not toddler Piper.  The version of her from the future that got thrown back in time by cultists.  C’mon, Diary, you know better.

Bowser left the star piece to me, and Julius likewise agreed.  I guess I’m pretty chill.  Julius returned to Camelot, and the surviving koopas and I decided to travel to Coruscant (I don’t know why – I think they just wanted to see a new place).

Here, lemme show you some of the sketches I made… did I mention the Flan?  Those things were janked up!

<Entry 5 – City of Lights>

Dear Diary,

Went to Coruscant.  I guess it’s a police state?  I probably should have researched that more before I walked through their scanners and set them off (I guess the star piece exudes a little too much energy?).

I got arrested… you know how embarrassing it is to be arrested?  I used to be able to tear apart cars and I had to deal with handcuffs.  Sad!

I got taken into HQ, and while there was a little too much good cop/bad cop for my tastes, they decided to ‘let me off’ by conscripting me into their police forces (yeap, that’s a thing I guess).  I got taken down to a lower tier (this is a fucking city on top of a bunch of other cities), and a fancy stormtrooper told me I had to go kill some gangsters.  Obviously, I killed them dead.  I’m rubbish at many things, but I’m pretty good at punching things and blowing up shit.

I went back.  I guess that fancy stormtrooper was a lady.  Lieutenant Bianca Skleros of the 13th Legion decided that I was part of her outfit now.  I guess I’m just rolling with the punches at this point.

Anyway, I met this lady named Beatrix Zulenka.  Just happens to have exactly the same name as my time-displaced daughter’s friend’s wife.  Are they related?  Of course not.  Fucking Omniverse.  Either way, ‘Trixie’ doesn’t seem too bad.  She has the look of someone who deals with shit for a living and doesn’t crack.

Anyway, Trixie became my pseudo-boss.  She’s my staff sergeant, and I’m her sergeant.  S’like, military stuff.  Piper would understand this stuff… I think she was a sergeant for a while.

Trixie came to me in the middle of the night talking about a mission.  Obviously I went along with it… we had to go to a prison and … actually, I don’t think she told me the point?  I assume we had to deal with prisoners, but when we got there, the place got hit by ‘rebel scum.’  We fought our way through—it wasn’t that hard.  We found a jedi, and Trixie killed them with extreme prejudice.

It was then that the 13th Legion swooped down to ‘save us.’  Instead, they told Trixie that her headquarters had been destroyed, her computers all blown to shit, and her friends were in critical condition.  From what I can tell, Trixie’s got a close friend called Nova.  Close like Piper and Abigail were ‘close.’  Am I being blunt enough?

The ride back was a bummer, but Lieutenant Skleros told us we’d be getting commendations for a job well done (I guess they didn’t give Trixie this mission, but that’s none of my business).  Either way, have a laugh at this ‘official report’ they made me file – lol!

Quick Access List in event of Alzheimer’s and/or trauma-induced Amnesia (it happens!):

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